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The Best Non Prescription Glasses for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you finally acquire the best non prescription glasses that you know are just right for you? It’s the kind of eyewear that becomes a part of you simply because it perfectly matches your style — no more, no less. It won’t leave you looking awkward or dorky — assuming you know how to wear it.

Let’s face it, not a lot of us can handle the bespectacled life. Wearing glasses as a fashion statement takes confidence and daring. And I’m all too willing to shake the hand of people who can stare at the beasts of doubt and judgment eye-to-eye while wearing killer specs.

best non prescription glasses

The same rings true even for people who use them for their protective abilities. They don’t sacrifice their looks. So why should you?

Imagine stepping into their shoes. Imagine slaying style with this truly transformative eyewear. Impossible? Not with this guide and review.


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Pro Acme PA1006C

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Shiratori Clear Lens Glasses

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11 Top-Rated Non Prescription Glasses Reviews of 2023

1. Pro Acme PA1006C Non-Prescription Glasses

Budget-friendly, durable, and lightweight, these specs are, deep down, what people look for in cost-effective eyewear.

I bought these specs because I wanted to experiment with clear frames. Sure, there are colored options, but the transparent ones simply bring something wonderfully different to the table. I also didn’t have to worry too much about it not fitting my face shape or the frames being too bulky to the point that they overwhelm my face.

No other word suits these glasses’ style better than “trendy”. They can be any hipster’s go-to eyewear on a weekend out or a regular day in the office. All the more so if you want a quick style swap and are in the mood for not-too-flashy specs.

They’re versatile because I’m sure I can wear them with any casual attire and even most of my smarter outfits. I’d more than recommend them if you want to divert the attention to another article of clothing while still enjoying that inimitable bespectacled appeal.

I also love that, despite the thick, sturdy plastic frames, there’s barely any noticeable heft at all. In fact, they’re so lightweight I sometimes feel like I’m not wearing anything! I’ve been regularly using these eyeglasses for close to a year now, and they’re still holding up well. However, I do have to assert that I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to caring for my eyewear.

Incidentally, the same lack of weight applies monetarily as well. I’d be lying if I say that the price tag didn’t appeal to me. From what I got, I can say it’s a bonafide bang for anyone’s buck, especially if you’re building your clear non prescription eyeglasses collection.

So what don’t I like about these Pro Acme glasses? I feel like the plastic is especially vulnerable to scratches. Mine hasn’t got one yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they rear their ugly heads sooner or later.
What We Like
  • Neutral, clear frames that fit most attires
  • Solid trendy style
  • As durable as they are lightweight
  • Easy on the pocket
What We Don’t Like
  • Scratch-prone plastic material
These Pro Acme clear non prescription glasses blend like a chameleon with any kind of get-up, which is always a plus. And you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy this perk.

2. Shiratori Clear Lens Glasses

Featuring elegant, vintage-looking, semi-rimless frames, the design of these men’s non-prescription glasses can also suit women. Apart from that, this specific model comes in black, brown, gold, and leopard and can jazz up any outfit.

Stylishness aside, these glasses function as protection against harmful UV rays. Plus, I find these glasses very comfortable to wear. For one, the arms rest on my ears securely without pinching. The rubber nose pad does not cause the glasses to slip. Ergo, I do not have to readjust them now and then.

Granted, these glasses are up for grabs at an affordable price. Yet both the frame and lenses do not feel nor appear cheap. In particular, the lenses do not have any distortion. Generally, they are pretty lightweight so they do not strain my ears when I wear them all day. That’s why I like to wear them for work, reading, vacation, and partying.

All in all, I do believe that this brand offers the best quality glasses, except that they are packaged in plastic bags. Thankfully, my glasses were handled well throughout the shipping. When cleaning the lenses, I strongly suggest that you don’t put too much pressure as you might pop them out.
What We Like
  • Protects your eyes against UV rays
  • Suits most outfits and occasions
  • Has classic unisex frames
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent anti-slip design
  • Great quality at a cheap price
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not come with a pouch or casing
  • Lenses feel delicate
More than just a versatile fashion accessory, this inexpensive pair of glasses can protect your eyes against UV rays. At the same time, you can wear them the entire day without feeling any pinching around the head.

3. GQUEEN FBAGQ82a-00 Fashion Glasses

These GQUEEN glasses can elegantly adorn any consummate fashionista’s countenance without going over the top cost-wise. UV-protected and designer-inspired, these qualities can put to shame most upscale specs out there.

I’m one of those types of people who don’t mind availing of designer-inspired eyewear. I mean, what could hurt from taking inspiration (or should I just say copying?) from high-end brands that we love to put on a pedestal? I get snazzed up without paying twice, thrice, or even four times the product would have cost. That’s almost always a win-win situation, especially if you get versatile, stylish designs like this GQUEEN pair.

