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How to Get Scratches Out of Safety Glasses? (7 Easy Ways)

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If your safety glasses are scratched, then you do not have to worry because you do not have to discard them right away and invest in a new pair. It is mainly because there are plenty of ways on how to get scratches out of safety glasses and make them look like new again.

How to Get Scratches Out of Safety Glasses

The good thing about the methods and solutions mentioned here is that they can get rid of the scratches without damaging the glasses even further. Several of the solutions mentioned here also use materials that you can easily find inside your home. Here they are:

7 Easy Methods to Get Scratches Out of Safety Glasses

#1 – Invest in a polymer safety glasses polishing kit

This kit is usually available at several grocery and convenience stores. What is good about this product is that aside from being cheap and inexpensive, it is effective in removing light scratches. It is designed for light scratches as well as plastic lenses. Once you have the kit, make sure to read the package directions or instructions.

Use the power of white vinegar

Remember that each kit or brand has some slight differences in usage, so make sure to read them carefully to avoid harming your glasses’ lens even further. The product inside the kit actually comes in the form of a liquid. With the help of the included brush applicator, apply it over the light scratches by wiping or painting it.

Ensure that you cover all the scratches. Allow the product to dry based on the suggested period. Wipe the lens with the help of a soft and small cloth. While doing so, smooth out all bumps caused by the strokes of the brush. Once done, you will notice that your glasses are already free of the scratches.

#2 – Put on a scratch remover

You should put this scratch remover on the lenses. Note that you can actually find several products that are useful in removing the scratches from your lens. One of these is a non-abrasive toothpaste. To use, start by dabbing a small amount of it into the lens. Use a cotton ball in rubbing the toothpaste into the scratch in circular motions.

When it comes to rinsing, it would be best to use some cool water. In the case of deep scratches, doing the whole process repeatedly should be the best thing that you can do. Another scratch remover that you can actually make at the comforts of your own home if you do not have a toothpaste is a mixture of water and baking soda.

Mix just the right amount of water and baking soda together in a bowl. You will know that you are mixing enough if you were able to produce a thick paste. Once you have made the paste, rub it in a similar manner through which you applied the toothpaste. Rinse it once you notice that the scratches are gone.

#3 – Use a vehicle cleaning wax

You can also take advantage of a vehicle cleaning wax if you want to remove scratches from your protective eyewear. While this is primarily sued in polishing cars and vehicles, it is also a big help in filling in and getting rid of scratches from safety glasses, especially those constructed from plastic and glass materials.

To use this wax, get a soft and clean cloth. Put some of the wax into the cloth then buff it gently to the scratched areas. Continue doing so until you have removed all the scratches. This might require you to use a few clothes since the wax tends to easily adhere to the fabric.

#4 – Remove the scratches by using a glass cleaner and soap

Remove the scratches by using a glass cleaner and soap

To maximize the effects of this solution, you should make it a point to put several drops of dish soap in a bowl containing a window cleaner. Mix the two ingredients together. This should create a cleaning mixture, which you can use to finally say goodbye to the scratches in your glasses.

What you have to do is to scrub the lens gently using the mixture. Use a soft and clean cloth when applying it. Rinse using water then use a microfiber cloth to dry the affected areas.

#5 – Use a baby wash

Another way to solve the issue of scratches in your safety glasses is to use a baby wash. You will find it a great and safe solution considering the fact that this wash works as a gentle cleanser. What is good about a high-quality baby wash is that it is chemical-free. It works effectively in buffing out scratches.

You also only need to use a few drops of it together with warm water. Use a soft cloth or your fingers in scrubbing this mixture gently. Aside from removing the already present scratches in your safety glasses, this solution is also helpful in preventing the buildup of scratches on the lens in the future.

#6 – Use the power of white vinegar


Are you looking for a homemade solution to scratches that accumulated in your safety glasses? Then white vinegar is your ultimate solution. This versatile cleaning solution that you can easily find in any household works in freeing up your safety glasses from scratches.

What you have to do is to combine vinegar and baking soda until you produce a cleaning solution. Wait for the solution’s foaming to subside before using it. With the help of a soft and clean cloth, apply the mixture. You just have to buff it out gently into the scratched surfaces.

#7 – Clean it using rubbing alcohol

Any rubbing alcohol also works as a great solution for safety glasses’ scratches removal. The only thing that you need to use this solution is another mild and gentle abrasive such as a microfiber cloth.

It is also advisable to add some baking soda into the mixture. Apply it to the scratches. The good news is that this solution also works in cleaning your safety glasses in case you have already removed or buffed out all the scratches.


It is not actually that hard to find the best solutions on how to get scratches out of safety glasses. It is mainly because some household items can already do the job. Just make sure that you conduct good research about each solution first prior to using it. This will guarantee safe results and the effective application of the technique.

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