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The Best Hard Hat Lights for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

The best hard hat light is important for many workers because it serves as a good source of hands-free light that they can use when doing their job. The light is even useful for those who work in mines and for those who hike and perform other outdoor activities regularly.

What is good about having a hard hat with a light built in is that it makes it possible for you to produce good work output. You just need to make sure that the LED hard hat lights you have chosen to use are high in quality and can illuminate the right amount of light at the perfect duration.

best hard hat light

This allows it to have a direct impact on your work efficiency as well as your other outdoor activities. It is also advisable to go for LED lights for hard hats that have an impact-resistant frame since this can significantly enhance the item’s durability.

It is also important for the light to have an adjustable head cap so you can adjust it based on your comfort level. You will also know right away that you are getting the top-rated headlamp for a hard hat if it is lightweight enough that you will not experience any problem using it for long working hours.

If possible, it should also give you the freedom to tilt the headlamp or hard hat light to various angles, thereby boosting its efficiency. To ensure that you are getting the most dependable hard hat lamp or light, then it is advisable to spend time thoroughly checking its features.

The following short reviews of popular and reliable options for the top-tier headlight for a hard hat can also steer you in the right direction during the selection process.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

SLONIK ‎Rechargeable Headlamp

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

 DEWALT Touch Headlamp


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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Milwaukee 2111-21 Headlamp

Milwaukee 2111 21 475 Lumen Rechargeable Hard Hat LED Headlamp

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List of Top 11 Hard Hat Light Reviews of 2023

1. SLONIK ‎Rechargeable Headlamp

Designed to thrive in harsh conditions, SLONIK’s headlamp is made of aero-grade aluminum and impact-resistant tempered glass. Not to mention, it is also built with waterproof construction.

This is a multi-purpose lamp usable for industrial work, house chores, and night hiking. Plus, I can hold the flashlight by hand or mount it on a hard hat thanks to its hooks.

Furthermore, this hard hat mounted light features a 1000-lumen CREE LED. It can cast a bright long-range beam in the dark, which I find very helpful when working at night. Note that it can be set to six brightness levels and 3 strobe modes, including SOS mode, to call for help during emergencies easily.

Even better, the lamp can be tilted so I can aim the light toward a particular direction. As for the accessories, the set includes a headband, which is quite comfy. I never had a hard time adjusting it, and it locks securely.

On top of that, it also includes rechargeable batteries, a charging cable, and a small pouch.

That said, right out of the box, it has a strong chemical odor. Luckily it fades after three days or so.

On top of that, it also includes rechargeable batteries, a charging cable, and a small pouch.

That said, right out of the box, it has a strong chemical odor. Luckily it fades after three days or so.

What We Like
  • Designed to thrive in harsh conditions
  • Apt for industrial work, house chores, and night hiking
  • Can hold the flashlight by the hand or mount it on a hard hat
  • Features a 1000-lumen CREE LED
  • Casts a bright long-range beam in the dark
  • Has six levels of brightness and 3 strobe modes
What We Don’t Like
  • Has a strong chemical odor at first

What I love about this headlamp is that it is super versatile! Besides holding it like a flashlight, I can also use it as a full-brim hard hat light in various settings.

2. DEWALT DWHT70440 Touch Headlamp


You can also pick the DEWALT DWHT70440 Touch Headlamp if you are in search of a high-quality construction helmet light or a headlamp for job site hard hats. I think it is also a good choice if you are in search of the brightest hard hat light because operating at 104 lumens, it is possible for this headlamp to deliver enough brightness for the majority of tasks and applications.

It supports your desire to work on various projects with a light that you can use hands-free. Another desirable feature in this DEWALT headlamp is its high/low setting. With this setting, you can easily and effortlessly switch from high to a low setting or vice versa by just simply turning a knob.

I discovered that this headlamp is constructed durably, too. In fact, it boasts of its 2-meter drop test rating, which just proves how resilient and tough it is. I am glad of this lamp’s anti-slip strap, too, as it contributes a lot in fastening it securely into hard hats. The interiors of the head strap even feature a silicone film for comfort and toughness.

Another praiseworthy feature is the shatter-resistant lens as this proves how sturdy the lamp is. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry excessively in case you plan to use it in areas that expose it to excessive moisture.

