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How Long Does It Take for Prescription Glasses to be Ready?

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how long does it take for prescription glasses to be ready

A research paper from the Centre for Vision of Oxford University has shown that 75 percent of the world population needs vision adjustment. This high and increasing proportion comprises those born with impaired vision, age-related loss of focus flexibility, and the impact of increasing screen usage.

If you have a vision problem, you might consider getting prescription glasses to see the world in crisp detail again. Now the question is, how long does it take for prescription glasses to be ready?

The time it takes for your prescription glasses to arrive is usually between 2 and 3 weeks. The glasses will be ready in 1-2 weeks if you choose priority production. However, the intricacy of your order and the area where you place it will affect how long it takes.

There are various aspects involved in the creation of vision lenses that decide the time to complete your prescription glasses:

  • Your prescription
  • The lens materials
  • The lens coating
  • The frame you choose

Read more to know the answer to why it would take so long for your prescription glasses to be ready and how long you will get new glasses.

Why Do Prescription Glasses Take so Long to Make


It’s because the process of making prescription glasses is really complicated as it requires the highest quality, safety and precision standards.

Creating your prescription glasses is a lengthy procedure. It can take longer for your glasses to be produced if you choose an unusual frame style. If you want thicker lenses than your lab typically carries, or get some additional variables such as transition lenses, colored lenses, etc. your order also requires a longer time to complete.

In general, the process of making prescription glasses goes through the following tasks:

  • The first step is to select a pair of blank lenses, then shave it down to get the appropriate prescription. After this step, the lenses are placed in a polish or grinding machine to smooth until clear.
  • The next step is the coating. Any coatings you have specified such as anti-scratch, anti-reflective, or a mirror, are applied to the lens’s surface. To get desired capabilities, vacuum technology is applied along with the heat.
  • Next, the lens is edged to fit your picked glasses frame. The lenses need to have the proper shape and snuggly fit the frame.
  • The glasses have a final quality check to ensure that they are produced with exactly what you ordered and strictly follow the standards of manufacturer and health institutions.
  • Lastly, the shop will contact you for a delivery or pick-up.

If your prescriptions are out of the ordinary range, especially when it goes with extreme lens forms, loads of combinations, or out-of-stock lenses, the process might take longer. To wrap up, the length of time for your order glasses to be ready depends on how many patterns or features you want.

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Normally, the time it takes to make your glasses may vary greatly from 2-3 weeks, depending on many variables. If you need your glasses quickly, you may have to pay an extra to speed up the production process.

If you plan to order a pair of prescription glasses, have our information above to not be too frustrated about waiting for your product to be ready. If you enjoy this article on how long does it take for prescription glasses to be ready, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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