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The Best HVAC Tool Belts for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

The best HVAC tool belt will not only help you appear professional but also bring out top-quality performance. The workmanship of an HVAC technician is greatly improved with the use of the right tool belt. So, if you want to work all geared up, I’ll suggest you must invest in a good quality HVAC tool belt to stack all the essential tools.

Best HVAC Tool Belt

You will be promoted shortly as your boss will be impressed with your efforts. There are so many tool belts in the market for HVAC technicians. Hence, with all the different alternatives available, it can be challenging and time-consuming to get hold of something that actually works.

Down here I have reviewed some of the best products customized for the specific requirements of an HVAC professional. This will help you choose the most suitable units for yourself.

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CLC Custom 1608

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Gatorback B240

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Bucket Boss Tool Belt

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12 Best Tool Belt for HVAC Reviews of 2023

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Tool Belt

This 28-pocket CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 tool belt for HVAC will probably accommodate all your gear. It is best suited for holding the tools for simple assignments. The pockets have a zipper line to prevent the tools from spilling.

Its padded suspenders have been designed for distributing weight evenly for carrying it comfortably and avoiding injuries. I find it highly comfortable to use. The suspenders keep all tools in place and offer great carrying comfort.

Moreover, this easy to carry tool belt offers effective and simple adjustments. It will be your go-to product if you are a lot into working with drills as it comes with a tailor-made drill holder. There’s this perfect pocket for holding cordless drills more easily.

It surprises me with its 3-inch wide belt featuring double tongue steel roller buckle for waist sizes ranging between 29 inches and 46 inches. It is best-suited for handymen who need to carry more weight in comparison to the others.

Yet another exclusive feature of this belt for me is its durable and comfortable carry handle. It enables me to hang or carry the product without spilling the contents within. This product is one of the best ways of dispersing the huge weight of all hardware and tools.

However, the stitches on this product are not strong enough and they might come off after a few days of use.
What We Like
  • The zipper lines prevent the tools from spilling.
  • Customized drill tool holders for easier and faster access.
  • Padded to offer comfort for the users.
  • Highly portable and easy to carry.
  • Able to hold different varieties of tools.
What We Don’t Like
  • Stitches are likely to come off after some time.
Overall, this CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 model is a good tool belt for professionals who require many pockets and a lot of space for storing their tools. It even works for the one who demands comfort while working.

2. Gatorback B240 Back Support Belt

Looking for an extraordinary and exclusive HVAC installer tool belt? Then choose the appealing and effective Gatorback B240 back support unit.

This is a prevalent and popular unit that makes working with sharp things a breeze for professionals while protecting the tools from getting damaged at the same time.

This is a go-to model for me as I wanted a tool belt that will last a lifetime. It is built strong and tough with each of the stress points being bar-tacked and riveted. Also, it is made using heavy duty and high quality 1250 Duratek nylon ensuring great durability.

Notably, this item is tough but extremely light in its weight. All its different pouches feature plastic within giving them a box-shape appearance. Hence, putting the tools in the pouches gives me easy access to all of them. The sharp tools do not poke holes in the tool pouches because of their shape; thus I can use the belt without any fear.

Being waterproof, I can use it in almost all adverse conditions and environments. Top-quality and solid fabric, nylon, and leather make this product superbly amazing.

Beyond that, the stitches might come off after some time and the product is not available in different colors.
What We Like
  • Stores different parts and tools.
  • The product is extremely light weighted.
  • Attractively designed item with an appealing structure.
  • Multipletool holding pouches
  • Strong and durable tool belt.
What We Don’t Like
  • Stitches might come off.
  • Product is not available in varied colors.
This tool belt works perfectly fine for professionals and HVAC technicians who want something light but durable.

3. Bucket Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders

This Airlift Tool Belt with suspenders is the perfect housing for all your HVAC tools because of an infinity belt. The belt is easily adjustable up to 52 inches of waist using thick steel grommets.

Also, this tool belt is made of 600 denier poly rip stops and there are barrel-bottom reinforced pockets making way for extra carrying potential. The best thing I like about this unit is its pouches can be repositioned and detached very easily.

There’s a holder for a steel hammer and even an extra loop for storing long-handled tools and even hammers. Then there is this suspender system that can easily be adjusted and even detached from the tool belt. The suspender also features a chest retaining strap.

