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The Best Face Masks for Germs to Protect Your Breath

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

​As a reminder, for accurate information about COVID-19, you need to check CDC website!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators.

The right way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as a reminder, CDC always recommends everyday preventive actions, such as hand washing, to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

What is the best face mask for germs? With the recent outbreak of virus, people are worried about the virus spreading and affecting their health. There is no question. This disease and other viral and airborne diseases pose serious health risks. It is why you might be looking for the right facemask to keep you protected from germs, especially if you cannot help but go out for work or business.

best face mask for germs

In this buying guide, we’re featuring the most trusted among the facemasks on the market so that you can make a better decision later. If you’re ready, let’s begin.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Dre Health Face Masks

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

3M 8511 N95

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

FWPP Face Mask

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6 Best Germs Face Mask Reviews of 2023

1. Dre Health 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

What I love about this surgical mask is that it is built with a non-woven leak-proof fabric for the outer layer, a high-density filter, and a skin-friendly inner layer. Together, this 3-ply system can protect me against germs, dust, pollen, and more!

If you have sensitive skin, I’m sure you’ll love that this doesn’t have any latex in it. Even so, the material is smooth and breathable, which is great for the hot weather. When I wear it, the mask’s ear loops can expand yet they can also hold the fabric securely. Meanwhile, the pleated design allows the fabric to conform to the shape of my face without leaving gaps on the sides.

Speaking from experience, I never feel any discomfort in the face and ears despite wearing the medical mask for long hours. I notice that the construction is quite durable. None of the ear loops snapped when I tried stretching them. Given its qualities, the manufacturer recommends it for medical, construction, and even household chores.

I have no complaints about the mask itself thus far. My only concern is that the packaging is made of a flimsy box that could easily tear and crush. I had to transfer all the masks inside to a separate container. The good news is that they don’t have any chemical smell like other medical-grade masks.
What We Like
  • Offers 3 layers of protection
  • Made of latex-free materials
  • Can stay in place securely
  • Easy on the ears
  • No foul chemical smell
What We Don’t Like
  • The packaging needs improvement
Here’s the verdict: These masks protect the wearer against airborne impurities so you can use them in a wide range of applications. Plus, they all fit comfortably well on most head sizes!

2. 3M 8511 N95 Respirator

Professionals always trust 3M to give them products that protect them against particulate matter. From medical professionals to those in the construction industry to firefighters, they rely on 3M’s range of personal protective equipment, such as sick masks. One of the brand’s best-selling PPE is the 8511 model of face mask. This product provides better particulate filtration than other face masks on the market, without compromising one’s ability to breathe.

We love 8511’s filtration efficiency. It is not 100 percent. However, you will feel more secure and safer when working in environments that can expose you to dust, smoke, and other particles like viruses. It comes with a unique electrostatic media that acts like a magnet to airborne particles. These particles will cling to the fabric of the face mask, stopping their entry into your lungs. The fact that the NIOHS approved 8511 is another good reason to get this face mask.

We also liked the Cool Flow valve mechanism that 3M put into 8511. It makes it easy to breathe. There is a nasal clip, too, that allows you to find the perfect fit for the mask. When you fit the mask, it forms a seal on the skin. It gives you peace of mind when it comes to protection against harmful airborne particles.

While the 8511 cold masks feature a stretchable headband, we still find the straps to be quite tight. It is more pronounced for people with ‘bigger’ heads or faces. It can be uncomfortable to wear. Plus, the ongoing virus scare has tripled the price of this face mask.
What We Like
  • Good particulate filtration efficiency
  • Unique valve mechanism for preventing heat buildup
  • Easy to breathe when worn on the face
  • Adjustable nose clip for a perfect fit
  • Design approved by the federal government
What We Don’t Like
  • Very pricey, especially during the recent virus scare
  • The straps are quite tight, not adjustable
The 3M 8511 N95 Respirator is an excellent choice for protecting yourself against particles that can wreak havoc on your health. While it is pricier than other brands, the thoughtfulness of its design and the quality of its manufacture make this face mask a must-have.

3. FWPP 4-Layer Disposable Face Mask

The quality of the air we breathe is decreasing every second. Every time we leave the comforts and safety of our home, we get exposed to pollutants and other irritants. Wearing a face mask can help reduce these risks. Unfortunately, face masks do not come cheap. It is a good thing that FWPP is offering people a disposable face mask that is not only economical, but it also works great for everyday use, too.

