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The Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns and Other Threats

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Gardening is a fun activity. However, this activity can also put you at risk of hurting yourself especially if you do not take serious measures to protect yourself, especially your hands. No matter how you love gardening, you should never forget to wear the best gardening gloves for thorns to give yourself as much protection as possible.

Some gardeners actually forget to do so because of their excitement to do the activity. However, if you do not protect your hands using the right gloves for thorns then you will end up getting scratches and cuts. Take note that gardening duties are rigorous, too, so it does not hurt to supply protection to your hands.

best gardening gloves for thorns

If possible, put a container for your cloves close to your storage door so you will always be reminded to wear proper and the thorn-proof gloves every time you have to do some gardening. With this protection, you can own a pair of corrugated and weather-beaten hands that will showcase your pride as a horticulturist or gardener without causing harm or injury to them.

With your long gardening gloves that can protect you from thorns, you will have some sort of barrier from the harsh elements and components of whatever it is you are planting in your garden. You can also use it in keeping your hands mobile, especially when you are gardening during the cold spring.

However, finding durable and decent thorn-proof gardening gloves can be baffling and overwhelming with the wide array of choices laid out to the majority of gardeners. Let us help you simplify the selection and buying process with our top 10 gardening glove reviews and buying guide.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Supersfel Gardening Gloves

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Quilence Garden Gloves

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Exemplary Glove

Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Glove

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12 Best Gloves for Thorns Reviews of 2023

1. Supersfel Large Gardening Gloves

Made of pure goatskin hands and cowhide cuffs, these unisex extra-long gardening gloves are must-haves for avid gardeners and professional landscapers. When I’m in my yard, they make me feel invincible against all kinds of insects and thorns!

AI’m impressed that the materials and construction can hold up well even though I have used them a couple of times. I’ve been pulling weeds, pruning rose bushes, and repotting cactus yet I don’t see any threads getting snagged and undone and the leather is still intact. While the manufacturer did not explicitly say that these gloves are waterproof, they manage to keep moisture out.

Besides keeping the sleeves up at all times, the adjustable straps let me tighten them to ensure that nothing can get inside. Furthermore, the length of the sleeves is sufficiently long to cover a large portion of my arms. Since they are super comfy to wear, I can wear these gloves all day and focus on my work.

Even though goatskin is known for being tough, I can move my fingers without applying force when I grab weeds or use pruning tools, which reduces fatigue. Truly, the quality of these gloves makes them perfect for heavy-duty work. But if I were you, I would measure my hands and check the manufacturer’s size chart; sometimes, they run small. Note that this goes for women and men.
What We Like
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Highly durable construction
  • Prevents hand injuries and fatigue
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Has adjustable sleeve
What We Don’t Like
  • Not true to size
Are these gloves thorn-proof? Absolutely! No matter how long you work in the yard, your hands will not get dirty nor suffer from bug bites in these cactus gloves. Moreover, the flexible material helps in preventing soreness.

2. Quilence Garden Gloves With Long Gauntlet

It’s not every day that one can find well-designed gloves for roses, which is why I’m reviewing this pair from Quilence. This particular model is available in beautiful dark brown and bright yellow but I have a bias toward darker colors because work gloves get dirty quickly.

Regardless, these gloves make gardening a pleasant experience. The cuffs extend up to my forearms to prevent thorns from poking and scraping my skin. Even without adjustable straps, they don’t fall off when I move. For lighter tasks, I simply have to roll them down.

Meanwhile, the gloves’ hands and fingers are flexible, puncture-resistant, and not too bulky. This makes it easier for me to use my gardening tools with good control. In addition, I’m giving these gloves a perfect score in comfort because the interiors feel soft on the skin. The even better news is that they fit both men’s and women’s hands well!

However, some folks reported that the leather that makes up the hands start to wear after using them daily for a couple of weeks. I haven’t experienced this but I’m sharing it anyway for you to keep in mind. Another issue is that the leather becomes slippery when it gets wet, which affects the grip.
What We Like
  • Has sufficiently long cuffs to protect arms
  • Lets you use gardening tools effortlessly
  • Is very comfortable on the skin
  • Is available in brown and yellow
  • Fits men’s and women’s hands
What We Don’t Like
  • Not apt for heavy-duty tasks
  • The leather gets slippery when wet
Considering all the features, these thorn-resistant gloves are more suited for medium-duty tasks. You can wear them to prevent getting scratched or poked by thorns while pruning spiky bushes.

3. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Glove

Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Glove

The first glove that fits the needs of most gardeners is the Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Glove. Made of 100 percent natural and premium goat grain material, it is genuinely puncture- and thorn-resistant, which proves its effectiveness in ensuring that your hands will remain blood-free and safe from scratches.

