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How to Clean Timberland Boots With Soap and Water in 3 Steps

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how to clean timberland boots with soap and water

Even though I am happy to care for my leather boots and experiment with different products, I have to admit all the complicated and intricate methods are sometimes overwhelming. So, can you clean Timberlands with soap and water? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Soap and water are cheap, available, and highly effective.

However, you need to be careful as Timberland boots are usually made from delicate materials that don’t mix well with liquids. In short, soaking will stiffen the leather and wear off the glue’s adhesion. That is not to mention the corrosion of metal protective reinforcements. As such, here is how to clean Timberland boots with soap and water.

You should make a mixture of soap and water, then use the lather to brush off the dirt. After that, dampen a cloth and wipe off the water and soap residues. Optional steps are to use white vinegar to deodorize and a leather protector to shield your hard work. Let’s explore!

What to Prepare


We drew up a list of what you will need.

1. Mild soap

You will certainly need soap and water. Soap that is specially made for cleaning leather is preferable. But if you only have a household detergent, it can also get the job done. Remember to avoid harsh cleaners because they can remove the leather’s natural oil. Instead, use a mild one like dish soap.

2. White vinegar

Through wear, accumulated perspiration allows bacteria to grow inside the boots. Vinegar helps remove bacteria and lessen odor, which regular soap won’t do. Also, it can get rid of the white stain from water and soap residue. If you get caught in a rain and your Timberlands develop white lines, dabbing a small amount of vinegar on the spots will do the trick.

3. Leather protector

Suede and nubuck are tricky materials. If they get stained, soiled, and washed continuously, they might become irreversibly damaged. Prevention is better than cure, so get a leather protector. It will shield your exquisite boots against harmful factors and weathering while delivering a lasting and beautiful finish. Just make sure the protector suits your Timberlands’ leather type.

Other than that, grab a soft bristle brush, several pieces of clean cloth, and sandpaper.

Steps to Clean Timberland Boots With Soap and Water


Before cleaning Timberlands, you need to prepare them. Firstly, remove the shoelaces. Then, wipe the boots with a cloth and gently scrub off any dirt or grime with a brush or sandpaper. Sandpaper or an emery board is highly effective in getting rid of soil on suede boots. You should keep rubbing back and forth until most dirt comes off. Pay attention to the sole and heel areas. Now, you can proceed to cleaning.

Step 1: Clean the boots

Make a solution of dish soap and water. Next, gather the lather with the brush and rub the shoes using circular motions. Avoid applying excessive water to your boots. You should clean the bottom and soles thoroughly first as dirt tends to accumulate in those areas.

When you have finished cleaning, soak the laces into the remaining solution to clean them. Another option is to place them in a garment bag along with other items, then use the washing machine. Afterward, dampen a soft cloth, wring it out, and quickly wipe off the soap residue on the boots.

Step 2: Apply vinegar

Mix one part vinegar with two parts water and rub this mixture onto your boots using a cloth. Vinegar can dry out and irritate your skin, so put on rubber gloves if you need to.

Remember to apply the mixture to the inside and outside of the boots. Lastly, give the boots gentle pats with a cloth to remove any left moisture, and leave your Timberlands to dry overnight in a ventilated place.

If you only want to clean suede Timberland boots with household items, you can skip step number three.

Step 3: Apply leather protector

Before applying, always do a patch test on a small hidden area. Again, preservatives may darken certain types of leather. Ensure your Timberlands are clean and dry before spraying a generous amount of product on the leather.

If you’re using a wax type of leather protector, work in the product with a brush or cloth, and focus around stitches and seams. Wait until the boots are dry to buff them with a brush.

You can watch all the steps in this video:


We hope this article on how to clean timberland boots with soap and water provides all the information you need to clean your Timberlands with household items. We welcome all thoughts and questions via the contact page, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading!

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