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The Best Right Angle Flashlights for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Whether you have to spot direct light on your camping map or just fix your car’s tire in the dark, you will need some additional light in a specific direction. A right angle torch can help you out for such applications.

Its unique design consists of the light put at a 90-degree angle from the battery case that solves the purpose of high illumination on whichever spot you need. Therefore, enabling you to use it in a much better manner as compared to the standard flashlight.

best right angle flashlight

But you should know how crucial it is to opt only for the best right angle flashlight. As this product also can be used during emergencies, and great at solving whatever purpose you have bought it for. Otherwise, your investment will go waste, and you may get stuck in difficult situations.

To help you pick the most reliable option, I have brought here the top ones you can consider. Let’s see what makes them different from others.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

NICRON N7 Flashlight

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

 Streamlight 90540

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

TENSOR Flashlight

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List of Top-Rated Right Angle Flashlight Reviews of 2023

I have included specific reviews on these products that I found during my personalized testing.

1. NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight

If you don’t want to add more weight to your camping bags or you find it hard to handle regular flashlights and headlamps, NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight would be my suggestion. This compact product offers four light modes, named high, low, strobe, and SOS, making it compatible with all use cases.

I would say not to get fooled by its small and lightweight design. It provides enough illumination to glow up a large area. Along with these, you also get a “power switching mode” with which you can avoid turning on the flashlight with touch switches unintentionally.

Additionally, you can use the 90 degrees rotate trait for operating the light for various tasks. In case you need to use both your hands, you can stick it to any magnetic surface with the help of its magnetic tail cap.

The most impressive feature of this flashlight is its durability. You can take it in water, get it through the fire, or drop it from heights; it will survive everything. Thus, you can add it to your emergency kit or use it for extreme conditions, such as firefighting. I would like to name it the “compact powerhouse.”

The reasonable price makes it an excellent choice when you don’t want to spend much money. Although being offered at a low price, the brand still provides a 12 months warranty that you can easily apply for a return or replace.

However, the AA battery performance did let me down a bit. It’s because the AA battery offers just an adequate brightness of maximum 250 lumens. If you want to use the full performance of 600 lumens, you need to stick with 14500 rechargeable batteries.
What We Like
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Impressive durability for extreme conditions
  • Various light modes for different situations
  • Offers hand-free 90 degree rotate and magnetic tail cap for multiple purposes
  • Affordable price
What We Don’t Like
  • Only uses 14500 batteries for 600 lumens light
If you can compromise with the battery set back, you may not want to look at other alternatives. This compact torch comes with everything that you will ever need.

2. Streamlight 90540 Right Angle Flashlight

You don’t usually realize the need for 90 degree flashlights until you get stuck in emergency circumstances. To avoid that situation, I would recommend adding these lights into your kit. One of the most efficient survivor right angle LED flashlights is the Streamlight Survivor.

What I loved about this product is that you can use either NiCd or AA Alkaline batteries to power it. Plus, the NiCd batteries can be recharged. The run times of these batteries are almost the same with at least 3 hours. It offers a 50,000-hour lifetime so you can totally trust this device’s performance for the task at hand.

The illumination can be set on two levels: high (175 lumens) and low (60 lumens). With the low light, you can use it for approximately thirteen to fifteen hours. The high mode also provides a sufficient life of three to four hours, and it can be used for when you need to cut through dense smoke.

Another great part of this flashlight is the additional modes of its LED light. It doesn’t provide a straight sharp beam; instead, you will find modes like moonlight and emergency flash. These options are great for the time when you need to get through the woods during a camp.

The torch comes with a rubber dome push button, which can be easily handled even with the gloves on. You also need not worry about the product’s durability because it is made from rugged nylon. As the name suggests, this one can “Survive” tough situations.

The only factor that set back this flashlight is that the box doesn’t include the rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you will need to purchase it separately, increasing the overall cost of the spotlight.
What We Like
  • Can be powered with rechargeable NiCd or AA Alkaline batteries
  • Rubber dome push-button for easy use
  • Multiple light settings with additional smoke cutter
  • Decent usage time for all illumination modes
  • Great Durability
What We Don’t Like
  • No rechargeable batteries included
The alternative is great for almost all purposes, whether small or extensive. It is also filled with beneficial features, effective with smoke cutter light mode and rubber dome push-button.

