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The Best Box Handling Gloves of 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

Anyone who is involved in any box and package handling jobs is completely aware of the importance of wearing the most dependable personal protective equipment. One crucial part of their PPE is the protective glove. Several industries actually need protective work gloves with each one having a different set of requirements.

The same also goes for those who are involved in the box and package handling industries. Those who hold package handling jobs for companies, such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS and are involved in warehousing applications need the best box handling gloves to keep your hands fully protected.

best box handling gloves

Note that the gloves for handling cardboard boxes and moving boxes can make the job not only less stressful but also less risky. It is because such protection for your hands can ensure that you will be able to work without harming one of the most important parts of your body – your hands.

The right gloves for warehouse work and box handling also promotes ease in handling plastic, cardboard, and small-sized and medium-sized packages. You will also find the gloves useful if your job requires you to work with parcels or packages. It is because these protective gears can provide you with the grip and ventilation you need.

With proper grip and ventilation, holding packages while using less force and keeping your hands feel comfortable will be easier. Note that having reliable ventilation and grip is one of the things that most package handler gloves share in common.

To ease the challenges revolving around choosing the best gloves for moving boxes and box and package handling, we have included short reviews of top-rated products in this category. With all the information that you will gather here, you can surely let go of all the difficulties associated with finding the most suitable gloves for your box handling job.


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Ironclad BHG-04-L

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ACKTRA Work Gloves

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Ironclad GUG-02-S

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10 Gloves for Box Handing Reviews 2023

1. Ironclad BHG-04-L Box Handler Work Gloves

Ironclad gloves are among the best protective gears that are effective for package and box handlers. It is actually a favorite from a wide range of package delivery professionals, including those who need UPS driver gloves. I actually describe this product as an industrial grip glove.

I love its maximum grip, which can be attributed to this specific brand’s patented and unique Diamondclad silicone-fused palm. I discovered that it is useful not only in package handling and delivery but also in other applications, like power and hand tool operations, ceramic, metal, and glass handling, auto repairs, and warehouse tasks.

The neoprene knuckle protection integrated into this Ironclad work glove is also a big advantage because it keeps my knuckles safe and secure from impact and abrasion. It provides such kind of protection while still promoting a great deal of flexibility. I am also happy with its guaranteed secure fit brought on by its hybrid cuff system.

What is good about this system is that it is also easy and quick to release. Another thing that makes it a great product is its ability to support all-day comfort. This is made possible by using sweat-wicking and breathable materials. No one can also question its durability, especially once you notice how well-reinforced its saddle and thumb are.

Cleaning it up is also hassle-free since you can do that using your washing machine. However, some still complained about it wearing out faster compared to other gloves with similar features and traits.
What We Like
  • Offers good grip and control
  • Comes with plenty of uses
  • Keeps users safe from impact and abrasion
  • Secure fit guaranteed
  • Comfortable and breathable
What We Don’t Like
  • Tends to wear out faster than other gloves
Overall, I feel completely satisfied with the functionality, quality, durability, and performance showcased by this box handling glove from Ironclad.

2. ACKTRA Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves

Another product that I think truly belongs to the best box handler gloves of today is the ACKTRA Ultra-thin PU coated work gloves. One fascinating thing about it is that it lets you choose from a couple of sizes and colors. You can pick from its four different sizes and three different colors, giving you the chance to find the one that really suits you.

This also lets you pick a work glove that is not only stylish but also fits your personality. I am greatly satisfied with the maximum durability promised by this pair of work gloves. This kind of durability is actually made possible with its seamless nylon shell.

Add to that the polyurethane (PU) coating used in the gloves and you will surely enjoy a sturdier and stronger pair of work gloves. What I like even more about the polyurethane coating is that it promotes an incredible grip. The material is also known for being flexible and lightweight without compromising the sturdiness of the glove.

It has a snug fit while having a good enough texture, which is a big help in handling various packages and boxes with ease. It can even help ensure that you will not experience problems and difficulties doing small and delicate work. You can also expect it to work effectively as UPS work gloves.

It is also breathable and lightweight with just enough grip so you can handle cardboard boxes without problems. In addition, it is tough enough in the sense that you can use it for light tasks in the yard.

