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Thank you for contacting us, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]

Looking to submit news, a product or an article? This explains the best way how.

It’s come to my attention that the guidelines for submitting an article, blog, news item, product or what have you are nowhere to be found on the site. That’s not good. We’ll get that fixed as soon as we can. In the meantime, this little blog will have to do. As you read this and prepare materials to submit to us please keep this in mind: Do not confuse style for substance. Believing that we take this kind of flippant, snarky or carefree style to heart regarding sustainability would be a huge mistake. We are very serious about delivering cutting-edge, well-rounded green building information that our audience can use in their jobs. We simply choose to be different in how we deliver that information to set us apart. Is everything we do this way? No. We understand that everyone is different, and we therefore try to provide a variety of styles to appeal to a broader audience. That said, we feel the voice we prefer is one that better engages our audience and encourages them to voice their own thoughts.


I’ll get this one out of the way immediately: We’re not using them at this time. Sorry.


Please, please, please don’t skip over this section. The correct contact is more important to us than things described below like word count and style. If material has been sent to the wrong contact, we can’t guarantee the correct person will see it. To that end, if the correct person doesn’t see it, the material stands a strong chance of falling by the wayside, unaddressed. Even if the item does get passed along to the correct person, we can’t guarantee that it will be done in a timely fashion. If an email about a project gets forwarded to me from someone else in the office months after it was initially sent, it will likely have lost its immediacy and we will not follow up with it.

Furthermore, and this might go without saying, we appreciate it when our names are correct. I don’t just mean the names of our staff, but the name of our magazine. We have great respect for the other publications and media outlets in our industry. We think they do great work. But, we do have some pride. Getting an email addressing the wrong magazine totally shatters our belief that we’re the center of the universe. It bothers us since we like being the only one to cover unique projects. The incorrect name is a dead giveaway that a project is being shopped around. Unless, of course, you truly believe that we are the center of the universe and think we have the power to control what other publications run. Sadly, we don’t. Either way, we’re more than likely not going to follow up on it.

Along these same lines, we try to make every effort to first deal with emails addressed directly to us (both publication and person). If you’re submitting a byline, referencing a recent article or something else we’ve done is a great way to ingratiate yourself to us (we like having our egos stroked) as well as indicate to us that the email being sent isn’t also being sent to hundreds of other outlets.

So, how about those contacts?

Andrew Carnegie, Editor: Feature stories, story ideas, special section submittals, blog entries, video submissions.

Veronica, Associate Editor: Products, news, social media feeds, eNewsletters.

How to Contact Us

There’s an about us page on this website that lists our phone numbers. The editors were forced to put those numbers on there. If we had our way, people would only contact us via email. It’s much more convenient as it allows us to better keep track of what was said and where things stand. However, we do get a lot of email. I started writing this 15 minutes ago. I had 245 emails in my inbox. I now have 258. This number will continue to climb throughout the day. This is why the information in the “Contacts” section is so important.

It is absolutely, positively unnecessary to follow up a press release with a phone call. If the release was sent to the correct person and if it’s something we’ll use, we’ll either be in touch or, if it’s a news item, it will appear on our website anywhere from immediately to two days later depending on the importance.

What to Send Us

Below is a small breakdown of how we prefer to receive information.

News: A press release is fine. We will take what we need from the release. Images are not required. If we need more information, we will contact you. (Note: We do not cover personnel activity.)

Event: Our handy-dandy new websites have made sending an event to us moot. Visit this page if you’d like to submit an event.

Products: I can’t stress this enough: The “Product” column on our editorial calendar is nothing more than a product roundup in the magazine. For some reason, we often get emails or phone calls from people who have seen we’re covering a certain product in an upcoming issue on our editorial calendar. Invariably, we get people who offer some company as a resource for our coverage of said product or offer a product that we should cover in the article or offer a byline. We need none of this. All we need is: a press release with as little fluff and as few adjectives as possible describing what the product is, what it does and why it can be considered green. While a company’s sustainability efforts sometimes reflect in the product, we’re only interested in what makes the product green. Images aren’t required, but they’re encouraged. Ideally, we want pictures that are 300 dpi at 8×10. Of those numbers, the most important is 300 dpi. Send a product to Veronica.


