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Who are we           

Andrew Carnegie


Having worked in the field of personal protective equipment for over two decades, Andrew Carnegie is a specialist in the field.

At EDC, he strives to improve performance efficiency and promote workplace safety for EDC’s readers and customers. He also researches the most up-to-date equipment that has earned relevant accreditation for use in a wide range of industries and specialties.

His extensive experience with personal protective equipment makes him an authoritative source of information.

Veronica James  


Veronica is our content editor. She is a talent in delivery. Her main work is editing and writing articles that are both informative and simple to follow. She is in charge of synthesizing our understanding of what personal protection equipment (PPE) is needed in each job, how to best apply it, and how to visualize that equipment.

We are here to help you find the best products for you at work and they will keep you safe 🙂 such as: safety glasses, safety boots, shoes, masks, work gloves… If you any problems, please let us know. It’s our pleasure to help you. Thanks!