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The Best Anti-Vibration Gloves for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Shopping for the best anti-vibration gloves should be on top of your priorities, especially if your present job requires you to handle things like rivet guns, jackhammers, and pneumatic tools. You need such gloves to dampen or resist vibration and impact that might cause your hands to suffer from injuries when you are at work.

Keep in mind that your hands are at risk of getting fatigued quickly if you work with jackhammers, as well as other power tools and heavy machinery that tend to generate an incredible amount of shaking action. Fortunately, you can now find anti-vibration gloves in the market with padded materials that can now offer stability on your hands.

best anti vibration gloves

What is good about these anti-vibration or vibration-dampening gloves is that these can also lessen the train usually triggered by doing your job the entire day. Keep in mind that based on your job, your work environment is inherently harmful. This is especially true for those who are involved in using powered hand tools.

It could also be dangerous for those who are constantly exposed to vibrating surfaces when doing their daily job. Fortunately, you now have a way to lower the risk of dealing with dangers and injuries from vibration with the help of the best anti-vibration work gloves.

While you can’t expect these pair of gloves to offer you complete or full protection from the mentioned machines and tools, it is still possible for a solid and high-quality pair with anti-vibration technology to mitigate the negative effects caused by these vibrations.

To guide you in choosing gloves designed to help you manage tools that produce vibrations, here are ten products that I would like to recommend and short overviews about the capabilities of each one.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Vgo High Dexterity Gloves

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Handlandy Anti-vibration Gloves

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Ergodyne ProFlex 9000

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8 Top-rated Anti-Vibration Gloves Reviews of 2023

1. Vgo High Dexterity Heavy-duty Mechanic Work Gloves

Another powerful glove designed to handle extreme vibrations and impact is the Vgo High Dexterity Heavy-duty Mechanic Work Glove. From the name itself, anyone will instantly realize that it is built to be heavy-duty and tough. With such toughness, I am sure that it can genuinely fight the negative effects of vibration and extreme impact.

I like its compatibility with different kinds of jobs and industries. In fact, you will instantly realize how useful it is in the shipbuilding, construction, and assembly industries. It is also appropriate when you use it in handling DIY heavy-duty jobs and power tools.

The incredible durability of this work glove is also undeniable, thanks to its synthetic leather palm, which is also further strengthened with the help of the reinforced, textured PVC material. Another nice benefit promised by this glove is that it can absorb vibration and impact effectively, thanks to its EVA-based padding.

Another positive trait that is unique about this anti-vibration glove is its touchscreen-compatible design used in the index fingertips and thumb. Such a design is a big help if you still want to have full control over your smartphone and other touchscreen devices even if you are wearing this pair of glove.

The fit is comfortable enough because it is also ergonomically and naturally designed by adapting the 3D hand modeling approach. Moreover, I find pleasure in saying that this delivers a great performance when it comes to dispersing impact and abrasion because of its highly versatile knuckle and finger guards constructed from versatile TPR material or thermal plastic rubber.

However, it seems to be a bit lacking in terms of dexterity, which makes it harder than usual to grab small tools.
What We Like
  • Heavy-duty and tough
  • Absorbs vibration and impact well
  • Takes pride in its touchscreen-compatible design
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Highly versatile
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly lacking in dexterity
Overall, I have to conclude that it offers the right mix of versatility, durability, and reasonable price tag, making it all worth it.

2. Handlandy Hi-vis Reflective Anti-vibration Gloves

I am also very overjoyed that I was able to include the Handlandy Hi-vis Reflective Anti Vibration Gloves in this list of the most reliable and trusted gloves with an ability to block or minimize the vibration and impact received by your hands during the course of fulfilling your job.

One of the many impressive facts about this glove is that it guarantees that it is a highly visible protective equipment. It is because of the orange and yellow colors used in the knuckle and fingertips, promoting high and incredible visibility once it gets illuminated. I am also very satisfied with the mesh-based Spandex back used in this pair.

This is a breathable and flexible part, which also aids in significantly enhancing the dexterity of the glove. The fact that it has an ergonomic design plus it has incredible breathability is also a big help as it lessens the load when doing your job. It makes your job more tolerable and easier to accomplish.

In addition, it is built in a way that it assures you of complete comfort once you begin using it at work. The anti-vibration feature of this glove is also top-notch. It delivers this specific function well by ensuring that the palm is built using the ever sturdy and strong synthetic leather material.

