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The Best Occidental Tool Belts for Various Types of Jobs

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Having an Occidental tool belt is considered one of the most effective and convenient ways to carry your tools. For specific vocations like mechanics, carpenters, and electricians, it is a hassle to drag along a tool kit or go back and forth to fetch them while working. That is why a tool belt would be relevant.

best occidental tool belt

In case you have not known much about it, dive into this article on the best Occidental tool belt with my honest review. You will be amazed by how a regular accessory can improve your working rhythm while causing zero discomforts.

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Occidental Leather 8580

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Occidental Leather 5062

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Occidental Leather 9855

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10 Top-Rated Occidental Tool Belt Reviews of 2023

1. Occidental Leather 8580 FatLip Tool Bag

Another product that I would like to introduce is the Occidental Leather 8580 tool bag set, which has the overall structure as the 9855 model above. There is a noticeable difference that this belt has been specified in sizes from S to XXXL, so you can freely choose which measurement is the most suitable one.

I highly appreciate the top-class craftsmanship applied to this Fat Lip tool belt, and a lot of other users think the same. The tool bags are all two-ply padded to maintain their shape over a long using time without degradation. Its commercial nylon material for these bags are awesome at resisting abrasion.

Also, I am fond of the hand specific design of these tool holders because it is convenient for you to reach out to a certain tool among such a quantity in one place. The NoSpill tool holder system ensures your gadgets are secured in the tool bag. I can wear these bags around for at least 8 hours a day.

Although the tool bags are great as usual, if you tend to sweat too much, it will leave stains on your clothes terribly. I have had dozens of leather bags in the past and never had to face this kind of problem. Perhaps an extra wash of the leather material after dying would have saved me plenty of articles of clothing.
What We Like
  • It is manufactured to be indifferent sizings.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.
  • Include two-ply padding to keep its shape.
  • Convenient hand specific tool design.
  • The tool holder system ensures no spillage.
  • It can be worn for 8 hours straight in a day.
What We Don’t Like
  • The material leaves stains when it gets wet.
If a majority of users can wear this Occidental tool belt around to work for over 8 hours a day, I do not see why you cannot. This Fat Lip 8580 tool bag from Occidental Leather is extremely convenient with all of the necessary details for high production efficiency. You are free to select whichever size you need.

2. Occidental Leather 5062 Pro Fastener Bag

Last but not least, I would not forget to mention one of the most popular styles of fastener bags produced by Occidental Leather. 10 small pockets and holders are holding 1-inch tools, such as driver bits, angle square, cat’s paw loop, blade square, etc. It is effective for carpentry applications.

The 5062 fastener pouch is designed to fit 2 to 3-inch belt hoops and manufactured with all leather, besides the metal gussets and stitching lines. It is made in 2 versions, so the right-hand model will be worn on the right side of your body to grab tools. This portable leather fastener bag is valuable for the money.

I guess if you do the finish trimming in carpentry, the fastener bag is not the most suitable one to your advantage. The pouch appears to hang a bit too low on your legs and shoves to the front whenever you get down and stand up to do the base. I wish the brand would improve this detail.
What We Like
  • It is among the popular fastener bag styles.
  • The pockets and holders are for small tools.
  • The major material is leather.
  • 2 versions are available for left/right-handed.
What We Don’t Like
  • Likely to hang low and move to the front regularly.
As mentioned above, you would be able to attach such individual bags on your favorite belt with 2 to 3-inch hoops. The pockets are small but deep enough so your 1-inch tools inside will not be spilled out while working. With these all features, it is worth your paying for an Occidental tool belt.

3. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Tool Bag

I can see that the brand has been extremely thoughtful in designing this Occidental Leather 9855 tool bag set. There are two different models for left and right-handed carpenters. Do not worry much about its fitting because the tool belt is manufactured to fit the pants’ waist size range from 32 – 41 inches.

The reason why this tool belt is highly rated for sturdiness is due to dense neoprene material and leather Buscadero design for its belt section. The tool bags are around 10-inch deep and made out of industrial nylon to bring large-sized tools. It includes a 2-in-1 5020 Tool & Hammer holder on the back.

