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The Best Firefighter Helmet Lights of 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Using the best firefighter helmet light can somewhat make the job of firefighters easier to fulfill. Note that a firefighter’s job is challenging. It involves saving the lives and the properties of people.

For instance, if you are a firefighter and you received a call regarding a fire in the neighborhood, then your ultimate goal will be to save any possible victims who are inside. You and your team will also be responsible for trying to stop the fire and preventing it from spreading.

best firefighter helmet light

The problem is the whole process might also cause you to deal with the blinding smoke while you are searching for possible victims inside. Even if you have your flashlight, you might find it of minimal use, especially when the smoke worsens to the point that it already looks similar to high beams in a fog each time you are driving.

For the light to be of use, it needs to be capable of cutting through the smoke. This can help you pass through the blinding smoke while raising your chance of finding potential victims and rescuing them.

It also helps to have a high-quality firefighter helmet flashlight, one that can help you see even in conditions with low visibility. It would be a big help if you choose a fire helmet light, which is equipped with concentrated beams that are capable of cutting through the smoke.

The best firefighter helmet light also often features an integrated clip, which you can use to attach it not only to the helmet but also to other gears that you are wearing or using. You can also choose a fire helmet-mounted flashlight, which you can either fit around your helmet with the help of a rubber strap or clip into the side of your helmet.

One advantage of using a firefighter flashlight that you can mount or attach into your helmet is that it allows you to use it hands-free, making it a vital gear for all firefighters. Aside from being able to use it hands-free, the light can also be expected to aim in the right direction while also having higher visibility compared to the others.

If you think that owning the top-tier fire helmet flashlight can make you more efficient and effective as a firefighter then check out our top ten products here.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

 Streamlight 69140

Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlights

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Life Mounts LED Light

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Nightstick FDL-300R-K01


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List of Top-Rated Firefighter Helmet Light Reviews of 2023

1. Streamlight 69140 Vantage Helmet LED Flashlight

Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlights

The first product that I am so glad to introduce in this firefighter helmet lights review is the 69140 Vantage Helmet Mounted LED Flashlight offered by the famous and trusted brand, Streamlight. I am so impressed with this Streamlight firefighter helmet light it is proven to be lightweight and compact, ensuring that you can operate it with ease.

I like the low-profile design applied into this flashlight as it ensures that you will not have problems attaching it below or above the full brim. In terms of the way it is structured, I can’t see any fault, especially with how durable it is. The structure is shockproof, durable, and powerful, making it somewhat indestructible.

The versatility of this firefighter helmet light also shines through. You will notice this versatility upon seeing it fit any style of helmets for firefighters, including modern and traditional ones. It also suits hard hats and industrial helmets. Another nice benefit of this flashlight is that it allows you to optimize the location of its beam.

You can do that with the aid of its 5-degree angle adjuster and 360-degree swivel clamp. It also takes pride in its super-bright blue taillight LED, which further improves its ability to provide you with the right amount of brightness. I am also thankful for the reflector specifically engineered by the Streamlight brand.

It is because I noticed how useful it is in creating an intense beam of light capable of piercing through the darkness. This also promotes more than enough of the required brightness as well as long run time.

However, I am not so pleased with the built-in battery cover because I find it slightly hard to close and open up.
What We Like
  • Lightweight and compact structure
  • Highly durable and shockproof
  • Can fit all styles of helmets and hard hats
  • Provides a high level of brightness
  • Low-profile design, making it easy to maneuver
What We Don’t Like
  • The battery cover is not that easy to open up and close
This Streamlight firefighter helmet light is certainly a nice gear for any firefighter out there, especially if you consider its solid built and construction, excellent level of brightness, and plenty of promising and valuable features that can make the challenging jobs of firefighters easier and more manageable.

2. Life Mounts LED Helmet-Mounted Light

What I like about this CREE LED helmet light is that it is only 3.5” long and 2.5” high, including the mount. As a whole, it only weighs 3.4 ounces and does not add much heft to my headgear.

Even so, this palm-sized device emits a bright ‎300-lumen light that can brighten a spot 1000 feet away, making it useful in enclosed and larger spaces.

Besides using it as a firefighter helmet light mount, I can securely attach it to the brim of a hard hat, welding hood, or tactical helmet. While these headgears come in different shapes and sizes, I can easily fasten the bracket below or above the brim. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation, I can aim the light at an area in front of me.

Another huge plus is that the manufacturer made the on-and-off button large enough to find and press without looking, even when I’m wearing gloves. Similarly, I can adjust the bracket’s knurled thumb screws without taking off my hand covers.

The weatherproof design ensures that the light will not break, making it suitable for firefighters. The impact-resistant construction will keep the device intact if I accidentally drop it.