This part also comes with a padded patch. With this design, I discovered that it truly works effectively in lessening shock and vibration. Some critical areas of the work glove are also well-reinforced, further showcasing its strength and durability.

I am also glad that it promotes a more secure and comfortable fit to your wrist, thanks to its adjustable elastic cuff. With that, you can easily remove the glove in between each task.

The problem is that this glove is vulnerable to ripping, especially if you use it for really long periods of time in an intense work environment.
What We Like
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Promotes a secure fit on your wrist
  • Lessens shock and vibration
  • Highly durable, thanks to its well-reinforced areas
  • Features an ergonomic and comfortable design
What We Don’t Like
  • Vulnerable to ripping with heavy use
This anti-vibration glove truly brings out its A-game considering its overall quality and the level of protection and performance that it can showcase to most users.

3. Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Anti-vibration Gloves

This next pair, which is the Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Anti-vibration Work Glove, also deserves every worker’s attention. One amazing thing about this pair that makes me think that it is worth checking out is that it guarantees maximum protection not only from vibration but also from shock hazards and impact.

I think that this became a possibility because not only is it constructed precisely, it also makes use of the rugged pigskin material and the patented and unique polymer technology. This combination results in a protective glove, which every worker will definitely be pleased to wear in any dangerous or harmful work environment.

I am also completely thrilled to say that this protective glove is lightweight. Since it is light, I am sure that no matter how tough your job is, you will still be able to handle it with ease even with the gloves on because it will not cause some limitations in your movement.

This glove also makes use of the one-of-a-kind chloroprene rubber palm pad. Combine that with the highly breathable and lightweight nylon/cotton knit and you will surely find utmost pleasure in wearing a genuinely comfortable pair of anti-vibration, cut-resistant gloves.

Furthermore, it has a pre-curved design, which does not only promote comfort but also great flexibility and dexterity. The elastic cuff integrated into this glove also guarantees a more secure fit.

However, the padding is slightly bulkier than what some users anticipated.
What We Like
  • Offers protection from shock hazards and impact
  • Great flexibility and dexterity, thanks to its convenient, pre-curved design
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Does not hamper or negatively affect your movements
  • Secure fit with the help of its elastic cuff
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly bulkier padding than the others
With the continuously high user satisfaction rating of this pair of protective glove, I can safely conclude that it is one of those product’s to beat as far as quality and ability to deal with the harsh effects of vibration to the hands are concerned.

4. Cestus TREMBLEX-5 BK-2021 L Anti-Vibration Gloves

As one of the top choices in this review, this pair boasts innovative features that workers and athletes can benefit from. To be clear, these are touted as waterproof anti-vibration gloves but their neoprene fabric can withstand the damages that come from exposure to the weather, sun, frequent washing, and repeated use.

When I finally got the chance to take a closer look at these gloves, I must admit that I was impressed by the craftsmanship. The velcro closure latches securely in place. So far, it does not touch and rub my skin even when I move quite a lot. Moreover, the interiors feel breathable, which lessens my sweating.

Both the knuckle and palms are padded yet they still allow my hands to firmly grip objects and tools. I don’t struggle with closing my fist. According to the manufacturer, the padding is made of hexagonal memory gel, which absorbs shock and vibration.

Apart from protection against the vibration coming from the power tools, many gym-goers take advantage of the features and use them to lift weights. Plus, the fingerless format lets me use a touchscreen device. But like many workers who tried this, I also find the slots for the fingers narrow. To improve the fitting, I had to put my sewing skills to the test and readjust each finger.
What We Like
  • Resilient design and material
  • Has comfortable yet protective padding
  • Promotes fine motor movement
  • Useful for power tools and weight lifting
  • Lets you use your phone
What We Don’t Like
  • The finger openings feel tight
If I were you, I would not think twice about getting these anti-vibration fingerless gloves. Aside from enhanced dexterity, they provide comfy padding that can dampen the vibration.

5. Superior S10VIB Vibrastop Nylon Anti-vibration Work Gloves

If you are looking for the best anti-vibration gloves for jackhammer and any other tools that generate or produce vibration then the Superior S10VIB Vibrastop is a dependable solution for you. It became famous mainly because it has an ergonomic style capable of offering comfort and flexibility to its users.

I fully appreciate that this is a full-finger glove with the right amount of padding based on one layer of polymer, which can dampen vibration. I am also very glad that it has the ability to fulfill what it promises as far as offering protection is concerned.

