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Can You Put Rubber Gloves in the Dryer? – Answered

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

can you put rubber gloves in the dryer

Rubber gloves are keys for cleaning the house without risking our hands’ skin, yet many wearers are unaware of how to take care of them. Besides washing them after each use, you should dry and store them appropriately.

Unfortunately, the answer to “Can you put rubber gloves in the dryer?” is no. Though throwing kitchen gloves in the tumble dryer might save you some time, it will cause the pair to deteriorate, harden, and shrink.

Rest assured that there are safer alternatives to dry rubber gloves. Keep reading to find out.

Can You Put Rubber Gloves in the Dryer?


Some leather and cotton gloves can be tossed in the tumble dryer. But that’s not the case for kitchen rubber handwear. Rubber gloves can shrink, become brittle, or even worse, turn into a sticky mess when exposed to high heat.

If you live in a humid place, use a hair dryer in its cold setting to dry inside of rubber gloves. You should not leave the pair wet for extended periods as bacteria and mold might grow on them.

How to Clean and Care for Rubber Gloves Properly?


Rubber material is waterproof, but it is super vulnerable to mold and odor. When you don’t wash and let the gloves air out properly, they will develop an unpleasant smell that is almost impossible to remove. Follow these steps to clean toilet gloves and care for them properly.

Step 1. Wash rubber gloves

When you still wear the rubber gloves, apply soap and rub your hands to wash them. Don’t forget the wrist and between the fingers.

You should wash rubber gloves after each use to remove any chemicals and impurities.

Step 2. Dry the gloves

When you finish washing, wipe the gloves with a towel to dry the outside. Then, remove them and turn them inside out. Try this technique to speed up this step:

  • Step 1: Pull the glove inside out when you take it off
  • Step 2: Hold two sides of the cuff with both hands
  • Step 3: Stretch the cuff and rotate the glove to trap air inside it
  • Step 4: Squeeze the inside-out glove to pop the fingers out

You can hang up rubber gloves to dry the inside naturally or use a hair dryer on a low setting.

You can hang the pair outside to let them dry naturally. If you have a DIY glove rack, it’s recommended to put them there for the fan to dry off the moisture.

Step 3. Store the pair

When the gloves are completely dry, you should take them off the line and store them in a drawer. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and sharp kitchen tools.



Can rubber gloves go in the dishwasher?

Don’t attempt to clean your rubber gloves in the dishwasher. The machine can reach up to 200 degrees F during intense washing procedures, which can shrink and even melt rubber.

Can latex gloves go in the dryer?

Rubber gloves should not be placed in the dryer, especially latex ones. Latex is natural rubber, which makes it less durable and heat-resistant than other types. It shrinks when encountering temperatures above 200°F and begins to melt and decompose at around 240°F.

Can rubber go in the washing machine?

Yes, you can. Remember to put the gloves in a garment bag along with towels and other soft materials. Then, use a delicate cycle to wash. However, machine-washing might reduce the lifespan of your pair.

How do you dry wet gloves’ inside?

You should wait until the outside is completely dry before turning the gloves inside out to dry. Another method is to clip the fingers and hang the gloves above your home heat vent.

Why should you wear gloves when cleaning and washing dishes?

  • Protect your skin and nails from chemicals, cuts, and hot water – Sulfuric acid, a common ingredient in cleaning detergents, can cause skin irritation, burns, and flaking.

Rubber gloves create a protective barrier against such harmful chemicals. In addition, they keep your hands safe when working with sharp kitchen tools and hot water.

  • Avoid bacteria infection – Wearing rubber gloves when cooking and cleaning will prevent bacteria infection if you have open wounds. Bacteria can hide in your dirty sink, bathtub, and toilet.
  • Increase grip – Kitchen gloves often come with a pattern-print on the palm and wrist to increase grip. You won’t have to worry about dropping dishes because of slippery hands anymore.


To sum up, the short answer to “Can you put rubber gloves in the dryer?” is no. High heat will shrink, melt, and make the gloves unusable. There are many other ways to dry rubber gloves, such as wiping them with a towel and using a hair dryer in a cold setting.

If this article is helpful for you, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Every household must have at least one pair of rubber gloves that needs caring. Thank you for reading!

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