I got the one with blue frames. And can I just say that I instantly fell in love with how the hues smoothly flow from light to dark and vice versa — like how the sea meets a cloudless sky? Don’t mean to wax poetic, but that should give you an idea about how much of an impact these specs’ design has on me. Exquisite, to put it mildly.

Though natural UV protection isn’t really a priority on my part, it’s always a nice bonus to get with unprescribed glasses. Now that I mention it, doing my weekly strolls in my local park and beach with these specs only makes me appreciate them more. This definitely ups their everyday eyewear potential in my book.

I’m not too sure if this can be considered a notable downside, but I think the frames would have been perfect if they’re a bit smaller. In a way, it affects the fit, which is an issue I’m thankful I didn’t get. That said, the comfort more than makes up for it, so it’s really not much of an issue. Considering these specs are entirely made of plastic, they easily exceeded my expectations.
What We Like
  • Chic, versatile designer-inspired frames
  • Offers natural UV protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very much worth it for the price
What We Don’t Like
  • Frames could use a little downsizing
For their style alone, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to make these my everyday specs. You’ll probably say the same once they grace your face.

4. WOWSUN Unisex Stylish Nerd Glasses

In the world of hipsterism, the term “stylish nerd” would sound redundant, but these glasses emphasize it for a reason. After all, everything about these specs exhibits nerd sexiness to the core.

The frame is where all the magic happens. It sports that attractive gloss, which I think complements its black hues — at least, that’s what the WOWSUN glasses I got looks to me. It was actually gifted to me by my girlfriend (who got one herself), and she is all too quick to attach words like “super cute” to it. I (secretly) agree as well.

And I think these glasses’ larger than normal size superbly accentuate their simple style, belying a certain oomph. The relatively broad lenses you can fit in them not only open up opportunities to use blue light lenses and other specialized lenses but their size also means you get more protective cover in the eye area. Pretty useful in these pandemic-riddled times.

Though made of plastic, you can immediately feel its relative sturdiness, which is, again, aided by its size. It has survived numerous falls on my part (no thanks to my occasional clumsiness), and I can certainly attest to its durability. But, considering the price, I suggest you don’t get carried away.

Do I have any qualms about these eyeglasses? Well, I’m not particularly a fan of the lenses they come with. Mine ended up getting scratches too soon. And the size can also be a double-edged sword because it (somehow) forces you to sport certain hairstyles (pulled-back worked for me) to make it match.
What We Like
  • High-end-like style
  • The size complements the design
  • Good-sized rims ideal for larger lenses, which boost protection
  • Ideal for lens customization
  • Sturdy despite being made of plastic
What We Don’t Like
  • Only works best with certain hairstyles
  • Flimsy lenses
If you want big-framed but still thoroughly cute non prescription glasses, then you don’t have to look further than these WOWSUN glasses. It’s hard to top the fact that you won’t have to pay thrice its price tag to enjoy top-tier eyewear frame designs with them.

5. COASION CA7013I Round Clear Glasses

COASION’s vintage round eyeglasses are an avant-garde take on a classic style. It’s bold in experimenting with design and, as most of its positive feedback can readily prove, the move paid off.

I got the tortoise for a change, and could I just ask who could possibly not love the look of speckled specs when used on round frames? I must say, the combination of the plastic frame and golden metal temples makes it look ritzy. Who would have thought that glasses without prescription lenses can achieve this level of swagger at bargain prices?

I once wore these on one of my nights out with friends, and I still distinctly remember getting a ton of compliments for my “swanky glasses”. And, yes, I’m well aware if they’re just pulling my leg. Also, guess what? Most of them thought it cost a fortune!

Additionally, the designers took the time to make the included lenses non-polarized, which is another nice touch. This means I get reduced glare when I’m outdoors. It’s also reinforced in the right places (as proven by the thicker-than-normal plastic frame and metal alloy temples), which ticks the toughness checkbox.

Lastly, the streamlined nose rest is also worth highlighting. This is because, one, it forgoes the need for conventional anti-slip silicone. And, two, it enlightened me about how huge of a role the nose rest plays in boosting comfort the first time I put these glasses on.

The only disadvantage I can state is very subjective. I discovered that I have an allergic reaction to the metal temples. It doesn’t happen often, and I do take my allergy meds, but, still, it sucks because I like these specs’ style.
What We Like
  • Trendy, posh-looking design
  • Non-polarized lenses for glare reduction
  • Delivers well more than what you’ll expect from budget eyeglasses
  • Smartly designed for better durability
  • Comfort-boosting nose rest
What We Don’t Like
  • Metal temples could trigger an allergic reaction in some people
Should you be aiming for eyewear that doesn’t look like your average Target mass-produced specs but can’t go beyond their usual price range, go for these glasses. You’ll be getting more of your money’s worth.