It is good to know that the D-rings of the Fat Lip tool belt are already installed by the factory to be used with suspension system bags. They contain 24 tool pockets in total for you to store multiple hand tools in different shapes and sizes. I like how these tool holders all deliver a sense of comfort in movement.

I have not made up my mind clearly about this opinion yet, but I think they make a good point. Several users are not approved of having a tool bag sewn to a tool belt because if one part is torn or broken, the entire set goes useless. On the contrary, most others may be glad to own this convenient tool bag set.
What We Like
  • Offer left and right-handed designs.
  • Extensive range waist chart.
  • Apply strong neoprene to make the belt section.
  • Include a large holder for tools and a hammer.
  • Comprise the pre-installed D-rings for suspension use.
  • Roomy storage space consists of 24 tool holders.
What We Don’t Like
  • It is not optimal to sew a tool bag into a belt.
This Occidental Leather adjust-to-fit 9855 bag set can be one single tool belt for adults in your whole family. It promotes a better working rhythm for production carpenters as you have every tool you need around.

4. Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

For those who do not feel the need to put on a tool belt while working, I would advise selecting Occidental Leather individual bags as your companion in tool carriage. This entire 5500 individual pouch is manufactured with leather. It contains 15 pockets for electricians to store their most frequently used tools.

The pockets for screwdrivers and specialized electrical tools, together with a heavy-duty hammer holder, are amazing to have in one single tool bag. There is an extra loop for carrying a flashlight, which is important for electricians to finish their work. Its external chain is meant to be used for holding an electrical tape.

I have to express my concern about the overall width of the 5500 leather tool pouch. If the pockets were just a bit wider, it would be better. Most of the outer and inner small pockets are useless for basic cutters, pliers, and strippers. They seem designed for screwdrivers, but I only need 1 or 2 and not 6.
What We Like
  • Include a total of 15 outer/inner pockets.
  • Its hammer loop can stand heavy-duty.
  • An extra holder is available for a flashlight.
  • Offer an outer chain to hold electrical tapes.
What We Don’t Like
  • All of the small pockets need to be far wider.
The Occidental Leather 5500 model is a pretty decent leather tool pouch for household electricians with up to 15 pockets to put multiple tools inside. You might want to attach it to your regular belt and carry some of the most typical tools. I bet that your co-workers would be deeply impressed with its convenience.

5. Occidental Leather 9540 Adjust-to-Fit Finisher

To complete your finish carpentry after a long process, the best thing you need to have around would be the 9540 finisher tool belt manufactured by Occidental Leather. Even if there are many tools to carry in these leather bags, the whole tool belt is still highly commended for being ultra-lightweight.

The removable standard hammer holder is flexible to be attached or removed as wished. Thanks to the two-ply padding, I can guarantee that your tool bags will keep their initial shape for a long time. Plus, their nylon material would not get abrasive. You can gain convenience with the hand specific tool holders.

Concerning the back hammer holder/hook, it would be more practical to use another one that hangs slightly lower. Since in my opinion, this one on the 9540 finisher tool belt sits a little high for me to flip my hammer into the loop at ease. I hope the brand will strive to improve the general tool belt design better in the future.
What We Like
  • Support carrying tools for finish carpentry.
  • The whole leather set is lightweight.
  • Maintain shape by two-ply padding.
  • The hand specific tool holders are flexible.
What We Don’t Like
  • High-placed back hammer holder.
As a superior finisher for carpenters to make use of, I have high hopes in the brand to modify the Occidental Leather 9640 tool finisher design even more optimally. It is perfectly all right to store a lot of different tools and never feel like carrying a burden thanks to this belt being lightweight.

6. Occidental Leather 9596 Industrial Pro Electrician

The greatest gift that you can ever give an Occidental Leather electrician is an adjust-to-fit industrial leather tool bag. Its craftsmanship is one major bonus that makes this commercial tool belt a valuable item for the money you spend. It delivers much comfort for users even if they wear it around at work all day long.

Most professional electricians, including myself, are completely satisfied with how the Occidental tool belt can hold up well in a construction environment. It includes more than enough room to store all of my required tools for work. The hand specific tool design is a signature along with a great organization of its fastener.

