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The Best Safety Glasses for Welding (TIG, MIG, Stick,…)

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Welding is among the most demanding jobs in the construction, automotive, and furniture industry. Hence, the better the opportunities, the greater the health hazard. That is why it requires a lot of safety precautions, as the process itself is risky.

best safety glasses for welding

One of the most common protective equipment welders use is the safety glasses that intend to prevent visual impairment. Physical injury is irreversible. There can be compensation, but no amount of guilt and regret could take back good vision. Hence, picking the best safety glasses for welding can help you evolve the product of your hard work.


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Yarrkc Welding Glasses

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Bolle Welding Glasses

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Hobart Safety Glasses

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11 Best Welding Safety Glasses Reviews of 2023

1. Yarrkc Black Welding Glasses

These cartoon 3D-like welder’s goggles have improvised features that make a venue of eye comfort to choose from. It is among the auto-darkening welding goggles out there in the market that offers a filter function to adjust from light (4-6) to dark (9-13) shade depending on the amount of light that reflects on the lens.

Wearers are guaranteed protection against infrared radiation, UV, impact, anti-glare, and anti-scraping in this small yet powerful goggle. Hence, it suffices the duties of every welder who does all-around construction of steel, copper, iron, and many more.

During welding, all metallic compounds are emitting gasses and fragments caused by friction, and any sort of contact with the eyes is dangerous. That being the case, you would need these welding safety goggles from Yarrkc.

If your job requires you to insert arc welding goggles, these eyeglasses can provide you optimal comfort and protection without having to struggle with those heavy face shields and full-face masks that leave your face sweating.

The overall design includes a soft rubberized body frame finish with polycarbonates and acrylonitrile styrene components that are durable and never liquify. Thus, this pair is an ideal pick if you seek welding safety glasses to use in the long run.

What I find impressive is the user-friendly design that allows us to adjust the frame on our eyes and nose contours. Therefore, you have a choice of your comfortable fit with this purchase.

My favorite part of the glasses is the tiny camera-like optical probe that detects chemical or gas compound that gives an alert of hazard. Plus, it contains a solar pad that makes excellent ventilation of heat.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the ultra-sensitive shade of lens that sometimes overreact to the light or dark changes in your working environment.
What We Like
  • 3D-like movie glasses with auto-darkening function
  • Extreme light defense through UV and IR with anti-glare effect
  • Hard-built anti-scraping lens
  • Durable body frame made in PC and ABS material
  • Adjustable frame grip on face contours
  • Solar ventilation and high sensitive probe preventing harmful chemicals
What We Don’t Like
  • A sensitive lens in outdoor or indoor lights resulting in inaccurate shade color
I would recommend this if you’re into a lot of construction works because it has extensive multi-functional eye protection features that could help you focus on your subject without getting distracted by the thought of danger.

2. Bolle Safety Welding Safety Glasses

I have eyeglasses because I have photophobia, and this athletic-looking eye protective gear from Bolle has green lens reflector UV protection, filtering the radiance of the light transmission.

As expected, its polycarbonate lens is thick and transparent enough for a broad visibility range. Hence, these glasses are ideal for extensive welding projects or mild home construction works. The lens also features an anti-scratch overlay, ensuring long-lasting clarity despite accidental contact with sharp edges.

Moreover, this pair is never a burden to your focus due to the lightweight structure with 6.4 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches dimension. These shade 5 welding glasses also have a thermoplastic elastomer-engineered solid frame that can’t be easily deformed.

You can rely on these ANSI class z87 (American National Standards Institute) certified welders glasses. The safety glasses provide maximum quality eye protection for a long exposure to chemicals, other harmful liquid compounds, and electric friction.

What I find fascinating about this piece is its adjustable headband for a perfect fit to your head without discomfort. Besides, user convenience is the priority of this product since it has easy-to-wear cords, allowing you to slip it on comfortably. You’ll also enjoy the cool color combination of black and gray giving a fancy sense of complementary colors fashion.

