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The Best Heated Gloves for Skiing & Other Winter Sports

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Using regular winter gloves can be bothersome at times. It is because aside from being quite thick and cumbersome, they also tend to lose a lot of your hands’ dexterity. Even though it is much better to not go out during sub-zero temperatures, there are times when you have no choice but to do it. It could be because of your outdoor chores, like shoveling the snow off your car and your driveway.

These tasks require some functions from your hands so regular winter mittens will not do. You will need the functionality provided by the best heated gloves. Heated gloves look just like regular gloves, but the difference is that they have small heating elements inside that are powered by a small battery pack.

best heated gloves

This means that the right heated work gloves are better at keeping your hands warm compared to thick winter gloves. Also, you still have a significant amount of finger dexterity so you can perform your usual tasks. You can firmly hold a snow shovel and other tools you need while working outside in the snow.

Working outside is not the only reason you should get heated gloves. You can also use this for recreational purposes, like when you’re going to hit the slopes skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other fun stuff.

However, heated battery-powered gloves are a bit on the expensive side, so you need to know what to look for to prevent wasting your money. In this article, you will learn all the things about heated gloves as well as access a couple of helpful heated gloves reviews, so you can make an informed choice once you begin shopping for one.

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SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves

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SHAALEK Heated Gloves

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Milwaukee Heated Gloves

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Top 7 Heated Gloves Reviews of 2023

1. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves

The next one on the list of rechargeable heated gloves reviews is the Savior heated glove. The first thing that I immediately noticed with the Savior heated gloves is the quality of the materials used. The outer layer is a combination of lambskin and polyester.

The heat comes from a pair of imported heating elements that are each powered by a 2,200mAh Li-ion batteries. This can last for hours on a full charge. These gloves also come with three adjustable heat settings, so I can dial the temperature up or down as needed. The feature I liked the most about is the Instant Heat setting.

When this is turned on, I can feel my hands getting warmer in just seconds. Unlike the other battery gloves heated fingers I have tried before, these have larger heating elements that provide a wider heating area. This covers the entire back of the hand and all the fingers. In other words, the gloves can also help improve poor circulation in the hands.

They can also provide relief for people suffering from arthritis or tendonitis of the hands. Because these waterproof heated gloves are not as thick as the traditional winter gloves, I can still use my fingers to grasp and hold onto things. This is the reason why I think that these are the best gloves for skiing, snowboarding, and for doing other winter sports in general.

I do have some slight issues with these gloves, though. One of them is that I noticed that the buttons are too easy to press. You need to be extra careful when storing these gloves in your bag or jacket pocket as you might accidentally turn them on and waste the charge of the batteries.
What We Like
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The large heating element provides a wide area of warmth.
  • Has an instantaneous heat setting
  • Provides ample finger dexterity
  • Comes with touchscreen-compatible forefingers
What We Don’t Like
  • The buttons are way too easy to turn on.
The sensitivity of the buttons can be quite an inconvenience at times. However, that does not remove the many benefits and advantages that the Savior heated gloves provide, making them among the most amazing pair of winter gloves available.

2. SHAALEK Heated Gloves

Besides outdoor activities, these heated waterproof gloves can comfort arthritic hands in extremely cold weather. What’s even more amazing about them is that I can set them to 5 different temperature levels to prevent overheating.

I love that these gloves have a nice sturdy box that keeps all the accessories safe. They come with two 5000 mAh batteries for each glove, a charger, and a manual. The gloves are thick but I can still pick up items and use hand tools. Made with touchscreen-friendly materials for fingertips, I don’t need to remove the gloves just to utilize my gadgets.

Generally, these gloves are suitable for any gender. If I want to further customize the fit, I can use the adjustable straps around the wrist and drawstrings around the arms to tighten them so no cool air gets in. To change the temperature, I just need to click the circle icon on the screen. Next to it is the energy level that tells me when to charge the batteries.

However, the batteries of these heated waterproof gloves would deplete despite choosing the lowest setting. This is mildly disappointing knowing that the manufacturer says that it should last about 12 hours. Luckily, these gloves are insulated so they can still keep my hands somewhat warm when I run out of battery and need to find the charger.
What We Like
  • Has a thick and warm construction
  • Lets you grip any items properly
  • Has superb touchscreen fingertips
  • Has an easy-to-use design
  • Allows you to tighten the glove
What We Don’t Like
  • The batteries run low quickly
Setting aside the issue I had with the batteries, these heated gloves are worth the investment. Apart from the comfortable fit, they have insulation to warm the hands sufficiently.