My only gripe about this product is that the flashlight wiggles a bit when I move, despite being fastened securely to the hat. Thankfully, the movement is minute enough that it does not remove the light from the area that needs illumination.
What We Like
  • A palm-sized flashlight for easy storage and transportation
  • Emits ‎300-lumen light that brightens a large area
  • Does not add much weight to headgear
  • Can attach to the brim of a hard hat, welding hood, or tactical helmet
  • Has an on-and-off button large enough to press with gloves on
What We Don’t Like
  • The flashlight wiggles a bit when moving

Don’t underestimate this compact LED helmet-mounted light, as it can illuminate pitch-black spaces. Plus, the design allows me to easily press the button or readjust the bracket on my helmet!

3. Nightstick FDL-300R-K01 Helmet Light


If you are conscious of your budget then I suggest going for the FDL-300R-K01 Helmet Light offered by Nightstick. You can get it at an affordable price. One thing I love about it is that it comes in a complete kit composed of not only the light but also the much-needed firefighter helmet flashlight mount.

For its reasonable price, you can get a hold of a high-quality helmet light complete with all the features and accessories needed to make it work. It is a complete system, which allows you to attach the tactical light with a hard hat or fire helmet. I am also delighted to announce that this helmet light has an IP-X7 waterproof structure while also having a 2-meter drop rating.

This means that you do not have to worry about it being exposed to water and moisture. Another strong benefit provided by this Nightstick Helmet light is that it gives you the freedom to set the mount’s angle through a 140-degree adjustment.

With this, it can supply adequate clearance not only on helmets but also around goggles, face shields, and any other equipment mounted on helmets. I am also in favor of the red handle integrated into the light. This handle features a tail cap constructed out of hard-anodized aluminum material.

It also has a huge textured tail switch, which you can easily activate even if you are wearing gloves. Another reason why I admire this helmet light from Nighstick is its heat-resistant housing made of glass-filled nylon material, which also boasts of its non-slip grip.

It takes pride in its 3-hour runtime as well as its chemical-resistant and impact-resistant structure. I also noticed its ability to fit almost all hard hats and fire helmets available in the market today.

However, I noticed that this helmet light kit and mount combination is quite heavy.
What We Like
  • Reasonably priced without making its overall quality suffer
  • Fits almost all available hard hats and fire helmets
  • Sturdy and strong construction, which can resist heat, chemical, and impact
  • Allows you to adjust the angle of the mount
  • Waterproof, preventing possible damage from water exposure
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly heavy
Still, the weight is not too bothersome since you can still move around with ease, making this firefighter helmet light a truly smart purchase.

4. Streamlight 69189 Vantage LED Helmet Flashlight


Another helmet light that a firefighter should consider investing his money in is the Streamlight 69189 Vantage Helmet Mounted LED Flashlight, which comes in green. I immediately sensed how it can meet the demands and requirements of firefighters/firemen who want a hands-free kind of lighting.

I find genuine pleasure in its low-profile and lightweight design as this supports ease in attaching it below or above full brim hard hats, fire helmets, and industrial helmets. The overall structure of this light also impresses me because it shows strength and durability with its powerful and shockproof nature.

Since it comes at a compact size, I am certain that it will not bother you too much while you are in the middle of fulfilling your duties as a fireman. I am also in favor of the clamp, which you can easily tighten using your fingers without the need of any tool. It allows the light to rotate based on your requirements.

Another strength of this helmet light from Streamlight is the C4 LED technology that it uses. It is because this technology is capable of producing twice or thrice the output produced by previous LED lights. This light is also created to last and withstand whatever harsh conditions you expect it to deal with.

It is completely sealed, boosting its water-resistance feature. The brand also takes pride in the anodized aircraft aluminum structure they created because it is known to resist shock, impact, and high temperatures. It also boasts of its optimized electronics that I truly find beneficial because this translates to a better-controlled intensity.

I also like the location of the on-off switch as it is on the rear part of the light, promoting ease of access.

However, one flaw I detected upon using this helmet light is that the plastic wedge in its mounting system is not that stable.
What We Like
  • Completely sealed, making the light water-resistant
  • Strong anodized aircraft aluminum structure, allowing it to resist shock, impact, and high temperatures
  • Controls intensity well, thanks to its optimized electronics
  • Provides the right amount of brightness
  • Powerful and shockproof body
What We Don’t Like
  • Not that stable plastic wedge integrated into the mounting system
All in all, this Streamlight firefighter helmet light is around to give prospective users one hundred percent satisfaction with its overall quality and its numerous built-in features known for their complete functionality.

5. FoxFury 420-T09R LED Rechargeable Helmet Light


I am also greatly in favor of the 420-T09R Command+ White LED Rechargeable Helmet Light from FoxFury. One thing that this product takes pride in is its true-to-life LED light technology. I noticed that this technology is capable of supplying high-quality light with a genuine look where you can see its colors in a clearer and more accurate and vibrant manner if you compare it to standard LED lights in the market today.

