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The Best Metal Tool Boxes for Convenient Storage

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Does your workplace seem to be extremely disorganized? Then we might have an Aladdin’s genie for you. Too many problems and just one solution.

All you need is a box to carry, organize, and protect all your tools. In other words, you need a durable and robust tool box to satisfy your needs. They could be used for home, office, worksite, hobbies, parlor, etc. If you are having all tools at home, but not finding them during the time of requirement, then a tool box is required to solve these problems.

best metal tool box

However, with so many tool boxes available in the market currently, it may be a challenge for you to find the right one. If you have that trouble so congratulations, you are in the right place.

In this review, I will provide you all vital information for selecting the best metal tool box. Now, let’s start and go through this review with me!

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Allied 38231

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14 Most Trusted Metal Tool Box Reviews

1. BIG RED ‎TB101 Steel Tool Box

On my day off, I like to do some DIY projects and repairs at home, and this mechanic toolbox is just what I need to store my tools. Plus, the handle is comfortable to hold while the latch easily locks and unlocks.

Due to its affordable price and compact size, I bought a couple of these to keep my hand tools in one and hobby-related tools in the other. They fit perfectly on the shelves that I have in my garage. I can even place it inside my truck box as it measures 19.5 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high.

As for storage space, I like that this metal tool organizer is subdivided into two parts, namely the tray and the main compartment. Its design and size allow me to store multiple tools without digging deep. I can instantly find the most frequently used items on the tray.

For me, the roof-style lid gives extra vertical space for my small jars of paint. Besides giving the toolbox a vintage vibe, the red paint serves protection against rust owing to its corrosion-resistant coat finish. Since it can get humid in my garage, this feature saves me the trouble of removing rust.

This metal tool organizer has a tray where I can store my frequently used tools. I wish that it had a metal tool tray with handle. As we all know, such plastic trays aren’t the best storage for heavyweight hand tools.
What We Like
  • A compact tool organizer measures 19.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches
  • Two compartments with a tray for easy fetching tools
  • Latch mechanism allows locks and unlock effortlessly
  • Coated with a rust-proof finish
  • Has an easy-to-grip handle
  • An affordable choice of metal toolbox
What We Don’t Like
  • Its plastic tray is not for very heavy tools
On top of that, workers can use it as an organizer for a much bigger jobsite box or toolbox with wheels.

2. Torin ATB101B Steel Tool Box

This portable toolbox measuring 19 inches is designed for homeowners and mechanics according to its product description. I

n my opinion, the black color hides the dirt well, especially when my hands are painted or full of grime and what-have-you. Anyway, it is painted in corrosion-resistant powder coating, so I don’t have to worry about rust.

In terms of space, I think it accommodates most of my essentials. With the removable tray, I have the option to store smaller items at the top.

Alternatively, I can take it out to fit in some items that need to be stored vertically, like jars of paint. That’s something we cannot do with cantilevers.

Judging by its material, the toolbox is lighter than the ones I reviewed in this article. Yet it is durable enough for work tools. However, I prefer storing the tools I use for my hobbies here. Aside from that, it has a comfortable grip handle, so it’s not a pain to hold.

The main issue I have is that the latch does close very tightly. Whenever I pack the toolbox with heavy tools and carry it, the lid gets lifted a little bit.
What We Like
  • A compact metal toolbox measures 19 inches
  • Has a tray that can be used as an extra organizer
  • The black color makes dirt less visible
  • Has rust-proof coat finish
  • Light yet durable build
  • Equipped with comfort grip handle
What We Don’t Like
  • The latch does not lock completely when packed with heavy tools
Whether for a DIYer, an artist, or a mechanic, this toolbox is a great storage space for everything required for work. In case we need more vertical space, we can always remove the tray!

3. Allied 38231 Metal Tool Box

I was looking for a medium-size metal tool box with lock for my personal use. For some tools, it is essential to have locked metal tool boxes and I found this Allied metal tool box.

The box is made of sturdy metal, which makes it strong enough to carry. The storage place is pretty good. It contains a removable tray also, which makes a place to keep another kind of tool. In my opinion, this is a nice tool box.

This product is the right choice for you if you are looking for a lockable metal tool box. Also, this is a multipurpose box. Moreover, the box appears with a perfect size which ensures that you can carry all your things.

