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How to Dry Gloves Quickly? (DIY Glove Dryer)

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how to dry gloves quickly

Keeping ski gloves nice and dry in everlasting winters is exasperating. They are thick and bulky, and the waterproof fabric doesn’t let air ventilate properly. So, how to dry gloves quickly? Are there any hacks to speed up the process?

The answer is to remove all excess water and place them on a ski glove dryer. But if you’re not into investing in a dryer, you’ll find alternative options and tips in this article.

Bacteria live best in a warm, moist, and slightly acidic environment, which is your wet gloves. Scroll down to find the quick solution you need!

What to Prepare

To dry winter gloves fast without damaging the fabric, you should prepare:

  • Clean towel
  • Glove dryer

Three Steps to Dry Gloves Quickly

Step 1. Remove the gloves’ lining

Most mittens and winter gloves have inner linings. You should detach the linings and slide them out of the gloves. Removing and drying them separately will help quicken the process. If your gloves have zippers, unzip them for better air ventilation.

Step 2. Absorb moisture with a towel


Lay a clean towel on a flat surface and place your gloves on it. Then, fold the towel and gently press it to absorb any excess moisture on the gloves.

Repeat the steps for the liners. Remember to not wring, twist, or press the gloves too hard.

Step 3. Place your gloves on the dryer


Winter gloves often come with thick insulation and waterproof layers. These unique fabrics are vulnerable to high heat. Thus, avoid using your tumble dryer. You can use your blow dryer on a low setting, but it will take forever to dry a pair of thick gloves.

Instead, use a glove dryer. It constantly blows low-heat air to dry ski gloves. Unlike the tumble dryer, it is safe for leather and delicate garments. It will not shrink, warp, or harm your gloves.

You need to place your mittens on the rack and turn the dryer on. After two to three hours, they will be good to go.

If you don’t have a glove dryer, hang your mittens on a line. Wait until the outside dries completely and flip them inside out to dry gloves inside. You can use the same procedure to dry the inside of rubber gloves.

Alternatives to Glove Dryers


If you live in a cold climate, it’s worth investing in a glove dryer. Besides using it for your gloves, you can dry your boots, hats, and even winter coats. When you come home, just throw your winter gear on the dryer, and it will do the job perfectly.

But if you don’t want to pay for the device, there are many DIY options you can try.

1. DIY glove and boot dryer from PVC pipe and wood


The idea is to build a rack from wooden panels and PVC pipes. Then, place this rack on your home’s heat vent.

You’ll need wooden panels, PVC pipes, a circular saw, a hand drill, and bits. Follow this procedure to build your DIY glove dryer:

  • Step 1. Measure your home’s heat vent and build a wooden box of that size. Leave the bottom open for the heat to come up to the gloves.
  • Step 2. Cut six holes on the top panel. Make sure they are the same size as the PVC pipe’s diameter.
  • Step 3. Cut the PVC pipe into ten-inch pieces and place them in the holes. Lastly, use glue to secure the pipes.

Now, you won’t have to worry about wet gloves anymore. After coming home from your ski trip, slide the gloves into the pipes. They will be nice and dry in a few hours.

2. DIY dryer from a USB fan and PVC pipes

If you don’t have a heat vent at home, use a USB fan. It is cheap and easy to set up.

You’ll need a USB blower fan, a USB wall plug, two to four short pieces of PVC pipes, wood panels, and hot glue. Here’s how to build the dryer:

  • Step 1. Cut the wood panels to make a box. Leave one side open for the fan to blow air into.
  • Step 2. Cut two to four holes on the top panel for the PVC pipes.
  • Step 3. Place the pipes into the holes and use hot glue to keep them in place.
  • Step 4. Glue the USB fan to the open side of the box and connect it to the USB wall plug.

When you plug in the fan, it will blow air out the pipes. Slide your gloves and boots into these pipes to dry them.

3. Bottles

A simple trick to dry your gloves fast is to hang them on bottles. You only need to:

  • Remove the cap of two empty bottles and place them in a warm room
  • Put your work gloves on them and leave them overnight

The bottles help trap the warm air inside the gloves, thus they will dry completely. The video below will explain this hack for you:

4. Boot drying rack

You can also put your wet boots and gloves on a drying rack. Then, place it in the open air.


Accumulated sweat and moisture are inevitable in winter gloves. So, learn how to dry gloves quickly. Don’t let your mittens become the house of bacteria and odor.

Now that you know the best tips, you can enjoy the winter without worries. Also, what hack will you use? Which one would you recommend to a friend? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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