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The Best Budget Welding Helmets for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

If you want to do your job most effectively and safely possible, ensuring complete protection with the best value welding helmet will not be a waste of money. Due to the risks of such duties, every welder should be geared with the best budget welding helmet.

Not everyone can afford over 300 bucks for professional-grade welding helmets, especially beginners in the field. Still, radiation burns and eye damage are not a joke. Such risks can be controlled significantly if we take the time to shop for a top-quality cheap welding helmet.

best budget welding helmet

What follows is the list of the top-tier low-budget welding helmets available across the market. These selected options can promise maximum value and utility, yet are pocket-friendly for every worker.

Each helmet on this list has its very own pros and cons. So, you can remain assured of getting a completely balanced review on the whole. Go through the review of the top-tier budget-friendly welding helmets, and you will no longer have to suffer from the poor quality helmets.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Yeswelder Welding Helmet

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Dekopro Welding Helme

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Antra Welding Helmet

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Top 12 Budget Welding Helmet Reviews of 2023

1. Yeswelder True Color Welding Helmet

I would recommend this cheap welding hood for any professional welder in the lookout of a product that offers good value for money.

The helmet can effectively be used for varied applications offering an enhanced battery life of around 3000 hours. So, you can work on your welding assignments for an extended period without facing any disturbances.

As far as versatility is concerned, there might be no other helmet that can match the Yeswelder True Color Solar Powered tool. The viewing area of this helmet is quite large, measuring 3.64 by 1.67 inches. Also, the helmet offers complete protection and comfort.

Further, its lightweight design with approximately 2lbs weight allows prolonged usage without any exhaustion to the user. The headband also can easily be changed to offer an improved fitting for the head. This feature works wonders when the helmet is being used for longer welding jobs.

The settings and the adjustments of the helmet are also straightforward, thus making it convenient to use. Not to forget, the True Color Technology of the product offers improved visibility and reduced strain.

Notably, users can operate this product either through solar-charging batteries in Lithium-Ion or the standard batteries available in the market.

One of the most exclusive features of this helmet that appeals to many workers is its suitable utilization for Plasma Cutting, MIG, TIG, MMA, MAG, and CO2 tasks.

Still, it might become a little hot when we wear the helmet to work in high-temperature conditions.
What We Like
  • Excellent use for varied applications, including professional ones
  • Wide viewing area
  • Complete comfort and protection
  • Lightweight and well-fitted design
  • Improved visibility and reduced strain layout
  • Ideal use for Plasma Cutting, MIG, TIG, MMA, MAG, and CO2 tasks
What We Don’t Like
  • Might become hot
In my opinion, this welding helmet from Yeswelder is probably one of the most trusted in the market, given its superior features and low cost. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners.

2. Dekopro Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Hood

Yet another good cheap welding helmet from Dekopro makes it to the list of top-quality budget-friendly helmets.

This tool promises optimum protection for the neck and the head. Boasting a shade rating of around 16.1 by 1/1/2, one thing that comes as a guarantee with this headgear is that it offers ample safety and security. And these safety and security features are available even when there is a power failure.

Further, the level of versatility offered by this welding tool is simply amazing! Firstly, this welding helmet comes with an auto-darkening filter button giving users the ability to switch from darkness to light within the shortest time possible. The auto-darkening feature of this tool also helps in controlling the lens awning from pervasive sources of light.

Further, the helmet can easily be adjusted manually to meet the users’ specific requirements based on the scale of their welding assignments. Yet another noteworthy feature of this model is its enhanced color recognition and visibility. Users can enjoy a comfortable and clean view because the device comes fitted with a viewing area of 3.85 by 3.15 inches at multiple angles.

Regarding the adjustability, this item is comfortable and fatigue-free. I also love the lightweight design that makes it ideally suited for long duration jobs. Last but not least, this model’s solar-powered battery can last for more than 5000 hours, making it the perfect welding tool for industrial usage.

