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The Best Eyeglass Wipes for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

The best eyeglass wipes serve as the perfect companion for anyone who needs something to preserve the cleanliness and clarity of their eyeglasses. If you are wearing an eyeglass then you are aware of how frustrating and distracting it is to have a smudge or dirt stamped in the middle of the lens.

If your glasses also seem to feel dirty all the time, you may also be tempted to grab anything that you think will be useful in rubbing off the dirt. It could be your shirt, handkerchief, or any other cloth that is not dedicated to eyeglasses. If you have that urge then make it a point to stop yourself.

best eyeglass wipes

Note that rubbing your eyeglasses with a shirt or anything that is not dedicated to cleaning it can be harmful to the lens and overall structure. You might be able to see these items removing the smudge at first. However, in the long run, it can leave more distracting and annoying damage that you can no longer erase.

The best lens cleaning wipes serve as your best ally in such a case. These eyeglass wipes are specifically designed to work safely and compatibly with eyeglasses so you no longer have to worry about them smudging or damaging yours.

Regardless if you just started wearing eyewear or have been doing so for quite some time, you will surely find the best lens wipes useful. They perform a great job in keeping your eyewear immaculate and clean. The most reliable lens wipes for glasses can also perform their function effectively without leaving streaks, scratches, or smudges.

The good thing about most of these wipes is that they are safe and versatile that they can also clean up other items apart from your eyeglasses. A few examples are TV screens and gadgets. If you want to start using the best eyeglass cleaner wipes then these ten choices might be among those that will give you a hundred percent satisfaction:


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Adamantite Anti-Fog Wipes

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Care Touch Cleaning Wipes


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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Bausch & Lomb BAL8574GM


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7 Top-rated Eyeglass Wipes Reviews of 2023

1. Adamantite Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses

Many people who wear eyeglasses complain about fogging due to the pandemic, which is why I’m featuring these wipes in my review. What amazes me is that, compared to anti-fog sprays, this one is much quicker to use.

Just like any defogging products, this pack of spectacles and sunglasses wipes will work well only if you clean your lenses with glass cleaners or soapy water first. If you follow the instructions, I assure you that you will be amazed by the results. For one, they do not leave any streaks and residue. For another, the lenses remain fog-free for an entire day!

Besides eyewear, these wipes are great for face shields, goggles, helmet visors, car mirrors, and electronics. Either way, they do not damage the coatings on glass and optical surfaces. One pack contains 60 pieces of wipes that are individually packed. For me, this is convenient since I can put a few in my bag and leave some at home and in my car.

That said, I noticed that these wipes have two issues. First, I always struggle with tearing the packaging with my bare hands. I find this to be annoying since I don’t always have scissors with me. Second, I often need more than one piece to wipe my glasses. For me, one box sometimes does not last two months.
What We Like
  • Effectively lifts the fog
  • Prevents streaking on glasses
  • Apt for most glass and optical surfaces
  • Very convenient to use
What We Don’t Like
  • Packaging can’t be opened with hands
  • Needs more than one piece to clean lenses
Thanks to their anti-fogging properties, these wipes ensure that you can see clearly through your glasses despite changes in temperature! Furthermore, they do not leave any residue or nasty smudges!

2. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes


You might also want to give Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes a chance as these are also effective in maintaining the clarity of your eyeglasses by keeping them clean. One reason why I always recommend this product to those searching for glasses cleaning wipes is that it works safely, quickly, and flexibly.

I noticed that how it serves many purposes with its ability to safely clean not only a pair of eyeglasses but also other optics, screens, and lenses, including microscopes, webcams, binoculars, cameras, and smart devices. It also works fast, getting rid of various signs of dirt, including debris, fingerprints, and smudges within seconds of using it.

The wipes also contain advanced and ammonia-free formula, which proves its ability to leave any surface where you wipe them free of streaks and scratches. I like the fact that these wipes are individually wrapped, too. It is because such separate wrappings ensure that the wipes will stay moist and fresh for a long time.

It is gentle to use even in those surfaces that are otherwise considered as delicate. Each pack of these eyeglass, lens, and sunglass cleaning wipes also contain 210 separately wrapped pieces, providing you enough value for the amount you paid. I am sure you will love the convenience brought on by these wipes, too.

Since each wipe is wrapped separately, you will find it convenient to store it in your purse, camera pack, and in your office, car, and home. It is travel-friendly because each wrapped wipe is compact, too.

However, it has a mild rubbing alcohol smell, which some users are not fond of.
What We Like
  • Safe and gentle even on delicate surfaces
  • Can remove almost everything you want to take off from the glasses – dirt, fingerprints, and smudges included
  • Individual wrapping for each wipe, making it travel-friendly and compact
  • Works quickly as it wipes your glasses clean in just a few seconds
  • Each purchase provides 210 wipes that are more than enough for usual needs
What We Don’t Like
  • Comes with a somewhat unwanted mild rubbing alcohol smell
With the help of Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes, you can retain the cleanliness of your glasses and ensure that they stay polished and clean so nothing will ever hamper or cloud your vision each time you use them.