3. Milwaukee Leather Heated Gantlet Glove

I love that these heated gloves for men are completely made out of genuine cowhide leather, which in itself is a great heat insulator. This makes the gloves incredibly durable and strong, perfect for use as motorcycle gloves. However, these are not heated gloves for women as they are a bit too large.

Most modern bikes have a power distribution block and this is where the rider will connect his/her heating gear to using the included wiring harness. I can attest that riding my motorcycle with heated gloves on is a much more enjoyable experience than not having any heated gear at all.

These rechargeable battery heated gloves come with 12v rechargeable batteries that can hold enough charge to last up to 7 hours at a low setting and almost 3 hours on high. I am personally satisfied that these batteries as they can last a couple of hours. It’s more than enough time that I would like to be out in the cold anyway.

I also love the thin heating elements that these top-rated heated gloves use. They are so thin that the heating elements do not add much to the bulk of the gloves. Furthermore, they reach up to the fingertips, so my entire hand is kept warm.

These battery-operated heated gloves would have gotten perfect marks if not for the battery placement. The battery packs are placed on top, making them feel unbalanced and awkward to wear. Moreover, because of the weight placed on top, it makes it difficult to tighten the strap of the gloves.
What We Like
  • Made of high-quality aniline cowhide leather
  • Can be connected to a motorcycle’s electrical system via an included wiring harness
  • Provides a wide area of warmth that extends up to the fingertips
  • Looks and feels just like any ordinary riding glove
  • Batteries last a pretty long time
What We Don’t Like
  • The batteries are located in an awkward position.
Battery positioning aside, the Milwaukee Leather heated gloves do their job well. They keep your hands toasty warm even when it’s extremely cold outside while still letting you grasp things with your fingers. It’s a win-win in all accounts.

4. Volt Resistance Heated Work Gloves

Most winter work gloves are insulated using a thick inner lining. Although this does a good job of keeping your hands warm, they are pretty bulky and decrease hand dexterity. This is not a problem with the Volt heated work gloves because they do not rely on the lining to provide warmth. They come with heating elements inside that produce heat.

These are real work gloves. They just happen to have heating elements embedded in them that enable the wearer to work even in freezing weather. The 7.4V rechargeable batteries have a capacity of 2,200mAh each. This is enough to provide adequate heat, thereby keeping your hands pretty comfortable for hours.

I also like the toggle cinch cuff that I can open up slightly to let some cold air inside the heated ski gloves. When I am working, regardless if it is freezing outside or not, my hands will get sweaty. This is why I need to let a bit of cold air inside the gloves to cool off my hands and stop them from sweating too much.

I also like that these gloves are waterproof. I wear these gloves while working in deep snow and it can be bothersome when the snow melts and the water seeps into your work gloves. That is a good way to get frostbite.

The thing that I do not like about these gloves is that they are not meant for heavy, abusive tasks. If you will be using these for heavy tasks, like logging, then they will not last more than a couple of weeks max.
What We Like
  • Thinner and lighter than insulated work gloves
  • Provides more dexterity while keeping hands warm
  • Equipped with a cinch cuff to let a bit of cool air inside when needed
  • Completely waterproof
  • The batteries have more than enough charge for an entire afternoon’s worth of work.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not meant for heavy-duty tasks
Although these are not meant for heavy lifting, if you will only be doing light tasks like clearing the driveway of snow, shoveling the snow off your car and things of this nature, then these gloves will work just fine.

5. HEAT WARMER Winter Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

The thing that I liked the most about these work gloves is that they run on more modern Li-po batteries instead of the traditional Li-ion. This is important because Li-po batteries are significantly safer to use and more resistant to cold temperatures. Li-ion batteries, when improperly charged can vent and explode.

They also tend to discharge rapidly when exposed to extreme cold. I also love the soft cotton fabric lining. The lining does not only keep the warmth inside but also provides a luxurious cushion for your hands to rest in. These gloves are so comfortable to wear that I did not mind having to work in the extreme cold.