This rechargeable helmet light also has a body that can survive even the most challenging and rigorous situations and environments. I specifically love its all-weathered construction engineered to withstand cold, underwater environments, and the heat.

This headlamp is also rugged enough that it can survive impact, drops, and bumps. The light is also constructed in a way that it will be appropriate for use on various safety helmets, such as hard hats as well as helmets designed for firefighters. It also boasts of its flexible design in the sense that you can put it on your forehead directly or on a cap.

I am happy with the light’s built-in adjustable tilt as it lets you aim it where necessary. It allows you to take advantage of its command tilt white, which is appropriate for use when you need to do close-up tasks, including repairs and maintenance, general area illumination, and inspection.

I am also fond of its three modes of lighting, giving you the freedom to choose from its low, high, and medium settings. With this, you can adjust the intensity of the light depending on what is required in a certain situation. I am satisfied with its elastic strap, too, as it ensures that you can wear it on your forehead or ball cap.

It has a versatile design, which makes it appropriate not only for firefighters but also for first responders, industrial professionals, and recreational enthusiasts.

As for its flaws, I have a hard time spotting one, except for its somewhat lofty price.
What We Like
  • Rugged structure, allowing it to survive impact, drops, and bumps
  • Compatible with various safety and firefighter helmets
  • Allows aiming at the correct spot
  • Provides three modes or settings of lighting
  • Comes with an elastic strap for ease in putting it on your forehead or ball cap
What We Don’t Like
  • Somewhat high price
Despite being costly, buying this FoxFury light is still a sound and wise decision as it gives you virtually everything that you are hoping to get from a dependable firefighter helmet light.

6. Nightstick NSP-4650B Helmet Light


The fifth product that deserves a firefighter’s attention is the Nightstick NSP-4650B Helmet Light. It is a versatile or flexible option, especially for those in search of a hands-free lighting solution that they can easily mount in a firefighter helmet. I am in awe of this light’s powerful 220-lumen flashlight with a tight focus.

It also takes pride in its more than enough 600-feet distance rating. I am delighted to point out that this light gives the user the freedom to dial in enough concentrated light just by choosing between its two lower lumen settings, specifically the 100 lumens and the 30 lumens.

This light is also competitive, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of hard hats and fire helmets. I also find pleasure in saying that this helmet light has dual functions, specifically as a flashlight and as a floodlight. It utilizes a dual-light technology capable of supply a targeted beam as well as adequate area lighting.

The unfocused light pattern of the floodlight function of this product is ideal for those instances when you need to light up objects that are close to you. The integrated floodlight is also amazing as it promotes ease in working on and examining things that are close to you and lighting up the ground.

Another unique strength of this firefighter helmet lighting solution is its 15-lumen survival mode, which perfectly suits emergencies, especially if you have minimal light operating for more than sixty hours.

I also find the rear-facing and green LED light amazing as this feature is useful in identifying team members with ease even in those environments filled with dust and smoke. This light also boasts of its IP-X7 waterproof rating, thereby ensuring that you can effortlessly use it in environments with a lot of water and moisture.

One issue I have with this helmet light, though, is that it is slightly difficult to locate the power button once gloves are worn.
What We Like
  • Compatible with various hard hats and fire helmets
  • Boasts of its dual functions – It works as a flashlight and floodlight
  • Ideal for lighting up close or nearby objects
  • Comes with a 15-lumen survival mode ideal for emergencies
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly hard to locate the power button with gloves on
Considering all the built-in features, I can say that this is a powerful, user-friendly, versatile, and fantastic helmet light that is ideal for use in all firefighting scenarios and environments.

7. Streamlight PolyTac 88854 Helmet Light


Choosing the Streamlight PolyTac 88854 Helmet Light will not also lead to disappointments, especially if you consider all the valuable built-in features it carries. One notable quality of this helmet light is its universal fit, which is the reason why it is a perfect fit for helmets of modern and traditional styles.

I am completely happy with its low-profile and lightweight design because it plays a crucial role in ensuring that you will not experience difficulty mounting it into a helmet regardless of its style. It has a black jacklight mount, which you can use together with the PolyTac flashlight, thereby giving you a hands-free solution as far as lighting is concerned.

I also find the aluminum-based mount included in this lighting kit outstanding because it is lightweight while retaining its durability. You will not have problems attaching it into the brim of the helmet, promoting a low-profile and good fit. Attaching it is also easy because of the rubber strap.

It promotes ease of attachment to the helmet without using any tools. I am also delighted with the C4 LED technology utilized in this firefighter helmet light because this is famous for its strong-resistance to shock and impact. It also gives the lighting solution a long 50,000-hour lifetime.

The case of the flashlight is also constructed from a tough and high-impact nylon polymer material, which does not only strengthen it and enhance its durability but also assures you of a sure and comfortable grip. Another thing that caught my attention is the light’s tail cap push button, which supports a single-handed constant or momentary operation.