Moreover, there are a total of 30 pockets in this Bucket Boss HVAC tool organizer perfectly suited for all technicians. The bucket can be left open for the users to store water bottles and different parts wherever they go.

Also, the product features three tool web loops within for storing larger tools such as hammers. Looking for something to carry charging hoses? They will perfectly fit within without getting kinked. 600 Denier nylon used for making this item is durable and tough.

Folded seams on the edge of the bucket are wear-resistant. Hence, you will see that the weight of the tools will not compromise the long-lasting quality of this tool belt.

Beyond that, the shallow pockets might not be perfect for storing a few large tools.
What We Like
  • Easy to carry and install
  • Lightweight tool belt
  • 30 pockets make the storage of HVAC tools a breeze.
  • Large tools can easily be stored in the internal pouches.
  • 600 denier material is quite durable.
What We Don’t Like
  • The shallow pockets of this item might not accommodate some large tools.
You must get it if you want something to offer you several years of service without causing a blow to your budget.

4. ToughBuilt – Journeyman Electrician ClipTec Pouch

Another tool belt that can actually beat the performance and the advantages delivered by this ToughBuilt sheet metal worker tool belt. The tool bag set offers sheer quality when it comes to handling heavy duty tasks most effectively.

This sheet metal tool belt is popular among professionals who have spent their entire life performing extremely hazardous tasks in dangerous settings. One solid reason why I recommend this product is because it functions very well even when put under the constant strain of huge loads. I bet you will not feel the need to replace this item even after using it for a very long time.

The structure of this product has been intricately engineered to provide maximum convenience to construction workers offering their services in the most complicated environments. There are three different pieces available in this tool bag set with tool loops, 10 tool holders, and tape measure clips for storing essential tools.

Coming in handy, my tasks get more manageable because I have all my tools organized in the right way. Additionally, it has the potential of resisting all kinds of hazards like flying objects, sharp edges, and abrasion.

Technicians and electricians from different fields of work like me can greatly benefit from the admirable versatility of this item. Regardless of whether you are a journeyman electrician, carpenter, drywaller or roofer, this well-designed piece can assist you in working productively always.

Thankfully, the toughness of this unit does not make it stiff enough to wear. I can put it on for several hours without feeling the least discomfort. Furthermore, I’ll suggest that it can serve as a great gift for individuals involved in repairs, fieldwork, and other technical jobs.

I personally do not like its buckle. I found it too clunky with large pockets! And yes, if you are on a low tool belt buying budget then this product is not for you!
What We Like
  • Tough and durable tool bag set
  • Fantastic quality
  • Valuable gift as featured loops, tape measures, etc.
  • Perfect and versatile item for any technicians and workers
  • Highly compatible
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive product
  • Big buckle
This is a built-to-last item that never fails to offer good service to its users even in the worst of situations. After all, it comes from a well-established brand as well!

5. Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package

If sweat is something that you dread when working on a construction site then the Gatorback Electricians Deluxe Package is what you must go for. I have spent a lot of time getting hold of this tool belt that reduces the amount of sweat caused due to the use of tool belts.

Well, there are many such sweat-proof tool belt models available in the market but there’s something exclusive about this one. It’s air-ventilated paddings, thus reducing sweat to a considerable extent.

It consists of two different sides. The right side features 18 pockets while the left one has just 9. So, there are a total of 27 pockets for storing different varieties of tools.

Carrying this product around is super easy for me thanks to its well-built carry handle. The metal riveting at every stress point makes this unit more durable.

Breathable and durable DuraTek 1250 fabric featuring bar-tack stitching has been used for making this tool belt. This renders it stronger and long-lasting. This is an absolutely convenient and reliable tool belt that will help you work comfortably.

The attractive pattern and appealing design of this unit surely takes my senses away. This is a perfectly propylene reinforced product that has the capability of withstanding all kinds of scrapes and damages while doing tough jobs.

The only issue I find from the best is its high price.
What We Like
  • Helps in reducing sweat well.
  • Durable and easy to carry tool belt
  • Water-resistant unit.
  • Many pockets to store and carry different varieties of tools.
  • A durable item with roller buckle, metal riveting, and sturdy belt.
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive in comparison with the other products.
If budget is not your problem, then I’ll say this will be the right HVAC tool pouch for your requirements.

