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How to Keep Your Glasses from Falling off During Sports? – 8 Amazing Methods

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how to keep your glasses from falling off during sports

You are nearsighted and must wear glasses all the time, even when playing sports? However, this often drives you crazy and frustrated because your glasses fall off while playing.

Sports involve a lot of movements, so it is undoubtedly hard to keep your glasses on. I have gone through this before; thus, in this article, I’ll show you how to keep your glasses from falling off during sports.

8 Easy Methods to Keep Your Glasses from Falling off During Sports

1. Quick Fix: Get Appropriate Glasses

The first tip is to find a suitable pair of glasses that fits the size of your head. Go see an optometrist or stop by an eye-glass store for assistance.

2. Quick Fix: Hair Bands


If you can’t find a new perfect pair for your face, there is a small helpful tip to make your current pair fit better on your face. All you will need are two hair ties.

Wrap each around the end of your glasses. The frame should fit more tightly on your face while the hair bands do not become an aesthetic eyesore because they are tucked away behind your ears and hair.

3. Quick Fix: Heat Gun



This is a tip for slightly loose glasses. A heat gun can soften up your glasses’ frame, making it flexible to bend your glasses gently until they fit tightly on your face.

However, if you’re not handy, I’d not recommend this method as you may ruin the glasses. If you have never done this before, do not opt for this and consider my other tips below. It is better to bring your glasses to an optician at your local optical shop so they can help tighten your glasses in a professional way.

4. Heat-shrink Tubing


Putting a heat-shrink tubing on the arms of your glasses’ frame to make them tighter is another option. Follow these steps!

  • Slide the tubing over each arm of your glasses so it covers the part that wraps around your ear.
  • Hold a heat gun about 10 to 13 cm away from the tubing and turn it on low for 30 seconds. This will allow the tubing to shrink.

From your local hardware store, you can easily find a heat-shrink tubing or just recycle some from your old spare electricity tubings at home.

Try to look for the tubing that has the same color as your frame, you just need to make sure it doesn’t create too much difference. If you don’t have a heat gun, you can also use a blow dryer at the highest heat setting.

Also, be cautious and don’t hold the heat gun for too long near your glasses since you can accidentally damage or melt the frame.

5. Wax Coating

Wax coating can help stop glasses from slipping off your face. The wax is applied to the nose pad area to create a layer of friction between your nose and your glasses. This will minimize your glasses’ movements.n

Honestly, I find it works really great and is also nearly invisible to point out. Nevertheless, it has a drawback in that you have to consistently reapply the wax on your glasses, especially if you have oily skin.

Note that this is just a temporary way to stop glasses from falling off, the wax cannot continuously keep your glasses stay in place when you’re taking rough activities, such as those that require you to jump too hard or to change direction abruptly.

6. Sports Glasses


These tips may not work for you if you’re an avid sports person or athlete. So, you should consider investing in a solid pair of sports glasses.

Why? This type of glasses is designed specifically for sports with a curved frame that keeps it firmly on your ears. They fit your face strictly, protect your eyes, and still give you a good vision.

Some of them come with straps that make it impossible for your glasses to fall during sports. They’re made of durable materials to sustain impacts. You will not have to worry about them breaking when they fall off.

7. Keepons Fin Clips

If you do not want to splurge on a sports item, you can opt for add-ons. These are much cheaper and are good solutions to preventing your glasses from falling off when you play sports. Here, I want to introduce you to the keepons fin clips for your glasses.

Most glasses’ temple tips are made of acetate, which means you can easily heat and adjust them for an optimal and comfortable fit.

If this is not enough to hold your glasses in place, use keepons fin clips as high friction, soft, elastomer tip that employs mechanical and resistance supports to prevent your glasses from falling off.

For comfort, you can also consider pairing this with a cushion loop where the glasses’ temple tip meets the back of your ear.

This eyewear accessory is specialized to offer extra mechanical support, which ensures your glasses stay on while you exercise.

This method is effective, but its downside is that you can’t wear your glasses for very long. The clips’ pressure on the back of your ears can cause pain if you have them on for too long

8. Straps for Glasses


Another good option is to get a strap to hold your glasses. This solution works well most of the time. You can feel a bit odd wearing it initially, but you will surely get used to it after some time.

It’s easy to find one at eyewear shops. There are tons of them out there for you to choose from. If you don’t want to spend a dime for shopping, at your house, you can optimize any elastic strap to hold off the glasses, and you are good to go.


That’s all that I can advise you to enjoy your sporty experiences as a whole without worrying about your glasses falling off. You now know some tips on how to keep your glasses from falling off during sports.

Nonetheless, my first recommendation will be to invest in a good pair of sports glasses because they are the best option in the long run. They’re durable for long-term usage.

I hope my advice is helpful for you, and I want to hear from you on this topic as well. Maybe some of you have better ideas to keep glasses on, so please let me know in the comments.

Having said that, good ideas should go around and be shared, so share the article if you like it and know somebody who will benefit from it.

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