This box is a great item to use at home, office, parlor, garage, and many more places. You can use this for keeping everything from a variety of tools like repairing tools, garage tools, electronic tools to even makeup items, etc. Thus, the box is handy for various purposes.

It has a stunning and uncommon color. The unique point is that it has a girly look, and for this, it is used as a vanity box as well by many female users. Its matte finished surface makes the box look classy.

But the weight is too heavy to lift. The product comes with giant stickers. I also found that the lid doesn’t fit correctly.
What We Like
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Made of sturdy metal
  • It is lockable in nature for greater security
  • Has a great color
What We Don’t Like
  • The paint may come out too soon
  • This box comes with annoying stickers
It is a good metal tool box for everyone and I highly suggest you to buy this one because of its great quality.

4. Homak BK00120920 Tool Box

For my home tools, I needed a simple lockable tool box at a low price. For this particular need, I searched in different stores and websites. Finally, I got this Homak steel tool box, which is a perfect one as per my needs.

This box is a lockable steel tool box with proper construction. Moreover, the body is made of sturdy steel, which is durable enough. The removable tray inside the box is made of metal to decrease the weight. Thus, it is my go-to tool box to carry various tools orderly.

The corners are sharp, and it is not flimsy. Regarding the box’s inside, the storage space is divided by an extra metallic tray so it is big enough for multiple purposes, especially it is perfect for household use.

The box is not so comfortable to carry because of its small handle. Even though it is strong enough to carry heavy loads, it is not a good option for certain specific power tools like a jack. Moreover, the handle is made of steel so it is quite heavy compared to the metal portable tool boxes.

The black color of the box gives it an elegant and straightforward look. The shining paint of this black metal tool box makes it more attractive. The flat-top is good to use. Scratch does not remove from the steel body. The only tiny problem with the product is the cleaning process is a bit troublesome for me.

What We Like
  • Provides divided storage space with a removable tray
  • Has a sturdy surface body
  • Perfect for home-usage
  • Has an elegant look
  • Comes at a low price
What We Don’t Like
  • The grip is uncomfortable
  • The product is not very durable
Overall, if you are looking for the best portable tool boxes or something simple and an average tool box, then this one is the right one for you.

5. Stanley Proto J9954 Tool Box

For carrying around a worksite, I needed a small tool box with a sturdy surface. Huge tool boxes create problems sometimes for carrying. Also, I wanted to have a very secure lock with that small storage and organization box. That is why I am here to introduce to you this Stanley Proto tool box.

It is a general-purpose portable tool box. The body is made of quality sturdy steel. But if you are looking for a tool box for a particular purpose, it is a good option as well. The size is not bulky; hence it’s a convenient product.

It is a well-finished product inside and out. The box is a little deep to include more tools. Also, the dimensions are perfect for carrying. The product can be used for heavy-duty metals. Its weight-lifting capacity is pretty good.

The box contains a removable steel tote tray. Handles are made of heavy-duty metal that allows me to lift more weight. It has a pad-lockable center for better security. Overall, the construction of the product is quite good. It is a proper and straightforward tool box.

It is a small steel tool box with great color. Also, the paint quality is good enough that will not come off easily. The body is sturdy enough for years of use. However, the product is a little heavy for the steel body, but that is ignorable.
What We Like
  • Lightweight makes it handy to carry with you
  • Has a sturdy and durable body design
  • Boosts convenient with a steel tote tray
  • Good quality paint
  • The box has functional weight-lifting capacity
What We Don’t Like
  • The box is a little heavy
Overall, this tool box is the perfect product for me to store the precision tools. So I hope this one is also the right one for you, do not hesitate to purchase one for yourself.

6. Kennedy K24B 24” Tool Box

If you need a large tool box for multiple purpose usage so that you can keep all the large tools as well as smaller accessories in a single place, then you should definitely buy this tool box from Kennedy Manufacturing.

It is a perfect option for keeping everything, including heavy-duty metal also. It ideally served my requirement for multiple usages. The storage space is large enough and its cavity storage is enough up to 24” long tools.

The body is made of gauge steel to strengthen it so that it can lift a huge load. Moreover, this tool box contains Vinyl cushioned and steel core top handles to lift heavyweights. But one thing that disappointed me is that this unit is not handy.

Heavy-duty locking mechanism of hasp padlock makes the product more secure. The box also includes a lift-out tray with socket divider.