What I find interesting about the top-rated face mask for flu is its 4-layer particle filtration design. One of these layers has electrostatic properties that are ideal for trapping charged particles in the air. FWPP also says that the face mask can filter up to 90 percent of airborne particles. We believe this to be remarkable, given the nature of face masks.

The mask’s fabric is soft and will not irritate your skin. It is also porous enough to allow for more natural breathing. It can also help ensure better comfort when wearing the face mask. The nasal clip also helps to secure the mask and prevent it from slipping off your face. The strap is adequate and can be easily looped around both ears. We also considered the availability of the masks in rainbow colors to be a bonus.

The 4-layer filtration design of the FWPP is commendable. However, we could not find any certification coming from reputable organizations that will support the company’s claims. Also, the single-size design of the mask may not fit some people. Its size may not suit people with larger-than-average or smaller-than-average faces.
What We Like
  • Multiple layers of particle filtration for better protection
  • Good for everyday use
  • Adjustable nose clip for a better fit
  • Adjustable mask height for better coverage
  • Very economical
What We Don’t Like
  • May not fit specific faces
  • No certification from credible organizations
While the quality of these FWPP disposable face masks does not have the certification of a reliable organization, it does make for a worthy alternative. The layers of filtration and its modest design make the FWPP face mask the right choice for those who want to stay protected against airborne irritants without producing a large hole in their wallet.

4. Honeywell Nuisance Disposable Dust Mask

It is easy to develop respiratory diseases when you inhale dust and other non-toxic particles. These can irritate the airway passages and lead to inflammation. Sooner or later, you will already be sneezing and coughing. That is why a dust mask is necessary whenever you expose yourself to these particles. Honeywell offers you the Nuisance Disposable Dust Mask.

This single-use dust mask looks like an ordinary mask that people in construction projects use. However, it does a decent job of blocking irritants that may enter your mouth and nose. We like the soft material used in its fabrication. We also like the odorless nature of the mask. At least, you get to free yourself from other respiratory irritants in the form of odor molecules.

The integrated nasal bridge also allows for a more secure fit. We also found the strap to be more than adequate. It helps secure the mask in place while ensuring ease of wearing. It can come in handy when working. The mask will never slip out and off of your face.

One major disadvantage of Nuisance is its one-size-fits-all design. People with a ‘bigger’ face may find it almost impossible to fit the dust mask. It can produce gaps between the mask and the skin, allowing airborne particles to get in. We are also bothered by the fact that the cover does not have a vent. Breathing can be a bit taxing, and the exhaled air can warm up the interior of the mask.
What We Like
  • Protects against dust and other non-toxic particles
  • The odorless, non-irritating, and soft design of the material
  • Adjustable nasal piece for optimum fit
  • Large elastic strap for better security
  • Inexpensive
What We Don’t Like
  • One-size design may not fit some people
  • Can be difficult to breathe and may feel hot
Despite not having a ventilation valve and issues related to fit, the Honeywell Nuisance Disposable Dust Mask remains an excellent alternative to more expensive dust masks. Keep in mind that this does not carry any NIOSH protection. It is best for protecting you against particles that emanate from everyday household chores.

5. SAS Safety 2985 Non-Toxic Dust Mask

Cleaning the house can expose you to a lot of particles like dust. Managing your garden can also increase your risk of inhaling grass blades and pollen. And if you are doing a home improvement project, you are also most likely to get exposed to airborne particles. Any of these activities require you to protect yourself. The SAS Safety 2985 Non-Toxic Dust Mask offers such protection.

One thing we like about 2985 is its excellent fit. Face masks always come with an elastic strap. Unfortunately, there are brands that the elasticity of the strap is not sufficient. They tend to stretch to the hilt, making it uncomfortable to wear. We found the elastic band of 2985 to be longer than others. It allows you to fit it around your head, regardless of your size.

Another thing that is worth your attention is the 2985’s sealed packaging. Most face masks come packed in a box. When you open the box, you already have access to the masks. That is not the case with 2985. The face masks themselves are wrapped and sealed in a plastic bag inside the box. It secures the integrity of the individual face masks. You get to close the plastic bag first before closing the box.