However, the sizing is smaller than the standard, though, so consider ordering one or a couple sizes bigger.
What We Like
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Highly breathable, making it comfortable to wear
  • Good grip
  • Stylish yet durable
What We Don’t Like
  • Sizing is smaller than usual
To conclude, this is a well-made work glove designed to help package and box handlers, as well as other workers, do their job efficiently while giving them excellent protection.

3. Ironclad GUG-02-S General Utility Work Gloves

Another admirable protective glove from Ironclad is the GUG-02-S General Utility Work Glove. It is the most reliable utility gloves from Ironclad known for its excellent performance. One thing that impresses me about it is its comfortable and form-fitting nature. It is also designed in a way that it can handle your daily tasks.

It is not only suitable for material and box handling but also for other applications and industries, including construction, shop, delivery, home, clean-up, yard work, rigging, and equipment operation. It has great craftsmanship, which also makes it as stylish as possible while retaining and showcasing its strength.

Another impressive quality showcased by this work glove is its ability to wipe away your sweat, thanks to the terry cloth featured at the back of the glove’s thumb. I am also happy that this high-performance glove is machine-washable. You can just toss it in your washer without worrying about it drying out or shrinking.

The Ironclad logo across the knuckles is made of thermoplastic rubber that protects the knuckles from impact and abrasion. It has a secure fit and wrist closure. It also boasts of its good impact protection, thanks to its rubberized knuckle. I like the durability and strength showcased by this work glove.

I think that its double-stitched reinforcements based on synthetic leather on the fingers, saddle, and palm also play a major role in this kind of durability. The reinforced palm design also works in letting you enjoy good dexterity.

However, one issue that you might encounter with this glove is that you will be unable to use your touchscreen devices when wearing it.
What We Like
  • Comfortable and form-fitting
  • Machine-washable
  • Durable, thanks to its double-stitched reinforcements
  • Good dexterity
  • Offers protection to your knuckles from impact and abrasion
What We Don’t Like
  • May not let you use your touchscreen devices once worn
This is just a very minor inconvenience, though, considering the fact that it helps a lot in ensuring that you can do your job easily and efficiently.

4. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Gloves

You can also invest in any of the Maxiflex gloves presently available in the market if you are in search of a reliable pair for package or box handling. One great choice from this brand is the Maxiflex 34-874. It works as the ultimate pair of gloves for all-day wear considering the fact that its overall design can make your hands stay dry and cool.

One reason why this glove captured my attention is that it has minimal seams based on the way it is knitted. The way it is knitted also helps in maximizing finger sensitivity. With that, it works in retaining the precision and dexterity needed by those who wear it. I am also glad that these gloves use a micro-foam nitrile coating.

It is because this material works in improving your grip when used in environments that have light oils. It also helps improve its breathability and ability in resisting abrasion. The glove also has a good grip and full control over various applications and work environment and industries.

The grip in this glove also helps ensure that it can make the job of most package handlers much easier and more manageable. Another fascinating benefit that grabbed my attention is its form-fitting nature, which is a big help in making the gloves comfortable to wear while minimizing hand fatigue.

This pair of gloves also boast of its incredible abrasion-resistance, breathability, and dexterity regardless of the work applications and environments where you used it.

However, the fit and sizing are smaller and tighter than what is usual.
What We Like
  • Ideal for all-day wear because of its comfort
  • Offers good dexterity and abrasion-resistance
  • Form-fitting, which helps in minimizing hand fatigue
  • Breathable
  • Maximizes finger sensitivity
What We Don’t Like
  • Fit and sizing are smaller and tighter than normal
Even with its flaws, I can still safely say that it is one of the best box handling gloves today that can also work for a variety of tasks and applications.

5. G & F 15196L Seamless Nylon Work Gloves

You can also choose to invest in G & F 15196L Seamless Nylon Work Glove if what you are looking for is the ultimate hand protection for box or package handling jobs. I can say that this work glove serves as the ultimate protective gear for your hands, especially if you are doing summer general work, package and material handling, and lifting.

What I genuinely love about it is its natural feel. It is naturally comfortable in the sense that it feels like your second skin is attached when wearing it. I would also like to emphasize the superior feel and fit guaranteed by this work glove considering the fact that it has an ergonomic design.

