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The Best Metal Roofing Shoes for 2023

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Installing metal roofs can be challenging and dangerous due to the coating oil on those new sheets. Wearing proper installation gears, like metal roof shoes, will help you walk on steep roofs without any problems! They can be used in both residential and commercial constructions, and have proven to help roofers achieve efficient and safe installation.

best metal roofing shoes

Work shoes for metal roofs have strong grip and superior durability. Searching for a good one may give you a hard time as there are plenty of options. To help you with your buying decision, here’s our review of some of the best metal roofing shoes you can find in the market

Best Metal Roofing Shoes Reviews of 2023

1. Reebok Work Zprint Work

Reebok is one of the most trusted American brands in sportswear. Their Reebok Work Zprint are roofing shoes that ensembles durability and comfort.

This pair has an athletic style and a low-cut design that comes in different colors to choose from. Among its great features, the Foot-mapped 3D-Foam midsole with arch support provides extra balance and stability for your feet.

Perfect for any type of rigorous workouts and professional activities, these metal roof shoes can block moisture build up, keeping your feet cool and odorless all throughout. Thanks to its moisture-wicking ultra-fine nylon mesh lining!

I would also recommend this to anyone who is always on the go because of its incredible flexibility! I could literally roll them up and carry them wherever I go! Besides that, their flexibility feature promises seamless motions for your feet, allowing you to perform your task without fear of injuries and accidents.

As one of the trusted metal roofing shoes out there, this pair is made with user safety in mind! In truth, there are rubber nodes on the sole for a strong grip, preventing you from slipping, especially when working on high-steep roofs.

Ideally, it is a design that helps contractors perform their duties well. That is why these shoes for metal roofing include a multi-layered cushioning platform that gives your feet optimum comfort and full control at work. It is perfect for anyone who has a history of ankle and feet injury.

One thing I noticed is that the metal toe box doesn’t have enough space for my toes to move freely.
What We Like
  • An athletic style with a low-cut design and various colors
  • Foot-mapped 3D-Foam midsole with arch support for balance
  • Features moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining
  • Flexibility for easy carrying and seamless motions
  • Rubber nodes on the sole for a strong grip
  • Multi-layered cushion for ultimate comfort
What We Don’t Like
  • Narrow metal toe box
Overall, I would recommend these quality shoes for metal roofs because of its features and affordable price.

2. Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoes

Also known as “The Spider”, The Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe is just right for any roofer looking for comfortable, water-resistant shoes.

With more leather and suede, air movement going inside is minimal, allowing it to repel water to some degree. This is why it’s considered one of the perfect metal roofing shoes to use in a very wet environment.

One of the features I love is the odor control technology. Since roofers always work in a fast-paced environment, these roofing shoes have a moisture-wicking lining that prevents moisture buildup and sweat causing odor. It maximizes comfort and boosts confidence at work.

Moreover, it has a lower density PU midsole & outsole, which offers more protection and greater resistance to wear and tear.

This Canadian company boasts of its advanced design and features. All products undergo extensive quality control to make sure they meet safety standards. And nothing beats their puncture-resistant midsole, which is the selling point! Such a feature ensures roofers that they can walk, climb, and run all day without getting punctured by broken glass and other sharp objects.

And their metal-free shoe is also my favorite! When walking through metal detectors in a highly secured environment, there is no need for me to take my shoes off.

Lastly, the Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe has a slip-resistant feature, which is perfect to use for anyone walking across rough and highly polished surfaces.

The only thing I would like them to improve is adding more flexibility to the sole.
What We Like
  • Water-resistant feature for very wet environment
  • Odor control technology for maximum comfort and confidence
  • A lower density PU midsole & outsole for optimum protection & durability
  • Puncture-resistant midsole for protection from sharp objects
  • Metal-free shoe for highly secured working environment
  • Slip-resistant feature for rough and polished surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Not very flexible sole
All in all, this comfortable pair of metal roofing shoes is an excellent choice offering lots of functionality.

3. Merrell Men’s Hiking Shoes

Merrell is an American brand that is known for manufacturing top-rated outdoor footwear, so it’s a brand that you can trust! In my opinion, their Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is undoubtedly among their best models for roofing.

This product has a super lightweight feature (1.1lb) that provides more comfort and endurance. Anyone wearing these metal roof shoes will not feel the extra energy they exerted to lift their feet as opposed to one that is 2 pounds or more! So, it’s really convenient!