2985 does have one flaw. If you are looking for a face mask that will protect you against viruses, then this is not for you. SAS Safety is prudent enough to tell its customers that the 2985 mask does not offer any protection approved by the NIOSH.
What We Like
  • Ample protection against pollen, cut grass, dust, and non-toxic particles
  • Long elastic headband for a more comfortable and secure fit
  • Adjustable nasal piece for better mask conformity
  • Comes in a sealed bag
  • Good value
What We Don’t Like
  • Cannot protect against viruses and other microorganisms
While the SAS Safety 2985 Dusk Mask does not have any NIOHS-approved protections, we still consider it a must-have in any household. The excellent fit, reliable dust filtration, and amenable price all make this face mask a superb buy for homeowners and DIYers.

6. Dynarex 2201 Medical Surgical Face Mask

The Dynarex 2201 is a face mask that is great for several hours of use. It comes with a dependable fabrication and one of the most agreeable prices on the market. This mask is excellent for those who are looking for a budget-friendly personal protective equipment that does a decent job of protecting people against airborne irritants.

Our assessment of the 2201 flu face mask reveals that its main advantage is its price. For the price of a few pieces of a high-end particle respirator, you already get 50 masks. It is a great deal, especially when you consider the other plusses that the Dynarex product has.

For one, the company does not use latex in the fabrication of its masks. It is good news for people with latex allergies. The fabric is also soft that it will not rub against the skin. There are also folds on the mask that allows for better expansion. It guarantees ample coverage of both the nose and the mouth. Rest assured, you will not be gulping or inhaling any unnecessary particles into your system. The ear loops are also easy to use.

While the Dynarex 2201 is economical, it does have a couple of drawbacks. First, the quality and thickness of the fabric material are not as good as what high-end brands offer. Again, this is commensurate with the price of 2201. Another minus for the face mask is its odd smell straight out of the box. The odor can be very offensive to some people, making them not want to use 2201 anymore.
What We Like
  • Does not include latex in its design
  • Soft fabric material for improved comfort
  • Suitable for several hours of continuous particle protection
  • Strong elastic ear loops
  • Very affordable
What We Don’t Like
  • Skinny mask fabric
  • An odd smell upon opening
Despite our misgivings about Dynarex’s smelly and skinny material, we still believe it to be the right choice. It is economical and can provide you with a decent level of protection for several hours. It is good enough for short travels and activities that can blow dust and particles in the air.

Curad Antiviral Face Mask (Outdated)

Caring for sick people can expose you to different pathogens. That is why health care professionals always wear unique masks to keep them protected against viral pathogens. The problem is that there are not many face masks that the FDA approves for use against viruses. Curad’s Antiviral Face Mask or cough mask is one of the few that health care professionals use.

What we find admirable about this face mask is its ability to inactivate almost 100% of the viral types that cause flu and the common cold. The Food and Drug Administration also approves its use in the face protection against influenza viruses. It can have substantial implications in today’s ongoing quest to protect oneself against emerging strains of flu viruses.

The ingredients used in the formulation of the antiviral properties of the face mask are also noteworthy. Curad utilized natural ingredients to help neutralize viruses and trap them within the fibers of the face mask. At least, you will not be inhaling any toxic chemicals.

We also love how Curad packaged the face mask. Each one of these comes sealed in its packaging. Other brands only have one packaging for the set of face masks. Curad allows you to retain the antiviral properties of each mask.

The sad thing about the Antiviral Face Mask is that it may only be effective against the different strains of Influenza A and B viruses. It may not be that effective against other viral organisms. Moreover, some of the natural ingredients tend to create a nasty, vinegar-like scent upon the opening of the individual mask packaging.
What We Like
  • Great for protecting against certain types of viruses
  • Incorporates three natural ingredients with antiviral properties
  • Each face mask comes wrapped and sealed
  • Comfortable ear loop band
  • Nasal piece for a better fit
What We Don’t Like
  • Lab-tested only against two types of Influenza viruses; may be ineffective against other viruses
  • The weird smell upon the opening of the individual packs
The Curad Antiviral Face Mask is an excellent choice for people who are caring for sick people. It is effortless to use and comes at a reasonable price, too.