Because a fast draw is important for a commercial electrician, many different tools have to fit inside these leather bags. I tried forcing a bunch of my electrical gadgets, but sadly, most of them would not fit, such as the levels, channel locks, side cutters, etc. I believe that the loops on this tool belt are a bit narrow.
What We Like
  • Highly valued craftsmanship.
  • Bring much comfort for long daily uses.
  • Endure a tough construction environment.
  • Offer a great organization for the fastener.
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited tools size can fit in.
By having an Occidental Leather 9596 electrician tool belt at work, you would see that it can enable a durable service for years without quick degradation. Just feel free to carry loads of different tools to your construction site and find others amazed about its craftsmanship and comfort.

7. Occidental Leather 8089 OxyLights Framer

I was on the look for an Occidental tool belt for household use, and I found this 8089 OxyLights framer set with 7 spacious tool bags in diverse sizings. It also comes with a detailed size chart to let you know which size fits your waistline, for example, the mid-range measurement of its size XXL is around 49 inches.

Being manufactured to respond to the contractor-grade, I trust that the framer set is certainly suitable for heavy-duty construction work even at your home. It provides two-ply padded nylon bags for its overall form to be maintained over time. You would be able to finish your DIY projects with prepared tools quickly.

I am disappointed that there are no carry handles, making the bags a little awkward to carry or hang. If you plan to lay these leather tool bags down, there’s a belt that prevents them from leaning against each other to stay standing. Thus, it consequently causes the bags to fall away and dumping tools inside all over.
What We Like
  • 7 bags available for tool carriage.
  • Specific waist size chart to choose from.
  • Include contractor-grade to suit heavy duties.
  • Two-ply padded nylon bags.
What We Don’t Like
  • No carrying handle.
I get how important a carry handle can be for an Occidental tool belt, so I hope the brand will consider this detail soon. There are 7 pouches in total, so you can rest assured that the 8089 leather framer set will carry a lot of essential working tools at once. I also think it is great for commercial uses.

8. Occidental Leather 8385 Belt Rough Framer

When two large tool bags do not seem enough for your requirement, it would be more optimal if you pick this 8385 rough framer set. Occidental Leather has equipped a total of 3 big bags of tool holders for a single belt for users to carry more tools along. In general, the framer set is still really lightweight to put on.

Of course, the tool belt is entirely handmade in the USA to ensure the highest quality possible for a long-term application. Its contractor-grade is suitable for heavy-duty construction without quick down gradation. I like how this belt size can fit a wide range of waistlines thanks to the S to XXXL waist size variation.

I must say that I am quite surprised since I cannot find a single detail about it that can become a flaw while in use. The rough framer set is lightweight and extremely comfortable, so you would be capable of wearing this tool belt daily. There are not many tool belt designs that are almost perfectly made like this one.
What We Like
  • Contain 3 large lightweight bags.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Quality contractor-grade for heavy-duty.
  • The waist size ranges from size S – XXXL.
What We Don’t Like
  • There are almost no defections found so far.
I am more than satisfied that I could find an Occidental tool belt with no flaws from head to toe, such as the 8385 rough framers set by Occidental Leather. It is certainly not easy for anyone to discover an optimal 3-bag leather tool belt that is comfortable and lightweight at once. Choose the size that fits you most.

9. Occidental Leather 9525 The Finisher

The large tool bag set on this Occidental Leather 9525 finisher belt with their round bottoms is a true innovation compared to other designs for offering full capacity. I truly appreciate that they hold the position well and do not tend to slide themselves around while wearing, which is annoying for plenty of users.

I can see that this leather tool belt has been functioning engineered for trimming, foundation, light framing along with finishing work of carpenters. To improve the working rhythm in general, its placement of the hand specific tool holder is beneficial. Left and right-handed designs are available, and both bring comfort.

I usually like to store my tape on the left side. However, if I try to clip it on the leather part (up by where the belt goes through), it is almost impossible to retrieve things from the pouch underneath it. I have resorted to putting the tape in one of the pockets, but that would take space from nails or screws.
What We Like
  • Offer more capacity with round bags.
  • The bags do not slide out of their positions.
  • Ideal for holding finishing tools.
  • Left & right-handed designs.
What We Don’t Like
  • Inconvenient tape holder design.
Out of all possible shape options, I am more than happy that the brand Occidental Leather has chosen round bottoms to form their tool bags. This shape is the most optimal to ensure you have enough room to carry different finish tools. The leather tool bags promise to stay right where they are on this belt.