Along with this feature is a breathable mesh lining (5mm lug depth) that serves as a great ventilation for your feet. It also comes with a Vibram branded rubber sole that has excellent traction, durability, and abrasion resistance. No wonder why Merrell earns a spot in the reliable metal roofing shoes list.

Furthermore, this roofing shoe promises an extra level of comfort and protection with its air cushion feature. It serves to protect the muscles, joints, and tendons from strong impacts by absorbing the forces and reducing stress on these areas. I would wear this type of roofing shoes on any given occasion if I am feeling more cautious.

I appreciate the durable leather suede keeping the upper body well-protected. Plus, the closed-cell foam feature keeps moisture and debris away. Hence, this pair is perfect for wearing on wet days.

As for the lace, it just has the right layout and construction to secure the shoes. And there is ankle padding that helps evenly distribute pressure in the ankle area, thereby reducing pain and discomfort. Although, I would have liked it more if the sole had more cushion.
What We Like
  • Super lightweight and breathable mesh lining for comfort
  • Vibram branded rubber sole for superb traction, durability, & abrasion resistance
  • Air cushion feature and ankle padding for extra of comfort & protection
  • Durable leather suede for upper body protection
  • Closed-cell foam feature for moisture and debris blockage
  • Excellent lace layout and construction for fastening shoes
What We Don’t Like
  • Not enough cushioning in the sole
Overall, Merrell has done a great job in repurposing the old model, keeping all the main features. They also offer a reasonable price for their new metal roof shoes model.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s Construction Shoes

As an American company that manufactures outdoor footwear, Timberland Pro Men’s Powertrain Sport proves to have one of the most favorite metal roofing shoes in the market through its alloy-toe roofing shoes.

Weighing only 1.25lbs, alloy-made metal roof shoes don’t add extra weight so that roofers can move around easily. Also, its lightweight feature helps roofers accelerate their performance at work.

These pairs of roofing shoes can also help minimize stress through their anti-fatigue technology. This feature enables the shoes to absorb shock and impacts from the ground. It is best utilized in a fast-paced environment where roofers have to climb, jump, and run all the time!

The other notable feature of these roofing shoes is the electrical hazard protection, which is designed to protect roofers from live electrical circuits and energized conductors at work. Especially in a very wet environment, this feature can be a lifesaver!

Just like other shoes to work on metal roof, this pair combats slippery and rough surfaces through its slip-resistant sole. It gives the shoes a firmer grip to minimize your chances of falling. Indeed, all these features help facilitate a smooth and safe installation.

I would have loved it even more if improvements in the quality of the insoles.
What We Like
  • Alloy safety toes for quick and easy movements
  • Anti-fatigue technology for absorbing shock and impacts
  • Electrical hazard protection for hazardous workplace
  • Slip-resistant sole for minimizing chances of falling
  • Super lightweight feature for performance acceleration
What We Don’t Like
  • Less durable insoles
Overall, considering all the features that these metal roof shoes have, I think it is a great product that’s worth our investment!

5. TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes

If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes for metal roofs, then I recommend the TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes as one of the best!

Regarding its construction, synthetic uppers let roofers move around easily without straining their muscles! I also like its athletic design that is perfect for both men and women to wear.

The company also did great in adding a rubber sole to the shoes for added durability. Such a feature will protect the shoes from critical elements found on the ground. It is also perfect for daily use because you don’t have to worry about instantaneous wear and tear.

For roofers, these shoes are designed to minimize your risk for accidents. It has a non-slip feature to protect you from slippery surfaces during installation and repair.

What about cuts, burns, and lacerations? These shoes for metal roofing are steel-toed, which means injuries are less likely to occur. Especially when working in a high-risk environment, steel-toed shoes can protect you from potential accidents, including falling objects.

If safety is your main concern, then I believe this company did a great job in creating comfortable and durable shoes. The one thing they missed though, is adding the arch support feature.
What We Like
  • Synthetic uppers for extra comfort and smooth physical movement
  • Has an athletic design suitable for men & women to wear
  • Rubber sole for ultimate protection and stronger durability
  • Non-slip feature for slippery surfaces
  • Steel-toed feature for protection from potential accidents
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks arch support
These roofing shoes are one of the cheapest in the market, so it is a life- and money-saver at the same time! I totally recommend it!

6. Korkers Unisex Overshoe Sandal

One of the most popular and best shoes for metal roofing is this American-branded footwear, also known as the “Overshoes.” It is called overshoes because it is NOT a pair of shoes, rather a system that fastens another pair of boots.

