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What Are Cotton Gloves Used for? – Cotton Glove Applications

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what are cotton gloves used for

What are cotton gloves used for? These soft, comfortable, and versatile gloves hold four main applications:

  • Protective work gloves: Protect the hands from minor punctures and cut hazards.
  • Kitchen gloves: Withstands temperatures from 200°F to 450°F.
  • Inspection gloves: Examine valuable items without leaving fingerprints.
  • Lotion gloves: Assist in absorbing hand moisture.

Besides, white gloves signify cleanliness. You can find waiters and chefs at luxury restaurants wearing them. Many people also wear 100% cotton gloves as fashion statement pieces, and they don’t serve any protective purposes.

Cotton Glove Applications


1. Protective work gloves

Cotton work gloves are one of the most lightweight and breathable PPEs. They can enhance grip and protect from many minor hazards (e.g., scrapes, cuts, punctures, abrasions). You can wear them to perform general warehouse tasks, light automotive work, and maintenance.

In hazardous jobs, workers wear cotton gloves as liners for additional warmth, grip, and sweat absorption. They provide better air circulation underneath unbreathable rubber gloves.

2. Oven mitts

Most kitchen gloves are made of cotton. Thin fabric can’t withstand high heat, so manufacturers double knit the cotton and reinforce the exterior with cotton twill or acrylic lining. The final result can resist temperatures from 200°F to 450°F.

However, the gloves only resist high heat for a short period. Heat can quickly pass through cotton due to its breathability. If you need to handle a hot object for a long time, opt for other materials. When you overheat cotton, it will catch fire.

3. Cotton lotion gloves

100% cotton gloves are saviors for dry hands. Putting them on after applying hand moisturizer will help you absorb the product better. They also allow the wearer to carry out daily activities without touching dry and tough surfaces that might cause a flare-up of eczema.

This video explains more about these gloves and their benefits: 100% Cotton gloves for eczema

4. Inspection gloves

When handling valuable items (e.g., jewelry, collectible coins, cards), people wear white or black cotton gloves to avoid leaving dirt, fingerprints, and skin oils on them. The manufacturing of delicate products, such as mirrors and glasses, also requires wearing cotton gloves.

In addition, cotton gloves can be worn as fashion statement pieces. Many people wear them to complete their costumes and tuxedo formals. They signify purity and cleanliness, so you can also find butlers and chefs at hotels and restaurants wearing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cotton gloves appropriate PPE?

Yes, they are. The OSHA published four material categories for protective gloves: Leather, metal mesh, fabric, and coated fabric. The selection must be based on the task requirements and function of gloves. Fabric gloves are usually for protection against slivers, abrasions, scrapes, and chafing.

2. Do cotton gloves help sweaty hands?

Cotton gloves are perfect for sweaty hands. They create a soft, comfortable, and breathable barrier between your hands and your bulky outer gloves. Also, they are more moisture-wicking, so they help to prevent dermatitis.

If you often go to public gyms or sports centers, you should wear cotton gloves. They shield your hands from direct contact with unclean surfaces.

3. Can I reuse cotton gloves?

Most cotton gloves can be washed and reused multiple times. You should maintain a regular cleaning routine to keep your gloves free of bacteria and odor.


Now you have the answer to “What are cotton gloves used for?” They are multipurpose and flexible products, being lightweight, thin, and protective against most types of light hazards. Keep a pair at home so you can carry out tasks like gardening more safely.

So, what do you use cotton gloves for? Will you purchase a pair? Let us know in the comment section.

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