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The Best TIG Welding Gloves (Flexibility and Dexterity)

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

The best TIG welding gloves are among the most vital personal protective equipment of TIG welders. When trying to search for superior welding gloves designed for TIG welding jobs, remember that you need to find the right balance between heat protection and touch sensitivity.

Keep in mind that TIG is known for producing the lowest amount of spark and heat among all welding styles. The problem is that heat buildup and radiant heat on metal are also at risk of becoming quite intense if you do not know how to deal with them.

best tig welding gloves

One thing to remember about TIG welding is that it is the perfect solution if you are after precision, such as when trying to handle a structural weld. It works if you wish to produce a precise and clean bead, which requires no or little grinding or smoothing. It is a good choice in case of highly technical welds that need short runs.

In addition, the TIG gloves can be expected to help you handle various metals, such as zinc anneal, stainless steel, and aluminum. Another thing that you have to remind yourself of about TIG welding is that it needs great control over the area you need to weld. Done correctly, it can also produce high-quality welds.

That said, you need to have really great skills in order to produce the desired results from this field. To ensure that you will be able to do your job in this field and keep your hands safe, check out the following options for the top 10 TIG welding gloves.

Short reviews of these top-rated TIG gloves are also included so you will get to know more about each one. That way, you can decide which one has all the characteristics needed to make your job easier.


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11 Best Gloves for TIG Welding Reviews 2023

1. YESWELDER ‎AP-1077-XL Premium Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves

First of all, this pair is synonymous with good welding gloves for TIG welding. Besides its flexibility, the glove material is neither too thick nor too thin, which gives workers unrestricted hand movement.

While the texture of the inner lining feels soft and smooth, the fabric does not slip and slide when I try to grip different items. Furthermore, this layer helps in resisting high heat. That said, I can don the gloves quickly and doff them when my hands feel toasty during welding.

Another reason why these gloves are safe for welding is that the materials are sewn with durable Kevlar threads. This way, I don’t have to worry about threads catching fire. Rest assured, the stitchings are well-made so the gloves won’t get damaged easily due to wear and tear. Considering the hazards that come with TIG welding, these gloves can sufficiently provide protection.

The only issue thus far is that these gloves are not true to size. Although I ordered the correct size, the fit seems a tad too snug around the fingers. If you can find the time to visit a hardware or safety gear store, try different sizes first to determine the best-fitted welding gloves for you.
What We Like
  • Resistant to extremely high temperatures
  • Lets your hands move freely
  • Has a soft inner lining for enhanced comfort
  • Easy don and doff
  • Sewn with durable Kevlar threads
  • Highly suitable for TIG welding
What We Don’t Like
  • Feels tight around the fingers
Discounting the sizing issue, I think these TIG welding gloves are fantastic as they meet all the criteria. Even though the material is tough against heat, it will not hinder you from handling and controlling your welding equipment.

2. Caiman 1660 Long Cuff Tig Welding Gloves

If you are a great fan of Caiman welding gloves then the brand’s Long Cuff Medium TIG/MIG Welding Gloves might be among those that will immediately grab your attention. I discovered that it is an excellent pair of TIG/MIG gloves designed to handle the tough and hazardous working environment that you are in.

What I totally love about it is it is built tough despite being offered at a low price. In fact, its overall quality is significantly higher than its price. Available in a medium size, I discovered how effective it is when used in the majority of welding jobs. It is constructed from the goat grain leather, which is known for its durability and resilience.

This means that you will not have any problems with it not lasting the way you want to. It fits well while having the dexterity that most users are hoping to get from a pair of welding gloves. One more thing that I like is that it is built to take on a lot of abuse from the daily grind of welding.

It has a great feel, too. It is lightweight, which is a great thing if you do not want to experience a lot of trouble using and managing it. I am also very impressed with its high split leather cuff, which is around 4 inches in length. I find this long enough to offer protection to my forearms against the possibility of getting burned when I am welding.

However, take note of its flaw, which revolves around its leather material being prone to shrinking when exposed to extreme heat.
What We Like
  • Great feel and secure fit
  • Can handle tough and hazardous work environments
  • Provides the dexterity most users want
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Offers protection to forearms, thanks to its high split leather cuff
What We Don’t Like
  • The leather material is prone to shrinking
To conclude, it is a valuable pair of gloves that is worth your money. It is affordable while giving you a pair of TIG gloves of decent quality.