The overall design and material associated with this product are generally intended for light and dust defense. It can withstand light copper brazing and plasma cutting, but its welding shade is insufficient for high-intensity arc welding jobs.
What We Like
  • High-level UV protection lenses
  • Durable, transparent and anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses
  • A shade 5 safety glasses for anti-radiation
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a solid thermoplastic elastomer frame
  • ANSI class z87 accredited safety glasses for welding
  • Adjustable temple band to your comfort
What We Don’t Like
  • Not ideal for arc welding with a low tolerance to intense lighting flames
If you are looking for safety glasses for basic welding, this is for you. It has a great light conductor that can help you ease the revolving glare caused by the metallic sparks. Therefore, it is your on-call safety welding glasses catering to your creative demands.

3. Hobart Safety Glasses

This product from Hobart boasts of bulky swimming goggles energy. It features similar shape and size, except for the hanging garter around the head.These stylish and sleek safety glasses have temple end tips instead and come with a shade five (5) mirrored lens great for moderate welding use.

As expected, these safety glasses consist of a scratch-resistant lens made in polycarbonates. Its frame has a soft texture made in thermoplastic polyurethane that is known for flexibility. So, you can expect it to smoothly touch the edge of your nose and ears. Thus, this pair initially provides comfort even before the real battle starts.

In my opinion, these welding glasses are athletic. The model looks like a classy outdoor eye accessory but with a twist: it’s a welders’ goggles that hinder potential protective elements at first sight. And I think it’s cool that the structure contains a little spice of fashion.

Furthermore, its lenses are shatterproof and can stand hot temperatures well. You don’t have to worry about the amount of heat the sun will radiate when wearing these specs. Plus, the compact frame will save you from the falling debris and sweat on your face.

The glasses are ANSI rated Z87.1 for additional guaranteed protection. Aside from that, the manufacturer issues a warranty upon request on their customer service.

At last, I would like to address the things I don’t find pleasing. Since it only has a shade five (5) lens, don’t expect this to stand highly flammable compounds of arc welding and torch welding as it doesn’t give enough protection to your eyes.
What We Like
  • Cute-size safety glasses resembling swimming goggles
  • Has a shade 5 – mirrored lens
  • Built with strong polycarbonate material, hence scratch-resistant
  • A sturdy and flexible frame for optimal comfort
  • Athletic outdoor glasses with a shatterproof lens
  • An ANSI Z87.1 safety standard with warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Not advisable for intense welding
When you are outside working on some steel construction under the heat of the sun, its shade is the best resistance to it. Basically, this is an outstanding tig welding glasses. It is for mild welding consumption that also includes plasma cutting and metal brazing.

4. CVV Solar Auto Darkening Welding Glasses

For very quick and light welds, these inexpensive welding goggles will suffice. Besides blocking out ultraviolet light and infrared radiation, the lenses have an anti-glare coating to reduce eye strain

Speaking from experience, these goggles let me look at the weld while simultaneously protecting my eyes against sparks and radiation. Moreover, the lenses feel quite sturdy while the frames are durable. Yet, these qualities do not make the goggles uncomfy. Because of the adjustable arms, they can fit any head size and stay in place without causing a pinching feeling.

Another nifty feature is these goggles are solar-powered, making them low maintenance and more cost-effective. With a renewable source of energy, I don’t have to worry too much about recharging or buying new batteries. At the same time, the lack of batteries translates to lighter goggles.

I also like that these welding goggles come with an auto-darkening filter. It is supposed to change when an arc is struck, and it comes with shade levels from 4 to 6 for light and 9 to 13 for dark. However, I find this feature a little too sensitive. They would flicker under certain lighting conditions or switch on when you come close to bright lights, which can be distracting.
What We Like
  • Suitable for light welds
  • Equipped with solar cells
  • Features auto-darkening filter
  • Lets users adjust the arms for a better fit
  • Prevents eye strain
What We Don’t Like
  • Flickers under certain light conditions
Not only are these welding goggles inexpensive, but they also help you save money in the long run because of their solar cells. What’s more, you can take advantage of its wide range of shade levels.