It also takes pride in its pivoting head, which makes it possible for you to direct the light right at the specific spot where you need it. However, one downside with this headlamp is that it causes a bit of discomfort once worn for extremely long hours.
What We Like
  • Shatter-resistant and water-resistant lens, proving its toughness
  • Comes with a pivoting head
  • Features an anti-slip strap, which you can use to fasten the lamp securely to your hard hat
  • Provides adequate brightness for most tasks and applications
  • Boasts of its high/low setting
What We Don’t Like
  • Uncomfortable when used for long hours
Still, the overall quality of this hard hat headlamp is on point plus it is available at a reasonable price while providing the kind of brightness that most prospective users prefer.

3. Milwaukee 2111-21 Rechargeable Hard Hat LED Headlamp

Milwaukee 2111 21 475 Lumen Rechargeable Hard Hat LED Headlamp

The first of the many LED headlamps for hard hats that I would like to suggest using is the 2111-21 475-Lumen Rechargeable Hard Hat LED Headlamp from Milwaukee. There are several qualities and features that make this hard hat headlamp special and functional.

For one, it is capable of supplying high and powerful output and features a safe and secure attachment. I think it is because it runs at 475 lumens, allowing it to deliver high output and the ability to operate for the entire day. It is also one of those rechargeable hard hat lights that are easy to use.

In fact, you can charge it by simply using a USB cable. Another incredible benefit I discovered in this rechargeable headlamp for a hard hat is that it is completely waterproof. This makes it appropriate to use whether you are diving or when you need to work in a dark place while raining.

I am also happy to announce that it offers various lighting modes, giving users the freedom to pick one that is appropriate for a specific task and environment. I am also impressed with how rugged and tough the body is constructed.

It is because it has a drop-resistant and dust-resistant body and lens that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Another pleasurable advantage of this hard hat headlamp is that it is mainly designed in a way that it is appropriate for hard hats.

It also guarantees a secure and easy attachment with the aid of its slip-resistant clips and strap. One disadvantage is that the battery life of this headlamp does not seem to last that long, especially when set on the highest beam.
What We Like
  • Provides various lighting modes, letting you pick a suitable setting for a task
  • Rough and tough body, thanks to its drop-resistant, dust-resistant, and water-resistant nature
  • Made appropriately for hard hats
  • Promotes secure and easy attachment through its anti-slip clips and strap
  • High output and brightness guaranteed
What We Don’t Like
  • Not that long battery life
Overall, this headlamp will satisfy most prospective users because it is bright and powerful, has a snug fit on hard hats, and contains plenty of nice features that make it even safer and more functional to use.

4. Streamlight 61702 Bandit Low-Profile Rechargeable Headlamp


You can also go for any of the Streamlight helmet light models presently accessible in the market – one of which is the 61702 Bandit Low-Profile Rechargeable Headlamp that continues to earn a positive feedback from those who were able to use it. This rechargeable headlamp has many striking features and capabilities.

For one, I like its suitability for up-close tasks that require the use of hands-free lamp or light. I am so happy with it because it boasts of a low-profile design while also being lightweight. Using it is also easy and convenient as it is built to be rechargeable with its USB slot.

With its ability to offer widespread light at 180 lumens, I am sure that your desired level of brightness can be satisfied with this rechargeable headlamp. I am also delighted to announce that the light it produces is not only bright but also diffused. It has minimal shadows, so you can rest assured that nothing will interfere with your tasks.

The body of this lamp is weather-resistant, which confirms its reliability and effectiveness as far as preventing harsh weather from damaging it is concerned. The rechargeable battery is constructed out of lithium polymer, which is tough and long-lasting enough.

I am also glad of the inclusion of a rubber plug as it prevents debris and dirt from getting into the USB charging port. I noticed that it is also one of those handy clip-on hard hat lights as it features a snap-in clip adapter that guarantees ease in connecting it to your hat.

However, I am one of those who are unsatisfied of the battery life of this lamp because I noticed that it is shorter than the others.
What We Like
  • Promotes hands-free use, promoting utmost convenience
  • Weather-resistant and tough body and construction
  • Features a rubber plug that prevents debris and dirt
  • Easy to connect to your hat
  • Boasts of a low-profile and lightweight design
What We Don’t Like
  • Not that long battery life
Despite such notable flaw, I am still contented with this headlamp because it is not only lightweight and low-profile but also easy to use and provide adequate brightness in most work environments.

5. Streamlight 61601 USB Double Clutch Rechargeable Headlamp


Another nice product from Streamlight is the 61601 USB Double Clutch Rechargeable Headlamp. One of the things that go my attention is its overall design, which showcases its hands-free versatility while you are doing your job in whatever environment. It is a great-performing rechargeable headlamp, which is lightweight and compact.