3. TENSOR Corporal 90-Degree Magnetic Flashlight

This right-angle flashlight LED checks all the boxes in my EDC list of requirements. With perfect ergonomics and 3.7-inch size, it fits right in my palm without any discomfort. Plus, the clip is sturdy, yet it does not pinch when I mindlessly grip it tighter.

Like most standard flashlights, this design allows three different modes. With 500 lumens for its brightest mode, this Osram P8 LED device is also usable in dark and low-light conditions.

Furthermore, it has a magnetic base that I can use to stick on a metal surface, like the fuse box. This leaves my hands free to use different tools, and I don’t have to use my mouth to hold the flashlight!

So far, the swivel is easy to turn and stays put, allowing me to aim the light at a specific area. Despite all the turning the swivel up and down and occasionally dropping it, it does not break. Furthermore, this design comes with an IP65 water-resistance rating, suitable for various conditions.

Meanwhile, the battery can run for 6 hours on a low setting while the brightest one can go for one full hour.

One small issue is that I have to twist the flashlight’s body to ensure that the clip aligns correctly with the pocket of my jacket, pants, and bag. But because it’s small, I just slip it inside instead of clipping it, so it doesn’t stick out and fall.
What We Like
  • A 3.7-inch device for comfortable hold
  • Comes with sturdy clip
  • 500-lumen Osram P8 LED light features three different modes for versatile use
  • A magnetic base to let the user stick the flashlight on a metal surface
  • Features a swivel that is easy to turn and stays put
  • Durable piece with IP65 water-resistance rating
What We Don’t Like
  • The flashlight’s body needs twisting to align the clip with the pocket

For a pocket-sized flashlight, this one is brilliant, figuratively and literally. Since I always use my hands to hold tools, I find its magnetic base handy as it helps me aim the light at a specific location without holding it.

4. Streamlight 88087 Right-Angle Light

While headlamps can offer the handsfree feature, it certainly doesn’t offer the flexibility to move in multiple directions. If you have tried out the headlamps and don’t want to settle for them, Streamlight 88087 Protac 90 is the perfect pick for you.

What I found fascinating about this elbow light is its multiple-level illuminations that can be beneficial for any situation or job. You can easily adjust the brightness to low (40 lumens) and high (300 lumens). If you keep the light in the low mode, you can use it for over twelve hours. But it won’t last more than two hours in the high power.

The flashlight can work with various battery types from CR123A and AA lithium batteries to AA alkaline. Moreover, the types of batteries used here play a critical role in determining the product’s performance. In this case, the CR123A offers higher lumens when on high mode than other batteries.

You can also attach the product with your pocket, MOLLE, harnesses, and other things for hand-free support with the removable pocket clip. It is a handy item and really easy to use as you get light at the twist of a button.

Other impressive features are the durable anodized machined aircraft aluminum case, borofloat glass lens, and AR coating, making the flashlight resistant to shock, high-temperature, and water. All these aspects show that you can use the flashlight in almost all circumstances and the most convenient way with multiple light modes, making it suitable for everyone.

Despite so many benefits, the Streamlight model did disappoint me a bit due to its touchy switch. You will require a bit of time to get friendly with it and put it perfectly in place to get the required beam.
What We Like
  • Multiple-levels of illumination
  • Detachable pocket clip for hand-free use
  • Can work with various battery types
  • Resistant to shock, water and high-temperature
  • Get light at the twist of a button
What We Don’t Like
  • Shorter battery life in high mode
  • Touchy switch
All in all, the product fits well in all aspects of a good right angle flashlight. If you want to use it continuously in high mode for long hours, you will have to carry an extra set of batteries with you.

5. Pelican 3410M Right Angle Flashlight

Imagine you get stuck in an absolutely dark place, and you can’t find your torch anywhere near due to low visibility. But you won’t face any such problem with Pelican 3410. It consists of a plastic photoluminescent body that glows in the dark, making it easy to spot the product.