This product appears with a brown wrinkle color. The wrinkle powder coating paint increases the lasting time. This set is not well-organized, but the construction is excellent. It is a well-built high-quality tool box.

It provides a lot of space for keeping tools. You can use this box to keep any kind of tool. Though it is a multiple-use product, I’ll suggest using it to keep heavy and large tools. The dimension is rare in the category of the large tool box.
What We Like
  • Provides ample storage space
  • It has better security with a locking mechanism
  • Durable body paint design
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
What We Don’t Like
  • The box is heavy enough to hold for long
Every product has their own pros and cons. I would definitely recommend all the readers to buy this one unhesitatingly.

7. Proto Boxes Tool Set

Sometimes, I need a small metal tool box that is easy to move and carry it inside any bag. Though it doesn’t contain many tools, I can carry it with me for a specific purpose. For these needs, Boxes Tool Set is the perfect one.

It is a better option than a small metal tool box as some metal tool boxes often become damaged. But this is made of sturdy steel, which helps to prevent outside damage and increases longevity.

It is also an excellent socket storage box. There is a small hole drilled in at the bottom part to allow moisture to escape. Even though this set is a small tool box, it still has a partially secure lock. The corners are sharp beyond my expectation.

This small metal tool storage has a low depth. Though the body is of top-quality material, the construction is not that good as the side and corners are not welded correctly. But specifications and measurement wise, this is a perfect one for carrying inside a bag.

Generally, cheap metal tool boxes don’t provide excellent quality and expire in a short period. But for this set, it is totally different. Event though this tool storage is coming with such a reasonable price, thanks to quality and lasting time, this one is still worth more than its price.
What We Like
  • Easy to carry around tool storage
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Lockable tool box with metal locks
  • Made of sturdy steel
What We Don’t Like
  • Big size tools cannot be kept in it
  • Not having a good construction
Although I can only carry small parts inside this tool box for a particular purpose, it is still a good product that you should give yourself a try!

8. Tankstorm Steel Tool Chest

If you are looking for a tool box with drawers and a large one to carry tools well-organized, then this craftsman tool box is an excellent choice for you.

This tool box contains four drawers of a portable storage tool box. The handle has a comfortable grip to hold. The four drawers are for keeping different tools in ample storage. Heavy-duty ball-bearing slides make the drawers smooth for pulling.

The box is made of cold-rolled steel. Hence, the excellent quality of the steel body ensures years of use. The dimensions are perfect for various tools to keep inside. The lock is also good enough to provide security. It is a well-built product.

As a tool box with drawers, this product is far better than usual metal tool boxes. Steel tool box can take a lot of load more than metal tool boxes. Also, steel tool boxes are easy to clean and last long. For its weight-lifting capacity, it becomes cumbersome.

This black steel tool box has an industrial powder coat on its surface to resist chemical damage and scratch. The design of the product is sturdy and durable. The black gradient color gives it a sophisticated and stylish look. It also contains full-length piano hinge and rust plated latches.
What We Like
  • Comes with an industrial powder coating outside tool box
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • The handle has a comfortable grip
  • It is made of cold-rolled steel
  • Can store various tools in boxes
What We Don’t Like
  • The price is a little on the higher end
  • The box is a little heavy to carry
Although the price is a little bit high, if you want a good quality and well-built product with many smart features, these sets are the best products for you to choose from.

9. Goplus 20-Inch Tool Box

I bought this portable steel tool box to keep all my small parts organized at a single place rather than all over the workspace. To my surprise, it turned out to be better than my expectations.

This impressive Goplus tool chest is the best assistant for my work as it’s extremely convenient to carry with an ergonomic design and curved handle, which provides an excellent grip.

It also has multiple storage spaces with three swiftly moving drawers and a top storage tray that can store all my essential tools. The box provides the right balance between volume and compactness. Moreover, even after storing all of my tools, it still has an ample amount of space left.

It’s concise and sleek look matches my modern style of work. I also like the two steel latch systems to double-lock the box and keep all my tools safe and secure. The natural movement of the drawers is due to the ball bearing slides.

On the other hand, another great thing about this set is it has EVA mats which prevents the tools from getting scratched. Cleaning is not a problem because all I need to do is wipe the tool box with a damp sponge or cloth. The powder-coated red paint prevents rusting during the monsoon and also from regular wear and tear.