The lightness and compactness of this headlamp are among the major reasons why it is easy to use. One thing I find remarkable in this rechargeable headlamp from Streamlight is that it has multiple settings, including the spot or flood beam settings and the low-lighting or high-lighting modes.

I am also satisfied with the low-profile design delivered by this headlamp because I noticed that this structure does not only minimize the weight of the headlamp but also maximize its operating or running time. Another positive benefit that this Streamlight headlamp provides is its well-optimized center of gravity.

This specific feature plays a huge role in maximizing the comfort level of the wearer while stabilizing the light when used. I am also very pleased that this hard hat light is built in such a way that it can withstand shock and impact. It also takes pride in its C4 LED technology, which contributes to making the light’s lifetime reach up to 50,000 hours.

I am also one hundred percent gratified with the locking mechanism found in the light’s battery compartment as it allows you to open it up with ease for battery recharging or replacement. With the 60-degree tilting head integrated into this product, you get the chance to use it without worrying about neck fatigue.

One issue I noticed in this headlamp, though, is that charging it takes more time than usual.
What We Like
  • Comfortable and prevents neck fatigue when used, thanks to its 60-degree tilting head
  • Can withstand shock and impact
  • Boasts of its 50,000-hour lifetime
  • Easy to recharge and replace, thanks to its locking mechanism
  • Takes pride in its low-profile and lightweight design
What We Don’t Like
  • Charging it seems to require a lot of time
Overall, this is a good and functional headlamp, which delivers what it promises, especially in terms of brightness and comfort.

6. Thorfire Cap Hat 5-LED Headlamp


Another sound and wise recommendation is the Thorfire Cap Hat 5-LED Headlamp, which has most of the features that you are most likely looking for from this item. There are several things about this headlamp that grabbed my attention – one of which is its lightweight nature.

In fact, its weight does not exceed an ounce, which ensures that you can carry it with the least amount of effort. Another incredible advantage of this headlamp is that it is not hard nor burdensome to clip it into your hat.

This is also a multifunctional headlamp as it is useful for a wide range of applications, including hunting, camping, biking, and fishing. It is even possible to use it when doing some tasks at home. I also find the 90-degree rotatable head as a pleasing and beneficial feature as it lets you move and rotate the headlamp in a direction where illumination is needed.

It is also equipped with a power button, which just requires a single click to turn on or off, thereby guaranteeing ease of operation. This headlamp is also powerful and tends to operate with the aid of a couple of sturdy 2*CR2032 button batteries. With its 24-hour operating or working time, it is indeed possible to take full advantage of its operations.

I am also quite sure that you will enjoy superior brightness from this headlamp with its five bright 30-lumen LEDs. I think that this headlamp’s top mount design also provides a remarkable advantage as it lets you attach it to your hat’s edge to prevent it from hindering your vision.

I am not fond of the size of this headlamp, though, because I discovered that it is quite huge and bulky.
What We Like
  • Easy to operate since turning it on and off just involves one click on its power button
  • Can operate a maximum of 24 hours
  • Provides superior brightness, thanks to its 5 bright LEDs
  • Boasts of a top mount design that prevents vision obstruction
  • Useful for various applications, including but not limited to hiking and camping
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite huge and bulky
With all the features and advantages taken into account, this headlamp from Thorfire can surely provide you with superior brightness regardless of the application you intend to use it to.

7. Klein Tools 56034 Headlamp


I am also very thrilled to recommend the Klein Tools 56034 Headlamp because I noticed that it is full of amazing and incredible features that prove how comfortable and useful it is, especially if you are working in tough and rough environments. One of the most distinguishable and notable benefits of this headlamp is that it has a slim profile featuring a pivoting mount.

With this specific feature, the headlamp gives you the ability to enjoy at most 64-degree lighting angle. I am so happy that this headlamp also features an anti-slip silicone strap. I find this strap useful when trying to fasten the lamp tightly around your hat. What is good about the strap is that it secures the lamp, thereby preventing it from falling.

The durability of this Klein headlamp is also noticeable. It is built in a way that it can provide bright light the entire day by setting it at either low, wide-casting floodlight or the bright spot setting. Another advantage of this headlamp is that you can easily and effortlessly remove it for recharging.

All it takes is sliding it from the bracket found on the strap. This means that you no longer have to deal with the hassle of taking off the strap from the hat. Another advantage is that this headlamp is designed in such a way that it clearly indicates the amount of battery left, so you can charge it at the right time.