Another feature that I like is that they are controlled using just one button. I just press the power button and it will light up red. This means that it is running on full power. Press it again and the light will turn blue, which means that it is running on 75%. Another press and the light turns green, which means the gloves are at 50% capacity.

I am also pleased with the glove’s large heating area. Apart from keeping the back of the hands warm, these heating elements also provide heat for the back of the hands, palms, and fingertips. This helps improve blood circulation in the hands.

The only problem I have with these gloves is that they are not meant for heavy lifting. If you are just looking for something to keep your hands warm while you hit the slopes then these gloves will do. However, if you need something for work, you’ll find that these are not that durable at all.
What We Like
  • Uses Li-po batteries that are safer and more efficient
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • One button control
  • Can heat the entire hand
  • Excellent heat retention even when gloves are off
What We Don’t Like
  • Not intended for heavy work
As mentioned earlier, if you want a pair of gloves that will just keep your hands warm while enjoying the snow with your friends or family then these will do well.

6. SNOW DEER Heated Glove Liners

The great thing about thin heated gloves like this one is that this is so thin that you can wear your favorite pair of gloves over this and no one would be the wiser that you’re wearing heated gloves. Let’s face it, most heated gloves do not look stylish at all.

The liner is made of a combination of different synthetic, breathable materials, like lycra and neoprene. These liners feel comfortable to wear because they are so thin. They are just a bit thicker than regular neoprene gloves because of the heating elements and they form closely on the hands.

The neoprene material does not only let the skin breathe but is also sweat-absorbing. There are times when the inside will still sweat even when the rest of my body feels cold, so my hands would sweat a lot. This could have made other gloves wet and clammy but these liners wick the sweat up to the surface where it can evaporate, keeping my skin dry and cool.

These gloves are not just for keeping warm in the winter months. People who have arthritis or tendonitis in the hands can use these liners to provide warmth on the joints for immediate relief. I have a bit of arthritis on my left wrist and suffer from mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These gloves help me fight the pain.

The only gripe I have is that to use these liners, the glove that you will be wearing over them needs to be a bit loose on your hands.
What We Like
  • Thin and lightweight, making them useful and compatible with most work gloves
  • Made of stretchable, flexible and breathable materials
  • Comes equipped with fiber infrared heating elements
  • Uses Li-po batteries that are safer than other rechargeable brands
  • Useful for applying heat on the joints in the hands to relieve joint pains
What We Don’t Like
The good thing about these gloves’ liners is that they allow you to wear your favorite gloves (as long as they are not form-fitting designer gloves) without fearing about your hands freezing. You no longer have to settle for the tacky designs that most heated gloves come in.

7. Ravean Heated Ski Gloves

These gloves are designed by skiers for skiers, so if you are an avid skier then you’d love using these items. However, even as someone who has just recently graduated from the bunny slope, I still find these gloves helpful in enjoying skiing a whole lot more.

These gloves are the most ergonomic among the ones that I have worn so far. They are already pre-curved so that they take the natural shape of your hands. Even though these are a bit on the chunky side, I can still move my fingers about and wrap them around ski poles securely.

The batteries that come with the gloves are also equally impressive. At the lowest temperature setting, a fully-charged battery was able to keep my entire hands warm and toasty for almost 7 hours. These gloves are so warm that there are times when I had to turn off the heating elements because it was getting too hot inside.

The waterproofing feature is also very impressive. Water just runs off of the Hydro-Tex surface of the gloves and does not seep inside. If there is a bit of water that gets through the first layer, it will surely not get past the layer of 3M Thinsulate and the additional Hydro-Tex liner.

The only thing that I can complain about, and this is just a minor issue, is that my fingers feel a bit cramped inside the glove. It is mainly because of the thickness of the liners.
What We Like
  • As good as the quality of the gloves used by most professionals
  • Excellent waterproofing feature
  • Warm enough even without turning on the heating elements
  • Features elastic cuffs that allow the gloves to hang by your wrists when not in use
  • The battery life is above average
What We Don’t Like
  • Can get a bit cramped inside due to the thickness of the inner lining
There is nothing I could find that would dissuade me from recommending these gloves to others. These are excellent heated ski gloves that also sell for a bargain price.

