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Where to Buy Black Latex Gloves? Online or Local Stores?

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

where to buy black latex gloves

Disposable gloves are so crucial for workers’ safety that the OSHA has made them mandatory in many professions. For example, dentists, food handlers, and lab workers all have to wear disposable gloves.

While blue and white examination gloves are highly accessible, black ones are not. Most local drug stores don’t sell disposable black latex gloves. You can only find them on large eCommerce websites (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Etsy) and in big retailers like Walmart.

But which place sells high-quality pairs? Where to buy black latex gloves that are more cost-efficient? Keep reading to find out.

Where are the Best Place Buy Black Latex Gloves?

Single-use black gloves are often more difficult to find than blue or white ones. It is due to the limited use of dark colors in healthcare facilities. Since they cover the color of blood and ink, they conceal signs of contamination and deterioration.

Black nitrile gloves are preferable for tattoo artists, beauty technicians, police officers, and criminal investigators. Besides creating a barrier for the wearers’ hands, these gloves help contrast the clients’ skin or any evidence at the crime scene.

So, where to buy black rubber gloves at an economical price?

1. Online stores


Popular online marketplaces for purchasing black gloves are Amazon and eBay. If you are looking for fashionable versions of latex gloves, try Etsy.com. They have an extended range of unique and handmade pieces.

These online stores offer the best value for your money. They also provide a huge selection from various sellers. You can compare the price and quality of products before purchasing.

The downside of such large websites is that the sellers might be unreliable and lack medical expertise. You need to spend time reading the reviews carefully to avoid false advertisements. Only buy from high-rating and good-reviewed sellers.

To steer clear of bad-quality products, you should visit Uline.com and Yourglovesource.com. Though they don’t put forward big discounts regularly, all of their products are from trusted brand names. You can get precise information about the gloves’ safety ratings, thicknesses, sizes, and applications.

Uline offers wholesale prices, too. If you are purchasing black disposable gloves for many employees, Uline might be the perfect stop. In addition, you can get same-day shipping when you order before 6 pm.

2. Local retailers


For those who hate waiting for shipment, we recommend stopping by your local Walmart or Home Depot. You will find both black latex and black latex-free gloves in these big retailers.

When buying in-store, you don’t have to deal with delivery wait, shipment delays, or irresponsible sellers. Plus, you can return products faster without any trouble.

Another option is to view black rubber gloves on their websites, add the ones you like to your cart, and pick them up at the nearest stores. Doing so will save you a lot of time and effort.

Note that Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Lowe’s sell only a limited number of single-use black gloves. They often run out of stock, and even when they have the products, the selection range is restricted. Don’t waste your time at these stores.

What Should You Wear Dark-Colored Gloves for?


Colors play a role in the effectiveness of examination gloves. You should learn when to wear a dark color and when not to. People don’t put on black nitrile gloves solely for a cool look, they use them for one of the following reasons.

1. Recognizing light-colored substances

Police officers, criminal investigators, airport security staff, and postal workers wear black gloves so they can easily spot prohibited substances or details at the crime scene (e.g., tiny pieces of glass, cigarette filters, or heroin).

2. Distinguishing

Tattoo artists and microblading technicians wear black gloves so they can clearly distinguish their hands from the client’s skin.

Since customizing a tattoo is protracted and meticulous, dark-colored gloves are extremely helpful. Plus, human eyes are less strained when focusing on dark colora.

Beyond that, black gloves look artistry and professional, bringing clients more pleasant and relaxing experiences.

3. Concealing stains

Mechanic tasks can be messy and greasy. Thus, mechanics wear black gloves to conceal the dirt, grime, and fluids on their hands. Tattoo artists also wear these gloves to conceal ink and blood.

4. Color-coding PPE

Black disposable gloves are useful for color-coding purposes. For instance, you can buy nitrile gloves in black and latex ones in blue so that people with latex allergies never mistakenly put on latex gloves.

Glove color coding also eliminates cross-contamination during food handling procedures. Workers can wear blue/green gloves to prepare processed meat and black gloves to handle raw meat.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Black Disposable Gloves?


While many professions benefit from black rubber gloves, somemight want to avoid them. Wearing black gloves inappropriately will do more harm than good.

Doctors wear light-colored gloves so they can easily notice any deterioration or weak areas. They can tell whether their handwear is contaminated with blood or saliva and take protective measures accordingly.

Besides, black gloves shouldn’t be worn in a sanitized environment, such as a laboratory or pharmaceutical facility. Color is an additive that might contaminate test samples and results.



To conclude, there are seven places you can purchase high-quality black latex gloves from: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Yourglovesource.com, Uline.com, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Now, you know where to place your orders. Always check the products’ details carefully before purchasing, making sure they are of the right sizes, thicknesses, and materials.

If you know friends who are confused about where to buy black latex gloves, feel free to share our article with them. Besides the seven stores we recommended, is there another one you want to add? Where do you often buy single-use black gloves? Tell us in the comment section.

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