Another great advantage of this headlamp is that it has the advanced auto-sensing technology, which you can expect to turn the lamp off within just three minutes after setting the battery to deliver bright light. I can’t seem to find any major drawback in using this hard light except for its somewhat heavy structure.
What We Like
  • Boasts of a slip profile that is also equipped with a pivoting mount
  • Equipped with an advanced auto-sensing technology
  • Easy and effortless to remove for recharging
  • Features an anti-slip silicone strap for more secure fitting and attachment
  • Clearly indicates the battery life
What We Don’t Like
  • Slight heavy
Overall, this headlamp from Klein Tools can offer genuine satisfaction to the majority of its users because it is bright enough while also showcasing its ability to last even before you recharge it.

8. ILLUMAGEAR HAWF-01A Halo LED Hard Hat Light


Lastly, I find the ILLUMAGEAR HAWF-01A Halo LED Hard Hat Light commendable because of its incredible performance in providing the right amount of illumination. I like how versatile this hard hat light is designed, making it suitable for all kinds of work requiring a worker to wear a hard hat.

This means that the hard hat light is useful for plumbers, masons, engineers, and other workers. I think that this light continues to impress its users because of its comfortable and nice fit, especially on standard caps and hard hats. I am also delighted that this headlamp can offer narrow lighting that is devoid of shadows.

With this capability gives you the chance to view your work station and tools clearly. Another added benefit is that it lessens accidents since it provides a clear view of your environment. The 360-degree LED used in this product works as an effective task and safety light capable of attaching to all standard hats.

I am also pleased to announce its four lighting modes/settings, namely task, dim, halo, and hi-alert. It also has a strong and rugged construction, making it possible to survive even the roughest environments, especially in the construction industry. The runtime of its rechargeable battery also ranges from 5 to 34 hours based on your used setting.

This runtime is long enough for the majority of situations. I am also delighted that this light features a unique tension spring mounting system as this promotes ease in mounting it while ensuring that it is firmly and securely in place once you start working.

It also boasts of its IP67 rating, which proves its effectiveness in withstanding water and preventing dust, dirt, and mud from penetrating the light. However, I also find this hard hat light quite expensive.
What We Like
  • Allows users to choose from its four lighting modes or settings
  • Can withstand rough environments, especially construction settings
  • Long runtime, up to 34 hours depending on your chosen setting
  • Supplies narrow lighting devoid of shadows
  • Can be firmly and securely mounted with the aid of its tension spring mounting system
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive
It is worth paying for, though, as most of the things and features integrated into this hard hat light are designed to make you feel satisfied, especially if you intend to use it in areas where brightness and superior illumination are necessary.

9. QS USA Rechargeable Headlamp


Another amazing headlamp that is commendable because of its overall performance is the QS USA Rechargeable Headlamp. One nice and remarkable advantage of this headlamp is that it lets you choose from its four lighting settings or modes, giving you the freedom to pick the most suitable setting for your unique requirements.

You can set it to low, high, SOS, and strobe setting. I like the flexibility/versatility of this rechargeable headlamp. One sign that it is indeed versatile is that it lets you mount it not only on hard hats but also on bike helmets and the shoulder strap of backpacks. Your comfort was also prioritized by QS USA when creating this headlamp.

This is the primary reason why it has an adjustable headband, which you can set or adjust depending on what is comfortable for you. Adjusting it in such a way that it naturally conforms to your head is also possible, making the final fit all the more comfortable. This headlamp does not also seem to disappoint in terms of brightness.

It is mainly because of the high-lumen Cree LED light that makes up this product, allowing it to brighten a specific area no matter how dark it is. With its brightness, there is a great chance for this LED light to accompany your moves when it is completely dark. I am also very pleased with the micro-USB charging cable that forms part of it.

It also has a couple of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries capable of lasting for seven long hours. This headlamp also boasts of its waterproof and splash-proof battery cover, making it as durable as possible.

The rear indicator light is also a big advantage for those who intend to use the lamp for biking. One disadvantage, though, is that recharging it might consume several hours.
What We Like
  • Can illuminate a certain area well, thanks to its high-lumen Cree LED light
  • Runs for up to seven long hours
  • Equipped with a waterproof and splash-proof battery cover
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Multi-functional as you can use it for various gears, not only hard hats
What We Don’t Like
  • Recharging it takes several hours
With all the positive qualities and features of this headlamp combined, it is safe to assume that it works for anyone searching for a durable, bright, and multifunctional headlamp designed not only for hard hats but also for other purposes.

10. GearLight LED Headlamp


Another amazing light or headlamp that is compatible with your hard hat is the GearLight LED Headlamp. I super like this headlamp because it is both practical and powerful while suiting the needs of different workers who need a hands-free light for their daily tasks and activities.

