The Best BBQ Gloves for 2020

Protective gloves are considered as the best solutions if you need to deal with hot pots, foods, pizza stones, pans, and grill gates regularly. If you love barbecues and you often make them personally then investing in the best BBQ gloves is a must. Note that wearing one can make a lot of difference in your overall safety.

Whether you just need to stir the coals, adjust the logs in the flame, pick brisket from the flames using your hands, or move hot pans and grates, the best barbecue gloves that you can trust can make your experience even more convenient. It can make the whole experience enjoyable since you are guaranteed of your hands’ safety.

best bbq gloves

Just like other accessories and gears used in smoking and grilling, heat-resistant BBQ gloves are available in various materials, sizes, and shapes. Some examples of these are gloves made of either leather or silicone materials or those that have either short cuffs or long sleeves.

You will be amazed by the abundance of choices, increasing the likelihood of finding the one that really meets your unique preferences and requirements. Your wide array of choices even makes it possible for you to spend on one based on your specific budget. However, your numerous choices can also cause confusion.

Fortunately, we came up with this article to give you an idea about the best grilling gloves that you can use each time you plan to make barbecues. With the products mentioned here and the guide that follows, finding the right glove that can guard your hands against the threats of grilling and barbecuing is greatly possible.

Best BBQ Gloves Reviews 2020

1. Artisan Griller Heat-resistant BBQ Gloves

Insulated waterproof gloves

On top of the choices of many who are searching for a heat-resistant glove that they can depend on is this well-insulated and waterproof protective glove from Artisan Griller. There are many things that I am truly fond of about this pair. One of these is its professional design, which aims to offer protection in a more convenient manner.

The overall design fits pitmasters and barbecue pits the most. I like the well-insulated 5-finger design, which is actually non-slip, as it promotes ease in handling hot meats regardless of where you cook them. It is around 14 inches long. I greatly appreciate this length because I noticed that it extends its protection to cover the majority of my arms.

It is versatile that I find it useful when performing other kitchen tasks, aside from just frying, grilling and barbecuing. The fit is good for the majority of its users while also being comfortable and convenient to wear and take off. I am also happy that the Artisan Griller included a jersey cotton liner inside.

This glove is soft enough and has a loose fit, allowing your hands to remain comfortable and cool when doing tasks, like baking, smoking, or pulling pork. It is also coated with food-grade neoprene, which is known for being flame- and fire-resistant.

With that, I am sure you will be at peace since you know your hands gain complete protection when working around grill flames and smokers. Being flame-resistant, it also serves as a great buddy during your camping trips.

It also has a waterproof neoprene rubber coating, which is flexible and protects users from steam and boiling water. This coating can also resist stains, oil, and grease aside from the heat and water.

However, I just hoped that the cuff is a bit longer but still, this issue is not that big of a deal.
What We Like
  • Well-insulated and non-slip
  • Comfortable, thanks to its jersey cotton lining, which is soft enough
  • Flame and fire-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Can resist a lot of things, like stains, oil, and grease
What We Don’t Like
  • The cuff is shorter than what some people hoped for.
Overall, this barbecue glove from Artisan Griller performs what it intends to do, which is the reason behind its high user satisfaction rating.



I will not also think twice of recommending the RAPICCA BBQ Glove to anyone who needs a great protective gear for their kitchen tasks. It is a versatile piece, which actually serves a lot of uses and purposes. Aside from performing well when making barbecue, you can also use it for brewing beer.

I also discovered that this BBQ glove is a great companion each time you need to fry turkey, dye yarn, or do other activities that require good protection to your forearms and hands. It is designed with an insulated and textured palm as well as a non-slip 5-finger structure.

This design is good as it makes it easier to handle hot, greasy, and wet meat, directly from your smoker, griller or rotisserie. It also comes with just the right amount of length to extend its protection to most parts of your arms. I am greatly impressed with the soft cotton liner designed with a double layer integrated into this protective glove.

It is because this lining works in offering an optimal and comfortable fit while providing good insulation from heat. I am sure you will love the loose fit of the glove that retains the coolness in your hands inside, making them comfortable while you are attending to your kitchen or household tasks.

Another great advantage is that it is easy and quick to clean plus its flexible neoprene coating is waterproof and can resist not only water but also chemical liquids, stains, grease, and heat.