3. Bausch & Lomb BAL8574GM Wipes


The BAL8574GM Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes from Bausch & Lomb can also meet the unique demands and requirements of anyone searching for effective lens and glasses cleaning wipes. Each purchase consists of 100 pieces of pre-moistened cleaning wipes. This is sufficient for most of your cleaning needs.

I can prove how effective these cleaning wipes are when it comes to removing the build-up dirt in safety glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses, computer screens, face shields, goggles, and auto mirrors, among many other items and surfaces. I think that its versatility is also unmatched.

You can use it for many applications and places – among which are your household, car, trunk, glove compartment, toolbox, office, and light industrial applications. I also love how easy and hassle-free these wipes are when it comes to using them. It has a unique packaging design, which ensures that you can also easily dispense them.

I am also pretty sure that you will enjoy the dispenser box that forms part of this product. What is great about the dispenser box is that you can easily put it on the wall or countertop. The level of safety of these eyeglass wipes is also high since they are anti-static and non-silicone based.

The fact that the wipes are created with anti-fog properties also means that they will perform well even when used in situations where there is mild fog. The individually packed wipes are also amazing with the special surfactants used in treating them as their presence further improves the ability of the wipes to clean all plastic and glass lenses.

However, I noticed that the wipes are smaller than other options in the market today, so one piece may not be enough to clean a large surface.
What We Like
  • Removes build-up dirt effectively without scratching or smudging the surface
  • Created to be anti-fog, allowing it to perform well even in mildly foggy situations
  • Packed individually and comes with special surfactants
  • Features easy-t0-use dispenser box
  • Safe because it is anti-static and non-silicone based
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly smaller than other wipes
Despite that, the BAL8574GM Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes from Bausch & Lomb still make an incredible choice for the majority of your eyeglass or lens cleaning tasks, so buying them in bulk is surely a great idea.

4. Optix 55 Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipes

Optix 55 Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipes

One of the eyeglass wipes that continue to capture the interest of many eyewear users is the Optix 55 Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipe. What I find super impressive about this eyeglass cleaner lens wipe from Optix 55 is its amazing versatility. This means that you can use it safely on all kinds of lenses and glasses.

Aside from your eyewear, you can also use the wipes to clean up your laptop, camera, watch, cellphone, TV, desktop, tablet, or any other gadget. I like the availability of these lens cleaning wipes for glasses in many sizes. It is because this lets me pick one depending on the purpose I have in mind.

It is good for home, workplace, travel, and office use. I find it perfect as a retail giveaway, too. In terms of safety, the ammonia-free formula used in creating the cleaning solution for these wipes is a big help. The wipes are pre-moistened using a cleaning solution devoid of harsh and toxic chemicals, like ammonia, that might be damaging to the lenses.

With such a safe and ammonia-free formula, I am sure you can gently clean various lenses and glasses, including those coated with anti-reflective treatment. The cleaning solution that adds moisture to the wipes is also designed to keep lenses and glasses clean without causing streaks and scratches in the end.

It will not cause any damage to the surface regardless of the number of times you wipe. Another advantage is that it has individual wrapping, thereby ensuring that it remains moist all the time. This also promotes ease in carrying it anywhere. It is available in various bulk package sizes – from 30 to 600 pieces per pack.

This lets you buy a pack, which specifically meets your demands. The wipes are easy and quick to use, too.

However, it has a somewhat strong smell.
What We Like
  • Uses a safe and ammonia-free formula
  • Safe to use even on surfaces with anti-reflective coating
  • Cleans well without leaving streaks and scratches
  • Individually wrapped for ease of use
  • Can handle all types of lenses and glasses
What We Don’t Like
  • Comes with a somewhat strong smell
Overall, this pack of Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipes from Optix 55 serve as great cleaning solutions for your eyeglasses, as well as any other gadgets or items with screens and lenses that require regular cleaning for clarity.

5. Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Cleaning Wipes


I also highly suggest checking out the Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Cleaning Wipes if you are in search of an efficient solution designed to clean glasses and lenses. One amazing trait that this product takes pride in is its undeniable flexibility. This specific trait allows it to offer satisfaction to users regardless of the cleaning method they prefer for their glasses.

I am also amazed by the softness of the wipes. It is soft enough because it is based on wood pulp. Such softness prevents me from worrying too much about the possibility of it harming my glasses or lenses. It is proven to be safe and gentle for use on a variety of glasses and surfaces. You can even safely use it on video game screens, DVDs, and CDs.

Another thing I find so favorable in these cleaning wipes is that it uses an anti-streak formula. The use of this formula contributes a lot in making sure that the result of using the wipes for cleaning your glasses is a crystal-clear vision. Aside from being soft, the lens wipes are also quilted, promoting even more convenience when using them.

A single purchase will let you get a hold of 4 boxes with 75 wipes each for a total of 300 pieces. With such a great number of wipes, you have no reason to worry about running out of something to use to clean your glasses and lenses whenever you need to do so. You can put these boxes in your living room, bedroom, office, or car.