In fact, it can protect your hands from the impact and pressure brought on by the use of pneumatic vibrating tools. I am also sure that you will gain full protection from the repeated trauma experienced by your hands due to excessive vibration. I am also fond of this glove’s lightweight backing.

It is because it makes it ideal for use in industries with extremely high temperatures and hot climates. The security it offers is also complete. In fact, you will feel secure from your heel up to your fingertip with the way the glove’s palm is designed. It is also constructed to be breathable.

I also find pleasure in saying that this is one of those anti-vibration gloves with wrist support. It is because it has elasticized and knitted wrists, promoting a snug and supportive fit.

This glove also works incredibly well in saving the nerves in your arms and hands from possible injuries when you are working with low debris jobs.

However, some complained about the padding being too thick for their preference, causing them to exert more effort than usual when holding tools.
What We Like
  • Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable
  • Boasts of its ergonomic design
  • Breathable
  • Offers complete protection, especially from vibration
  • Snug and supportive fit
What We Don’t Like
  • Thicker padding than what others preferred
Even with that complaint, I can still vouch for the incredible performance of this work glove, especially in terms of handling vibrating tools.

6. Handlandy Anti-vibration Work Gloves

The next product, which is the Handlandy Anti-vibration Work Glove, is also a winner because of its overall performance and quality. I like its synthetic palm a lot, which also features an inner padded patch based on 5-mm SBR on each palm and finger.

This feature alone speaks of the quality of the glove and its ability to lessen the vibration experienced by your hands from certain tools and machines. With that ability, the glove is definitely an incredible choice if your job requires you to use power tools, run a chainsaw or mow a loan.

It can also benefit a great number of potential users, including but not limited to big box handlers, tire installers, metal workers, and loggers, among many others. I am also in favor of its flexible and soft fit that does not compromise its ability to provide tough and complete protection from huge impact, force, and vibration.

It has a breathable knitting mesh back, which makes the lives of workers more comfortable and convenient. Another positive trait that I am so glad to be present in this glove is the secure and adjustable wrist strap and closure. I think this feature is a big advantage because it promotes a safe and secure fit, especially in the wrist.

With that, you can put on and remove your glove with ease as you finish each task. I also fell in love with the reinforced saddle used in this glove. It is because of the additional protection it provides to your forefinger and thumb.

Furthermore, it has the right amount of padding to your usual wear point. As for the drawback, I can’t seem to find anything else to complain about except the fact that it is a bit bulky.
What We Like
  • Can truly lessen vibration and impact
  • Offers the right amount of padding
  • Additional protection provided to your forefinger and thumb
  • Safe and secure fit guaranteed at the wrist
  • Flexible, breathable, and soft
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit bulky
The overall performance and benefits promised by this glove outweigh the minor flaw, though, so it is safe to categorize it as a wise investment.

7. IRONCLAD Impact Protection Gloves

Another wise investment in the hand protective gear category is the IRONCLAD Impact Protection Glove. I find this glove so favorable because of the numerous rewarding benefits that it can share to its users. One thing I enjoy about this protective glove is its effectiveness in making your hands feel fully protected.

I always feel at ease when wearing it, especially because it has an incredible impact and vibration protection. It can secure your hands when you are in a dangerous workplace without causing any restriction to your movements and dexterity. I am also happy to say that it has anti-vibration or vibration-reducing pads with strategic placement.

The pads at the palm are actually manufactured using open cell memory foam, which is a material designed to absorb vibration and impact each time you use power and hand tools. I also feel one hundred percent satisfied because of its secure and customized fit.

I think that its hook and loop closure made this fit a reality because it is adjustable, allowing you to make adjustments to it based on what gives you comfort. I also discovered how easy and quick it is to put the glove in the right position. It is mainly due to the built-in TPR (thermoplastic rubber) cuff puller.

Another reason to love this glove is that it allows you to manage your sweat effectively. It is because of its terry cloth, which you can use to wipe your sweat conveniently. Moreover, it maximizes durability with the aid of its reinforced fingertips.

However, one flaw I discovered is that its alphabetical sizes are bigger than some famous protective work glove brands.
What We Like
  • Full protection coverage to your hands
  • Secure and customized fit, thanks to its adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Promotes effective sweat management
  • Features reinforced fingertips for durability
  • Does not restrict your movements and dexterity
What We Don’t Like
  • Bigger alphabetical sizing compared to other brands
Once you pick the right size, though, you will be greeted with a lot of rewarding features and benefits, especially in terms of protecting your hands, fingers, and wrists.

