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The Best Firefighter Helmets for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Firefighters need to handle an assortment of other duties more than just fighting fires. They are involved in emergency technical rescue jobs, medical care, and other responsibilities that can be more problematic than combating flames and high heat.

Firefighters need top-rated protective gear to perform safely in such challenging situations, including gloves, fireman helmets, hoods, and footwear. All these things together can offer the required level of protection for them. Hence, emergency hazards and foreground issues can only be done away with the best firefighter helmet.

best firefighter helmet

Modern-day manufacturers indeed start producing sufficiently versatile and cheap firefighter helmets that can easily be adjusted for varied missions. These are more comfortable and lighter ensembles that offer all-round protection to the safeguarders.

Among many most trusted firefighter gear provided in the market, here’re some top-rated options that we review for you to consider.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Aeromax Fire Helmet

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

LINE2design Firefighter Helmet 

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Jacobson Fireman Helmet

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List of Top 10 Firefighter Helmet Reviews of 2023

1. Aeromax Black Fire Chief Helmet

Next in the list of top-tier helmets for firefighters is the Aeromax Black Fire Chief Helmet. It is an ideal pick for the ones looking for the best firefighter helmet for kids. This helmet is highly adjustable and serves as the perfect fit for children aged between 3 and 12.

I bought this helmet during a fancy dress competition at my boy’s school. The highlight of this product is its durability and robust construction. It is made using top quality plastic with attention to details being at the forefront of the manufacturing procedure.

Moreover, the classy logo adorned at the front of this kid’s helmet gives a feel of a real firefighter to them. It is available in various color choices, which means you can select the one as per your kid’s color preference. Thus, it is a unisex product.

There is bright neon green striped detailing around the edges of the cap that will glow in the dark. Hence, this feature gives clear visibility of a person in shady places.

What else that makes it stand out is the D-ring attachment at the back of the helmet that makes it easy to hang anywhere. Hence, it is a perfect choice if you have a storage issue. You can hook it on the wall that gives a professional look and keep the kid’s room unmessy too.

The only thing that the manufacturers should work on is the size of the helmet. It is too small and might not be perfect for kids with larger heads.
What We Like
  • Completely adjustable helmet
  • Suits children between the ages of 3 and 12
  • Durable construction makes the helmet long-lasting
  • Made using lightweight and top quality plastic.
What We Don’t Like
  • Too small.
I would highly recommend this product because it serves as the perfect gift for both girls and boys. So, why not go for it.

2. LINE2design Firefighter Helmet Bands

When it’s all about firefighter helmets, why not talk about helmet bands. Yes, the Line2 Design Firefighter Helmet Bands are worth considering. They are heavy-duty rubber bands perfect for holding some standard accessories right in place on a helmet.

The highlight of this product that many firefighters acknowledge is they can comfortably hold small accessories with the help of it and be completely geared up. Besides, they can keep your hands free while doing rescue work.

The bands fit perfectly on traditional and modern style firefighter helmets and are available in color black. The buyer will get three rubber bands in one pack. Hence, if you misplace one, you can grab another one from the pack.

The flexibility of rubber helmets bands allows it to fit on the helmet of any size. One can put it on traditional and modern firefighter helmets alike. You can conveniently stretch it and wrap around your helmet. It is an ideal purchase for firefighters.

The overall functionality of this product is good, but it may disappoint a buyer in pricing. Even though it serves the purpose well, some buyers may feel it is like paying too much for a simple set of rubber bands.
What We Like
  • Tough and excellent rubber material makes the bands durable
  • It holds accessories on a helmet right in place
  • Perfectly fits modern and traditional helmets
  • Have a great flexibility
  • Get 3 bands in one packet
What We Don’t Like
  • High priced helmet bands
So, your search for heavy-duty helmet bands comes to end with this product. The 3 set pack and sturdiness due to rubber material, undoubtedly, makes it a long-lasting investment. I’ll say spending little more is better than paying away for your life.

3. Jacobson Hat Company Fireman Helmet

This is one of the perfect firefighter helmets mainly because it comes with adjustable straps within. Thus, it makes an excellent headgear for the ones with smaller heads. Many users rated it for the fact that it doesn’t loosen or drop out of the head easily.