Among those who can benefit from this headlamp are construction workers, electricians, campers, outdoor adventurers, DIY hobbyists, and home inspectors. I am also delighted that this headlamp is built to be small and portable, promoting ease in storing it or packing it in your backpack, survival kit, glove compartment, or tool bag.

I am also impressed with the SOS and flash functions that form part of this headlamp because they are extremely helpful in case you need to signal for help or do some roadside repairs. Another great advantage of this LED headlamp from GearLight is its water-resistant and tough body.

With such a rugged and sturdy construction, I am one hundred percent certain that you will not encounter problems using it in harsh conditions, whether you are doing your tasks outdoors or indoors. With such rugged construction, I am sure that it will not get damaged that easily in case there are natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, storms, and power outages.

This headlamp is also guaranteed to be bright, thanks to its ultra-wide beam that can efficiently illuminate an area. Furthermore, it has a stretch and soft headband, which you can adjust with ease based on what makes you feel comfortable. It also lets you choose from four useful settings.

However, one thing that I am not so fond of about this hard hat headlamp is its somewhat heavy construction.
What We Like
  • Rugged and sturdy built, allowing it to withstand even the most damaging conditions
  • Boasts of an ultra-wide beam that provides enough brightness
  • Guarantees utmost comfort with the aid of its adjustable stretch and soft headband
  • Suits the needs of different workers
  • Equipped with four useful settings
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly heavy
Still, this flaw does not hamper nor ruin the overall performance of this hard hat headlamp, which is one reason why it is still a top choice among those who need this type of light for their daily tasks.

11. Cobiz 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight


The Cobiz 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight is also a versatile source of light that works on a wide range of environments. It is versatile enough that it can meet the demands of different types of users, environments, and activities. Aside from being useful at work, this headlight can also help you survive your beloved outdoor activities, like hiking and camping.

It has a dependable and hands-free design, allowing it to illuminate a specific area while still ensuring that both your hands are free to do other important tasks. I am so pleased with its four settings/modes, providing you with infinite uses. This means that you can adjust its settings, especially its brightness based on your specific lighting needs.

This headlight also boasts of its 90-degree swivel ability, which, I think, is a huge advantage as it makes it possible for you to rotate it in such a way that it can shine or illuminate your preferred direction. This headlight also takes pride in its IPX4 water-resistant rating.

In fact, it is equipped with a waterproof switch, which makes the headlight safe to use even during the rainy season. The interiors of this item also boast of waterproof and leakage-resistant wiring, making it possible for the light to stay on even during those instances when you are using it under the rain.

I am also sure that users can enjoy a comfortable and convenient fit because of its built-in adjustable headband. It also gives you four levels of lighting, thereby ensuring that you can set it based on what is appropriate for your task and the present environment.

The built-in indicator light is also a convenient feature because it indicates whether the battery is undercharging or is already fully charged. However, this headlight is also somewhat on the heavy side, which is its only notable fault.
What We Like
  • Versatile, suiting different environments and possible users
  • Waterproof and leakage-resistant interior wirings
  • Features an adjustable headband for a comfortable and convenient fit
  • Boasts of a hands-free design, making it more convenient to use
  • Notable 90-degree swivel ability
What We Don’t Like
  • Somewhat heavy
To conclude, this headlight, despite its somewhat heavy weight, is a versatile product as it provides the level of brightness you prefer while also being versatile enough that you can use it in numerous scenarios requiring it.

What is a Hard Hat Light/Headlamp


As the name suggests, a hard hat light is a bright light that you affix onto your hard hat using a set of strong straps that are usually made of vinyl or other tough synthetic material. When you have a headlamp, you can work even in places where the lighting conditions are not ideal, like when working in the basement or the attic of a house.

The headlamp can provide you with enough light to illuminate the entire area or let it focus on just one small area so you can focus on the tiny details, like when you need to check the building plans at night. Most hard hat lights have a projector LED, which you can adjust so that it can shed light only on where you are looking at.

However, some decide to use an Omni-directional light source, which spreads light from a singular point, pretty much turning you into a lamp post. There are also hard hat lights that allow you to focus your light at a singular point for detailed work but can also be zoomed out to work as a floodlight.

How does it Work

Hard hat lights can be affixed onto your hard hat using a set of straps that wrap around the perimeter of the hard hat. Some hard hat lights use a set of bright LEDs to provide a beam of illumination. These headlamps will illuminate the area in front of the wearer.

