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How to Clean Microfiber Glasses Cloth: The Detailed Guide

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

how to clean microfiber glasses cloth

We should have at least one wash microfiber cloth for glasses inside our bag for use right away with prescription glasses or safety eyewear. And the problem is when our cleaner becomes dirty, what should we do with it? We cannot leave dirt built up and keep rubbing the cloth on the glass lenses.

The dilemma is how to clean microfiber glasses cloth without destroying its effect. And that can be done by shaking the piece, cleaning it by hand, or putting it into the washing machine.

The List of Items We Need to Prepare


Well, it is not a long list of accessories that are hard to find. In fact, we just have to gather some items around the house to help with the cleaning process. And they are:

  • Vinegar: Remember this sour liquid we use to add appealing aroma and taste to our food? Some of us use it as a food preservative with its acidic notes. So, it is likely that we all have this inside our kitchen. And to some people’s surprise, the liquid will do a fantastic cleaning job of cleaning microfiber cloth. Other alternatives, in case you do not have any vinegar left, are shampoo and hand soap.
  • Small bowls: Two small bowls should be enough when you clean your small-sized microfiber pieces. It is recommended that you gather several ones to wash in one go to save ingredients.
  • Lens cleaner agent: I always prefer spray bottles as it is easy to use compared to other glass cleaning agents. Anyway, this product is of excellent use for both your lenses and the cleaning cloth, so make sure you have a good one in hand. And in case you do not have one, opt for blue dawn dish soap.

Detailed Guide to Clean Microfiber Glasses Cloth


Step 1: Shaking the microfiber clot

We should start by gently shaking the microfiber cloth. This step should be done all the time, right after we rub the dirt off our glasses with it. And it is necessary to do the same to eliminate the dust stuck on the cloth’s surface.

Step 2: Washing microfiber glasses cloth

We will wash the microfiber glasses cloth with vinegar (shampoo or hand soap).

  • Pour the liquid, whichever one you have, into a small bowl. Just a tiny amount is adequate since the microfiber piece does not require many agents, and we do not want to waste the ingredient.
  • Now, it’s time to soak the fabric into the bowl and press gently for it to absorb the cleaning liquid. The act of scrubbing and pressing allows the vinegar to soak into the cloth textiles and take out oils and smudges stuck in the piece.
  • Next, you can put the microfiber cloth into another bowl filled with warm water. Do not forget to rub and squeeze it again gently. And this time is for eliminating the vinegar liquid and smell.

Step 3: Dry microfiber glasses cloth

When the cleaning task is finished, you should hang the microfiber cloth on a hanger. It will be dry soon if the temperature is hot enough. But in the cold winter, you might want to try the hairdryer.

The Warnings We Should Pay Attention to

1. Do not bleach the microfiber cloth.

Some people might think of dipping their cleaning cloth into a mixture of bleach and water in the hope of erasing the stubborn marks accidentally left on the piece. However, this is not a solution, as it only makes things worse for the microfiber cloth. You might not be able to use the piece again after washing it with bleach.

2. Do not use fabric softener to treat the cloth, neither by hand nor by the washing machine.

Another warning that you should know is the danger of fabric softeners to the microfiber cleaning cloth. It might have an excellent effect on your clothes, making them softer to the touch and comfortable to wear. But, it is not the case when you use it to clean microfiber lens cloth.

We all know how microfiber cleaner is utilized due to its power of dirt, oils, and condensation absorbency. So, what the fabric softener does to the piece is destroy those attributes, making it fail to take soil and moisture away from glass lenses.

3. Do not turn on the too-hot temperature of the hair dryer when drying the piece.

The damaging effect is also severe if you turn on the hairdryer a bit too hot. So, when you are in a hurry and dry the microfiber piece more quickly, make sure to maintain the heat at the medium level or better below.

4. Do not ignore the washing icon on the microfiber cloth tags.

Like all other fabrics, the manufacturer will warn us about what we can and should do with the piece. So, if your microfiber cloth is made of premium textiles and is marked machine-washable, feel free to do so. And make sure you choose the right level of water warmth and gentle cycle. Also, do not add fabric softener.


To clean microfiber cloth for glasses, we only need some simple items that are easily found around the house. Ensure you avoid using bleaches and fabric softener when washing the piece, either by hand or by the washing machine.

Hopefully, our short yet detailed guide on how to clean microfiber glasses cloth can help you finish the task with ease

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