Playtime and dress-as-you-like sessions can be made more entertaining for the kids by going for this helmet from Jacobson Hat Company. Hence, let your kids have a gala time by buying this helmet. I would love to get it for my little one for his fancy dress competition as the helmet makes an excellent costume accessory.

Besides, the helmet has a movable face shield giving it a more funky look. Moreover, this adjustable feature of the shield enables one to adjust it as per the convenience. This unit is made of transparent plastic material to give the user a clear view when the shield is down.

The black color of the helmet and stylish emblem in front makes this product more appealing. Also, it falls in an affordable range.

It is not designed to fit adults’ heads, so ponder upon this if your kid is of teenage age. And yes, the helmet is not meant for protection purposes. So, you better look for a more performance-based option.
What We Like
  • Perfect helmet for people with smaller heads
  • Makes an excellent costume accessory
  • Beautiful design with emblem at front
  • Comes with adjustable and transparent eyes shield
What We Don’t Like
  • Not meant to offer head protection
  • Not fitting for teenagers
Whether it is a Halloween party, fancy dress show, or your kid is taking part in a dramatics activity at school, this helmet will meet all fun event necessities. If this is your reason to buy the firefighter helmet, go for it.

4. Bullard Fire Helmet

Looking to protect your firefighting enthusiasts with the right rescue and fire headgear? If yes, take a look at the Bullard Fire Helmet in black. It offers impact and thermal protection of the highest quality.

It is one of the top-rated helmets acknowledged by notable firefighting teams. It can resist the temperature of up to 500°F thus, an ideal choice for firefighters. Also, it features Innerzone 2 goggle and mounting system.

The helmet has been specifically designed for forestry and wildland firefighting. In detail, its Flex-Gear ratchet sizing suspension of the product can be adjusted easily. And, the 6 point suspension system has been put in place for offering a comfortable fitting.

The build quality is so sturdy that even construction workers can utilize it since it provides top-grade security during challenging situations. Patented with Snap-On/Snap-Off strap, the helmet also gives the user instant removal access.

Other inclusions of the product are adjustable chin strap, hook and loop fasteners within the shell and brow pad made of absorbent cotton. There are even three goggle clips included along with reflective stripes in lime-yellow color.

What should be improved about this product is its weak thermoplastic shell that might not resist heat and other hazardous conditions.
What We Like
  • Top-quality impact and thermal protection
  • Perfect for forestry and wildland firefighting
  • Easily adjustable Flex-Gear sizing suspension
  • 6 point suspension system offers a comfortable and snug fit
  • Adjustable chin strap
What We Don’t Like
  • The thermoplastic cover of this helmet is not up to the mark.
This helmet that meets NFPA standards of quality is a huge hit among firefighting enthusiasts mainly because it does not scratch, chip, or crack very easily. Hence, those who want a complete protection gear, can’t ignore this helmet.

5. MSA 660CFSY Fire Helmet

Sufficiently tough for proximity or structural firefighting, the MSA 660 Cairns Metro Composite Fire Helmet is right on top.

This is probably the top-rated light firefighter helmet because it is lightweight enough to be used for technical rescue jobs. Not to mention, it is sufficiently small to be used in confined spaces and for EMS.

This helmet comes with an excellent retractable Defender Visor that is quite attractive and useful. The retractable defender visor can be lowered or raised very quickly, even with gloved hands.

This functional firefighter helmet can also be used for wildland fire rescue jobs. Its soft Nomex chinstrap in black and its Kevlar or PBI earlap offer increased coverage to the ears and the neck. Also, the high temperature and rugged TPR edge trim of the helmet does not drip or melt even at high temperatures.

It is worth mentioning that its chinstrap features a quick-release postman and buckle slide to make adjustments or remove the same quickly. And yes, you can do all of this and other activities without using your second hand.

Another feature that I love about this product is its SCBA protection interface front headband that perfectly matches the fitting of almost any SCBA mask. Also, the leather cushion lining and the removable flannel of this product are added to offer wearers optimal comfort.

The impact cap offers top-quality thermal and impacts protection while its patented shell makes way for the firefighters to escape from difficult hazards. The through-color fiberglass composite covering resists chipping and cracking.