6. Pro Acme PA5866 Retro Round Glasses

These glasses call to mind Harry Potter to the youngsters (and young at heart), but it’s really its vintage look that holds most of these specs’ magic powers.

This is what I love about non prescription designer glasses. Some brands, like Pro Acme, take us back in time and add a modern twist to eyeglasses that generations have used and come to love. It just so happens that I’m a retro-lover myself, especially when it comes to my specs. And this pair, with its style alone, skillfully pays homage to these old-timers’ drawing power.

There’s no room to question the durability of the frames and the lens. This is the first pair I’ve worn that’s made of metal and, every time I wear it, I always get the impression that it’ll hold up well against moderate impact. By the same token, the lens also readily exhibits this same sturdiness, being made of polycarbonate. I like to imagine these specs can take a solid hit from a bludger despite their seeming thinness.

I also like the fact that the designers took the time to include adjustable nose grips. These perks are often overlooked, but I can attest that they can influence the amount of comfort you can get from these glasses as far as proper fitting is concerned. With this advantage, the almost dirt-cheap price tag makes this pair a bonafide gem, indeed.

One caveat, though: the metal frames may not be too friendly on the skin. I’ve had mine for quite a while and noticed itching one time on the spot that the frame made contact with the skin near my cheeks. Although I’d like to assert that it was a single, isolated incident. As much as possible, I don’t let the frames, regardless of their material, rest on my skin.
What We Like
  • Inimitably attractive classic round design
  • Highly durable metal frame
  • Adjustable nose-grips for a better, more comfortable fit
  • Well worth getting for the price and perks
What We Don’t Like
  • The metal frame could trigger itching
For style alone, these glasses would fit right in with old souls and retro specs aficionados who want longer-lasting eyewear without hurting their bank account.

7. Amomoma AM5001 Round Cateye Glasses

Amomoma’s Cateye imparts irresistible feline charm and cuteness to anyone who knows how to flaunt them.

I gifted this to my girlfriend during her birthday but informed her beforehand so she could choose the color she wanted. She said she wanted the crystal red to try out something brighter, which will serve as more of a centerpiece in her attire. Indeed, the buoyant scarlet color of the frames has a way of jumping at you and arresting your attention (mine included). I often steer away from such lively hues in my frames, but she definitely knows how to sport and match them with her attires.

Although cat-eye round frames are often recommended for people with more elongated faces, I can prove that these specs are an exception to that rule. I have more of a circular face but still gave these glasses a try for the heck of it. My verdict? They won’t look out of place in my collection, that much is certain.

We are also in agreement when it comes to the mostly metallic make-up of these eyeglasses. The gold finish of the temples feels soft and smooth to the skin as it is stylish and durable. What I’m sure of is these felines aren’t all pretty-pretty. They’re built to last, which is rare for eyewear this inexpensive.

Another aspect she can’t quite get enough of is the fact that the lens already includes blue light protection. The moment she started using these glasses, she started getting respites from her usual headaches when she needs to stay up late working on her laptop. I think it’s no coincidence.

While she did love the gold color, she recently discovered that a certain portion of the right temple has already begun shedding. This is only after 5 months of use. On the plus side, it didn’t affect the feel of the metal.
What We Like
  • Attractive design that capitalizes on the vintage cat-eye style
  • Face shape-amenable round frames
  • Solid metal build
  • Skin-friendly finish
What We Don’t Like
  • Gold plating sheds color too quickly
There’s something about these glasses’ style that balloons the attractiveness of anyone who wears them right. I guess they work extremely well from this fact alone.

8. MEETSUN Women’s Non Prescription Glasses

Abounding in feminine aesthetics while retaining a rich trendy look, these MEETSUN cute non prescription glasses occupy a pedestal reserved for eyewear for the contemporary woman. Adorable, but almost always, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Another one of my lady love’s favorites, this MEETSUN pair merits a closer look when admiring not only its overall look but technical features as well. The devil is in the details, as they used to say. To me, it’s how the gold triangle rivets, set against the river of color on the frames, subtly accentuate its edges. And it’s definitely how the colors hold the entire eyeglasses together as well.

My GF chose the cameo brown frame, which looked pink to me, and it definitely suited the cat-eye shape of the frames. I know I’ve been using this word a lot to describe these kinds of glasses, but there’s really no other, better word to label them than Cute. These eyeglasses are the height of adorkable femininity.

