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Different Types of Crocs – 13 Common Types and More

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different types of crocs

Since the company was founded, Crocs sold millions of pairs of shoes and developed new designs to suit a specific job, activity, weather, or style. With so many different types of Crocs, it’s hard to keep track of the new models.

At the very least, most people are familiar with the Classic Clogs. That said, other varieties can look similar to the Classic product line at first glance, such as the All Terrain, Baya, Echo, or Hiker Clog. Also worthy of note is the brand Crocs boots.

Other than clogs, the brand also offers boots for weatherproofing and slippers for indoor wear.

Let’s keep you up to date with the latest in this article!

How Many Types of Crocs Are There??

This year, the brand sells over a dozen different styles of Crocs clogs. That’s on top of the myriad of boots, shoes, and open-toed shoes for men, women, and kids.

1. Classic Clogs


Weight per shoe 6.88 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Uppers With ventilation ports

The Classic Clogs are the brand’s flagship footwear and the staple for many of us in the early 2000s. Made of Croslite, a proprietary resin foam, they provide optimal comfort and breathability. As an all-rounder, these shoes are suitable for running errands, going to schools, working in the yard, and many more.

For women who want to wear something with higher heel height, check out the Crush, Mega Crush, and Platform Crocs clogs. These models are much taller but with the same Classic uppers.

2. All Terrain Clogs


Weight per shoe 8 oz (Men size 9)
Heel Adjustable turbo heel straps
Uppers With ventilation ports

Made of the outdoors, the All-Terrain Clog features straps that you can tighten to prevent them from wiggling around your feet while you hike. Even better, the tread patterns include a rubber-like material around the edges, giving them better grip and durability.

3. Baya Clogs


Weight per shoe 6.88 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Uppers With ventilation ports

Although the Baya shares similarities with the Classic Clogs, they have more space around the toe area. Plus, the ventilation ports on the side spell out the brand name “Crocs” instead of the usual squarish holes.

4. Bistro Clogs


Weight per shoe 11.32 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Uppers Enclosed

As a work shoe, the Crocs Bistro is built with a Crocs Lock—the brand’s ASTM-certified high-traction treads. This ensures that workers in the food, hospitality, and medical fields can walk without slipping. And unlike the Classic and All-Terrain, the enclosed uppers shield your feet from spills.

If you want an upgraded version, try the Bistro Pro clogs! With its LiteRide footbed, it’s comfier to walk for long shifts in them.

5. Echo Clogs

Weight per shoe 16.76 oz
Heel Padded pivoting heel strap
Uppers With ventilation ports

Here is the brand’s take on the streetwear: A sporty geometric clog made of Croslite. Equipped with the comfortable LiteRide footbed, it is better at absorbing shock than Classic clog.

As this product line is constructed with plenty of ventilation ports, you can expect it to have the same level of breathability.

6. Hiker Clogs


Weight per shoe 10.88 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Adjustable pivoting back straps
Uppers With ventilation ports

Perfect for traveling around the city and outback, the Hiker has a midsole that is 10mm thicker for improved shock absorption. Meanwhile, its outsole has a sawtooth tread pattern on the edges so you don’t lose footing. For a custom fit, it features an adjustable backstrap that works in conjunction with the instep strap.

7. LiteRide 360 Clogs


Weight per shoe 8 oz (Men size 7)
Heel Pivoting back straps
Uppers Matlite

As the name implies, this model has the LiteRide footbed that molds to your foot shape while also providing support. For the uppers, the brand uses a material called Matlite Motion that behaves like a knitted fabric. In effect, it gives you the feeling that the clogs are moving with your feet.

8. Neria Pro II Clogs


Weight per shoe 10 oz (Size 8)
Heel Enclosed
Upper Enclosed

Neria Pro II is designed for hard-working women who are always on their feet. While the heel and upper are enclosed, this model is technically considered a clog. You can count on it for its slip-resistant sole and cushy yet supportive footbed.

9. Off-Court Clogs


Weight per shoe 10 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Upper With ventilation ports

Those in the market for a more athletic look and feel will love the Off Court clog. It has the same upper as the Classic clog but with one notable difference: A chunkier midsole.

