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The Best Fire Helmet Cameras for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

A firefighter camera has become pervasive in this civilian world. The use of these cameras on different fire scenes has dramatically increased while also being widely used by civilians.

I have recently found that some departments permit the use of turnout gear and helmet camera at the fire ground while others prohibit this usage. This is mainly because of liability, privacy, and legal issues.

best fire helmet camera

There are different varieties of cameras available to perfectly suit firematic functions making it a bit difficult to choose the best fire helmet camera. I suppose the helmet-mounted camera is all the rage these days. Firefighters found disembarking these tools to make fire attacks on structure fire while snowboarders use them to zoom down the mountain slopes.

I have known the producers of these powerful midgets who are constantly making top-rated products in light and small versions jam-packed with some of the top-tier operational features. Firefighting helmet cams have proved to be invaluable in dealing with modern emergencies. The resulting footage from these cameras is frequently used for investigations and training.

The illustration of my genuine fire helmet camera review below will give you an insight into these devices and help you make the right choice.

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Fire Cam Helmet Camera

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StuntCams Firefighter Camera

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RageCams Fire Cam

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List of Top-Rated Fire Helmet Camera Reviews of 2023

1. Fire Cam 1080p Helmet Camera

The fire cam 1080 4k wifi camera has been specifically designed to serve the purpose of interior firefighting. Engineered by skilled firefighters, this camera is made using anodized aluminum featuring a heatproof glass lens.

This brand new helmet camera unleashes its lens’s power along with the strength of filming 1080 at 60 fps for simply amazing slow-motion videos. I found that this camera even offers an excellent low light performance by harnessing the power of its sensor that brings night-time recordings to the forefront with great clarity.

I like this model too much and consider it to be the best of all the helmet cameras that come from Fire Cam. I would recommend it for all firefighters, public safety professionals, and fire departments.

What I appreciate about this product is that I could use its in-built Wi-Fi through my smartphone. I got the app on the Apple store. When I launched it on my phone, it allowed me to control different features like recording, live video preview, change in video segmenting time; change in video resolution, and selecting data and time and so on.

I could even playback recorded videos through the Wi-Fi from the camera directly on my smartphone, as well as review important footage and delete unwanted files.

The camera works only for firefighters suppressing fire conditions and cooling fire. In case, any of the camera parts get damaged due to fire, there’s a warranty to get you covered. So, there is no need for you to worry.

The only thing I don’t like about this fire cam camera is that it is not suitable for training flashover buildings or burn buildings where firefighters could easily sustain higher temperatures.
What We Like
  • Best interior firefighting camera made of heatproof anodized aluminum.
  • Features heat resistant lens.
  • Perfect for recording slow-motion videos.
  • In-built Wi-Fi in the camera.
  • Helpful for firefighters involved in suppressing or cooling fire.
What We Don’t Like
  • Camera is not suitable for training flashover buildings or burn buildings where firefighters can sustain higher temperatures for a very long time.
  • This product duly meets the fire department helmet camera policy, and I would strongly recommend it for all the outdoor adventure enthusiasts out there.
And what’s more, it comes with several accessories, including a couple of spare rechargeable batteries, a water-resistant cap that can be used 30 feet deep underwater, and a waterproof sound cap to get the most suitable of audio and USB cable along with the charger.

2. StuntCams HD Metal Firefighter Camera

This Fire HD Metal Mini Helmet camera comes in the form of a simple to use and professional device. I love its hands-free usage function and even its shock-proof and water-resistant design. You can create memoirs of activities like skating, skiing, boating, surfing, biking, and hunting simply by having this device by your side.

It offers a resolution of 1280×720 @30 fps while supporting a micro SD card up to 32 GB. The plug and play design of this device makes way for the users to view their videos on televisions or computers immediately.

The equipment can now be availed in a wide-angle and narrow view model. Its fire-resistant metal alloy covering not only makes it the top-rated fire helmet cam for the firefighters.