3. Superior 370GFKLL Precision Arc TIG Welding Glove

One product that earns a lot of positive reviews from welders nowadays is the Superior 370GFKLL Precision Arc TIG Welding Glove. This is one of those arc welding gloves designed to meet the demands and requirements of most TIG welders. One positive thing that caught my attention about this pair is its high level of cut resistance.

This offers great dexterity and touch control, too. I am so glad that it is mainly based on goatskin leather because I noticed how durable and tough this material is. With its high level of durability and toughness, I can immediately sense its great dexterity and touch sensitivity – both of which are essential for all TIG welders.

Another strength of this pair of gloves is its strength. It is made strong with the cut and sewn Kevlar interlock used as a lining for the glove’s hand portion. I am amazed at how helpful this is in giving users a more precise and secure fit without interfering the glove’s ability to offer superior touch sensitivity and resistance against heat.

Another thing that pleases me about this pair of TIG gloves is that it is not only limited to TIG welding applications. For those who are constantly trying to compare TIG gloves vs. MIG gloves, they will be glad to know that this particular pair also works fine for MIG welding. It also works great for stainless steel welding and steel foundries.

Putting it on is also effortless and easy because it features split-cowhide gauntlet cuffs that are wide-fitting. It has a great style without sacrificing its ability to offer as much protection to users as possible.

One problem, though, is that it takes more time than expected to break in.
What We Like
  • Great cut-resistance
  • Offers great dexterity and cut control
  • Precise and secure fit guaranteed
  • Versatile as its use is not limited to TIG welding only
  • Easy to put on
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes more time than expected to break in
All in all, I am pretty sure that you will feel greatly satisfied with what this TIG welding glove can offer as it is mainly constructed from sophisticated materials and built in a way that it fits users well while delivering a great function and performance.

4. Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Gloves

If you want to invest in Lincoln welding gloves then I greatly recommend this pair of Grain Leather TIG Gloves from the same trusted brand. It is not as thick as other welding gloves, making it perfect for TIG welding, which does not involve the production of a lot of sparks, heat, and splatter.

Mainly constructed with the help of top-grain goat leather, I instantly realized how sturdy this pair is. Despite being made to be sturdy, it still fits well without losing its ability to make you feel extremely comfortable when doing your job. This leather material is even known for its pliability and softness without sacrificing its durability.

With that, I am pretty sure that it is compatible with the majority of TIG welding environments and conditions. I am glad that these gloves are built with dexterity in mind. In fact, it is constructed with 3-part sewn fingers, allowing it to offer an incredible feel and dexterity – both of which are crucial for TIG welders.

I would also like to highlight the high-strength seams used in this pair of gloves. The fact that it makes use of high-strength Kevlar thread to stitch its seams helps prevent the seams from failing while boosting the glove’s durability. I also applaud the brand for its use of an extra piece of leather to reinforce the thumb.

It is because it further enhances the strength and durability of the gloves. I super love the sturdy leather cuff, which is around 4 inches long. It is because it does not only provide good abrasion-resistance but also protects users from flames, sparks, and heat.

However, it does not seem to work that well when used to carry or move hot metals.
What We Like
  • Sturdy while still remaining comfortable
  • Works great in all TIG welding environments
  • Built with enough dexterity
  • Uses high-strength Kevlar thread for the seams’ stitching, making it strong
  • Abrasion-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t be used in carrying or moving hot metals
Even with that flaw, this pair is still constructed in a way that it has more than enough strength, durability, and strategic reinforcements for various TIG applications.

5. Revco BSX Black Stallion GM1510 TIG Welding Glove

I am also one hundred percent sure that this BSX Black Stallion MIG/TIG Welding Glove will give you the ultimate solution for your TIG welding needs. Constructed out of the soft yet high-premium goatskin, I have an assurance that this pair can provide me with the ultimate solution to the lightweight protection I want from a glove.

One thing that satisfies me the most about this glove is its overall quality. It is built to be tough, giving it the chance to handle a lot of use and abuse. In fact, it is possible for you to enjoy using it for a long or extended period of time.

It is comfortable enough to wear for long hours. In fact, you can wear it for at least 8 hours without worrying about your hands hurting after just a while. Another benefit I discovered upon using this pair is its incredible trigger control. I instantly sensed this because of its built-in seamless index finger.