However, I noticed that it is not as easy to put on hard hats as when you put it on standard helmets.
What We Like
  • Comes with a battery case constructed from tough and high-impact nylon polymer
  • Sure and comfortable grip guaranteed
  • Features a tail cap push button for ease of operation even if you are single-handed
  • Known for its strong resistance to shock and impact
  • Low-profile design and promotes a good fit
What We Don’t Like
  • Not that compatible with hard hats
If you think about the overall quality and brightness of this firefighter helmet light from Streamlight, you can immediately conclude that it is indeed a great addition to your helmet if you want to feel more protected and at ease when doing your job.

8. FoxFury 940K-010RSC Waterproof LED Helmet Light


The 7th product in this article is the 940K-010RSC Impact-resistant and Waterproof LED Helmet Light. I love several things from this LED helmet light, proving its superiority in the firefighter lighting industry. One of these is the fact that it is dual-functioning as it acts as a side helmet-mounted light and a flashlight.

This instantly shows that this lighting solution is built with versatility in mind, so versatile that you will notice right away how valuable it is in various scenarios with constantly changing lighting requirements. I am happy with the 200-lumen light, which proves its ability to run for a max of eight hours.

All it needs to get it to work is a single rechargeable 18650 batter or a couple of CR123 batteries. Another thing that drew me closer to this light is its high-quality aluminum construction. One of the major strengths of this material is that it is proven tough. It even takes pride in its waterproof, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant structure.

I am so happy with the three modes of lighting provided by this waterproof LED helmet light. With this 3-mode setting (low, high, and flashing, to be more exact), there is a great chance that you can adjust it based on the ideal light intensity in a specific environment.

It also offers additional safety because of the visible flashing LED green light that you can find at the rear portion of its battery pack. It can help you stay protected as it enhances your visibility. The fact that it is built with an anti-roll head also means that you can prevent the light from rolling into a surface.

It even boasts of a strike bezel with more than enough strength for self-defense as well as a way to shatter or break a windshield.

However, it does not have a memory that can store the most recent level, requiring you to begin again each time you need it.
What We Like
  • Waterproof, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant
  • Proves 3 lighting modes, giving you the freedom to pick the most suitable light intensity
  • Equipped with an anti-roll head
  • Fire-resistant, making it truly appropriate for firefighting situations
  • High-quality, lightweight and sturdy aluminum construction
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks the memory for storing the recent level you inputted
If you are looking for a high-quality and bright light for your helmet then you should look no further as there is now the FoxFury 940K-010RSC known for its durability, quality, and brightness, among many other endearing traits.

9. Streamlight Vantage 180 X Helmet Light


Your search for a helmet light for firefighters of dependable quality also has a great likelihood of ending if you come across the Streamlight Vantage 180 X. I am in favor of this helmet light because of its modern and versatile design and multifunctional nature. This is a single product, which can supply you with three lights.

Aside from the light that you can mount in your firefighter helmet so you can use it to do your tasks hands-free, it also serves as a good handheld flashlight and as a right-angle light, which you can use by attaching it to the turnout gear.

The construction of this helmet light is totally strong, thanks to the tough and high-impact nylon and polymer materials used in creating it. This material is also famous for its chemical-resistant nature. Aside from being chemical-resistant, the overall structure can withstand impact, too.

Another thing that makes this a great product is its IPX7 waterproof rating. The built-in multifunctional pocket clip made of stainless steel also got me interested because it further heightens the versatility of the helmet light since the presence of the clip makes it support a wide range of attachment methods.

I am also satisfied with the bright blue LED light at the rear because it makes it perfect for use in a helmet mount and ensures a high level of visibility even when dealing with heavy smoke. In other words, seeing clearly will not be a problem with this light.

It also illuminates white safety flood LED light so you can see anything that is at your feet. Another amazing benefit is the effortless, single-handed operation brought on by the built-in push-button switch.

One downside is the poorly glued and somewhat flimsy plastic material holding the clip.
What We Like
  • Tough and high-impact nylon and polymer construction
  • Provides three products in a single product
  • Equipped with a push-button switch, which supports an effortless and single-handed operation
  • Assures users of a high level of visibility
  • Waterproof, chemical-resistant, and impact-resistant
What We Don’t Like
  • Flimsy plastic material designed to hold the clip
Providing you with incredible versatility and three light functions in just one product, I can safely say that the Streamlight Vantage 180 X is worth spending your money on.

10. FoxFury 940K-010FI Waterproof LED Helmet Light


The ninth product that is one of my top choices for high-quality helmet light is the FoxFury 940K-010FI Waterproof Side-Mounted LED Helmet Light. Built using high-quality and sturdy aluminum material, this helmet light is capable of providing you with a strong structure that is not only waterproof but can also resist fire and impact.