First, I should provide a note on Web or digital versus print. It’s really bothersome when people seem to value print more than Web or digital. I don’t understand why that is. Everything that we put forth, be it a print article, digital article, eNewsletter, video or even a semi-whiny blog is a reflection on our publication. If there’s no value to it, we won’t use it. We simply can’t fit everything into print. Being an environmental publication, we’re not totally crazy about the idea of a print edition. (Suffice to say we continue because that’s still a popular form of media.) But other forms of media, if not equally popular, are quickly catching up. We get a large number of hits on our website daily. The editors put as much work into our electronic media as we do the print, sometimes more. When someone seems to value print more than digital, to me, it implies that the quality is less online than in print and that us editors aren’t doing our job well enough. So, if we ask for a Web Exclusive, don’t take it as an affront to the quality of the material submitted. That’s far from being the case.

Features and Case Studies: If you’re interested in contributing a bylined feature story, please be advised that the article should be exclusive to the publication. Features are generally 500 to 1,000 words in length. We’re very flexible on style and format, but you might want to poke around the website for some previously published feature articles to get some examples. The article should be technical in nature and targeted for our highly educated audience of environmental building professionals.

A good approach to take is examining the unique challenges or innovations of a specific sustainable aspect, maybe relevant to the building or industry type, the people involved, or the performance results (did it exceed expectations?). How about budget? Performance data (i.e., water, energy), building standards and codes, and certifications (product or building) are helpful to include.

Also include a sidebar of the basics — size, location, date completed, etc., plus a list of the entire project team (i.e., firm and company names) and a list of green building materials (product and manufacturers). Projects that include a list of resources will get priority over those that do not.

High-quality images, photos, graphics, renderings, etc. (preferred photo size is 300 dpi) are required, and we cannot compensate photographers, but please include any photo credits that should be published. Finally, please include a short author biography. The deadline for all of the completed information and photos is generally two months prior to publication date (see the calendar for specific deadlines, but the story idea should be discussed with the editor three months prior). E-mail materials to editor Andrew Carnegie at [email protected] Due to the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to use every article in print. If we are unable to use the article in print, please advise if we may use it in the digital edition, as a Web Exclusive feature or in an eNewsletter.

Columns: Have an idea that you think would benefit the industry? We accept exclusive bylined columns from industry experts on hot topics and key issues. Ideas should be emailed to Andrew for consideration.

Digital-only Editorial and Blogs (Almost all digital editorial is featured on the TOC page of the print issue.): We simply receive so much great information that it’s impossible to fit it all in the print issue. Digital articles are featured in our BPA-audited digital edition of the publication, as well as on the website. These articles meet the same editorial standards we strive for with all of our featured articles in print. We still need images, photos, graphics and/or renderings to provide our readers with the information they need. These articles go through the exact same layout process as the articles appearing in print. We also accept guest blogs for consideration.

Videos: We are always looking for quality, industry-related videos. If you have a video that you think might be a fit for EDC, please contact Andrew.

If you’re looking to use our editorial as a means to promote your own company’s message, there’s a better way than submitting your ideas to the editors. The video below (which we did not create!) can explain it much better than I can. (WARNING! The video does contain language some people might find offensive. If you are one of these people, then don’t watch it. It’s that simple. Additionally, be considerate of others who also may be offended by such language. Wear headphones or close your office door or do both, if you can. You have been warned.)

Okay, I think that’s it (finally). What a rant. Of course, if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. Just keep in mind that we do get lots and lots of emails. I’ve been keeping a running tally just to give you all an example. So, if we don’t get back right away, don’t take it personally. We really do try to get to everyone. Sometimes, it’s not that easy.

Now, I will get back to those emails. It’s been a little more than an hour since I started this, and the West Coast people must’ve just woken up since my inbox is now at 277. Guess I’d better get to it.