VELAZZIO Thermo1 Heated Gloves (Outdated)

The first product on our battery heated gloves review list is technically a ski glove but also useful for general purposes. The first thing that impressed me with the Thermo1 is the carbon fiber heating element that covers the entirety of the back of the hands. These heating elements are efficient and durable. They can work even in sub-zero weather.

I also like that I have the option to choose from three different heat settings – low, medium, and high. The low setting I found was great for days when it is not that cold but the wind chill certainly makes it feel cold. Meanwhile, I only use the high setting for below zero temperature days and it did keep my hands toasty warm during those occasions.

I also like the pre-heating feature of these heated gloves motorcycle because it saved me a lot of time and hassle. The pre-heat function sets the temperature into high for a couple of minutes then automatically dials the temperature to medium.

The polyurethane palms provide ample protection against abrasion, puncture, cuts, and all sorts of injuries. The palms also provide the glove with an additional grip so you can use these while working on your yard.

The only complaint I have is that the maximum heat setting is somewhat lacking in my opinion. It could have been a lot warmer.
What We Like
  • Has a carbon fiber heating element that covers the entire back of the hand
  • Can keep hands warm even when it is below zero outside
  • Features a battery that can last up to ten hours (low setting)
  • Equipped with tough polyurethane palms for durability and protection
  • The polyurethane palms also provide extra grip whenever needed.
What We Don’t Like
  • The highest heat setting is sadly not high enough for extremely cold days, like when it hits double-digit negative degrees.
Honestly speaking, if it is so cold outside that these heated gloves are having a hard time keeping your hands warm then you should not be outside at all. With that said, if you want to keep your hands warm while still have some use of your fingers then these gloves are a perfect fit for you.

Nueve&Five Heated Gloves (Outdated)

These are probably among the lightest hand warming gloves that I have ever used. The glove shell contains Oxford leather and nylon, combined with around 40g of Thinsulate. There are also Nubuck leather accents and a reinforced sheepskin palm for added durability, abrasion-resistance, cut-resistance, and waterproofing.

Because these are made of tough materials, I found them ideal for light to medium tasks, like clearing out the dead branches and such from my backyard, operating a snowblower, and other tasks that you should do during the winter.

The infrared heating elements completely cover the back of the hand, fingers, and the entire thumb. This provides a large warming area that your hands will feel warm even when set at the lowest heat. This is also great for people who suffer from arthritis as the heat can also help keep the swelling down to prevent pain.

Another thing I like about these gloves is that they use 2200 mAh Li-po batteries that are much safer than Li-ion. They can also work well even during sub-zero temperatures. When fully charged, the batteries can last around two hours or so at the highest heat setting and six hours if you set it on low.

I only wish that the heating elements reach the fingertips of the gloves. As they are now, my fingertips still feel a bit cold when my hands are unclenched. This is not that much of a problem as there is enough insulation provided by the glove. It just feels weird having slightly cold fingertips while the rest of my hands are toasty warm.
What We Like
  • Made of lightweight but still very durable materials
  • Can be used for light to moderate tasks
  • Has a reinforced sheepskin palm that is not just waterproof; it is also resistant to abrasion and cuts
  • The palms have enough padding to absorb a moderate amount of mechanical vibrations.
  • Boasts of excellent battery life; at least two hours when set on high
What We Don’t Like
  • The heating elements do not reach the fingertips.
Even though there is a slight inconvenience regarding the heating elements, these are still quite a good pair of wintertime heated gloves. Whether you’ll be using them for work or enjoying the snow, you will not regret investing in this product.

NEWXLT Winter Heated Gloves (Outdated)

The first thing that I noticed about these gloves is the price. They are a whole lot cheaper than the others on this list, like almost 80% cheaper. At first, I thought that these items are too good to be true. They might not heat up as much as the other heated gloves but I was wrong. It is because I discovered that they can perform at par with the top-tier battery heated gloves.

I also like that they run on alkaline batteries. Each glove needs three AA batteries, which can be bought at just about any convenience store. I like these better than rechargeable batteries because I can just swap out the spent batteries with fresh ones if I need more time wearing the gloves.