She also easily warmed up to the overall texture of the material because it feels almost silky. I know the acetate is supposed to make the frame sturdier, but she’ll take this boon in comfort any day. It also felt delightful on her skin and didn’t leave it feeling sore even though it’s a relatively tight fit. That it felt lighter than most of her specs is just the cherry on top.

MEETSUN also throws in a lifetime warranty as a bonus. This may seem minor, but I always have a certain degree of respect for brands that don’t hesitate to provide a lifetime warranty. It speaks volumes about the quality of their products and how confident they are in them after all.

She did admit that the included plastic lenses leave a lot to be desired. For one, it wouldn’t have hurt to include a blue light filter. It would have made these glasses perfect, she said. Good thing the lenses are replaceable.
What We Like
  • Unique, ever-attractive design
  • Isn’t heavy
  • Feels good on the skin
  • Includes lifetime warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Lenses could use a blue light blocking featuring
MEETSUN’s non prescription glasses for women are specifically designed to meet that gender’s needs when it comes to these attitude glasses. It’s safe to say that they seamlessly succeed in that goal.

9. AIMADE Unisex Gaming Glasses

Built for gamers and people stuck to computer screens for long hours, AIMADE’s gaming glasses actually deliver more than expected in the style department. So if you happen to be a Twitch streamer or simply want to look extra natty in your next Zoom meeting, then these AIMADE’s specs might have been made especially for you.

I have a weakness for thick frames, and these glasses just know how to take advantage of that. It so happens that I’m a gamer, too, so I wanted something that would fulfill both criteria. These AIMADE gaming glasses come with natural anti-blue light and anti-UV capabilities, which I’m more than willing to spotlight.

I’ve built up a massive collection of non prescription glasses for men over the years. I also consistently switch my eyewear based on what fashion, work, and leisure call for. I can safely say that this is the best one I’ve worn if we’re talking about the ability to prevent eye strain. When I started sporting this pair, the usual screen-related headaches vanished, and my sleep came more naturally. This is why they’ve since become my before-bed eyewear.

Talking about the style, it’s obvious that the designers played it safe with the thick frames and the overall design. It has Hipster Glasses written all over it. And for every free-spirited boy and girl out there, it’s basically a ticket to the Clark Kent look (who I still believe is the seminal hipster). I told you this was my kryptonite.

Another main thing I like is the comfort. The flat temples mean they don’t bite into my skin, and the fit, assuming your head is the right size, leaves no room for criticism. For disadvantages, I will have to point out the weight. I don’t really mind it much, but a lighter version would make these glasses top-tier.
What We Like
  • The epitome of the hipster glasses style
  • Helps to improve sleep
  • Comfortably snug, pain-free fit
  • Comprehensive anti-blue light, anti-UV, and anti-fatigue features
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit heavy
This pair of glasses has your back should you need both the hip factor and eye protection of non prescription designer glasses.

10. TIJN Unisex Stylish Square Eyeglasses

TIJN’s fake prescription glasses take nerd glasses to the next level. Ergonomics-oriented and styled with fluid adaptability in mind, you can count on it anytime and anywhere, whether you’re lounging with your smartphone, attending a wedding, or collaborating with colleagues.

The versatility I mentioned really stems from how the elements of the eyeglasses coalesce. I would like to make it clear that I said versatile because it manages to satisfy what I look for in my eyewear. These are namely comfort, style, and build (with durability in mind). That said, you have to look closely at how these glasses deliver them through their features.

Naturally, I opted for a black finish. I just thought, besides being obviously a classic, it does well to highlight the beautiful silver wing-like rivets on the rims. The thickness of the frame adds as much to the aesthetics as it lends itself to increasing the sturdiness of the entire thing. And I also can’t forget about the retro square frame: it’s obviously another callback to a classic but infused with more contemporary juice.

Speaking of durability, as it stands, these glasses already have more than 2 years of mileage with me, and they still feel and look the same as the first time I got them. The hinges aren’t rickety and have maintained their sturdiness. As for comfort, I know I’ve said it before but the keyhole bridge in this pair really makes the difference. I don’t feel any pressure on my nose at all, and the fit feels stable all the time.

Even so, I really think the designers missed the opportunity to add a blue light blocking lens. That said, the relative hugeness of the frame, if I might add, in a way already offers its own protection. A full blast of air met me once while exiting the grocery, and I noticed that it did well to protect my eyes from it. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take that kind of protection any day!
What We Like
  • Versatile in comfort, style, and durability
  • Classic nerd frame embellished by silver wing-like rivets
  • Proven to last long
  • Comfortable keyhole bridge
  • Large-sized, solid frame protects the eyes from wind
What We Don’t Like
  • Not blue light blocking
Thanks to their comprehensive versatility, TIJN’s nerd black non prescription glasses are a worthy representative of a classic.