One of the most suitable things about this camera is it can be set up and installed very easily. And yes, do not forget to go for a memory card while making your purchase. I recommend using it under high heat and low light as it works in hot environments.

What I do not like about this camera is that it has a glass lens in the front, which is a major issue related to using the product in a fire. The cam lens may get foggy due to heat from the fire.

The fture of this top-quality flashlight camera is that professional firefighters can readily use it in the most intense situations. With this camera, you can remain assured of capturing each and every moment of the way without going through any trouble.

One of the most amazing features of this device is that it doubles as a flashlight with several settings allowing the users to record wide-angle footage even in the lowest lighting conditions.

The white LED options in this device make the product even more attractive. The options include SOS, medium, low, and high. Videos and images can be captured at a 120° wide-angle, and there is an optional date and time stamp as well.

This metal casing of the product features an in-built compass, and the fact that it is completely waterproof is yet another feature that adds more value to this already valuable product.
What We Like
  • helps users in recording high definition videos in the poorest of lighting conditions.
  • SC-FLC flashlight helmet device with a casing of top quality metal.
  • Water-resistant design.
  • Doubles up as a flashlight with several settings.
What We Don’t Like
  • A glass lens that can get heated up and fogged up very easily.
Overall, this is a great value camera if you desire the most trusted heat-resistant camera that is simple and effortless to use

3. RageCams Fire Fighter Video Cam Recorder

This is the perfect device for firemen because of its high powered white LEDs. Also, the camera can be used hands-free, which makes it even more beneficial for the firefighters. High definition video recording will be a breeze with the use of its fire cam replacement lens.

The 720p HD video recorder and flashlight combo are pretty impressive. Another great thing that I like about this camera is the fact that it is highly durable. The precision-tooled aluminum covering of this camera is worth mentioning.

The compact size of the device makes it the perfect camera for varied situations and occasions. It comes included with a blackjack mount holder that makes recording videos quite a comfortable activity for the users.

I also love that this product comes with added and more beneficial accessories such as headband holder, universal mount, 32 GB SD card, and RageCams Red sticker pack. Now that is quite a good amount of quality that you are getting for the money you spend.

Other important features of the device include a 50ft beam range and 92° wide-angle lens that makes it very easy for the users to record some of the greatest videos without taking much time. The 50ft beam range offers users the chance of creating full-length videos without going through much hassle.

Another great quality of this device is that it comes with a battery life of 5 hours with the LEDs remaining on even while recording. This is one exclusive feature I hardly came across in other firefighter helmet cameras that I have reviewed herein and even the ones that have been excluded from my honest review.

Not to forget, the car and wall charger that helps you charge the device on the go and the carry case makes it very easy for you to transport the camera from one place to another.

There’s not much that I did not like about this camera except that it requires proper transportation.
What We Like
  • High powered white LEDs, compact and durable.
  • High definition video recording.
  • 720p HD video recorder and flashlight combo.
  • The precision-tooled aluminum covering.
  • 50ft beam range and 92° wide-angle lens perfect for creating top-quality videos.
  • Extended battery life
What We Don’t Like
  • You have to be very careful while carrying.
Considering that there is only one con that I could put forward about this product, you might have an idea of how well this camera works. It is probably one of the top-tier firefighter helmet cams presently available in the market. Go by my words and get it now.

4. StuntCams Mini Firefighter Helmet Camera

Want to record in 1080 full high definition in almost any lighting condition? If yes, then I firmly believe that you must get the Mini Fire Fighter Metal Waterproof helmet camera. First of all, this SC-FLC flashlight helmet device comes with a casing made of top quality metal. Furthermore, it comes in a water-resistant design that is ideal for activities or water fun sports like diving and swimming.

Another impressive feature of this top-quality flashlight camera is that professional firefighters can rely on them in the most intense situations. With this camera in your hand, you can capture every moment of the way without hassle.

One of the most amazing features of this device is that it doubles as a flashlight with several settings. That allows users to record wide-angle footage even in the lowest lighting conditions. If needed, this device can also be used in the form of a flashlight.