You can also find some models of hard hat lights that are like a string of bright LED lights that, when worn, will light the area around the wearer. Most hard hat lights nowadays allow you to control the brightness of the lamp. You can dial down the light so that other people working around you will not get blinded by the beam coming from your light.

Types of Hard Hat Lights


The good news is that it is not that difficult to find a hard hat light that perfectly suits your needs as it is available in several different kinds, including the following:

Built-in Lamps – First, there are hard hats that actually have built-in lamps on them. You can adjust the lens so that they are actually pointing in the right direction before using. These are actually preferred by many professional contractors as these lamps are actually more compact in design.

You do not also have to worry about the lamp slipping off the hard hat. However, these types of headlamps usually have limited functionalities.

Removable Batteries – This is one of the most common headlamp models. In most cases, this type is composed of a simple strap that goes over the head, or in this case along the brim of the hat and you can tighten it so it will not get loose.

As mentioned, these come with battery sleds that usually accommodate three AAA batteries. The great thing about this type of headlamp is that you can easily swap out the spent batteries with new ones.

Built-in Batteries – This type comes with built-in batteries that you just need to recharge before every use. The biggest benefit of this kind of headlamp is its compact design. Besides, if the charge of the batteries runs out, you just need to attach a USB cable to its charging port and the other end to a power bank.

Why Do You Need to Wear a Hard Hat Light

Contrary to what many people think, there are actually a lot of reasons why you need to wear a hard hat light, especially if you are in a construction site. To get you up to speed, here is a couple of them:

It leaves both of your hands free to work – The most obvious reason why you should wear a hard hat light is that it lets you work with both of your hands. If you have to work in a dark site and use both of your hands, like when working on a building’s plumbing system, it is better to engage both your hands on the task instead of having just one of your hands hold a torch.

Other workers can do other productive tasks – You do not have to ask your co-workers for assistance to hold a light for you when you need to use both of your hands. When you are using a hard hat light, it will be like having a third hand holding a torch for you right where you want it. This means your co-workers can do other tasks rather than being a mundane flashlight holder.

It allows you to move freely – If you have to work in dark, tight spaces, it is best to have both hands free so you can navigate better. When you trip, you have the use of both of your arms to keep yourself steady and on your feet.

In addition, having a light affixed on your hardhat allows you to shine a light where you are looking. It will be like moving around in the day because everywhere you look, there will be light.

It allows you to do even the most delicate task in poor lighting conditions For instance, if you need to solder a couple of wires in a cramped area, which is so small that you do not have any room for even a small LED lamp, a hard hat light will provide you with all the illumination that you need.

You provide light for other workers, too – Some hard hat light models are not the projector type. These are the ones that provide a beam of light that shines where the wearer is looking at. Certain hard hat light models also consist of a string of bright LED lights that illuminate everything 360-degrees around the wearer.

With this type of headlamp, not only will you be providing yourself with light, others can easily work around you as well. It is like turning yourself into a walking lamp post.

It makes you visible in the dark – If you are working at night in an active construction site, you need to be as visible as you can so that the other workers can see you. There are times when even a reflectorized vest cannot catch enough light to reflect to others.

However, if you have your own light source, i.e. your hard hat light, you will always be highly visible.

They are helpful during emergencies – Some emergencies may include a section of the building that you are working on collapsing above you and being trapped under a precariously balanced slab of concrete and other huge pieces of debris when the smoke clears.

When you are using a hard hat light, it will most likely have a setting that turns it into an emergency beacon. Rescue workers are more likely to see pulsating lights rather than hearing you shout at the top of your lungs.

These are only some of the many reasons why using a hard hat light is more than just a way to work in the dark. It might even save your life one day. All of these reasons might just be able to sway your opinion to get a hard hat light of your own today.

Buying Guide


Although hard hat lights are not really that expensive, you still would not want to waste money on something that you will only find useless later. Here is a quick buying guide that talks about the different factors for careful consideration that will help you choose the best hard hat light.

Reasonable weight – This means you need to find a compromise between the weight and brightness of the lamp. Many compact hard hat lights weigh just four ounces or less, but most of them are not as bright as you might want them to be.

You need to look for a hard hat light that is bright enough for your intended use and yet is still comfortable to use.

Battery life – The battery life claims of the manufacturers can be misleading. Most of them display the brightest lumen setting of the headlamp, and then next to it is the expected battery life for the lowest brightness setting. It is most suitable to consult the independent tests that you can find online. These are more reliable as they test the batteries fairly.