I like the long cowhide gauntlet built into this rose pruning glove as it offers an arm to elbow protection. With this, your sensitive and delicate skin will be fully protected. Your arms will also be completely protected through the glove’s extended split suede cuff. With these gloves on, you can protect yourself from the painful and sharp rose thorns.

I am also satisfied with the palm and fingers as these are constructed from goatskin, which is gentle and soft to sensitive skin. This rose pruning glove is also safe and friendly to arthritic hands. Another impressive and notable advantage of this pair is that it contains lanolin, which ensures that your supple hands stay moisturized.

I find the thumb’s ergonomic design beneficial, too. This results in a good and convenient grip on some of your gardening tools. The pliability and flexibility of this glove are also undeniable.

The fabric used is also breathable, so you can retain the dryness and coolness of your hands.

However, one issue I found out is that its sleeves are pretty stiff during first uses, though properly breaking it in will make it even more flexible.
What We Like
  • Puncture- and thorn-resistant
  • Offers complete protection, including your arms and elbows
  • Gentle and soft to the skin
  • Can be used by those suffering from arthritis
  • Ergonomically designed and breathable
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly stiff sleeves at first
With this rose pruning glove from Exemplary Gardens, your hands will receive the adequate shield, especially from those elements that cause cuts and scratches.

4. Parva Garden Elbow Length Garden Glove


Another satisfying pair of gardening gloves is this elbow-length one offered by Parva Garden. With its thorn-proof nature, you can avoid painful and bloody scratches that can be caused by the thorn. I found out that this product is constructed from the combined synthetic leather and genuine leather materials.

This combination provides an advantage of supplying you with superior dexterity and thorn-resistant and puncture-resistant properties. This promotes ease and safety when you decide to prune your rose garden. It is a versatile pair, too, because you can expect it to work on other plants, like thistle, blackberry vines, and cactus.

This glove boasts of its elbow-length structure, which means wearing long sleeves when working under the sun is no longer necessary. It allows you to complete your yard work comfortably and easily because its protection can cover you up to the elbow.

Another amazing benefit of this garden glove is that it is appropriate and safe to use for those who have fragile, thin, and sensitive skin. It has a great fit and color plus it is extremely sturdy.

I can also prove how easy it is to work in the garden even when I am wearing this gardening glove.

However, take note that while there is additional padding in the palm area, its fingers do not have it, which is a minor flaw.
What We Like
  • Versatile as it is appropriate to use when working on various plants
  • One hundred percent thorn-proof
  • Offers protection up to the elbow
  • Good for those with fragile, think, and sensitive skin
  • Extremely sturdy and features a nice fit and color
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks extra padding on the fingers
Still, this minor disadvantage does not wipe out the great performance and benefits of Parva Garden Elbow Length Garden Glove.

5. NoCry Long Leather Rose Pruning Glove


Another impressive product in the personal protective equipment collection of most gardeners is the NoCry Long Leather Rose Pruning Glove. One thing I truly love about it is that it is appropriate for both men and women as it is tailored to have different sizes to fit their hands.

One thing that captured my interest is the goatskin leather utilized in constructing this rose pruning glove. This material boasts of its high tensile strength. It also makes the glove genuinely versatile and thorn-proof. It is also suitable for use on a wide range of gardening tasks, including pruning blackberry bushes and roses and cutting and trimming cactus and hedges.

It is also possible to use it to handle barbed wires, animals, and birds and to pull thistles and weeds. I am also genuinely happy that this glove is made to be both comfortable and flexible. Constructed from the supple and soft goatskin leather, I can offer an assurance that it promotes ease of motion.

It also fits nicely in the sense that you will feel like you are putting on a fine work glove. In terms of delivering protection, this rose pruning glove does not disappoint. It is can protect both your arms and hands from punctures and scratches. In fact, it has twice the level of the puncture-resistance present in some leather gloves.

It is strong as its construction is double-layered and reinforced.

However, the leather material is also stiff initially but will most likely soften up with regular use.
What We Like
  • Appropriate for both men and women
  • Uses goatskin leather for its construction, which is known for its high-tensile strength
  • Useful for a number of gardening tasks
  • Fits nicely and provides great puncture- and thorn-resistance
  • Supple and soft, promoting easy movements
What We Don’t Like
  • Stiff leather material at first
Once you have broken in the leather material, you will begin to enjoy the excellent and high-quality performance delivered by this pair of protective gardening glove.

6. Magid Glove & Safety Thorn-proof Gardening Glove


Another product that excels is the Rose Pruning and Thorn-proof Gardening Glove offered by Magid Glove & Safety. It is primarily made for use by professional gardeners, specifically women. What I discovered right away about this glove is that it is designed with the utmost care and detail.

It is meant to handle a number of tasks in rose gardens, which is good as these are the places where thorns can easily penetrate and hurt your hands. Among the things that left a positive impression on me are the well-reinforced fingertips and the padded palms made of leather added into the glove.