However, it is slightly stiff during first uses so try to break it in first.
What We Like
  • Comes with a soft cotton lining for comfort
  • Offers good insulation
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Provides the ultimate protection when you are doing kitchen tasks
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly stiff at first
The RAPICCA BBQ Glove is definitely an amazing protective gear to invest in as it truly provides ultimate protection from burns, especially when you handle hot items and foods in your grill.

3. Semboh 932 Extreme Heat-resistant BBQ Gloves


The next pair of heat-resistant BBQ glove that I am going to review is this product from Semboh, which is popular for its extreme heat-resistance that can go as high as 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The quality of this BBQ glove is top-notch considering the fact that it uses Deyan Aramid for its primary material.

This material is a new high-tech synthetic fiber popular for holding amazing protective properties, like being resistant to cuts, tears, extremely high temperature, alkali, and acid. I also like the ultra-high strength of this material. The overall construction also promises good insulation and long life.

Aside from its extreme flame and heat-resistance, this BBQ glove also works in preventing cuts. It is four times stronger compared to leather, making it an excellent companion for your baking, cooking, grilling, cutting, and even welding and woodworking tasks.

I also appreciate the food-grade silicone used in covering this glove as this prevents it from slipping from your hands. It comes with separated fingers that offer flexibility and comfort. This promotes ease in holding various hot kitchen items in a more stable and safer manner.

Another amazing feature that impresses me about this glove is its ultra-long and extended wrist guard. It is breathable as it has a soft cotton lining and gives your entire hands, forearms, and wrists ultimate protection from threats.

The only thing that I am not satisfied with is that it is a bit rigid. Thankfully, this only happens during the first few days of use.
What We Like
  • Makes it easy to hold hot items in the kitchen safely and with stability
  • Protects your entire hands, forearms, and wrists
  • Highly breathable and flexible
  • Extremely flame- and heat-resistant
  • Can be used not only in the kitchen but also for welding and woodworking
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit rigid at first
With the extreme heat-resistant properties of this BBQ glove, I can say that it is surely one protective item that you should include in your PPE collection.

4. GEEKHOM Grilling and Heat Resistant Gloves


Another amazing product that caught my interest is the GEEKHOM Grilling and Heat-resistant Glove. It is one of those protective gloves that I am completely fond of because of its excellent heat-resistant properties. It can resist the heat that is around 104 to 4456 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am also glad that this is constructed from 100 percent BPA-free and FDA-grade silicone material as aside from being friendly to the environment, it is also durable while having the ability to maximize its protection. In fact, its protective feature comes in dual or two layers.

The outer layer is constructed from aluminum while the inner one is made of heat-resistant cotton material. This combination makes the glove comfortable to wear while having the ability to wick moisture and maximize its heat protection, especially when you are exposed to oven and grill temperatures.

I am also happy that it sticks to a long-sleeved style. It is around 13.7 inches long so rest assured that its protection is not only limited to your hands but also go all the way up to your wrists and arms. It is waterproof plus it has a textured surface, making it non-slip.

I am sure that you will also like the rope integrated into the cuff convenient as it lets you hang it easily on the hook or store it when you are no longer using it.

As for the drawback, one thing that bothers me is the inner material, which is prone to stains from meat juices or any other similar items in the kitchen.
What We Like
  • Boasts of its excellent heat-resistant properties
  • Long-sleeved style, offering protection not only to your hands but also to your wrist and arms
  • Non-slip because of its textured surface
  • Comfortable to wear while also being moisture-wicking
  • Easy to store or keep
What We Don’t Like
  • The inner material is prone to stains.
Performance-wise, GEEKHOM Grilling and Heat-resistant Glove will not disappoint, giving you what you are hoping for, especially in terms of protection.

5. GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat-resistant BBQ Gloves


The ultimate protection from extreme heat is what you can also expect to receive from GRILL HEAT Aid Extreme Heat-resistant BBQ Glove. It promises to guarantee your safety when you are in environments that are up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. It offers protection from all sources of heat, including convective heat or open flame.

It even has the ability to endure tiny amounts of melted metal. Another remarkable quality I noticed in this barbecue glove is it is multipurpose. It is designed to handle all possible uses and purposes, especially in the kitchen. In fact, you can use it both outdoors and indoors.