Aside from using them as ski gloves, I also used the NEWXLT winter gloves for some light clearing tasks in my backyard. This is where the PU reinforced palms helped out. The palms have enough padding to protect my hands from abrasion.

I also love how waterproof these gloves are. This is pretty important since when I am working on my yard during the winter months, I do not want melted snow seeping into my heated gloves and causing a nasty short circuit.

The only things that I would have liked added with the gloves are clear instructions. My gloves came without any instructions whatsoever, which is why it took me a while to figure out the location of the wire that I have to connect to the battery pack.
What We Like
  • Economical at just a fraction of the price of other brands
  • Works great as riding gloves or when operating heavy equipment
  • Batteries can last an entire workday (8 hours at low)
  • Can still keep hands warm during chilly days even when not turned on
  • Excellent waterproofing
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not come with instructions

If you know a bit of DIY electronics then assembling and turning on these gloves will not be much of a problem. This is nice because these are great winter heated gloves that you can buy for cheap.

LUWATT Heated Gloves (Outdated)

This is one of the top-rated electric heated gloves that run on disposable batteries. Although it is nice to have rechargeable batteries, you do have to wait hours for them to fully recharge before you can use them again. However, with disposable batteries, you just swap out the old batteries with new ones and you’re ready to go again.

Another reason why I think disposable batteries are nice is that you can find AA batteries in any convenience store. You’ll be hard-pressed to find rechargeable battery packs when you’re at a ski lodge but you can find disposable alkaline anywhere.

Three brand new AAA batteries will be able to provide up to two and a half hours of heat on medium to high heat. For me, that’s more than enough time to have fun on the slopes and if I want to play a bit longer, the gloves are insulated well enough that the residual heat will be enough for an hour or more.

These battery-powered heated gloves are also great for use as motorcycle gloves. The palms have added padding so that you can hold onto the handlebars for a long time without any discomfort. These also provide enough grip that you can hold onto and twist the throttle.

There is one thing that I did not like, though, and that is that they do not heat up quite as much as I expected them to. If it gets extremely cold outside, like in the double-digit negatives, the maximum setting might not be enough to keep your hands warm. This might require you to use an additional layer of gloves.
What We Like
  • Can use disposable AA batteries but you can also use rechargeable ones if you’d like
  • Can last up to 8 hours on fresh batteries
  • Work great as motorcycle riding gloves
  • Comes with reflective strips for added nighttime visibility
  • Well insulated, does not let much heat escape from inside the gloves
What We Don’t Like
  • Sized a bit too small; men with larger hands will find these gloves too tight
Although these gloves do have a couple of flaws, they are still not enough to dissuade so many people from using them. These are efficient at heating your gloves even in the coldest winter days.

What is a Pair of Heated Gloves


On the surface, heated gloves look just like normal winter gloves but underneath, you will find a network of heating elements that usually cover the entire top of the hands and fingers. These gloves also have soft and heat-retaining inner lining just like traditional gloves. However, they can also produce heat, instead of just retaining the heat coming from your hands.

The gloves are great when you need to go out in sub-zero temperatures while requiring the full function of your fingers. Among the instances when these items are useful include when you will be doing a bit of yard work, like shoveling the snow off your driveway, picking up and disposing of dead tree branches, and similar tasks.

Another difference between these gloves and the traditional winter gloves is the price tag. Although some gloves retail at around $30 a pair, heated gloves have an average price of around $100 to $150 a pair. This makes them a bit on the expensive side. However, considering all of the technology inside a pair of gloves, the price is justifiable.

How Do Heated Gloves Work

Heated gloves work almost similarly to normal winter gloves. They have a waterproof outer layer with the palms usually made of waterproof leather, like sheepskin or pigskin. Underneath the top layer is a set of insulating liners. These are the components responsible for retaining the heat radiating from your hands inside. This is where the similarities stop.

Underneath the insulating layers is a layer of fiber-infrared heating elements. This is the component that radiates infrared heat to keep your hands toasty warm even in sub-zero temperatures. You do not need to worry about getting your hands burned. The heating elements are calibrated to only go as high as 150 degrees F.

This is not hot enough to harm your skin. The heating elements are powered by battery packs that are usually placed in a waterproof compartment in the cuffs. Most heated gloves use rechargeable batteries, either Li-ion or Li-po batteries, that have an output of 7.4v each.