It is because these features can ultimately protect your hands from thorn-related injuries. The glove is also popular for being puncture-resistant. Despite having the primary goal of protecting wearers, it is still really comfortable. It is comfy enough that you will be motivated to work in your garden for long hours.

It makes gardening a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The glove also boasts of a cuff, which covers your arms and elbows, giving not only your hands but also your forearms protection from possible injuries and dirt. You can also anticipate its flexibility and comfort to be more enhanced with form-fitting spandex back.

In terms of grip, I can vouch for the superiority of this glove. It is because it provides extra grip through its whimsical printed floral fingertips.

However, there are a few sizing complaints related to this glove, which is the main reason why you really have to measure your hand’s size accurately and seriously.
What We Like
  • Well-designed
  • Prevents thorns from penetrating and hurting your hands
  • Features well-reinforced and padded fingertips
  • Comfortable to wear even for long hours
  • Highly flexible and guarantees a superior grip
What We Don’t Like
  • Some sizing inaccuracies
Overall, this well-thought-out gardening glove for thorns can give you the majority of qualities you need, including durability, flexibility, and a high level of protection.

7. Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Glove


I am also delighted to incorporate the Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Glove in this list of the top 10 gloves for thorns. I am truly impressed with this leather-based gardening glove because its performance is really a cut above the rest. In fact, I agree with other users who say that it is the best gardening tool that anyone needs.

It has three of the qualities that a pair of gardening glove should have – comfort, durability, and flexibility. The level of protection it delivers is also high. It is useful if you want to gain ultimate hand protection from thorny plants and shrubs, like roses. An easy grip on various gardening tools is also something that you can expect from this.

It is mainly because the thumb area makes use of a specially designed stitching. Even if you are dealing with hand and wrist issues, including arthritis, you will still enjoy a more convenient and pain-free experience when holding tools because of its easy and good grip.

The overall construction is solid and sturdy because it is based on natural goat leather material. This material also further strengthens the scratch- and cut-resistant nature of the glove. Another nice attribute I noticed in this pair is its breathability. It is because the goatskin leather used in the construction is categorized as A-grade.

This means that it is completely breathable, further making it more natural, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

However, the finger portions are quite bulky, although these are still easy to manage.
What We Like
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • High level of protection
  • Provides superior grip
  • Appropriate for those who have hand and wrist issues who are interested in gardening
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite bulky fingers
Such a drawback is tolerable, though, considering how easily manageable and high-quality this leather gardening glove is.

8. G & F 2430M Pro Long-sleeve Rose Gardening Glove


Your goal of finding a dependable gardening glove may also be attained if you decide to come across G & F 2430M Pro Long-sleeve Rose Gardening Glove. There are so many things to love about this rose gardening glove offered by the G & F brand. One awesome thing I like about it is the overall quality of its synthetic leather construction.

It is high-quality enough and also ensures that the synthetic leather it uses is one hundred percent sturdy. I am fond of it being reinforced as well as its double-stitches as having these features makes the glove all the more unique and durable. It has a padded palm, as well, which promotes superior comfort.

If you have problems with thorns then you will surely fall in love with the full protection provided by its extra-long lined cuff to your arms and wrists. Moreover, you will be pleased with how comfortable and breathable its stretch spandex back is. It is also lightweight in the sense that you will not have problems wearing it for longer than usual.

I am also very glad that this glove is machine-washable. In fact, its overall construction guarantees wearers that it is capable of restoring its natural softness even after you wash it in your machine repeatedly.

It is pliable, too, plus gripping on items while wearing this gardening glove is easy.

However, it is also known for being the bulky type.
What We Like
  • Sturdy yet flexible synthetic leather used
  • Extra sturdiness provided by the double-stitching and additional reinforcement
  • Highly protective to your arms and wrists
  • Lightweight and machine washable
  • Can easily grip on items
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly bulky
Still, the almost never-ending positive benefits of this G & F Gardening Glove outweigh the minor drawback so it is definitely a winning choice.

9. HANDLANDY Rose Pruning Glove


There is also what we call as the HANDLANDY Rose Pruning Glove. I am a super fan of this product because of how excellent its overall construction and most of its features are. It has an elbow-length gauntlet cuff, which is constructed from the sturdy and highly protective pigskin leather material.

Since the cuff is extended, I can vouch for this pruning glove’s ability to protect your forearms from a wide range of threats, including scratches and cuts. This long pruning glove is also amazing because it ensures that tending to your garden, especially your roses, does not result in pain and discomfort because of thorns and other threats.

I have to say that the strength of this glove is almost unmatched. As mentioned earlier, it is constructed from pigskin leather material, and this specific material is popular for being 100 percent natural and premium-grade. With that, it has a decent amount of strength, making it as wear-resistant and puncture-resistant as possible.