The only weak point of this helmet is its chinstrap. The strap can come off very quickly, which can be a problem for the users.
What We Like
  • Sufficiently tough for proximity or structural firefighting
  • Light-weight helmet
  • Comes with an excellent retractable Defender Visor
  • Offers increased coverage to the ears and the neck
  • The edge trim of the helmet does not drip or melt in high temperature
  • SCBA protection interface front headband to fit almost any SCBA mask
  • Impact cap offers top-quality thermal and impact protection
  • The composite shell resists chipping and cracking
What We Don’t Like
  • Chinstrip comes off very easily.
Available in seven different colors, this helmet offers a comfortable and secure fit and even comes with a replacement warranty!

6. MSA 10047433 CairnsFire Helmet

To most people’s surprise, this traditional firefighter helmet can make it to the list of top-tier protective gear for firefighters. In truth, the MSA 10047433 Cairns Fire Helmet is a tough and strong product.

The thermoplastic covering of this helmet can resist cracking and chipping while offering the same protection level even in high temperatures. Not to mention, the low rise design of the product that creates a completely low profile for top-quality maneuverability and clearance.

Yet another great feature of this product is its high-temperature, non-corroding glass-filled goggle hardware and face shield. The high temperature and rugged edge trim design of this helmet is resistant to high temperature very well and does not drip or melt.

The Nomex chinstrap in black comes with a slide mechanism for making quick adjustments and removing the chinstrap very easily. Like all the other helmets from MSA Cairns, even this helmet features the PBI/Kevlar or Nomex earlap, which offers complete protection and coverage to the ears and the neck.

The 3 position back ratchet height adjustment features offers a comfortable and secure fit. Also, the SCBA interface front headband adjustment is the perfect match for almost any SCBA mask.

You get this firefighter helmet in low profile and traditional design. Many users also appreciate that it comes with fewer parts making way for easy maintenance and reduced servicing costs.

Just like all the other firefighter helmets from MSA Cairns, the chinstrap in this product is easy-wearing.
What We Like
  • Strong and tough helmet
  • The thermoplastic shell is resistant to cracking and chipping.
  • The shell offers complete protection in high temperatures.
  • Low profile design offers an excellent scope of maneuverability.
  • Goggle and face shields are made of non-corroding and high-temperature glass.
  • The edge trim resists high temperatures without dripping or melting.
  • Chinstrap slide systems help with easy and quick adjustments and removals.
  • Earlap for added neck and ear protection and coverage.
  • Offers a comfortable and secure fitting.
  • Matches any SCBA mask.
  • Fewer parts making maintenance and servicing a breeze
What We Don’t Like
  • The chinstrap might not be durable enough.
If you want to work as per my instructions, I recommend this and even the other helmets from MSA Cairns when it is all about fire protection!

7. Cairns 1044 Helmet

The rugged matte finish of this Cairns 1044 Helmet struck my senses hard. Then I became a die-hard fan of this product considering the comfort, performance, and durability that it is known to offer to its users.

So, what to say? Are you going for it? The Cairns 1044 helmet would be a good choice considering the plethora of specifications and features the product comes loaded with.

Through-color and tough DuraGlass fiberglass, combined with high-temperature resin composite, offer the helmet a complete resistance from chipping and cracking. This helmet comes as the perfect blend of performance and durability in a lightweight design.

The helmet can easily be adjusted for height using its three-position rear ratchet, thus ensuring comfortable and secure fitting for the users. The overhead suspension system or strap can be adjusted in six ways. It not only offers a comfortable and snug fit but even reduced shock transmission right on top of the product.

You can rest assured about the protecting capability of this helmet since it meets the NFPA specifications and the 2013 Edition of Structural Fire Fighting Standard Configuration. Best of all, Cairns’ highly innovative and useful defender visor is thermal and scratch-resistant.

Specifically designed impact cap features rigid and high-temperature urethane foam along with ABS internal liner for added protection. The impact cap has been designed to improve protection at the helmet sides whenever required. It also offers highly advanced penetration, impact, and thermal protection.

The cushioned liner in this helmet is made of good quality leather, and I appreciate that it can easily be removed for upgrading and washing. Besides, the cushioned liner offers greater comfort and ease for long-hour of intensive work.