Remarkably smart, these best metal roofing shoes feature a strap system (for easy adjustment), quick-release buckle (for safety), and 3 types of outsoles to choose from.

With this product, you can choose which outsole to wear on a given day. For example, I use the soft foam sole when installing metal roofs on rainy days or on wet surfaces as it has a strong, “sticky” grip that prevents me from falling. But if for walking on asphalt roofs, I deem it best to wear the Medium Density Composition Sole instead.

The spiked soles, on the other hand, are best used when walking on slippery and wet wood roofs. I like this because unlike other types of spiked soles, they have rubber spikes, which are not sharp enough to cause damage to the wood yet give a strong traction.

Overall, these metal roof shoes are just perfect for roofers who work in various types of surfaces like wood, asphalt and metal. They are definitely more practical and handy than other brands. I think it would have been better if the company included all 3 types of outsoles in the package upon purchase.
What We Like
  • A strap system for easy adjustment
  • A quick-release buckle for maximum safety
  • Features a soft foam sole for slippery metal roofs
  • Medium density composition sole for walking on asphalt roofs and surfaces
  • Rubber spiked soles for slippery wood roofs
What We Don’t Like
  • Some types of outsoles are purchased separately
Practicality-wise, these metal roof shoes are a good choice! Considering all the features it has, I believe roofers could benefit a lot from wearing it at work.

7. RAX Men’s Multifunctional Boots

One of the reasons why I consider this footwear as one of the most metal roofing shoes is because of its fabric and leather construction. These materials make the shoes comfortable to wear, durable, easy to clean and have a better fit!

Fabric and leather also make this product water-resistant, which is perfect for wet environments. When days are more physically demanding, you can take advantage of the rubber soles, which are your feet’s shock absorber!

I also wouldn’t mind wearing this every day because, aside from protecting my feet from outside elements, they are very stylish. I think it can match well with any outdoor fashion.

One distinctive feature of these metal roof shoes is the cushioning EVA midsole. If there’s one thing that your feet need when installing a roof, that would be stability. EVA sole provides feet stability regardless of the person’s weight, amount of pressure applied during running or walking, and other possible challenges.

The other feature of these roofing shoes that I would also like to emphasize is the Antiskid multi-directional traction rubber outsole. It is designed to minimize the occurrence of foot fatigue by encouraging propulsion and braking. It also provides a strong-grip to maintain a firm hold with the surface.

These shoes for metal roofs can be worn on any occasion. Since it has a TPU shoe toe protection, it can resist strong impacts and abrasion. I would probably have loved it more if the product was more breathable so my feet don’t sweat in hot weather.
What We Like
  • Made of fabric & leather for extra comfort & durability
  • Water-resistant feature for wet working environments
  • Rubber soles for absorbing shocks & strong impacts from the ground
  • Features a cushioning EVA midsole for feet stability
  • Antiskid multi-directional traction rubber outsole for reducing foot fatigue
  • Features a TPU shoe toe protection for resisting strong impacts and abrasion
What We Don’t Like
  • Not very breathable
Overall, I consider this as one of the ideal shoes for metal roofing because every feature is essential to all kinds of roofing services.

8. KEEN Utility Men’s Work Shoes

A recognized American brand that boosts about their 100% leather- and textile-made metal roof shoes. Textile-made roofing shoes are generally attractive and stylish. Combined this with leather makes the product breathable, durable, and able to control the temperature.

There is no doubt that these shoes can step on surfaces with varying degrees of temperatures. The barrier between the soles of the shoes and the ground (rubber soles) keeps it in good condition for a long time. Indeed, one of the right metal roofing shoes out there!

I also love that these roofing shoes have a soft toe to keep me fresh and confident all day! As an odor absorber, a soft toe keeps you moving around without having smelly feet to brother you!

It is also one of the best shoes for walking on metal roof that does not leave a mark on surfaces because of its non-marking feature. It lessens the risk of sensitive surfaces from getting damaged.

Besides that, the Electro Static Dissipative feature maintains optimum protection by preventing static electric charges from building up. When working with electrified objects, you can reduce the risk of being electrocuted.

Moreover, when work requires full forefoot flexibility, you can prevent foot fatigue through its key-tech flex feature. This allows feet to maintain firmness, flexibility, and stability while moving around.