It can also keep you safe from all sources of heat while also being pain-free. The extreme level of heat-resistance provided by this barbecue and grilling glove is also a strong advantage. It can even endure maximum heat of 932 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, its thermal characteristics make it possible for you to hold hot items for prolonged periods without worrying about risks.

It provides such a strong advantage while still providing you with enough dexterity to perform important tasks, like using your fryer, oven, or smoker and making barbecues. I am also happy to say that it has a 100 percent cotton lining inside, which is known to be comfortable and breathable.

This BBQ glove is also designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, serving its intended purpose for a long time.

One minor gripe I have is that it requires more regular cleaning than the others, which is quite time-consuming.
What We Like
  • Multipurpose as it can handle various tasks, especially in the kitchen
  • Useful for both indoors and outdoors
  • Can endure extreme heat
  • Provides adequate dexterity so you can do important tasks with ease
  • Comes with a comfortable and breathable cotton lining inside
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires more frequent cleaning
That’s a minor flaw, though, considering how good these gloves are and how it offers an excellent hand fit, comfort, and heat protection.

6. Grill Armor 932°F BBQ Gloves


I am pretty sure that your interest will also be piqued by the 932-degree F Extreme Heat-resistant Glove from Grill Armor. I am pleased and satisfied with it because it works as an all-in-one BBQ glove since you can also use it as a pot holder or oven mitt. With this glove, I am sure that you will be successful in doing your kitchen tasks.

This is possible even if you are just an amateur cook at home or you are an avid griller or professional chef. What I like about it is that it holds the highest protection from heat. This means that it can handle the kind of protection you desperately need for your cooking, baking, and grilling requirements.

It is also built sturdily, so expect it to be as long-lasting as possible. Constructed using materials of the highest quality, expect your hands to receive maximum protection not only from uncomfortable heat but also from unwanted burns. I am also greatly satisfied with the glove’s 5-finger design as it makes it more flexible.

In addition, this specific design makes it a lot easier to grasp and hold grill and cooking tools. Another amazing benefit is that cleaning it up is hassle-free. You can easily do it just by dropping the gloves in your washing machine.

I like the silicone super-grip surface used in the gloves as it makes them non-slip. It is also well-insulated, promoting remarkable breathability.

However, one downside I noticed is that it is vulnerable to accumulating dirt pretty quickly.
What We Like
  • Serves as an all-purpose glove as it is also built to act as a pot holder and oven mitt
  • Offers the highest protection from heat
  • Sturdy and long-lasting built
  • Highly flexible with its 5-finger design
  • Well-insulated and breathable
What We Don’t Like
  • Vulnerable to accumulating dirt
Still, it is a pretty amazing product, which is notable for delivering what it promises to most of those who are interested in buying it.

7. AYL Silicone BBQ Gloves


In my opinion, the AYL silicone cooking glove is also one of those protective gears that anyone who wishes to receive ultimate hand protection should invest in. One of its superior qualities is its multi-purpose versatility. I am pleased that it is versatile enough that it has the ability to do several functions and purposes.

It serves as a fantastic protective gear each time you need to bake, cook, and grill. You can use it inside your kitchen when handling baked goods, near your fireplace, or by the grill, in case you need to make some barbecue. I also find its dual-layer design remarkable because this significantly enhances the glove’s ability to offer heat protection.

It uses the combination of silicone for its outer part and the heat-resistant cotton for the inner layer. The combined materials make the glove even more effective in protecting users from oven temperatures and open flames. The silicone material used in this protective gear even works in handling even the most extreme temperature and heat.

It is well-insulated and breathable, too, plus it gives all your hands and fingers as well as your wrists maximum protection. Another pleasing benefit of this cooking glove is that it features textured gripping surfaces in its 5-finger design, promoting superior grip and preventing hot pans, steamy ovens, plates, and any other hot kitchen items from slipping.

This can prevent accidents as much as possible.

One downside, though, is that it is pretty bulky, which might cause you to spend more time getting used to it.
What We Like
  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • Dual-layer design for maximum protection from heat
  • Can handle the most extreme kitchen temperatures
  • Well-insulated and breathable
  • Guarantees superior grip, thanks to its textured gripping surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly bulky
By investing in AYL Silicone Cooking Glove, you have a higher chance of receiving ultimate protection in your kitchen, grill, or any other place that exposes you to extra heat.

8. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves


Another protective glove that I highly suggest checking out is the KIM YUAN Extreme Heat and Fire-resistant Glove. I super like it because you will find it valuable and useful in a wide array of applications. Aside from grilling and barbecuing, it also acts as a protective companion when grilling, gardening, handling animals, cutting, and camping.

It is also great to use around the fireplace, oven, wood stove, grill, and a campfire. Just like most of the protective gloves indicated in this article, this one also provides extreme resistance and protection from heat. It makes use of properly selected cow leather that is of great quality and is over 1.2-mm thick.

This material makes it fireproof, sweat-absorbent, and well-insulated, allowing it to withstand the highest temperatures. I also noticed how effective it is in dealing with jobs that involve high temperatures and extreme heat.

What I like about this glove is that aside from having just the right level of thickness, it also boasts of its softness and flexibility. This assures users of comfort and convenience once they get the chance to wear it. In addition, it can also resist not only fire and extreme heat but also moderate amounts of oil, as well as puncture and cuts.

I am also impressed with the well-reinforced palm of this glove as I discovered how helpful it is in cushioning your hands in case you need to deal with sharp and heavyweight items.

However, it is also one of those bulky gloves but I am sure you will get used to it upon regular use.
What We Like
  • Useful for a wide range of applications and purposes
  • Guarantees extreme resistance and protection from heat
  • Fireproof, sweat-absorbent, and well-insulated
  • Soft and flexible
  • Comes with a well-reinforced palm
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly bulky
All in all, this is an amazing protective gear that is designed to make your grilling, barbecuing, and other kitchen tasks more convenient and safer for your hands.

9. BlueFire Pro Heat Resistant Gloves


I am also all praises for the BlueFire Pro Heat-resistant Glove. I instantly sensed how remarkable it is because of its diverse uses. Aside from being good to use as an oven mitt, I also find it perfect when barbecue grilling and when I am around a wood burning stove or a fireplace. Some even say that it can also act as a welding glove.

I also find pleasure in using it as a hot pad designed to give protection to your tables and countertops. The heat-resistant rating of this glove is also high at 932 degrees Fahrenheit. This specific rating is made possible by using the highest heat-resistant materials, including Aramid, silicone, and Kevlar.

It utilizes 100 percent Kevlar material for its outer shell, optimizing its ability to disperse heat. As for its interior, expect a more cushioning lining made by combining cotton and polyester materials. This specific combination is a big advantage as it gives users more control and comfort each time they wear it.

I am also happy and satisfied with this pair because it maximizes grip and dexterity. This is great, especially if you want to significantly reduce your risk of dealing with accidents due to muscle fatigue, especially if you get exposed to hot metals. It also has an extra-long cuff, offering forearm protection.

Another amazing benefit promised by this barbecue glove is that it offers cut-resistance, ensuring that your skin will not get injured when doing certain tasks.

However, you might experience difficulty putting it on quickly because of its long protective coverage for the wrist.
What We Like
  • Offers protection from heat up to your forearms
  • Easy to control while being more comfortable, thanks to its cushioned lining
  • Can disperse heat optimally with the help of the Kevlar outer shell
  • Offers high heat-resistant rating
  • Cut-resistant while having maximum dexterity and grip
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly difficult to put on
Despite that flaw, no one can ignore all the amazing benefits that this protective glove offers, especially in terms of giving your hands the protection they specifically require from heat.

10. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves


Lastly, I would like to encourage researching about the RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Glove and exploring all the positive things that it can do for its users. One strength I discovered from this glove is its extreme heat-resistant properties. It is indeed extremely heat-resistant by being designed to endure extreme heat and temperatures.

It makes use of 100 percent cotton for its interior lining, which is not only soft but is also sweat-absorbent. This makes the glove heat-resistant while still being soft, making it comfortable to wear. While it mainly serves as welding glove, it also works amazingly when used in other applications, like when holding hot stuff, like burning wood or coal.

You can also make barbecues or grill while preventing your hands from getting burned accidentally by wearing this glove. The protection coverage is also extensive. In fact, it is long enough at 16 inches while also boasting of a long sleeve, so your forearms will also receive protection from hot steam and kitchen items, hot coals, open flames, welding sparks, and grinding debris.