The steel material seems to be of high quality as it provides the box a sturdy structure. Even the welds appear to be of good quality.

It’s been almost five months since I have bought this, and it still seems new just as the first time it was delivered to me. I can carry it anywhere with me due to its lightweight, simple design and portability.
What We Like
  • Ergonomic design with great portability
  • Offers multiple storage solutions
  • Has two steel metal latches
  • Extremely easy to carry around and compact
  • Can be used widely in homes, garages, warehouses, offices, and more
What We Don’t Like
  • The box is not suitable for heavy loads
In all, I would say that this is a good investment because it is providing unlimited features. It might be the best portable tool box and has already helped in organizing my old tools. I would recommend you to buy this product.

10. Homak RD00119200 Tool Box

I was looking for a cheap storage solution for my newly bought saw and wrenches. Then finally, I decided to buy this Homak brand box.

A maximum number of portable metal tool boxes have plastic handles or compartments which does not provide durability to the structure. But this box has a steel handle that can effectively take the entire box’s weight and its contents. If you are looking for a robust tool box with a sturdy structure, this might be the best option. It can easily take whatever weight you put in it.

Everything about this tool box is perfect with the steel tray inserts, coated paint, high-quality rivets, and excellent finishing. It’s been a long time since I am using this tool box, it still looks new, and the paint has not scraped off till date.

The structure is very solidly built and is equally spacious. Homak has tool boxes of various sizes, and this is the third one I am using from the brand. The drop-in trays quickly make small compartments for other accessories and tools. This product has a metal latches system to provide better security. This box is better than any snap-on tool box.

The bright color and smart look give an acidic touch to my workspace. Plus, it’s also scratch-resistant. I can easily clean it due to the smooth surfaces and round corners.

However, one problem that I faced with the box is that it is not stackable.
What We Like
  • Durable metal body construction
  • Modern hip roof design with good quality paint
  • Metal latching system for greater security
  • Comes with metal tray inserts for storing smaller accessory tools
What We Don’t Like
  • The box is not stackable
For me, it’s a good investment, and if you are looking for toughness, this is the best choice for you too. Do give it a shot.

11. Proto J9979 Carpenter’s Box

I was looking for a large metal tool box to carry all the massive tools I have in my possession. With the total length of thirty two inches, approximately this is a perfect fit for all my larger tools or power tools. It is extra wider than standard tool boxes available in the market, and hence, it makes space for all my tools, which are prominent in length and girth.

Previously, I had a 40-inch antique steel tool box, which had provided valuable service to my father for over 25 years. But as I was using it, the paint was going off, and it got massively rusted during the monsoons. That was when I started searching for a replacement. Even my car’s hydraulic Jack wanted a new home. After returning two boxes, finally, I ended up with the Stanley proto.

To my surprise, it can take extremely substantial loads. I precisely like the heavy-duty side handles along with the steel coated top handle that allows more than one user to carry the box. On the other side, the double latch system provides complete security to my tools, along with strength. Moreover, the padlock cable center hasp acts like an eye for the box to give ultimate security.

The quality has already exceeded my expectations, and as I am using it, it’s giving me new surprises every day. Furthermore, the interior steel tray is removable so I can create compartments for smaller tools whenever required.
What We Like
  • Extra-wide and spacious for big or power tools
  • Double latches locking mechanism system for better security
  • Removable steel tray for convenient storage
  • High gripping side handles
What We Don’t Like
  • Steel quality seems to be a bit light
Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, but this product’s strengths here definitely outshines the weaknesses. Thus, I would recommend you to take up this good investment at a comparatively low cost.

12. GANCHUN 16″ Metal Tool Box

I had many old and traditional storage boxes, but the moment I saw this metallic tool box while scrolling through the newsfeed, it grabbed my attention. This tool box not only has a sleek and modern look, but also the best storage solution.

A bang or a scratch can destroy the entire aesthetic classic metal look of the box. That is why this tool box comes with a feature to resist oil, acid, alkali, rust and corrosion. This box also features environmental protection and anti solarization fastness. Hence, preferably used for storage purposes, which is not the kind of tool box you can go with hopping around.

It is highly durable, and the length and stainless steel handle prevent it from slipping. It also comes with steel buckles and locks for child protection and safety consolidation of the user. Additionally, the waterproof tool box base keeps the tools dry and safe.