I am also satisfied with the additional heat protection it offers, thanks to the lined palm, which makes this benefit happen. With the help of its Kevlar stitching, I also realized how effective the glove is in delivering what it promises in terms of being resistant to abrasion and sparks.

The built-in padded DragPatch is also a big advantage as it provides more coverage for hot zones. The flexibility of this welding glove is also undeniable. It is flexible enough that even those with arthritic hands can use it with ease.

As for the drawback, the only thing I can say is that it tends to shrink when constantly exposed to the hot components associated with MIG welding.
What We Like
  • Offers lightweight protection
  • Can handle a lot of abuse
  • Comes with a lined palm for extra heat protection
  • Can resist abrasion and sparks
  • Flexible
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to shrinking with constant exposure to heat caused by MIG welding
Despite that, I can say that this is one of the most versatile welding gloves in the market today as it is compatible with most TIG and MIG welding applications.

6. Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask TIG Welding Glove

The next product that I would like to recommend is Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask TIG Welding Glove. One unique trait about this welding glove is that it is slightly thicker compared to other TIG gloves. What I like even more about this glove is that I find it multipurpose or multifunctional.

Aside from TIG welding, I also find it useful in multipurpose applications. In terms of quality, I can’t find any fault in this welding glove. It is constructed of high-quality materials, mainly premium goat grain leather, which is a big help in showcasing its dexterity and flexibility.

It also uses wool for its back, which is beneficial as this material serves as the ultimate solution for insulation. As for the seams, Kevlar thread is used by sewing it into them. This thread is 100 percent flame-resistant and tough, which is also helpful as it works in maximizing the strength of the seams.

Another thing that is so good about this welding glove is the added comfort brought on by its dual-padded palm. It is also soft enough, making it easier to maneuver. One more positive trait about this glove is that it is not prone to shrinking when it is exposed to heat.

Cleaning it up is also easy. In fact, you can wash it in your washing machine without any problem. Furthermore, it provides sufficient protection from heat and burns.

However, some find the gloves slightly thick, making it a bit troublesome to use when holding hot parts.
What We Like
  • Multipurpose/multifunctional
  • Constructed from high-quality and tough materials
  • Well-insulated, thanks to the wool at the back
  • Flame-resistant Kevlar thread used for the seams
  • Comfortable and easy to maneuver
What We Don’t Like
  • Too thick for some users
With the excellent quality of this pair of Miller welding gloves, I am one hundred percent sure that it can make your job easier as a welder while giving you peace of mind, knowing that you are fully protected and safe.

7. Tillman 25BL Pearl Unlined Premium TIG Welding Gloves

The next product in the list is the Tillman Large Pearl Unlined Premium TIG Welding Glove. One noteworthy quality of this welding glove is its lightweight nature. It is a premium-grade glove, which is light enough, giving you the opportunity of using and managing it without any issues.

I also love the fact that this glove is lock-stitched using Kevlar thread. It is because this specific thread adds more strength into the gloves. Furthermore, it is a big help in improving the feel when wearing gloves. It is also a big help in boosting its longevity.

The glove features a straight thumb and constructed out of deerskin split leather, which makes it as sturdy as possible. What is great about this leather material is that it also significantly improves the dexterity of the glove. It also boasts of enhanced protection and grip because of its 4-inch cuff.

The lightness of this glove promotes ease when manipulating it. It is one of the most comfortable TIG welding gloves that you can use as it fits your hands really well. Furthermore, it boasts of its great sensitivity, which makes it really perfect for TIG welding.

The problem is that it tends to feel slippery when you handle the filler rod for the first time.
What We Like
  • Lightweight and premium-grade
  • Strong and tough, thanks to the Kevlar thread used
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers more than enough dexterity and protection
  • Easy to manipulate
What We Don’t Like
  • Tends to feel slippery when used in handling filler rod
Overall, this is one of those Tillman TIG gloves that will leave a good impression to users as it is well-made and showcases enough flexibility, dexterity, and sensitivity for TIG welding projects.

8. Revco T50 The Ultimate TIG Welding Glove

You can also invest in Revco T50 TIG welding glove. Available in various sizes, specifically from medium to XX-large, I am quite sure that you will not experience any problem finding the right fit and size for your hands. Provided you picked the correct size, it is possible for this glove to let you enjoy a snug fit.