The brand Pelican is popular for its steady and tough designs of flashlights. The same can be said for 3410M. Therefore, it fits well in use cases like firefighting, aerospace, military, and other similar purposes. Besides, it can come handy for everyday applications with its small size.

Further, this flashlight can be used for more than sixty hours in low light mode, and five hours in the full light mode. These numbers make it better than the average battery life offered by right angle flashlights. However, the point to consider here is that you will need three AA Alkaline batteries to run it.

The torch comprises three beam modes: spot, flood, or both that can be set as per your use. Therefore, it can efficiently fulfill each of your requirements. The last thing I would like to include here is the lifetime guarantee offered by the brand. You can get it replaced whenever it gets into bad shape due to any reason.

The only feature this 90 degree LED flashlight lacks is a magnetic tail cap. Though it comes with a magnetic clip, it may not hold the entire weight of the light.
What We Like
  • Photoluminescent body glows in dark for easy finding
  • Durable under extreme conditions
  • Various light and beam modes for multiple use cases
  • Lifetime guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t have a magnetic tail cap
Overall, the torch is an excellent option for people who don’t have to stick it on metal surfaces. If you fit into this category, I don’t find any reason for you not to prefer the product.

6. Fulton Industries N-47 Right Angle Flashlight

The military services own their own history of flashlights. The Fulton right angle flashlight will provide you with a complete feel of the military with its “old school military” appearance. However, this isn’t the only impressive factor about the device.

It includes every primary feature that was available in those right angle led flashlights. They are made from ABS plastic, providing extreme durability to the product. It will remain intact even after years in constant use. The material also protects the flashlight from getting any damages due to substantial impacts or corrosive chemicals.

I found it impressive that this device comes with different colored lenses. It means you don’t have to adjust with the white or yellow light for different purposes. You can put on a red lens for night vision or blue lens to read maps. Despite being conventional in design, the spotlight weighs only eight ounces, so I didn’t have any difficulties in handling it.

The torch can work on either D or AA batteries. Moreover, you can pick a suitable bulb as per your brightness requirements, or a high power LED upgrade bulb can be attached to it to give out more light. Therefore, it is an excellent and sturdy right angle flashlight that is available at a reasonable price.

However, the spotlight doesn’t include any of the modern flashlight features like multiple illumination modes, head rotation, or proximity sensor.
What We Like
  • The traditional military feel
  • Multiple lenses for uses like night vision and map reading
  • Offers high durability for extensive uses
  • Moderate in weight and reasonable to carry anywhere
  • Economical, so won’t put stress on your budget
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t have any exclusive or the modern-day flashlight characteristics
If you prefer classic products, you will fall in love with this best right angle flashlight military in the very first look. But along with that, it also offers high durability and a reasonable design. So it is a must-have in your kit.

7. Streamlight 14032 Flashlight

When you want a mix of style, usability, and features, Streamlight 14032 is what you need to buy. Its appearance is the very first thing that makes it stand out from other 90 degree angle flashlights. The compact box-like design isn’t something you can find anywhere else, as all others commonly come in round shape.

Just a single feel of this product in your hand can tell you how carefully Streamlight has created it. The device includes a super-tough nylon case that is designed for all high-impact use cases. Therefore, you can take it anywhere and use it for a long time without the flashlight getting damaged.

The first light level of this product is set at the minimal illumination, and you have to move it up till your desired brightness is reached. I found this feature extremely useful because the light doesn’t pinch you in the eyes right after turning it on, and you get a chance to adjust it according to your purpose.

There are four light settings on this: white C4 LED (55 lumens), blue (1.8 lumens), red (1 lumen), and IR LEDs. These can come in handy for different military purposes like night vision and map reading. Moreover, you can also tilt the head up to 185 degrees. This gives you the flexibility to see in multiple directions without much effort. Similarly, there is also a web clip or belt that helps you in securing the flashlight wherever you want.

The most impressive feature I spotted on this torch was the tactile battery polarity indication. The trait assists you in changing the batteries even if you can’t see the flashlight, i.e., in the dark.