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 51452 Tool Belt

It is time for you to get rid of all your worries concerning the choice of the perfect HVAC technician tool belt by getting the CLC Custom Leathercraft tool belt by your side. This is one product that will fit your requirements perfectly.

I strongly recommend buying this unit because it is highly comfortable. It features a 5 inch wide padded belt which is absolutely comfortable. This belt even features a double tongue steel roller buckle that fits waist sizes between 29 inches and 46 inches.

I can even store different types of tools such as pliers, knives and nails with eight big pouches and seventeen small pouches. It can handle a lot of weight but I can still move around with this unit. Of course so can you. The tool belt has been specifically designed to allow users to make effective and simple adjustments to move around without spilling the tools within.

Made from high quality leather trim and 1680D ballistic fabric, this durable and tough tool belt is the perfect model for the ones looking to use just one product for their entire lifetime. The extra suspenders in this unit reduce the chances of lower back injuries.
What We Like
  • Highly comfortable tool belt
  • Supports various waist sizes with a roller buckle.
  • Carry all required tools, big and small with many
  • Made of top quality and durable leather.
  • Make simple adjustments and easy to carry around.
  • Waterproof product with amazing tool holders.
What We Don’t Like
  • Might be a little expensive for the budget-conscious buyers.
Yes, this product is a bit expensive for buyers on a budget but that extra price you pay for it is definitely worth it.

7. Occidental Leather 9540 Adjust-to-Fit Finisher

For those who are looking for top quality tool belts, the Occidental leather 9540 adjust-to-fit finisher is the right product. There are big and small pouches in this tool belt sufficient enough for holding different varieties of tools.

Additionally, it reduces the risks of injuries because of its deep pockets. It is also an extremely lightweight product perfect for carrying all kinds of tools without feeling the least of dead weight. This leather tool holder comes with adjustable fasteners and can effectively be used on all kinds of clothes.

Its design accommodates the changes that people make in their dresses with varied changes in seasons. So, there’s absolutely no need for you to buy a brand new tool belt once the new season approaches.

Notably, the D-rings of this unit are pre-installed and perfect for different suspension systems. The product boasts of top-notch workmanship with sturdy and clean stitching.

Also, it’s the stitching that makes it easier for the belt to hold tools in different weights and sizes. The deep pockets can keep tools like hammers extremely secure thus lowering the chances of injuries. So, there will be no tools falling and flattening the toe!

With this product coming in handy, I completely forget about losing those tiny nuts, screws, and bolts required for various jobs. Hence, in a way, the tool belt serves perfect for DIY starters.

Though this tool belt has been specifically designed for carpenters, even the HVAC technicians can reap its benefits. It is completely wearing resistance because of the tough and durable leather material used in its construction.

It fits on my hips perfectly without creating discomfort or pressure points. And yes, it is durable enough to stand up to regular wear and tear.

Beyond that, the buckle is a little troublesome as it gets loose quickly if a lot of switching takes place between people of varied waist sizes.
What We Like
  • Adjustable tool belt
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Offers ease of tool use and storage.
  • Durable design
  • Offers a lot of space for storing different types of tools.
What We Don’t Like
  • Fasteners can get loose with time.
  • The buckle might also turn loose.
Wearing it is comfortable as it is extremely light in weight. It serves the users for a very long time before they need replacement.

8. DEWALT DG5103 Small Electrician’s Pouch

This electrician’s pouch has one main pouch that is quite big and spacious. Next, smaller pockets are surrounding this main pouch. These small pockets can contain almost everything from chapsticks to small flashlights and make it easier to work in tight spaces.

Also, the multiple storage alternatives include carabiner and web loops. Such options are perfectly convenient when I have to hang different useful hand tools like the rolls of electrician tape measures. The carabiner can be used for keeping keys safe while working.

Moreover, this tool pouch is made using an extra-durable polyester blend specifically designed to bear with situations that are the same as that of a battlefield.

The durable polyester material of the unit is reinforced further for increasing durability and reducing the chances of tears and fraying. What has amazed me is this lightweight setup weighing just about 9.6 ounces to remain unnoticed while I use it at work. Storing this tool pouch is a breeze as it can easily be folded and stored into a drawer.