Unihow Filter Mask (Oudated)

Face masks can protect you against common airborne irritants like dust, pollen, and other particles. These are great for daily use. Unfortunately, you can only use them once. It can be a costly proposition if you want round-the-clock protection. An alternative will be to buy inexpensive yet good quality face masks. One such product is the Unihow Filter Mask.

One of the strengths of Unihow germ mask is its affordability. It comes in a 50-count package that should last a few weeks. What surprised us the most is the individual packaging of the face masks. Most budget masks come packed in boxes. The moment you open the box, you already expose the rest to environmental contaminants. It is for this reason that many people love using Unihow face masks.

The design of the mask itself is just right for its price. It is not as thick as other brands. However, it does provide ample protection against common irritants in the air. Moreover, the fabric is soft, and so is the edging. You will never complain about the mask rubbing against your skin or making it difficult for you to breathe.

There is also a flexible strip on the nasal edge of the mask. It makes it easy to conform the mask to the shape of one’s nose. The straps are also soft and comfortable to loop around the ears.

We do have misgivings about this face mask. It does not have the seal of approval from the FDA or any other reputable organization. The fabric itself can be skinny for some people. Given its price, we think this is understandable.
What We Like
  • Adequate protection against airborne irritants
  • Soft fabric for improved comfort
  • Individually-wrapped face masks
  • Allows ease of breathing
  • Very economical
What We Don’t Like
  • Not FDA-approved
  • The material looks and feels very thin
We tested the Unihow and deemed it suitable for everyday use. It is not the most popular on the market; however, it appeals more to budget-conscious people. The quality of its fabric is good enough for its price. It can also protect you from common airborne irritants.

3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator (Outadated)

3M is a famous brand when it comes to personal protective equipment. One of their best-sellers is the 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator. The name itself already gives you the assurance you need. This face mask is not only great for protection against airborne irritants. It also comes at a reasonable price.

The 8210’s NIOSH-approved N95 classification is its most significant advantage over other brands. We know how difficult it is to get a product N95-approved by the federal agency. The certification gives us the peace of mind about the mask’s ability to filter both common and uncommon airborne particles.

The cushioning in the mask is also admirable. We find it very thoughtful of 3M to include modest padding. It minimizes the irritation of the skin. That is one less problem for which to worry. The shape of the antiviral face mask forms a complete seal with the skin. The nose clip is also adjustable for ensuring a better fit.

We also like the proprietary technology of 3M in attracting and trapping irritants and other particulates. You no longer have to fret about particles getting into your lungs and making you sick. The mask is, thus, perfect for construction workers, handymen, home improvement workers, and other people working in particulate-filled environments.

What saddened us about 8210 is its lack of a ventilation valve. This element makes it easier to exhale, while also keeping the mask’s interior cool enough for optimum comfort. Like the 8511, 8210 also comes with a rather tight-fitting band. It is not an issue if you have an average-sized face.
What We Like
  • High-efficiency rating in filtering particulates
  • Adjustable nose clip for a better fit
  • Unique microfiber filter media for safer respirations
  • Design approved by the NIOSH
  • Good value
What We Don’t Like
  • Not as comfortable as the 8511
  • Maybe a tight fit for some people
The8210 Particulate Respirator is like any other 3M product on the market. You can be sure of its quality and performance. It is despite its not having the 8511’s unique Cool Flow system. The 8210 still makes for a great item to protect you against non-toxic particulates.

Protect Life N95 Particulate Respirator Disposable Dust Mask (Outdated)

Protect Life commits to make people happy. With its N95 Particulate Respirator Disposable Dust Mask, we know you will be satisfied, too. It is a mask that we recommend for everyday use. It does not matter if you are a professional or a stay-at-home person. The quality of the Protect Life mask’s fabrication makes it suitable for protective equipment for everyone.

The best attribute of this face mask for sickness and dust is its N95 classification. It speaks a lot about the mask’s ability to keep microscopic particles out. Getting a NIOSH approval is also not easy. It underscores the company’s commitment to quality.

Not only is the Protect Life dust mask excellent protective equipment. It is also comfortable. We love the foam that the company integrated into the nasal component of the mask. It minimizes friction with the skin and saves you from skin irritation. There is also a nosepiece that we find very easy to adjust. It conforms quite well to the shape of the nose. The straps are generous and strong. They are more comfortable to secure than the straps of other high-end particulate respirators.