Other essential inclusions or parts of the helmet include flannel cushion liner, silk-screened Maltese cross, Nomex earlaps in the black and front holder. There is nothing much that most users don’t like about this helmet except that it could have been a bit more durable.
What We Like
  • Great at comfort, durability, and performance
  • Resistant to chipping and cracking
  • A six-way adjustable strap for a comfortable and snug fit.
  • The helmet meets NFPA specifications
  • The helmet comes with a thermal and scratch-resistant defender visor.
What We Don’t Like
  • Durability is a bit compromised.
Overall, this firefighter helmet from Cairns is as exclusive as all the other products coming from the company. I would recommend this helmet for the ones who are on a budget.

8. MSA 1044DSB Fire Helmet

The MSA 1044DSB Cairns 1044 Fire Helmet comes as the perfect blend of performance and durability. Made using DuraGlass in through-color, the top quality matte finish and high performance of its composite material, make the product worth a buy. The first thing many users talk about this helmet is its looks, which gives them an elegant look while wearing it.

Not to mention, the matte finish design of this helmet resists chipping and cracking. Patented shell retains impact cap in case the helmet gets torn off in times of fire and other unforeseen circumstances. It even shields the users from debris, projectiles, and heat. It implies there are the least chances of hurting oneself.

Edge trim works at high temperatures and offers full brim protection. It will not drip or melt at high temperatures. Furthermore, the Nomex chinstrap in shift material and black color promises long-lasting and comfortable use. It features quick-release, one hand sliding systems to make quick adjustments and removals.

The only problem with this product is that its front headband adjusts properly but interferes with the SCBA mask flange. Thus, some users find it irritating.
What We Like
  • The right combination of performance and durability.
  • Impact caps offer complete protection.
  • The superior quality matte-finish design offers great performance.
  • Resistant to chipping and cracking.
  • Chinstrap with a sliding system for making adjustments a breeze.
What We Don’t Like
  • The front headband interferes with the SCBA mask flange.
If you are looking for firefighting helmets that are stylish plus offer a comfortable and secure fit without being too heavy on the head, I recommend going for this product. With a plethora of features, it is one of the most suitable products in this list.

9. Honeywell First Responder EV1 Helmet

Several firemen recommend the Honeywell First Responder Traditional Helmet because of the amazing features it comes loaded with. First of all, its cutting-edge attributes and progressive interface provide unmatched quality and performance. It is an industrial-based product that means the helmet has got a lot to offer to users in terms of safety and precaution.

Honeywell brand is known for its range of helmets and this one is most-picked from the collection due to its comfort factor. The sleek, lightweight, and sturdy design of this helmet can easily be customized to fit perfectly. Thus, it offers superior functionality and unmatched comfort.

Also, the in-built and two-layered cotton ear covers will protect your ears from excessive pressure. Hence, you can wear it for a longer duration without any pain.

Further, the low profile structure of this black colored helmet is made using lightweight materials that offer improved balance and optimal fit. What I appreciate about this helmet is the EZ Touch feature that makes way for the one-touch deployment of eye and face protection.

The only problem with this helmet is its large and loose hang-up loop. Hence, it may become difficult for some users to comfortably put on the helmet, especially those with smaller heads.
What We Like
  • Unmatched quality and performance by cutting-edge features.
  • Offers great comfort and functionality
  • Enhanced balance and maximum fitting
  • Eye and face protection through the EZ Touch feature.
What We Don’t Like
  • A large and loose loop is not comfortable enough.
Unlike the fireman helmet drawing examples that you might have come across, this standard model of a firefighter helmet is more durable and offers customization options. Hence, going for this product by Honewell would be a wise decision.

10. MSA 1044DDW Cairns Fire Helmet

This conventional firefighter helmet does not only offer superb performance but is also known for its durability. If you have long been in the lookout of a headgear that offers complete protection to the firefighters, this is the right product.

Made using a through-color fiberglass composite element, this helmet in matte finish structure offers great performance. The design of this helmet is adept at resisting chipping and cracking. Hence, it can resist the high flames for a longer time to protect your face.

The shell release mechanism features an impact cap that shields the users from projectiles, heat, and debris even if the helmet is torn apart. The 3 positions back ratchet that is height adjustable and offers a snug-fitting to almost any individual also proved to be a useful feature for many users.