I like how thick and durable this barbecue glove is. It is made to be heavy-duty, allowing it to resist other things apart from heat and fire, like cuts, punctures, and oils. Furthermore, it is long-lasting and does not wear out that easily.

However, I noticed that the finger portion is slightly stiff when I first used it.
What We Like
  • Long-lasting and does not seem to wear out too quickly
  • Heavy-duty material used, making it resistant to heat, fire, cuts, punctures, and oils
  • Offers extensive protection coverage, reaching up to your forearms
  • Soft and sweat-absorbent cotton lining in the interiors, promoting comfort
  • Can endure extreme heat
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly stiff fingers in the beginning
Overall, this barbecue glove from RAPICCA offers amazing heat protection, which makes it worthwhile for anyone’s trust.

What is a Pair of BBQ Gloves


A pair of BBQ glove is intended to be used in stepping up your barbecue game. You can use it to keep your hands guarded against the safety hazards involved in smoking or grilling meat or doing any other tasks related to making barbecues. Note that even if it is not as harmful as other jobs, like welding, smoking and grilling still carry risks.

You even need a really versatile pair for hand protection whether you need to handle the chimney starter filled with hot lump charcoal, adjust air vents to pull meat, foil the meat, or rearrange the coals. You need the right pair of grilling or barbecue gloves to help you work over high heat without worries.

The best grilling and BBQ gloves are even designed to perform a number of specific functions, like making it easier to handle grilling pots and baskets holding your food. It also helps in protecting your fingers from burning and managing grill grates and charcoal effortlessly.

You can also use it to grasp hot handles on grill baskets, pans, and pots, shift grates so you can add wood or charcoal into a grill, turn skewers, reach into a smoker, move logs in your campfire, and grab hot foods from grills. Basically, the glove is heat-resistant so it can prevent your hands from getting burned when doing the task.

How Does It Work

High-quality barbecue gloves can be expected to work by protecting your hands from sources of heat, like hot coals each time you decide to grill or make some barbecues. Aside from protection, the protective gloves can also be expected to function by giving you adequate dexterity so you will have an easier time handling knives and tongs.

It actually functions based on how it is designed. Some are mainly designed to give both your arms and hands the ultimate protection from radiant heat. On the other hand, you can find those that are meant to work as pot holders. The way barbecue gloves function is also often based on the specific degree of heat-resistance integrated to it.

Note that the temperature close to the grill’s grates can reach a max of 550 degrees Fahrenheit when you are cooking. It is even possible for the actual grates to become even hotter than the stated temperature. It is because this will depend on the specific kind of smoker or grill you decide to use.

Fortunately, it is possible for your chosen barbecue glove to function in a way that you will be completely protected from harm through its heat-resistance. Just make sure to pick a glove with the specific level or degree of heat-resistance that you need based on what you intend to cook and the heat you are constantly exposed to.

Types of BBQ Gloves


The best heat-resistant gloves can actually be used for grilling meat or making barbecues. If what you are in search of is a pair of dependable barbecue glove then gathering as much information as possible about its different types should be one of your priorities. Here are just some commonly used protective gloves for barbecuing:

Silicone – A famous used in creating barbecue gloves is silicone. It can actually be described as a rubber-like material, which has a varying degree in terms of industrial applications or uses. Depending on how thick and dense this material is, it is possible for it to become fire-retardant.

What is good about silicone BBQ gloves is that they have an amazing level of malleability. They are also usually 100 percent waterproof. It is also beneficial in the sense that you can wipe it clean or put it in your dishwasher without worrying about it getting damaged along the process.

However, silicone grilling gloves are also often made to be loose in the area surrounding your wrist. This means that there is a possibility for radiant heat to penetrate, which often defeats its original purpose. Some also say that it is quite bulky, causing some issues when doing precision takes, like using a thermometer.

One more issue about the silicone glove is that it tends to become slippery once it gets greasy. This might lead to problems when you grab ribs, briskets, or meat. Some of these gloves are not also safe to use at over 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Still, it is a good choice if you are just planning to use it on some slow and low barbecuing.

Fabric – It is also possible to use barbecue gloves constructed out of fabric. You can actually find several combinations of fabrics that are highly insulated and provide a high level of heat-resistance. In most cases, the fabric used in this glove is the aramid type.