The white LED options in this device make the product even more attractive. The options include SOS, medium, low, and high. Videos and images can be captured at a 120° wide-angle, and there is an optional date and time stamp as well.

This metal casing of the product features an in-built compass. The fact that it is entirely waterproof is another feature that adds more value to this product. I would recommend every firefighting enthusiast and sports lover to go for this helmet camera.

Just one thing that I think the manufacturers need to work on is making the product more durable as the metal casing might not offer the longevity it requires.
What We Like
  • Recording high definition videos in the poorest of lighting conditions.
  • Ideal for various applications
  • SC-FLC flashlight helmet device with a casing of top quality metal
  • Water-resistant design
  • Attractive design with multiple LED options
  • Allow wide-angle capturing
What We Don’t Like
  • Durability is a bit compromised.
If the LED options and the durability factor of the device are kept aside, no drawback comes with the device. It is the perfect camera that I think will suit every firefighter and outdoor enthusiast’s requirements.

5. Fire Cam Mini 1080p Helmet Camera

Get the Fire Cam Mini 1080p Helmet Camera roll bar mount and mount it on any bar ranging between 05 and 1.25 inches in diameter. Surprised, but this is the reality of this product.

Another noteworthy feature of this camera is it captures the point of view angle from vehicles. I love the fact that the camera can easily be adjusted for almost any angle shot and is designed by the masters at Fire Cam for firefighting professionals. Hence, it is the perfect video recording device used in cycling, bikes, ATVs, and various other equipment. Plus, it is both water and heat-resistant.

This camera in compact design offers users to capture high definition videos of 1080 p at 30 fps and even 720p at 60 fps wide-angle views. The image and video modes come with adjustable settings, including date or time stamp, audio record, auto power-off, video quality, and loop record. The device now comes included with a 32GB U1 micro SD card and an adapter for recording videos for a long time.

The roll bar camera mount suits all brim style helmets and the new windshield ensures absolutely no wobbling. It can easily be attached to the windshield or the car’s dashboard and even on a motorcycle, boat, or other vehicles.

The new Fire Cam Mini 1080 p helmet camera comes with an improved lens and chipset that works fine in low lighting conditions and creates sharper images than the old Fire Cam Mini.

Best of all, the Fire Cam Mini 1080p is made using top quality heatproof anodized aluminum that even features a glass lens. All those features can ensure the perfect quality interior firefighting. Therefore, the camera shows top-quality images and is probably the most trusted device available within an affordable range.

I have one issue with this product: it does not come with good battery life. The battery life of this device is just 1 hour, which means it might not suit long video recording sessions without a charge.
What We Like
  • Perfect for cycling, bikes, ATVs, and various other equipment.
  • Heatproof anodized aluminum with a glass lens.
  • Water-resistant and heat resistant.
  • Image and video modes come with adjustable settings.
  • 32GB U1 micro SD card along with an adapter for recording videos for a long time.
What We Don’t Like
  • The battery life of the product is not good.
Overall, the fire cam mini 1080p helmet camera is the smallest helmet camera with the ability to give users the scope of recording high definition videos.

6. StuntCams HD Metal Firefighter Camera

For me, this is the perfect camera if you are into firefighting. I recommend this product because I have found it being used in 1300° heat with great overall performance. Generally speaking, the quality of this camera and its video is simply awesome.

This High Definition metal mini helmet camera is currently one of the most professional devices in the market. I like the fact that it can easily be used hands-free. The camera even features a shock-resistant and waterproof design, making it the ideal device for skating, skiing, biking, boating, hunting, surfing, and fire fighting.

The camera resolution is 1280×720 @30 fps, which is excellent. It supports micro SD cards of about 32GB. What I loved about this product is its easy-to-use and highly convenient plug-and-play structure that instantly allows users to view their videos on television or computer. The 120 degrees wide-angle mode is simply wonderful!