If you also work in low-lit environments, I suggest you consider the reflective webbing feature. Making you visible in the dark will add to your safety throughout your work. I wish they could add more comfort to the underfoot, though.
What We Like
  • Rubber soles for a firm grip and extended use
  • Soft toe for absorbing bad odor from socks and shoes
  • Non-marking feature for protecting sensitive surfaces
  • Electro Static Dissipative for protection from static electric charges build-up
  • Key-tech flex feature for full forefoot flexibility
  • Reflective Webbing Feature for visibility in the dark
What We Don’t Like
  • Less comfortable underfoot
The product’s unique features, like the reflective webbing & ESD, makes them good shoes to walk on metal roof.

9. SAFETOE Mens Steel Toe Shoes

This is another great pair of roofing shoes with many features necessary for a safe roofing construction. This SAFETOE product is made of microfiber leather, which means it is scratch-resistant, elastic, and comfortable to wear!

What I love most about these roofing shoes is their stylish and colorful look. I think they are perfect options to mix and match for anyone who loves playing with outdoor clothes!

Consider also how comfortable these metal roof shoes are because of their orthopedic gel insoles. Besides adding extra cushioning, this feature can sooth painful areas in the feet. When repairing and installing roofs during the winter, these metal-free roofing shoes for metal roofs will keep your feet warm and strong.

The product’s selling point is the Max Tech memory foam feature. This feature intends to cater to groups of roofers who are suffering from foot-related diseases. By relieving pressure on the ball of the foot, optimum support & comfort will be provided. The feet will be more stabilized while the heels can easily and quickly absorb shock.

It will also protect your feet from slipping or falling into the ground through its anti-slip feature. This is why I consider them as one of the top-rated metal roofing shoes in the market!

The one thing I hoped they could have improved more is adding more cushion to the heels.
What We Like
  • Microfiber leather for extra comfort, elasticity & protection from scratch
  • Orthopedic gel insoles for extra cushioning and soothing painful areas in the feet
  • A metal-free footwear for keeping the feet warm and strong
  • Anti-slip feature for fall prevention
  • Max tech memory foam for extra comfort to wearers with foot-related diseases
What We Don’t Like
  • Not enough cushion to the heels
Overall, this pair of shoes for metal roofing are worth buying for! Every feature you need to optimize safety and convenience are in this small, lightweight outdoor shoe.

10. Reebok Work Men’s Oxford Shoes

Reebok manufactures another kind of athletic footwear suitable for roofing repair and installation. This pair is made of synthetic mesh, making it wrinkle-free and soft to wear. Furthermore, it has rubber soles for shock absorption and protection from outside elements.

What makes these roofing shoes different from other styles is that it has mesh with webbing. Hence, it is the ideal option for preventing foot ulcers for diabetic people and roofers who’ve had foot surgery. Furthermore, it has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet and toes dry throughout!

As one of the most metal roofing shoes in the market, it offers extra support and comfort to your feet through its MemoryTech Cushion Footbed. Also known as a foot stimulant, this feature gives your feet a little massage to improve blood circulation and reduces stress. Thus, it’s very suitable to wear in a fast-paced environment.

It also has alloy toes, which means it is made from different light materials combined to make it light and comfortable to wear. I wished they could have widened and softened the toe box a little more for extra comfort for my toes.
What We Like
  • Made of synthetic mesh for a soft and wrinkle-free footwear
  • Rubber soles for shock absorption and optimum protection
  • Mesh with webbing for foot ulcer prevention
  • Moisture wicking lining for keeping feet and toes dry
  • MemoryTech Cushion Footbed for stimulating and adding support to the feet
  • Features an alloy toe for light and comfortable wear
What We Don’t Like
  • The toe box should be widened and softened for extra comfort
Reebok is a trusted footwear brand. This makes this pair of roofing shoes worth the try!

What is a Pair of Metal Roofing Shoes


Metal roofing shoes or roofing shoes are a type of footwear that has been intricately designed and developed for roofing repair, installation, and maintenance. All activities done on top of the roof can be dangerous and risky. For this reason, footwear companies have come up with a workaround to help roofers remain productive and efficient at work while minimizing the risks of potential injuries.

Metal roofing shoes differ from other types of outdoor shoes through their features. The features present in every product can be an indicator of how well shoes for metal roofing are made. For buyers, these are factors that they need to consider when buying. But for footwear companies, these are their selling points!

A pair of shoes for metal roofs exist to optimize productivity and safety. Therefore, high-quality metal roof shoes should promise to provide a firm grip on the surface. It should also work on various types of surfaces, like metal, wood, and textiles. Whatever the brand is, the shoes you purchase must have all the features you need.