Another incredible advantage that this work glove guarantees is that it provides a high level of flexibility while keeping your entire hands fully protected. It also lets you choose from a couple of sizes, including medium, large, and extra-large. With its seamless fit, I can also assure users of the glove’s ability to provide superior dexterity and flexibility.

The nitrile coating used in this work glove is also a strength as it makes it completely breathable and well-ventilated. Due to its 100 percent nylon gloves, I can also vouch for the great performance of this glove in dry and wet conditions. It is nicely designed and lightweight.

You can use it to pick up things with ease. Furthermore, it is tough enough that you can handle whatever boxes, materials, or packages you need to tackle.

However, one complaint I have is that there is a foul chemical smell during the first few times you use the glove.
What We Like
  • Works well for material and package handling
  • Naturally comfortable
  • Boasts of its ergonomic design
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Guarantees superior dexterity and flexibility
What We Don’t Like
  • Foul chemical smell during the first several uses
Once the smell diminishes, you will surely begin enjoying all the positive things and unique qualities that only this protective work glove can offer.

6. Ironclad HUG-03-M Heavy Utility Work Gloves

The next product in my list is the HUG-03-M Heavy Utility Work Glove offered by the trusted Ironclad brand. One prominent quality of this work glove is that it is tough, which means that it is also one of the longest-wearing gloves in the market today. It also boasts of its strong abrasion protection, which is further enhanced by its Duraclad reinforcements.

These reinforcements are incredible as these provide up to eight times more strength compared to typical synthetic leather. You can expect various parts of the gloves to be reinforced using double-stitched and recesses seams, providing longer-lasting toughness.

I also love the proven versatility of this protective work glove. I instantly sensed how versatile it is right after I discovered that it is not only designed for material and package handling. It also works for other industries and applications, including construction, wire and cable work, landscaping, search and rescue, lumberyards, and forestry.

Another reason behind the superiority of this glove is that it has amazing dexterity and tactile feel. In addition, it can keep users safe from impact with the aid of its built-in rubberized knuckle.

Another strength is that it is easy to clean since it is machine washable. Furthermore, I find its low-profile and secure wrist closure a big advantage.

One possible drawback of this glove, though, is that it is not as breathable as the other work gloves.
What We Like
  • Strong abrasion and impact protection
  • Reinforced, promoting its durability and toughness
  • Versatile since it is useful in a wide range of applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Incredible dexterity and tactile feel
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks breathability
Even with the mentioned issue, I am still rooting for this product because it delivers an incredible performance as far as protecting your hands in various workplaces is concerned.

7. Superior Winter Work Gloves

The next pair that I wish to recommend or suggest to those involved in the material or package handling industry is this fleece-lined winter work glove offered by Superior Gloves. It is actually the most suitable pair for package handling professionals who need to work during the winter season.

It is well-insulated, promoting dryness, warmth, and flexibility when you are using it below freezing temperatures. You can take advantage of its warmth to your hands with the help of its dual-layer fabric composed of nylon on its exterior and soft fleece on its interior. This combination can definitely warm your hands in cold temperatures.

I can also confirm the superiority of the grip featured by this work glove. It is mainly because it has a crinkle-grip coating at the palm, which uses a special formula for improved flexibility and grip even when you are using it at the coldest temperatures. I am also glad that it is not only meant for the material and package handling industry.

You will also find it a great, protective and water-resistant work glove for workers in the cold storage, construction, agriculture, and utility industries, among many others, who need to work during the winter. I am also pleased to announce that this glove is incredibly puncture-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

This kind of resistance against common hazards can definitely give you the best hand protection while doing your job. Furthermore, it is made to be lightweight and quick-drying, supporting your comfort the entire day.

However, I find the finger parts of the glove slightly tight and constricting, though.
What We Like
  • Well-insulated and flexible
  • Can provide your hands with enough warmth in cold environments
  • Superior grip guaranteed
  • Water-resistant and protective
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly tight and constricting finger parts
With this well-insulated winter work glove, box and package handlers will definitely have an easier time at work regardless of how cold the temperature or their work environment is.

8. DEX FIT FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves

The next work glove worthy to be recognized in this article is the DEX Fit FN330 Nitrile Work Glove. The most prominent and noticeable benefit I would like to emphasize in this work glove is its comfortable and snug fit. It is mainly because of its ergonomic design and fit.

