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What Are Individual Finger Gloves Called? Find Out in This Article!

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

what are individual finger gloves called

While browsing through hand protection catalogs online, I’m sure you have seen curious-looking covers for the fingers.

So, what are individual finger gloves called? Many people simply call them “finger gloves” but manufacturers often refer to them as finger cots. What’s more, they are commonly used in a wide variety of industries. Tag along to learn more about this protector.

What Are Finger Cots?

As mentioned in the introduction, finger cots are gloves that only cover your fingers. According to Wikipedia, they go by different names like finger guards, finger frocks, finger stalls, or finger sleeves.

Much like utility gloves, you will find reusable and disposable designs.

1. Disposable finger cots

Finger cots made of latex, nitrile, and rubber are normally for single-use. In the medical field, healthcare workers wear them when they need to reduce exposure to contaminants while applying topical medication on patients.

Facial treatment services also stock up on them. For instance, if you Google the keywords like “what are individual finger gloves called Milady,” Milady Esthetic’s Facial Treatment’s training manual would come up in the results.

That’s because the gloves and finger cots are part of the brand’s facial supply checklist.

Besides protecting workers and clients from impurities, workers in different industries use them, too. This Construction Informer explains that crafters put on finger cots to prevent the adhesive from sticking to their fingers.

Meanwhile, workers assembling electronics wear them to protect their fingers and at the same time prevent damaging the gadget’s parts.

2. Reusable finger cots

If contamination is not a concern, I highly recommend reusable single finger gloves.

Protective equipment manufacturers have created a broad range of finger guards made of different materials. The EvridWear cut-resistant finger cot, for example, is made of strong HPPE materials.

Another nifty product is this heat-resistant finger cot by Newtex. Made of fiberglass fabric, it can resist the heat of up to 1000 F.

Outside of the industrial setting, some individuals wear them to protect their injured or irritated fingers. If you have eczema, you can opt for gel finger cots as it provides relief. Moreover, it keeps your fingers from rubbing against each other.

In this Gist Gear review of various finger cots, some models even suggest using cotton finger cots as toe protectors. Others recommend putting them on the legs of the chairs to keep wooden floors from getting scratched.


A lot of people do not know the answer to the question, “What are one finger gloves called?”

This prompted me to make this article, and I hope that you learned something new by reading it. When you visit a shop, you can tell the salesperson exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you need a disposable or a reusable finger cot, you will surely find several designs to suit your application.

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