Aramid fiber is popular because of its incredible strength and high heat-resistant properties. This is the main reason why you can also see this type of fiber being utilized in the body suits of firefighters as well as the military’s bulletproof vests. The advanced technology, however, filters this fabric down to make it more usable in barbecue gloves.

What is good about the gloves constructed out of fabric is that it can offer maximum heat-resistance. It even works in ensuring that your hands stay safe at a max temperature of 500 degrees Celsius or 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Some also love the fit and feel provided by this type of fabric.

In addition, it is breathable, so you can expect your hands to stay fresh. The only problem with fabric-based barbecue gloves is that they do not have a waterproofing feature. However, if you do not find any problem about using a non-waterproof barbecue glove, then it is best to pick this type because of its superior resistance to heat.

Leather – You can also choose the traditional and classical leather material used in barbecue gloves. In most cases, the leather material is one of the two layers used in the glove. The other is often an interior lining constructed out of cotton.

This specific combination improves the quality of the glove while retaining its heat-resistance and high comfort level. However, take note that despite the high heat-resistance level of leather, you can’t expect it to be completely heatproof.

This means that if you move around logs or hot coals for a long period or hold on metal grills, it is still possible for you to feel the heat. It is actually fine to use on the majority of grilling or barbecue tasks but be extra cautious and avoid holding onto the grill for an extremely long period.

It is a great choice if you intend to use the heat-resistant glove for purposes that are more than just cooking outdoors.

Fabric featuring silicone patches – You can also go for gloves made of fabric that feature silicone patches. For instance, it is possible for you to take advantage of a glove based on Nomex or Kevlar fabric, which also comes with silicone pads. This combination can help you handle hot pots, grills, chimneys, grates, and pans well.

You will also find this useful if you intend to move burning logs or light charcoal. What is even more beneficial about the fabric with silicone is that it makes the glove more flexible while offering moderate dexterity. It is also easy to wash because you can use your clothes’ washer for it.

Why Do You Need to Wear BBQ Gloves

Your safety should be one of your priorities even if you are doing tasks as simple as making barbecues or grilling. One way to secure yourself, especially your hands from burns is to invest in the best heat-resistant gloves – one that is really appropriate for use when grilling or barbecuing.

One reason to wear barbecue glove is that it serves as the ultimate protection to your hands from burns and heat. It is heat-resistant so even if you move food from cooking surfaces and some things fall apart, you have a lower risk of burning yourself. Some may say that the common kitchen tongs are already helpful.

However, take note that these tongs are not that long to give your hands full protection. In most cases, you need to pair these with gloves to increase your chances of receiving the kind of protection that your arms and hands specifically need. Just ensure that you look for gloves with a high protection rating.

Another benefit of wearing a pair of barbecue glove is that it features separated fingers that you can’t see even in the best BBQ mitts and tongs. With this feature, you will have more agility when you handle or hold hot items or tools.

It is also a great substitute for mitten-style pot holders that are known to be bulky and might cause harm when you use them to move heavy and hot items. Ultimately, the main goal of your glove is to protect your valuable hands and arms from all sources and types of heat.

With its high heat-resistance, you will also find it easier to move foods leisurely around the grill without repeatedly withdrawing your hands. You can even find grill or barbecue gloves that make it possible for you to grill grates or deal with hot coals without the need for extra tools.

Keep in mind that a quick touch of your flesh in a hot pan or letting your hand linger very close to an open flame is enough to cause permanent scars and other painful consequences. The only gear that can boost your performance when grilling while receiving optimal protection is a grilling or barbecue glove.

If you’re in the market for a pair, consider the following factors before handing over your hard-earned dough.

Buying Guide


Are you presently in the market for a good and reliable pair of barbecue gloves? Then take note and consider these key factors when shopping. This can ensure that you hand over your hard-earned money into something worthwhile.

Heat-resistance and thermal protection – Of course, the first factor you should spend time checking out is how heat-resistant a specific barbecue glove is. Determine if it can resist the kind of heat that you get exposed to on a daily or regular basis.

In this case, it helps to spend time examining the materials used in the overall construction and design of the glove. The materials used in creating the glove should be heat-resistant and flame-retardant. They should be able to deal with extreme environments and temperatures.