As is the case with the other firefighter helmets from MSA Cairns, even this one features a chinstrap that can be easily adjusted using its exclusive sliding system. The chin strap can be removed and adjusted with just one hand.

This product from MSA Cairns is worth buying, but the durability of the rear ratchet that might not meet some users’ expectations.
What We Like
  • The helmet offers great performance
  • Can last for a very long time
  • Perfect product for the different firefighting conditions.
  • Complete protection from projectiles, heat, and debris
  • The height-adjustable feature offers a snug fit for every individual.
  • One-hand adjustable and removable chinstrap.
What We Don’t Like
  • Rear ratchets cannot be used very easily.
  • Chinstrap is not durable.
This helmet that comes loaded with features and a warranty of 10 years from the manufacturer is the ultimate most trusted option that you can get in the category of top-tier fire helmets.

What is a Firefighter Helmet


Firefighters have used helmets for centuries, and this was mainly done for protecting their heads and even their bodies from falling objects, cinders, and heat. Even though most of the helmets’ shape has changed over time, the composition of these products has significantly evolved.

The firefighter helmet history has moved on from the use of traditional leather helmets to the ones made of metals like aluminum, brass, and nickel. Nowadays, there are more composite helmets available in the market. These are specially made of lightweight plastics and polymers.

How Does a Firefighter Helmet Work

Firefighter helmets are more than just a mere piece of firefighting equipment. I consider them to serve as iconic symbols of this noble profession that people serve. They are symbols of professionals who sacrifice for their safety for helping others.

Get hold of helmets that perfectly fit you, and it might not be difficult for you to be a part of yourself. Take good care of the same, and it will safeguard you throughout your life and career.

The Standard governs the basic requirements of a firefighter protective helmet on Protective Ensemble for Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting. The NFPA 1971 puts down several specific performances and design criteria for the same.

When used in the form of protective equipment, designed helmets must meet different protection requirements. These entail resisting contact with electric wires, the impact of all kinds of falling objects and flame, and high heat exposure.

Buyers should pay attention to the importance of lightweight firefighter helmets. They need to be light so they can help in preventing undue stress on the firefighters.

Understanding the Features Guiding the Work Procedure of Firefighter Helmets

The features that guide the work procedure of a firefighter helmet include an energy-absorption system, a shell, a retention mechanism, ear covers, retro-reflective or fluorescent trim, and either goggle or face shield or both.

The Shells

The helmet shells of the present times are made using thermoplastics or thermoset resin elements. These are high-temperature special resins that bind glass and the other fibers in place.

The thermoplastic shells offer more excellent resistance to penetration and impact in comparison to fiberglass. Also, they can hold up through constant thermal exposures. On the other hand, the fiberglass shells can resist chemical exposure in a better way. And yes, they are more stable when exposed to high temperatures.

Energy Absorption System

The manufacturers use varied approaches to creating energy absorption systems in firefighter helmets. They make the effective use of foam within the helmets along with straps or suspension.

Nevertheless, other manufacturers offer enough energy absorption with the use of the suspension system only. The suspension systems in these helmets feature a headband that perfectly fits into the shell of the helmet. There are pins, sockets, and other hardware and different webbing materials to help the straps fit the firefighter’s head.

The headband is made adjustable with the use of a ratchet that fits the professional’s head. Some manufacturers line the headband with leather or other materials for extra comfort.

The Retention System

It is the right retention system that secures the helmet on the head of the firefighter. The retention system in a firefighter helmet features a webbing, nape device, and chin strap. The nape device and the webbing are fastened to the helmet for providing proper adjustment.

There are hook and loop closing systems, buckles, and slide mechanisms for making the right adjustments possible. There is a trim positioned on the exterior shell of the helmet for providing improved visibility. This trim and the reflective trim on the firefighter’s garment allow the protectors to distinguish compromised visibility conditions.

Other Important Features that Make Firefighter Helmets Workable

There are some other features other than the one mentioned above to keep in mind when buying the firefighter helmet.

Ear Covers:

Ear covers are extending down from the equipment on the back and the sides for providing added thermal protection to the firefighter’s neck and head. The covers are made of materials that offer minimum thermal insulation along with great protective performance.