The best part is a user will have multiple storage compartments, including a bottom compartment, exterior storage spaces, and a durable internal tray. Hence, I can easily arrange a wide range of tools with varying sizes here. I also love the intricate storage areas at the top for smaller accessories like screws and nuts.

The rivet pins are made of high quality that gives the box a sturdy construction. However, one thing that bothers me is the cover of the little compartment doesn’t work correctly to hold small parts inside the box.
What We Like
  • Sturdy and durable construction tool box
  • Excellent protection with a lock hole
  • Spacious with multiple compartments and a removable tray
  • Comes with environmental protection material and anti solarization fastness
  • Resistant to oil, acid, alkali, rust, and corrosion
What We Don’t Like
  • Covers of the little compartments in the top easily pop open
The quality and finishing of this tool box are commendable. I am incredibly pleased to use this product and recommend everyone to use it as a great storage solution.

13. Al Products A-5A3OR Tool Box

I was looking for a giant tool box which can replace the small useless plastic tool box that I already had. And then after lots of research, I came across this tool box, which was practically the best metal tool box for truck that I could find.

The tool box is of stable built and high quality. It has this bright orange color that grabs the attention of many users, including me. The space inside is large enough to hold on power tools and accessories. It also comes with sturdy metal latches. I like the hinges, which allow the swift movement of the lid on the top.

It’s so much better than what comes with the truck and much more usable. The tool box doesn’t come with mounting hardware. But it takes barely 5 minutes for the user to drill the holes at the bottom for it to fit correctly. Once done, it can be ideally bolted behind the seat of any big tractor.

Altogether it’s just adding on to the grandeur of my tractor. The tractor is so expensive, and then there is no point in compromising with a small plastic tool box.
What We Like
  • Robust metal body, durable structure tool box
  • Big and spacious for power tools or larger tools
  • Secure metal latches
  • Bright color gives it a stunning look
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires drilling of holes for mounting
The cons are pretty small points that can be ignored easily. I would recommend you all not to let go of this deal. The sturdy quality and storage capacity will suffice your needs for sure.

14. Goplus Metal Tool Box

Whenever I carry my saw and wrenches, they are lost inside the bag or the box. I needed one of those well-organized metal tool boxes, which is portable as well. And the tool box from Goplus is the one that I want to talk about.

The box contains five tray sections to keep a different kind of tools orderly. Moreover, this box for tools has a large space to store. Thus it is the most efficient item to organize your often-used tools.

If you are looking for a heavy duty metal tools box, then this is the best option you can have. The box is made of durable solid steel to provide long service. It has strengthened the folding rod for more significant support and comfort grip handle.

This box is equally convenient for home and office use. The installation process is straightforward. It can be used to keep automobile tools, repair tools, carpenter tools, pigment tools, etc. This tooling box contains a safety keyhole also.

The metal body is painted with durable powder coat paint to ensure years of use. Furthermore, powder coat paint is good to prevent scratch, chemical resistance, and all. The sleek red surface makes the box easy to clean. You have to just wipe a wet sponge for cleaning.
What We Like
  • Well-organized
  • Provides extensive storage space
  • The sturdy metal surface lasts for a long time
  • Easy to carry around
  • Durable powder coat paint resists chemical damage and scratch
What We Don’t Like
  • It is a little heavy to carry
It is a good helper for maintenance personnel. The high-quality metal connection makes it safe to use. Hence, you should go for this product!

GANCHUN Metal Tool Box (Outdated)

I would give five stars to this metal tool box with drawers because of its high-quality material and durability. I can easily store all my tools as it gives massive storage space with five drawers and a three-layered structure.

This tool box can be used for a variety of applications. On the other hand, this box is made of cold-roll-steel sheets, so it is not surprising that this product can stand the test of time and gives a prolonged service life. Thus, if you are looking for a one-time investment tool box, go for this set.

The firm handle in this cantilever tool box provides a secure grip and makes it easy in transportability. Whenever I open this box, I get an overall view of all my tools all at once. However, there is no removable tray to provide compartment storage.

The steel is scratch resistant and also did not get corroded or rusted during the monsoons. It’s been a few months since I bought it and it’s giving an excellent performance. But the coating paint quality could have been better than this.

