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The Best Prescription Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1)

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Wearing the best prescription safety glasses is absolutely necessary for those whose jobs make them part of industrial environments. These are also beneficial for workers who are already in need of prescription glasses.

You need to wear this protective eyewear, especially if you are part of a work environment, which is hazardous to your vision and eyes. Fortunately, finding ANSI prescription safety glasses is not that hard to do. You can even buy one from reputable online sellers.

best prescription safety glasses

Whether you need the highest level of protection from chemicals, dust, wind, radiation, and lasers, you can find a wide range of choices for prescription safety glasses at present. Your choices are extensive – from those with wraparound design to those that you can use for recreation and adventure, like in shooting.

These ten prescription or RX safety glasses also meet the requirements of the most reliable products in this category. A short review of each product is also provided so you can gather as much information about your choices as possible.

safety glasses with prescription

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Elvex RX-500C

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NoCry Glasses

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Allen Glasses

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List of 11 Top-Rated Prescription Safety Glasses Reviews

1. Elvex RX-500C 2.0 Diopter Safety Glasses

Whether you are searching for a men’s or a women’s prescription safety glasses, the Elvex RX-500C 2.0 Diopter is one choice you have to research about. One impressive benefit of protective eyewear is that it has a high ballistic rating, which, I assume, is enough proof of its ability to offer a reasonable amount of protection to users.

I am so impressed with the heavy-duty protection that it offers. In fact, it is popular for its ability to withstand ballistic impact. It also has a clear and magnifying glass, which is a big advantage for those who need to do detail work, like welding. Another thing that offers me a hundred percent satisfaction is its bifocal lens.

I find it satisfying because it works in lessening eye strain. It is also famous for its lightweight and wraparound frame, which is the key to getting wraparound protection against impact. I also find it useful for those who have a hard time seeing their work up-close.

It is perfect for those who are involved in electrical and welding jobs as well as in stationary close assembly applications. It also offers several choices in terms of diopter strengths. You can get it from +0.50 to +2.00. Furthermore, it can eliminate eye fatigue.

Another strength is that it offers all-day comfort to users as it has a lower risk of slipping with the aid of its rubber temple tips and flexible and soft nose bridge.

However, because it is extremely lightweight, some also complained that it is vulnerable to detaching especially when used heavily.
What We Like
  • Offers heavy-duty and complete protection
  • Boasts of a lightweight and wraparound frame, a big advantage for impact protection
  • Eliminates eye fatigue and strain
  • Offers all-day comfort when worn
  • Can withstand ballistic impact
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavy uses make it vulnerable to getting detached
Despite that, it is a strong contender in the prescription safety eyeglasses industry, so I can safely say that it is worth one’s time, money, and attention.

2. NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

If you also need to wear prescription eyewear apart from the protective glasses then I am one hundred percent sure that you will find the NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Eyewear a truly great investment. What I find so impressive about this eyewear is that it offers protection not only to your eyes but also to your eyewear.

This means you no longer have to invest in costly prescription glasses or worry about not having a clear view and sight in the workplace. I instantly noticed the versatility of this eyewear, too. It is versatile that it has plenty of applications. You will find it useful not only in carpentry but also in woodworking as well as construction and metal work.

It is also suitable for dental and lab work, shooting, or any other work or recreational activity, which requires wearing personal protective equipment, particularly for the eyes. I am also glad that it is made in a way that it can conveniently and easily fit over the majority of reading and prescription glasses today.

It also boasts of its wraparound lens. This lens is based on polycarbonate material, making it as scratch-resistant as possible. This material is also amazing because it can provide incredible peripheral and direct protection to your eyes. The lens is clear, which is known not to distort your vision in any way.

With that, I know that it can help you see colors, important details, and cut lines with ease. It is also suitable for all head sizes, regardless of how small or large it is, because of its padded arms.

Furthermore, it is comfortable enough as it has soft tips designed to get rid of pressure from behind your ears. However, it has the issue of falling down your nose frequently.
What We Like
  • Protects not only your eyes but also your prescription eyewear
  • Promotes a clear view of the workplace without any distortion
  • Versatile as you can use it in a wide range of industries and applications
  • Fits most reading and prescription glasses at present
  • Offers adequate comfort
What We Don’t Like
  • Tends to fall down your nose
It is a minor and small flaw, though, especially when you compare it to how good its overall quality and features are.

3. Allen Company Shooting & Safety Fit-Over Glasses

You’ve probably heard your buddies or seen users on Reddit recommending this brand. Note that this is not one of those safety glasses with prescription, though you can wear your prescription glasses underneath them.

