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What Does PS Mean in Shoes? – Explained

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What Does Ps Mean in Shoes

You are most likely well-versed in sneaker terminologies if you’re a sneakerhead. But from time to time, you will properly find new acronyms that you’ve never encountered before. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “What does PS mean in shoes?”

Well, it’s the abbreviation for “Pre-School.” Let’s explore this topic further below.

What Does PS Stand for in Shoe Sizes


PS in shoe size stands for “preschool.” Babies can grow into children almost in a blink of an eye. Their shoe sizes will change drastically throughout different stages of development. For that, manufacturers grouped children’s shoe sizes into different categories accordingly.

You will mostly find these terms, including the PS size meaning, on StockX:


  • I: Infant (1 year or younger)
  • TD: Toddler (1 to 3 years old)
  • PS: Pre-school (3 to 5 years old)
  • GS: Grade school (6 to 12 years old)
  • W: Women’s
  • M: Men’s

In other references, the grade school sizes are further broken into genders: Girl Grade School (GG) and Boy Grade School (BG).

However, major brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok do not seem to use these terms on their official websites.

For these brands, the sizes for newborns up to six-year-olds are tagged with “C” while sizes for older children up to 12 years old are tagged with “Y,” e.g. “10C” or “12Y.” This way, buyers can tell that they are not adult sizes.

In any case, below, you will find the PS to US, UK, and EU sizes in centimeters.

PS Shoe Sizing Chart

16.5 10.5C 10 27.5
17 11C 10.5 28
17.5 11.5C 11 28.5
18 12C 11.5 29.5
18.5 12.5C 12 30
19 13C 12.5 31
19.5 13.5C 13 31.5
20 1Y 13.5 32
20.5 1.5Y 1 33
21 2Y 1.5 33.5
21.5 2.5Y 2 34
22 3Y 2.5 35

GS vs PS Shoe Sizing Short Comparison

To see the difference between PS and GS, check the table below:

Meaning Pre-school Grade school
Category Kid’s size Kid’s size
Suitable for 3 to 5 years old 6 to 12 years old
Heel-to-toe size range in CM 16.5cm to 22cm 22.5cm to 25cm
Heel-to-toe size range in inches 6.49 inches to 8.66 inches 8.85 inches to 9.84 inches
Size range in US 10.5C to 3Y 3.5Y to 7Y
Fits adults No Some sizes

Tips for Measuring Your Children’s Shoes


For accurate measurements:

  1. Trace your child’s foot on paper.
  2. Measure during the afternoon when their feet are largest. Also, measure both their feet and take the measurements of the larger one for buying shoes.
  3. Add one 1cm to the measurement to provide ample wiggle room for growth. Remember, children grow very quickly!
  4. Don’t just fit the shoes while standing and taking a few steps—get your child to jump, crouch, or bend over while in the store. Ideally, the shoes should not hinder their movement.


It’s easy to find the correct size for your kids now that you know the answer to, “What does PS mean in shoes?”

Just remember: If your children are in preschool, you should look for shoe sizes in the PS category, which range from 16.5cm to 22cm. Be sure to factor in their rapid growth and add one centimeter to the size.

That said, if you notice that they are starting to outgrow those shoes, you can find “GS” replacement shoes.

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