11. Occidental Leather 5191 Pro Carpenter’s Assembly

Following up next is a one-piece Buscadero assembly of the 5191 tool belt from Occidental Leather, a famous and high-class manufacturer in this field. It is made in the USA with high-quality top-grain leather material, making this belt model look like a custom leather tool belt for excellent craftsmanship.

There are 22 pockets and holders for carpentry tools on the tool belt, and they all manage to distribute the load evenly for your waist to handle. I bet it is due to the sheepskin lining that helps enhance true comfort to wear it all day long. Furthermore, the main bags are all reinforced with copper rivets and a NoSpill system.

Unfortunately, here is another of my complaints about the tape holder position. It goes on the right-hand side just above the tool pouch. Whenever I stow the tape there, it obstructs access to the main tool bag. Because of this limitation for the tape measure, I have to find an alternative way to carry my tape along.
What We Like
  • Brilliant craftsmanship and material.
  • Offer even distribution of tool load for maximizing comfort.
  • The 5 bags are padded with fine sheepskin.
  • Copper rivets have reinforced the main bags.
What We Don’t Like
  • The tape holder should be placed elsewhere.
As you can see, the major selling point of this Occidental Leather 5191 carpenter tool belt is its premium sheepskin padding. It combines the best materials in one design, which is also carefully handcrafted in the USA. If these leather bags have to hold plenty of tools inside, they will not fall apart.

Occidental Leather 2580 OxyLight Package (Outdated)

The Occidental tool belt suspenders are seen as an upgrade compared to a regular tool belt. This Occidental Leather 2580 suspender vest package has a width of about 3 inches that enables quick disconnection. Because its tunnel loop is approximately 8.5-inch across so the vest will accept nearly every tool bag.

I am keen on the padded shoulder wide and lined with Dri-Lex for users to wear the suspender vest on all day long without absorbing too much sweat. Its general durability is highly valued due to the strong, thick leather material and other supporting details. It should be best used for framing, trimming, and electrical.

Sadly, it would have been a great vest if you are not above 5 feet in height as there is no adjustment to make it comfortable enough to wear up to several hours. Either way, it will ride on your back, or you can choose to alleviate this issue, which is likely to put the top of these tool bags around 2 to 4 inches too high.
What We Like
  • Easy at putting on and disconnecting.
  • The 8.5-inch tunnel loop accepts any bags.
  • Its padded shoulder can prevent perspiration
What We Don’t Like
  • Design errors related to users’ height.
In case you are interested in this 2580 suspender vest for tool carriage from the brand Occidental Leather, you should consider the overall height. Aside from that problem, I see that it is a fantastic upgraded version of normal Occidental tool belts. The crossed tunnel loop can be attached and took off at ease.

Occidental Leather 5036 Leather Pro Electrician (Outdated)

Other than manufacturing premium leather tool belts for carpenters, the brand Occidental Leather designs this 5036 model for professional electricians. It has a wide waist size range from S to XXXL to suit more diverse waistlines of universal users. The bags that are made out of top-grain leather are durable.

The belt section is about 12 ounces and built from fine leather material. Its steel roller buckle is reinforced and helps you to adjust the belt to be looser or wider depends on your needs. The NoSpill holding system is a major factor that cannot be missed out for modern electricians.

As a professional in using tool belts like this one, I do not think there are enough dedicated pockets/loops to carry different tools. Though I love using the tape holder pouch, it only gives me two pouches for wire nuts, fittings, straps, and screws. This is fine for a residential guy but certainly not for commercial use.
What We Like
  • It is designed for professional electricians.
  • Wide waist size range.
  • Include a sturdy roller buckle from steel.
  • Its holder system guarantees no spillage.
What We Don’t Like
  • There are not enough pockets for carriage.
Occidental Leather should add more pockets for the 5036 leather tool belt so users would not have to dig hard to find what they need in a pile of tools. But in general, I enjoy wearing this tool bag at work thanks to its comfort and great durability in the long run. It is a good recommendation for residential use.