Although its maximum light is quite bright, it is still just at 55 lumens. Thus, you can’t use the flashlight for getting through dense smoke or other areas that require sharp illumination.
What We Like
  • Tough and high-impact nylon case
  • Turns on with minimum light, giving you time to adjust
  • IR and three other light modes for multiple uses like night vision
  • 185 degree head rotation for convenient direction changes
  • Tactile battery polarity to change lights even in the dark
What We Don’t Like
  • Low brightness even on the highest setting
I will recommend the Streamlight 14032 if you don’t require high-intensity light. However, the IR, red, and blue modes make it suitable for extensive military purposes, such as night visibility and map readings.

8. Sofirn SP40 Headlamp Kit

Another interesting product in the list is Sofirn SP40, which fits perfectly in the standard uses of a flashlight. Moreover, it is a right angle EDC flashlight that can turn into a headlamp, as well. You just need to attach it with the given strap for this purpose. Plus, it comes with a complete kit, and you don’t have to worry about buying any part separately.

The 18650 battery provides the highest illumination of 1200 lumens in turbo mode, making the device suitable for extensive uses. You can also set the brightness to 5 lumens (low), 90 lumens (mid), and 450 lumens (high). Hence, you can use it at home or take it with you on critical jobs like firefighting.

I loved the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is used to form the product’s body. It keeps a majority of damages away from the torch so that it can remain intact for a longer time. Besides, it includes the Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) feature. Under this, the brightness level gets adjusted on its own when the temperature rises above the permissible limit, avoiding the overheating problems.

The spotlight’s lifespan ranges from 2 hours to 220 hours, depending on the beam modes. So you don’t have to worry about charging it repeatedly when using it in low beam mode.

There are numerous traits that you can like about this product. However, its power switch did disappoint me a bit, as it can’t be appropriately used with gloves on.
What We Like
  • Multipurpose with additional headstrap
  • Various brightness modes makes it fit for all use cases
  • Durable
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) that doesn’t let the device overheat
  • Long battery life, means no worry of recharging in small intervals
  • Includes complete kit, avoid the hassle of buying anything separately
What We Don’t Like
  • The power switch isn’t sturdy
There are various reasons like the headlamp transformation and kit addition that you can benefit from. Additionally, the product remains intact for a long time and offers a great battery life. However, you will have to get off your gloves to use it.

9. Streamlight 88830 Right Angle Flashlight

If you or anyone you know are in the firefighting services, you must be aware of the dangers related to cutting through dense smoke. As there is little to no visibility, it becomes extremely challenging to perform the duty. The best solution for such a situation is to carry the Streamlight firefighter 88830.

The very first reason why I feel this flashlight is a reliable alternative for the purpose is its compact size. Its length measures just 5.22 inches, and it weighs only 4.1 ounces. It can be conveniently hung to the standard radio strap mic loop. Therefore, firefighters can easily carry it to work without increasing the load on themselves.

Another fascinating factor here is that the flashlight includes an integrated carabiner style D-ring. This can be used for attaching the device with various methods. Moreover, the flashlight is built with a nylon polymer housing, which makes it tough and suitable for various uses.

Apart from that, the brightness level can be set on three levels: high (170 lumens), low (17 lumens), and strobe. So you can use it for multiple purposes like getting through the woods or going out in the dark. Plus, its usage time can range from 4 hours to 30 hours, depending on the illumination mode you choose. This means you don’t have to worry about recharging it within minutes of use.

I also found the power switch quite sturdy because it can be used even with the gloves on. The product is impact resistant and waterproof with an IPX-7 rating, keeping away any damages on the job.

However, the price of the device lies in the higher range. So you should be prepared to pay a little extra amount for buying this tactical flashlight compared to other options.
What We Like
  • Compact design to fit into the the standard radio strap mic loop
  • Multiple brightness modes for both everyday and extreme uses
  • Extreme durability with a nylon polymer housing
  • Integrated carabiner style D-ring for attaching it with multiple methods
  • Waterproof and can be carried for extreme jobs
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive as compared to other models
Its price can be a little bit high but not too heavy for your pocket. For a fully equipped flashlight, I would suggest it to the ones working as firefighters because of its durability and easy carrying options.

10. NICRON N72 Tactical Flashlight

Whether you need a flashlight during adventures or for everyday purposes, NICRON N72 will fit into all your requirements. The device is able to do that with its exclusive features like dual-cycle switch and waterproof. So you need not worry about the weather while taking the torch out, as it can easily withstand heavy rains with its IPX-4 rated water-resistant body.