5. LEATBUY Welding Glasses

The 3-D movie LEATBUY Autodarkening glasses theme is pretty similar to the previous eye gear. And its structure encompasses ear-worn temple legs and an option to insert an adjustable strap around your head to have a secure fit.

These glass lenses are ideal for basic welding with shade numbers of 4-6 for light and 9-13 for dark. The auto-dimming feature seems to work well with light welding. The lens automatically changes to dark mode the moment you strike your grinder or torch. It also gives superb visibility in the dark and gently shields your eyes from welding sparks with an abrasion and fog resistance system.

Besides, your eyes are shielded as the lenses feature physical impact and shock resistance. In truth, they are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) content that is known to be durable and flexible.

At an affordable price, these safety glasses meet all the protection requirements needed for all welding enthusiasts. If you are someone who does welding more outdoors, your eyes can be well-guarded by the ultraviolet and anti-radiation coating of the lens.

Best of all, the anti-scraping coating will prevent the lenses from leaving unwanted scratches or marks that can hinder your visions. Plus, the glasses are stable, and they have rubber frame borders that are thick yet soft enough when flattened beneath your eyes.

Another good thing is the solar-powered system attached to the expanded frame front edges. Hence, It is eco-friendly and gives a hassle-free experience. Any implication of heat energy will activate the overwhelming power this item holds.

I love how neatly packaged this eyepiece is. It comes with a protective case so that you can store it properly when not in use. However, arc welding seems unlikely to work with this as there is a high probability that flash burns might occur.
What We Like
  • Two-way wearing design: ear-worn and head-worn
  • Ideal for basic welding with a light shade of 4-6 and dark shade of 9-13
  • A responsive auto-dimming feature through day and night
  • Has impact and shock resistance
  • Ultraviolet and Anti-radiation layered lens
  • An eco-friendly solar-power function
What We Don’t Like
  • Arc welding is not supported
I highly recommend this to simple grinding and torching as it gives protection supplements with minimal exposure to extreme chemical and gas welding. It is not for heavy use, so if your work aligns with arc welding, then I advise you to get a heavy-duty welding goggle with 5-star ratings.

6. Miller Electric Welding Goggles

These Miller welding glasses can offer ultimate protection for welders. Its full-face cover mask with a built-in auto-darkening lens provides a complete shield for your face.

With the help of this thinner headwear, you can maximize more space that suits your welding technique position. You can also work without fitting frustration since the product is lightweight, and the goggle parts do not dislocate even after rounds of head and arm movements.

Moreover, the size of the glasses makes way for a hard welding hood. You may need it from time to time for more head protection, and I am glad Miller produced a top-tier setup that allows the welding goggles and hood to work together.

These electric welding glasses block metal shards and dust particles due to the well-designed polygonal front shape full-face cover that ensures close-fitting. The welding glasses shade numbers are ranging from 5,7, 9, 11, and 13 are helpful in tig, gas and stick welding as well.

This eye protection gear is one of the best welding goggles that includes Ultraviolet and Infrared rays protection. With its diverse functions for welding, the product is among mig welding glasses that has superb performance in harmful radiation. You can depend on it when you are performing up close with ironworks.

I love how neatly organized the battery-powered multi-sensor section on the goggles. The labels are clear, and you can effortlessly identify which buttons are for what. Plus, the battery energy can last a year. That is why it can be a great companion in the long run.