What I like about these safety glasses is that they provide ample space to accommodate my prescription glasses and so, do not press against my face. The lightweight design lets me wear both glasses all day without straining my ears. Plus, thanks to its distortion-free clarity, I never feel dizzy!

Blending function and style, these fit-over glasses are popular among workers across many fields, people who like doing woodwork as a hobby, and gun shooting enthusiasts. After all, they are tested and proven to be resistant to strong impact. For nurses, specifically, these can be useful in providing eye protection against exposure to bodily fluids.

Since I don’t always have both hands free to wipe off my glasses, I’m glad that these glasses do not fog up. Despite moving a lot, they don’t slide from my face. My only problem is that they protrude from the sides and obstruct my ear protection. But if you don’t need to wear big foam earmuffs, this will not be an issue.
What We Like
  • Suitable for different professions
  • Can withstand high impact
  • Has enough space for prescription glasses
  • Does not fog up
  • Equipped with clear, distortion-free lense
What We Don’t Like
  • Obstructs hearing protection
Popularity aside, this pair of fit-over safety glasses offers everything that a worker needs to focus on their work. It is strong enough to withstand projectiles yet comfy enough for you to wear all day.

4. Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses

Here’s another great option for fit-over safety glasses. This particular model comes in a clear and gray tint and with side shields that match the color of the one-piece polycarbonate lens.

Meeting the ANSI standards for impact resistance is pretty much given for most safety glasses. But what sets this apart is that its anti-scratch coating is highly durable. Because there is no colored frame that divides the lens and the side shields, my peripheries are not obstructed. On top of that, the lens gives the wearer clear vision with reliable protection against harmful UV.

Furthermore, the design allows my prescription glasses to fit in without feeling any constriction.

The safety glasses’ arms are flexible so my head does not feel pinched after long hours of wearing them. Even so, they can stay in place as I move around and perform my tasks. The best part is that these are very much affordable!

However, I wish the manufacturer would consider making a case as these safety glasses only came with plastic. I had to buy one separately so that they would not get damaged when I put them in my bag. Also, the shape of the glasses does not fit well with certain facial features.
What We Like
  • Offers gray and clear lenses
  • Compliant with standards for impact resistance
  • Provides clear and unobstructed vision
  • Great at preventing scratches
  • Stays in place while you move
  • Accommodates most prescription glasses
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not come with a casing or pouch
  • It may not fit certain head sizes
Despite their minor flaws, these safety glasses are dependable when it comes to protection against the impact of flying objects and UV rays. You can wear these all day without feeling any strain or pinching!

5. Pyramex Safety Emerge Safety Glasses

Another product that should be incorporated in your long list of excellent options is the Pyramex Safety Emerge Safety Glasses. One of the things that got me satisfied with this safety eyewear is its fashionable dual lens. It is stylish while still ensuring that it is capable of supplying complete protection to your eyes.

I noticed that it is fully versatile, too. It is mainly because it can adapt to various types of lenses, including prescription, full reader, and Plano lens. It is not just designed for work environments. I discovered that it also works well for sports and recreational activities.

If you are worried about comfort then you do not have to if you invest in this protective eyewear. It is primarily because it features a soft nose piece capable of giving as much comfort to the user as possible. In fact, it is comfortable enough that you can use it for an extended period with a lower or zero risk of slipping.

The protective lens is primarily based on polycarbonate, which is a remarkable material because it is known to be resistant to scratches. Furthermore, this kind of lens can give higher than 99 percent UVA/UVB/UVC protection. The size is just right, too. It is big enough that it fits those who have larger heads can wear it in comfort.

It also boasts of a good field of vision. You will notice some slight distortions from time to time, though, which is one of its flaws.
What We Like
  • Boasts of its stylish dual lens
  • Completely versatile, allowing it to adapt to various lenses
  • Ideal for work, sports, and recreational purposes
  • Comfortable, giving you the chance to use it for an extended period
  • Scratch-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Some slight distortions experienced from time to time
This flaw will not have an extremely major impact on its overall performance, though, which still makes this eyewear from NoCry a great product worthy of your investment.

6. 3M Nuvo Reader Protective Glasses

If you are interested in investing in 3M prescription safety glasses then the Nuvo reader Protective Glasses from the brand is what you should check out. I am so impressed with the built-in magnifying diopters that you can find at the lower part of the lens.

This is good for users who have a hard time viewing small and detailed work and reading small prints. With its retro style, it is possible for this protective eyewear to give you a more unique and nostalgic appearance with dependable eye protection. It offers additional protection coverage with the help of its side shields and brow bar.

While it seems to feature a dual lens, making it appear like your standard eyewear, it is actually designed in a single piece, which makes it highly durable. It uses polycarbonate when constructing its lens, making it effective in resisting impact and absorbing more than 99 percent of the harsh UV rays.