It is an excellent product because you can turn its head up to 90 degrees and use it either as a regular torch or a right-angle one. The body also includes a metal belt clip for hanging the light anywhere you want. Plus, you can stick the flashlight to a metal surface using its strong magnetic tail. I was impressed to see that it doesn’t slip or fall after sticking appropriately.

Not just the product’s compact size, but its ergonomic design also makes it convenient to hold it. I loved its superior aviation aluminum body and texture, which doesn’t let the grip loosen up even if you have perspiring hands.

It can be used with both 18650 rechargeable batteries (800 lumens) and three AAA batteries (400 lumens). Moreover, the brightness can be set at four different modes: high, low, strobe, and SOS, making the torch suitable for multiple purposes, such as getting through the woods or fixing your car in the dark.

You will be happy to know here that all these features can be bought at a reasonable price. In case you don’t find the torch to be helpful enough, you can also get it replaced or refunded with the help of NICRON’s customer support.

One aspect that did let me down about this flashlight is that there is no detent on its head movement. So even a little impact can turn its head from one position to the other.
What We Like
  • Dual-cycle switch to avoid the mode-switching hassle
  • Metal belt clip and strong magnetic tail for easy use
  • Multiple battery support
  • Four brightness modes lets you use the device in various cases
  • Textured body for better grip
  • Reasonable price and return/replacement policy
What We Don’t Like
  • No detent in head movement
If you can compromise with the lack of detent, you should definitely give this 90 degree angle flashlight a try.

11. Litetugo LM90 Tactical Flashlight

When you want both style and high-usability at an affordable price, Litetugo LM90 Tactical Mini Flashlight is your best option. This is a ready to go product that can accompany your camping, hiking trips, outdoor activities or emergencies.

Let me first mention its design that I found the most interesting. Apart from being the “mini” version, the product also offers a metal clip and magnetic base. So you can conveniently put it on the floor, hang it to your pocket, or simply stick it to a metal surface.

The torch includes a convex lens that can turn the narrow beam into a floodlight instantly. Plus, there are three brightness modes to choose from: high, low, and strobe. These features enable you to use the light for small as well as big applications.

What makes this tactical flashlight different from others is its recharge method. Unlike usual flashlights, you don’t have to attach an extra cable but just use a USB Type-A connector under its magnetic tail. You can directly connect it to a power source, and it will begin charging. Moreover, the recharging process is rapid so that you can use it again within no time.

Other necessary features like efficient battery life, durability, and waterproof make this product almost irresistible. And when all this is available at a reasonable price, you should definitely try it out.

However, two factors hold back the item from being the best available flashlight. First is that its head doesn’t swivel, and second, its temperature can rise a bit on continuous use.
What We Like
  • Great design to be used at various places like camping or emergencies
  • Affordable price
  • Zoomable light lets you turn a narrow beam into a floodlight
  • Direct USB Type-A charging for avoiding any hassle while recharging
  • Durable and waterproof for extensive uses
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t have a swiveling head
  • Temperature raises with continuous use
The Litetugo Tactical Mini Flashlight is a must-have in your kit. Its features like zoomable light and direct USB Type-A charging makes it perfect for your indoor, as well as outdoor uses.

12. Skyben Right Angle Headlight

The use of flashlights isn’t limited just to adventures or extensive cases. It can also come in handy for everyday tasks like fixing your car in the dark or finding your way through the corridors when there is a power cut. This is where I bring in the Olight Perun.

The characteristic that sets the product apart from other alternatives is its five brightness levels. You can choose moonlight, low, medium, high, and turbo modes that range from 5 to 2000 lumens of light. With these, you will be able to fulfill all the requirements with just one product.

The torch also comprises an in-built infrared proximity sensor for safety. It automatically turns the illumination mode to low whenever some hindrance gets detected in front of the light for more than sixty seconds. I also found this feature helpful when I have to use multiple levels but forget to switch it to the lower one, and all the battery gets over soon.