What is an Occidental Tool Belt


An Occidental tool belt is a portable tool carrier that can be worn around your waist like a regular belt and provides a quick approach to necessary tools. It is mainly made out of premium Occidental leather. The tool belt supports household and commercial applications since it has sufficient capacity for both purposes.

An Occidental tool belt is for modern carpenters, electricians, and mechanics who require all of their tools around while working. These workers use an Occidental belt for holding relevant tools right on your waist rather than dragging along a huge tool kit. The craftsmanship is wonderful, and it is lightweight.

How Does It Work

The best Occidental tool belt provides a set of holders for specific tools that are typically brought to work by the mentioned users earlier. You can get up to 24 bags in different sizings on a tool belt. The NoSpill tool holder system is good at keeping even the smallest tools from falling out of the bag when you do not notice.

There is usually a hammer holder in the middle of this tool belt, and you can reach out for the hammer in the back. It depends on whether the design is for left or right-handed people to modify the positions of certain details. In my opinion, the tool belt and bag function the same as normal belts and bags.

Types of Occidental Tool Belts


A whole set – A bag set (2 to 3 large bags) sewn into a tool belt is the most popular design. The bags would be made with the same dimensions, while the tool belt varies from size S to XXXL for a single model. It is highly convenient as they are already attached. All you need to do is to put the set on.

Individual bags – Apart from the one-piece Buscadero design above, people do not seem to be fond of the individual tool pouch, but it is still a recommended choice. You would be able to attach the tool bag to your favorite belt. This type of individual tool pouch helps reduce a significant amount in the overall price.

Suspender vest – It is easy to put on and disconnect a suspender vest. Wide, padded shoulder with sufficient harness can hold multiple tool bags yet do not sweat too much. Its powerful tunnel loop strapping across the chest area offers more stability. You should read the height restrictions (if included).

Why Do You Need An Occidental Tool Belt

Using an Occidental tool belt, you can organize your entire large tool kit into smaller leather bags with hand specific tool holders and an effective NoSpill system. Furthermore, the aesthetics element is enabled on its appearance thanks to the craftsmanship from premium leather that no other brands have.

This tool belt and bag set are easily portable and comfortable enough to carry multiple tools all day long. It also helps minimize interruption while working and promotes better production rhythm. You would never have to come back and forth to fetch different tools during your working process.

Like regular belts, an Occidental tool belt can prevent your pants from falling by applying a heavyweight on your waist. Whether you work as a carpenter, mechanic, or electrician, I suggest you get it or design your tool belt as soon as possible. Its convenience is truly a mind-blowing factor.

Buying Guide


Possible waistlines – It is more specific to mention a waist range from 32 to 41 inches, but this measurement is for one-sized tool belts. Nevertheless, most adults in your family or maintenance team can share a single belt to reduce the expenses. You are free to adjust to tighten or loosen it on the buckle.

Size S to XXXL is definitely optimal for various different waistlines to wear the same Occidental tool belt model. This design enables an effective fitting for universal users. However, you have to be aware that you might be the only one who can fit into this belt among the crew, so multiple belts will need to be bought.

Consider all of the fors and againsts in your circumstance before purchasing an Occidental tool belt. I suggest you go for a particular waist size if working independently. In terms of sharing, one adjustable tool belt with a wide size range would be much better when you share it with other co-workers or family.

Depth of bags – 10 inches is the average depth because the tool bag has to be deep enough for optimal storage. This depth can support the NoSpill tool holder system, so your tools inside do not fall out of your bags regardless of your working movement. Narrower ones are not ideal for carrying specific tools.

If you have the chance to evaluate the Occidental tool belt directly at a store, it would be a great opportunity to check for the depth of its bag set. The smallest pockets for storing screwdrivers should be examined carefully to see whether they might fall out or not. Several tools are really big, so remember to test the depth.

Reinforced material – The best material for an Occidental tool belt ought to be of commercial-grade and abrasion-resistant. It is undeniable that a leather belt looks amazing. Still, it can be easily damaged if not being used and looked after in the right way. Also, low-quality leather will not last for long, like a reinforced one.