It stylishly appears in the combined colors of white and black. One of its major highlights is its flame-resistant nature, which is made possible with the gentle kidskin material. I find its seamless index design impressive, which is also a big help in making it suitable for TIG welding.

This specific design is also proven beneficial in terms of boosting the glove’s dexterity. One more thing that is so positive about this Revco welding glove is its unique ergonomic thumb style. Furthermore, it makes use of Kevlar thread for its stitching, which is also flame-resistant.

It also has better durability compared to other low-quality gloves because it makes use of a Dragpitch design. It is soft while giving you the comfort and convenience you need when you are using it. Add to that the built-in ergonomic keystone thumb of this glove, and you will surely further enjoy the comfort that it can offer.

I also find it easy to control and maneuver. It is lightweight and showcases good heat resistance. It even provides additional protection for the back of your hands.

However, it is prone to wearing out faster than other welding gloves in the market today.
What We Like
  • Provides various choices for sizes
  • Snug and secure fit guaranteed
  • Suits TIG welding projects really well
  • Flame-resistant Kevlar thread used for its stitching
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
What We Don’t Like
  • Wears out faster compared to other gloves
For its fair price, I perceive this TIG welding glove from Revco as a valuable investment its quality, dexterity, and other traits are really good.

9. West Chester IRONCAT 6141 TIG Welding Gloves

The next product I would like to talk about is the Ironcat TIG Gloves from West Chester. One thing that I genuinely find remarkable about this glove is that it uses leather, which is both durable and soft. I find it highly durable in the sense that it allows me to work in various industries and environments, like in shipyards, automotive, torch work, gas welding, manufacturing, and steel mills.

The leather used is also soft enough that it optimizes comfort and dexterity for all users. With that, maneuvering it in various industries is easy. I also noticed that this glove is protective. It uses Kevlar threading, which is a big help in guarding the glove’s seams against sparks and heat.

I also discovered that this is one of the long welding gloves with great coverage. I think that this is made possible with the help of its extended cuff, which works by keeping your lower arms as well as your hands fully protected from burns. It optimizes its grip, thanks to the fact that it makes use of the straight thumb style.

I am also happy to say that this welding glove is resistant to punctures and abrasion. It provides superior dexterity and fit – both of which are essential if you are involved in TIG welding jobs. I can also say that it is a nice pair of gloves with a really great style. The leather used is known for its good quality, too.

One issue I discovered, though, is that the edges are quite rough.
What We Like
  • Can be used in several industries and applications
  • Comfortable with adequate dexterity
  • Can protect the seams from sparks and heat
  • Offers protection from burns, thanks to its extended cuff
  • Can resist punctures and abrasion
What We Don’t Like
  • The edges are quite rough
This is a minor flaw that any welder can ignore and tolerate, though, especially once they see how functional and high in quality these welding gloves from West Chester are.

10. Black Stallion BSX Premium TIG Welding Gloves

The Black Stallion BSX Premium TIG Welding Glove is also another product that I intend to suggest to all welders who are looking for a reliable pair. What I love about this pair is that its use is not only limited to TIG welding. I also find it versatile in the sense that I am allowed to use it in both MIG and arc welding.

It is constructed from premium leather-grade material, which has the right amount of thickness, a big help if you want to receive proper heat insulation when you are welding. I love the large cuffs integrated into this glove, too. It is because these are helpful in preventing your hands from getting burned.

It also works in making the gloves as long-lasting as possible. Another thing that I find to be a valuable benefit in this welding glove is the drag patch as it features additional padding on its palms. This enhances not only the level of comfort provided by the gloves but also its ability to offer protection.

Another positive benefit that I can get from this glove is its sturdiness. I think that this is brought on by the Kevlar stitching added to its pressure points. When it comes to dexterity, I have no complaints about this product. It is because it truly delivers a great level of dexterity by using soft grain pigskin leather on its three fingers.

I am also happy to say that it is nicely designed. Plus, it has the right amount of thickness and protection in the right places. It is also thin and supple enough in places where these traits are needed the most.

However, this pair of welding gloves is also bulkier compared to the others.
What We Like
  • Highly versatile and reliable
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Comfortable and protective
  • Provides a great level of dexterity
  • Protects your hands from getting burned
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit bulky
Overall, the gloves fit well for a number of welders, making it one of the top choices for those who are searching for high-quality gloves designed not only for TIG welding but also for other jobs.