8. Superior Glove Vibration-Dampening Gloves

Another protective glove designed to dampen and protect your hands from impact and vibration is the Superior Glove VIBGHFV/M Vibrastop Half-Finger Protective Glove. I discovered that it is one great option as far as hand protection is concerned because of the many protective and secure features that it has.

It protects not only your palm but also the base of your thumb and fingers from vibration. I am also impressed with the goatskin leather material used in the glove’s palm because of its softness and pliability. These combined traits ensure that you will not feel uncomfortable when you are at work while wearing this half-finger glove.

The leather material, despite being soft, is also guaranteed to be truly strong and durable. In fact, it is meant to last for quite a long time. The gloves are also well-padded using one layer of 60-g polymer material designed to dampen vibration. It performs well in protecting you from vibrations and impact caused by pneumatic tools.

I am also pleased with the stretchable nylon-based backs built into this glove. It is because it is not only comfortable but also cool, thereby ensuring that your hands will not sweat while inside the glove.

What is even better about this anti-vibration glove is that it is one of the most reasonably priced yet high-quality choices out there.

However, some users find its padding slightly thick for their preference.
What We Like
  • Soft and pliable yet durable leather used
  • Can dampen vibration and impact
  • Comfortable and cool
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers full hand protection coverage
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit thick padding for some users’ preference
Despite that, it is undeniably a great choice because it is low-priced while still boasting of its high-quality features and incredible benefits.

DeWalt DPG250 Vibration-reducing Gloves (Outdated)

I am also very pleased to introduce the DeWalt DPG250 Vibration-reducing Padded Glove as it could be the answer to the hand protection requirements of most workers. In my opinion, one thing that makes this padded glove stand out is the premium ToughTanned leather material used in its palm.

I find this material beneficial as it is not only sturdy and durable but also promotes an incredible grip. I am also fascinated with the overall construction of this protective glove because it is oil and water-resistant. With this benefit, I noticed how compatible this glove is with various work environments.

Another fascinating benefit of the glove is the memory foam padding used in the palm. I am greatly satisfied with this padding because I instantly recognized how effective it is in lessening stressful vibrations while boosting your control when handling power tools at work.

The strength of the glove is also one of those you will instantly recognize. It is so strong and durable considering the fact that it has well-reinforced finger guards and saddle overlay. Another excellent benefit of this protective glove is its secure and snug fit brought on by its TPR closure.

Another plus point of investing in this glove is that it provides additional protection in terms of preventing debris from coming inside. It is due to the stretch nylon gusset used in it.

However, one noticeable flaw is that it is pricier compared to other gloves with almost the same features and benefits.
What We Like
  • Strong and durable with its reinforcements
  • Promotes a secure and snug fit
  • Offers additional protection from debris
  • Well-padded, making you feel secure from vibrations, shocks, and impact
  • Oil and water-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Pricey
This anti-vibration glove is worth its high price, though, considering the many positive and rewarding strengths and benefits it can provide to any worker who gets the chance to use it.

Carhartt Ergo Pro Palm Gloves (Outdated)

The last anti-vibration glove I would like to introduce is the Ergo Pro Palm Glove from Carhartt. What I find so fascinating about this glove is that it is built while prioritizing the needs of workers who are after receiving the ultimate protection for their hands.

It will never put your hands in danger, no matter how tough your workday or work environment is. It has a modern and improved fit, which guarantees maximum protection to your hands through its high level of durability. I like the dexterity of the glove, too.

One more thing that impresses me is that it helps prevent hand fatigue and blisters. It is lightweight and flexible, which promotes further ease and convenience when it comes to using it. With its nitrile grip, I am glad to say that it is compatible with general-purpose jobs, as well as those work environments that expose you to vibrating tools.

I like the nitrile palms of this glove, too, because aside from the good grip when used either on dry or wet surfaces, it also promotes superior dexterity and breathability. I find this Carhartt anti-vibration glove effective when used on surfaces coated with oil, as well.

The fact that this glove is properly insulated also means that you can stay in your work environment for a longer time. It makes use of high-quality insulation, which works in trapping your body heat while still letting moisture escape.

One flaw, though, is that it is tougher to use a cellphone or any touchscreen devices when you are wearing it.
What We Like
  • Prioritizes the safety of users
  • Modern and improved fit
  • Good durability and dexterity
  • Can prevent hand fatigue and blisters
  • Lightweight and flexible
What We Don’t Like
  • Not meant for use on any touchscreen devices
Still, no one can deny that this protective glove is one of the most reliable and dependable protective gears from Carhartt yet, so it is definitely wise to check it out and invest in it.