It also comes with a pair of gloves. These cotton gloves are comfortable, soft, durable, and protect my hand from any damage.
What We Like
  • The fittings and rivets of the box are highly reliable and durable
  • Provides maximum storage space and tools safe
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant steel
  • Sleek design with a powerful body and handle
What We Don’t Like
  • Paint coating could have been better
  • Doesn’t include a drop-in tray to make compartments
I would suggest everyone that this is a must-buy tool box as it can hold almost all of my tools. It’s a lifetime piece to keep your workspace organized. Hence, you can easily buy this tool box as your ready-made assistant.

Stanley STST19500 Metal Tool Box (Outdated)

I was looking for a tool box that could easily fit in the trunk of my car, and I could carry it anywhere. This box immediately grabbed my attention due to its yellow and black color combinations and the well-built structure.

When I received it, it was much bigger than what it looks in the picture given. It has well-carved round edges because of which it can quickly be loaded in a car. I seriously like the full-width piano hinge.

It has got a vast interior space that can store all types of tools. The yellow Stanley watermark on the black body gives an edge to it’s already modern and sleek look. On the other hand, the one-hand latch operation is much more convenient than the two hand latch system found in most of the tool boxes available in the market.

I love using the unique ergonomic long handle that helps in the active balancing of the load. The ball bearings are of high quality and allow smooth opening and closing of the lid.

Another great advantage for any user is that it can comfortably hold any solvent tubes, glues, greases, epoxies, and more. Any other plastic box would be messed up in such cases or get contaminated. The only drawback that I found was that for nails and screws you do not get any dedicated compartment.
What We Like
  • Has a vast interior space to store
  • Easy to use with one hand latch operation
  • The load is easily balanced with the stylish long handle
  • Is a stackable and durable product
What We Don’t Like
  • No special compartments for small accessories
Overall, it’s a sturdy, robust box for long term use. I can bet that it will provide exceptional service once you give it a try. Hence, I would personally recommend everyone to buy it.

What Is a Metal Tool Box


A metal tool box is used to store different tools, from a small portable or a large tool box to set on casters. Currently, tool boxes made of metal are on demand for their versatility.

Your tools are always secure and well-organized inside sturdy and long-lasting metal tool boxes. Material wise, metal tool box are of two categories- steel tool box and aluminum tool box. Steel tool boxes are more reliable than aluminum tool boxes. They all are painted steel outside.

The metal tool box includes additional features such that padlock eyes, folding rod, industrial paint. Thus, these extra features increase the quality and longevity of the tool box. Undoubtedly, metal tool boxes are the best choice to fulfill your needs.

How Does It Work

The metal tool box provides abundant storage and durability. These are also available in small sizes for a specific purpose. But they always have a high weight-lifting capacity.

The metal tool box comes with some general features and some extra features. It would be best if you chose a metal tool box according to your needs. Every metal box has some standard and essential features.

Types of Metal Tool Boxes


Metal tool Boxes can be classified based on size, form, or type of material used to manufacture them. They range in between a variety of sizes, from small to the big ones. They can be portable, compact multi-layer boxes with drawers or portable chests like movable workstations or even tool carts.

Broadly metal boxes can be classified based on their manufacturing material type. We also have plastic and wood made tool boxes. But in this reviewing list, we shall only discuss the metal ones.

  • Steel

Steel made boxes are the most bought and durable ones. They are easy to clean, powerfully built and can last for many years.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum tool boxes and chests are the most popular ones amongst the workers. They are absolutely corrosion and rust-resistant. They are also lightweight in nature and durable.

Generally, these boxes are the most good looking and modern metallic finished boxes. They are found in pick-up truck beds as well.

  • Stainless Steel

The stainless steel alloy used to manufacture these boxes provides a higher degree of corrosion and rust resistance than standard graded steel. Moreover, these are much more lightweight.

They are more intended for anti-corrosive environments and clean rooms due to wear resistance properties and extraordinary strength. Stainless steel tool boxes are used mostly in garages, race environments, commercial workstations, and more.

  • Cantilever

These tool boxes are known for their layered and multiple drawers like structure. As soon as one opens the box, it gives a full view of all the contents at one go. Many boxes available in the market today have cantilever trays and attachments. These are durable and lightweight.

Why Do You Need a Metal Tool Box

A metal tool box is generally used to store different kinds of tools of varying sizes and types such as saw, wrench, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, nails, paint brushes, solvents, and more.

tool boxes can be used for a wide range of applications. They are used for both commercials as well as household purposes. A durable metal box can be used in garages, engineering fields and Labs, offices, powerhouses, and more.