The functions are on-point except for the fact that the sensors take time to respond, and the peripheral view of the frame is not broad enough to see the entire workspace. Nonetheless, these tech-savvy goggles save the long-tiring day!
What We Like
  • Built-in auto-darkening goggles with full-face coverage mask
  • Thin and lightweight safety glasses preventing stiff neck
  • Great structure size suiting hard welding hood application
  • Well-designed dimension for close-fitting and UV/IR rays and dust protection
  • Versatile eye protection for mig, tig, and stick welding
  • Durable battery-powered multi-sensor technology
What We Don’t Like
  • Slow response sensors
  • Insufficient space for peripheral view
There are different types of welding, and identifying the best safety glasses for welding that suit your needs saves you a lot of time. This particular eyewear tolerates steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and it gives the right amount of protection you need.

7. YESWELDER Welding Goggles

YESWELDER’s modern entry for safety goggles gives a fresh look “2 in 1” protection in the form of integrated goggles and mask.

In detail, the latter is removable, and you can insert it anytime you need. These safety glasses for welding are lightweight and have a customized structure that effortlessly mounts to the rear frame of the goggles.

The glasses come with transferable lenses: a color gradient mix of green-coated traditional welding view and a true-color mode with 1/1/1/2 optimal clarity that minimizes eye strain. Hence, you have a choice for better visibility.

Unlike the eyewear, it consists of a wide range of viewing size that is beyond perfect for a panoramic view experience. Thus, letting you see the details of your work and be aware of the surroundings. Aside from this, the construction of these goggles makes you weld in ample spaces more than traditional helmets do.

One more impressive thing about this welding kit is the additional comfort aligned in the overall unit construction. You can wear a welding cap together with the goggles and mask without making your face fully occupied.

The glasses come with a sensor that features sensitivity, auto-dimming shade, and delay operation switch functions. They work well in almost every welding type: plasma cutting, arc welding, metal fabrication, mechanical and automotive construction, etc.

Plus, these lithium-ion battery-powered goggles have an approximately 5-month energy life. Garnering ANSI Z87. 1, EN379 CE, and CSA Z94.3 standards, you are fully protected, and your welfare is the priority of YESWELDER’S welding eyewear.

I admire the multiple protective functions and utilities. Even so, I won’t recommend this to tough workers out there who aren’t familiar with the sensor settings adjustment as you have to modify the function according to the actual welding intensity.
What We Like
  • Portable safety goggles with a removable full-face mask
  • Lenses provide Traditional Welding Shade with True-Color mode optical system
  • Wide-eye angle with panoramic view
  • Labor-friendly structure allowing the accompaniment of a welding cap
  • Has a durable battery with several electric sensor functions
  • One of the most accredited safety goggles with ANSI, CE, and CSA certification
What We Don’t Like
  • Comprehension gap for non-tech users
The portable incorporation approach in multiple functions makes this product influential and impactful in doing various welding construction. Therefore, I would recommend this to laborers who are seeking welding process optimization.

8. Insight Goods Safety Welding Glasses

This sleek eyepiece is not your regular welding glasses as its structure looks like a daily iconic fashion sunglasses that suit your summer style outfit.

Its wrap-around frame embraces the contours of your eyes perfectly. The fact that it is lightweight and handy makes it beautifully-crafted protective glasses.

In addition to that, it comes with a microfiber case with a small pouch inside, making neatly secured eyeglasses when not in use. The glasses fit well and don’t have any sharp edges that could hurt your nose or cheekbones.

Plus, the lens provides superior UV protection that can shield your eyes from the hot rays of the sun. Its shade six (6) dark lenses give a comfortable sense of vision that controls light sensitivity well through the auto-darkening option.

The good thing is that the bare-structured plastic material doesn’t need a battery to give an automatic light reduction response when working closely with the intensive welding drill.

It has a dark shade that will effectively work as an anti-glare agent. But I won’t suggest using this on your way to work because its tincture blocks complete light. So, it may only do great when focused on tig and mig welding. I would recommend using this along with the traditional welding mask to prevent flash burns.