The light operates at 200 lumens with a great runtime. It operates for a max of eight hours, which is already good enough, using a single rechargeable 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. You can take advantage of its three lighting modes or settings that let you pick the perfect light intensity on a certain situation.

Your choices include flashing, low, and high. The rear part of this light’s battery pack also has a visible green flashing LED light, which is already visible even from more than a mile away. I think this offers a huge advantage because it provides additional safety. I am greatly satisfied with the built-in C-clamp, too.

It is because I discovered how it perfectly fits the majority of fire helmet styles, specifically those that do not have external face shields. The clamp is also compatible with safety helmets that have a full brim. The durability of this firefighter helmet light is also amazing.

It is strong and durable in the sense that it can handle the impact. It also perfectly suits underwater use. This helmet light can even last longer with the aid of its strike bezel and anti-roll head.

The product is also built in a way that it is capable of cutting through smoke when used in structural firefighting. With this, expect it to be a big help in your attempt to function safely while supporting quick decision-making.

However, this light is also noticeably bulky so it might end up covering a part of your helmet if not positioned correctly.
What We Like
  • Allows you to choose the most suitable light intensity, thanks to its three lighting modes
  • Provides a green flashing LED light, which improves visibility
  • Built-in C-clamp that contributes to its compatibility with various helmets
  • Highly durable as it can handle impact and underwater use
  • Capable of cutting through smoke
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite bulky
With all the capabilities of this firefighter helmet light, it is no longer surprising to see it being considered by many as an asset in various industrial, rescue, and fire applications.

11. Streamlight Vantage II Helmet Light


The last product that deserves a spot in this article is the Streamlight Vantage II Helmet Light. I think that it does a really good job as a hands-free light specifically designed for the industrial and fire service market. I am impressed with the manner through which it was structured because it showcases power, compactness, and indestructibility.

The sturdy anodized aluminum material used in creating this light is amazing because it contributes to its overall strength and durability. It is also IPX7 waterproof up to a depth of one meter and for 30 minutes. I also instantly sensed how impact-resistant and shockproof its structure is.

The light also gives you the freedom to choose from its low and high settings, ensuring that you will be able to set it based on what is required in a specific environment or scenario. It illuminates a bright blue taillight LED light, too, which I consider as truly beneficial because it means that you will be visible even from behind.

It also takes pride in its safe-off feature, which is extremely helpful in preventing it from being activated accidentally. This also results in incredible savings on batteries. Another thing that makes this firefighter helmet light deserving of anyone’s attention is its solid-state power regulation.

It is because it can maximize the light output throughout the life of the battery. Furthermore, it can showcase the top-rated peripheral illumination with the aid of its custom optic known to be capable of creating a narrow beam. It takes pride in its lightweight nature and low-profile, too, as this supports ease of manageability.

One issue I have with this helmet light, though, is that the small screw used in securing the light into the bracket is prone to loosening up but rest assured that this can be resolved with the aid of an Allen wrench.
What We Like
  • Compact, powerful, and waterproof
  • Impact-resistant and shockproof structure, showing how strong it is
  • Allows choosing from low and high settings
  • Equipped with a safe-off feature designed to prevent accidental activation
  • Provides the top-tier peripheral illumination
What We Don’t Like
  • The small screw for securing the light seems to loosen up from time to time at first
Despite that, there is no denying how good the Vantage II Helmet Light from Streamlight is and how effective it is in making your difficult job as a firefighter more manageable.

What is a Firefighter Helmet Light


As the name suggests, firefighter helmet lights are the ones that are put on the helmets of firefighters so that they can see better during rescue situations. Oftentimes, firefighters have to go into dangerous locations to fight fires and rescue trapped victims. These places are known for almost always having low to zero visibility.

With that, a helmet light or headlamp will always be a welcome addition to your firefighting gears. In the past, headlamps used small incandescent bulbs as their source of illumination. Back then, headlamps used up a lot of batteries. They tend to burn out quickly and they were not that bright, too.

Thanks to modern technological advancements, firefighter helmet lights now use energy-efficient and high-intensity LED lamps. Aside from the fact that modern headlamps are better in terms of their overall performance, they are also more shockproof, which is an important quality for firefighters who run into burning buildings.

Firefighter helmet lights are included in the most important tools that should always be in the arsenal of any self-respecting firefighter. However, there are so many different types of headlamps that you need to choose from, which makes it hard to choose just one.

Fortunately, there are certain things that you just need to keep an eye out for to simplify your search for a truly good one. These characteristics are the important details that must be present in the headlamp that you choose in the end.

How Does It Work

Headlamps are miniaturized flashlights. They are deconstructed flashlights without the tube for the batteries. Think of a headlamp as a flashlight with the bulb separate from the battery sled so you can easily install it onto a headband.