This structure ensures that your hands will stay pain-free and safe from scratches. It also boasts of its reinforced protection, which is characterized by the padded palm and reinforced fingertips. It has a flexible design, too, which promotes ease when you need to use your gardening equipment.

Moreover, I like its versatility, which is proven by its ability to suit a wide array of tasks in your garden, including taking care of cactus, pruning prickly shrubs, and trimming roses.

However, expect it to produce a chemical stench or smell the first time you use it, which will go away eventually.
What We Like
  • Sturdy and protective pigskin leather construction
  • Ideal for several gardening tasks
  • Wear- and puncture- resistant
  • Offers a well-reinforced protection
  • Boasts of its flexible design, which makes it easy to use gardening equipment
What We Don’t Like
  • Produces a chemical smell during first use
Considering its overall quality and superior protection, I think this long pruning glove will continue to win the hearts of many gardeners.

10. FirTree Brand Rose Garden Glove


Another highly recommended protective glove for serious gardeners is the FirTree Brand Rose Garden Glove. One of the many things I honestly appreciate about this product is its supple and soft feel brought on by the high-quality goatskin material used in its construction.

I am also impressed with its strong and sturdy yet soft coverage that reaches up to your elbow. I think this is made possible with its premium cowhide gauntlet sleeve. Since it is constructed using leather, I can safely assume that it works doubly hard in giving you additional protection from pickers and thorns.

It also takes pride in its superior breathability. It is compatible with a wide range of tasks in the garden including pruning bushes, trimming roses, and caring for your cactus plants. Also, it is thorn- and puncture-resistant, which is surely what you need from a gardening glove.

I am also very satisfied with the capability of this glove to offer superior protection and durability without causing your dexterity to be compromised. It is also flexible enough that it can handle any gardening task you intend to do.

The grip of this glove is also excellent in the sense that you can hold, grasp, twist, or pull grasses and weeds no matter what the weather is.

However, I also discovered that it is pricier than other gardening gloves of almost the same capabilities.
What We Like
  • Boasts of a supple and soft feel
  • Great grip, allowing you to deal with numerous gardening tasks conveniently
  • Superior protection and durability guaranteed
  • Does not compromise your dexterity in any way
  • Great breathability
What We Don’t Like
  • More expensive than others
It is worth the extra cost, though, since you will get a truly high-quality pair of glove that can give you the best experience when gardening.

11. Magid Glove & Safety TE194T Rose Pruning Gardening Glove


I also highly suggest the TE194T Rose Pruning and Thorn-proof Gardening Glove from Magid Glove & Safety to all gardeners looking for a high-quality and dependable protective glove. I am greatly impressed with the form-fitting spandex back integrated into this glove as it maximizes its ability to supply comfort.

It has an elbow-length gauntlet cuff, which, I think offers a great advantage because it offers complete coverage as far as protection is concerned. In fact, it can keep your forearms safe and free from scratches and cuts. I like the built-in knuckle guard, too, because it boasts of extra protection against thorny plants.

It is also one of the most breathable gloves you can find in the market for gardeners. I think its breathability is made possible by the mesh material used in the back as it helps ensure that the glove does not get too hot.

I am also happy that this glove has the right amount of thickness in the right places. In addition, it is flexible, which is why you can use it to grab or hold things in your garden without hassle.

It also works perfectly for those who need to deal with thorny plants regularly.

The only criticism I can think of is on the sizing, which can be easily solved by correctly measuring your size and finding the right fit.
What We Like
  • Comfortable, thanks to its form-fitting nature
  • Highly breathable
  • Thick in the right places
  • Highly flexible and promotes a good grip
  • Can deal with thorny plants pretty well
What We Don’t Like
  • Some sizing issues
Overall, this thorn-proof gardening glove is a must-have if you want to be well-protected when gardening because it has most of the attributes you specifically need, including comfort, sturdiness, and strength.

12. Vgo Synthetic Leather Long Cuff Rose Gardening Glove


The last product worthy of any gardener’s attention is the long cuff rose gardening glove made of synthetic leather offered by Vgo. It is meant for lady gardeners who wish to use a glove for their outdoor gardening activities and DIY light-duty tasks.

I am glad that it utilizes the synthetic leather material for the palm area. It also takes pride in its silicone flower prints. I think that this specific combination increases the possibility of the glove to deliver long-lasting sturdiness and incredible gardening performance.

It also performs well as far as grip is concerned. It has an anatomical design for its palm padding, which is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable each time you need to utilize hand gardening tools.

This gardening glove also continues to leave a positive impression on many gardeners because of its amazing breathability and superior dexterity. I like the overall design of its cuff as it is made to be extra-long while having chick floral patterns.