11. MEETSUN BD14057 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With tried and tested blue light blocking capabilities, MEETSUN’s specs have nothing to prove in that area. That they abound in attractiveness and come with a lifetime warranty only serves as the icing on the cake.

These MEETSUN glasses look and feel a lot like the TIJN eyeglasses I reviewed above, with a few notable differences. They’re practically twins to me, so I made it a point to select a more distinctive color. I chose the transparent gray one because it looked very trendy to me. The specs’ foggy and clear body is not without its own unique (and quite exotic) appeal.

Furthermore, I liked how MEETSUN asserted these spectacles’ ability to keep the usual eye-straining suspects at bay. I never really got the time (nor drive) to have the lenses of my TIJNs replaced. I read the reviews and was utterly convinced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback of its blue light protection.

So I gave it a try; I used the included testing card and it passed with flying colors! Having said that, it really didn’t take long for me to feel its effects. I started enjoying the same sleep benefits imparted by my AIMADE glasses. As should be expected, these have since become an alternative to the said pair.

The comfort is decent, nothing too noteworthy, but still up there. I would like to point out that I prefer these glasses’ nose pads over the others I’ve tried. They feel secure and stable, yet I don’t feel like they’re perched on my nose at all!

What didn’t I love about it? Well, the overall fit could use a few adjustments (or a widening, to be exact). I doubt most women would struggle with it. But, as for me, I won’t mind getting a bit more space for my temples.
What We Like
  • Classic look with experimental, attractive variations
  • Spectacular blue light protection
  • Nose pads provide above-average comfort
  • More than a bargain for the advantages
  • Lifetime warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • The fit might be too tight for men
If you want bonafide blue-light-blocking designer non prescription glasses that still look normal and not clunky, grab this MEETSUN pair posthaste!

LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Outdated)

Feature-packed and made of innovative materials, LNEKEI’s unprescribed glasses are where technical protection meets unassuming stylishness. Clearly, they’re eyewear designed for the modern working man and woman.

These glasses have become my favorite specs when working my desk job for obvious reasons. The blue light blocking feature was a pleasant surprise considering the low-end price. I’ve had to endure my own bouts of eyestrain in the past when I have to stare at my smartphone or laptop screen for hours. The blue light blocking feature of these glasses makes all the difference in the world. I’m more than willing to take it any day over style in my casual glasses.

I know it’s technically not an inherent feature, but I just had to mention that these glasses also come with a blue light tester strip. Technically, it proves to you how much blue light is being blocked by the lenses. I don’t know, I guess I just find that very impressive for seemingly “generic” and “cheap” eyeglasses. Also, it throws in dual bonuses of anti-UV and anti-glare, which isn’t exactly a common perk in these types of specs.

Although that’s not to say that these frames fall short in that department. What they lack in flamboyance, they make up for in their quiet charm. That said, they also won’t look out of place in pretty much anyone who loves non prescription glasses blue light.

The lack of weight is mainly due to the use of a material called TR90 instead of plastic on the frame. And LNEKEI claims that it makes it tougher — a fact I’m willing to back up since I’ve yet to see noticeable damage in my specs after about a year of ownership. These additional bonuses I think make up for the inconsistent colors throughout the lens, which is the most notable downside.
What We Like
  • Eyestrain mitigation through blue light blocking, anti-UV, and anti-glare features
  • Comes with a tester that proves blue light blocking capability
  • Appealing minimalistic design
  • Great value for money and wallet-friendly
  • TR90 frame makes it doubly durable and lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Lens colors lack consistency
These glasses may have been designed with practicality in mind, but they don’t skimp on the attitude aspect and aesthetics of non prescription eyeglasses.

FEIDU Computer Fashion Glasses (Outdated)

Influencers flock to this FEIDU pair for a reason. They’re well-built non prescription fashion glasses, which fulfill the essential eyewear requirements of device-addicted men and women. Its style, thanks to its variety, easily fulfills male and female sensibilities.

It’s unisex so I didn’t hesitate to get a pair myself. I found that these glasses came in twos so I chose the black + pink combination. Obviously, the latter went to the missus, and we both immediately loved the intricacies of this FEIDU offering. It’s marketed as gaming eyewear, but I’d have to say that this fits the fashion category better.

Cat-eye round frames are almost always a hit among females. However, these definitely defy convention. The black/gold combination is very masculine in my opinion. And I’m glad that I actually get to enjoy the standout aesthetics of these specs.