This device comes with necessary features like water and impact resistance to provide reliable performances. It packages with a pocket clip, lanyard, and magnetic charger. So you don’t have to buy anything separately. Additionally, the supported 186450 battery allows the light to work for extended periods, and it can be charged 50% faster than the previous models with its MCC charging cable. All make this flashlight a must-have product in your house or traveling kit.

The only important factor here is that its moonlight level is set at 5 lumens, which is much brighter than the usual moonlight modes. Plus, the price is a little on the higher end.
What We Like
  • Offers 5 brightness levels range for multi-functions
  • Proximity sensor for safety
  • Great battery life with a fast charger
  • Provides stable performance as impact and water-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Illumination is high in the moonlight mode
  • Little expensive
The Olight Perun right angle headlamp is considered to be better than most alternatives in terms of multi-functional use. But you should check your budget before buying it because its price is on the higher end.

13. Lumintrail LTH-20 Right Angle Flashlight

Where headlamps don’t provide much flexibility, flashlights have to be held in hand or stick to a surface with a magnetic clip. But what if I inform you that you can get a flashlight and a headlight in one place that offers high illumination? Yes, you can get both the benefits with just one device, i.e., Lumintrail LTH-20 right angle head flashlight.

The product weighs just 1.7 oz with an adjustable clip, allowing you to attach it to your pocket or place it on your head using a head-strap without adding additional burdens. One of the fascinating benefits I found while using this flashlight was that the pocket clip could be removed or placed upside down to turn the light’s direction.

The factor that caught my eye here is its maximum brightness, which is 1050 lumens. Therefore, you can easily use the light in extreme dark surroundings. You can also adjust the light through the available five modes: high, medium, low, strobe, and moonlight, making the device suitable for all use cases. Besides this, the head-strap is made from nylon that offers complete comfort when you place the light on your head.

Along with all these features, the small right angle flashlight comprises a rigid IPX-8 rated aluminum body. It implies you can conveniently use it in water or dust surroundings. Moreover, this flashlight’s head can be moved 360-degrees around the body. Thus, you can turn sides according to your use and requirement of light. As well as, the price is kept at a decent range as well.

However, the magnetic tail of the flashlight is a bit weaker than other options. You may not be able to stick it properly to a surface. So be careful while doing that.
What We Like
  • Fulfills multiple purposes of headlamps and flashlights
  • Lightweight, water resistance, and dust resistance, making it suitable for all uses
  • Reversible pocket clip to enable multiple direction
  • Comes with a head-strap for additional assistance
  • Great illumination
  • Inexpensive
What We Don’t Like
  • Weak magnetic tail
There is no specific reason to not opt for this alternative. This right angle light includes all the necessary advanced features, such as multiple illumination modes, reversible pocket clip, etc. Plus, the price is reasonable. If you can adjust with the magnetic tail, you should definitely give it a try.

What is a Right Angle Flashlight


People always carried a flashlight whenever they stepped out in the dark or into low-visibility areas. But during World War II, military personnels realized the navigation or illumination limitations of a standard flashlight. That is when TL-122 came into existence. The product included all the features of old flashlights, along with a head that was tilted at a right-angle from the body.

Initially, the use of this product was only limited to extreme jobs like military or firefighting. Over the years, manufacturers realized the benefit of it, and began producing them for personal uses. So now, you can easily buy one for everyday purposes as well.

How Does It Work

A right angle flashlight isn’t much different from the regular flashlight. You need to switch it on, adjust the brightness, and move on with your work. A few things that you will find different while using it are:

  • You will have to attach it with your clothes to keep your hands free. Most of the right angle flashlights offer a clip for the pocket position and a magnetic tail that can be used to stick it to a metal surface. So you will have to fix it somewhere before using it.
  • If you have an alternative that includes a swiveling head, you will have to adjust it to your required direction.

Once you put the light in the right position, you will have to turn on the switch. If its battery is adequately charged, the current will flow through the bulb, producing light. You can then set the lumens as per the product’s provided brightness modes.

You will also have to change or replace the batteries of these lights. For this, you can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Types of Right Angle Flashlights


Traditionally, there was just one type of elbow flashlight that looked exactly like the standard torch and had its head tilted at a right angle. But as technology moved forward, several useful features got incorporated into these lights. We can easily differentiate them based on what all characteristics they hold, such as:

Swiveling Head Flashlights: This type of flashlight doesn’t have a fixed head in any direction. They can be used as the regular flashlights, as well as right-angled ones.