However, some gloves can also use disposable AA batteries. Fully charged, each battery can provide up to 8 hours of warmth (at low setting).

Types of Gloves


There are not that many heated glove brands and they usually look similar. However, they can still be categorized into several types:

Work gloves – These are constructed similarly to traditional work gloves. They have reinforced leather palms and fingers for comfort and additional grip to handle tools much better.

Aside from the palms, most heated work gloves are mainly made up of cowhide leather and have double-stitched seams for added durability. Although heated work gloves might not be as tough as the traditional ones, they help a lot when you have to work during the cold winter months.

Ski gloves – These are much thinner than work gloves because hand dexterity is much needed when skiing or doing other winter sport. These items still have reinforced palms but these do not have as much padding because you can’t use them for heavy jobs.

These gloves provide a wider range of motion compared to work gloves. You can easily rotate your wrists and wiggle your fingers, which is essential when maneuvering down the slopes using ski poles.

Rechargeable – These are heated gloves powered using rechargeable battery packs. These gloves come with either Li-ion or Li-po batteries. Both batteries have many similarities in terms of performance but Li-po batteries do not discharge as fast in cold weather compared to Li-ion. Also, Li-po batteries are much safer and more resistant to overcharging.

Disposable battery-powered – These gloves need alkaline batteries to work. In most cases, they need three AA-size batteries to operate. The great thing about them is you can easily swap out the spent batteries with fresh ones and go back to your tasks, unlike rechargeable batteries where you have to wait a couple of hours before you can use them again.

Why You Need Battery Heated Gloves

Admittedly, heated gloves are a lot more expensive than traditional winter gloves. However, if you live in an area where the temperature drops well below zero during the winters then you will want to invest your money on a good pair. If you are still on the fence on getting a pair, here are some of the reasons why your life will be much better with these gloves:

Keep your hands comfortable while you have fun during the winter – Even though it is very cold outside, that does not mean that you should just stay inside. There are lots of fun things you can do when everything outside is covered with snow.

To maximize your enjoyment, it helps to have full use of your hands and fingers and not have them slowly and painfully freeze solid. With heated gloves, you can stay outside for as long as you want or until the batteries run out and you start to feel cold whichever comes first. You can build snowmen, ride a sled, or play street hockey when you put them on.

Help you focus on work, not on your frozen fingers – Even though it is wintertime, note that it does not mean there will not be anything for you to do in your backyard. If you have to work outside during the winter, a pair of heated work gloves will be your best friend.

It is almost impossible to hold yard tools like shovels, rakes, and similar things when you are wearing a thick pair of mittens. Heated gloves can be much thinner than padded winter gloves because they don’t need thick inner liners to keep your hands warm. They are just a bit thicker than traditional work gloves so your fingers can still move around.

They can grasp and hold onto things without any problems. Furthermore, when you are wearing heated work gloves, you can just focus all your attention on your tasks because you no longer need to think about how painful your fingers are because they are starting to freeze.

Let you stay out in the cold much longer – Do you like hiking? If you do and you love the activity so much that you will not let the weather keep you from doing it then you need a pair of heated gloves. There is so much beauty in nature, especially when you see it covered in perfectly white snow.

By wearing heated gloves, you can see such beautiful things before they start to melt away once summer comes. If you work in a factory that uses huge walk-in freezers, then you can also benefit from having a pair of heated work gloves on. You can stay inside them much longer than before and get more work done.

It is because you do not have to go outside every fifteen minutes or so to get the blood circulating back into your fingers again.

Keep your fingers warm and toasty – The parts of the hands that get the most uncomfortable when it’s cold outside are the fingers, particularly the fingertips. When you wear heated gloves, your entire hand will feel nice and warm.

The additional warmth provided by the heating elements will allow blood to circulate throughout your palms and fingers. This can keep them a whole lot warmer compared to using just regular work gloves.

Buying Guide


As mentioned several times before, heated gloves are quite expensive, often going beyond $100 a pair. This is why you need to inform yourself about them so you will not be doing the equivalent of burning a pile of your money until there is nothing left. If you are currently hunting for a good pair of heated gloves, here are some factors you need to remember.