With this specific design, your forearms will gain maximum protection from scratches and cuts. Moreover, it also assures users of a snug and ergonomic fit.

However, it is heavier in comparison to the other gardening gloves that you can access today.
What We Like
  • Ideal for women who need a pair of gloves for gardening
  • Promotes long-lasting sturdiness
  • Uses an anatomical design for its padded palm, promoting utmost comfort
  • Highly breathable and does not sacrifice dexterity
  • Promotes a snug and ergonomic fit
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit heavy
Overall, this gardening glove is well-made and does not cause any disappointment in terms of protection from thorns.

What is a Pair of Gardening Gloves for Thorns


Gardening gloves for thorns refer to protective gears for the hands mainly designed for passionate gardeners, horticulturists, and botanical beginners. They serve as vital protective tools for anyone who is interested in gardening. Keep in mind that the best thorn-proof gloves are not just perfect for those who have delicate skin.

Regardless if you do not have delicate skin or whether you are a male or a female, this glove can supply your hands with additional protection. In fact, a reliable pair can help prevent thorns, cuts, and the effects of poisonous plants from harming you. Note that even a simple insect bite or sting can make you at risk of infection.

You can use it to prevent dirt, blisters, and calluses from getting in the way of providing tender loving care to your garden beds, borders, and window box. Aside from giving your fingers and hands with the ultimate solution for protection, especially from scrapes, cuts, and mud, the glove also performs another job, which is to keep you warm and dry.

This is really crucial for outdoor gardening work. It is even possible for you to find gloves for pruning roses that expose you to a lot of thorns or for mowing your manicured lawn. It is styled and constructed in a way that your risk of injuring your hand from your rigorous gardening tasks will be significantly lowered.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that help you in gardening, maybe you also will be interested in our list of top-rated puncture-resistant gloves. Furthermore, check our guide for the most trusted cut-resistant gloves if you need.

How Does It Work

Of course, based on what its name suggests, your thorn-resistant gardening glove will function or work by ensuring that your hands will not be harmed nor injured by the thorns present in your lawn or garden. This is especially true if you are taking care of roses that are known for their sharp thorns.

In this case, finding the rose gardening gloves with a thorn-proof nature is a must. These thorn-resistant gloves are constructed in a way that they can ultimately protect your hands no matter what your gardening tasks are. For instance, if you are weeding your garden or lawn or pruning plants with thorns, it is possible for the product to work.

They also function in a way that they let you dig your hands and fingers into the dirt without worrying or fearing about getting injured or hitting a root or rock. Just ensure to choose the most compatible pair of gloves for the kind of gardening work you are interested in as well as your unique preferences.

Types of Gloves for Thorns


What is so great about thorn-resistant gloves is that there are several types of it currently in the market. They are actually distinguishable based on their designs, level of protection and resistance, construction material, and many other vital features.

For you to make a wise judgment, here are overviews of the most commonly used gloves for gardeners who need to handle plants with thorns regularly.

Cloth or cotton gloves – Popular and inexpensive, this type of gardening glove is often constructed from cotton material or knit jersey. One advantage of it is that it is machine-washable. You can also wear it the entire year because it is lightweight and works in keeping your hands as clean as possible.

This material is perfect in case you need to handle tools that require you to use your hands in a more flexible manner, like the chainsaw and lawnmower. Another reason why some gardeners use cloth or cotton gloves is that they boast of their fantastic breathability.

This type also ensures ease of movement, ensuring that you will not have any limitation in terms of your range of motion. The only problem with this is that it has the least amount of protection among the various types of gloves designed for gardening.

Rubber gloves – A pair of gardening glove, which utilizes rubber for its primary construction material is also an amazing choice because of its excellent protection to your hands. It is especially useful in preserving the safety of your hands when you need to use and handle chemicals, like fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

Another benefit of rubber-based glove for gardening is that it serves as an excellent companion if you want to clear your garden from debris. It also provides additional grip, especially during those times when you need to handle wood and metal.

Rubber gloves also work great in cold and damp soil conditions by sealing moisture and preventing the cold from penetrating your hands. The only problem with rubber is that it lacks breathability, causing your hands to get sweaty and hot when doing your gardening tasks.

Nitrile or neoprene glove – This type is usually built using a material based on synthetic rubber. One amazing thing about nitrile or neoprene is that it offers hand protection not only from scrapes and cuts but also from chemicals. The flexibility and breathability of this material are also remarkable.

You can find versions of this type with a waterproof coating. If you choose this version then expect it to be constructed from knit fabric, which is dipped into polyurethane, nitrile, or any other material that is waterproof. This results in a flexible and comfy glove, which also features waterproof fingertips and palm.

What is even better about it is that it has an incredible grip when used on slippery items. However, there are times when this material is not enough to prevent annoying sharp objects and thorns from puncturing in.