What I’ll like to bring into attention is that since the helmet needs to be operated manually, it can be difficult for DIYers to handle it.
What We Like
  • Optimum safety and security features
  • Sensitive auto-darkening function with quick operating time
  • Enhanced color recognition and visibility
  • Comfortable and clean view
  • Solar-powered battery for industrial purposes
What We Don’t Like
  • Not ideal for DIY-ers
As far as my recommendation for the product is concerned, I would highly endorse it for large and extensive industrial uses.

3. Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet

Here is the all-time top-tier inexpensive auto-darkening welding helmet, exclusively manufactured to meet the requirements of professional welders. The low cost of this helmet is a major perk, but besides that, its quality and features are likewise unprecedented. If you go by my words, it is challenging to get a better welding helmet than the Antra AH6.

The versatility of the helmet is the top reason why I recommend its purchase. In addition to this, it is automated welding equipment that comes solar-powered and runs on a couple of batteries. It also features an indicator notifying the battery level, which is quite useful for users to be aware of their batteries.

Luckily, protection against the ultra-violet rays of the sun is consistent and dependable. Besides, this helmet is perfectly compatible with magnifying and cheater lenses. This is an extremely responsive welding tool with perfectly fused delay settings.

The sensitivity settings of this helmet are straightforward, and the users need to adjust the fused knob for regulating the helmet to the required levels. Concurrently, the fused interference suppression technology of this helmet helps minimize false triggering due to intense sunlight.

This ultra-lightweight product comes with several interiors and exterior lenses available on purchase. The viewing area of the helmet is 3.86 by 1.78 inches. For first-time welders, I strongly recommend this item for it comes with an instruction manual included.

There’s one thing to keep in mind: the helmet is made of very thin plastic. So, chances are it might not be suitable for industrial or heavier welding applications. Additionally, I do not recommend it for overhead welding jobs because its auto-darkening attribute responds slowly.
What We Like
  • Versatile in use for different duties
  • Long battery life because of solar power.
  • Extremely responsive to welding arc
  • Budget-friendly welding helmet
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
What We Don’t Like
  • Constructed using thin material
  • The Auto-darkening attribute does not respond properly.
Overall, the Antra AH6 budget welding helmet can effectively be used for various welding jobs. Its low price coupled with attributes like delayed settings, grinder switch, and variable shade regulators makes it a fantastic welder’s companion.

4. Yes Welder Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This Yes Welder headgear can offer the best value for money, considering the versatility it has to offer.

Speaking of its versatility, this tool stands second to none. One thing you can remain assured of is that you can use this true color welding helmet for varied applications. This product’s versatility makes it perfect to be used in NIMA, MIG, and TIG applications in addition to its grinding features. And, it offers better clarity because of its four top-quality sensors.

The settings and adjustments of the tool are straightforward. True Color technology helps in improving visibility. This further reduces strains related to the use of similar products. Besides, you find the helmet in six varied models, thus giving you the scope of making the right pick with complete ease.

The enhanced battery life of this tool keeps welding jobs free of all kinds of interruptions. Besides, its viewing area is 3.64 by 1.67 inches, which is quite an impressive range. One of the main reasons I choose this helmet is its quick response time from darkness to light, which is probably less than 1.10000 seconds.

Maximum comfort is ensured by this ideally incorporated headgear. The helmet can be used very easily and is made oversized to fit many individuals. Plus, it comes with a comfort cushion providing better support. It is also light in its weight, thus allowing extended utilization without exhaustion.

However, this welding helmet might not come with the top-quality lens shade that some workers want.
What We Like
  • Superior wide viewing area
  • Adjustable and comfortable headgear
  • Six models to choose from
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Response time is quick when switching from darkness to brightness
  • Versatile in use and fit
What We Don’t Like
  • Average quality lens shade
Overall, I recommend this tool because of the comfort and excellent fit it offers. This is probably the top-tier welding helmet under 100 and the perfect choice for professional welders.

5. DEKOPRO Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Welders love this auto-darkening headgear due to multiple exclusive features it comes with. You can get this product in four varied colors, ensuring an easy selection process.