To make you feel comfortable, expect its soft nose bridge to offer enough cushion on the contact point, the specific spot where your eyewear rests on your nose. It is also one of the most flexible and versatile protective glasses today considering the fact that it is useful for a number of tasks.

Among the tasks and activities where you can use it to are chiseling, pouring or casting, sawing, sanding, riveting, drilling, masonry, and grinding. It is also compatible for use in various industries. It is also one of those approved as Z87 prescription safety glasses.

In other words, it gained the approval of ANSI, which sets strict standards in terms of protecting workers. It also features side shields and a contoured frame that work in providing more coverage in terms of safety.

However, some users are not satisfied with the styling of this eyewear, though.
What We Like
  • Ideal for those who wish to view small and detailed work and read small prints clearly
  • Offers dependable protection and good coverage for safety
  • Comfortable and well-cushioned
  • Versatile as you can use it in various industries and tasks
  • Highly durable and scratch-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit lacking in style
Despite that, it is a functional and high-quality piece of eyewear that you can use anywhere, making it a reasonable investment for your eye safety.

7. Dewalt DPG59-115C Protective Safety Glasses

This specific protective eyewear from Dewalt is probably what you need if what you are in search of is a model, which can cater to your needs of owning a reliable and substantial bifocal protective eyewear. I found out that this safety glasses offers incredible coverage when it comes to giving UV and impact protection.

I am satisfied with the eyewear’s lens, too. It is because it is free of any distortion. I find it capable of showing a clear view. One more thing I am so glad to find in this protective safety glasses is its ergonomic fit. It is ergonomic enough that it can supply as much visual support to your eyes as possible.

If your eyes are prone to fatigue then you will also find comfort and relief from this protective eyewear. It works as a reading and safety glasses in a single product. It also features a lens with a hard coating, giving it the opportunity of meeting the ANSI standards.

A more secure grip can also be expected from the ergonomic position on its temple’s handgrip pattern. Furthermore, I can vouch for the all-day comfort brought on by this prescription safety eyewear, which is noticeable with its non-slip nosepiece constructed out of rubber material.

Aside from that, I am glad to say that it has a nice balance between reading and farsighted magnification. The bifocal part on the lens is also clear. It is totally functional, too.

One possible issue, though, is that some noticed that its protective sleeve is slightly tighter for their liking.
What We Like
  • Incredible coverage as far as protection is concerned
  • Distortion-free lens, giving you a clear view
  • Ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • Relieves eye fatigue while giving good visual support
  • Ergonomically positioned handgrip pattern
What We Don’t Like
  • A slightly tight protective sleeve
This is one of the most satisfying pieces of prescription safety glasses, though, considering the fact that it combines all good qualities, including comfort, affordability, protection, and support.

8. Magid Classic Black Safety Glasses

Another impressive choice is the Magid Classic Black Safety Glasses. I am in awe of this protective eyewear mainly because it has a classic and stylish look. It boasts of an iconic style for any worker who prefers to enjoy style and protection. It can deliver excellent impact protection and peripheral vision in just one iconic style.

Upon use, I discovered that it has plenty of uses. It works well when worn for a number of tasks, like woodworking, painting, cleaning, sanding, machine operation, assembly, shooting, and motorcycle riding. It has clear side shields that I find truly effective in offering an incredible amount of protection and peripheral vision.

The protection it offers is long-lasting as well. It is mainly because of the lens constructed from a hard-coated polycarbonate, which can resist scratches. Grey and clear lenses also promote a good field of vision. When it comes to comfort, you will not also be disappointed with the black nylon frame that features soft grey temple pads.

The anti-fog coating used in the lens is also a great thing because it prevents the buildup of fog in the lens that might only affect your safety and productivity. It boasts of its strong and sturdy build, as well. It is comfortable enough that wearing it the entire day will not be a problem at all.

One flaw, though, is that the frame used behind the user’s ears is a bit thicker than what most users prefer.
What We Like
  • Boasts of a stylish and classic look
  • Offers a great peripheral vision
  • Suitable for several tasks and applications
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly thicker frame than what a lot of users prefer
Overall, this protective eyewear is a solid choice because of its overall quality, functionality, full protection coverage, and durability.

9. 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses

You now have access to the 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses, too. It is a stylish piece, one that you will feel very comfortable to wear, especially if you are one of those who is after fashion. While being stylish, 3M did not forget to turn this product into protective eyewear that adheres to stringent safety requirements and standards.