Lycra and spandex – It is also possible to access gardening gloves mainly constructed from spandex and Lycra materials. This type is often characterized by a back made of cotton and a stretchy material used on its palm. It often guarantees a perfect fit and promotes a waterproof nature.

It is also highly versatile as it compresses and stretches based on the actual size of your hand. Aside from that, it is highly sturdy and comfortable while supplying a good amount of protection from tough weather conditions and UV rays.

Leather glove – Probably the most dependable material that can be used for gloves that specifically target gardeners who want to avoid thorns is leather. While this material is costlier than others, it is worth it because it has better hand protection, especially when we talk about scrapes, cuts, and thorns.

In fact, some say that the rose pruning gloves or rose bush gloves are mainly made from leather material. What is more remarkable about leather is that it is waterproof. It is also designed to be heavy-duty, allowing it to handle those gardening tools that might poke, scrape, or cut your hands accidentally.

Several choices also appear for leather gardening gloves. The first one is pigskin, which is a tough yet flexible leather material while being offered at an inexpensive price. You can also select goatskin gloves if you intend to get a sturdy pair that can handle thorns. It is the sturdiest kind of leather with a high level of puncture-resistance.

It is also amazing because of its softness and flexibility. If you are searching for another sturdy and rugged leather option, then the split cowhide might be your best bet. This material does not flex that well, which is the reason why it is usually present in cuffs of gloves or rose gauntlets. With this, your forearms will gain full protection.

There is also what we call as synthetic leather, which is present in most gardening gloves at present. You can usually see this material being used in the palm, adding a new layer of security and protection. Another fascinating advantage of synthetic leather gloves is that the material is machine-washable.

Regardless of the kind of leather material you decide to use, you will be one hundred percent satisfied with its robustness and durability. It is even perfect in those instances when you need to lift heavy items. There are also instances when the glove supplies extra protection by extending to your elbows.

Why Do You Need to Wear Gardening Gloves for Thorns

Wearing the best gardening gloves for thorns is truly a necessity for a lot of gardeners. It is important to wear one because it can give you a more pleasant gardening experience.

Some may say that it is much more convenient to work in the garden with bare hands but you have to train yourself to wear this glove as it truly makes a positive difference in your overall gardening experience. The main benefit of gloves for thorns is, of course, to ensure that your hands won’t get injured or hurt by thorns.

Aside from that, there are other fascinating reasons why it is essential to wear one in each of your gardening tasks. Some of the most common reasons for the importance of wearing gardening gloves for thorns are the following:

Offers the ultimate hand protection from injuries and the weather – Note that gardening exposes you to a number of threats that might increase your risk of suffering from cuts and injuries, like irritating sap, sharp edges, and thorny plants.

Various gardening tasks also make you more prone to developing splinters, sunburns, and blisters. Fortunately, it is now possible to give your hands a shield from these harsh elements and threats with the correct pair of glove.

By wearing one, you no longer have to think and worry too much about damaging and injuring your hands. It also serves as the ultimate protection from the harsh weather. For instance, it shields you from the negative effects of the fall or spring season.

While this season is beneficial as this is the time when the majority of the flowers you cultivated will bloom and the time when you have to attend to the needs of your plants, this might also cause your hands to get too dry and warm. You can prevent that from happening with your gardening gloves.

Prevents dry skin – Gardening is an exciting activity but it also exposes you to the soil, which tends to wick moisture from your skin. With that, your skin is at risk of getting excessively dry. This makes it more vulnerable to damage and increased sensitivity.

The glove can shield your skin from this problem by ensuring that the mud does not penetrate your hands. It can, therefore, help retain the health of your skin.

Prevents nail breakage – Another potential reason for wearing a thorn-resistant gardening glove is that it ensures that your nails will not break that easily. You can actually save your nails by reducing their risk of breaking while doing your gardening tasks.

You no longer have to worry about fingernail breakage, which results from digging and sowing hard-coated seeds, especially if you are a woman. With that, your experience when gardening will truly be pleasurable.

Protects you against bacterial and soil-borne infections – Your decision to wear your gardening gloves can save you from having to get into direct contact with deadly and life-threatening chemicals and animal wastes.

Keep in mind that gardening when you have cuts or open wounds can increase your risk of developing bacterial infections. It is because of getting exposed to wastes. With the gloves on, any direct contact to the deadly chemicals can be avoided.

Ensures that dirt does not get into your hands – As someone who is interested in gardening, note that you will have to deal with dirt and mud once you start doing your tasks. The gloves are perfect solutions because they work in completely covering your hands.

There are definitely several viable reasons for wearing a good pair of gardening glove for thorns. It aims to help prevent you from cuts while giving protection to your hands especially if you develop scratches or cuts.