11. West Chester IRONCAT 6100 TIG Welding Gloves

The last pair of TIG welding gloves that I would like to introduce and recommend is the West Chester IRONCAT 6100. I love the fire-resistant silicone coating because it supplies a high level of heat and cut protection. It also has premium tactile qualities that are essential for all TIG welding gloves.

I am also greatly satisfied with the grip provided by the gloves. It has a good deal of grip in the sense that you will not experience any difficulty when using it for your TIG welding jobs.

It also allows you to have the ultimate feel when using the wires because it has dotted fingers and palm while having enough breaks in the areas where your fingers and hand break. Another plus point of this pair of welding gloves is that it has a great contact heat rating at the back of your hands.

This makes it genuinely protective. It offers great protection against heat while promoting superior dexterity. It has a nice feel and fit, too, so rest assured that it is hassle-free and trouble-free to use. Aside from being protective against heat, the gloves can also keep you safe from hot metal chips that tend to fly around.

It is known for its durability while also being very easy to clean.

The problem with these gloves is that they are quite stiff but rest assured that they will loosen up eventually with regular use.
What We Like
  • Comes with premium tactile qualities
  • Offers protection from heat and cuts
  • Superior dexterity guaranteed
  • Nice feel and fit
  • Keeps you secure from heat and hot metal chips
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit stiff when used initially
Even with that flaw, I can still say that this TIG welding glove is a great contender in the industry because of its strength, sturdiness, highly protective nature, and dexterity.

What is a Pair of TIG Welding Gloves

best tig gloves

TIG welding involves the production of low heat along with a more concentrated flame. This leads to minimal sparks. This is the main reason why TIG welding gloves can be described as thinner than ordinary gloves available for welders. The fact that it is thinner is essential in ensuring that TIG welders will have a more sensitive feel.

Aside from being constructed out of thinner materials, TIG gloves are also softer. You can expect them to have a snug fit, allowing users to manipulate the filler and torch in a more precise manner. It is important to note that some of the usual dangers involved in TIG welding come from light rather than sparks.

Because of that, you do not need to use a thicker material for the gloves. Another thing that makes TIG welding gloves distinctive is that they are constructed from the combination of fire-resistant fabric and leather materials. They have to fit correctly while allowing the mobility of your fingers.

How Does It Work

The gloves for TIG welding can be expected to work by ensuring that they are made in such a way that they adhere to two important factors – touch sensitivity and protection. Touch sensitivity is essential for the TIG gloves to work because the whole welding process needs plenty of coordination and a light touch.

In this case, you need a pair of gloves with a snug fit. This is crucial in TIG welding as it supports a good range of hand motion. In this case, you also need to look for gloves based on leather material. You need to use this material for TIG welding as it is capable of handling the heat without catching fire that easily.

Just make sure that you look for gloves that use a kind of leather, which showcases a soft feel, such as deerskin or pigskin. To work, good TIG gloves need to be thin enough in order for them to provide enough dexterity while still having adequate thickness to keep you fully protected from heat.

If you notice that you require a break every once in a while when you are welding a line because of the buildup of heat then it might be necessary for you to invest in a new pair of glove. A welding glove, which features a Kevlar liner, is also an excellent choice.

It is because Kevlar is known not only for its heat-resistance but also for its manageable size. It does not add bulk to the glove. In addition, this kind of lining is cut-resistant, which is a big help if you need to handle sharp metals. It is also possible for the TIG gloves to function well if it has a high level of heat-resistance.

In this case, you might want to look for a glove, which also comes with Nomex lining, as this is a major help in insulating your hands from heat. One great thing about Nomex is that it is flame-retardant, preventing it from melting or dripping in case you are exposed to direct heat or flame.

Types of TIG Welding Gloves

tillman tig gloves

TIG welding actually involves the production of the least amount of heat. The whole welding process also needs the highest level of precision. Because of that, you need safety gloves capable of providing enough flexibility.

Some of the things that you have to look for in a pair of the best TIG welding gloves are thin material, which promotes ease of movement or maneuverability, snug fit, which supports good finger sensitivity, cotton-foam or wool lining, and Kevlar thread for its stitches.

One of the most commonly used pair of gloves for TIG welding is that constructed out of goatskin leather. Most TIG welders prefer the use of goatskin because aside from being flexible and light, it is also truly comfortable. The fact that it is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable also means that it allows them to pick up and feed the filler rods.