With that, I can vouch for its effectiveness in terms of acting as the ultimate solution in terms of giving protection the entire day. It looks cool without losing its ability to give you protection the whole day. It offers comfort to users, too, considering the fact that you can adjust the length of its temple and the angle of the lens.

You can also adjust the nose bridge. All these adjustable parts give you the opportunity to adjust the protective eyewear in such a way that it will make you feel comfortable and at ease. It is known for having a sturdy and durable build, too.

Another thing I like is that it fits nicely while being lightweight, making it as comfortable to wear the whole day. It also boasts of a reading lens, which is made in a way that it does not obstruct nor hamper your vision in any way.

However, one complaint I have regarding this eyewear is that it is at risk of getting scratched easily.
What We Like
  • Stylish without losing its protective nature
  • Comfortable, thanks to its adjustable parts
  • Boasts of a sturdy built
  • Lightweight, making it suitable to wear the whole day
  • Does not hinder your vision
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to scratches
Still, it is undeniable that this pair of protective glasses is what you need if you wish to own a product that prioritizes your safety and comfort without losing its cool look.

10. Oakley Grey Industrial Det Cord

Your search for the best prescription safety eyewear will also be easier if you get in touch with Oakley prescription safety glasses, particularly the brand’s Grey Industrial Det Cord. I have a lot of good praises for this product offered by Oakley. For one, I noticed that it offers the perfect balance of Oakley style and ballistic protection.

This means that apart from its cool style, you will enjoy eyewear, which meets stringent optical and ballistic standards, making you feel as protected as possible. It is, therefore, well-balanced safety eyewear designed for its covert abilities and aggressive environments.

It is designed in such a way that it can withstand harsh elements from all kinds of work situations and environments. In fact, it is completely equipped with all the protective features you possibly need, like the anti-fog coating. It also features compatible ear stems as well as rubberized nose piece known for its comfort.

It is also constructed in a way that it can maintain proper optical alignment for a long time, which gives you a good and clear view of everything around you, especially when you are in the workplace. It is versatile eyewear, which is a great fit even for those who have large heads.

I discovered that it is a bit tougher to clean than the others, though, especially during extreme temperatures.
What We Like
  • Stylish eyewear
  • Offers an excellent ballistic protection
  • Can withstand harsh elements from various work situations and environments
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Maintains a proper optical alignment
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit difficult to clean compared to the others
This is just a minor flaw, though, which can be overpowered by all the positive rewards and things that this Oakley safety eyewear can do for you.

11. Phillips Safety Reading Glasses

Another product that, I think, is worthy to be highlighted in this article is the PRG-206YB Prescription Safety Glasses. I am fond of the overall style of this protective eyewear. I even noticed that it is one of the most stylish prescription safety eyewear accessible in the market today.

It has stylishly designed side shields made in such a way that they can protect users. I find this piece comfortable and hassle-free to manage because of its lightness, too. The earpiece is constructed using some kind of a lightly textured and soft material, which also gives as much comfort to the user as possible.

I am also absolutely fond of its ability to handle prolonged hours of use. In fact, you will not experience any problem wearing it for at least eight hours. It provides great protection for your eyes, especially as far as impact and workplace hazards are concerned.

Furthermore, I get satisfied with its affordable price as it relates to its value and features. It is filled with lots of impressive features while still being at a low price point.

One drawback, though, is its plastic construction, which makes it vulnerable to getting scratched.
What We Like
  • Stylish and easy to access in the market
  • Lightweight, promoting ease in managing it
  • Lightly textured and soft material for the earpiece
  • Comfortable even when used for long hours
  • Offers complete protection at a low price
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to scratches
This stylish, affordable, and protective prescription safety glasses is still one great choice for anyone who needs prescription and safety eyewear in just one product that they can comfortably wear at work.

PRO-TECTIVE EQUIP Safety Goggles (Outdated)

Lastly, you can utilize the PRO-TECTIVE EQUIP Safety Goggles, which is also an amazing and versatile eyewear for different kinds of workers. Among the qualities I find impressive in this goggles include being multi-fit and multi-purpose. It is multi-fit in the sense that it fits men, women, adults, and children.

I found out that it also has the majority of the things that should be present in safety goggle, including the clear lens and the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. In terms of safety and protection, this goggle does not disappoint, too. It can block UV rays while also being impact and shatter-proof.

I noticed the multipurpose nature of this safety goggle, too. It is multipurpose in the sense that you can wear it over the majority of prescription and safety glasses. I find it compatible with a lot of purposes, such as in various work environments and chemistry laboratories.

When it comes to comfort, I am sure that you will not feel disappointed with this safety goggle. It offers adequate comfort, especially if you consider how adjustable it is. It comes with a pivot mounted strap as well, which is designed to make you feel more comfortable.