That way, you will always be prepared to grab it each time the glasses show traces of dirt that tend to block your vision. I like how these lens wipes are created to offer on-the-go and travel convenience considering the individual wrapping used for each piece.

It is also proven to work in removing lint, dust, and smudges from various surfaces while being quick-drying.

However, the price is slightly higher than other lens cleaning wipes.
What We Like
  • Promotes cleaning flexibility and convenience
  • Provides up to 300 pieces of wipes divided into 4 portable boxes
  • Promotes crystal-clear vision once used in cleaning your eyeglasses
  • Guarantees travel convenience with the individual wrapping of each piece
  • Soft and uses an anti-streak formula
What We Don’t Like
  • Higher price than the others
If you intend to invest in wipes that are versatile enough and easy-to-use then you will never go wrong by picking these individually packed Flents lens wipes that are truly effective in cleaning plastic and glass lenses thoroughly.

6. Nikon Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes


Another fantastic choice is the pre-moistened cleaning wipes now offered by the reliable and popular brand, Nikon. It will never leave any buyer feeling disappointed because the affordable price of each box lets one get a hold of 200 pieces of wipes. With that, you will always have some wipes ready in those instances when you need to clean your lenses.

I also like how convenient and hassle-free it is to use these eyeglass wipes from Nikon. The only thing you have to do is to unfold the folded wipe then use it for cleaning the surface by brushing away dirt and dust using a circular motion. Do this until the whole surface is dry and clean.

I am also fond of these cleaning wipes because I found out that they are not only dedicated to cleaning eyeglasses. The wipes also work well when used on lenses on various items, including cameras, cellphones, webcams, microscopes, and binoculars, among other stuff. If you use the wipes in any of those items, expect them to get rid of dirt and smudges easily.

Another reason why this is a good buy is that it prevents you from worrying too much in case your lenses have anti-reflective coatings. It is because the wipes can clean up such surfaces without harming the surface and the coating. I am happy that it utilized a cleaning formula devoid of ammonia as it removes dirt without causing residues and streaks to remain.

Each wipe will not also scratch nor leave marks to the lens since it also consists of antistatic and non-abrasive micro-fine tissues.

However, one possible issue is that it has isopropyl alcohol content making it prone to irritating your eyes. You can prevent such irritation, though, by preventing your eyes from being in direct contact with the wipes.
What We Like
  • Available in a box containing 200 wipes, which is already a good quantity
  • Hassle-free and convenient to use
  • Can get rid of dirt from various lenses, glasses, and surfaces
  • Safe and gentle to use on lenses that feature anti-reflective coatings
  • Not prone to scratching, smudging, streaking, or leaving marks to your lenses
What We Don’t Like
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol that might irritate the eyes
Overall, the Nikon Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes are amazing lens and glasses cleaning solution as their cleaning power is top-notch while also giving an assurance that they will not harm any lens in any way.

7. Care Check Lens Wipes


The Care Check Lens Wipes are also among the items you should consider collecting if you want to have something to grab on easily and readily to clean any type of eyewear quickly and easily. What I truly love about these lens cleaning wipes is that they are not selective on the glasses that they try to clean up.

You can use it for your sunglasses and safety glasses as well as other forms of an optic, including webcams, microscopes, binoculars, and camera lenses. I was also able to confirm the ability of the wipes to deal with other surfaces and areas prone to accumulating germs, like desktops, laptops, and cellphones.

As for the wipes’ components, I am sure you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it utilizes a unique formula free of ammonia and with only a gentle hint of alcohol. This gentle formula and cleaning solution will work hand in hand it safely and gently getting rid of dirt, germs, dust, smudges, or any other remaining traces of dirt on the surface.

By using these wipes, you can keep your lenses and surfaces clean and fresh while ensuring that they do not contain any scratches, streaks, or residue. I like the size of the wipes, too. The size is just enough that you will surely not complain about bringing it with you on your travels.

Storing the wipes in various places, like camera packs, cars, work, school, home, and the car is also easy. Each box of this item contains 300 individually wrapped lens wipes. The individual wrappings of the wipes also contribute a lot to ensuring that they stay moist and fresh.

However, I noticed that the wipes have more moisture compared to the others, making them harder to dry off once you brush them on the surface.
What We Like
  • Compatible with different eyeglasses and lenses
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Can handle other surfaces prone to germs buildup, including desktops and laptops
  • Uses a unique formula without any sign of ammonia
  • Comes with 300 individually wrapped wipes
What We Don’t Like
  • The wipes contain more moisture than other competing products
Even with such a flaw, the Care Check Lens Wipes can still satisfy you with the way they work, especially in ensuring that your eyeglasses and lenses will be cleaned up without the risk of damaging them.

AUTENPOO Lens Cleaning Wipes (Outdated)


I am also very proud to let eyewear users know that there is an amazing product for their glasses in the form of the AUTENPOO Lens Cleaning Wipes. The 110 pieces of cleaning wipes that form part of the box are already satisfying enough. This quantity is often sufficient to handle your eyeglass cleaning needs for a certain period.

