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How to Tighten Glasses Screws with Simple Tools at Home?

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How to tighten glasses screws with simple tools at home

Over time, our eyeglass screws will have become loose, making the pair slide down our noses. Such an issue can be a little inconvenient at first; then, it becomes too irritating that we cannot ignore it.

Or worse, loose screws can finally snap, and our glasses fall immediately as we slightly bend down to pick up things. Not to mention, if we are in the middle of work, the sudden loss of eye vision correction lenses can lead to immense dangers.

Hence, we should learn how to tighten glasses screws to solve the issue right when it starts.

Tighten the Wobbly Glassess With a Screwdriver


The glass screws are meant to connect the eyewear frame that holds the lenses with the arms. So, our main problem is with these connection parts.

  • So, before you start tightening glasses screws, align your glass arms with the temple correctly.

If the screw is just loose and not fallen out, then it is easy to align. If not, be gentle when you insert the screw into the hole. You should handle this at a clean table to avoid losing the tiny piece.

  • With this task, just prepare a screwdriver, make sure to choose the tiny flat-head or Phillips-tip one. Get the screwdriver in place, gently rotate the small head of the screwdriver clockwise. Make sure you do it as lightly as possible to not scratch the glass frame, or worse, the glass lenses.
  • You can keep turning the screwdriver but know when to stop. It seems obvious for this step, as many eyewear frames made of plastic can be fragile, so do not push it too hard when you feel that it’s already tightened.

Tighten Glasses Screws without Screwdriver


But again, maybe not all of us have a screwdriver lying around in our house, or more importantly, a flat-head one that fits the small eyewear screws. But we should not give up because we can easily make our own “screwdriver”.

A USB cable – Almost everyone has a smartphone, so everyone must have a USB cable. Then voila! Get ready to fix our glasses with the piece!

The tip of the USB cable, where it connects with the power source, is what we can make use of in this situation. Since it is pretty big, we have to be extra gentle and focused when turning the screw.

A paper clip – Another live-saver piece we have in our home is the small and convenient paper clip. It checks all the boxes needed to become a “screwdriver” for glasses: small, tough, and with edges.

You can pull one end of the paper clip out. Then, use a big tool (preferably a hammer or any heavy tools you have) to flatten out the tip. Now, it becomes a flat-head piece that can effortlessly help us turn the glass screws in place.

Prepare a Glasses Tightening Kit

Some of us have more than a pair of glasses, as we need UV or blue-light blockers, safety eyewear for work, and more. In that case, rather than relying on handmade screwdrivers for urgent situations, we should be well-prepared with a kit for tightening glass screws.

Due to the variety of eyewear we have, glasses screw won’t tighten with the use of one simple tool. Hence, the kit will pack multiple items, including different-sized screwdrivers, extra screws, plastic starters, nose pads, comport pads, lens cloth, magnifier, and more.

In other words, the set has everything we possibly need to handle the task without hassle.

You can check out this kind of repair kit for glasses from reliable brands like Universal Souvenir, Snapit Store, General Tools, etc. Ensure that you go with the package that has suitable tools for you to tighten and fix other issues with your eyewear.


We can make our lives easier with all the life hacks shared with each other. Figuring out how to tighten glasses screws is among those tricks. It is neither rocket science nor an easy task, but with some creativity in using random tools around the house, we can solve the issue without a sweat.

Or better, we can prepare a wide-ranging kit that makes all our troubles with glasses a breeze to fix.

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