Aside from the Occidental tool belt and its outer bags, the bottom and corners of these industrial nylon bags should be reinforced with leather. As you can see, even the smallest details are thoughtfully built by Occidental Leather. They contribute to the overall impact and weather-resistant ability of the belt.

An Occidental tool belt is often padded with more than one layer to enhance its general durability and extra sheepskin lining for better comfort. It helps to keep the shape without degrading too soon because of the frequent heavy carriage. All of these criteria make sure that the tool belt and bag materials are at their finest.

Care and Maintenance

If you want to preserve an Occidental tool belt, avoid making it to have direct contact with weather impacts such as sunlight or heavy rain, especially with leather. Perspiration by wearing the belt right on your skin is another factor that causes its material to downgrade, so you should pay attention to that.

Also, it is highly recommended to apply professional leather polisher on your Occidental tool belt for it to always look as new as the initial condition. Try not to store the belt in places where the surrounding atmosphere is too humid. You will have a durable tool belt if you provide it with the proper maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Occidental Leather made?

You can find an Occidental Leather outlet in the USA with ease because this brand has been a famous tool organizer manufacturer for over 30 years until now. Their main product lines are high-quality tool belts, bags, pouches, and suspenders made from durable leather with really high craftsmanship.

How do you stretch Occidental Leather?

Many users suggest oiling the Occidental tool pouches with mink or neatsfoot oil. These oils can soften the natural binding material of the animal skin.

In the process, you can even stuff the Occidental work bags with screws, bolts, and other items to help the fabric stretch a bit. However, don’t get the leather extremely soaked since this will weaken it. A small amount of oil is sufficient to make the material expand.

Some folks also suggest applying hot water or rubbing alcohol, and leaving it on the Occidental tool bag overnight.

That said, belts tend to extend over an inch even without applying anything. You will notice that on a used Occidental tool belt and other leather fashion belts.

Does Occidental have products for lefties?

Absolutely! Many Occidental leather trim carpenter, framer, or electrician tool belt systems are also available in left-handed-friendly designs. There is an entire catalog dedicated to the lefties on the brand’s website. But don’t worry, there is no extra cost to this.

Unfortunately, the company does not do custom work. Still, it encourages buyers and leather aficionados to submit ideas or suggestions to improve their current designs.

How do you soften an Occidental leather tool pouch?

There are several ways to soften a leather pouch. One of which, as mentioned above, is through rubbing alcohol. However, you will also need to use Vaseline alongside it. Here’s how:

Step 1: Take a cotton pad or soft towel and pour some alcohol. Gently rub it on the leather surface. The alcohol will open up the pores and clean the surface. You may need multiple coatings to wet the leather.

Step 2: Squeeze some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your finger and apply it to the leather. Note that you only need a small amount of Vaseline to soften the leather.

Step 3: Wipe off the excess Vaseline or petroleum jelly from the leather with a clean rag. Allow it to air dry.

Tip: Whether you buy expensive or cheap Occidental tool belts, you need to maintain them properly. Softening the leather increases its lifespan and makes it more supple.

How to set up and use it?

An Occidental tool belt is usually manufactured in one piece. It has included all of the necessary parts, such as bags and chains. All you need to do is to put it on around your waist like a regular belt and adjust the fastener to tighten or loosen this tool belt. It offers different designs for either left or right-handed people.

Before heading out to the workplace and arrange essential tools into the leather bags based on their specific holders. You would get quick access to take the required tools out to use. In case it is an individual leather tool bag, find an existing belt with suitable hoops to attach this bag onto it and use them like normal.

Where can I buy it?

At present, the most trusted places on the market with the genuine Occidental Leather tool belt review are Lowes, eBay, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. Check for distributed Occidental Leather dealers on the online platforms to ensure you do not happen to purchase a rip-off at a high price.


After reading this article, you might regret not buying one of these Occidental tool belts, bags, and suspenders sooner to organize your tool kit into a portable accessory. But it is better late than never, so you should head out to the store and get the best Occidental tool belt right this instant. Thank you for reading.

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