I like the fact that each sheet is individually packed or wrapped, too. With the pre-moistened wipes, I am pretty sure you will no longer complain about having a hard time cleaning sunglasses, eyeglasses, tablets, phones, and any other devices and electronics. It even works perfectly for delicate surfaces.

Once used, expect whatever surface you are planning to clean to finally say goodbye to a lot of things – among which are smudges, fog, oil, dust, and fingerprints. I am also very delighted to highlight the fact that each sheet does not contain any artificial fragrances. With such fact, it is safe and guaranteed not to do anything to harm whatever item you are trying to clean with it.

Another thing that proves how safe the AUTENPOO lens cleaning wipes are is the FDA-approved certification that the brand got for this specific product. It is convenient and easy to carry and use. It is because the sizes of each packet containing the wipe are small and compact in the sense that you can easily put it in your purse.

I like the biodegradable and eco-friendly nature of these eyeglass-wipes, too. Furthermore, it is known for containing anti-fog ingredients and using non-abrasive, anti-static, scratch-free, and ammonia-free formula.

With this, I can prove that it cannot leave marks, liquids, streaks, and scratches on your lenses.

However, the quantity or number of wipes per box is lower if you compare it to the others.
What We Like
  • Offers convenience in cleaning your glasses efficiently
  • Ideal for delicate and sensitive lenses, glasses, and surfaces
  • Can remove a variety of things – fog, smudges, dust, and oil included
  • FDA-approved, proving its high level of safety and effectiveness
  • Eco-friendly composition
What We Don’t Like
  • The number of wipes per box is not as high as other brands
It is just a minor fault, though, especially once you begin noticing how good the eyeglass wipes are in ensuring that your glasses stay clear and clean without troubling you too much since it is easy to use.

KARISVISUAL Optical Lens Cleaning Wipes (Outdated)


The last but surely one of the most dependable lens cleaning solutions out of the items in this article is the optical lens cleaning wipe from KARISVISUAL. One thing I truly enjoy from these cleaning wipes is their powerful and strong cleaning capacity. Their cleaning power is so strong that they can get rid of the mess and dirt in your glasses instantly.

Expect the wipes to do a quick job in cleaning up the fingerprints, smudges, and dust not only from your sunglasses and eyeglasses but also from other screens, lenses, and surfaces, like the lenses of your camera. I think one of its most prominent and favorable benefits is that it does the cleaning while preventing residues and streaks from forming.

No matter how delicate the lens or surface is, this cleaning wipe can handle it perfectly. It is because of how gentle and effective yet safe it is. The wipes are manufactured in a way that they perfectly and safely fit the cleaning requirements and needs of tech surfaces and lenses. Just like the previous product, this one also gained FDA certification.

This shows proof of how safe and non-irritating the formula used in this wipes is when it comes in contact with the skin. I am also very glad to highlight the environmentally-friendly nature of this box of wipes.

Also, even if the surface or lens is coated with something, like an anti-reflective coating, the gentle cleaning formula of these wipes will prevent the coating from chipping or getting damaged.

You can also easily and effortlessly carry it, too, because the wipes have individual wrappers or packets.

However, I am not fond of the way the individual packet is designed.
What We Like
  • Boasts of its powerful and strong cleaning capacity
  • Removes fingerprints, smudges, and dust effectively
  • FDA-certified, proving its high level of safety
  • Easy to carry
  • Environmentally-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • The individual packets are not that well-designed
Overall, these optical lens cleaning wipes are great products that truly work wonderfully when it comes to giving your glasses and lenses a thorough clean without harming them in any way.

ZEISS Lens Wipes (Outdated)


Another amazing eyeglass cleaning wipe is the pack of 200 pieces offered by ZEISS. You will love several things about these wipes from ZEISS – one is that it is from a brand trusted by the public for a few decades. It is even not hard to find a fair and legitimate ZEISS lens cleaning wipes review that talks about all the good things about this product.

One viable reason why I am so fond of this ZEISS wipe is that it works quickly and safely as far as cleaning different types of lens surfaces is concerned. It is specially made and formulated using a gentle and safe alcohol solution. This solution is a big help in making the wipes more effective in getting rid of dirt and smudges.

It also has a major contribution in preventing streaks, residue, and scratches from being left into the lens or surface after cleaning. I also love the fact that these wipes are created in a way that they are devoid of ammonia and any unwanted scent or fragrance. With this composition, I am sure you will have no qualms about using it.

These wipes also have a somewhat all-around cleaning function. Expect the wipes to be extremely helpful in getting rid of dirt and smudges not only from eyeglasses but also from other optical lenses, binoculars, and screens. It also provides a thorough cleaning since it can handle a wide range of dirt, including dust, fingerprints, germs, and oil.

Storing wipes is not also a problem. You can conveniently store and carry it around because the disposable wipes have individual wrapping. This allows you to have some wipes ready to clean your lenses even if you are outdoors.