The fire-resistant metal alloy covering this camera is yet another feature I liked. Not to forget, the camera can record videos even while charging. This weather-resistant device is simply a must-have product for the firefighters.

Because of the sound of this camera, I would not agree that it is the top-tier heat proof camera overall.
What We Like
  • Video quality of the camera is quite good.
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant design perfect for a different type of outdoor sports activities.
  • Supports micro SD cards of approximately 32GB.
  • Plug and play design for viewing videos on computers and TV sets immediately.
  • Made of metal alloy that is fire resistant.
What We Don’t Like
  • Sound is not up to the mark.
All in all, I would say that this is one of the most trusted firefighting helmet cameras available within an affordable range. Its sound might not be that good, but all its other features are amazing, and it is definitely worth a purchase.

7. Mengshen Full HD Mini Sports Camera

If you are looking for a firefighter helmet camera flashlight that can work for long hours, then the Mengshen Full HD 1080 P Mini Sports DV camera is for you. I guarantee you will have great fun using this device as it supports high capacity TF cards of up to 32 GB.

The perfect camera combination structure and ultra-small size make this camera convenient for capturing varied occasions from multiple angles. The ultra-wide-angle of 120° high resolution is just mind-blowing.

The in-built ¼ inch high quality and low noise photosensitive component can capture super-clear images even in the dark. Then there are the in-built lithium electricity, vibration motor, microphone, and vibration prompt operating in perfect condition.

The video quality rendered by this inexpensive camera is something that I hardly expected. It stores video feeds at 1080 and 720 and is sufficiently fluid and sharp to be used. You also get the convenience of making this easy switch between 720 and 1080 with the availability of a switch.

I think the users will find the varied attachments useful as they get them going without any major or minor disturbances. The device itself appears high-tech and will surely impress even the most demanding of users. Its solid handlebar and compact design are impressive. Camera quality is fine with proper fitting tools and good stabilization provided.

I loved its aluminum alloy structure that is perfectly suited for different types of outdoor activities. Nevertheless, a related downside of using this device is that it is not suitable for activities like diving and surfing as it is not resistant to water. This, I believe, is one of the major drawbacks of the camera, and the makers will not be able to provide anything more valuable than this as an alternative.

I found the vibrations annoying! These can clearly be heard every time a video is played. Go by my words and learn how to disassemble the vibration motor. This could greatly help. The date can be changed very easily, but once it has been changed and saved and the user tries to record something, it gets back to default.
What We Like
  • Ultra-small size and wide-angle.
  • Photosensitive component for capturing images in the darkest of spaces.
  • Aluminum alloy structure perfect for different outdoor activities.
  • Great camera quality within an affordable range.
  • Fluid and sharp camera.
What We Don’t Like
  • Non-water resistant camera, annoying vibrations and useless audio.
On the whole, I am quite impressed with this camera. I found the instructions unintelligible and straight forward. Use some common sense, and you will be able to figure out everything quite clearly. The Mengshen is undoubtedly a high-quality construction camera and a very solid and durable device!

What is a Fire Helmet Camera


A fire helmet camera has become one of the most popular video recording devices lately, thanks to the introduction of affordable, high quality, rugged and small cameras. Fire departments throughout the world are widely using a fire helmet camera as part of their efforts towards improving advanced investigations and safety training. These cameras are also being used on a very wide scale to educate the people.

How Does a Fire Helmet Camera

Firefighter cameras work following the steps mentioned below.