Kolumb Durable Padded Anti-vibrantion Gloves (Outdated)

Another anti-vibration glove that should form a great part of this list is this durable and padded protective glove from Kolumb. One great quality of this glove is that it is genuinely safe and protective. In fact, it makes use of the leading and most trusted anti-vibration system in the industry.

With its EVA cushion, I find this protective glove comfortable while still offering incredible protection and security from shocks. I am so fond of its sturdy double construction based on strong synthetic leather material. This material offers a strong advantage as it also promotes a firm and strong grip.

You will also feel protected from pinches and scrapes through it. I greatly appreciate how this protective anti-vibration grip glove keeps my fingers and hands completely protected all the time. I also noticed the ease associated with putting the work gloves on. I think the prime reason behind this is its high-stretch spandex material.

It also has a special design, which gives some sort of guarantee that it suits the movements of your hands when you are at work. I am pretty sure you will love the touch screen tip built into the ring finger of the glove. It is because it promotes ease of access to your devices, like those with touchscreen capabilities, including tablets and smartphones.

It is also designed to be completely breathable without restricting your movements and the strength of your grip. With the shock-resistant vibration patches integrated into the glove, your wrists and hands will also be secured from vibration impact.

However, the fingertips area do not have the reinforcement that other gloves take pride in.
What We Like
  • Safe and protective with its shock-resistant vibration patches
  • Completely breathable
  • Do not restrict your movement
  • Easy to put on
  • Allows you to use your touchscreen devices
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks reinforcement in the fingertips area
Still, you can rest assured that this flaw will not negatively affect its overall performance and sturdiness, though.

What is a Pair of Anti Vibration Gloves


Based on its name, a pair of anti-vibration glove is designed in a way that it can maximize the level of protection provided to your hands while serving multiple functions. It primarily protects your hands from vibrations, especially if you are using heavy tools and machinery.

They are special kinds of personal protective equipment or glove that lessen the negative effects of dangerous vibration transmitted by a machine or equipment into a worker’s pair of hands. In most cases, the gloves are constructed with the help of extra layers of vibration-damper polymer materials in the areas of the glove where your palms and fingers are at.

What is good about the glove is that it can absorb limited frequencies of the transmitted vibration, which is the reason behind certain issues and injuries, like the white finger syndrome. Note that angle grinders, chainsaws, and power drills are tools and equipment that cause your hands to absorb vibrations and shock during each use.

Not having the right amount of protection from this safety hazard might cause your hands to get exposed to that force for a prolonged period, leading to HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) or otherwise referred to as the vibration white finger. This condition can lessen hand sensitivity.

When this happens, expect your hands to be greatly affected, making them incapable of performing certain tasks, especially those needing control and precision. Fortunately, it is now possible to prevent the problem by investing in good anti-vibration and shock-absorbing gloves.

What is even better about these gloves is that you can also use them to do other activities, like riding a motorcycle or any other outdoor sports.

How Does It Work

Anti-vibration gloves tend to work by protecting the nerves found in your arms and hands from the possible damage triggered by the vibration or chatter, which is natural among specific power tools. It is, therefore, a good investment for you in case your job requires you to use tools, like chainsaws, sanders, impact wrenches, and jackhammers.

Note that the vibrating tool, which also tends to act on solid surfaces, like concrete or wood, there is a possibility for the chatter or vibration coming from it to be telegraphed to the softest tissue surrounding it, which is actually your hands. Through the gloves designed to resist vibration, there is a greater chance for you to protect yourself from harm.

It is a truly solid investment for workers who are part of the construction, forestry, manufacturing, automotive, and other similar industries. It also functions well in case your personal time requires you to handle a tool, which chatters or vibrates.

You can also expect these gloves to work by saving you from the signs of possible damage in the future, such as loss of dexterity and sensation and chronic pain. The gloves aim to reduce significantly the transmitted vibration to your hands while you are dealing with vibrating devices or any other similar tools.

In most cases, the vibration-resistant gloves feature a padded material, which works in minimizing or lessening the fatigue you might experience from your work. Some of them are also designed to suit only specific tasks. You can also find those that protect you from cut and cold risks apart from the damages caused by vibration.

What is even better about these anti-vibration gloves is that they are not only designed in a way that they can protect your hands from the vibration brought on by heavy tools. You can also expect them to offer assistance when you are doing certain sports activities outdoors.