The gold metal part actually extends from the temples to the rims, where they reinforce the plastic material from behind. Obviously, this is done both for practical and aesthetic purposes, and I think that affirms its excellent craftsmanship. Also, this is the first pair whose high-quality hinges immediately drew me in. Imagine my delight when I discovered that they’re also very flexible and turned fluidly.

I’d say that this also belongs at the top for the way it integrates blue light blocking. I don’t use it frequently but I pretty much gain the same benefits from my AIMADE glasses. The reason for my lack of use actually stems from a scratched lens. Sure could use an improvement.
What We Like
  • Unisex cat-eye rims
  • Overall standout design
  • Excellent hinge craftsmanship
  • Better than average blue light protection
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar lenses
Fake glasses that look real are seldom this versatile style-wise when it comes to gender, especially when we consider that these are also cat-eye glasses. But these are evidently a cut above the rest in that regard.

Types of Non Prescription Glasses


Non prescription eyeglasses already come in numerous forms, and that should give you an idea about how much these glasses have transformed over the years. Many would say that these glasses are fashion first before anything else. And yes, as a rule of thumb, non prescription glasses do serve more of a cosmetic purpose than their more practical prescription counterparts.

However, we also can’t deny the fact that they can also be integrated with protective features. Some are even primarily built with eye protection in mind. And it’s really this functionality that serves as the dividing line between the different types of non prescription eyewear. If we’re going to categorize them, it would be something similar to the following:

  • Fashion Glasses

Every non prescription pair of spectacles that focus on enhancing your looks, bringing out your personality, and complementing your style could fall under this category. More often than not, these are what most people think about and refer to when they’re talking about non prescription specs.

They may or may not include protective perks like anti-blue light, anti-UV, anti-fog, or anti-glare, etc. That said, they can certainly overlap with other types of unprescribed eyewear mentioned here since their designers often make lens customization possible most of the time. It’s just that they are designed more for aesthetic purposes first and foremost.

Since they serve a casual purpose, they’re often mass-produced, often a ubiquitous presence in major retail stores like Walmart. Once you browse through the stores’ catalogs, you’ll find the variety stretched further by either demographics or brands as evidenced by non prescription glasses for kids and non prescription glasses ray-ban.

  • Safety Eyewear

More industry-related and built to withstand most types of damage, chemicals, and various elements, these glasses are all about professional use. You’ll find plenty of them, particularly people wearing safety goggles, in the carpentry, plumbing, woodworking, and welding industries. Even those working in the pharmaceutical and medical industries need this kind of eye protector.

  • Reading Glasses

These glasses already offer magnification but are still not prescribed by an eye doctor. They can be bought over-the-counter in most countries. In the US, you’ll find plenty in pharmacies alone.

If we’re going to go into technicalities, these glasses’ optical power is often measured by units called diopters. Although these are often applied to the type that’s already prescribed. That said, don’t expect store-bought reading glasses to provide much sight correction.

  • Computer Glasses

As their name readily suggests, these specs help mitigate the effects of computer screens on the eyes. Of course, this applies to other gadgets like smartphones and television sets, too. If non prescription glasses often come with innate blue light blocking, then chances are they’ll be labeled as computer glasses as well.

People who experience headaches, blurry vision and other forms of eye strain will benefit a lot from the use of computer glasses. It could actually help to prevent vision degradation, as a result of long-term exposure to blue light and the glare of screens, over time.

Buying Guide


Fake glasses are all the rage nowadays because of the different frames, styles, and designs they come in. Brands are more than willing to experiment with the twists they bring to traditional styles that have stood the test of time. Eye strain reducing glasses, on the other hand, brings something altogether new to the table (not least of which are better sleep and less fatigue).

Assuming you already have a purpose in mind for opting for the best non prescription glasses, then it’s best to stick to it. Are you like me who can’t get enough of the appeal of these glasses and want to build your own collection of stylish non prescription glasses? Or are you more concerned with eye protection?

Obviously, I can’t dictate the style you want because each frame, rim, color, and lens shape have varying pulls based on subjective tastes. At best, you can only follow the general guidelines about looking good in glasses.

Do take note, though, that this is not a one-size-fits-all thing. After all, there are specs that are adaptable enough to render the face shape rule moot. But when in doubt, it’s best to stick to the guidelines.

Factors to Consider to Look Good in Non Prescription Glasses

Face Shape – Most people either have oval, round or square faces. As much as possible, you should be looking at the shape of the frames if you’re factoring in face shape. This is so you can balance out the features of your face that stand out relative to those that don’t.

Generally, those with round faces are recommended to wear square or rectangular frames. Go for lenses that are on the wide – not long – side.