However, you also need to use it along with a cotton or microfiber cloth so you can dry the surface off quickly after wiping it with the wipes. This is to truly prevent streaks from forming.
What We Like
  • Offered by the trusted ZEISS brand
  • Boasts of an all-around cleaning function as it cleans a wide range of glasses, screens, and lenses
  • Can remove any trace of dirt (ex. dust, fingerprints, and germs
  • Easy to store and carry as each wipe is individually wrapped
  • The gentle and safe solution used to pre-moisten the wipes
What We Don’t Like
  • Still requires the use of a cotton or microfiber cloth to dry off the surface being cleaned
To conclude, the ZEISS lens wipes are the perfect products to invest in if you want to enjoy ultimate convenience when it comes to keeping high-quality optics and eyeglass lenses clean, clear, and free of smudges, scratches, and streaks.

Kimberly-Clark Delicate Task Disposable Wipes (Outdated)


The delicate task disposable wipes supplied and offered by Kimberly-Clark will also not let you down because of how good it is when it comes to preserving the cleanliness and crystal-clear nature of your glasses and lens. I can safely say that it is an incredible solution to smears, streaks, and smudges, especially those found in high-end glasses featuring anti-glare coatings.

I am pleased with how these disposable wipes are constructed to clean up any lens and glass without scratching sensitive surfaces even if they are full of moisture. Another fantastic advantage of these eyeglass wipes is that they are constructed using a hundred percent pure virgin wood fiber.

With such material, contamination will never become an issue. The level of safety provided by these wipes is also taken several notches higher with the low-extractable and low-lint nature of the material and the overall construction. The wipes are event several times more absorbent of water compared to other lens cleaning wipes.

Another thing I find interesting in the disposable wipes is the dispenser box. It is because of the convenience it provides because of its ability to dispense wipes one at a time. This is made possible with the box’s pop-up hole. Aside from supporting the single dispensing of wipes, the dispenser also works great as it helps in preventing electrostatic shock.

It is also proven effective because it is offered by the Kimtech brand, which has been in the industry for more than sixty years.

However, one issue I encountered with the wipes is that you might need more than one of them to clean lenses and glasses entirely.
What We Like
  • Can help preserve the cleanliness and clarity of your glasses
  • Ideal for use even on high-end glasses that have anti-glare coatings
  • Works without scratching, smearing, or smudging sensitive surfaces
  • Low risk of contamination with its virgin wood fiber construction
  • Promotes single dispensing, thanks to its amazing dispenser box
What We Don’t Like
  • Usually requires more than one wipe to remove dirt from lenses and glasses
Still, these disposable wipes are fantastic cleaning solutions because they are already renowned for their strong performance when it comes to removing any trace of dirt on lenses and other surfaces, instruments, and parts.

What is an Eyeglass Wipes

best eyeglass cleaner wipes

Are you sometimes so busy with your work that you rarely even have time to wipe your glasses clean? Or maybe you are not a fan of carrying a separate spray bottle and microfiber towelettes in your bag. You may also be someone who does not even like carrying a bag at all. How would you clean your eyeglasses when they eventually get dirty during your long workday?

The answer is to carry a couple of packets of the best eyeglass wipes in your pocket. Two or three of these will be more than enough to keep your eyeglasses crystal clear for the whole day. An eyeglass wipe is a paper towelette that is pre-moistened with a special lens cleaning solution.

The kind of solution it uses will depend on what the brand uses on their other lens cleaning products. These products are a lot better than simply wiping your eyeglasses using your shirttails because using one does clean the surface of the lens. Furthermore, using something as rough as a cotton shirt to clean your eyeglasses is a very bad idea.

First of all, cotton dress fabrics are not that great for cleaning. It is mainly because they do not have enough loose fibers on their surface. If you are looking for something to wipe your glasses clean, then you need to get a microfiber cleaning sheet.

However, for some serious workers, it can be a hassle to pull out a spray bottle and a microfiber cleaning cloth. There must be a way to clean glasses faster and that is with the help of eyeglass wipes.

With these cleaning items around, you just need to pull out a pre-moistened towelette and start going to town cleaning your eyeglasses. You do not have to prepare anything before you begin the cleaning process. Everything is already prepared well in advance.

How Does It Work

During the day, your eyeglasses can get covered by layers of dust and dirt, considerably lessening your vision by the hour. Not only does wearing very dirty eyeglasses cause horrible headaches by the end of the day but they can also be hazardous for your health. What if you have to drive a large and heavy piece of construction equipment but your glasses are kind of getting cloudy already?

Once you are behind the wheel, you no longer have the luxury of laying out your eyeglass cleaning implements. Fortunately, you have a couple of packets of eyeglass cleaning pads in your pocket. The way these eyeglass wipes work is they simplify the specific manner through which you clean your eyeglasses.

The old-fashioned way is to wash your eyeglasses under the tap with some liquid soap. This is pretty time-consuming and you can’t do it on the fly although it does make your spectacles shine. It is also something you should do regularly.