I find no other special equipment needed for cleaning the tool pouch, just a soap and a small brush. It can easily be attached to a belt which is 2 to ¾ inches wide or the belt clip can be used directly. Furthermore, it has the capability of making flexible movements.

Beyond that, the build quality of the clip is a bit compromised. It can break very easily. However, you can solve this problem by switching to another attachment mode.
What We Like
  • Has space for different hand tools.
  • Affordable and durable tool belt
  • Sufficiently sturdy for carrying out all HVAC duties.
  • Perfect layout and structure
  • Easy to be carried from one place to another.
What We Don’t Like
  • Clip is not strong enough.
  • The tool pouches are very small.
This maintenance tool belt is probably the handiest small-sized product available in the market. It will serve your requirement of holding specialized tools most correctly.

9. Jackson Palmer Professional Tool Belt

If you are thinking of using a large tool bag for storing all your HVAC tools then going for Jackson Palmer Professional Tool Belt will be the right option for you. This tool belt for sheet metal speaks of sheer performance and functionality.

Perfectly structured using top quality and solid leather, this tool belt has earned positive reviews from customers who have already used it, me including. I love how sturdy this tool bag has been over the years.

This is a pretty large bag consisting of primary compartments that measure 11 inches long. Therefore, it is spacious enough to hold different tools the most conveniently. I love the way this tool belt has been structured to be light in weight even if it is large, thereby guaranteeing user convenience while carrying it around.

Then there are additional big pouches for storing more stuff. Speaking of durability, this bag will not let you down, I suppose. Apart from being constructed with good quality leather that makes it stable and strong, this tool bag even features mesh material along with reinforced and solid webbing.

The zippers and the pockets have been created solidly with hook loops and elastic loops integrated. Its ability offers me a more comfortable experience while wearing it during their heavy duty tasks.

Yet another reason why I like this item is its water-resistance that enhances its durability. Not to forget the sturdy stitching and elastic feet. Nevertheless, its pockets miss the reinforced bottom resulting in the fabric being prone to punctures.
What We Like
  • Comfortable and easy to wear tool bag with elastic loops.
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Spacious enough with large pockets
  • Water-resistant which makes it last very long.
  • Light-weighted product promoting comfort and ease while carrying it
What We Don’t Like
  • Pockets miss the reinforced bottom.
All in all, this is one of the best HVAC tool belts, well-designed using top quality materials. It is a comfortable and strong product that offers sufficient space for storing all frequently used gear.

10. MaxLLTo CLC 1524 Tool Belt Pouch

This is a well-organized tool pouch that allows the users to carry almost everything without going through any kind of hassle. There’s a belt clip or belt loop to secure the pouch in place. You can use it as housing tools like crescent wrench, wise grips, pliers and side cutters.

This maintenance or utility tool pouch features zippered covers that help secure the tools and even comes with add-ons like a carabiner, tape measure clip, and flashlight loop. It is one of the top-rated tool pouches for industrial electricians.

Also, it has a lot of space for storing almost all the tools that a HVAC technician and electrician require. It helps with perfect organization and has got lots of space for different tools, odds and ends.

The compartments are of heavy quality and this belt overall supports heavy weight without causing much trouble. This super awesome tool bag helps me by accommodating prep-tools like diagonal cutters, crimpers, needle nose, wrenches, and snips.

Moreover, the top quality fabric used for making this tool pouch is another thing that impressed me a lot. It’s durable enough and can last for a very long time without causing any wear and tear. This is the perfect utility bag that even lets me house extra stuff very easily.

It will save you from the aggravation of closing down your tools and then searching for them immediately because you simply cannot remember where you have placed them. For this reason alone, this is a great product in my opinion

The only downside of this item is the sharp key hook on top.
What We Like
  • Made of durable material to last a lifetime.
  • Perfect for storing and carrying tools of all shapes and sizes.
  • Spacious for storing all the tools needed by HVAC technicians.
  • Affordably-priced.
  • Comes loaded with several beneficial features.
What We Don’t Like
  • Sharp key hook might cause accidental injuries.
  • Bottom should be reinforced.
I can admit, there’s not much that requires any kind of reshaping and sizing. All the features are well in place and of good use for the HVAC technicians.

11. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1509 Tool Pouch

Looking for a superior quality tool? The CLC Custom Leathercraft tool pouch should be on the list for you as it is simply-designed and works best during emergencies.

It has got enough space enabling me to store important tools and even keeps them in perfect order, thus I can quickly find them. Moreover, it allows me to store the things safely. It is one of the best reasons that I’ll recommend this tool pouch as I’ve to work at great heights with the zippered flap on top to prevent tools from spilling.

Then there’s good padding on the shoulder straps that significantly contribute to the overall comfort provided by this tool bag. It is completely affordable and has the potential of offering a fantastic experience to both skilled workers and newbies. Not to forget the DIYers as well.

However, it does not speak of durability. I suppose, this tool pouch might not last long especially when used by the experienced and busy HVAC technicians.
What We Like
  • Handy and simple design tool pouch
  • Functional layout for storing different tools.
  • Easily-fit in large tools easily.
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Keep all the stuff secure.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not durable
The large hand tools require proper storage and carrier. This major problem of the HVAC technicians gets a solution in the form of the CLC Leathercraft HVAC tool vest. This tool pouch lets me store gadgets and tools of all sizes and shapes. Go for it and experience the difference for yourself.

12. Rack-A-Tiers 43241 Electrician’s Combo Belt & Bags

The Rack-A-Tiers combo belt and bag offers outstanding features and functionalities. It delivers great services even in the worst of conditions. I cannot go wrong in selecting this item for long-term assignments because it is well-known for being highly durable.

DuraTek nylon material has been used to make this product sturdy and durable. The reason I like this item is that it even represents impressive resilience. Part of the strength and durability comes from the high-density Nylon material used in the stress points and the stitches.

Furthermore, the buckles made of double metal are good at keeping things in place while performing tasks at certain heights.

Moreover, I had an option to choose it from six various sizes. This means slim people can go for the one available in a small size while there is this triple extra-large model available for the huge-framed individuals.

The comfort and the breathability of this item are built through its air-channel structure and design. This design pattern makes way for incredible ventilation. With this product coming in handy, I am comfortable to perform outdoors most of the time so now I can stop worrying about suffering from intense sweat and heat on those hot summer days.

However, this item is quite expensive.
What We Like
  • The item has a fashionable appearance
  • Offers great functionality
  • The structure and DuraTek nylon material are perfect.
  • Excellent materials used.
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive tool belt
Overall, this tool belt meets the strictest standards of serving as a top-rated HVAC tool organizer for technicians, journeyman electricians, and carpenters.

What is a Tool Belt for HVAC


The ones looking to make it big in the HVAC industry need to ensure that they have the right tools required for success. HVAC tools can range from the most basic and essential ones to those that are fine to possess but not mandatory.

Whether you are into regular maintenance or doing some kind of service, you must ensure that you have durable and reliable tools for the job site. This will help you perform efficiently and quickly.

But to accommodate all these important tools in one place so that they come in handy whenever required, the technicians must use a tool belt for HVAC. HVAC tool belts are kits that you can wear throughout the day while working at heights or job sites.

It is necessary to choose a HVAC tool belt that offer a comfortable fit and have sufficient pouches or compartments for holding required essentials. If you need to work upstairs in the attic or need to crawl spaces under homes, you should use HVAC tool belts with carry handles.

The lightweight HVAC tool belts come as the right option for carrying out regular maintenance work like changing filters and servicing thermostats.

How Does It Work

HVAC tool belts have small compartments or pouches for storing different varieties of small and large tools. They are very useful in carrying large numbers of gadgets and tools around the job site. Nevertheless, when completely loaded they can get a bit overweight. This can put a bit of strain on the hips and the lower back.

Such problems can easily be solved by using bucket-style or mobile tool boxes or bags. The ones that come with suspenders and padded belts can also be a good choice because they distribute the weight evenly between the waist and the shoulders to reduce stress.

Tool belts can easily be worn with pouches in the rear or the front. Wearing them on the backside helps you with easier bending during work. Other accessories like belt waistbands and drill carriers can also be added to maximize the number of gadgets that you can safely carry on the body.