Handling fertilizers will also be easy because you no longer have to deal with strong chemical components. Furthermore, your decision can also give the best hand protection, especially if you need to handle bricks, wood, and rocks while building your garden’s raised beds and edges.

Buying Guide


If you are someone who spends a lot of your time in the garden then having at least one pair of the gardening glove with thorns can help. Aside from ensuring that your hands do not get scratches and are well-protected, your arms will also be protected.

To boost your likelihood of getting a great-performing thorn-resistant glove for your gardening needs, the following factors, features, and attributes should be carefully assessed so your choice will surely speak of quality.

The amount of protection offered – This is perhaps the most vital factor to examine and assess before buying. If your tasks involve digging holes or any other similar gardening tasks then you should find a pair with plenty of protection offered to the palm area.

With such kind of protection, you can have peace of mind that you have lower chances of getting injured or hurt during the digging process. The level of protection offered to the palm, in this cases, does not have to be the same as the other parts of the glove.

Some parts of the glove should also be examined to determine if it offers the right protection and if it is capable of handling anything that you put it through. Among these places are the seams. Note that extremely thick seams might increase your risk of developing blisters.

However, if you notice that the seams have less thickness, then you can anticipate the gloves to start falling apart too fast. It is also necessary to check the glove’s tips of fingers. It is because these are the specific parts that quickly wear out.

Keep in mind that choosing a really thin one can cause water to leak through it. That said, go for a glove with a dependable and thick structure so it can deliver the kind and amount of protection it promises.

Suitability to the task – You also have to figure out whether a particular pair suits the specific gardening task you have in mind. Make your choice in accordance with the actual use.

For instance, if you intend to do light gardening tasks then those constructed out of cotton are already appropriate. These are enough to handle light tasks in the garden, like utilizing a strimmer and lawn mowing.

In case you need to do general or smaller gardening tasks, like planting and weeding then consider going for those that you can use as a multipurpose traditional gardening glove. For heavy gardening, leather is the best material. It can handle heavy tasks, like handling tools that might pierce other glove materials and moving rocks.

If you are looking for a pair that can handle wet gardening tasks because of the wet soil then rubber-based ones are incredible choices. You can use them in case of wet soil, requiring you to do tasks like moving huge piles of accumulated wet leaves or using and mixing fungicide or pesticide.

Balanced durability and comfort – Your chosen gardening gloves for thorns also need to have a proper balance of durability and comfort. Note that an uncomfortable pair might cause you to dislike the idea of wearing it regularly. The problem is if you focus more on finding the most comfortable pair then you might also sacrifice its durability.

With that in mind, it is a must to examine which one can supply a great balance between durability and comfort. You can go for cotton because of its softness and comfort but note that it also does not provide a high level of protection.

If you choose one with an all-leather construction then you will have peace of mind since it can deliver a high amount of protection against cuts and nicks. The problem is that it does not also work well in terms of maneuverability and breathing.

What you have to look for is a glove, which is durable and pliable at the same time. Furthermore, it should give protection while promoting good maneuverability.

Reinforcement in the fingertips – Gloves with well-reinforced fingertips are also good for gardeners who want to protect themselves from thorns and other harsh threats in the garden. Keep in mind that the fingertips are usually the first area of the glove that will fail.

This is especially true if you are doing your gardening tasks in rocky or sandy soils. There is also a risk of accidentally cutting the glove’s ends when doing your pruning tasks. This is why a reinforcement for your fingertips is essential. High-quality gloves usually come with an additional layer of material on top of the fingertips area.

This material is often leather, which can help protect the area from untimely wear. What is great about the reinforced fingertips is that the added layer offers protection to your fingers from any sharp object found in the soil. These include thorns, broken glasses, stinging insects, and rusty nails.

Stitching and seams – It is also advisable to check the stitching and seams in the glove as these are among those that malfunction right away. You can lower the risk of the stitching and seams failing on an untimely manner by buying a pair that features double-stitched seams.

The good news is that you can easily identify gloves that have double-stitched seams. The double stitches appear in the form of two rows of stitches spaced closely in all parts of the glove where there are two pieces of material that meet together.

This can enhance the glove’s strength because having another row of stitches can prevent it from tearing apart in case the first row gets undone. Make sure that the double stitches are done with quality in mind, though. It is because double stitches that are poorly constructed might only cause the seams to get bulky.

This will lead to discomfort and increase your risk of chafing. The stitches should be carefully done while the seams should lie flat without adding additional bulk and thickness into your chosen glove.

Fit – The fit of the glove should also be on top of your priorities as such allows you to prune and perform other gardening duties conveniently. Search for those that are available in various sizes. You will know right away that it fits correctly if it is snug while still not tight.

Make sure that there is no excessive space in the glove’s fingertips as this makes it almost impossible for you to grasp and hold things using your fingers. The webbing that you can find in between fingers should fit snugly without causing chafing, too. It is also necessary to have proper wrist closure, which can be either elastic or hook-and-loop.