The bulb housing and reflector are mounted at the front of the band and the battery pack should be placed at the back. Since modern headlamps now use LED bulbs, they can use more compact housings. Also, they are so bright that most of them do not even use reflectors.

Since they consume so little energy, modern headlamps do not need to use bulky battery packs. Some of them use just AAA batteries and they are good for several hours of operation already. Firefighter headlamps need to be waterproof and shockproof.

Keep in mind that firefighters have to go headfirst into hazardous situations, so if their headlamps conked out on them just because they got wet or because they hit their head on debris, then they will be in deep trouble. Official firefighter headlamps are different from regular ones because they have beefier waterproofing.

The battery pack is watertight and the access port is protected by thick rubber seals to prevent water from getting inside. There are also rubber gaskets in every seam of the LED enclosure to prevent any moisture from getting inside and causing a short circuit.

Most firefighter headlamps also have adjustable focus and brightness so they can customize their light depending on the situation. Most headlamps also come with emergency strobe functions so that in case a firefighter gets stuck inside the wreckage, other first-responders can find him/her.

Types of Firefighter Helmet Lights


You have a few choices when it comes to firefighter helmet lights and each of them has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Choose the type that you think works best for you. Some of your most relevant and valuable choices are the following:

Headband lights – These are LED lights mounted on straps that you can wrap around the helmet. You can tighten the straps so that the lamp will stay put on the helmet. The great thing about headband lights is that you can use them on your head even when you are not wearing the helmet.

However, the straps tend to get loose after some time and they could get snagged on any protrusions if you are not careful. You can also buy just the elastic bands that have flashlight holders so you can use any kind of flashlight that you have.

Helmet-mounted flashlight holders – These are more secure and often come with a better lighting angle than what headband mounted lights offer. These holders are held in place by a clamp that is attached to the brim of the helmet.

Once the bracket is attached, you can put any kind of flashlight that you want to use in them. The nice thing about these lights is that the beam is level with the eyes of the user, which makes this ideal for reading plans or documents as well as navigating through the darkness.

Helmet mounted lights – These refer to actual firefighters’ helmets that have built-in brackets for lights and most of them come with the lights included. The lights are detachable just in case you need to replace the batteries or if you need a handheld light.

These are more secure than the first two options as the mounting bracket is built into the helmet, giving a guarantee that it will not come off that easily.

These are only some of the many different kinds of firefighter helmet lights that you can buy today. You just have to find out which one can specifically meet your demands.

Why Do You Need a Firefighter Helmet Light

There are many reasons why firefighters need to invest in a helmet light and use it in any firefighting situation. Here are just a few of the most viable reasons:

Firefighters need both their hands – When rushing into rescue situations, firefighters need to have full use of both their hands. For instance, when rushing into burned down buildings, firefighters like you need to have both their hands free in case they need to move away from huge pieces of debris.

It is also important for their hands to be free if they have to extinguish small fires or offer assistance to any survivors. They can do all of their tasks better if both of their hands are free to use.

Firefighters need bright lights to investigate – A bright helmet light is necessary so that firefighters can assess the condition of the burned down building much easier. Because the light hits the places where you might be looking, you have the chance to focus your attention on a small area.

This allows you to spot if anything is out of the ordinary, or if there are parts of the building that are already compromised.

Firefighters might need it to signal others – In the unfortunate cases wherein firefighters got themselves trapped in the compromised structures that they entered, which happens often, they will need to send visual signals to the other first-responders.

These signals are meant to tell them where they are and that they need help. Some helmet lights have a strobe function that makes sending out signals much easier.

Firefighters need to crawl into tight spaces – When a firefighter needs to crawl through a tight space to access another area that has been isolated by debris, he needs both his hands free so he can move easily.

Also, when the light is mounted on the firefighter’s head, it makes it easier to crawl. It is because the light is attached on your forehead. This will give you ample light wherever you look.

Buying Guide


Because there are so many types of helmet lights out there, you need to learn what to look for when you are shopping for one. To help you on your search, here are the important characteristics and features of helmet lamps that you need to keep an eye out for:

Beam type – The beam type of a headlamp or flashlight leads the way through which the light from the bulbs is focused. There are generally two types of beam – the flood and the spot. A flood beam is great for when you need to light up a large area, like an entire room or part of it.

Flood beams also allow firefighters to know if there is imminent danger around them. Spot beams, on the other hand, concentrate the beam of light onto a smaller area. This is great in case you are investigating a part of the fire scene.

The bright light concentrated on a small area makes it easier for you to focus and find anything that seems out of the ordinary. Furthermore, the spot type allows you to shed light on things that are far away from you. When buying a firefighter’s helmet light, choose the one that has the option of switching between the two beam settings.

Brightness – The brightness of the headlamp is measurable in lumens. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the light that the lamp produces. However, take note that just because the lumen count is high, that does not necessarily mean that it performs better than the rest.