Its fused automatic darkening attribute is quick to respond. Additionally, this helmet can always protect us against ultraviolet radiation, even if there is a power failure. More importantly, it meets the standards of international safety, which means complete protection is guaranteed for you.

Sensitivity and delay settings of the welding helmet for overhead are manual, further ensuring the users meet varied environmental demands and tasks easily. Besides, the visibility and the color of this product are greatly enhanced for ease in handling complicated objects.

The helmet is also equally adjustable and comfy while being ideally balanced at the same time. Plus, it comes with an instruction manual that is ideal for beginners into welding.

This is a battery-powered welding device, perfect for extensive use since its cells can last for around 5000 hours. If you are the top-quality budget-friendly welding helmet with a lot of flairs, then the Dekopro Solar-Powered helmet is for you. This stylish and sleek helmet offers enough protection for keeping the users safe while grinding or welding.

Beyond that, you might not like the grinding switch position since it is placed inside at the top of the screen, making it tricky to switch.
What We Like
  • Stylish and sleek welding tool
  • Delay-setting and sensitivity are straightforward.
  • Adjustable and comfortable with great balance
  • Helmet with a lot of flairs
  • Offers complete protection
What We Don’t Like
  • Tricky grinding switch position
All in all, the quality and the performance of this welding tool are unmatched. And this is what makes me endorse it for purchase. Go by my words, and you will not regret your decision.

6. HoneyWell Welding Helmet

The HoneyWell Fiberglass Welding Helmet is ideal for the ones who are highly concerned about their safety. This headgear, perfect for TIG or MIG welding, is made of Superglass Plus. It is intricately engineered by 3M and boasts of a technology that puts out sparks automatically landing on the helmet.

The solid Superglass Plus material that this helmet is made of is even moisture-resistant. It does not split or crack like all the other helmets on getting wet.

Further, this welding tool has been specially carved to provide limited space between the user’s head and its material. This unique design helps in reducing pressure if the user gets hit during the welding procedure.

It is incredible to find out that this product features a headband made of rubber. This headband can easily be adjusted for added wearing comfort. It also easily adapts to fit with specific hats providing extra protection. Also, even though it is light in weight, at the same time, it falls in the category of heavy-duty welding tools.

The durable fiber-metal design of this headgear protects the face from all kinds of flying parts and objects. Hence, it is highly useful for welders and artists working in hazardous locations.

The view range of the tool is good at two by four inches, along with a shade ten lens for improved viewing quality. More importantly, the helmet even possesses the potential of filtering 100% IR and UV wavelengths, offering users perfect eye protection.

For some workers who often carry various duties, the only weak point of this device is there is no flip-up lens included for the grinding tasks.
What We Like
  • Perfect use for TIG or MIG welding
  • Moisture-resistant material for performances in various conditions
  • Unique design to reduce the pressure
  • Rubber headband for added comfort and fit to different hard hats
  • A lightweight yet heavy-duty welding helmet
  • Sturdy construction for protection in hazardous conditions
  • Quality viewing lens with ultimate eye protection
What We Don’t Like
  • No flip-up lense for grinding tasks
In conclusion, this product is a cost-effective investment for the ones who are in the lookout of heavy-duty welding helmets.

7. Dekopro Welding Helmet

Your search for low-priced yet excellent auto-darkening welding helmets can end with Dekopro’s highly-functional model. The 1/1/1/2 optical clarity of the headgear can blow your mind, especially at such a great price.

One of the most exclusive features of this product is the rounded corners that make it easy for the users to get it into and out of the tightest spaces.

Besides, the kit extends entirely downwards to offer proper neck protection. Its skirt bottom curves out, making it easier for users to go for it when they need to lower their chins to see what they are doing. Plus, the viewing area of this welding tool is quite massive at 12.1 inches.

Additionally, its sensitivity settings and manual shade levels offer a lot of value to this product available within the lowest price.