Lastly, what I find enthralling in these glasses is the unique customer service approach. Insight Goods initiate a return policy system if you’re not satisfied with the overall performance outcome without further interrogation.
What We Like
  • Sleek and unique eye protection gear with a wrap-around design
  • High-grade UV protection for all-day heavy-loaded work
  • Consistent light sensitivity control through shade six (6) auto-darkening lens
  • Lightweight plastic-made eyeglasses
  • A trusted brand that has an easy to follow return policy
What We Don’t Like
  • Super dark lens that is not good for low-light condition areas
The ideal option for workers who have a long exposure time to an abundant amount of light and combustible material in the welding site needs reliable protection.

9. LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO Brazing Goggles

The LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO Brazing Goggles comes with a close-packed design that will give you a hassle-free welding time. It has a thick outer frame with a flexible head-strap leading you onto a steady head position while inspecting the progress of your work.

These goggles have a superb base curve technology that puts the weight of glasses around the head and does not give a flat mass on the face. Thus, no muscle tension in the nose region. It measures 15x3x1.5 inches, so it is a complete lightweight product that can stand heavy-working hours with wild light and fumes.

It offers shade five (5) infrared radiation black and green lens color, protecting you from thermal injuries that can affect your health in the long run. You can rest your fears away, knowing that you are using ANSI and ISEA standards. I commend the goggles for having this life-saver element that you would not see in safety goggles at this price point.

The compact and snug fit lens will trap the falling debris and harmful scrap of metals and chemical substances out of your face.

Furthermore, the entire composition supports an n95 mask that you can use to shield your face from the smoke and toxic elements released by the high-heated metal figures.

The goggles hold a light to moderate welding power capacity; As a result, arc welding is not advisable. Nonetheless, I still find it impressive because gas welding seems to work extremely well with this eyepiece.
What We Like
  • Includes ready-to-wear durable head strap for grip security
  • High-quality curve structure technology with a protective and lightweight frame
  • IR resistance through the solid shade five (5) lenses
  • Snug fit goggles sealing the dirt and debris out of your face
  • Intensified eye protection through the ANSI and ISEA certification
What We Don’t Like
  • The weak point is an arc welding tolerance
If this is not the best, this eyewear is one of the best choices in the welding tools market out there under a budget-friendly range. As the name implies, it works steadily in brazing copper, aluminum, brass, and other metal types.

10. Miller Electric Welding Glasses

Another remarkable yet budget-friendly welding glasses from Miller offers unisex safety glasses that introduce pain-relieving comfort because of its strong light sensitivity resistance.

Its lenses are crafted in polycarbonate material with scratch-resistant properties, so expect durability and fireproof functions that will serve as your go-to protection indoors and outdoors.

The small-scale lightweight body frame offers a minimal and direct wrap-around design, making it easy to wear without sliding easily. It also contains rubberized temples that gently makes a relaxed state of mind.

These chic welding glasses offer Arc Armor UV protection. For light work, Its shade five (5) lens is sufficient and ideal for plasma and oxygen cutting. It can stand mild to moderate welding. But if your work exceeds this, then you should already consider buying at least a shade ten (10) welding glasses for better protection.

If you’re wearing regular sunglasses to aid you with the destructive heat of the sun, it won’t be enough. You can put these on while walking outside in full daylight as it can give you as much as what you expect for a UV covered eyewear.

Plus, it conforms to the ANSI z87.1 standard. Besides, I think that’s what you need to look for when you are on a tight budget.

All is well so far. I would recommend these eyeglasses for workers who are into the fundamentals of a welding gear. They only cover light protection facets because the existing shade isn’t darker enough to treat massive arc welding projects.
What We Like
  • Eyeglasses with an anti-scratch resistant lens
  • A shade five (5) arc armor UV protection eyewear ideal for basic welding
  • Lightweight body frame with a wrap-around design
  • Highly recommended in plasma and oxygen cutting
  • Has ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses standard
What We Don’t Like
  • The lens shade is not sufficient for arc welding
A competent piece of eye protection that comes with top quality performance basic welding while maintaining the spot for welders’ affordable protective gear. It performs really well in light to moderate welding tasks, thus suiting welders who have casual metal repair metal at home.