What is more important is how the lamp focuses its brightness so that it can be usable. For instance, if you need to read a piece of paper in the dark, like the layout of the building that you are in, you will need the light to focus on the paper that is in your hands.

Beam distance – The primary purpose of headlamps is to throw light towards the distance, making it possible for the wearer to see objects at a distance, even in pitch dark situations. Most headlamp brands are tested on how far they can throw usable light.

A lamp’s brightness, in lumens, just tells you how much light it emanates from the source. On the other hand, the beam distance is the maximum length that the said light can travel so it can illuminate an object at a distance. Usable light means that the light at a set distance should at least be as bright as a full moon.

Battery consumption – Most headlamps these days use energy-efficient LED bulbs, so they all pretty much have low energy consumption. However, some headlamps have additional light modes that increase their battery consumption.

For instance, some headlamps have a Boost/Zoom function that lets them produce a dazzlingly bright beam of light for around ten to twenty seconds. This is useful in case you want to check out something that is very far away. There are also instances when you can use it to debilitate would-be attackers by blinding them temporarily.

Weight – The great thing about modern headlamps is that they are made of light components unlike in the past when even the enclosure of the lightbulb weighs quite a lot and the battery pack is so heavy that you have to wear it on your waist.

When choosing a fireman’s helmet lamp, note that you do not have to get the lightest one available. You might be compromising battery size if you do. Instead, choose the headlamp that, when worn, has negligible weight. This means that you do not even notice that you are wearing a light at all.

Light modes – Almost all brands of headlamps have at least two light modes – a high and a low setting. Other brands, on the other hand, have three or more extra modes. One of the usual modes that you might see in headlamps is the strobe/flash. This mode will turn the headlamp into an emergency beacon.

Most of them flash the international code for an emergency while other brands even offer a choice of the rate of the flash. The rate could be either slow or fast. This is important in a fireman’s helmet light because things can go wrong quick during an emergency.

In a blink of an eye, the rescuer could be the one who will need assistance. The low setting is the standard that is used by most people. Most use this setting when doing camp chores during the early evening or as a means of lighting up the trail when hiking at night.

Firefighters would use this setting just for investigating the causes of fire. Search and rescue missions need more power. There is also what we call as the mid setting, which many consider as a needless option. It is just there to give the illusion of more choices, which is why only a few headlamps have this setting.

There is also the max/high setting, which is ideal in case you need the highest amount of illumination possible. This is the setting that most firefighters use when they are running into burning wreckage.

They need to see clearly where they need to go, so they can avoid any large pieces of debris that might cause serious injury. This is also the setting they use when they are on rescue missions. This will help the survivors know that rescuers are on the way.

Another setting is the boost/zoom, which is only usually found in professional models. This is the one that firefighters and other professionals use. This setting allows the lamp to produce an intense beam of light for a couple of seconds (around 10-20 seconds) so that they can investigate things from far away.

The boost feature can only last a couple of seconds. It is mainly because they drain the batteries fast. Furthermore, they also hugely lessen the lifespan of the bulbs.

Waterproofing – The firefighter’s helmet lights need to be waterproof for many obvious reasons. Firefighters need to have the waterproof gear and that includes their headlamps. The headlamps not only have to be water-resistant.

They also need to be waterproof in the sense that they have to work even when submerged. Choose lights that have thick yet pliable O-rings to seal the bulb casing and thick rubber gaskets to seal the body of the bulb and also for the battery pack.

Shock-proofing – Not only does the headlamp for firefighters need to be waterproof. They need to be shockproof as well. The helmet of firefighters is expected to get hit more than a couple of times whenever they respond to emergencies, which is why the lights attached to them should be able to handle a lot of stress as well.

Batteries used – The batteries that these lights use must have enough energy so they can run for an extended time. They also need to be powerful enough that they can handle the boost function if ever they are needed.

Also, take note of the weather in your area. If you live in an area that hits freezing temperatures, choose lamps that use lithium-ion batteries as they store better than alkaline batteries in cold weather.

With these tips, finding the right firefighter’s helmet light will not be difficult at all. These helmet lights are not that expensive at all but it would still leave a bad taste in your mouth knowing that you wasted money on a headlamp that was not up to your expectations.

Be wary when you are out shopping for a headlamp and you will get more than your money’s worth.

Care and Maintenance

Firefighter’s helmet lights are fairly low maintenance. However, that does not mean that you do not have to take care of them. First of all, if you are using a headband type of headlamp, you should wash it at least once a week if you have been responding to at least one fire a week.

You just need to remove the lamp and battery pack from the band then launder it as you normally do with your regular clothes. You can throw the band in with your other laundry and it would be fine. Just make sure that you do not set the dryer too hot as it will damage the elastic.

To ensure that you are getting the most light out of your headlamp, you need to clean the lens regularly. If the lens has been scuffed up a bit, you can make it clear again by placing a paste made out of baking soda and a bit of water on the lens then rub it in using an old toothbrush.