With that in mind, it is definitely a big help in keeping you safe and secure from the tingling effects that might be experienced by your fingers and hands. Note that it is known as the first symptom of the HAVS so be extra cautious and ensure that you look for a glove with adequate protection coverage.

Types of Anti Vibration Gloves


One of the things that make anti-vibration gloves distinctive and unique from other work gloves is that they are mainly engineered and made in a way that they offer arm and hand protection against various health hazards, specifically the very common hand and arm vibration syndrome.

Also called as the white finger syndrome, it usually affects workers who usually operate power machines and tools using high vibration frequency and extreme impact. Your greatest choices include the following:

Coated Fabric Glove – This type refers to a general-purpose pair of a glove capable of providing a high level of cut and puncture-resistance. It also offers increased protection not only from vibration but also from the alkalinity often present in concrete items, like bricks. It also has a better chemical resistance than a standard or typical fabric glove.

The coatings used in this material actually differ. Some choices for the coating material are latex, PVC, polyurethane, and nitrile. The specific coating suitable for your assigned task needs to be figured out through the proper assessment of risk based on the preferred application.

This is actually a common material and style for anti-vibration gloves but take note that some of these coatings also have lower flexibility when used in cold work temperatures. Also, expect them to have less insulating properties, which is the reason why heat tends to escape from your hands.

Leather Glove – One reason behind the extreme popularity of leather when used as a work glove is that it is multipurpose. This means that it has a wide variety of uses plus it has several useful traits. What is remarkable about the leather material is that it is tough and strong.

It does not only resist vibration but also provides a great grip and protects you from sparks and abrasive or sharp surfaces. You can expect this kind of protection to continue even if you expose the protective glove to moderate heat, like when you are working as a welder or when you are exposed to friction that comes from a rope that passes through your protective gear’s palms.

Aside from that, leather is also known for providing the highest level of durability and functionality. It also fits well plus it can reduce its risk of shriveling or hardening when you expose it to excessive heat. It also works in drying your hands if you do not pair your gloves with a liner, which is supposed to act as a barrier in between the leather material and your skin.

You can often find this glove material in the welding industry. In most cases, it also comes with various built-in liners, like the winter or Kevlar lining, making it a well-rounded option in protecting your hands.

Synthetic, rubber or plastic glove – Often seen in healthcare settings and laboratories, protective gloves made of the mentioned materials might also boast of their anti-vibration quality. Aside from ensuring that you are safe from vibrations, these gloves can also protect you from other harsh elements, like oils, biohazards, grease, solvents, and chemicals.

One more positive quality about this work glove is that it is form-fitting. This specific quality makes it possible for this item to give you more dexterity so you can do fine work and manipulate small items.

Kevlar glove – You can also expect a Kevlar glove to have a significant impact when it comes to industrial hand protection. This specific material is known for improving the lightweight nature and durability of your chosen pair of gloves. What is even better about this material is that it can effectively resist abrasions and cuts.

Gloves constructed out of Kevlar are appropriate for various industrial applications. It is also possible for this material to work well as a lining supporting a wide range of work glove styles and designs.

Why Do You Need to Wear Anti Vibration Gloves

A pair of anti-vibration gloves is definitely an absolute must for those who wish to keep themselves fully protected while also gaining in control when they are constantly working and dealing with high-vibration tools and machines that might trigger injuries after prolonged use.

Note that the constant utilization of those tools and machines that subject your arms and hands to vibration can trigger permanent damage. This is the main reason why you have to consider buying a pair, which promotes a hundred percent assurance that your hands will remain safe and healthy without hampering your performance and productivity.

By wearing this type of glove, you are assured that your hands will remain safe from vibrations from machines that might result in damages in your bones, blood vessels, tendons, nerves, and muscles.

Note that if you do not protect your hands from the mentioned vibration, it can lead to serious issues and injuries, like hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and carpal tunnel syndrome. HAVS is actually an injury categorized into three, namely:

Vascular injury – Those who have these injuries might experience constricted small blood vessels within their fingers and hands. When this happens, the fingers might get numb or turn into white. This is the main reason why the condition is also called vibration-induced white finger.

Neurological injury – This form of injury may have been indicated by its beginning symptoms that include tingling and numbness of your fingers. If left unmanaged for a long time, this might cause irreversible damages or worst, disability.

Musculoskeletal injury – Appearing in various forms, some of the most common types of musculoskeletal injury are tendonitis, arthritis, and muscle fiber changes.