Face Shields:

The modern-day helmets that you will have come across in the market recently even feature face shields or goggles or both. Nevertheless, in the latest editions of the standards governing the manufacture of these helmets, goggles are removed from the list of affixes on a firefighter protective ensemble.

Experts within the fire service departments view that face shields cannot offer proper eye protection. Therefore, these helmets with goggles are way better than those that come with face shields mainly because they are more comfortable.

The face shields in firefighter helmets are completely different from those of industrial face shields specifically designed to provide eye protection. Face shields on helmets used by firefighters are a means of disturbance because of the distortion caused due to excessive soiling and heat exposure.

Types of Firefighter Helmets


There are three wide varieties of firefighter helmets. These include leatherhead, structural and European-style helmets. Here, I will be putting down the details of all the three varieties of helmets.

Leather Helmets

As is suggested by the name itself, these helmets are made entirely of leather. These are available in designs that are specifically customized to the exclusive firefighting requirements. The helmets are made of thick-treated leather that is highly resistant to flame and damages or breaking apart.

A leather fire helmet has evolved with time and is still being used in different parts of the world. They stand as the international symbol of firefighters since they date back to the early years of organized firefighting.

Traditionally, leather helmets featured brass eagle adornments right in the top front for securing leather shields in their front parts. The modern derivatives of these products have retained the original classic shape but are made using more modern and lighter composite materials.

Structural Helmets

The structural helmets are a more streamlined version of leather helmets. They are made of composites or thermoplastics. I have seen them being used in structural extractions and collapses. One of the most trusted things about these items is that they feature goggles in place of face shields.

These products were initially designed to offer a sleeker, lighter weight and more modern appearance compared to the conventional helmet designs. Nevertheless, they retain the distinct profile of a traditional firefighter helmet.

One good thing about these protection tools is that the users can attach face shields to the front of these helmets if they want to do so. Such helmets are widely used by fire fighting departments in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and some parts of Asia.

The newer versions of these products are called Metro helmets, and these come with rounded edges and smaller brims. They are also much lighter in comparison to both composite and leather helmet varieties.

Metal Helmets

The most common metal helmets are the ones made of brass. These helmets feature a high central crest and even have frontal plates with badges. The design is that of a European firefighter helmet, which is the middle ground between a Star Wars helmet and a motorbike headgear. The design of these helmets is purposely made more practical and comfortable.

Metal helmets tend to be conductive, which means they can be safety hazards if the fore has been caused due to an electrical issue. But things have greatly changed in this category over the years.

I can tell you about the modern-day metal helmets that are made using the composite of rubber and cork. Then there are even military-style helmets available. These are made using steel and can offer great protection during air raids.

Urban Rescue Helmets

The urban rescue helmets are primarily used for carrying out urban research work and even for urban rescue missions. These can include medical rescues and technical rescues. The helmets are shaped differently.

They feature low profiles and complete elimination of the protective areas facilitating improved head movement in small and confined spaces. The ones in North-American style are the same as commercial hard hats while the ones in European style appear like the helmets used for rock climbing.

Since these helmets are made of the same materials, they can carry the same heat and flame impact resistance as their larger counterparts. For me, the urban rescue helmets are the most suitable type of firefighter headgear, mainly because they offer seamless compatibility.

If you are a firefighter looking for a suitable hat, you will probably also be interested in accessories for it. We have a list of the top-tier firefighter helmet lights. Also, please check our guide for the top-tier fire helmet cameras if you need.

Why Do You Need a Firefighter Helmet

The career of a firefighter is known to be among the most hazardous. The nature of fire and the unpredictable effects it can have on different materials, make the firefighting profession a challenge for those who go for it. The professionals in this field need to be all prepped-up to do away with all possible dangers that come their way.

The profession is filled with dangers like hazards associated with the lack of proper visibility, explosions, and collapsing structures. Hecne, Firefighters must safeguard their heads effectively while tripping over obstacles in burning structures. Thus, the need for a good firefighter helmet arises.

The type of helmet chosen for the job itself will completely depend on assessing the risks that come with the task. The helmet chosen for a fire fighting department personnel should not just provide complete protection but also not hinder the user’s mobility.

Buying Guide


Wearers are recommended testing both new and used firefighter helmets for establishing the suitability of this equipment for the extremely demanding role of a firefighter. For the ones who are in the lookout of top quality firefighter helmets, these following detailed guides will help find the top-rated protective gear for their duties.