Fit – Just like when purchasing any other kind of glove, your heated gloves should fit your hands perfectly. If you plan to buy from online retailers, pay close attention to the sizing chart and the instructions on how to get the right measurements of your hands. However, even if you took your measurements perfectly, don’t expect the gloves to fit you perfectly.

Some issues might still cause your gloves to fit a bit tighter than what you expect they would, like the inner lining being too thick. Thankfully, most brands allow customers to return their gloves for a new pair but with a different size. That is because they know it can be difficult to find the right fitting gloves especially if you do not get to try them on first.

Heat production – The biggest selling point of heated gloves is the heating element embedded inside them. These things are responsible for all the heat that keeps the wearer’s hands perfectly warm even when it is extremely cold outside. When shopping for gloves, find out the maximum heat output they can produce.

The average maximum temperature that these gloves can reach is around 150 degrees F. If you find gloves that can’t produce nearly as much heat then look elsewhere. This is the absolute minimum amount that the gloves should be able to produce because anything less can’t keep your hands even remotely comfortable during sub-zero weather.

Battery-efficiency – The best heated gloves should have batteries with enough juice in them for at least a couple of hours in the highest heat setting. You might think that just a couple of hours on high is such a short time.

However, when you think about it, if the gloves need to produce 150 degrees F just to keep your hands warm, then it must be extremely cold outside. It would be best for you not to be out there for more than an hour anyway. The real contest here is how long the gloves’ batteries can last when set on low.

Find gloves that can run for at least 6 hours, preferably 8 hours and no less. The low setting is usually enough to keep your hands at a comfortable enough temperature when you need to spend time working outside in single-digit temperatures.

Heat retention – Even if your heated gloves can produce more than enough heat, it is useless if the heat easily escapes out of the gloves. A high-quality heated glove does not just rely on the heating elements to provide comfort. They should also be lined with a soft, insulating material.

Furthermore, there should be straps to keep the gloves sealed from the outside air. However, the insulation should not be so thick that it will hinder the dexterity of the fingers. It should just be enough to not let the heat produced go to waste.

Batteries used – This will be more of a personal preference as both options have their own sets of pros and cons. You can choose rechargeable batteries if you will only be using the gloves no more than 6 hours a day. This is because once the batteries run out of juice, you have to plug them into the charger for a couple of hours before you can use them again.

You can also find gloves that run on AA batteries that can also be rechargeable or disposable. The nice thing about these gloves is that you can buy replacements in any nearby convenience store.

When they run out of juice, just replace them with fresh batteries and you’re ready to go again. This is great when you will be spending most of your time outdoors and want to keep your hands nice and toasty.

Care and Maintenance

The most important thing that you need to know about the care and maintenance of heated gloves is that you should never hand or machine wash them. Submerging the gloves in water can and will damage the sensitive, electric heating element mesh embedded inside.

Instead, just wipe down the entire surface of the gloves with a clean, damp piece of fabric. This will be enough to get rid of the dirt and dust that gathered on the surface. If you want it to be totally clean, you can spray a bit of disinfectant spray on the gloves and a spritz or two inside to freshen them up.

After every use, wipe down the gloves to dry them immediately. If even a bit of water reached the infrared heating elements, it will be enough to do considerable damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular battery heated gloves brands?

There are not that many brands of heated gloves but it is still important to know which ones are reliable since you will be putting down a considerable amount of money to buy them. In my experience, the brands worthwhile to check out are VELAZZIO, SAVIOR HEAT, Milwaukee Leather, Volt Resistance, HEAT WARMER, LUWATT, NEWXLT, SNOW DEER, Nueve & Five, and Ravean

I have tried and tested all these brands and most of them are not half-bad at all. These will provide you with all the heat and comfort that you expect to get from heated gloves and maybe even more.

How much are heated gloves?

Most heated gloves are over $100 per pair. Some even reach prices that are almost $200. This might seem like too much markup but then again, if you think about all the technology that went into the gloves and went into the making of it, the price is just right.

For instance, gloves that have rechargeable Li-po batteries usually cost more than a hundred bucks a pair. This is because different electrical features come with this type of glove. Also, the price of batteries is quite expensive.

Now, some heated gloves are powered using AA batteries and they usually cost just a little over $20 each, which is a pretty good deal. The downside here is that there are usually no batteries included with every purchase, so you have to provide your own if you want to use them immediately.