The addition of an exhalation valve is also admirable. It will prevent the interior of the mask from heating up. It prevents the accumulation of carbon dioxide while allowing us to breathe with ease.

What disheartened us about the Protect Life Dust Mask is its unpleasant odor. We do not know what to make of the odor. It smells like a blend of chemicals and a dead rat. We also wished the dust mask came individually wrapped. It would have kept the integrity of the other masks once we open the box.
What We Like
  • Efficient filtration of oil-free particles
  • Nose foam and adjustable nosepiece for comfort
  • Very easy to breathe
  • Cool interior when used
  • Comfortable adjustment straps
What We Don’t Like
  • An unpleasant odor
  • Does not have individual packaging
The Protect Life N95 Particulate Respirator Disposable Dust Mask is far from perfect. However, it does an excellent job of protecting you from dust, pollen, and other particles that can undermine your health. It is more affordable than leading brands, too.

3M 1860 N95 Medical Mask (Outdated)

One of the most sought-after face masks today is 3M’s 1860 N95 Medical Mask. The company advises its distributors that the lead time for delivery of these face masks is about 2 to 3 months. It is because of the virus scare that is already reaching pandemic proportions. The takeaway to such a piece of information is the unmatched quality of 1860.

Our assessment of 1860 reveals that the N95 Particulate Respirator can also function as a surgical mask. Health care professionals use the mask for ample protection against certain biological particles. These include Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other bacterial species. We also found out that the FDA has approved of the 1860’s use as a better alternative to conventional surgical masks.

The foam in the nasal part of the mask surprised us. Traditional surgical masks do not have foam in their nasal components. The nose foam can eliminate skin irritation and improve overall comfort. The face mask also retains its cup-like shape. It ensures the best possible circulation of air inside the mask. The outer surface of the cover is also impervious to fluids.

The 3M 1860 is perfect for those who work in the hospital and clinic settings. However, ordinary people can also benefit from the protective abilities of 1860.

While 1860 has many admirable characteristics, there are a few downsides to the product. It only has a shelf life of three years. It could be a real issue if the product you bought were before 2017. It also does not come with an exhalation vent that can make breathing more natural and more comfortable.
What We Like
  • Efficient in the filtration of particulates, including certain bacteria and viruses
  • Can be used as a surgical mask
  • Comfortable nose foam
  • Resistant to fluids
  • Retains its shape well
What We Don’t Like
  • Short shelf life
  • Does not come with an exhalation vent
Despite these drawbacks, we still find the 3M 1860 N95 Medical Mask or germ face mask to be a valuable product. Its quality is unquestionable, and its performance is top-notch. The price is also right for the many benefits that it provides.

What is a Face Mask for Germs


Face masks, such as surgical face mask, are one of the many options that help curb and prevent the spread of disease. There are various types and vary in terms of thickness and the degrees of protection they afford to the user.

Regardless of their differences, face masks generally have a similar design. They are loose and are meant to cover both your nose and mouth. To wear one, insert the ear loops on your ears or if they come with ties, tie the bands at the back of your head.

If worn correctly, face masks can protect you from droplets, sprays, splashes, and the like that may contain germs and bacteria from reaching your nose or mouth. As such, you won’t be exposed as much to the saliva and secretions of other people.

Because of their function, face masks are worn by healthcare personnel such as doctors, nurses, hospital aid and staff, and other similar persons who are in close and constant contact with sick individuals.

You can also wear a mask if you would like. Some people do when they are sick with the flu or are suffering from coughs and colds and other infectious diseases. It helps prevent the spread of the infection, especially when among large crowds of people.

However, while a mask may be helpful, they are not impenetrable. Due to its design, face masks are not effective in blocking tiny air particles that transmit through sneezes, coughs, or specific medical procedures. The mask’s loose fit also doesn’t guarantee 100% protection from germs and bacteria from entering your face. Moreover, they are only useful for a certain number of hours.

As such, healthcare professionals still maintain that the right way to break the chain of infection is to wash your hands and practice proper hygiene. It’s also ideal to avoid going into large crowds and sick people.