For example, if you often work in wet environments, you should consider roofing shoes with a breathable mesh. This provides more room for your feet to move and allows more air to flow, and prevent moisture build-up. Keeping your feet dry can also prevent having smelly feet. So, it really boosts confidence!

The good thing about metal roof shoes is that they can be worn on any given occasion. Some for fashion, while others for function. Whatever your intention is in buying a pair of working shoes for metal roofs, know that this product will be of good use to wherever you go.

How Does It Work

Working shoes for metal roofs have features that can meet your needs and demands at work. They are often referred to as roofing shoes because of their ability to hold firmly on flat metal surfaces like a magnet, preventing sudden slips and falls. Most traction on metal roof are lightweight and flexible, allowing a wide range of motion to be performed easily and quickly.

Moreover, these non slip shoes for metal roofing can be worn even on rainy days because of their water-resistant feature and breathable mesh that absorbs moisture. Roofers remain confident and comfortable all throughout. Some best shoes for metal roof have more remarkable features that allow roofers to work even at night. So it really depends on your work needs.

The best thing about roofing shoes is that they are super lightweight to carry. Heavy outdoor gears only hamper activities at work, especially on the roof, where gravity is at its best to pull you down. Super lightweight roofing shoes make it easy for you to perform all your duties well by allowing your feet to move freely without constraints.

These metal roof shoes also provide a shock-absorbent feature, which means that you can easily jump, run, and walk without muscle and joint constraints. Every part of your feet is well protected so you can confidently move around. The type of material that the shoes have can also affect your performance. Combination of leather and fabric are recommended. These materials are durable, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

If your roofing shoes also have rubber soles, the better. Rubber soles have a strong grip while minimizing damage to sensitive surfaces. This way, both you and the surface you are working on are protected. Surfaces can maintain its quality while you can maintain your efficiency at work.

Types of Metal Roofing Shoes


There are different types of metal roof shoes available these days. It is best to understand each type so you can better decide which one to buy.

Ankle Working Boots

The main purpose of these shoes for framing is to protect your ankle from injuries and strains. They add comfort to these areas by adding more cushion and arch support. Moreover, it minimizes fatigue and stress. Since our ankle is an important part of our body, it is just comforting to know that a product like this can take care of it.

High Work Boots

This is also another type of roofing shoes that protects your entire feet. This product’s main purpose is to minimize your risk for injuries, such as slips and falls. Most high work boots have non-slip resistant features and better arch support. I would recommend this type if you want maximum comfort and support for your feet.

Mid-top Work Boots

Metal Roof Shoes like this focus on ankle support. Especially when you are carrying heavy objects on the roof, these shoes can provide support for your feet and back. Some people also use this for hiking, especially when carrying a heavy backpack.

Work Boots

Otherwise known as the steel-toe boot, these metal roof shoes are designed to protect your toes from compression or falling objects. This is perfect for roofing repairs and installations. Just in case a heavy object slips out of your hand and falls on your feet, there is no need to jump around and shout for pain. These work boots got your back!

High-top Hiking boots

I would recommend this if you are working on rainy or snowy conditions. It is a perfect pair of roofing shoes that are water resistant that keeps away moisture and debris to protect your feet. Perfect also for hiking and other outdoor activities when the weather is extreme.

Why Do You Need Shoes for Metal Roofing

It is a perfect question that needs detailed answers. There are different reasons why you need roofing shoes for metal roofing. One reason is to ensure protection for the roofers feet. Our feet are one of the most useful parts of the body, yet it is also sensitive to scratches, burns, and strains. What better way to protect them in a harsh environment than to wear high-quality shoes fit for it?

Since roofers need their feet to perform repair, installation, and maintenance, they simply cannot afford to make any risks. Another particular reason is for comfort. Roofers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. They need the perfect pair to offer proper traction on metal roof that can offer extra cushioning for the bones and nerves inside. If there is proper support, then comfort follows.

Besides comfort, all roofers are concerned about their own safety and security when working on top. Unlike other outdoor shoes, these roofing shoes have safety rubber soles that enable the shoes to have a strong grip on the surface, preventing slips and falls. This way, roofers can move their feet freely without letting gravity obstruct their work.