  • The first thing that I noted about these firefighter cameras is that they can record both still images and videos in varied modes and angles. I found that the still resolution in their cameras might vary a bit. The majority of these cameras have a large lens size and sensors offering the best of image quality.
  • All the firefighter helmet cameras have features that help them record videos with proper sound. This feature is quite useful in picking up everything that is being said. These cameras even have the potential of picking up radio traffic provided it is sufficiently loud.
  • Nevertheless, it is to be noted that in very loud environments, the minuscule microphones on these devices might pick up what is being said exactly with 100% accuracy. The cameras that come from Fire Cam have microphones that can easily be muted if the users at all choose to do so with the help of the water-resistant caps. The majority of the firefighter helmet cameras available in the market these days record videos in color.
  • These cameras have the potential of recording at high frame rates, which are rates of anything above 30 fps or frames per second. For instance, most of the cameras record at 60 fps when used in 720p mode, but some can record at 90 fps in the 1080p mode.
  • The high frame rate versions allow the users to slow down their footage later when viewing them on computers. This further makes it easier for them to analyze everything that is happening minutely in slow motion. Even the slow-motion mode is silky smooth. Hence, these devices are perfectly suitable for fire departments where actions need to be taken instantly.
  • The cameras come with mounting solutions that are highly compatible with the firefighter helmets used in different varieties. The devices even have additional mounting alternatives for the convenience of the users.
  • The majority of the models come included with memory cards, but it would be feasible for you to check everything included before buying the product. My list of the top-tier firefighter helmet cameras above contains cameras that come included with memory cards. So, if you are buying one from my list, you need to worry about buying a memory card.

Types of Fire Helmet Cameras


There are generally two types of fire helmet cameras available in the market. They are the CCD type and the CMOS type cameras. I have found helmet cameras taking on different forms, but most of them come in minuscule cylindrical shapes that resemble a bullet or a tube of lipstick.

These cameras can easily be connected to video recording devices using video inputs like handheld camcorders or the purposely built digital video recorders. I would recommend using a digital video recorder.

The CCD helmet cameras feature CCD or charge-coupled device image sensors. These cameras can be operated on 12 VDC power while outputting a kind of analog signal. The camera draws in more power in comparison to the CMOS cameras, but they provide a top-quality picture and improved color replication.

Speaking of the SMOS helmet cameras, they are based on CMOS or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor image sensors. These cameras generally operate on the 5 VDC while drawing in very little power. The CMOS cameras are smaller in comparison to the CCD cameras.

Why Do You Need a Firefighter Helmet Camera

If you go through my firefighter helmet cam reviews, you will find that there are award-winning products specifically designed for firefighters. Some of these set the highest standards for reliability, optics, and fire helmet cam videos.

  • For instance, the Fire Cam 1080 and even the 1080 Mini work wonders about capturing HD videos and images, but they weigh only a few ounces. Also, these can easily be mounted to almost any kind of fire helmet.
  • The best thing about a firefighter helmet cam is that it features improvised low light performance along with enhanced battery life and wider lens angle. The majority of these cameras always have the ability to withstand temperatures of about 900°Fahrenheit for the shortest periods and perform underwater.
  • The affordability, more compact size and improved quality of a firefighting camera are what make them the latest generation devices for runners and riders. These products are even perfect for individuals who are fond of outdoor adventures and have dreams of recording their memorable days to be shared with the community online or for creating video masterpieces.
  • Going through the firefighter helmet camera reviews will reveal that the most trusted in this category do not just offer top-quality sound recording and voltage but are sufficiently robust to bear with ever-changing exterior conditions.
  • A fireproof helmet cam is even compact in its size and can easily be worn without noticing any extra weight. These cameras are sufficiently versatile to easily be mounted on a helmet in several different ways.
  • It is also to be noted that there are different varieties of accessories available for these cameras allowing the users to take them wherever they go. And yes, the top-tier firefighter helmet camera can even be used underwater.
  • The POV or wearable cameras came into existence in the 1980s when outdoor sports lovers and aficionados thought of recording their experiences with the use of helmet-mounted camcorders connected to VCRs carried in backpacks.
  • The GoPro Hero was the very first wearable fire proof camera that took the market by storm. In this fire cam body camera, you can see a lot of modern technologies.

Buying Guide


Several important factors need to be considered when choosing a firefighter helmet camera. First of all, you will have to consider the amount of balance you are looking for between wearability and image quality.