You can also expect to gain maximum protection from splashes, debris, and dust with the help of the soft rubber face seal of this prescription eyewear. It is lightweight and comfortable plus it boasts of a PVC frame, which is not only easy to clean but also compatible with the majority of prospective users.

However, even with the anti-fog coating, it still tends to fog a bit, especially when faced with extreme temperature.
What We Like
  • Fits a lot of prescription glasses
  • Compatible with several purposes and tasks
  • Offers adequate comfort considering its adjustable nature
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
What We Don’t Like
  • Still fogs a bit
Even with that minor issue, I can still vouch for the effectiveness of this protective eyewear in serving two functions in one – as prescription eyewear and safety glasses.

What are Prescription Safety Glasses


Prescription safety glasses are among the most important pieces of protective eyewear nowadays considering the fact that they offer a strong and reliable protective barrier from dust, heat, sparks, debris, and manufacturing residues.

They are more beneficial than standard safety glasses as these do not have the double lens that tends to produce an uncomfortable glare. These glasses are the ones used by those who need prescription eyewear but also work or play in hazardous environments, particularly those environments that can harm the eyes.

It works as safety eyewear with built-in prescription lenses. What is good about the majority of these glasses is that they can offer as much protection as possible while also improving the specific manner you see and view the world. Finding one that perfectly suits your unique vision requirements is also possible with your numerous choices.

It is the most appropriate solution for those who need to wear and use prescription glasses regardless of the workplace they are in, allowing them to see everything clearly It also performs another job of protecting your eyes from harm, which is often triggered by workplace dangers, such as heated splashes, chemicals, lasers, radiation, and dust.

How Does It Work

In terms of their functions, prescription safety glasses can be expected to work based exactly on how these are named. As prescription eyewear, it works by letting you see things clearly based on what grade is prescribed to you. By wearing it, you can, therefore, see things and read even with some issues on your eyes.

It also has a double function of protecting your eyes. In fact, most of these glasses are scratch-resistant, so it is no longer surprising if these can also help you in preventing serious accidents.

The fact that these feature their own prescription lenses also means that you can wear these in place of your own spectacles. This means that you no longer have to worry about the clumsy fit of goggles on top of the glasses.

Types of Prescription Safety Glasses


As everyone knows, a pair of safety glasses is vital in protecting your most valuable asset – your vision. One remarkable advantage of this eyewear today is that you can now access several types of materials, finishes, coatings, and tints for it.

This means that it is not that difficult and challenging to narrow down your choices so you can select one that will suit your unique taste and requirements. Some choices that fall into the best prescription safety glasses category are those that have the following lenses:

ANSI-approved prescription safety lenses – This specific lens for the prescription safety glasses meets the rigid and strict ANSI Z87.1 standards that guarantee that there will be impact resistance and optical clarity. The standards also set what are the requirements regarding face and eye protection that are acceptable in the workplace.

Because the lens is able to meet and sometimes exceed these stringent standards and requirements, users are quite sure that these can keep their eyes safe and protected from basic hazards, like hazardous liquids, chemicals, vapors, materials, and other forms of harmful substances.

Having the approval as ANSI Z87.1 prescription safety glasses means that the eyewear meets the industrial eyewear standards. It also means that all information regarding the selection of safety lens adheres to the ANSI Z87.1 certified and approved lens.

Single vision – A single vision prescription safety lens provides a single power from one edge to another. It is the prescribed lens for correcting astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. It can, therefore, help you in seeing far or close objects depending on what your doctor thinks you specifically need.

Multifocal lens – Another type of prescription safety glasses that is worthwhile of your attention is that, which has a multifocal lens. What is beneficial about this type is that its lens is capable of correcting farsightedness and nearsightedness even if you are just using a single lens.

One indication that you are using multifocal prescription eyewear is if you can find numbers within the prescription’s ADD column. A customary multifocal lens is one, which features a lined bifocal.

This type features a visible line, which tends to separate the topmost part of the lens that you can use in seeing at a distance from the lens’ lower part, which consists of magnification designed for close reading. This is the perfect choice if you are aiming to invest in safety glasses with bifocals.

You can also refer to the modern multifocal lens as a lineless bifocal or progressive lens. What is good about the progressive lens is that it tends to get rid of the line signifying a sudden change. What it does, instead, is progress from distance slowly into reading magnification.

One advantage of this slow progression is that your eyes can easily adapt to it. In addition, it also offers an intermediate vision or computer distance vision. In case you are involved in a job that makes it necessary for you to see objects that are far away while reading objects up-close then progressive or bifocal lens is probably what you need.