Battery longevity – Modern headlamps are powered using sturdy Li-ion batteries that are tested to last up 50,000 hours of continuous use. Look for a brand that promises almost the same kind of performance or better.

Multiple types of LEDs – A good hard hat lamp contains a mix of high and low-powered LED lights so that you can adjust how bright the headlamp is and extend the charge of the batteries. Another reason for this is that you do not always need blindingly bright light. Sometimes, the only thing that you need is a soft glow to work.

Sturdy pivoting mount – The pivoting mount allows you to tilt the light up or down depending on your task. This feature is handy when you are working on a task that needs to have your head facing forward. This is also beneficial for your workmates because this allows you to communicate with each other without shining a blinding light on their faces.

Weatherproofing – You will be using the hard hat in different kinds of weather and environment, so the headlamp needs to be resistant to different kinds of foreign materials, like dust, water, and others.

You can find out how resistant the headlamp is by looking at its IP (Ingress Protection) scale rating, which is usually given as a two-digit number. The higher the number, the more resistant it is.

Brightness – This is one of the top factors that you need to take into consideration. You can check how bright the bulbs are by seeing how many lumens are indicated on the packaging. Most hard hat lights have LED lamps that can be as bright as f,000 lumens.

Different modes of functions – The ideal hard hat light should not have just one function but several of them. Modern headlamps provide their users the option to pick the intensity of the light from dim to maximum brightness.

Some even have a strobe function that can be used during emergencies. When you are looking for a good headlamp, find one that has multiple light settings, as it is always better to have multiple choices.

Comfort – A good headlamp is one that you can also use even without your hard hat. In fact, this should be its primary function. The headlamp should be designed in a way that you can wear it on the head first, but it should also be made to fit a standard hard hat. With that said, the straps should be soft, breathable, and adjustable.

Focusable light – There will be times when you just want a bright light concentrated on a small area, like when you need to concentrate on detailed work (for instance, when you are working on the wiring inside a fuse box). This feature is not available in all headlamps, mainly because not everyone uses it but it does make it more functional.

What is included in the package – Aside from the headlamp itself, the package should come with a lot of extras. For instance, one of the most cost-worthy headlamps come with batteries (the rechargeable ones), charging cables (multiple ones like a USB cable), a wall charger, and if possible a cable for the 6v output in cars.

Price – This will be a bit subjective. However, note that not just because a particular headlamp is expensive, this does not instantly mean it is already the best. Some headlamps sell for just above $50 that have the same functions as another model that sells for over $100.

You should do your homework and compare as many different kinds of headlamps as you can before you settle on just one.

These are only some of the many different features and characteristics that you need to keep an eye out for when you are shopping for a headlamp that you can also use on your hard hat. With just a bit of patience, you will find the perfect headlamp that fits both your needs and your budget.

Care and Maintenance

Headlamps are already rated for years of use, but then again, when you use them indiscriminately, they will only last a couple of months. To extend the usable life of the headlamp somehow, use the built-in locking switch to prevent it from turning on by accident. If the locking switch is on, you cannot turn on the lamp.

If you just bought the headlamp, make sure that you fully charge it before putting it to actual use. The factory charge left in the batteries might only be good for an hour so. You do not have to completely drain the batteries before you charge them. You can charge them straight from the box.

Prevent scratching the lenses of the lights by putting the headlamp in a small, soft bag. Also, place the bag that contains the headlamp away from your hard tools to prevent them from hitting the lenses of the headlamp.

If you just came from working at a very humid workplace and your headlamp got fogged up, do not just leave them as is. Take out the batteries then hang the lamp and let it air dry. If this does not get rid of the fog inside the lens, get a hairdryer then set it on low heat to gradually dry the insides of the lamp.

If you will not be using the headlamp for an extended time, then you need to store it properly. Remove the batteries so they will not discharge and maybe even leak battery acid.

If the batteries get corroded and leak battery acid into the lamp’s inner workings, then that’s it for your lamp. After removing the batteries, place the headlamp inside a soft, cloth bag to protect the lens from scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular hard hat light brands?

With the proven significance of a hard hat light, it no longer comes as a surprise to find several companies and brands promising that that their hard lights are the top-tier. Hard hat lights are important, especially when doing outdoor jobs and activities in environments without proper illumination.

Among the hard hat light brands guaranteed to meet your demand of additional lighting are Milwaukee, DEWALT, Streamlight, Cobiz, GearLight, and Klein Tools. It is up for you to decide which brand has a hard hat light designed to fulfill its promises, especially in terms of supplying adequate brightness.