Factors to Consider When Buying Firefighter Helmets

So, when you are about to choose a firefighter helmet, you must keep some significant factors. These include balance, weight, style, and materials. A firefighter helmet should offer maximum comfort level. Nonetheless, it is the design expertise that serves as the main aspect behind the lightweight feeling of these products.

It is always very important for you to choose lightweight but durable helmets known for providing maximum comfort and optimal performance. The design and the engineering of the item are the key points to providing top-quality comfort.

These products are either made of thermoplastic materials or fiberglass. Both these materials are effective in providing complete protection to the firefighters, especially in times of extreme heat. The fiberglass helmets are made with the blend of thermoset resins and glass fibers.

Here the main challenge is designing effective fiberglass with the right blend of glass and thermoset resin. Since glass fiber tends to be heavier than resin, it makes sense to have the right mix to create a lighter helmet shell.

Since there are different varieties of firefighter helmets available in the market these days, it can get a bit confusing for you to make the right choice. While your focus should be on getting a helmet that comes framed with superior quality balance, other important factors need to be considered.

Your prime objective should be getting a helmet that alleviates heavy-top feelings that the firefighters generally complain about. Some important helmet selection factors that you cannot miss out on are as follows:


Firefighter helmets should not lay a lot of weight on the firefighter’s head. Put simply, helmets that stay on the professional’s head in the worst of conditions is the one that will offer complete protection.

To make the right choice here, you can attach the strap of the helmet and try pulling it off from the back. If the helmet rolls out of the head, give a second try by adjusting the strap. But even after adjusting, things do not work out the way you want; it is time for you to move to some other better product.

Retention is one of the most basic issues of the modern-day firefighter helmets and thus make sure to check this feature before making the final purchase.


The visors in firefighter helmets have an important role because they give the user a clear vision. The visor of a helmet should be crystal clear. There is no use going for mercury tinted or smoked visors as they out the hindrance in the path of clear vision.

If you have a good budget, why not consider the anti-scratch and anti-fog visors? They provide good vision and can even last for a very long time.

Proper Cushioning

Firefighter helmets are designed to protect the skill from any kind of damage caused due to fatal conditions, fire explosions, or crash. Hence, the internal cushioning of the product has an important role to play.

You should make sure that the item has good quality cushioning with absorbing force in the most significant manner. The internal surface of the helmet should not be flat; otherwise, it might not have the potential of offering the type of protection it is meant to offer.

Proper Certifications or Approvals

There are different varieties of firefighter helmets available across the market. The manufacturers of these helmets come with the claims that their products offer optimal protection. Nevertheless, in my opinion, you must always check the certifications or the due approvals of the firefighter helmets you are going for.

Duly approved or certified helmets to be used for firefighting conditions assure that they comply with the required quality standards put down by governing authorities. Such helmets can be a bit more expensive in comparison to the ordinary models. However, I would advise going for the duly approved ones if proper protection is your greatest concern.

Now even if you are going for certified and approved helmets that meet quality standards, it is not suggested to do away with the other important factors that need to be considered when buying the product.

To keep certifications aside, you must also consider the factors mentioned above to ensure firefighting safety most effectively.

Other Important Factors to Consider in Making the Right Choice

For auto extrication, firefighting and wildland fires, emergency responses of the top-rated quality can only be made if the firefighting helmets:

  • Offer all-around 360° protection for the head along with hearing protection. To be more specific, the helmet should offer protection from noise pollution and even physical hazards.
  • Should not get in the way of the firefighter constantly and especially when working in confined spaces. If you have been into firefighting, tell me how many times you have removed that helmet simply because it was disturbing you? I suppose you are honest with this answer!
  • It comes with all tried and tested add-ons like lighting and face and eye protection.
  • Offer improved communication with a microphone and in-built speakers.
  • It can be taken apart and easily and even be decontaminated and cleaned to reduce the chances of carcinogens and toxic chemicals remaining on the suspension system or the helmet itself.
  • Fits in the most comfortable manner and in a way that there are no pressure points developed even if the helmet is worn for a very long time.