How Does it Work

Wearing a mask during flu season is essential to keep yourself protected from the spreading virus that can make you sick. However, it is also necessary to know how a face mask works for your reference. We have prepared something for you in the following.

Face masks, also known as a surgical or procedural mask, are generally worn by healthcare professionals during their work to protect them from germs and other bacteria from droplets, sprays, and other liquids. Sometimes, the general public wears it, too.

They come in different types, depending on their usage. Regardless, they or more or less feature the same three-ply design.

The bulk of the mask consists of a melt-blown material located between the non-woven fabric. It acts as the mask’s filter and prevents any microbes, germs, and other bacteria from entering or exiting.

When wearing the mask, make sure that the top side is over your nose. You can usually tell since this part has double stitches and contains a metal wire to fit the mask securely to your nasal bridge.

Surgical masks also feature folds or creases to enable users to expand the mask. That way, they can adequately cover their nose and mouth. Just tug the mask gently to move it.

Lastly, there is the ear loop, tie-on, or a headband, depending on the type of mask you are using. With this, you can securely wear the mask and prevent it from slipping down your face.

But, should I wear a mask if I have the flu? You should if you’re going out to prevent the virus from spreading and infecting other people.

Types of Face Masks for Germs


Medical face masks are the first line of device employed by the healthcare sector when it comes to infectious diseases and pandemics. However, how effective they depend on the type of face mask you are using.

Generally, there are two types of personal protective equipment, which are face masks and respirators.

The first type is the top-rated flu mask or face mask. Also known as the surgical masks or medical masks, these face masks are generally seen on healthcare professionals and sometimes worn by the public.

Face masks act as a physical barrier and protect the user from droplets, splashes, and other bodily fluids and liquids infused with microbes, germs, and other bacteria. As such, it’s an excellent way to prevent the spread of infection.

Surgical masks also have another purpose; that is, it protects other people from the infection of the person wearing the mask. It likewise traps liquids and other bodily fluids, which may contain bacteria expelled by the user.

However, take note, surgical masks are not foolproof protection. For one, due to their loose fit, they cannot completely protect you from inhaling small airborne contaminants. During inhalation, these particles can easily pass without passing through the mask’s filter.

On the other hand, there is also another type of personal protective device, which is the respirator. Unlike the surgical face mask, the respirator is more effective in protecting the user as it can block and trap both small and large air particles and droplets.

The most common respirator is the N95 mask. It is denominated as such since it can filter at least 95% of all types of particles, including germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Moreover, N95 respirators are more tight-fitting on the face, making them effective. The user must make sure that they wear the mask correctly to avoid leakages and maximize protection.

Generally, N95 masks are seen on construction and industrial workers and sometimes on healthcare professionals. However, there are already N95 masks that are cleared for public use. Again, before purchasing, make sure that the mask properly fits your face to provide maximum protection. Children and those with facial hair are discouraged since the cover will not correctly fit their face.

Regardless of which face mask you use, users should remember that they are not foolproof solutions. To truly break the cycle of infection, one should practice proper hygiene and wash their hands often. It’s also best to avoid people who have the disease and even going into large crowds.

Why You Need a Face Mask for Germs

Face masks are generally used in a hospital or healthcare setting. As such, they are essential as they can help limit and control the spread of infectious diseases.

For healthcare workers, the antiviral mask protects them from acquiring viruses and bacteria as they work closely with infected patients. The mask is also helpful when used during medical surgeries and procedures. Moreover, they also remind users not to touch their faces and mouths.

Aside from the hospital and healthcare settings, face masks differ by construction and industrial workers. However, they use the other type of face mask, which is the respirator. With the respirator, they protect themselves from inhaling various microbes, dust, and other hazards that come in their line of work.

These days, the general public wears it. It is especially true in East Asian countries where most of the population wears these masks during flu season. Japan and Taiwan are some examples.

For the general public, a mask provides adequate protection. When a person coughs or sneezes, they release tiny droplets that may contain bacteria and germs into the air. With a mask to prevent flu on, you are protected from the brunt of most infectious diseases.

The face mask also protects other people from the person wearing the mask. As the face masks prevent germs from getting in, it likewise prevents viruses and other bacteria from getting out. When the wearer sneezes or coughs, these droplets are inside the mask.