The minuscule GoPro firefighter helmet cams in the style of lipstick are more versatile, unobtrusive, and lighter than those that are large enough. They come with mounting options and are a good trade-off when it comes to image quality and features. The larger helmet cameras are more expensive, heavier, and bulkier than the smaller ones.

However, they provide improved video recording quality, longer battery life, more adjustment, and an assortment of accessories, which include remote controls that work wirelessly.

So, how do you buy the best fire helmet camera? Have a look at the buying guide below:

Consider Intended Use of the Camera

I would recommend going for models specifically designed to be used in rugged activity areas. You can easily find models targeted towards sports enthusiasts such as snowboarders, skiers, off-road cyclists, and rock climbers.

Considering the Megapixels is a must

If I put this simply, it would mean that the more pixels you go for, the higher will be the image resolution. And this is specifically significant when working in low lighting conditions. One megapixel is the same as 1 million pixels, and digital pictures are made of several tile-like image components. Primarily, resolutions related to the detail amount and the print size of a picture when viewed on computer monitors.

Check whether it is Water Resistant or not

This is one of the most significant features to look out for in a firefighter helmet camera. Given the nature of this job, a video camera should be expected to get wet very often. So it is important to ensure that the model you are going for is 100% water-resistant.

Opt for High Definition always

In these modern times, it has become more and more important to go for high definition helmet cameras that come in varied resolutions, frame rates, and scan modes. However, in order to make the right choice here, you will have to have a clear understanding of these designations or features. For a camera to be considered high definition, it must produce videos that have a 16:9 aspect ratio, resolutions of 720 or 1080 horizontal lines, and varied frame rates.

Care and Maintenance

You need to clean your fire helmet on a regular basis, but make sure the cleaning procedure does not have any impact on the helmet camera. I would recommend cleaning the camera with a soft cloth. Using something else instead of soft cloth can result in scratches and unsightly spots and marks on the camera lens. Avoid using any cleaning agent because these products contain chemicals that can damage the camera.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a fire helmet camera cost?

A good quality Fire Cam mini HD costs around over $200. Expect an additional $100 or $200 for a Fire Cam 4k. Of course, some high-tech items cost more than $500. Obviously, the resolution makes a difference, as 4k is considered to be clearer.

Other brands offer cameras at a lower cost. One such example is the Firefighter 1080P HD Helmet Action Cam, which costs only $109.95.

Although most helmet-mountable cameras are sold in kits that include accessories, you may also have to buy replacements for the lens, batteries, charger, and mounts separately.

Do fire helmet cameras fireproof?

No. To better understand this, let’s start by defining fireproof, fire-resistant, and heat-resistant to avoid confusion.

The terms ‘fireproof’ and ‘fire-resistant’ mean the same thing. Fire-resistant materials and devices can continue to function within fire conditions.

Heat-resistant materials and devices can operate when exposed to high heat, but they will not work within fire conditions.

Typically, fireproof camera units are made of heat-resistant bodies and lenses–not fire-resistant materials. That said, Fire cam models can withstand the heat of at least 900F for short periods.

The manufacturer discourages using the camera in situations that expose you to high temperatures for prolonged periods. Rather, their products are made specifically for interior firefighters to suppress or cool the fire.

How long does a fire helmet camera last?

Different brands will have varying life expectancies. There is no one specific answer to this question but, to give you an idea, let me share what’s on the FireCam’s manual as a baseline.

For starters, the protective glass lens can be replaced when it is damaged by impact. This will greatly prolong the lifespan of the fire helmet camera.

On the other hand, the battery has to be replaced within 1 to 2 years. Either way, you can replace it when you notice that its operating time is shorter than it used to be.


My discussion today was completely focused on the uses, features, bing guide and the benefits of the best fire helmet camera. While there are several positive aspects of recording real-time videos during emergencies, there are some legal policies and rules that need to be kept in mind before taking the footage. So the use of a firefighter helmet camera is best left to professionals. However, if you want to use them, do keep each of the points mentioned above in your mind.

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