Those with a square-shaped face should opt for wider, curvier frames with equally broader and thinner lenses. People with an oval face are the luckiest because they usually look good in any kind of frame. Although they would typically look best in retro round frames or circular cat-eye frames.

Frame Color – There’s really no strict rule about color. Feel free to don glasses with colors that fit your current mood! Even so, it also won’t hurt to match them with the colors of your attire or even your eye and skin color.

Beige, black, brown, and transparent frames are often safe, versatile options because of their neutral hues. If the weather outside is extra sunny, then wouldn’t it be apt to wear warmer red or yellow frames? As far as weather and mood are concerned, it’s whatever floats your boat.

Hairstyle – Pulling back your hair or brushing it out can do miracles in making most non prescription specs look good on you or in accentuating their style. There’s always room to try out different hairstyles. But for most women, ponytails often take the spotlight when nerd glasses are the topic. Conversely, cat-eye frames suit top buns well. Again, exercise your creativity and test out different styles if you have the time.

What to Look For in Terms of Protection

Blue Light Protection – With a blue light blocker, you can address most issues related to lengthy periods spent facing screens. Assuming you want that benefit, as much as possible, be on the lookout for products that come with a blue light tester.

Brands that include them are often the best choices because they are transparent and take the extra step to prove their feature works. They should also have detailed and clear instructions on how to use the tester.

You should also consider directly asking for proof from the company that their blue light protection works. Some brands are more than happy to oblige these queries and send you an official spectral report.

UVA/UVB Protection – UV protection is not only imparted by sunglasses. In fact, that’s a common misconception. Just because lenses have dark tints doesn’t immediately mean that they block 99% of UV rays.

Certain lenses from non prescription lenses are especially coated in order to provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. If this is a priority for you, then make sure you confirm that the lenses used by the brand offer that kind of protection. That said, it’s usually uncommon so be on the lookout for pairs that have them.

Wind and Heat Protection – This is more of an auxiliary or secondary benefit of larger glasses with thicker frames and lenses. I’ve found that if they cover a substantial portion of the area surrounding your eyes, they will get better protection from wind and heat. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to reduce the instances of dry eyes due to excess heat this way, too.

Regarding Fit

Fit is a common issue people encounter with glasses, non prescription or otherwise — which sucks because it’s a big comfort factor. To achieve an optimum fit, you’d have to be prepared to dive into measurements.

Be mindful of the exact width of the frame, the length of the temples, and the height and width of the bridge. These measurements are often displayed by the brand directly on the product page. By the same token, you’d have to be aware of your own measurements. Not doing so would only lead to more headaches (literally and figuratively).

In most cases, though, it’s really just the frame width (or total width) that’s the usual culprit. As much as possible, the arms or temples shouldn’t be touching or squeezing your own temples. The opposite rings true as well, especially if you can fit two fingers in the distance between them.

Care and Maintenance


In keeping your designer non prescription glasses in tip-top shape, there’s really no need to depart from the standard ways of maintaining most types of eyeglasses (prescription or non prescription).

What you want to avoid as much as possible are scratches on your lenses. Make no mistake, there are ways to reverse lens scratches, but they are often a hassle to do and only entail further expenses. It’s almost always best to rely on professional help for it, instead of trying out shady or unproven claims online. So, for me, prevention is always the better route to take.

How to Optimally Clean Eyeglasses

  • Make sure your hands are spick and span before starting.

There’s no use in cleaning glasses with dirty hands since you’ll more than likely only end up dirtying every part you touch. Most kinds of soaps will do except for those with added lotion. Be sure to dry your hands with an equally clean towel afterward.

  • Remove the presence of dirt and other small debris on the lenses through washing.

Running your lenses through tap should do the trick. Doing this should reduce the risk of scratching the lenses. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot as it could affect the glasses’ coating or finish.

A few drops will do for each lens. Then start rubbing — you can do sides separately or simultaneously. If you’re feeling extra meticulous then don’t hesitate to do the former. Continue cleaning every part of the glasses, the nose rest (if there is one), temples, and bridge. These are the parts that are often subject to dust, grime, and debris.

  • Rinse the glasses completely afterward.

Assuming you used soap, be sure to not miss this step. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to go back to Step 2.

  • Remove excess moisture, then dry with a clean, particle-free cotton towel or microfiber cloth.

It’s important to mind the towel’s material because it could contain substances that might only slather the lenses with unwanted stuff again. A good, old cotton towel should suffice for most cases, as long as it’s nice and clean. Better if you use an optometrist-issued microfiber cloth, for obvious reasons.

Proven Tips for Maintaining Eyeglasses

  • Frequent washing can do wonders.