The wrist closure should comfortably and snugly fit around your wrist to prevent debris from penetrating. You can also find the right fit if the wrist closure features a Velcro strap, which you can tighten around your wrist. You should also be able to use the size to adjust it to almost all wrist sizes.

In addition to the factors and features that we have already discussed, it also helps to search for a dependable pair of gardening gloves for thorns by considering their prices, overall flexibility, and padding and protection.

Care and Maintenance

It is of utmost importance to take good care of your thorn-resistant gardening gloves, especially if you do not intend to spend too much on its frequent replacements. Fortunately, this process is not that hard to do.

If you own traditional pairs, for instance, then you can wash them in your washing machine using the warm setting or temperature. Once done, you can just hang the gardening gloves to air-dry naturally. If you have rubber gloves then cleaning them up just involves simply rinsing them under your sink or hose.

As for leather, which is the most frequently chosen material for gardening gloves, be aware that the whole care and maintenance process is more bothersome than the others. What you have to do is to brush off the dirt found in the gloves each time you successfully completed your gardening tasks.

Also, remember that leather gardening gloves are at risk of getting stiff if you left it dirty. You can clean them through the application of soap based on pumice. Rinse the gloves. Let them dry naturally. Once the leather glove becomes dry, put on some Vaseline or linseed oil.

Use a clean cloth to spread any of the two carefully and gently. Rub the Vaseline or the oil in. Make sure to do this step in the glove’s interiors and exteriors. This will soften the leather gloves once they become dry.

If your chosen glove is constructed out of a soft leather material then note that it is machine-washable. Just make sure to consult the glove’s label prior to washing it in your washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are gloves for thorns made of?

Gardening gloves for thorns are made using a wide range of materials – the most common ones are leather, rubber, cotton, nitrile or neoprene, and Lycra or spandex. The most popular one among the mentioned materials, though, is leather, which many prefer because there are certain versions of it that are both comfortable and durable.

In terms of features, the best types of this glove are those with reinforced fingertips, padded construction, double-stitching, and secure wrist closure.

How to choose the right size?

The most reliable solution to ensuring that you pick the correct size of gardening gloves for thorns is to try it on personally prior to buying. To identify whether you are buying the correct size, wear the gloves then check the fingertip area.

A noticeable space between the fabric and tips of your finger is a sign that you are getting a size that is too large. Form a fist using your hands then let them move around. Ensure that the fabric is close to your skin. However, it should not be too tight in the sense that it causes restrictions on your movements.

Also, take note that some brands feature a sizing chart. In case you can’t try the gloves on personally then you can always check the sizing chart and make it serve as your guide. To ensure that you are getting the correct size, spend time measuring your hands.

In this case, you will be needing a tape measure, which you will have to wrap around your knuckles. You have to do it to measure your hands’ circumference. Once you get the measurement, you can finally use the sizing chart provided by your chosen brand to search for your size.

What gloves are best for rose bushes?

Experts recommend a combination of cow split and goatskin gardening gloves as they can shield your hands and forearms.

Typically, rose garden gloves are made of goatskin around the hands and fingers because this material is tough. You will be grabbing bushes and will likely apply some pressure when you grip them, which forces the thorns into the leather. The leather needs to be strong enough to prevent puncture. Moreover, it should have good flexibility for high-dexterity tasks.

For the cuffs, cow split is an ideal material. It can protect your arms sufficiently without restricting the movement of your hands.

Of course, protection isn’t the only criteria to look for. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional gardener, I’m sure you know that working outside can feel extremely uncomfortable. Regardless of the weather, you will sweat. Hence, the construction and the material of your heavy-duty thorn-proof gloves should be breathable.

That said, you don’t have to limit your options to traditional materials. Manufacturers are also innovating new composite or synthetic materials to improve the breathability, comfort, protection, and dexterity of thorn-proof gardening gloves.

What gloves do professional gardeners wear?

It can be confusing to go on Reddit looking for advice only to learn that you can wear light, medium, and heavy-duty gloves. To be fair, it is true that you will need different gloves for different tasks.

How to protect yourself from thorns?

The primary solution for protecting your hands from thorns is to wear the right gardening gloves designed to give protection from that specific threat. Ensure that what you are buying is truly tough, flexible, protective, and breathable.

If possible, go for gauntlet thorn-resistant gardening gloves that provide protection to your forearms and hands. The best thorn-resistant glove can even help you handle plants, such as saw palmetto, yucca, roses, and cacti with ease despite having thorns.


The best gardening gloves for thorns are definitely what you need if you want your gardening experience to become even more pleasant and exciting. It also keeps you secure and at peace since you are completely aware that your most-prized hands are well-protected.

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