For example, you might find this specific lens useful if you need to drive from one job site to another and read blueprints, street signs, and other forms of text really close. If that is the case then a progressive lens can greatly benefit you.

Polarized – Another great choice for your prescription safety glasses’ lens is the polarized one. What is so impressive about this lens is that it can significantly lessen the glare that is reflected from surfaces. With that, you have a guarantee of seeing clear and sharp images.

You can find these polarized lenses being used for both prescription and non-prescription glasses. If you are light-sensitive then you will also be glad to know that you can wear the lens indoors.

Some light-sensitive people are those who underwent surgical procedures for cataract as well as those who are exposed constantly to bright sunlight via their windows. One more advantage of polarized lenses is that they provide a great deal of UV protection. This is a must when it comes to keeping your eyesight healthy.

Trifocal – The trifocal lens can provide up to three focal points in just a single lens. With such points, seeing objects that are up-close, mid-range, and totally far from you is possible. The power of the lens beings with a close vision from the bottom. The mid-vision can be seen in the middle while the distance one is integrated on top.

Aside from the lens, you can also make your choice on the most suitable type of prescription safety glasses for you based on the coating used. Among the coatings that can be applied in this type of protective and prescription eyewear are:

Anti-reflective – With this kind of coating, reducing eyestrain triggered by reflections, halos seen around night lights, and glare, is possible. The anti-reflective coating also offers protection to your lenses in terms of smudges and scratches. It is also the key in repelling water and dust.

Another reason for using this coating is that it works in sharpening your vision. It also helps in making your eyes look clearer behind the lens. You can also find anti-reflective coatings capable of lessening the amount of UV reflected from the lens’ back, giving you as much UV protection as possible.

Scratch-resistant – It would be of much help to look for prescription safety glasses with a scratch-resistant coating. This is the key to preventing scratches from causing damage to your lenses. Remember that scratches tend to interfere with your vision. With the help of this coating, you can lessen daily wear and tear and keep your lenses fully protected.

UV protection – Your eyes should never be overly exposed to UV rays as this might lead to serious eye issues, like cataracts as well as macular degeneration. In this case, you can seek the aid of a UV-protective coating.

Combining the built-in UV protection into the lens and the UV-protective coating works in blocking at least 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays – either transmitted or reflected.

Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses

A good pair of prescription safety glasses can give your eyes a lot of benefits. Here are just some positive rewards that you can enjoy from investing in a high-quality pair:

Allows industrial workers to enjoy complete eye protection – One of the most amazing things about prescription safety glasses is that it provides complete eye protection even for workers. In fact, they are designed specifically to keep your eyes fully protected no matter how dangerous your work is.

This means that regardless if you are involved in metalwork, construction, or other industries that threaten the health of your eyes, you can still take advantage of this eyewear. It can protect your eyes from small particulates, especially those that fly to your eyes, like powdered chemicals.

Harmful gases and liquids that you can often find in the manufacturing industries can also be prevented from penetrating your eyes. This eyewear also works in protecting the eyes from constant chlorine sting, a big advantage for those whose job involves cleaning and maintaining chlorinated swimming pools.

Regular swimmers who aim to stay away from the irritable and annoying sting coming from the chlorine in pools can even wear this.

Compatible with indoor and outdoor use – Whether you are working indoors and outdoors, you will find the perfect prescription safety glasses useful for you. You can actually access different kinds of inexpensive prescription glasses online that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

In most cases, the glasses feature a protective shield, offering specialized protection to long and short wavelength UV radiation that the sun emits. With that, you have complete assurance that your eyes will not be put in any form of danger.

Cost-effective – Another impressive benefit provided by a high-quality prescription safety eyewear is that it is cost-effective. It is cost-effective considering the fact that you will be getting a consolidated pair. This means that you no longer need to spend on two different pairs of glasses. Your investment will be just for a single pair.

The good news is that it is not that hard to find affordable and competitively priced eye protection solutions nowadays. This gives you the chance to protect your vision from a wide range of threats without having to spend too much money. You can protect your vision with a sound and reasonable investment.

Highly durable – A good pair of prescription safety eyewear provides a truly durable solution in case you want complete protection for your eyes. Note that all professions carry plenty of health hazards. Naturally dangerous jobs require protection capable of withstanding long-term abuse and use.

This is the main reason why the standards set by ANSI now include enough durability. They only approve and certify protective eyewear if it meets the kind of durability they have set. With that, it is no longer surprising to see a wide range of highly durable prescription safety glasses in the market today.

The prescription safety glasses frames, for instance, are built to be truly durable to provide full protection to the lens. In most cases, you can’t see it being constructed from a flimsy frame, which gives you some sort of guarantee that it has the highest level of lens protection.