The tiny grits of baking soda will help polish out the small scratches on the lens and make them clear again. If the scratches are rather deep, get some 180-grit sandpaper, soak it in some water for ten minutes and use it to sand away the scratches. After the scratches are removed, use 200-grit sandpaper and do the same until the lens is clear.

When it comes to the batteries, take note that rechargeable ones will still get discharged even when not in use. With that in mind, you need to check the batteries constantly so that your headlamp will not go out on you while you are responding to an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a firefighter helmet light cost?

Helmet lights for firefighters can cost anywhere from $70 to $140. Note that these higher-priced products aren’t simply offering the brightest helmet light but also have features that make them resistant to chemicals and fire.

Meanwhile, regular tactical headlamps with bright lights and signaling capabilities for emergency response typically cost as low as $25 to $50. Some are even cheaper. There are also high-end products that cost the same as fireproof helmet mounted flashlights.

How much does a fireman’s helmet light weigh?

This will depend on the features and the materials used. That said, be aware that some models do not include batteries, so the manufacturer may be indicating the product weight only.

A firefighter helmet light with bands can weigh 12.8 ounces. On the other hand, the Streamlight Vantage 180 X with lithium batteries is one of the lightest ‘lights’ on the market. When equipped with CR123A lithium batteries, the unit is only 5.5 ounces. The version with a USB battery is slightly heavier, weighing about 5.9 ounces.

How long does a firefighter helmet light last?

In the review above, you will see that some products, like the helmet light from FoxFury, have a runtime of 8 hours when powering their 200-lumen lights. Meanwhile, Nightstick can stay on for 60 hours when you use its survival light of 15 lumens.

Durability is, of course, an entirely different topic. Firefighters constantly have to deal with varying weather conditions. Plus, they can potentially drop their tools or be hit by a falling object. Therefore, checking the material of a headlamp or flashlight for fire helmet is a must.

Aluminum alloy is one of the most heavy-duty materials manufacturers use to create the body or casing for the light. This material can allow the helmet light to last years as long as the user does not constantly drop it.

What are the most popular firefighter helmet light brands?

With the strong demand for firefighter helmet lights in the firefighting and industrial applications, it no longer comes as a surprise to see numerous brands trying to compete for the attention of prospective buyers. Among the firefighter helmet light brands that you should check out if you are shopping for one are Streamlight, FoxFury, and Nightstick.

What do lumens mean?

Lumens is the unit of measure used to describe the amount of light a light bulb or any other light source produces. Do keep in mind that the lumen of a particular light source is measured from its brightest point at the center.

This is why some bulbs might have more lumens but could not sufficiently light one room. On the other hand, a bulb with lesser lumens, but have a farther beam distance can sufficiently light up the same room.

Should I buy a helmet light holder and firefighter light?

This depends on how you plan on using the light. However, side-mounted helmet light holders provide a better light angle. Furthermore, if you are using a helmet light holder, you can easily take out the flashlight so you can hold it in your hand when needed.

How to mount the firefighter helmet light?

If you are using a headband light, you just need to wrap the band over the helmet and tighten it just enough to keep it in place. If needed, place a bit of double-sided tape at a couple of points just to prevent the band from slipping off.

In case you are using a helmet-mounted light holder, install it by clamping it onto the brim of the helmet. Tighten it just enough so that the holder will not move around even if you try to wiggle it. Do not over-tighten the screw or else the plastic brim will crack.

Insert your flashlight into the cradle and tighten it to keep the light in place. You should then adjust the angle of the flashlight so that the light will hit where you want it to.

How to use?

Once the helmet light is properly mounted, you just need to adjust the angle of the light so that it hits the places where you look. If you need more light, set the mode to high and if you need it brighter and if your lamp has it, set the mode to boost.

How to care & clean?

Headlamps are very easy to take care of. You just need to take off the lamp and the battery pack from the strap. You can toss the strap along with your regular laundry but let it air dry instead of the regular clothes dryer as the heat might damage the elastic.

Where to buy?

There are plenty of places where you can buy headlamps for firefighter’s helmets, like at outdoor sports shops or construction supply stores. However, if you want more choices so you can easily compare prices of different headlamps, you need to shop for them online. Many online stores sell everything that you can imagine, which also includes firefighter helmet lights.


Firefighter helmet lights are indispensable tools of the trade. Firefighters need to have ample amounts of light whenever they respond to emergencies. The wreckage left behind by fires are always dark and there are lots of hazards strewn all over the place. If you do not have ample light then you will not be able to avoid them.

There are many different kinds of firefighter helmet lights currently available and even though most of them are pretty affordable, it would still be a shame if you waste money on something that you will not even find useful. By using the tips mentioned above, finding the best firefighter helmet light will be relatively easy.

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