Also, the battery sleds are usually not that durable, so you have to be careful when using them.

Are heated gloves machine washable?

No, the washing machine will instantly damage the heated components. I’ve searched different websites and forums like Reddit for ways to clean winter heated gloves yet I cannot find one single set of instructions that applies to all.

My advice is to read your battery-operated gloves’ care tag or manual instead of going online to look for instructions from other brands. For instance, Volt heated gloves will likely be made from different materials and heating mechanisms than Ewool heated glove liners or 39 Seven heated gloves for hunting.

Some battery-operated gloves can be hand-washed but you need to remove the batteries before soaking the gloves in soap and water. If one of your gloves got stained, you can spot clean the affected area rather than washing the entire thing.

Why do our hands feel colder than our bodies in winter?

In the cold, our bodies will keep the blood flowing to our cores and vital organs to warm them. This also changes the amount of blood flow toward our extremities. As a result, the blood vessels in our hands and feet constrict to avoid losing heat from the core. In this way, our bodies can regulate our body temperature.

How long should heated gloves last?

If you are asking about how long they can heat your hands, it depends on the heat settings. Regardless if you are using gloves with rechargeable or disposable batteries, the batteries can usually last two and a half to three hours straight when set on the highest heat settings.

Now, if you will be putting the heat on the lowest setting, the mileage will vary between six to eight hours. You can make the batteries last longer if you first set the temperature on high for a couple of minutes then switch it over to the lowest setting. Also, if you want to stretch the batteries to the max, you can turn off the gloves when they are warm enough.

How to waterproof heated gloves?

Usually, heated gloves are already waterproof right out of the box but you can make them even more waterproof using a waterproofing wax. Take note that this is just for leather gloves. Synthetic gloves are already weatherproof enough.

First, clean the gloves by wiping them down with damp and clean fabric then let them dry for a bit. Next, place a dollop of waterproofing wax onto the gloves, about the size of a chocolate kiss will do. Rub the wax into the leather gloves. Pay extra attention to the seams as these will be the part where water will most likely seep through.

Once you have covered the entire glove with ample amounts of wax, wipe the excess off using a damp rag. Let the gloves air dry for a couple of hours then it will be ready for use.

How to use heated gloves?

First of all, you need to make sure that the batteries are fully charged. The charger that came with the gloves will usually have an indicator showing the charge level. Sometimes, this indicator is built into the battery pack. If the batteries are fully charged, attach the power wires in the gloves with the proper terminals in the batteries.

Put the batteries into the waterproof compartment in the cuff. Heated gloves are similar to winter gloves. You pull the gloves on, making sure that all your fingers are inside properly. Tighten the straps on the wrists to prevent cold air from getting into the gloves. Pull the cuffs over your forearm and pull on the cord to tighten and close the end.

This can provide another air seal. Once the gloves are on, long-press the power button until it lights up. Usually, when you turn on heated gloves, the first setting is the highest and this is usually denoted by a red light.

Press the power button again and it should turn blue. This is the medium setting. Another press will turn the light green, which means you are at the lowest setting. Another press will turn off the gloves.

What is the warranty?

The usual warranty provided by heated glove manufacturers is usually three to six months but some offer one-year satisfaction guarantees. This means that you are eligible for a complete refund or a brand new replacement glove if the one you have suddenly malfunctioned.

Where to buy heated gloves?

When it comes to gloves, it is better to buy from brick and mortar shops as you can try them on before you buy them. Glove sizing is notorious for being very inaccurate, so you should get the gloves for size before you pay for them.

Fortunately, you can also return the gloves to the seller if you ordered the wrong size accidentally. However, you will have to wait a couple of days, sometimes even weeks before you get them.

You can choose to buy online, too. Buying online means that you can get the best deals and access a lot more choices in terms of brands and models.


It is no longer enough to just wear regular winter gloves, especially if you will be doing activities that require a lot more finger dexterity than what traditional mittens can provide. This is why you should check out one of the many different heated gloves that are available nowadays.

These gloves, because of all the technology in them, are quite expensive. However, by now, you should have learned all that you need to know to find out which are the best heated gloves in the market so you will not regret your purchase later.

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