Among the highly durable materials used for the frame nowadays are stainless, titanium, and foam gasket frames.

Protects you from household injuries and harmful radiations – Prescription safety glasses are also amazing in the sense that they offer utmost protection from household injuries that might seriously damage your eyes. For example, if you are cooking, various cooking ingredients and chemicals might irritate your eyes.

This activity might also make you more prone to having debris and dust penetrating your eyes in case you need to cut wood, mow the lawn, or get involved in other creative activities, like building a lot and model.

You can also take full advantage of the safety glasses if you want to gain full protection from harmful radiations. In most cases, these glasses feature a filter, which tends to change through various light spectra and intensities as a means of preventing dangerous radiations from penetrating your eyes.

This is especially true if you are constantly watching TV or using your PC. With the aid of the safety glasses, it is possible to absorb certain light wavelengths that can harm your eyes’ healthy. It also lets save wavelengths penetrate. This is possible without hindering your vision nor making you feel uncomfortable.

Prescription Safety Glasses Buying Guide


If you are interested in buying high-quality prescription safety glasses then you can’t just get those that are first introduced to you without figuring out if they suit your requirements and needs. Find out which one is the perfect match by making comparisons based on these vital factors:

Frames – One thing to take into complete consideration when shopping for prescription safety glasses is the frame. If possible, check the flexibility provided by the flex or spring hinges as well as the special materials used in creating the frame.

For instance, one material is titanium, which keeps the frames protected from breaking and is comfortable enough to wear. This frame material is also great if you are planning to remove and put on your glasses often, like when you are using reading eyewear.

In most cases, your choices for the frame include plastic, which is not only lightweight but also offers several choices for patterns, shapes, styles, colors, and finishes, and metal that is heavier than plastic but is popular for its durability.

You can also go for stainless steel, which makes the frame both sturdy and lightweight. It is often used because aside from being affordable, it also boasts of its hypoallergenic traits. Another choice is aluminum.

You will notice that it is also both sturdy and lightweight. It fits those who have nickel allergies the most. Pick the frame material, which you think can maximize the benefits provided by your prescription safety eyewear. It should also complement your face to prevent it from causing discomfort.

Lens tints and coatings – It is also advisable to formulate your choice only after you have familiarized yourself with the different tints and coatings for the lens. Note that each lens tint has a specific purpose. Among your choices are those that have clear lenses designed for normal work situations.

You can also go for partial sunlight in case you are interested in indoor applications. In addition, there are lenses that have photochromic tints. They are the ones that tend to darken when exposed to outdoor lights. It is even possible for you to choose eyewear, which features a lens that has interchangeable tints.

The coatings are also great considerations as they can help improve the long-lasting nature and versatility of your eyewear. Among the coatings that your prescription safety glasses can have are fog-resistant and scratch-resistant coatings.

Make sure that your eyewear is anti-fog in case you are regularly concerned about high humidity and extreme temperature changes in your workplace.

Style, function, and fit – Another group of factors that should influence your buying decision include the style, function, and fit of the eyewear. Note that it is now easy to find protective eyewear, which fits properly while also boasting of its stylish look and seamless function.

If you wish to attain a perfect balance between these three, then it helps to pick a choice from traditional and wraparound frame styles as well as a wide range of colors. Ensure that the eyewear is comfortable to wear, too, especially if it requires wearing for a long period of time.

Apart from the mentioned factors, make it a point to go through an extensive eye exam prior to buying your safety glasses. This is helpful in getting an updated script while also figuring out if you have eye or vision health issues.

Deal with a reliable optometrist who is qualified enough in prescribing the right lens that is compatible with your specific eye or vision problem or impairment. You have to do this because lens prescriptions actually differ based on the vision requirements of a patient as well as his overall eye health and lifestyle.

This means that certain conditions, such as cataracts and dry eyes, could be the reasons why you have eye issues and these will be taken into consideration when choosing the right prescription eyewear for you.

The exam is also necessary for tailoring the perfect lens and frame designed to boost your vision outcome based on various eye measurements that suit you. Your chosen optometrist will be the one to take the required measurement, talk to you about the reading or distance area required, and assess the frame’s tilt as it relates to your face.

Care and Maintenance

Some prescription safety glasses can cost up to a thousand dollars. Some of them also feature plastic lenses that tend to get scratches easily compared to glasses. This is the main reason why you should protect your investment by learning the basics of caring for it and maintaining its good condition.

To protect your investment, you have to clean its lenses on a regular basis. Do it using a small drop of detergent and warm water. Use a soft cotton cloth, like microfiber or handkerchief, in drying it. Aside from cleaning, it also helps to utilize a hard-shell case – one that is of the perfect size based on your safety eyewear.

