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How to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots? – 6 Effective Ways

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how to keep feet dry in work boots

If you wear work boots while doing activities such as construction work or just a casual walk in the neighborhood, you are probably no stranger to the discomfort caused by sweaty feet.

Considering that there are approximately 250, 000 sweat glands on the feet, sweating in the foot is normal, but it’s not something desirable to many.

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling, it can also cause stinky feet, skin infections, and heat rash on feet from work boots.

So if you are looking for ways on how to keep feet dry in work boots, keep reading!

Ways to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots

Method #1: Keep Your Feet Clean


Cleaning and scrubbing your feet does more than just removing dirt. It also helps keep your feet cool and prevent sweating. How?

Well, the dead skin and dirt on your feet clog the pores and eventually hinder proper respiration. When this happens, the high temperature on your feet will trigger it to sweat to cool down.

Doing this step with anti-microbial soap will also lessen the risk of having infections and foul odor on your feet. Let your feet dry completely before putting socks and shoes on, as moisture will only worsen the situation.

Method #2: Take Your Shoes Off

Nothing beats the natural way of drying one’s feet. Considering that you won’t need to use any products to accomplish this method, this is, by far, the easiest way to prevent the sweating of the feet.

By taking off your shoes and socks for about 5-10 minutes, you are already giving your feet ample time to “breathe” and dry out the moisture on them. However, if possible, take off your socks and shoes for an hour or so to let your feet cool down properly.

Method #3: Wear Absorbent Socks


Socks do a great job of manipulating the temperature inside your boots.

However, you just can’t wear any type of socks if you want to control the sweating of your feet. For this method, you need to choose absorbent socks.

As these socks wick sweat off, they keep feet cool in work boots by allowing the air to hit your feet and lower the temperature.

When choosing absorbent socks, you would want to stay away from cotton socks. Although it is a breathable fabric, it actually builds up the sweat as it cannot allow the moisture to evaporate in work boots.

More so, it retains or insulates the heat and causes the feet to sweat more.

So, what kind of socks should you go for? Socks made of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, plastic, polyester, and merino wool, are the go-to socks to keep feet dry in work boots.

You may also opt to wear cooling socks readily available in the market for maximum comfort. I also suggest pairing these socks with moisture-absorbing insoles for the best results.

Method #4: Use Antiperspirants


If you are someone who has to deal with excessive sweating– a condition called hyperhidrosis, this method is recommended for you.

Antiperspirants, also called deodorants, are products that are specifically formulated to combat sweating. Most also contain properties that kill bacteria that cause infection and odor.

Most foot antiperspirants come in spray bottles, allowing you to spray the product directly to your foot or apply the product to the shoes.

Here are what you need to prepare and the necessary steps in applying this product:

  • Foot deodorant
  • Absorbent socks
  • Work boots
  • Clean towel

Step 1: After washing your feet, dry your feet with a clean towel.

Step 2: Spray the deodorant on your feet, particularly on the soles.

  • If you have hyper-sensitive skin that is prone to rashes, it is recommended not to apply the product directly to your feet. Proceed to the next step instead.

Step 3: Next, spray some of the product inside your shoes.

Step 4: Allow your feet to dry before putting on your socks.

Step 5: Wear your work boots.

  • Make sure that the boots are already dry before putting them on.

Method #5: Foot Powder


If you don’t have foot deodorant, there is another product to keep feet dry.

Foot powders, such as talcum powder, can instantly dry the sweat on your feet as it is absorbent. You can also choose the antibacterial or antifungal variant for additional protection against fungi or bacteria that cause irritation.

You can also use cornstarch as a substitute if you can’t find one in your local drug store or supermarket.

  • Do not use foot powder alongside antiperspirants, as there’s no guarantee that the combined ingredients won’t do more harm than good.

Method #6: Breathable Work Boots


Although breathability plays a big role in order to prevent feet from sweating, this is usually overlooked in work boots. This typically stems from how protection and durability are the features that are primarily considered by people who wear them.

To stop getting sweaty feet work boots have to be breathable. Luckily, there is a wide selection of breathable work boots in the market.

The ideal boots for sweaty feet are usually made of lightweight materials and have special breathable technology, such as mesh panels. In steel toe boots, manufacturers also incorporate absorbent inner lining.

It is also recommended to have weather-appropriate boots.

The Causes of Feet Sweating

Aside from the sweat glands found on your foot, some people can also suffer from certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis, that can contribute to the sweating of their feet. Even anxiety can cause excessive sweating.

The materials used in shoes can also determine how much your feet will sweat.

For example, in rubber boots, the heat produced by the body is usually trapped inside because of the rubber’s non-breathability. When body heat cannot escape, the body’s automatic response is to produce sweat to cool down.

The same goes for the liners found in waterproof boots. As boots that keep your feet dry from the rain, they have liners that stop liquids from entering your shoes. These liners, however, also prevent the heat and sweat from exiting the boots.



How do I keep my feet dry while working?

Securing a pair of breathable work boots is one of the best ways to keep feet dry in boots. However, if you don’t have them, you can still stop sweaty feet in work boots with the following methods and tips mentioned here.

Combining the mentioned methods, such as keeping your feet clean and wearing absorbent socks after applying foot deodorant, is also recommended. The only exception is that you shouldn’t wear foot powder together with antiperspirants.

How do you absorb moisture in work boots?

There are so many ways on how to wick off moisture from work boots.

You can invest in a shoe dryer or purchase shoe dehumidifiers from the market. Additionally, you can employ ingenious methods such as using newspapers, baking soda, and even grains or rice.


As the body’s mechanism to cool down, sweating is something that should not be considered a negative trait. However, stinky feet, and various skin diseases and infections can all be attributed to sweaty feet.

This is the reason why dealing with sweaty feet while working is no joke.

Thus, learning how to keep feet dry in work boots is crucial in ensuring that your feet are comfortable and remain healthy.

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