11. YESWELDER Welding Glasses

The previous protective eyeglass gave us an insight into YESWELDER’S quality service. In this piece, we can observe the visual enhancement of the body frame. It has a familiar structure and color but in a different approach.

With this model, dual sensors are attached to the front corner. It means that they improved the provision of solar power and the light/chemical detectors that help in producing accurate welding shade. Best of all, when it comes to performance, the two side sensors increase efficiency through the 5/10000 second response time.

It also includes an exceptional true-color viewing system, reducing the vibrance of green shaded lenses. Thus, you can be very keen on the details of your working metal parts. There is also a large amount of space for sideway monitoring. Hence, it becomes easier to focus on torching or brazing.

Do you know that its temple consists of mini long-rounded perforation on the side for breathability? Such a design can lessen the stress initiated by the warmth of light. Hence, sweating becomes a minimum concern.

Another function is the delay time helps you deal with the right face positioning needed to see the working area better. I also love how lightweight this model is despite having physical modification.

Moreover, it guarantees renowned certification of ANSI Z87.1, EN379 CE, and CSA Z94.3. So I would recommend using these in tig and mig, MMA welding, and plasma cutting.

However, this one does not support close proximity on the arc. You would not want to have burning goggles while welding. Hence, I recommend using welding glasses shade 10 for a much nearer encounter with the hardcore metallic compounds.
What We Like
  • Comes with dual sensors with increased efficiency
  • Solar-powered eyewear containing magnificent auto darkening function
  • Has a true-color mode system for better viewing of industrial metals
  • Spacious eye view allowing a panoramic view experience
  • Perforated temples for ventilation reducing sweat
  • Reliable gear meeting ANSI Z87.1, EN379 CE, and CSA Z94.3 standards
What We Don’t Like
  • There is a tendency for flash burn
This robust eyewear is one of the first-rate safety glasses out there for protection and comfort.

Honeywell Uvex  Safety Eyewear (Outdated)

Honeywell’s Uvex welding is one of the best welding glasses with multiple functional designs, letting you balance your comfort while working in an extreme environment. Superb? Let’s go!

I appreciate the sleek figure of the body frame and lens that are jam-packed with impressive hardware technology. There are detachable temple legs and a flexible strap that you can use interchangeably, depending on comfort needs. Plus, the frame includes side airway channels that provide long-lasting ventilation throughout the day.

These specs’ polycarbonate-made frame and lens ensure resistance to scattering debris and unwanted objects. It also consists of a padded interior frame that maximizes comfort. What I find the most endearing among all of these is the non-conductive parts used as they prevent the electric hazard.

The enhanced anti-fog system gives day after day never-ending convenience. Together with this are the scratch-resistant lenses that are good performers when exposed to a massively grunge environment.

Did you know that these are general prescription welding glasses? The frame dimension fits most of the prescription lens out there. It will be useful for workers who need visual correction. Otherwise, If you have a sensitive eye condition, you may refer to an optometrist to assist you with that information accurately.

These welding safety glasses raise the standards for welder’s daily protection as they are certified ANSI Z87 and CSA Z94.3 eligible safety glasses.

However, its lifespan depends on the weather as the foam cushion might lose effectiveness in a nearly roasting afternoon. Nonetheless, it provides multiple options for protection and comfort.
What We Like
  • Provides flexible temple and head straps for easy swapping
  • Includes side channels for air ventilation passage for endless relief
  • Polycarbonate lenses that shield against falling debris
  • Offers non-metal materials that prevent an electrical hazard
  • Has prescription lenses size suitable for workers with optical needs
  • An ANSI and CSA certified welder’s safety glasses
What We Don’t Like
  • Not ideal for frequent use in extremely-hot weather
It has an immense amount of multi-functional design. If you are someone who is most concerned about the protection that offers minimal usage complication, this is for you.