In East Asian countries, wearing a mask when you have allergies or coughs is a sign of consideration for other people and social responsibility. It is also an indicator that you care about good grooming and proper hygiene.

Since they have been popularized by both J-pop and K-pop idols, face masks have also been considered as a fashion statement. As such, many local manufacturers tend to produce face masks that are not only effective but also fashionable. For example, some face masks come with cute character designs or glitters or even in different colors to suit your style and preferences.

Aside from protecting oneself from airborne diseases, surgical masks and respirators are also worn due to smog issues. In South and Southeast Asia, face masks were used when air quality deteriorated to toxic levels.

It is because face masks can filter all the contaminants in the air and allow you to breathe in slightly cleaner air.

Buying Guide


In today’s world, face masks have increasingly been used by both the public and professionals, especially for n95 mask virus protection. These days everybody has taken a proactive stance in regards to their health and well-being.

As such, face masks have generally been selling faster as the demand continually increases. Because of this, there are a lot of face masks in the world today, all having different styles and materials used.

However, with all these options available, you might have a difficult time choosing what type of face mask to get. Don’t worry- this article will lay down some factors and tips you need to consider when you’re buying one.

Type of Mask

What kind of face mask you should get depends on the situation you are planning to use it in. If it’s just simple flu or allergies, then a regular medical face mask is okay. A regular face mask is also recommended if you are worried about everyday pollution and the like.

However, if you have a severe fever or are surrounded by people showing symptoms, then a respirator might be recommended. A respirator is also ideal if the area you are in is experiencing smog and heavy air pollution.

But before you purchase a respirator, make sure to ask your doctor for advice. Also, ensure that the respirator is in the right size for your face.


The lifespan of your mask depends on what type it is. Some masks can last to a day while some have a shorter lifespan. However, remember a face mask should not be worn for longer than a day. Otherwise, you are just exposing yourself to bacteria.

A good rule of thumb is to replace the mask every 8 hours or for shorter periods if you are exposed to a lot of people. With this, you can adequately protect yourself from infection and the like.

If you are using a respirator, then consider how frequently you should be changing its filter. Frequent replacements ensure that you are always protected from germs, microbes, and other bacteria.

Type of Material

Buying a counterfeit mask is dangerous in more ways than one. For one, you won’t be protected as well from disease due to the flimsy material used.

When buying masks, look for the standards placed in the box. For surgical face masks, the standard is ASTTM-F2100.

Aside from that, ensure that the seller you are buying from is licensed to sell these masks. While face masks are also sold online, it’s best to be cautious about these as they can be made from substandard materials.

Easy to Use

Medical face masks come with different ways to tie it, such as the ear loops, ties, and bands. Most users find the ear loops to be the most comfortable to use as you can just simply slip them on both sides of your ears.

The other types are also useful; however, it might be a hassle for some.

Price of the Mask

Of course, we also have to consider your budget. Face masks, depending on the type and its material, can be quite expensive. If you don’t know what to look for, you might just be unnecessarily buying a mask that doesn’t fit and address your needs.

Regular medical face masks are quite cheaper compared to respirators like the N95. While the N95 protects you more, you also have to consider the type of situation you are using it in. Moreover, you also have to be mindful of your condition. As the N95 is more tight-fitting, it can be quite hard to breathe, and as such, it is not recommended for those with respiratory problems.

On the other hand, medical face masks are okay to use in everyday situations. They are also quite cheap to purchase and even come in different styles.

Care and Maintenance

Face masks provide adequate and sufficient protection when it comes to the spread of diseases and infections. However, to get the most out of your mask, you need to wear it as well as care and maintain it properly.

Before touching the mask, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water. Then you inspect the mask to see if there are holes or tears. Once you are confident, determine which side is the top and which side is the front. Usually, the top side has a stiff bendable material that is meant to put over your nose. The colored side of the mask is typically the front while the white side touches your face.

If your mask comes with ear loops, loop both sides to your ears, if it comes with ties, place the ties over your head and tie it in a bow. If it comes with bands, you pull the top strap over your head while the bottom strap should rest at your nape.

Remember, you shouldn’t wear a face mask for too long. Otherwise, you are only exposing yourself to dangerous pathogens and microbes. How long a mask should be worn depending on the number of people the wearer has been around. If worn too long, the cover will accumulate contaminants in the filter without killing them.