The heavy duty HVAC tool belts are better and more comfortable for the back as they come with band suspenders for mitigating load.

Types of HVAC Tool Belts


HVAC tool belts are generally considered to be the standard belts that wrap around the waist and come with several to many pockets for storing different things. Yes, these are the most common tool belts but they are not the only option available out there. And yes, they might not be the perfect fit for all projects. There are other types of tool belts including:

  • Suspender Tool Belts: The suspender tool belts are perfect solutions for you for carrying heavy tools to work. These products feature two harness-like straps that fit on the shoulders. Thus, they offer additional comfort and support than the ones that are simply wrapped around the waist. Lower back injuries can easily be prevented by using these tool belts.
  • Holster Tool Belts: Such tool belts are worn on the hip and have sufficient space for carrying different varieties of tools. These tool belts offer a lot of flexibility so you can easily bend and move around without causing pain in their stomach. Nevertheless, these units do not have the same space as offered by the other items. They are just perfect when you have to carry only one or two tools.
  • Work Aprons with In-Built Tool Belts: The perfect option if you are working on huge assignments involving the use of heavy duty tools, these products provide all-round protection. They keep all your tools in a safe and secure place while rendering complete convenience. They are generally made of canvas materials or rubber and are quite light in their weight.

Why Do You Need a Tool Belt for HVAC

Home handymen or professional merchants, every HVAC or non-HVAC technician, requires a tool belt. This is an invaluable product that allows the users to carry their tools easily and in a well-organized manner.

With the tool belt for HVAC coming in handy, professionals can safely climb ladders while working more quickly and efficiently. They can also reach out for the most perfect tools without having their eyes off the tasks at hand.

A good quality HVAC electrician tool belt helps in saving a lot of effort and time. These belts feature double side pockets with smaller pouches within. You can use them for carrying all kinds of tools in different shapes and sizes along with fasteners.

Buying Guide


When trying to make the important decision of choosing the right HVAC tool belt, there are a few factors to consider, to start with. Those important factors to consider when buying a tool belt are as follows:

  • Top Quality

Make sure the belt is made using durable and top quality material. The majority of the tool belts these days are made using a blend of varied fabrics. These can be cleaned and maintained very easily. The most common fabrics used are polyester, cotton, and nylon.

Some belts are also made of leather and some feature leather bits included in their stitches. Belts made of strong and durable materials should also come with quality riveting and stitching. They must have the potential of withstanding the weight of tools in different sizes and shapes.

  • Storage Space

The tool holders and the pouches should have sufficient space. This is important because tools in varied shapes and sizes occupy different spaces. For example, tape measures do not take much space but a hammer does.

Make sure the tool belt you are going for features several hooks, tape measure clips and pockets so that it can easily be hung from a place. This helps in saving time and getting more things efficiently done.

  • Proper Adjustment is Necessary

Good quality tool belts will have sufficient space to fit in varied tools and devices. However, the small ones that do not have many pockets and space should have adjustable fittings. The one-size-fits-all belts will serve you better in comparison to the ones available in pre-fixed sizes.

Adjustable belt straps help in saving time and offer greater flexibility. They ensure that the belt fits you comfortably even after being used for a very long time.

Yet another important feature to look out for in reinforced pockets in the belt. Even if you are going for belts made of durable materials such as leather or canvas, the ones with reinforced pockets always make a smart investment.

The ones with reinforced pouches allow the users to carry heavy tools and devices around without the chances of causing any damage or tear. They also ensure that extra weight does not have any impact on the durability of the belt in the long run.

  • Other Miscellaneous Factors to Consider

Among other miscellaneous factors to consider when buying the right HVAC tool belt, technicians or professionals need to consider the type of projects they usually need to work on. It is also important to consider the material of the tool belt so it does not interfere with the HVAC assignment of the user.

The price of the HVAC tool belt is also one of the most important factors to consider because it is the price on which your entire selection will depend. If you are on a budget, make sure to carry out proper research and get something that is both affordable and efficient.

Nevertheless, there is no use compromising on the quality, performance, and efficiency of the tool belt only to get something at the lowest price. Just make sure you are saving big but getting something that offers you several years of service.