Jackson Safety 25671 Safety Glasses (Outdated)

Safety glasses with a sporty look like this Jackson Safety pair is not very common, at least for someone who often sees intimidating, bulky, and concrete safety gear like me.

Notably, its polycarbonate lens has an anti-radiation green surface that provides long-wear protection all-day. It meets the ANSI Z87.1 impact standard, making it your on-the-go safety eyewear for welding duties.

Since it has a sleek body frame, it gives a smooth feeling when overlapped on your under eyes and nose bridge. You’ll also love the medium length rope band on the end tips of glasses that give a supporting resting neck grip.

The well-integrated structure provides a perfect fit and doesn’t easily slip while tucked in behind the ears. I love simplicity mixed with elegance the most in every protective equipment. Therefore, I can say that this product has both characteristics. The lenses are flashy and contain useful geometrical shapes. Plus, the overall glasses are lightweight and comfortable in the eyes.

I am fascinated by the low-profile UV protection coating in the lens. Aside from that, these model glasses have fog-resistance, and they will perform the best in plasma cutting, grinding, and torching.

Additionally, the glasses immediately adapt to the shape and size of your head. You can wear a hat or cap with this when walking on the way to your workstation, and it seems to have a good fit.

Beyond that, these glasses are developed for welding spark protection but not for the harsh direct sunlight that causes glaring issues.
What We Like
  • Green coated lens for anti-radiation
  • Safety eyeglasses conforming to ANSI Z87.1 impact standard
  • Smooth temples with rope band extending head or neck support
  • Stylish and lightweight frame proportions
  • UV and fog-resistant lens coating
  • Flexible to any head type with various size
What We Don’t Like
  • Weak anti-glare performance in direct sunlight
Are you looking for affordable yet premium quality eye gear for everyday protection? If yes, choosing these safety glasses makes great sense. If you do most welding crafts indoors, I highly suggest using these specs as they perform better in a low-light work environment.

Types of Safety Glasses for Welding


Safety Glasses vary with the right amount of protective function and comfort each type can offer. According to Fairview, safety glasses can be divided into five (5) types :

  • Safety Glasses with side shields: These glasses have a cornered transparent or translucent shield near the hinges. They are usually for preventing dust or debris crash land on your eyes and the temporal region.
  • Face Shields/Face Shield Helmets: They have a rigid structure, fitting the perilous welding industry. It has full coverage, and it seals the face to prevent harmful elements from entering your face.
  • Safety Goggles with airway channel: We have just tackled this kind. The last item on the list features ventilation, which is located in the temple area. This installation is also generally built-in and ready to wear.
  • Welding Helmet / Hard Hood: The hard hood and helmet often come in a combo, but both can stand alone and can be two separate products. They extend protection from risky welding procedures taking place inevitably. That is why it is a must to have each of them on your welding duties.
  • Safety glasses inside welding helmet: Many of the latest remodeled welding face shields and helmets incorporated a roomy forefront interior design that adapts safety glasses inside. I would recommend this class to people who have corrective glasses as it gives you trouble-free welding day without vision issues.

Why You Need Safety Glasses for Welding

Loss of vision is what we are not hoping to see coming, perhaps? When it comes to health hazards, you should never think twice. Besides, wearing safety glasses does not just offer protection but optimal comfort since modern safety glasses these days contain true-color technology and camera sensors, helping you see your workpiece away from life-threatening incidents.

Buying Guide


I have the so-called guide for purchasing the right safety glasses that work the best for you, and they are as follows :

Identify what kind of welding you do, for it will help you find the safety glasses that offer the right shade of lens you need.

Familiarize yourself with what shade of the lens is for what kind of welding. This life-saver information will lead you to correct welding output.

Explore various welding glasses and compare their specifications from one another, then ask for a welding professional opinion to determine what eyewear gives you protection and efficacy the most. After that, you may now happily decide what you exactly want and need.