The solar power of the helmet adds to this great buy. In fact, its solar power makes it ideally suited for outdoor and indoor welding assignments. Again, it even can auto-darken in case of power failures. It offers maximum protection to the users because of its shade range that can easily be adjusted for TIG and MIG arc welds.

This helmet complies with the international standards of safety and is probably a value pick for its unique and bold appearance.

Furthermore, the smooth movement is accessible to the users because of the lightweight design of this item. I am happy to note that this ultra-lightweight product does not sag down the user’s head. It comes with adjustable straps making it possible for the users to move the item in a comfortable position.

I like this welding tool, but at the same time, the fluctuating shade levels of this product are not perfect for long welding sessions.
What We Like
  • Compact design with rounded corners
  • Proper neck and vision protection
  • Excellent clarity for welding tasks on different objects
  • Constant use of auto-darkening function
  • The unique and bold appearance
  • Adjustable straps for comfortable wear
What We Don’t Like
  • Issues with shade feature
I highly endorse this product because of the adjustable settings and exclusive features that make welding duties much secure and straightforward.

8. Tekware Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Tekware Helmet is a fantastic welding helmet for the price. It is a budget-friendly product, but that does not make it weaker than the other expensive models available.

One of the top-rated things that I like about this product is its lightweight design, which is suitable for all kinds of welding jobs. Also, the same feature allows for long and extensive use of the item.

Further, the viewing area of this helmet is 3.66 by 1.69 inches. Its auto-darkening button allows the users to switch from darkness to brightness in less than 1/250000 seconds. Now that’s what I call superbly amazing and magical!

Another excellent quality of this product is that if there is a power failure that safeguards users against harmful ultraviolet or IR radiations. The huge solar area of this welding tool supplies sufficient power for instantly changing the screen. Besides, the helmet obstructs the light on its screen to keep your eyes protected from the high range beam.

Another feature worth detailing about the helmet is its solar panel technology that powers the battery, making it an environmentally-friendly product. It also means users can use the tool extensively for long working hours.

Besides, this helmet is an easily adjustable headgear, hence, it is comfortable to wear overhead. If required, the users can even wear protective glasses while wearing the helmet on their heads.

The one and the only issue with the helmet is the absence of the grind mode.
What We Like
  • Reasonably priced helmet for welding jobs
  • Lightweight design for long-hour wear
  • Take little time to switch between modes
  • Complete protection from UV radiation
  • Solar power technology
  • Comfortable to wear with goggles
What We Don’t Like
  • Grind mode not available
Overall, if you are looking for the cheapest welding mask in the market, then choosing this helmet from Tekware would be a great idea. I recommend this product for purchase, considering it has all exclusive features that too within an affordable range.

9. Antra AH7-860-001X Welding Helmet

This Antra welding helmet is a more modified version of the Antra AH6. Also, this AH7 comes loaded with a sturdy hat adapter to increase the compatibility with protective headgear.

The product features four individual arc sensors along with a reaction time of 1/25000th second. Moreover, the 8-square inch viewport is sensitive enough to serve TIG welding jobs. The 13 filters passive shade turns on automatically when the users pick up the headgear.

The battery testing button of this product is worth noting even has an indicator notifying the battery level. Another good news is the solar-powered battery of this product can be replaced if required.

The model works with both magnifying and cheater lenses. This is one feature that I am fond of, mainly because I am in this habit of switching between both these lens varieties.

Besides, the sensitivity knob can be adjusted as per requirements and preferences. Delay settings on the helmet allow users to choose how quickly they want the product to respond.

The superb viewing area offered by this product is also worth considering too. It is 3.78 inches by 3.5 inches providing great picture clarity as far as the welding location is concerned.

However, the manufacturer should reinforce the plastic part on this helmet for more reliable durability.
What We Like
  • A sturdy hard adapter is installed
  • Excellent functions for safe and efficient welding tasks
  • An available battery indicator
  • Use the solar-powered battery
  • Works with both magnifying and cheater lenses
  • Customizable sensitivity knob and delay settings
What We Don’t Like
  • Require reinforcement for the plastic parts
If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable welding helmet for plasma cutting, TIG, and MIG welding, get yourself covered with the Antra AH7.