Care and Maintenance

Of course, there is no good way of staying clean at construction sites but you need to clean the tool belts that you are using at these sites. The tool belts made of nylon, polyester, or cotton can easily be washed.

Nevertheless, the ones made of leather need to be cleaned and maintained with great care. Nowadays, the majority of these products available out there are made of good quality leather. This is because leather gives them the ability to withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

Paint, dust, dirt, and other elements tend to stick both inside and outside these belts. Hence, it becomes crucial to clean the belts either by using castile soap or by using neat foot’s oil. Taking care of your tool belt and maintaining it in the right way is essential if you want to use the product for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular HVAC tool belt brands?

The most well-known HVAC tool belt brands are available from Gatorback that are the jack of all trades serving well in all circumstances.

The heavy duty tool belts from Dewalt also offer padding and attaching suspenders and harness. The adequate strength is for holding tools in place without getting damaged. They also give you comfort while moving around with all the weight.

Built from durable materials, the tool belts available from CLC Custom Leathercraft or Occidental Leather also come complete with suspenders and shoulder straps. They go a long way in protecting your lower back and in preventing injuries.

Of course, the other option can be going for the tool belts from Bucket Boss as they allow for much more movement and flexibility while still offering the support and the strength you need.

Whatever your requirements are, one thing that you can do is a bit of proper research, then you will get hold of the right tool belt.

Where is Dead On Tools made?

According to the Dead On Tools website, the brand’s headquarter is in the Midwest. However, it ships its HVAC tool pouches, belts, hand tools, and other products within the continental US. Currently, it does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Why does my belt bend in the back?

One possible reason is that the belt is taking the shape of your body. Every individual has a degree of curving based on their size and weight. Even how the person wears the pants can cause the material to bend.

Another reason is that your belt loop or an overstuffed technician tool pouch pulls the belt down. Also, the belt is probably struggling to hold all the pouches in your HVAC or electrician tool pouch setup. You may need to rearrange your tools or use suspenders to balance out the weight.

How can I make my HVAC tool belt smaller?

First of all, it is worth noting that not all HVAC tool brands have designs that allow you to modify the size of the tool belt.

Based on my research, Occidental Leather has come up with an Adjust-to-Fit ToolBelt that lets you resize the belt’s length. Simply pull the nylon webbing located behind the keeper strap and suspender loop. Next, un-thread the webbing from the metal Oxy Lock twice to release it. This will allow you to adjust it freely.

The next step is for you to determine the desired belt length, and then adjust by pulling the sides of the belt apart. Ideally, the modification should place the bag on top of or at the back of your hip’s centerline. Once adjusted, put the nylon webbing back into the Oxy Lock.

Lastly, slip the webbing back into the keeper strap and under the suspender attachment. Then, hide it behind the tool and hammer holder.

How do you store an HVAC tool belt when not in use?

Most workers suggest hanging the tool belt on a hook attached to the ceiling. Others think it’s a good idea to drape it over a chair.

Whichever method you choose, take the time to remove the items inside. I know you’ve worked hard to put together the perfect HVAC tool bag setup, but emptying it after use will prevent the items from slipping out of the pouches when you hang them.

Plus, you would be surprised to see old tools, nails, and other stuff you can get rid of to minimize the weight. Also, remember that it may carry blades that can puncture the bottom part of the pouch.

How to use it?

So, you have got a tool belt. Now what? You cannot just get along with using the product immediately. In fact, you should have a proper idea of how to use the item so that you can carry it along no matter what is the location of your work.

In other words, you will have to get a clear understanding of how you need to wear it so it offers you a tool carrying convenience. Remember, if the tool belt spills the tools on the ground or starts malfunctioning, you will have to spend a lot of time retrieving the tools.

Routine maintenance work and services can best be delivered with the use of the right tool belts. Tool bags with carry handles will be the right choice for working in confined and narrow spaces.


Going through the reviews of the best HVAC tool belts that I have mentioned above will help you choose the best-suited product for yourself. What makes the tool belts here exclusive is they are 100% practical resolutions.

Hence, if you are working by hanging or at dizzying heights, you should opt for the top-rated HVAC tool belt that will guarantee you the ultimate working experience. I hope you will not make a wrong decision with your tool belt purchase after taking a look at my review.

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