Another way is to use lens cleaning sprays. Just spritz a bit of the cleaning solution on the lens and then follow up using the microfiber fabric to thoroughly clean the surface of the lenses until all visible traces of dirt and oil are gone.

Now, if you were to use eyeglass wipes, you just need to open the packet, pull out the pre-moistened towelette then proceed to remove all dirt and debris on the surface of the lenses. You do not have to carry your bag. All of the cleaning implements are contained in one compact package.

Admittedly, the level of cleaning that you will get when you use eyeglass wipes is not the same as when you thoroughly clean your glasses under running water (which is still recommended that you should do every week at least). However, it will be good when you need instantly clear lenses in a pinch.

Types of Eyeglass Wipes

best lens cleaning wipes

Eyeglass wipes, physically speaking, are almost identical in appearance. They just differ in the formulation of the cleaning solution they use, which will depend on the brand. The actual difference that you can surmise from eyeglass wipes is if it is commercially-available and if it’s homemade. You can also argue the types of dispensing method that is used.

Commercially-available Wipes – These are the wipes that you can buy from all retail stores and pharmacies. If you do not have time to make your cleansers, then you need to buy a couple of boxes so you will always have them within reach.

There are many different brands that you can choose from, so you might want to check using a couple of brands first before choosing the one that you will be using for the long run.

Homemade Wipes – If you are not that busy at the end of the day or someone who likes to create DIY projects at home, especially home remedies, then this type is ideal for you. Homemade cleaning sprays are quite easy to make. However, finding materials to use for the wipes is going to be a bit difficult.

If you would want to make wipes yourself, you can buy a pack of baby wipes then pour your homemade ingredients into the pack.

Box Dispensed – If you need to have a constant supply of lens wipes on your desk or car, then you need to have a box of these in front of you all the time. These are contained in waterproof containers. They usually have a lid or an adhesive cover to keep the contents always moist.

These also have at least a hundred wipes per package. If you need more, you can find some brands that offer mega-sized boxes containing anywhere between 300 to 500 pulls, so you will never run out of cleaning wipes ever again.

Individually-wrapped Wipes – If you are not working in an office or do not stay in one place when you work, then you will love using individually-wrapped lens wipes. These wipes come individually wrapped in plastic packets. They contain just one wipe, which is saturated with a cleaning solution.

These are great because the packets are so compact that you can carry several of them in one pocket. Whenever you need to clean your eyeglasses and regardless of wherever you are, you just grab a packet from your pocket, rip it open then use the pre-moistened towelette to clean your glasses.

You should keep a box of these wipes in the glove box of your car so you will always have them handy in case you ever need them.

Why Do You Need Eyeglass Wipes

If you rely heavily on your glasses to see then you need to invest in good quality eyeglass wipes. There are many reasons why your glasses get dirty during the day, like:

Oils from your body – It does not matter even if you are extremely careful. You will still touch your glasses a couple of dozen times a day whether if you are pushing your glasses up scratching your nose. You will inadvertently touch the lenses of your eyeglasses.

Moreover, even your eyelids and eyelashes carry a significant amount of oil, so they cause your glasses to get dirty from the inside. Even the involuntary act of sweating will cause the oil to streak down your lenses. You cannot escape the grease because it comes out of your own body in varying amounts depending on the condition of the person’s skin.

Dust floating all around you – Regardless if you are working inside a laboratory, an office, or out in the field, dust is all around you. Because your eyeglasses are natural fingerprint and oil magnets, if any of the dust particles floating in the air get into contact with your lenses, they will get stuck on the thin oil film.

Sweat – Human sweat is not made up completely of water. It also contains other substances, including dirt and oil. When sweat touches the lenses of your eyeglasses and dries up, the oil and dirt will be left behind.

Sneezing – When you sneeze, you are releasing millions of particles into the air and most of them are caught by your glasses. Aside from getting sputum, a lot of other nasty stuff also tends to get stuck in the lenses of your eyeglasses.

These are only some of the reasons why your eyeglasses get cloudy and the worst thing that you can do to get rid of them is wipe them off using the tail of your shirt, handkerchief, a tissue, or anything that remotely resembles a fabric. You are doing a lot more harm than good in such a case.

If you look closely, your shirt hardly does anything to pick up the dirt that has collected on the surface of your lenses. It just swirls them up and pushes them over the edge of the frame. Furthermore, there is still a lot of oil left on the surface of the lens. If you push around the dust and debris, you are leaving fine scratch marks on the surface of the glass.

This will eventually pile up and cause your glasses to get permanently blurry. You need eyeglass wipes because they do multiple functions to clean your eyeglasses. First, the cleaning solution breaks down the dirt and dust. It also lifts the oil film that is on the lens surface so they can be easily picked up by the pre-moistened towelette.

Second, the towelette has millions of microfibers that effectively pick up any dirt and debris that it comes into contact with. It does not also allow the abrasive dirt to scratch the surface of the glass.