When it comes to storing, lay down the glasses with its lens facing upward. Use your two hands when putting the safety eyewear on and taking it off. Avoid putting it on your head, too. It should only be on your head. This will prevent the frames from getting misaligned.

Note that even a clean lens will not be as effective in performing its job if you do not properly position it in front of your eyes. Another tip is to avoid wiping the lens when it is dry. This tip is essential in preventing dust and debris from the cleaning cloth to scratch the surface.

Avoid wiping the lens using a paper napkin, towel, or tissue with a rough surface, too. Furthermore, you need to avoid using a window cleaner, vinegar, bleach, and ammonia in cleaning the prescription eyewear.

These items might cause harm to the lens and its coatings. By following the mentioned do’s and don’ts, you have a higher chance of enjoying and protecting your investment for a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are prescription safety glasses a legal requirement?

Yes, it is a legal requirement in some countries and states, especially those that require employers to provide the most suitable personal protective equipment to their employees. In most cases, the whole process involves a risk assessment, which tries to figure out whether it is necessary to provide eye protection.

If after the risk assessment it was discovered that employees need eye protection then the employer needs to impose the wearing of safety glasses in the workplace. If prescription safety eyewear is what an employee needs, then it should also be provided by the employer.

How to order prescription safety glasses online?

Yes, several online shops offer prescription safety goggles and glasses. However, you will have to make sure that you have the correct prescription information.

Keep in mind that e-commerce sites and the manufacturer’s websites have different ordering and payment methods. Before paying, take the time to read the company’s return and exchange policies so you don’t run into trouble.

Alternatively, you can purchase safety glasses that are designed to fit over your prescription ones.

What does a z87 safety rating mean for prescription safety glasses?

After undergoing and passing an impact resistance test, a Z87 rating is given to the safety glasses. The test involves dropping a 1-inch diameter steel ball onto the eyewear from about 50 inches away. Meanwhile, the steel ball weighs approximately 2.04 oz.

To pass the test, the lenses and frames must not break after the ball is dropped.

Do prescription safety glasses give UV protection?

Yes, most prescription work glasses come with UV protection.

As always, read the product description and reviews like this one before purchasing. In this way, you can ensure that the safety glasses you want to order have UV protection.

How do I know if my prescription safety glasses have a safety rating?

Whether you’re getting goggles or eyeglasses, prescription eye protection should have a stamp somewhere on the frame or lenses. This stamp will show the safety rating the glasses have earned after passing certain tests.

If you see “Z87,” this means that the glasses passed impact resistance. You may also see “D3,” which tells you that it has met the criteria for splash protection. Meanwhile, “D4” indicates a rating for droplet protection, and “D5” denotes a rating for fine dust protection.

How much do prescription glasses cost?

How much does prescription safety eyewear cost differs based on the level of protection and features that you need. Fortunately, it is now easy to spot several reasonably priced eyewear that offers the right balance of safety and good prescription designed for indoor and outdoor use.

You can also find specialized prescription eyewear, which offers protection from lasers, radiation or chemicals, and long and short wavelength UV rays. The average cost, though, is around $200.

You can expect this to last for almost two years and sometimes, longer depending on maintenance and changes on prescription. Specialized and high-end pairs can also cost up to a thousand dollars.

What are prescription safety glasses made of?

Prescription safety glasses are constructed out of different materials. Unlike the standard prescription glasses, they are constructed out of materials that conform to high standards as far as impact resistance is concerned. They are often wraparound prescription safety glasses. Some are available in traditional styles.

One popular material used in creating it is polycarbonate, which is both strong and lightweight. Since it is lightweight, it is safe to assume that it is comfortable to wear, too. It is also known for having a higher impact-resistance compared to lenses made of glass.

Other prescription safety eyewear materials are industrial-strength glasses and impact-resistant plastic. In terms of the eyewear’s frame material, your choices include plastic, metal, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Who sells and pays for prescription safety glasses?

A number of sellers of prescription safety eyewear can be found either online or offline. If you are interested in buying online then rest assured that legitimate online marketplaces are abundant – one of which is the trusted Amazon.

As for the payment, note that employers are not required to pay non-specialty prescription eyewear worn by workers off-site and for personal use. However, it is necessary for employers to pay for it in case they mandate that there should be adequate protection within the company premises.


As a worker, your safety in the workplace should be on top of your priorities, and one way to give you peace of mind that you are safe and protected is by wearing the best prescription safety glasses. Just make sure that your chosen prescription protective eyewear suits your requirements the most and adheres to stringent safety standards.

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