10. On-the-Clock Clog


Weight per shoe 13.44 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Enclosed
Upper Enclosed

Whereas Neria Pro II is Crocs for women, the On-the-Clock clog is gender-neutral. Besides the enclosed upper and heel, the design includes the Crocs Lock slip-resistant soles to serve the needs of those working in the food, medical, and many other service industries.

11. Pollex Clogs


Weight per pair 33.5 oz
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Upper With side ventilation ports

Made in collaboration with designer Salehe Bembury, Crocs Pollex is proof that Crocs can adapt to the trends. Like a sculptural piece, the clog has pleats all around. Besides giving the shoe an edgy look, the textures that extend toward the sole provide decent traction on different floorings.

12. Specialist II Clogs


Weight per shoe 9.8 oz (Men size 12)
Heel Pivoting heel strap
Upper With side ventilation ports

At first glance, the Specialist II and the Bistro look identical. But unlike the Bistro, the Specialist has regular outsoles, which may not be an ideal choice for walking on extra-slippery surfaces. However, it fares better in terms of breathability, as it features ventilation ports on the sides.

13. Yukon Vista II


Weight per shoe 8.96 Oz (Men size 12)
Heel Adjustable heel strap
Upper Croslite and vegan faux leather with side vents

Available in black and espresso, Yukon Vista II deviates from the typical bright-colored Crocs styles. Recognizable by its faux leather, it is marketed as the go-to outdoor footwear but some users wear them with dressy outfits.

14. Other Types of Croc Shoes

Long-time fans of the brand are quick to point out the differences between old Crocs vs new Crocs, citing that the current versions are a little narrower. Nevertheless, the brand continues to evolve and explore new styles to cater to a wider market.

To date, Crocs offers boots for the wet and cold seasons and hundreds of options for sandals and flip-flops for the hot seasons. All of which are available for men, women, and kids.

Moreover, it developed gender-specific models. On the website, for instance, its women’s section includes flats, wedges, and platforms while the men’s section showcases loafers and sneakers.

Other than shoes, Crocs also offer slippers for exclusively indoor use. The two notable lines are Baya Slippers (not to be confused with Baya Clogs) and Kid’s Classic Slippers. Instead of the brand’s proprietary resin foam, these footwear product lines are made of soft felt.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Suitable Croc for You

Knowing that the brand has been making a comeback recently, it’s not impossible to find people buying and collecting all types of Crocs. But if you only need a few pairs, consider these factors to narrow down your options:



A Classic Clog has 13 holes on each upper to keep the feet free from sweat and odor. But in professional settings, this feature can put the worker’s skin at risk. As such, Crocs models like the Bistro, Neria Pro II, On-the-Clock, and Specialist II are made with enclosed toes.

For athletes, the brand also produced Croc tennis shoes and Croc sneakers, incorporating their trademark LiteRide footbeds in the design.

Weather conditions

Our choice of footwear changes along with the seasons. A hot summer day on the beach calls for a good pair of Crocs slippers.

But if you need warmth for the winter, you can wear the Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot that features a thick adjustable fabric shaft. During the rainy months, the Classic Boot provides the same comfort of a Crocs clog and the weatherproofing of a traditional Wellington.



In addition to the different kinds of Crocs that cater to the fanbase’s varying tastes, the brand also sells Jibbitz charms that can be attached to any of the 13 holes. This enables the wearer to further customize their clogs and boots to suit their personality.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Crocs?

The Classic Clog is Crocs’ best-selling footwear. Within this product line, black is the most popular option among customers. Some other fast-selling colors are orange, blue, and pink.


Crocs has come a long way since it first released the Classic Clog. From creating innovative Croc designs ideas to collaborating with different brands, the shoe company stays in vogue.

More importantly, it keeps its promise of ensuring that each pair remains comfy, light, and stylish for adventurers, workers, travelers, and fashion enthusiasts. No doubt, the list of different types of Crocs will continue to grow and surprise its fans with new features.

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