Buying Guide

best lens wipes

Lens cleaning wipes are not that expensive. However, if you do not want to waste your money on testing dozens of different brands of wipes, here is a short buying guide to help you choose the right cleaning wipes. Some contributing factors in your decision are:

Cleaning strength – This will depend on the formulation of the cleaning solution, which will also be dependent on the brand. Different brands use different formulations when it comes to their cleaners. Some have similar chemicals but with a couple of tweaks, like a special ingredient.

The best one is the eyeglass wipe that can easily cut through the oil and dirt but will not damage the special film coating that is applied to the lenses. Also, avoid cleansers that contain ammonia. Aside from damaging your lenses, they might also sting your eyes.

With that said, you should not use general-purpose glass cleaners. Use the one that is specifically made for eyeglasses.

The wipe used – Aside from the cleanser, the other component of the best eyeglass wipe is the wipe itself. A good eyeglass wipe should be soft enough to not leave streaks or scratches on the surface of the lenses. However, it should not be so soft that it tears when you so much as put a bit of pressure on your wiping.

Completely unfolded, the wipe should at least measure around five inches per side. Any smaller than that and it will not have enough surface area to clean the surface of your eyeglasses efficiently. Moreover, the smaller the wipe, the less cleaning solution it can carry. This means that the wipe might dry up before it gets to even clean one lens.

The wipe should also have lots of loose fibers on its surface because these are the ones that pick up all the loose dirt and debris on the surface of the lenses. A good wipe should be able to clean a moderately dirty eyeglass in just a couple of swipes. It should not leave any streaks or lines. Bonus points if you can find biodegradable versions of the eyeglass wipes.

Multi-purpose – Although there are eyeglass wipes that are made specifically just for spectacles, most of the other brands available are multi-use. This means you can use them to clean the lenses of your glasses and any glass or plastic surfaces as well.

For instance, your eyeglass wipe should also be able to clean the smudged screens of smartphones, tablet PCs, and computer monitors. Any glass surface that should always be clean and clear will benefit from a good wipe.

Individual package or bulk package – Are you working most of the time behind a desk? If you use a lot of gadgets that have touch screens or have multiple monitors in front of you or both, then you need to have a whole box of eyeglass wipes on your desk or in your desk drawer.

When you need to get something cleaned, you just grab a wipe and start going to town on the dirty surfaces. Regarding the number of wipes per pack, keep in mind that the more, the better. Packages containing 100 wipes are good for keeping in the glove compartment of your car, so you have access to cleaning wipes whenever you need them.

However, for home or office use, it is best to have more. For example, 300 to 500 wipes per package will do nicely. Remember that it is not only your eyeglasses that you can clean using this product, so you should stock up as many as you can. They will not go bad anyway.

Just make sure that you get wipes that have a plastic lid or cover so that you can close it up and keep the wipes saturated with the cleanser. Do not get wipes that have a plastic, adhesive cover as these do not seem to do a good job in preventing the cleanser from drying up.

Do you spend most of your workday on the field or in the worksite? Then you need to use individually-packaged eyeglass wipes as these are more portable. You can carry around 3 to 4 packets in one of your pockets, which is more than enough for a day’s worth of cleaning.

You do not need to set up your eyeglass cleaning implements on a table before you can start. Just grab one of the packets, open it up, and start wiping off the dirt from your glasses immediately.

Price – Eyeglass wipes should not be too expensive. They should not cost so much at all. You will be using this stuff all day every day, so avoid going for the pricey ones. For instance, if you will be using individual packets, each packet should not cost more than 8c each.

However, if you can find wipes that cost less than 5c, you should at least test buy a couple of packets first before buying it in bulk. There is a chance that there are great cleaning wipes that sell for cheap, so you should give them a try first.

Speaking of buying in bulk, this is especially how you should purchase your eyeglass wipes. Have at least two boxes all the time, so you will never run out whenever you need to clean your eyeglasses or any of your gadgets with dirty screens.

Non-damaging – The wipes should not be so rough that they leave scratches on the surface of the lenses. The cleanser that the wipes use should also not be so harsh that it damages the protective coating on the lens of the eyeglasses.

This is another reason why you need to try them in small batches to find out which of them can clean your lenses properly without damaging them. If the cleansing wipe smells like it contains ammonia then it probably does. If so, refrain from using that on your glasses as it might cause serious damage.

Never use cleaning wipes containing ammonia as it might be too strong and even damage the surface of your eyeglasses. This is especially true for the special anti-glare coating that is usually applied to glasses meant for everyday use.

Care and Maintenance

There is not that much that you can do in terms of care and maintenance of eyeglass wipes, especially since these are disposable anyway. The only thing that you can do for them after purchase is to store them properly.

When you are buying eyeglass cleaning wipes in bulk, store the extra boxes in a cool and dry place. It should be somewhere where they will not get hit directly by sunlight. This will prevent the cleanser contained inside the packaging from drying up.

Make sure that the boxes of cleaning wipes are kept away from sharp objects. If the containers of the wipes get punctured and the cleaning solution leaks out, the wipes will no longer be usable. When the wipes are already dry, dispose of them immediately.