The more time you invest in cleaning your specs, the more months and even years you’ll be adding to their life. I clean the glasses I use almost every day before I retire to bed. I reckon I’m hitting two birds with one stone this way because don’t those smudges only end up putting more stress on your eyes due to all the straining they’ll be doing?

  • Mind where you place them.

Being a clean freak won’t do you any good if you don’t pay attention to where you put your glasses. Are you sure the surface isn’t rough that it could scratch the frame or lens? Maybe your metal specs started building rust quickly because you let them sit on a wet table for too long?

  • Store them properly.

I make it a point to keep mine in the original containers they come with. Why? Because most of their designers know the right conditions they should be stored in. That said, certain storage cases are often better at housing your precious eyewear. Hard cases serve as a stellar example because they’re built like a rock and are solid enough to prevent their content’s breakage (and their own).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted non prescription glasses brands?

Having tried out most of the brands mentioned in this review, I’ve found that it’s hard to pick a favorite among them. I wholeheartedly recommend them all, and without a doubt, the thousands of other Amazon users who have left positive feedback on each one would agree with me. The styles, designs, and materials they have and use speak for themselves as well.

But if I really have to pick, then know that these are the brands that stood out to me.

AIMADE’s gaming glasses impressed me the most because it really delivered on its blue light protection promise (as proven by the fact that they helped me sleep better). I can say the same for MEETSUN.

MEETSUN obviously stands out because it’s one of the few gems out there that always attaches lifetime warranties to their creations. That’s always a telling sign of quality.

FEIDU and TIJN are also worthy of a special mention because of their aesthetic prowess, while WOWSUN is pretty much a heavyweight in durability.

Can non-prescription glasses hurt your eyes?

Wearing non-prescription glasses does not damage the eyes. However, some users have reported experiencing mild headaches or eye strain. In most cases, it may take some folks to get used to it.

As pointed out in the reviews, non-prescription glasses offer benefits like UV protection. Meanwhile, non-prescription reading glasses magnify small text on paper or screen without getting a prescription from the eye doctor. The strongest reading glasses without prescription are available in magnification levels ranging from +4.00 to +7.00.

Are blue light glasses bad for your eyes?

Contrary to all the myths you may see on various websites or forums like Reddit, there is no harm in using blue light glasses. They protect our eyes against the blue light that our gadgets emit.

Of course, this type of eyeglasses cannot resolve the issue that we get from long exposure to blue light on its own. Cutting back on screen time will help a lot in preventing eye strain.

Where can I buy non-prescription glasses?

Since non-prescription glasses are not designed for distance, you won’t run into much trouble in finding them. You can easily find them in popular drug stores. However, they are widely available in online and physical eyewear shops. Many e-commerce websites and apps also carry these types of glasses.

How do non prescription glasses work?

They either massively enhance your looks and entire get-up or they keep your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and UV light. If you’re curious as to how to wear and use them, you need only to slide them temple-first over the ears then let them down gently to perch on your nose. You should start enjoying protective and (look-enhancing) benefits once properly worn.

Can non prescription glasses cause blindness?

Absolutely not. I don’t know where this myth started, but there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this claim. They’re even relatively safer than prescription glasses because of the (usual) absence of any kind of magnification.

Also, don’t be afraid of hurting your eyes the moment you start wearing them. They’re meant to protect them, not do the opposite.

Is it OK to wear non prescription glasses?

As long as you are enjoying the way you look with them on, then it’s most certainly OK to wear these kinds of glasses. Don’t give in to any supposed “stigma” that these eyeglasses should be off-limits to people, especially if you know in your heart that they are, indeed, the very fashionable trinkets that they are.

What do you call non prescription glasses?

There are many other terms for non prescription eyeglasses that people have used to describe or label them. They have been called attitude glasses, fake eyeglasses, unprescribed specs, fashion glasses, among others.

Is plastic a good material when considering durability?

While metal (titanium, particular) often beats plastic when it comes to toughness, there are certain plastic glasses out there last a long time. You would want to be looking at the thicker-framed, more rigid varieties as much as possible if this is your main concern.

Can I convert non prescription glasses to prescription eyeglasses?

Should you need corrective lenses, know that most non prescription glasses can be easily converted into prescription ones. Emphasis on “most”. If the brand makes it clear that their product is compatible with the said conversion, then, by all means, go for it! Just take the time to confirm it with the company so your effort and resources won’t be wasted.


So, that’s a wrap, I guess. What did you think of my list? Did you notice that most — if not all — of the glasses are fairly affordable? To me, that only proves that the best non prescription glasses don’t necessarily have to be big-ticket, designer eyewear. It proves there are diamonds in the rough. You just have to know where to look.

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