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Where Are Mechanix Gloves Made? Are They Made in USA?

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

where are mechanix gloves made

Starting with its first glove line called The Original® in 1991, Mechanix has now grown into one of the biggest brand names in America. It has developed new technologies that offer the most advanced protection for the hands.

So, where are Mechanix gloves made? Though the product design, research, and testing departments are located in California, the manufacturing process takes place in other countries. But most importantly, do the gloves meet the US safety standards if they’re made outside of the country? Dig in for more details.

Where Are Mechanix Wear Gloves Made

Mechanix Wear is headquartered in Valencia, California. The brand has four office locations across four countries: the United States, Canada, Spain, and Australia, where Mechanix carry out research, design, and test its gloves.

Nonetheless, the manufacturing process happens in other parts of the world. According to the brand, its products (including the special product’s line: Mechanix rescue gloves, Mechanix airsoft gloves, Mechanix gloves with lights, and skeleton Mechanix gloves) are manufactured in Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

But the products’ quality and integrity are not compromised for the sake of low prices. All work, tactical, and thin Mechanix gloves are compliant with the US Government TTA.

What Is TTA

TTA (Trade Agreements Act) is a legislation encouraging fair and open international trade published in 1979. It indicates that the US government may only approve products made in the US or designated countries.

So, rest assured that wherever Mechanix gloves are made, they must satisfy the US standards to be sold in the country.


The provided information helped you answer “Are Mechanix gloves made in USA?” When it comes to safety and tactical gloves, Mechanix is an experienced and reliable brand. You can always trust them to provide you with the best hand protection. Before you leave, let us know in the comments if you have any questions. We will get to them as soon as we can. Thank you for reading!

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