10. Miller Electric Welding Helmet

The Miller Electric Welding Helmet is a top-quality welding helmet available in the market right now because it comes loaded with exceptional functions. Its exclusive features are what make it a Grade A helmet choice for professional welders.

The automatic darkening attribute of this product that is quite responsive truly satisfies the users. Due to this function, welders are protected against UV radiations and IR, making their duties extra comfortable and secure.

Another thing that workers will love about this helmet is the quality of the lenses. It works efficiently when the interior visibility of the product needs to be regulated. You can rely on clear lenses to handle the most complicated tasks without compromising your vision.

Also, the ideally placed adjustment knob on the helmet makes it easy to handle. In truth, even first-time users have no difficulty fitting and customizing the gear to get ready for work.

Conclusively, this is a solar-powered tool with its battery life-extending for more than 2000 hours. Thus, welders can confidently invest in this helmet for long-term projects since it’s an energy-efficient and long-lasting product.

Plus, it would be incredible if this functional helmet can offer a wider range of view from its lense.
What We Like
  • Grade-A helmet for professional missions
  • Responsive darkening attribute for optimal vision protection
  • Offer comfortability and security
  • Easy to handle and fit
  • Ideal gear for beginners with a simple adjustment
  • Extended battery life and durable construction
  • A worthwhile investment for long-term projects
What We Don’t Like
  • Not the widest view range
Everything said and done; this 2.2 lbs helmet is a comfortable headgear perfectly suited for prolonged usage. It does not make way for any exhaustion and offers the ultimate face and neck protection.

11. TacklifTacklife Professional Welding Helmet

This Tacklife Professional Welding Helmet is a premium product standing out from the others in the market, mainly because of its affordability.

Notably, this might be a low-priced welding gear for professional welders. Its excellent features make it worthy of purchase, especially for those who are not into regular welding jobs. The viewing area of the product is large enough to help users get more extensive views of their work.

The lens in this headgear offers the most excellent clarity as well. The lens features standard green shading instead of the adapting color tech found in the majority of the helmets.

Additionally, the shading of this product is quite impressive that provides users the options for switching between shades 3 and 13. Thus, this offers them maximum sight and proper protection for amperage welding, cutting, and grinding. Even low amperage TIG welding will be a breeze with the use of this headgear. There is also a shade test button for the users to see whether the shade feature works in the right way before looking through the lens.

Though it does not come loaded with some top quality elements found in premium helmets- precisely, other features perform in the same way.
What We Like
  • The extensive viewing area for efficient work
  • Incredible clarity for optimal vision during performances
  • Optical view on working objects and surroundings
  • Impressive shade range
  • An available test button to test the automatic shade
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited features available
I recommend this helmet for purchase because of its top-grade lens. This low to medium quality headgear is suitable for all basic kinds of welding jobs.

12. Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet

The Neiko Industrial Grade welding helmet is a professional-grade tool that offers complete protection because this device duly meets all the standards set for international safety.

This industrial-grade welding tool comes with a flip-up lens intricately designed to offer maximum comfort and safety against IR and UV radiation. It is made using polypropylene and is thus impact resistant. Plus, the plastic part of this product is sufficiently robust to protect the user’s face.

And yes, this welding tool can indeed be used for grinding and welding both without the window fogging over after long hours of work. Also, the clear window does not scratch or chip while grinding off welding splatter.

Its massive viewing area of 2 by 41/4 inches is quite impressive along with the headband that can be adjusted in two different ways. The headband ensures a very comfortable fitting. Well-balanced and lightweight in design, welders can wear it comfortably on their heads for an extended period.

This item is one of the perfect helmets for beginner-level welders because its handy shade lens makes it easy for the users to view welded things.