If you are fond of using the large packages containing hundreds of wipes each, make sure that you cover it up properly every time you take out a wipe. This will help prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating too fast.

The most important thing that you need to know is that eyeglass cleaning wipes are single-use only. Once you use one wipe, you need to dispose of it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular brands ofn eyeglass wipes?

Are you interested in stocking up on eyeglass wipes so you will have this item ready anytime you need to clean up your eyeglasses? Then do not forget to check the brand’s reputation first before buying. Among those that earned the trust of many users are Optix 55, Care Touch, ZEISS, Bausch & Lomb, Flents, Nikon, Kimberly-Clark, Care Check, AUTENPOO, and KARISVISUAL.

How to use the eyeglass wipes?

Using eyeglass wipes is so simple that most brands do not even come with instructions. You just need to pull out one wipe then continue cleaning your eyeglasses. However, here are some tips on how you can use cleaning wipes more efficiently.

If your eyeglasses are too dirty, wash them thoroughly under the tap using some mild liquid dishwashing detergent until most, if not all, of the dirt that accumulated on the lenses, are gone. Once your eyeglasses are already clean, you should still follow up with the cleaning wipes just to make sure that all the dirt is picked up.

This is also important so that you can apply anti-fog treatment to your glasses (if your wipes contain anti-fog substances). Use small, circular strokes when cleaning the lenses. This will prevent streaks from appearing on the surface of the glass. Also, this will make the wipe more efficient in picking up the loose dirt and debris.

Furthermore, do not put too much pressure on the lenses to prevent the picked-up dirt and debris from scratching up the glass. When cleaning your glasses, do not stop at the lenses. You should also clean the nose pads as these collect a lot of oils from your skin.

After cleaning the lens and nose pad, clean the branches of your glasses. If your glasses do not seem clean enough after using one wipe, do not continue using that one wipe. You will only be pushing around the dirt on the surface of the lens. Just get a fresh sheet and continue cleaning.

Never re-use cleaning wipes. Once the cleaning solution has dried up, it will no longer be usable. Furthermore, the dirt that it already picked up will only be transferred back to your glasses. Once used, dispose of the wipe immediately.

What do opticians use to clean glasses?

Eye specialists use ultrasonic cleaners to clean eyeglasses and sunglasses. While they are standard equipment in eyewear stores and clinics, people can buy one for home use. If you are a safety director, I highly recommend investing in an ultrasonic cleaner for your employees.

Among all the available tools and technologies, this is known to be the best way to remove dirt. Because it is gentle on your glasses, it can clean without stripping off the lenses’ coating.

Even if you don’t have plans to buy one, you can always visit your optician to get your glasses cleaned at least every six months.

What can I wipe my glasses off with?

In this article, we featured numerous wipes to clean glasses. If you don’t have one readily available, you can use a microfiber cloth or wet wipes.

Eye care professionals also suggest cleaning your glasses with mild soap and water and air drying them afterward. If your lenses are made of plastic, rinse them with water and wipe them with a clean soft cloth. Plastic is more delicate so avoid using soap.

Are lens wipes safe for glasses?

Yes, pre-wet microfiber lens wipes that are designed for cameras and electronics are safe to use on your eyeglasses. That’s because they are gentle enough for coated lenses while durable enough to get rid of dirt.

How to care & store?

You do not have to worry about maintenance when it comes to eyeglass wipes because they are disposable. However, when you are storing boxes of cleaning wipes, it should always be in a place that is dry and cool. Make sure that that this storage place does not expose it from direct sunlight. This is important in keeping the wipes moistened.

When the packages are already punctured and most of the cleaning solution already leaked out, you should dispose of it immediately or just use them as all-purpose wipes to clean your various knick-knacks. Just avoid using them on your glasses as they might not have enough cleaning solution left and might just scratch up your glasses.

What is the warranty?

There are virtually no expiration dates for eyeglass cleaning wipes. Most brands do not even print these details on their packaging. However, just to make sure, do not purchase eyeglass cleaners that have been manufactured more than five years ago.

Where to buy?

You can buy the eyeglass wipes in most of the optometrist’s clinics and pharmacies. However, you rarely have more than two choices in terms of brands and types of eyeglass wipes. They are also usually not as cheap as when you buy them from online retail stores.

By purchasing your eyeglass cleaners online, you will get dozens of suggestions from different online retail stores. Even better is that you can compare prices of different brands. Speaking of prices, it is almost guaranteed that you can get lower prices compared to traditional brick and mortar stores.


Cleaning your eyeglasses should never be a chore. It should be quick and easy. This is why there are products like eyeglass cleaning wipes that make short work out of cloudy glasses. You just need to pull out a wipe then proceed to wipe off the dirt from your glasses.

The best eyeglass wipes can effectively clean the lenses of glasses. They do an efficient job of cleaning without leaving any surface damage whatsoever. Be sure that you test out as many products as you, so you can find the one brand that works best for you.

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