The compact ones with compartments and drawers are easily transportable and can serve as an assistant for any field worker. Many have smaller compartments to stone nails, screws, and smaller accessories. You can also use these as storage boxes.

Even carpenters, painters, artists, sculptors can use this to store their tools. Hydraulic jacks of a car can also be kept safely and securely in a proper tool box. Many metal tool boxes are designed to fit the trunk of a car or tractor, and hence the user can carry the tools daily with them easily.

We prefer metal tool boxes over the plastic ones because the metal is more durable than plastic. Metal ones are much more solidly built and provide longevity. They can take much heavier loads and weights than plastic ones, with no chance of cracking.

Buying Guide


Specific points should be expressly kept in mind while buying a metal tool box online. Here are some of the essential factors for you to consider

  • Storage Needs

The tools of a mechanic would differ from a professional painter or carpenter’s tools. And it will also differ from the tools of a necessary house owner who keeps tools for only small repairs.

Hence the requirement for metal storage space varies from person to person. Someone who wants a tool box for the garage will require a big and expensive tool box. While those who wish to store only hammers, pliers, screwdrivers can go with a smaller one.

  • Portability

If you require to carry the metal tool box around with you, then portability might be a significant factor. The tool box should be easy to lift. If the tools are too heavy, the weight can be distributed over multiple tool boxes for the ease of transportation.

  • Load Carrying Capacity

The manufacturing material and design determine the load capacity of a metal tool box. Every tool box has a predefined storage capacity for the user’s awareness to prevent any kind of accident while lifting or carrying. tool boxes have capacities ranging from 5 kg to 50 kg and more.

  • Color and Coating

Specific color codes or coating is highly required for industrial metal tool boxes as per standard safety rules and regulations. Many metal tool boxes come with abrasion-resistant powder coated paints nowadays.

  • Rust and Corrosion Resistance

If you want a metal tool box to last longer, then do check whether the body of the box is rust and corrosion resistant or not. In return increases the life of the tool box. Waterproof tool box will keep your tools and equipment dry, safe, and rust-free with all-around water seal features.

Care And Maintenance

A clean workspace would also motivate the user to work harder and better. Let’s look at some tips and tricks to get our tools and tool boxes handy and in an evergreen new condition whenever we need them.

  • Proper storage of the tools

Choose something that works to store your tools in proper shape and condition. You can easily invest in sturdy storage tool boxes because it’s essential to store the tools properly. They should have a clean house to stay in.

  • Keep regular usage tools

All the old hammers with loose heads, blunt saws, and dull blades are not working tools. Try to stay away from such tools in your tool box. Moreover, avoid keeping those tools that you don’t plan to use daily. Without using a tool, they lose their quality and can even be infected with rust. Also, use your tool box regularly and just don’t leave it in the corner of the workspace.

  • Try to avoid rust and corrosion

Rust makes your metal tool box dead, unusable, and unsafe. But with regular care like wiping off dirt, water, and fungus, you can prevent rust for a more extended period. You can brush oil on the handle in a duration of time to keep it moving and prevent the accumulation of rust.

  • Mandatory cleaning

Clean your tools as well as the metal tool box after using it every time (at least once a week). Clean it with a regular cloth or a sponge. A little bit of soap water won’t harm your tools or box. Pat dry the box before keeping the tools in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular metal tool box brands?

There are many popular metal tool box brands that you can rely on and buy. But here are some of the best listed out brands that I feel are the most popular ones.

  • Stanley
  • Craftsman
  • Excel
  • Homak
  • DeWalt
  • Ridgid
  • Goplus
  • Keter
  • Kubota

There are many more brands for metal tool boxes, but all the brands, as mentioned above, manufacture durable and reliable tool boxes with internal compartments. These are brands upon which you can trust.

What are the metal tool boxes made of?

Many metal tool boxes are made up of stainless steel, aluminum, or standard steel. Usually, the truck tool boxes are made up of aluminum.

The metal tool boxes also have internal trays to make compartments for other accessories. The trays, drawers, and layers of the boxes are made up of cantilever. Cantilever tool boxes quickly open up to several drawers and compartments to give a birds-eye view of all the components inside.

How to use such metal tool boxes?