However, headband attachment to the mask requires minor assembly that might be tricky for some users. There is no instruction manual available on assembling the gear, so it might take us more time than usual for the installation process.
What We Like
  • Professional-grade welding tool
  • Provides complete face protection
  • Durable and robust construction
  • The adjustable headband offers a comfortable fit
  • Well-balanced and lightweight design
  • Ideal helmet for beginners
What We Don’t Like
  • Headband attachment needs manual adjusting
  • No instruction manual provided
All in all, the Neiko Industrial Grade Welding Helmet is the perfect entry-level headgear. I would recommend it for the ones who can compromise style for an affordably-priced product.

What is a Budget Welding Helmet


The helmets available under $100 are considered budget welding helmets but can provide excellent clarity and protection. It is also to be noted that there can be differences in grinding mode and shade sensors. Even the budget-friendly welding helmets can be availed with auto-darkening features that are considered a significant plus.

Also, it is worth noting that even the most affordable helmets in the market these days offer head support and comfort not available from the expensive helmets.

How Does It Work

Welding helmets generally work by blocking radiation and light from reaching the eyes of the welders. When light enters the lens of these helmets, it reflects or absorbs the same for safeguarding the eyes.

Types of Budget Welding Helmets


The different varieties of budget welding helmets include:

  • Passive welding helmets are the most basic varieties. They do not come with very fancy features but are highly effective. They are made using sturdy materials.
  • The auto-darkening welding helmets detect light emitted, and their lenses adjust accordingly. However, such helmets can be a little expensive.
  • The solar-powered lens welding headgears make use of fixed batteries that cannot be replaced. The batteries in these helmets are recharged through the use of solar energy.
  • Then there are the battery-powered welding helmets. As evident from the name itself, these helmets operate on replaceable or rechargeable batteries made of Lithium-Ion.
  • Fixed-shade lens welding helmets feature traditional shade levels of 10. Such headgears are unable to adjust to the different arc brightness. They are perfect for projects that use only one material.
  • Variable shade lens welding helmets feature lenses that can quickly adapt to different kinds of brightness and light given out by arc during the welding sessions.

Why Do You Need a Budget Welding Helmet

There is one primary reason why welders need to go for budget welding helmets. The light intensity that occurs during a welding session is caused due to radiation, which can be very harmful to the eyes. It is very dangerous to weld without proper eye protection. This can cause permanent eye damage.

So, it always works to have a welding helmet handy, especially for those who are into regular welding jobs.

Buying Guide


Some of the vital tips on buying the best budget welding helmet are as follows:

  • Go for Helmets with Auto-Darkening Feature: Going for helmets with auto-darkening lenses can help prevent dangerous UV and infrared rays from damaging your eyes.
  • Go Through Reviews: Going through the reviews of different varieties of budget welding helmets online can help you in making the right choice.
  • Make Sure the Helmet Fits Properly: Ensure that the helmet you are going for fits snugly without being too uncomfortable. The helmet needs to fit correctly and offer complete comfort because you will be using it for welding sessions that can be long enough.
  • Consider Viewing Area Offered: It is also essential to consider the viewing angle and size of the model. The ones with larger viewing areas are always the top-tier because they ensure complete safety and eye protection at the same time.
  • Adjustable Features and Controls are Important: Starting from delay controls to sensitivity, the adjustable controls of a welding helmet are worth considering.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining and taking care of a welding helmet can have a significant impact on the protection offered by the product and also on its performance. You are advised to change the helmet’s cover lenses when they get damaged as it helps in maintaining a clear vision. Also, you must always check your helmet for impact damage and cracks to ensure that it offers proper protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do welding helmets last?

The expected lifespan of welding helmets is 7-10 years. However, it can vary depending on these factors:

  • Frequency of use – Using the helmet on a daily basis means its lens and face seal are more likely to accumulate damage. Likewise, regular usage will wear out the sweatband more quickly, thus shortening the product’s overall lifespan.
  • Maintenance efforts – Given how frequently the helmet is exposed to welding fumes, it’s essential to do regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you may forget to change the cover lens on time or fail to notice cracks and impact damage.
  • Storage – If you store the headgear in a cold place, the freezing temperatures will impact the LCD reaction time drastically. In addition, failing to charge battery-based helmets regularly will shorten the battery lifespan.

