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What is the Point of Fingerless Gloves? – The Beauty Beyond Fashion

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

what is the point of fingerless gloves

I don’t know about others, but there was a period in my life when I was really confused about fingerless gloves. Why? What is the point of gloves without fingers? I made my mom buy me a pair after seeing them on a popular singer at that time, but, c’mon I get the benefit of the doubt because I was just a kid.

I didn’t make much use out of them. To be honest, it was during the first time wearing them that I realized I looked odd and awkward. Only certain people can rock this weird type of gloves, I guessed, while burying them deep down my closet.

But now that I have grown up, the idea of getting a pair of fingerless gloves has been haunting me again. Not because of the fashion statement it can make, but because of how useful it can be in my everyday life. Since I want them so badly, I think I should do something to spread this idea to the world.

That is when this article came about! I will not only answer the mind-haunting question of what is the point of fingerless gloves but I will also show you the beauty of them beyond fashion.

In short, they are extremely helpful in avoiding hand sweat, keeping our hands warm, and ensuring safety for the main part of our hands, while we do tasks that require manual dexterity. But what tasks, and how, exactly? Dive in to learn more!

A Brief History of Fingerless Gloves


According to Fashion In Time, the very first pair of gloves appeared thousands of years ago. Some of the earliest recorded people wearing them were the Egyptian pharaohs.

Along with the ancient history of gloves, the fingerless style was born out of practicality. It keeps people’s hands warm while carrying out daily tasks, such as stitching, farming, or gardening. Moreover, fingerless gloves give the rich opportunities to show off their hand jewelry and social status.

Maybe you are extremely rich with flashy rings to show, and you found the purpose of fingerless gloves in that. But if you fall into the other category, keep reading for more.

What is the Point of Fingerless Gloves


In cold weather

I think it is a bit extreme to mark fingerless gloves as ‘useless’ since they can fulfill the purposes of regular gloves to a certain extent, while giving people freedom with their fingers. We cannot always have the best of both worlds, right? In modern society, people usually wear them to keep their hands cozy and simultaneously carry out meticulous tasks.

  • Driving and cycling: Any fingerless gloves can help keep your hands warm as well as give you more control while driving or cycling in chilling weather. On top of that, there are fingerless gloves specifically designed to be behind the wheel. They are made from materials that feel like a second skin to your hands, ensuring a firm grip on wheels or handlebars. They even come with padded palms and wrists to provide you extra comfort in long rides.
  • Using electronic devices: Whether staying at home or going out, the need to use electronic devices is imperative to any of us. We might need to swipe on our phone’s touch screen to answer a phone call, press a button on our tablet, or type on our laptop’s keyboard. How do we act quickly while also keeping our hands cozy? A pair of fingerless gloves, yes, you’ve got the right answer!
  • Writing and drawing: If you are a writer or painter who lives in all-year-round freezing weather, a good pair of fingerless gloves is necessary.
  • Carrying out other daily tasks: Other tasks such as gardening, cleaning around the house, or even cooking can be done more easily in cold weather with a nice pair of fingerless gloves.
  • Making a fashion statement: Last but not least, fingerless gloves can elevate your look instantly. There are many fashionable designs on the market. They come in a variety of colors and materials, such as lace, leather, or wool.

I can sit here and be such a windbag, talking forever about the advantages of owning this weird type of gloves, but let’s move on.

In warm weather

It’s easy to understand why people wear fingerless gloves in cold weather, but what about in warm weather? What’s the usage then?

  • Avoiding hand sweat: In very hot weather, you can find your palms sweating quite easily. Therefore, people who do tasks that require hand precision (spiking nails, heavy-duty construction work, sewing, etc…) will need a thin pair of fingerless gloves. This is what I mean when I say seeing the beauty of fingerless gloves beyond fashion.

You might see on TV or the Internet pictures of workers working under very harsh conditions. It would be great if there were certified safety work gloves, but what if their work requires manual dexterity? Or, what if they don’t have access to the best gloves out there? Then, a pair of fingerless gloves is ideal.

  • Protecting skin from UV rays: We all know exposure directly to extreme UV rays daily can lead to skin cancer. People in tropical countries, in the summer, will usually wear a pair of fingerless gloves when going outside to avoid sunburns, especially when cycling or driving. Sunscreen is also a big help, but not everyone can make time and effort to apply sunscreen every time they go out.

Therefore, I am convinced that fingerless gloves are useful in multiple situations and weather conditions.


It is safe to say fingerless gloves aren’t so pointless! They help protect the main part of our hands while we do other work requiring manual dexterity. I hope you’ve gathered the information you need about fingerless gloves purposes.

Did you have fun reading the article on what is the point of fingerless gloves? It was such a pleasure to have you here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you.

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