Aside from the different injuries and categories caused by HAVS, you may also encounter carpal tunnel syndrome, which refers to a neurological condition leading to signs, like weakness or pain in your hands and fingers and numbness.

You can prevent all these issues, especially if these are induced by vibration, by ensuring that you constantly wear a PPE for your hands in the form of anti-vibration gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome and HAVS.

Buying Guide


Do you want to make sure that you are buying the right gloves so you will not regret spending money over your choice later? Then you might want to determine the most appropriate pair for your specific needs based on these crucial pointers, features, and factors:

Material – The material used in creating the glove is probably one of the key factors that you should pay close attention to if you want to invest in a reliable protective gear designed to fight the effects of vibration in the workplace to your hands. It is mainly because the material has a say on whether or not it will work in supplying you with the kind of protection you are hoping for.

For instance, if you need to do your job in an environment where you are constantly exposed to safety hazards that are beyond the scope of HAVS, like punctures and impacts then it might help to choose a glove made of a sturdy woven fabric. This fabric should be capable of resisting abrasions and cuts.

If you work outdoors often when the climate is cold then you can greatly benefit from a pair, which uses a thermal lining. It is because of the additional warmth that this material and feature offer.

If your job requires you to have more precise control as well as easy tool maneuverability then you might prefer a glove with a form-fitting and seamless design. You really have to spend time checking the material and design of different gloves so you can identify which one performs well when used based on your unique case and requirements.

Comfort – Another factor to prioritize is the comfort it can supply. Find out how comfortable it is to wear a specific anti-vibration glove before buying it. Avoid bulky and stiff ones as this might only cause discomfort, encouraging you to take it off even if you are still working and increasing your risk of getting injured.

Find a truly comfortable pair so you will never think twice about wearing it. One way to determine whether the glove is comfortable enough is to check the flexibility at the back of its hand. Note that those with a huge and solid block of rubber in that specific area might cause discomfort so be extra careful.

Also, remember that the protection offered at the back of your hand should also offer plenty of flex points. Having these features can enhance the ability of the glove to offer comfort, thereby increasing your likelihood of actually wearing it. The fit should also be checked as this plays a role in how comfortable it is to wear the glove.

The material should be soft, too. It should not hinder you from doing your work. Furthermore, it should have additional warmth as a means of retaining your hand’s high energy level when you are working. Furthermore, it should be user-friendly enough plus it should assist you each time you need to grip tools.

Durability and strength – Shopping for a great pair of protective work gloves with an anti-vibration feature should also involve spending time examining the overall durability and strength of your options. Check the quality of the materials that the manufacturers used. Examine the overall construction of the glove, too.

Note that durability is extremely important, especially if your job requires you to handle heavy pneumatic vibration tools. Keep in mind that gloves that are lacking in terms of durability will be unable of withstanding all the pressures in the workplace. This can also result in several health issues in the long run.

Breathability – The breathability of the glove should also be one of the most vital things that you should spend time checking. Keep in mind that since you will be using the pair to cover your hands, this means that your hands will also be unexposed to oxygen and air.

That said, you need a really breathable pair. If possible, go for one, which uses a breathable mesh-like material as this promotes proper airflow. It should also be breathable enough that it does not cause your hands to sweat excessively while inside the glove.

Ability to handle different weather conditions – Another great quality of a good anti-vibration glove is its weather-resistance. You need it to be weather-resistant as this ensures that both your arms and hands will be safe from impact and vibration regardless of the weather (whether it is extremely cold or warm).

Aside from being resistant to a couple of weathers, it also needs to be waterproof. If that is the case then the glove is constructed using various kinds of water-resistant materials. By choosing a waterproof anti-vibration glove, it is easy to prevent water from getting inside your gloves and penetrating your hands.

In addition, there are waterproof gloves that also have a sweat-absorbent ability. This means that they are capable of absorbing the sweat coming from your hands and ensuring that they stay dry.

Grip – Check the grip of the gloves, too. However, you should avoid judging the grip of a specific glove when it is still dry as this might have misleading results. One of the things to remember, in this case, is that the grip is fully dependent on its surrounding environment.

For instance, if you need to use it in an oily work environment then you should also test it in such kind of environment (an oily one). In such a case, a material known for its oil-absorption feature is beneficial. The material should prevent the oil from pooling on the surface.

For oily environments, what you should choose are gloves made of synthetic porous material. Another choice is that made of corded cotton. Both materials are popular for their excellent oil grip. You really have to spend time analyzing your work environment so you can also pick a glove with the right amount of grip.