Care and Maintenance

Safety Glasses are as fragile as your phone screen if left unattended, causing them to end all ties with you. To avoid this, I highly advise you to prepare lens cleaning products or DIY kits such as microfiber cleaning cloth, water spray, and tissue and follow the appropriate using methods. After cleaning, kindly store it in a case/bag. I am sure most of the safety glasses have it free when purchased, just like most regular eyeglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the most trusted welding safety glasses brands?

If you are looking for affordable yet premium-quality glasses for light welding use, I recommend Hobart safety glasses because of their stylish yet lightweight material. On the other hand, I think Miller Electric has heavy-duty features for arc welding and brazing.

Is it necessary to wear safety glasses if you are already wearing a welding helmet?

Yes. As per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers must wear safety glasses underneath goggles, face shields, or welding helmets. This is because your eyes still need protection against flying objects as you lift your face shield or goggles.

To be clear, the safety glasses you will wear with your welding must pass the ANSI safety rating.

For those with poor eyesight, it is uncomfortable to wear so many gears on top of each other. I have not seen welding prescription glasses in the market. In this case, you may use your contacts under the safety glasses.

Can you weld with sunglasses?

No, ordinary sunglasses cannot protect you from heat, radiation, sparks, or debris. While both welders’ sunglasses and fashion sunglasses feature dark tinted lenses, they work very differently.

Polarized sunglasses can only block horizontal light. In welding, the light travels not only horizontally, but also diagonally and vertically. It cannot be filtered out by sunglasses.

Meanwhile, welding does not only emit light that is way too bright but also produces light that is not visible, which includes infrared and ultraviolet lights. These are harmful to our eyes.

How can I protect my eyes from welding?

The most obvious one, of course, is ensuring that each piece of protective equipment is ANSI compliant. However, let me also add that an accurate assessment of the work-related risks can give you a better-informed decision on selecting the appropriate protection for your job.

Welders’ safety glasses are rated with “shade numbers” that correspond to how much light radiation is admitted through the lens and the eyes.

Shade level 14 welding glasses are the highest shade number you can find in the market, and therefore most powerful. They can block 99% of the ultraviolet light and 97% of visible light. Thus, they are used for carbon arc welding.

Depending on the arc current, workers would normally wear protective Shades 3 to 6 for gas and oxygen welding, as well as torch brazing and soldering. On the other hand, Shade 8 to Shade 12 are typically used for plasma arc cutting and welding.

Apart from wearing the correct shade level, regular maintenance of the equipment is also essential so that it can actually do its job of protecting you. If you don’t take care of your safety gear, it will cause malfunctions and lead to accidents.

How do welding glasses work?

They are more than just protection as they expand technology and systematic operating procedure to increase supporting functions to the convenience of hard-working welders.

For instance, flexible welding eyewear makes a compartment for a welder’s prescription glasses. Thus, providing options for comfortable viewing.

Do safety glasses protect from welding flash?

Yes. A UV auto-darkening lens will prevent this incident, but the welding flash tolerance depends on the lens shade. A shade five (5) lens, for example, will provide you sufficient shields from light welding routines like plasma cutting and copper brazing. The more intense the welding job, the higher the shade numbers needed.

Is it bad to wear welding safety glasses all day?

No. It would not damage your vision, but you might feel dizzy or uncomfortable when used continuously in rough welding times as the green-coated lens can hurt your eyes because of its neon-like tint in the lens. Therefore, it can save your eyes against the sunlight. It is essential to know what shade color fits what welding type to have a comfortable working condition.

How do I identify the right shade number for welding?

By identifying the kind of welding, you are doing. If you have an irregular welding pattern, a 3-8 shade number will give you anti-UV protection enough for light to moderate welding. Otherwise, you can use a welding helmet for extreme arc welding practices.


In the metal industry, safety welding glasses are essential to prevent eye injuries. When choosing the best safety glasses for welding, always remember to consider your welding routine, shade number, and color as they will influence you on how you treat your eyes with care and proceed to your workpiece that can be a masterpiece in the making. Two birds in one stone indeed, right?

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