What is the brightest hard hat light?

When it comes to bulbs, LED and CREE emit the brightest light. The brightest hard hat headlamp available commercially is 60000 high lumens.

How many lumens is a good headlamp?

Generally, 100 to 150 lumens are sufficient for most needs, but specific tasks may require brighter light.

For instance, a hard hat light for lineman would need better visibility during a power outage at night. A lineman would opt for lights that emit between 25 of flood mode to 600 lumens of spot mode. Likewise, hard hats with lights built in, stand-alone models, or have power ranges between 240 lumens on high to 60 lumens on low.

Meanwhile, hard hat light ring models like Illumagear’s offer a spotlight with 406 lumens and a task light with 262 lumens.

In the mining industry, the options are similar, but some users on Reddit suggest Zebralight H600/602 and Armytek Wizard with about 1000 lumens.

How long does a hard hat light last?

Typically, a hard hat-mounted light does always have to stay on throughout the 8-hours shift. That said, most of the hard hat light rechargeable batteries can run over 20 hours. However, it can take up to 8 hours to get them recharged.

For continuous use, workers favor a removable flashlight for hard hat or rechargeable batteries instead of integrated light. This allows them to carry spares, mount new lights, or switch batteries when needed.

Are hard hat lights/ headlamps waterproof?

Yes, most hard hat lights or headlamps have a substantial weatherproofing rating that makes them essentially waterproof as well. There are even some hard hat lights that can be used underwater.

Be careful when choosing a hard hat light that claims to be waterproof, though. You need to check the label for its IP rating (Ingress Protection) first. A high number means that the product is extremely waterproof. Some can even be submerged for almost half an hour and still work as advertised.

How long does it take to recharge?

The length of time it needs a hard hat light to get fully charged will depend on the capacity of the batteries. If the built-in batteries are equivalent to the amount of energy provided by three AA batteries, then it might take around three to four hours to charge completely.

On the other hand, some hard hat models do not come with built-in batteries but are equipped with a battery sled where you need to put new batteries each time they are depleted.

If you will be working for an extended period, you should bring along another set of fully-charged batteries. However, if you do not want to bother yourself by carrying a set of batteries, you can simply use your power bank to charge it.

How to use a hard hat light?

First of all, right after you take the hard hat light out of its packaging, you should get it fully recharged. The factory charge left in the batteries might not be enough to help you much with your work. Make sure that the batteries are completely recharged before you put them to work.

Once the batteries are fully charged and ready to go, use the straps to affix the light on your hard hat. Usually, the straps just need to wrap around the perimeter of the hat. Some come with tabs that will help the light hold on more securely.

When you finish attaching the light on your hard hat, you can start adjusting it. You start by angling the light so that it points in the right direction. Aim the beam too high or too low and you will not be able to work as efficiently as you would want to. Also, if the hard hat light allows it, adjust the beam’s brightness to a comfortable level.

The light should be bright enough for the task at hand. Set the brightness to dim but not too much that you cannot even see what you are doing. The light should also not be too bright that you blind the other people who are working at the same site that you do.

How to care & clean your hard hat light?

The great thing about hard hat lights is that they are made to take a beating and still come out working perfectly. There are only a few things that you need to do to make sure that the headlamp is well maintained and will last for as long as it can.

If you will be storing the headlamp for an extended period, remove the batteries, if allowed, and then store them separately. Batteries will corrode and leak battery acid, which can do considerable damage to the circuitry.

If you just came from a particularly humid work site and the lens of the lamp got fogged up, you do not need to open it up. Just remove the batteries and then hang the entire thing to air dry completely. This will clear the fogged up lamp lens.

If air drying could not dry up the condensation inside the lamps, get a hairdryer set on low or medium and focus it on the lamp. A couple of minutes will be enough to dry up the condensation and clear up the headlamp.

Where to buy a high-quality hard hat light?

There are actually a lot of places where you can buy a hard hat light. You can find the lights in your local construction supply store. They are also available in stores that specialize in outdoor sporting supplies. However, if you want an almost infinite number of choices and a convenient way to compare prices of different products, it is most trusted that you buy your first hard hat light online.


You might have thought that hard hat lights are unnecessary accessories for your hard hat but now, many pieces of evidence are pointing to how useful it actually is. First of all, the best hard hat light makes it possible for you to use both your hands while still providing more than enough light for whatever tasks you are doing.

There are also different models of hard hat light that you can choose from depending on what kind of tasks you have in mind. This means that finding the perfect headlamp or hard hat light that works specifically for your regular tasks is not that difficult.

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