Take into consideration the maximum amount of heat that your chosen glove can tolerate so you will know if you can use it in your backyard or kitchen. In most cases, it helps to choose the glove made of high-strength aramid fiber material because it offers both comfort and great heat-resistance.

When examining the glove’s thermal protection, spend time checking out its features so you will know if these are enough to shield your skin. Note that you can actually find barbecue gloves that feature cuffs, further improving the glove’s ability to give you protection.

In some cases, even a cuff with a fair length added to the glove can already offer tremendous help in terms of avoiding burns. Just spend time analyzing the materials and the design of the glove and I am sure you will know if it is heat-resistant enough for your specific needs.

Comfort – The tough, durable, and heat-resistant structure of a specific glove should also be paired up with a high level of comfort. It is crucial to determine how comfortable a specific pair of glove, especially if you plan to grill or make barbecues while having fun with your loved ones.

Go for a really comfortable pair as one that causes discomfort might increase your risk of being roasted along the process. While it is true that you need a grilling glove with the ultimate purpose of safeguarding your hands from injury, it is also crucial for it to give you as much comfort as possible as this can boost your confidence each time you need handle hot items.

The fabric utilized in creating the exterior layer needs to be lightweight, sturdy and strong but make sure that the inner lining is comfortable enough. Spend time assessing the blend of materials used in a particular glove before the decision-making process.

Your goal is to find a comfortable design, which promotes a higher level of flexibility as well as freedom of movements. It should be comfortable enough and fit properly in the sense that your hands will not feel restricted or suffocated.

Incredible control and grip – It is also crucial to find a pair of barbecue gloves that can make your mind at ease whether you just plan to sear steaks over an open flame or carry scalding dishes. It is essential for your chosen glove to have incredible grip and control so you do not have to worry and think about the heat reaching your sensitive skin.

Check out the specific features in the glove and find out if any of them is enough to get rid of discomfort while enjoying an embraced grasp. In this case, some features, such as the non-slip silicone strips integrated into the glove’s overall design are helpful.

The control and grip of the glove should also promote ease in handling the foods even when it is worn. It should make it easier for you to take foods out of the grill, flip or move pork butts, beef brisket, and ribs, and add some seasoning.

Durability – Ensure that your choice is also tough and sturdy in the sense that withstanding even the toughest situations is easier for it. How durable a specific barbecue glove is usually depends on your chosen material. You can find highly durable but expensive ones.

Avoid going for the cheapest as this also means that it utilizes materials that are low in quality. If possible, spend a bit more and find the perfect balance between comfort and durability before you decide to buy.

Safe operation – Find out whether the glove you are thinking of investing in is safe to use and operate. Keep in mind that there are gloves that are harmful to use, especially when you grab foods. It is because some of them are designed to leave harmful chemicals behind.

There are also gloves that are at risk of catching or melting fire. With that in mind, you need to really scrutinize your choices so you can identify which is safe to operate when you are grilling. Be resourceful when trying to gather information about the specific traits and characteristics of the gloves, too.

Aside from considering the key factors above, it also helps to find answers to the following questions before choosing:

Does the glove offer complete wrist coverage? – If it does, you will still receive the best protection in case you reach across hot coals or into a smoker.

Is the glove water-resistant? – You have to know how well the glove can react to meat juices or steam.

Will using it affect your dexterity? – You also need to ask whether the glove can give you enough dexterity while offering protection from the extremely hot temperature. Also, find out if it is still possible for you to use thermometers or tongs even if you wear the glove.

Are the gloves easy to clean? – Find out if the glove you intend to purchase is prone to accumulating stains. Determine if it is not too hard to clean. Also, check whether it has a pleasing overall style.

By finding answers to the mentioned questions, you can increase your likelihood of finding a pair that is really compatible with your unique needs and requirements.

Care and Maintenance

Learning the ins and outs of how you can take good care of your barbecue glove is crucial in making sure that they will become as long-lasting as possible. It is important to wash it routinely, for instance, to prevent the build-up of stains and grease. Grilling or barbecue gloves are usually exposed to soot that comes from wood or grill.

These gears are also at risk of becoming greasy in case you handle oil or food. This might increase their risk of acquiring stains, especially if the glove you decided to buy is constructed from either leather or fabric materials. The good news is that some fabric materials are easy to clean in your washing machine.