Multiple Brightness Flashlights: These alternates offer the benefit of adjusting the illumination intensity. There are multiple modes, such as high, medium, and low, from which you can choose. They are great to be used for several applications.

Waterproof Flashlight: Generally, all elbow torch models get an IPX rating. This is a number that describes the level of protection offered by the product. It ranges from IPX-0 to IPX-8. The higher the IPX rating, the more waterproof the flashlight is.

Mini Flashlights: These devices offer the same benefits and features as a regular right angle torch. The only difference is in their sizes. Mini alternatives come into a more compact size, which makes them suitable for everyday purposes.

Rechargeable Flashlights: Depending on the product’s batteries, it may need to get recharged after a specific duration of usage.

Headlamp Convertible Flashlights: Various right angle torch models come with a head-strap. They can be attached to the strap, converting the light into a headlamp.

Impact Resistant Flashlights: Alternatives designed for extreme jobs like military, firefighters, aerospace, or rescue includes this feature. As the product has to undergo different circumstances, it is made impact-resistant, so that little shocks don’t damage it.

Further, flashlights can be divided based on their built material or IR availability.

Why Do You Need a Right Angle Flashlight

You may already know the importance of a regular flashlight in your emergency or adventure kit. But the actual question here is why should you opt for an angled flashlight instead of the standard one. Here are some pointers that will clear your query.

  • Hands-Free Use: Whether you are reading a camping map in the dark or fixing your car’s tire, it is challenging to hold a flashlight in your hands. That is why you should opt for elbow lights. They can get fixed to your clothes, on your head, or simply to a metal surface. So you can easily keep your hands free for other work.
  • Comfortable Use: There are times when you need to twist your hands into uncomfortable positions just to direct the flashlight in the correct direction. However, there is no such issue with right angle torches. Due to their tilted and swiveling heads, you can quickly move the light into whatever direction you want without much effort.
  • Durability: These torch models were designed specifically for military usage. That is why almost all of them consist of durable material. Plus, they offer other features like waterproof, multiple lenses, and impact resistant. Hence, they can be used for extreme applications.

Buying Guide


It is crucial to pick the correct elbow torch according to your purpose. However, the available variety can easily create confusion in your mind. To make the right angle flashlight choosing task more convenient for you, here is a comprehensive guide. You can follow the steps to avoid any mistakes while purchasing.

Step 1: Brands

Reliability is an important factor while buying flashlights because they are mostly used in emergencies. In case you opt for any new or untrustworthy manufacturer, you may end up in a challenging situation. On the other hand, brands like Zebralight are known for their dependable products. Therefore, your first step should be to shortlist the brands according to their authenticity.

Step 2: Lumens And Other Features

As per your work, you will need a specific intensity of light. For example, firefighters or rescue workers need to get through something dense, hence, requiring higher lumens. Contrastingly, you can settle for moderate intensity for everyday tasks. You can pick the available options based on your purpose.

Some alternatives also offer multiple modes like low, medium, and high. These ones can be used for numerous applications. Along with this, other features may also be present in the product like Skilhunt H03 offers headlamp convertibility and location indicator. You can give preference to these instead of the classic single-mode torches.

Step 3: Battery

Another differentiating factor for flashlights can be whether the battery is rechargeable or not. Just like lumens, your choice here will also depend on the work. If you are always on the go and don’t find recharging sockets nearby, a non-rechargeable battery will be most suitable for you. A rechargeable battery can be preferred when you use the light more often. In these cases, you will have to spend more money on replacing the non-rechargeable batteries now and then.

Step 4: Budget

Your chosen flashlight must be pocket friendly for you. You can set your budget as per the light’s application and its importance. Plus, you should remember that a higher price doesn’t guarantee outstanding performance. A few excellent options are also available at reasonable costs. You should have a look at them before deciding.

Step 5: Reviews

Last but not least, you have to check each shortlisted product’s reviews. Flashlight manufacturers can mention various features to please their customers. But it is only through reviews that you can check whether these mentioned characteristics are actually present in the product or not. Sites like Reddit can be used for this purpose.