Padding and design – The best design for anti-vibration gloves is actually that with a full-finger feature. This means that you need to stay away from fingerless gloves claiming to fall under anti-vibrating gloves.

Aside from that, your choice should also be constructed and designed in a way that it has a palm pad stretching starting from the base up to your fingertips. This is helpful in providing complete protection to the affected areas of your hands. Also, check how thick the padding is.

Keep in mind that you need a different thickness of padding if your job requires you to use a chainsaw on a regular basis than when you are tasked to use a lightweight power drill. If you have to use heavy-duty tools, like chainsaws then you may want to have firm padding with multiple layers.

This should be enough to cover all vulnerable parts of your hand, shielding you from high-frequency and intense vibrations. If you are using a drill then you will most likely need a more versatile fabric and thinner padding, giving you great dexterity and control when using smaller tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are anti-vibration gloves?

High-quality anti-vibration gloves are very effective when it comes to providing its wearer the most dependable hand protection possible. Note that chainsaws, angle grinders, and power drills are among those tools that might put your hands in danger by causing them to absorb vibrations and shocks when you are using them.

Having inadequate protection might subject your hands to the vibrations and shocks for a long time, triggering vibration white finger or HAVS. The major problem, if this happens, is that it can make your hands significantly less sensitive, which might negatively affect your performance and ability to do your task well.

This especially holds true for those tasks that need a lot of precision. This is something that you can avoid with the constant use of anti-vibration gloves considering how effective they are in protecting your hands. The gloves can even be expected to go a long way as far as preventing the harm and dangers associated with vibrations is concerned.

It works effectively as it creates an anti-impact surface or layer to protect your hand. What is even better about these gloves is that you will find them comfortable to wear. You can also expect them to be helpful in significantly enhancing your grip on power tools.

Who needs to wear anti-vibration gloves?

People who are at risk of dealing with HAVS or any other conditions and injuries caused by their constant exposure to vibration due to work or their regular activities need to invest in a good pair of anti-vibration gloves and wear these regularly. These include those who constantly need to use handheld tools as part of their job.

Among those who are at a higher risk of suffering from HAVS are those whose jobs involve the use of power tools often. These include those who are part of the mechanic, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry industries. Also, remember that just because a machine is not too loud nor too big, it can no longer cause HAVS.

Even compact tools, like grinders and power sanders, can also trigger the syndrome so it would be best to have some sort of protective through the protective glove each time you need to use them.

Other tools that might cause the syndrome and other vibration-related conditions are powder drills and pneumatic drills. Furthermore, tools that use electricity or gasoline can also harm you if they produce vibrations. The gloves can also benefit those who are part of the engineering, construction, auto repair, and quarrying industries.

What is the PPE for vibration?

Vibration-resistant gloves, or “anti-vibe gloves” as other people would call them, can help in preventing HAVS. If you speak to safety experts and Reddit users, however, they will likely tell you to be more specific with your needs.

It is important to note that vibration-absorbing gloves are made very differently. Heavy-duty leather anti-vibration gloves, for instance, are more suited for the high-frequency vibration that grinders, saws, and sanders emit. As such, they will not work well with chisels or pavement breakers because of the low frequency of vibration.

Meanwhile, hammer-proof gloves are more focused on protecting the thumb web against the impact that comes with hammering nails. You can’t use them as gloves for jackhammering.

In several studies, experts say that reducing the frequency of the vibration wherever possible will lessen the risk of getting HAVS or other vibration-related injuries significantly.

How much dexterity do I have wearing anti-vibration gloves?

The level of dexterity you can have will depend on the way the vibration-reducing gloves are constructed. Fingerless options can better support fine motor movements but they are most suited for using portable power tools.

On the other hand, larger pieces of equipment produce intense vibrations. In this case, you will need vibration-proof gloves with thicker padding. Normally, these gloves cover the finger area with padding as well. This, in turn, will affect your dexterity and force your hands to work harder to grip.

What makes a great anti-vibration glove?

There are actually several things that make up a great anti-vibration glove. However, one of the most important is an incredible padded vibration-dampening polymer layer. It should also be constructed out of a sturdy yet comfortable material designed to provide significant vibration reduction and good flexibility.


When it comes to looking for the best anti-vibration gloves, it is of utmost importance to check all corners and possible sources so you can find the most appropriate one for your unique needs. Check the positive and negative traits of your options so you can determine which one can truly benefit you and give you the highest level of protection possible.

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