Another thing that makes goatskin welding gloves good for TIG welding is that they are water- and oil-resistant. Aside from goatskin, you can also use deerskin welding gloves for TIG. This is a great material because it shapes itself to your hands, thereby promoting a truly comfortable fit.

The fact that deerskin is a soft leather also ensures that it can supply a good amount of dexterity. In addition, it promotes a high level of flexibility, making it ideal for the whole TIG welding procedure.

Apart from the specific kind of leather used in making the gloves, you should also know the major difference between split and top grain leather. Split leather is usually taken from the shoulder of the side of an animal. In most cases, it is thicker, making it perfect in those situations where you need more protection.

Just remember that since it is thicker, it might also affect its flexibility a bit. This makes it less preferable for welding projects that need a good amount of precision. You can also choose top-grain leather, which takes the leather material from the animal hide’s top. It is a leather material of top-notch quality, capable of withstanding wear and tear.

In addition, it is smooth, think, and soft, giving you full control of your movements. This makes it good for TIG welding projects. Another thing to remember about TIG welding gloves is that the best type is created in such a way that it can supply finger sensitivity together with more than enough protection.

Why Do You Need to Wear TIG Welding Gloves

TIG welding gloves are really important gears for all TIG welders. One reason why you have to wear one is that it contributes a lot in improving your welding ability and speed and in making you feel secure and safe while performing your job.

It is important, especially because TIG welding requires you to find the correct balance between protection and flexibility. One of the reasons why you need to wear the right welding gloves for TIG applications is that this material supports proper movements in the event that you need to do more precise welds using a TIG torch.

Another reason for wearing TIG welding gloves is that most of them come with extra or additional padding within the palm or on the outer part of your hands. This makes them truly comfortable for regular use and for extended hours of work. Most TIG gloves are also made in such a way that they have excellent and incredible fit.

You can even find gloves with additional padding on your fingers, allowing you to rest your fingers on hot surfaces with a lower risk of harming yourself. You might also want to wear the welding gloves because these are capable of helping you sling them in case they become excessively hot.

One more thing that makes the gloves beneficial is that they usually come with Velcro straps that promote ease and speed when it comes to removing them in case of discomfort due to excessive heat when performing your welding job.

Other great reasons for investing in TIG welding gloves is that they are heat-resistant and offer additional protection with their cotton-foam and wool lining.

TIG Gloves Buying Guide

best gloves for tig welding

It is no longer a secret that TIG welding gloves truly provide you with everything you need to keep your hands safe and fully protected from harm when doing TIG welding projects. These gloves are manufactured in a way that they can protect your hands from injury.

With its help, your hands will be safe from being exposed to too much heat, especially the one generated by your TIG welder machine. Aside from that, it needs to be flexible and soft enough to shape your hands naturally. But with the numerous TIG gloves introduced to the market today, you might experience confusion during the selection.

Get rid of your confusion by being aware of what you should look for exactly. Here are actually some of the important factors and pointers that should contribute a lot to your buying decision:

Material – The primary material used in constructing the TIG welding gloves should have a say on your buying decision. In most cases, leather is the main material used in constructing these gloves. It should also be noted that there are different kinds of leather for this job.

One of the most popular is kidskin, which is an effective all-around and bestselling TIG glove because it is not only durable but also thin enough and flexible. However, take note that it is not as heat-resistant as the other types of leather, so many consider it as an inferior choice, especially if they need to do heavy TIG welding often.

You might also want to choose goatskin, which is a type of leather known for its dexterity and great durability. What is great about this material is that it is both flexible and lightweight. Both these traits make it perfect for heavy welding. In addition, the glove is oil- and water-resistant.

Another leather material that you can choose is deerskin, which is both comfortable and soft. It can resist heat and abrasion. Other great choices for TIG welding gloves are pigskin, elkskin, cow skin, and kangaroo skin.

Thickness – Another important consideration when shopping for the high quality TIG welding gloves is the thickness. Keep in mind that while TIG welding does not produce as much heat as the stick or MIG welding process. The buildup of heat might still be transmitted into the welder.

One thing to remember is that you still need a TIG glove, which is thin enough so it can provide you with the required dexterity. However, it should still have the right amount of thickness in the sense that it can give you adequate protection from heat.