As such, it’s recommended to never wear the mask for longer than a day. Some even advise wearing it for only 8 hours.

When you remove the mask, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid touching the front part of the cover for this contains a lot of bacteria. As such, only touch the ear loops/ties/bands.

Once you remove the mask from your face, throw it accurately in the trash. Clean your hands again with soap and water afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most famous face mask for germs brands?

When finding the best face mask for germs, you should consider the brand as well to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable one that commits to satisfy their customers and give them the quality they deserve. Some of the most trusted ones are 3M, SAS Safety, Curad, and Honeywell Retail, among the rest that we’ve featured earlier. Choose among them and find a quality face mask that serves its purpose well.

How to use face mask properly?

With the recent and ongoing health alerts right now, it is not surprising that almost everyone you meet is wearing a face mask. Back then, face masks are just conventional if you are in the hospital or if you have a cold. Today, it has become a different story, and face masks have become an everyday necessity.

A face mask is a protective device that you wear with the objective of preventing you from inhaling in bad air or from you spreading germs.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a face mask because you are sick and don’t want to infect others or if you are wearing one because you are preventing yourself from getting infected. What’s important is that you are using the face mask properly so it will serve its purpose.

Before wearing a facemask and taking it off, make sure that you wash your hands. When wearing it, make sure to observe the following:

  • The colored side of the face mask should be facing outwards with the metallic strip situated uppermost molded to the bridge of your nose.
  • The mask should snugly fit your face. You can do so by adjusting the elastics or bands so it will cover your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Once you have your face mask in place, avoid touching it. Frequent handling of the cover may result in it being contaminated with more germs.
  • When you are done wearing the mask, take it off properly and fold the mask, so it is facing inwards then dispose of it properly. Never leave it lying anywhere.

Always remember that a face mask, even a surgical mask is only for a single day’s use and should not be used longer than 24 hours. It should be replaced if soiled or damaged, so you maximize the layer of protection that it provides.

Why do my ears hurt after wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wearing a mask for long hours at work or when spending time in public spaces can strain the ears. That’s because the elastic ear loops are made of stretchy material. They should have enough tension to keep the mask in place and cover your nose and mouth. If you’re wearing glasses and a headset, your ears will be weighed down further.

Thankfully, some recent innovations help ease the strain on our ears. You can find coronavirus masks that feature head straps instead of ear loops. Alternatively, you can also buy ear savers. These are straps made of leather or other types of fabrics where you can hook the ear loops of your mask.

Does wearing mask harm your health?

Yes and no. Health experts have pointed out several times in the news that wearing a mask during the pandemic can significantly reduce the transmission of viral diseases such as COVID-19. Masks protect unvaccinated and vulnerable populations.

Though masking effectiveness varies depending on the material. Still, regardless of the type of face masks, wearing one is a lot better than not having any protection at all.

Note that a mask alone may not completely reduce the risk of infection if other measures are not performed. According to the World Health Organization, the general public must also practice physical distancing, especially in crowded areas.

Aside from that, you must wash your hands routinely since you most likely touch surfaces that other people have touched, like railings, benches, door knobs, and elevator buttons. Lastly, getting vaccinated will enable your body to fight back against the virus.

Perhaps the only time that a mask can harm your health is when you reuse a disposable face mask or when washing a dirty cloth mask.

What is the warranty?

As the items are for hygienic purposes, many of them do not come with a warranty as far as we know. They might not be exchangeable due to their nature, too. Nevertheless, you can read that in the specifications of the product that you’re buying to know about it.

Where to buy?

You can buy these facemasks for germs in many places, especially with the recent virus scare and airborne diseases around. A few of the great places to get these masks are Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. You can check them out for a wide range of selection. Also, find them in pharmacies and other medical supplies stores around you.


If you want to find the best face mask for germs, you can refer to this buying guide of the top picks in the category. They are the excellent choices that people trust for their efficiency in delivering the performance for which they’re looking. For more help, you can also compare your options using our tips on how to choose a facemask for germs.

Pick that one item that will deliver the performance and efficiency that you want from a facemask. Wearing one can help protect you from airborne diseases, dust, viruses, and germs to stay healthy. Buy yours today!

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