If roofers want to have safe and efficient work, they must wear all the needed gears, including metal roof shoes. Obstructions, danger, and extreme weather conditions can hamper installation, repair, and roof maintenance. Roofers need assurance that they are well-protected while doing their job. Part of the reason why roofing shoes are made is for roofers to maintain confidence at work.

Danger builds fear and intimidation. When one is not confident enough to do their work, the result won’t be what they expected it to be. That is why roofers need metal roofing shoes to ensure they are safe and protected throughout their work.

Buying Guide


Looking for metal roof shoes can be tedious and challenging. There are many options to choose from, and you cannot simply rely on one information. Consider these factors first before you make any buying decision:


Every shoe for metal roofing has different styles and colors. First, you can look for one that matches your fashion style. Second, you can also consider the colors available. Colors can be specific to the nature of your work. If you are a roofer who always works in wet and dirty environments, I suggest dark colors.


Materials affect quality. If you are looking for high-quality roofing shoes, then I suggest you choose leather-made ones. Leather is more durable and breathable. If the metal roof shoes are made of leather, you can use it for a long time. It ensures comfort for your feet and provides enough airflow to keep them dry.


The most important factor you need to consider when choosing the best shoes for walking on metal roof are the features. Every product has different features, so you might as well consider one that meets your needs. Remember that features are included to maximize safety, protection, and comfort. Make sure not to miss out on any of them.

Reviews & Feedback

I would also consider reading reviews from previous customers. They have firsthand experience using the product, so their review about the quality should help your buying decision. You can also ask for recommendations from people you know. Some websites provide real reviews from people. Make sure to check them out!


Although price is also another factor to consider, that shouldn’t affect your buying decision, especially if you’re after safety and comfort. Make sure to check the prices and plan a budget ahead of time. Remember that you are looking for high-quality roofing shoes, so every penny you’ll spend on it should be worth it!

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance are important so you can enjoy your roofing shoes for a long time. Here are some tips:

Use Cedar Shoe Trees

Every day, your roofing shoes lifespan is being depleted through moisture build-up. You can prevent this from happening by using cedar shoes trees. The purpose of this is to suck up moisture from the leather to keep the shoe’s natural structures. Moreover, this can also prevent the leather from cracking and wrinkling.

Do not wear your shoes daily

Wearing your metal roof shoes every day will naturally increase their chances of wear and tear. If you want it to last longer, then you must rotate your shoes daily. Never wear them for 2 succeeding days.

Regular cleaning

If you often wear your metal roof shoes, then it is better to clean them regularly. Please note that each material has different cleaning methods. Since most roofing shoes are made of leather, you can just polish it using a leather condition. But if it is made of fabric, then just spray it using a stain guard.

Avoid Heat

If your shoes for framing are made of leather, make sure to keep it away from direct heat. Even if you need to remove moisture from your shoes, it is still best to keep them dry naturally. Too much heat could cause your leather to be brittle and become stiff. Just place it in a room with good air circulation.

Use a shoe bag

Shoe bags are pretty useful when you travel. But what makes it essential is that it protects your metal roof shoes from UV ray damage. They also prevent possible scratching and scuffing, so ensure they are properly secured inside the shoe bags. Also, don’t place them beside heavy objects, lest they get crushed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular metal roofing shoe brands?

You can check out some reliable sources to find the perfect metal roofing shoes. Those well-established brands are Thorogood Men, Red Wing, WOLVERINE, Georgia Boot, Timberland, Irish Setter, Carhartt, Cougar Paws, and more.

What is the best way to walk on a metal roof?

Metal surfaces are easily damaged by sharp objects, so be careful not to step on debris and grind it in. The use of rubber soles is also necessary as they are soft and won’t damage the surface.

Do cougar paws work on metal roofs?

Yes! The brand has various work shoes that support you to do framing jobs on metal roofs. Attached to the soles of the cougar paws roofing shoes are powerful magnets that are able to grip into the metal surfaces firmly.

How to climb metal roof?

If you want a strong grip, then choose shoes with soft rubber soles. Using a ladder, climb your way up to the area where you need to be, staying away from all possible weak spots. Carefully step onto the metal.

Where to buy?

Shoes for framing jobs can be bought from different locations. You can either purchase them from your nearest shopping mall, like walmart, or do it online.


I consider these roofing shoes as a good product invention. Utilizing these best metal roofing shoes, I can do roof maintenance, repair, and installation without fear and anxiety. I truly admire every single person behind this product’s creation. It is truly an innovative, functional, and robust outdoor footwear that any roofer out there should benefit from.

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