If you are wearing the glove while touching foods then that is a more preferable washing method for you. Your goal is to maintain the cleanliness of the gloves so each time you use it to touch foods, your mind will be at ease.

If you do not directly handle food while the gloves are worn then you may no longer need to put a thorough cleanup in the highest rank of your priorities. Just constantly remind yourself that no matter how attractive and well-constructed a pair of gloves is, it is still at risk of getting roughed up quickly if it touches soot or charcoal frequently.

This is the main reason why you still have to make it a point to clean the glove as often as possible. This is crucial in maintaining its attractive look and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are BBQ glove brands?

Several brands of BBQ gloves are now emerging in the market. They gained popularity because of the quality of their products and the durability of their materials. Among the brands of barbecue and grilling gloves that earned the trust of many and have built a good reputation in the industry are RAPICCA, Artisan Griller, Semboh, GEEKHOM, and Grill Armor.

What are BBQ gloves made of?

Different types of barbecue gloves are also made of different materials. It is primarily because the materials used in constructing the gloves are among the basis used in categorizing their types. In most cases, the barbecue or grilling gloves are constructed out of synthetic materials, like neoprene or silicone, leather, suede, or fabric.

How to choose the right size of barbecue gloves?

One thing you should not neglect when shopping for a pair of barbecue glove is the size. It is because of the actual size of the glove and how it fits you play a huge role in how it will perform as well as your comfort. When trying to find the correct size and fit, one thing to remember is that each user prefers a different fit for his/her glove.

The majority of barbecue gloves, however, are constructed for users who have larger hands. Those who have smaller hands might experience some challenges in finding one that fits correctly. One reason why the gloves have a larger construction is that it ensures that users can easily remove it off in case of an emergency.

Gloves that have thick linings are capable of accommodating users with smaller hands more effectively. You can also choose knitted barbecue gloves that showcase more elasticity, leading to a snug fit that is appropriate for users with smaller hands.

You can also opt for natural materials, such as leather, that tend to work in shaping themselves effectively and naturally based on your hand structure. When choosing the right size, it is also advisable to take into consideration the wrist cuff’s length.

In case you need to hold your arms atop a hot fire or large grill then a pair of barbecue or grilling gloves that reaches to your elbow is a wise choice. You may also want a glove that features longer cuffs if you want to have an easier time reaching to a wood stove, smoker, or ceramic egg.

Make sure that the cuff is wide enough, too. This is helpful in letting air circulate while protecting your arms. While a tight or narrow cuff is beneficial because it can prevent your gloves from slipping, this might also cause your hands and wrists to sweat excessively when they are on top of a hot grill.

Can welding gloves be used for barbecue and grilling?

Yes, they can actually be used for barbecuing and grilling. However, ensure that the welding gloves are constructed out of the materials that fall on the ones commonly used for barbecue and grilling gloves. The welding gloves should also be heat-resistant based on the specific level of heat that you want this protective gear to tolerate. By having enough heat-resistance, it can fit your barbecue and grilling glove needs.

How to clean and wash the barbecue gloves?

Cleaning and washing your barbecue gloves is actually possible by doing the process by hand or by putting them in a laundry machine. No matter what washing method you picked, hot water should be used together with general washing detergent. Also, one thing to remember is to ensure that grease does not build up in the gloves.

It is because grease buildup might result in localized hot spots. In case that situation occurs in the gloves, place them in your washing machine right away. When washing, avoid using a detergent that contains chlorine bleach. Avoid using a fabric softener, too.

Both should be avoided as these might cause damage to the glove’s protective exterior lining. Once you are done with the washing, take the gloves out of your machine or from a bucket. Get rid of excess water by wringing it out lightly. Air dry by putting it in a clothesline or drying rack.

Avoid using it while still wet or damp as this might trigger moisture to encourage the rapid penetration of heat inside. Ensure that your gloves are fully dry prior to using them.


The protective gloves industry is actually filled with tons of different products, models, and brands, which is why you might find it overwhelming to search through them with an aim of locating the best BBQ gloves for your requirements.

With that, you need to remember a couple of important things before buying, such as the information indicated in this article. Also, ensure that your chosen glove fits your unique requirements and perfectly suits the purpose you have in mind. It should also be fully protected so it can save your arms and hands from potential harm.

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