To make sure that it has sufficient thickness, look for one with a lining. If possible, it should have a Kevlar liner as this is popular for its excellent ability to resist heat without significantly increasing the glove’s bulk.

Another thing that makes the Kevlar lining impressive is its cut-resistance. This makes it thick enough to protect you from sharp metals.

Coverage – Check the coverage of the welding gloves, too. You have to consider the arm coverage provided by the gloves. Keep in mind that as a TIG welder, you are also putting your skin at risk of damage due to exposing yourself to radiation.

It is because the UV radiation produced by a welding arc can also burn your unprotected skin the same way it is burned by the sun’s UV radiation. It is safe to assume that this is applicable for direct UV radiation exposure and radiation reflected from walls, ceilings, and metal surfaces.

The problem is that being exposed to UV rays for the long term can trigger the development of skin cancer. With that, it is crucial to look for TIG welding gloves that provide just the right amount of coverage. If possible, it should have a gauntlet cuff designed to protect your entire hands and arms, including your wrist.

Feel – How the TIG welding gloves feel should also contribute to your final buying decision. One thing you have to ensure is that it should feel comfortable. It should feel comfortable in the sense that you can do simple and complex welding tasks without the need to remove the gloves.

It should fit you well, too. This is the key to ensuring that it will give you the right feel. In addition, it should be comfortable enough that you will not have problems moving your fingers and hands. With that, you can accomplish all your welding tasks without any trouble.

The chosen style for the thumb also plays a major role in the comfort level provided by a specific pair of welding gloves. It has a say on how the gloves will feel once you wear them. Some gloves feature a wing thumb style. You will love this style because it is comfortable enough with its ergonomic shape.

Lining – Another thing that you should spend time assessing when shopping for good and reliable TIG welding gloves is the lining. If you want to receive extra protection then you should go for gloves that feature a cotton or wool lining. What is good about cotton lining is that it absorbs sweat while supplying you with more than enough dexterity.

You can also go for a wool lining. While some say that it lessens your mobility, a wool lining is still an excellent choice because of its heat-resistant nature.

Thread – Check the thread and stitches in your chosen TIG welding gloves. Make sure that the stitches are not only robust but also heat-resistant. In this case, you might want to go for those gloves that use Kevlar thread. What is good about Kevlar is that it is not only strong but is also very heat-resistant.

It is also beneficial because aside from the fact that it does not melt that easily, it also boasts of less stretch. It is also sturdier while also having the ability to handle wear and tear.

Lifespan – An incredible pair of TIG welding gloves is also one with a long lifespan. Note that the glove’s lifespan changes dramatically based on the amount of welding that you do. The lifespan of the gloves can also be affected by daily wear and tear. This happens because of abrasion and heat.

In case you notice that your welding gloves wear quicker than what you initially expected then it might be best for you to look for a high-end and high-quality pair. If possible, look for gloves constructed out of tough leather material, such as goatskin.

It should also have Kevlar sewing up to its seams as this can strengthen its construction, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance for your TIG welding gloves involves learning the proper ways to clean and wash them. It is crucial to clean them regularly to guarantee their longevity. When it comes to cleaning, the first step that you can do is to combine a mild detergent with cool water in a bowl.

Get a clean and white cloth and soak it into the water and soap mixture. Use this cloth in gently rubbing the surface dirt and stains found on the welding gloves. Use both your hands to squeeze the gloves. You should then get a clean towel and use it in removing any excess water.

Avoid wringing or twisting the gloves as a means of drying them as doing such might only cause damages to the material. Let the gloves air-dry completely prior to using them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TIG welding gloves heat-resistant? What temperature are these gloves good for?

Yes. Keep in mind that while TIG welding does not expose you to as much heat as the other types of welding, remember that you still need some form of protection to it. This is the main reason why TIG welding gloves are still heat-resistant, keeping your hands and arms safe from extreme heat and sparks.

Most heat-resistant TIG gloves, especially those constructed from Kevlar, can even withstand extreme temperatures, even those that have a maximum temperature of 800 degrees F.

How to choose the right size of TIG welding gloves?

Picking the right size of TIG gloves for you is important if you want to experience utmost comfort during the whole duration of your welding task. To get the right fit, measure your hand. The best way to do is to get an accurate measurement of your dominant hand using a tape measure based on a soft cloth.