Care and Maintenance

I consider a smoke-stained firefighter helmet to be a status symbol. But I am also aware that one major cause of growing cancer cases among firefighters is dirty suspension systems in the helmets they use. These suspension systems are in close contact with the firefighter’s head.

Who said the internal padded material in a firefighter helmet could not be cleaned and decontaminated? Of course, helmets and all their internal systems can be inspected and cleaned regularly. The key here is using mild soap and warm water solution for cleaning the helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are leather fire helmets better?

Among all the types of fire helmets, those made of leather are popular because the material can absorb heat. As such, it prevents overheating or passing out.

On top of that, animal skin is also lighter and comfier. Just as leather shoes can soften up, leather fire helmet bend and mold to the user’s head.

Furthermore, leather is naturally ‘fire retardant’. Just to be clear, ‘fire retardant’ is not the same as ‘fire-proof’. When you try to burn it, it will blacken, curl, and shrink instead of bursting into flames. Generally, it will shrink when exposed to 199° C of heat for 10 minutes or longer.

The leather’s tiny pores and its ability to hold moisture allow it to handle high heat, making it an appropriate material for a firefighter hat. Of course, the tanning process can influence its fire resistance. But there’s a catch: Once the leather dries up and cracks, it becomes more vulnerable to ignition.

How much does a firefighter helmet cost?

Prices vary depending on the brand, features, and materials used. Note that firefighter helmet colors typically do not influence the pricing.

Traditional fire helmets and structure fire helmets can cost between $300 to $400. Meanwhile, proximity fire helmets can cost $1,000.

Knowing that European fire helmets are designed differently, my research shows that the price range isn’t far from US fire helmets. Most of them are within the $300 price range.

How long do firefighter helmets last?

Per National Fire Protection Association’s standards, a fire department helmet should be retired after 10 years from the manufacturing date.

Whether you have an old or new fireman helmet, it should not be used in service if it was dropped, if it sustained a forceful blow from falling objects, or if the wearer fell wearing the helmet. If you’re not sure, just take it out of service.

What are the most popular firefighter helmet brands?

The personal protection of a firefighter is not just dependent on the trouser and the jacket he or she puts on but also in the careful choice of foot, hand, and head protection.

Individuals should go for the helmets that come from Honeywell and Line2. This is because the special compatibility areas within their design and technical departments allow the firefighters to analyze all-round suitability of the helmets they are looking to use.

Next, MSA Cairns is also known to offer top quality firefighting helmets in different varieties. You can choose traditional helmets and urban rescue headgear along with modern helmets, industrial helmets, leather firefighting helmets, and wildland rescue helmets.

The firefighter helmet for sale available from Aeromax helps create perfect protection because of the heavy-duty and top quality material it is made up of. Each of the firefighting helmets manufactured by Aeromax is simple to use while being innovative in their designs. They boast of the use of the latest technology.

What is a firefighter’s helmet called?

Initially, the helmets made of leather were also called leatherhead, and firefighters in Northern America are still using these. The helmets are also called fireman headgear or fireman helmet.

What do different color fire helmets mean?

The different colors of a fire helmet have a certain importance and are quite meaningful as well. The colors on the helmets denote the position or the rank of the wearer. Helmets in black color generally denote basic or private firefighters. The red or yellow helmets denote captain or lieutenant while the one in white denotes chief.

Some firefighting agencies have all their helmets in black. These are agencies where the colors of the badges denote the ranking or firefighting officials’ position. It is important to note that the fire investigating helmets of ATF or Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms units are in bright blue.

The specific meaning of the style and color of firefighting helmets can vary from one region to another and from one department to the other.


Hopefully, the above illustration of different varieties of firefighting helmets and the reviews of the best firefighter helmet varieties will give you the confidence to make your ultimate choice.

For a small brush-up, the traditional style’s structural firefighting headgear offers the highest protection level against impact and penetration. The different varieties of these helmets are made using heat-proof thermoplastic that offers maximum lateral protection and strength. Even fiberglass and other composites are used for making these products.

If you want to go by my words, then choosing the helmets that come from MSA Cairns would always be a wise decision for you. These are top quality, heat resistant helmets that will surely satisfy all your requirements.

Equipping firefighters with superior quality structural and urban rescue helmets will offer them complete safety and comfort.

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