Care And Maintenance 

To keep your elbow flashlight intact for a longer time, you need to take appropriate care of it. Here are a few maintenance points you can consider.

  • You need to clean it thoroughly from the outside, as well as from the inside. The frequency of cleaning can depend on your usage.
  • Whenever not in use, store the torch in a dry and secure location. It will help in keeping its parts and the battery safe.
  • Different parts of the product need to be either replaced or protected every once in a while.
  • Flashlight screws and O-rings have to be lubricated so that they also remain undamaged for longer.
  • If you use the flashlight every day, you need to charge or change the batteries whenever they fall below a specific level.
  • Before storing the product, ensure it is properly switched off.

By going along with these simple tips, you can make the most out of your flashlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Right-Angle Flashlights Cost?

The products I tried and reviewed here cost between $15 to $75. However, expect to pay a higher price for models with extra features.

For instance, a right-angle flashlight with red light costs at least $60. On the flip side, finding products that cost cheaper than the aforementioned price range is not impossible. I saw a small-angle flashlight that cost $11.

Other high-end right-angle flashlights firefighter groups and military personnel use can cost over $100.

How Long Do Right-Angle Flashlights Last?

Based on my experience and other user comments on different online shops, an angle head-led flashlight can last two years or more.

To be specific, the military right-angle flashlight made by Streamlight can last over 50,000 hours or 5.7 years.

What Are The Most Popular Right Angle Flashlight Brands?

There are several torch manufacturers that produce reliable products. As mentioned earlier, you should opt for flashlights made by these authentic brands to avoid any uncertain situations. A few names that flood the industry are:

  • Streamlight
  • Skilhunt
  • Pelican

Even these manufacturers make several types of flashlights. You need to go through all available flashlights to pick the most suitable one for you. But if you don’t want to waste your money and time in this, you can check out my reviews and see which flashlight fits best in your purpose.

Why Are Military Flashlights Angled?

There are two significant reasons why military flashlights are angled:

  • Angled Design: As people working in the military had to see in various directions, they didn’t find it comfortable to twist their hands for the same. The unique design of these torches enabled them to direct the light without much effort.
  • Keeping Hands Free: Everyone knows that military people have to hold various things or do other tasks with their hands. Thus, a regular flashlight only added to their difficulty. These angled lights were designed to make things easy for them. With its tilted head and pocket clip, people could quickly get their hands free.

How To Use Elbow Flashlights?

You can follow these steps to use your right angle torch properly.

  • Clip the product to your pocket, stick it on a metal surface, place it on the floor, or put it on your head like a headlamp (if possible). Basically, you need to keep your hands free with this step.
  • Adjust the flashlight’s head into your desired direction.
  • Turn on its power.
  • Set the brightness according to your use and the given illumination modes.
  • Get going with your work.

Where To Buy It?

If you don’t prefer to go through any trouble, you can buy the right angle flashlights from online platforms. This will also make it easy to find and compare different products. You may also encounter some exciting discounts on the price. Plus, the torch will get delivered right on your doorstep. What else can you ask for?

Another option here is to search for a hardware or sports store near you. These places are most likely to have the elbow flashlights. However, be prepared for limited options. As offline stores don’t have much space, they have very few options. So you will have to choose from whatever they have in their latest stock.

Why Are Right Angle Flashlights Better Than Headlamps?

Many people have this confusion because both the options provide the privilege of keeping hands free. But two factors make elbow torches better than headlamps:

  • The first benefit of angled lights is that they don’t put weight on your head, causing irritation or other issues. You can easily use it in different ways.
  • The second factor that makes the right angle torches more suitable is their convertibility. Some of the options can be turned into a headlamp by using head-straps. Contrastingly, you can’t convert a headlamp into an angled light.


This was all about the right angle flashlights. Considering their benefits and usability, you should add one in your kit right away. However, remember to pick only the most suitable flashlight according to your requirements. Otherwise, the flashlight won’t be of any use for you.

You can go through the given guide or select easily from the provided best right angle flashlights. So go ahead and explore all the available options to find your best fit.

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