Metal tool boxes should be handled with care and cleaned with wet cloth or sponge at regular intervals. You also should avoid banging such metal tool boxes as that may result in dents. Wipe off dirt and water to keep away rust and corrosion.

Tools should be kept organized without overloading the capacity of the box; especially for rough and tough use as they are capable of which stand wear and tear.

You can carry them with you anytime and keep your tools handy. They are the proper protective case for your dear tools to keep them safe and secure.

Where to buy metal tool boxes?

If you want to buy metal tool boxes online, then the best options are the prominent e-Commerce sites like Amazon. You can find all the best brands for metal tool boxes with proper specifications and properties listed as per your requirement. Otherwise, you can also visit the local stores, but I would personally suggest you buy it online because that’s safer and quality assured.

Why are metal tool boxes diamond plated?

Diamond plating can be applied to aluminum, steel, or stainless steel surfaces using hot rolling processes. Here we have three reasons as to why metal tool boxes are diamond plated in nature.

  • Non-slipping surfaces prevent the tool box from slipping.
  • The surface provides extra grip in monsoon or damp weather. One can hold on to the steel box without letting it go.
  • The design looks outstanding and quirky, giving the metal box a self-enhancing touch. It becomes much more noticeable and grabs the attention of a user.

Why are metal tool boxes red in color?

Red color denotes safety as well as a danger at the same time. It’s a bright color that can be easily spotted as it is noticeable. This color keeps you away from tripping over their tool boxes.

How much does a metal toolbox weigh?

Typically, a 20-inch metal toolbox with cantilever drawers can weigh around 12.92 pounds. However, simpler designs are much lighter as some weigh only 1 pound or less.

How do you clean an aluminum toolbox?

Before you start wiping or applying any cleaner, be sure to remove all the items inside your aluminum toolbox.

That said, you can clean up your toolbox using these methods:

Method 1: Vinegar

    1. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray one area at a time. This way, you don’t waste vinegar as they evaporate when you’re brushing only one side.
    2. With a soft brush, scrub the area you just sprayed. You can use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas. Work on the other areas by repeating steps 1 and 
    3. Leave it to air dry. Alternatively, use a dry paper towel to remove the remaining grime, if there’s any.
    4. To keep the surface shining, apply wax and rub it using a soft cloth.

Method 2: Coca Cola

    1. Pour Coca-cola on your toolbox’s exterior and use a paper towel to distribute it evenly. Let it soak through in at least 5 minutes.
    2. Use a hard brush to remove the grime.
    3. Rinse the surfaces with water to remove the cola and dry them with paper towels.
    4. Apply aluminum wax per manufacturer’s instructions

There are many other techniques. However, the ones I shared are the easiest to do since the materials are widely available in retail stores and groceries.

Are Extreme toolboxes any good?

Yes, Extreme’s small and big metal toolbox models are a cut above the rest. According to many user reviews, the brand’s storage systems have a solid quality that can endure the test of time. If you have the money for it, I think you should consider investing in their products.

Their cabinets and toolboxes are made in USA, and of course, sold in the USA. But, they are available in Canada, the UK, and Australia!

How do you keep tools from rusting in the winter?

Iron, steel, copper, and aluminum are prone to rust and oxidizing, which is another form of corrosion. It can’t be helped since many of us store our tools in the garage, where we also park our cars.

When the temperature in this area warms up after a cold day, condensation occurs. In other words, the cold tools start to form some moisture on them.

Understanding this will help you plan to protect your tools better. Here are some tips:

  • Spray a thin coating of corrosion inhibitor agent on your tools.
  • Use your tools properly. A small chip or dent can start rusting.
  • Use a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture in your garage.
  • Install fans in your garage to circulate air and keep your garage nice and dry.
  • Investing in a weatherproof toolbox if you have the budget

Just the same, the tips above can apply to your shop or other types of workspace.


Considering all the purposes, we can say that the tool box is a handy item for us for different uses in our daily lives. The metal tool box provides all of the features that we want for a perfect tool box.

A tool box made of metal lasts long, provides proper storage, can lift a heavy load, and fits our budget compared to other tool boxes. Also, a metal tool box protects tools and keeps them organized. Even they are easy to carry. These are the significant features that you must consider, which make a tool box useful.

So, basically this is all the information you need and I hope through this review, you will have some ideas for looking for the best metal tool box for you as per your needs. Now, it is time for you to make the choice and start shopping!

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