In addition, if your budget auto-darkening welding helmet has replaceable parts, you don’t have to discard the entire helmet. For instance, most lenses can last between 7 and 10 years.

However, if you see scratches on your cheap auto-darkening welding lens within the first few years, you can replace them instead of throwing the entire helmet away.

The price tag will give you an idea of how long a welding helmet can hold up to the job. So you can’t expect an affordable welding helmet under $200 to last as long as $400, especially if the cheaper one comes with non-replaceable parts.

Why do welders wear masks?

A welding helmet is a vital part of the welder’s personal protective equipment. Whether yours is top-of-the-line or under $100, the hood’s function remains the same – protecting eyes and face from harmful sparks, including those that can visually impair you.

Regardless of the welder helmet price, the product must comply with ANSI Z87.1 if made in the US, CAN/CSA Z94.3 in Canada, or the equivalent in your home country. These industry standards ensure that the helmets are sturdy and well-built enough for the welders’ safety.

How bad is welding for your eyes?

I’ve seen an entire Reddit thread of a user who says his friend only applies sunscreen instead of a TIG welding helmet. Thankfully, all the other users quickly pointed out why it was wrong! Eye and face protection matters a lot for beginner and seasoned welders alike. Our eyes simply don’t “get used to the bright light.”

You may not experience immediate consequences for a one-off short exposure to UV light. But doing this repeatedly may lead to cataracts in the long run. Just the same, long-term exposure to infrared light will cause the lens of a person’s eyes to heat and also develop cataracts.

Furthermore, the visible light from the weld can harm the iris. Think of it this way: The iris is responsible for limiting the brightness of the light from getting into the retina. When our eyes are exposed to a bright light that is overwhelming for the iris, it will lead to eye fatigue or temporary blindness.

Do welders go blind over time?

Yes, if you don’t wear a proper protective helmet. As explained in the previous question, one can get cataracts due to prolonged exposure to UV and infrared lights.

Unfortunately, this can lead to permanent blindness. Temporary blindness from UV radiation is also not unheard of – this is also a sign that you’ve damaged your eyes considerably.

Even if it’s a cheap welding mask, wearing one will greatly reduce this risk. Right now, many shops offer discount welding helmets. Buying from any brand selling ANSI-compliant cheap welding hoods under $150 will be a wiser choice than paying for surgery and medical treatments.

What are the most popular budget welding helmet brands?

Welders, especially first-time owners, should check out the collection of welding helmets from Antra and Dekopro as they come with amazing auto-darkening functions.

Furthermore, users should consider the Yeswelder welding helmets because of the True Color Technology they are loaded with. Some experienced workers’ all-time favorite budget-friendly welding helmet is the one from Tekware. It’s a perfect blend of safety attributes adhering to international safety standards, and mind-blowing features make it the perfect buy.

Are cheap auto-darkening welding helmets safe?

If used with proper caution and care, auto-darkening welding helmets do not damage the eyes. Nevertheless, it is vital to ensure that their batteries are ultimately charged, and the product sits very well on the user’s face. Additionally, the item’s settings also need to be adjusted according to the welding task at hand and as per the user’s comfort level.

How to use a welding helmet?

Users can follow the instructions included in the package to wear the helmet the right way. Each of them has different designs; hence the adjustments should be made to have the comfort fit.

Also, the dangerous welding flames can damage the eyes, and therefore you must try using features like delay settings, shade control, and light sensitivity in these helmets to the optimum.


Once you have considered these reviews of the best budget welding helmet, you can conclude which factors lead to the right solution for your welding tasks. It comes down to considering several features like quality, price, and safety of using the welding tool.

Hopefully, these guides can offer you more insight into budget-friendly and quality-based welding helmets for your specific requirements.

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