In case the glove you are planning to buy is available in numbered sizes then you can easily correlate the measured inch directly into the numbered size indicated. For instance, if your measurement is 7 inches then you have to look for a size 7 pair of gloves.

Some brands also provide a sizing chart that you can choose to determine the right size for you. You can refer to it to ensure that you get the proper and right size. You can also find the right size of welding gloves for you by measuring the length of your fingers.

You can do that by starting your measurement from your palm’s bottom edge to your middle finger’s tip. One reason why you should get the right size and fit of welding gloves is that it is the key to giving you the right coverage in terms of protection and comfort.

Welding gloves vs TIG welding gloves: what is the difference?

Generally, the OSHA and ANSI guidelines stipulate that all welding gloves must protect the worker against burns, cuts, heat, fire, electric shock, impact, scrapes, and UV radiation.

To date, there are at least three different types of welding gloves that cater to specific welding techniques. These are TIG welding gloves, MIG welding gloves, and stick welding gloves. Of course, the difference between them lies in the materials, usage, and design.

TIG gloves welding are usually made from thin yet flexible cow, goat, or pig hides. These glove materials afford the workers better dexterity.

It is worth noting that TIG welding does not spatter as much as stick welding, which is why thin welding gloves are acceptable. Also, they do not often come with velcros or other types of closure so that the worker can remove the gloves quickly if they suddenly feel too hot during welding.

By contrast, MIG and stick welding emit more heat and spatter, which necessitates highly heat-resistant materials. With MIG welding, top-grain deerskin, goatskin, and cowhide are the way to go since they are both tough yet pliable. As for stick welding, you will not need high-dexterity welding gloves.

Can you stick weld with TIG gloves?

No. It is not advisable to use TIG gloves for stick welding.

When it comes to protection, it does not matter whether you are browsing through catalogs of name brands like Torch Wear TIG gloves or cheap welding gloves.

Remember, stick welding produces more spatters that can burn a hole in your shirt. Wearing short welding gloves will expose your forearms and clothing. Likewise, thin leather may not be enough to resist the flames.

As many safety experts and Reddit users point out, thick leather and long sleeves offer the best protection for stick welding. Besides the flame-resistant properties, covering the forearms can shield you from UV radiation.

Do I need a TIG finger heat shield?

The answer is yes if you want to really gain more than enough protection as you go about your day performing welding tasks. One reason behind needing this shield is that it allows you to proper directly next to the weld while sliding along in a smooth manner.

With the help of this shield, you do not need to sacrifice your fingers since they have a lower risk of getting burned. If you are interested in investing in a TIG finger heat shield then you might want to get this specific product from Welding Tips & Tricks. One impressive benefit of this shield is that it comes in pocket size and sturdy design.

This makes it suitable for all kinds of TIG jobs. It is compatible with all industrial welders and hobbyists. Another great thing about it is that it has the ability to prolong the life of your chosen TIG glove. It even lowers the risk of burning your fingers due to your daily task.

This product is designed in such a way that you can allow your hands to rest in a workpiece without the risk of burning your hands due to the heated metal. You can use it to let you slide smoothly along hot metals. That is possible even without having to sacrifice your fingers.

When to use TIG welding gloves?

As the name suggests, TIG welding gloves are perfect for TIG welding tasks. It is the perfect choice in case you are planning to look for more precision just like when you need to do structural welding tasks. The gloves are also ideal for those who need to do precise and clean beads – those that require less to zero smoothing or grinding.

It is meant for highly technical welding jobs as well as on a wide range of metals, particularly stainless steel and aluminum. It is the best pair for welding tasks that require the least amount of heat production but needs great touch sensitivity. You also need it because of its durability and dexterity.

In case you are tasked to do some heavy-duty welding jobs then it would be best to look for gloves with patches on palms and fingertips. These patches can help make the gloves last longer. However, you have to ensure that the additional patches will not have a negative effect on your dexterity.

Where to buy TIG welding gloves?

The good thing about TIG welding gloves is that you can now access them in various places. This means that there are numerous places – both online and offline – where you can shop for a high-quality pair.

Among the places that you can visit online are Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon. You might also want to visit the official websites of reliable welding gloves brands, like Tillman, Lincoln, and Ironcat.


You do not have to sacrifice your safety when it comes to performing certain TIG welding jobs. With the help of the best TIG welding gloves 2019 and 2020, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your hands are safe and well-protected against all possible safety hazards in your work environment.

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