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How to Remove Sweat Stains from Glasses Frames Effortlessly?

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how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

As a near-sighted person, I cannot deny how helpful my everyday prescription glasses are. However, no matter how much money I invest in my frames, they start to develop green rust here and there after a few months of use. The green oxidation not only makes me look a bit off but also irritates my skin. Have you ever experienced similar discomforts? I can reassure you that this problem relates to any glasses wearer.

Therefore, I curated the following steps giving detailed explanations on how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames effortlessly. In short, we will wash the frames using mild soap, then rewash them with clean water, and wipe them using rubbing alcohol for the final result. Read below to learn more.

What You Will Need


Besides glasses frame corrosion, if you have noticed eye strain or headache shortly after a few hours of wearing your glasses, they are signals that are telling you to clean them immediately. Quickly gather the following:

Your glasses


Glass frames or parts of the frames are usually from monel – a type of copper. The metal is safe for our skin and eyes. But there is one downside, it can easily turn greenish after several uses. That green color on your frames is not algae or mold, as it is just a result of metal oxidation. So, rest assured, you will be able to get rid of it safely.

If you have plastic frames and they show no sign of green oxidation, I still recommend cleaning the glasses regularly following these tips because you might also get sweat stains, dirt, oil, or makeup accumulated in your glasses. So, grab your pair of glasses and move to the next step.

Soft cloth


When it comes to the frames, many types of soft cloth will get the job done, such as your old cotton T-shirt, cotton balls, or even wet wipes. However, if you also plan on cleaning the lenses, prepare a few pieces of microfiber cloth. These are soft enough to clean the lenses very effectively while not causing scratches.

Also, frames have lots of tiny details, such as screws and hinges. You will need Q-tips to be able to reach these parts, so grab some Q-tips too.

Rubbing alcohol


Rubbing alcohol is available in almost every drugstore. Both rubbing alcohol with a low or high concentration of isopropyl alcohol is alright. We only need the concentration to be higher than 70%. Although you may think the higher concentration is more effective, they all work just as well in this situation.

In case you cannot get rubbing alcohol, no worries. Surprisingly, your bottle of vodka can also work. But don’t be too excited because rubbing alcohol is still our best bet. It will help to dissolve green oxidation, remove sweat stains, and kill bacteria.

Mild soap


Avoid highly fragranced and antibacterial soaps, choose a bottle or bar of soap that is considered mild for use on sensitive skin. Look for soaps with the official approval on their packaging.

Warm water


Last but not least, keep a large bowl or cup of clean warm water nearby. Warm tap water should be fine, but make sure the water and container are clean, which means no sediment or residue in it.

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Glasses Frames


Completing all of the following steps won’t take any longer than 5 minutes. Let’s roll up our sleeves!

Step 1: Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly because you will be cleaning your glasses with your fingertips. You don’t want to transfer germs from your hands to glasses.

Step 2: Clean the frames with mild soap

With your fingertips, apply the mild soap you’ve prepared to the frames. Don’t forget earpieces and nose pads since dirt and bacteria tend to lie in these tiny holes. If necessary, use Q-tips to get to these holes easier.

If you also want to clean the lenses, go ahead and apply soap to them. But be very gentle when working on lenses; a scratch can harm your lenses, and make them blurry.

Step 3: Clean the frames with warm water

Submerge your whole glasses in warm water. Use your fingertips to thoroughly wash all of the soap away. Once again, be very cautious while rubbing your fingers against the glasses’ lenses.

Step 4: Dry the frames using cloth and rubbing alcohol

Put several drops of rubbing alcohol on a clean piece of cloth or cotton pad, and carefully wipe the frames. Keep in mind that rubbing alcohol is meant for the glasses frames, not for the lenses. Don’t contact your lenses with any alcohol. Instead, use a clean piece of microfiber cloth and wipe the lenses until they are completely dry.

So, there you have it! Your brand new frames are back!

Step 5: Final check

Take a closer look at the frames to make sure there is no green dot left. If there is, feel free to repeat the steps above a few more times.

However, if after all of these steps and you still find the nose pads tinted with a hint of green or yellow, don’t worry, that’s a common problem. Nose pads after a long time of use will need to be changed. The good news is you don’t have to buy a whole new pair of glasses, instead, buy new nose pads online or from a store and replace the old ones.

Step 6: Build a habit

It is recommended that you should clean your lenses every day with an eyewear cleaning solution, and clean your frames once a week with the steps above to remove green oxidation from glasses frames.

Glasses can be lifesavers, so never neglect taking care of them. If you only clean your luxury glasses once in a blue moon, they won’t be unblemished for long. But, if you emphasize each step to the maximum potential, a pair of regular-priced glasses can last longer than you can ever imagine.


In conclusion, glass frame corrosion can happen even to a well-cared pair of glasses. But it can always be removed using proper cleaning techniques and maintenance. Don’t let that cause you inconvenience. Save this article on how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames so you can always refer back to it in the future.

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