It naturally fits well into your fingers. In fact, wearing it can make you feel like it is your second skin. You will feel even more comfortable once you start wearing this pair, especially once you discovered that it uses the cool and flexible yet firm water-based rubber coating.

You can expect this rubber coating to work in a way that it can give you all-day comfort. I also find it satisfying to say that it is designed to be used by all genders and ages. In fact, it is safe and protective for kids, adults, boys, girls, and juniors. It does not produce any toxic odor, especially when you first use it.

I am also very happy about the non-slip capability of this work glove. I noticed that this capability is noticeable even when you wear it underwater or in areas with light oil. It can also lessen hand fatigue considering the comfort brought on by wearing this glove.

One more strength is that it has distinctive air ventilation, which can keep your hands dry and cool. It is a multipurpose glove, too, which allows it to be used for not only box handling and warehousing but also for construction, logistics, plumbing, shop, and gardening.

However, I noticed that its size runs slightly small but I can assure users that this size will stretch with continuous wear.
What We Like
  • Ergonomic design and fit, promoting utmost comfort
  • Cool and flexible rubber coating used
  • Safe for all ages and genders
  • Helps lessen hand fatigue
  • Good air ventilation
What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller size than usual
To conclude, this is one of the safest and most comfortable personal protective gears for the hand that uses the latest materials and features to make it more convenient and functional to use.

9. CLC 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Another pair of box handling glove that I wish to recommend is the CLC 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Glove. One of the things that I am truly in favor of regarding this pair is that it has a great combination and balance of quality, function, and style. I am also happy with its form-fitting nature.

It is because this helps a lot in improving the glove’s dexterity while minimizing fatigue, allowing you to complete your box handling job with minimal effort. The fact that it is constructed to be form-fitting also makes the glove so comfortable and flexible to wear. This glove also makes use of synthetic leather, which makes it tough.

Aside from that, the synthetic leather material allows it to resist hardening or shrinking. It is compatible with outdoor jobs, especially if you think that your work environment can make your gloves prone to getting wet.

I also love the stretchable spandex material and the Lycra side panels built into this work glove because these do not only improve the glove’s dexterity but also let you perform your job with full control and zero restraint. Another thing that makes me so happy about this glove is its cold weather insulation.

I like its insulated nature because it works in maintaining the warmth of your fingers and hands when you are working during the winter. Furthermore, it has hidden inner stitching, which is a big help in making it as snag-proof as possible.

However, it has low touchscreen feedback, so you might not be able to use your touchscreen devices when you are wearing it.
What We Like
  • Functional yet stylish
  • Form-fitting and comfortable
  • Lessens fatigue when handling even tough jobs
  • Capable of resisting hardening or shrinking
  • Good cold weather insulation
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor touchscreen feedback
Investing in this work glove is definitely a sound and wise decision as it has most of the traits you needed from it including its ergonomic and flexible design and good grip.

10. XSHIELD 17-PUG Work Glove (Outdated)

Another product highlighted in this review is the XSHIELD 17-PUG Polyurethane/Nylon Work Glove. It is manufactured using the 13-gauge high-grade nylon material, which is strong yet comfortable enough in a way that your movements when handling boxes and packages will not be hampered.

I like the good protection coverage delivered by this pair of nylon work glove. It boasts of its highly protective PU (polyurethane) coating used in the palm, which provides a great knuckle coverage. With this kind of protection, you have an assurance that you will be covered adequately from punctures and light abrasion.

It delivers what it promises in terms of versatility and functionality. It is functional and versatile in the sense that it is compatible with several applications and tasks. You will actually find it helpful when used in DIY yard work, moving or packaging stuff, and auto repairs.

This XSHIELD nylon work glove is also effective in ensuring that your hands stay dry while ensuring that dirt does not build up there. I am so impressed with the great breathability, dexterity, and comfort brought on by its seamless knit polyamide shell.

Another of its strengths is its amazing tactile sensitivity. However, I discovered that this work glove is not designed to handle really heavy and tough work.
What We Like
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Functions well without hampering your movements
  • Highly protective with its good knuckle coverage
  • Versatile and breathable
  • Amazing tactile sensitivity
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for really heavy and tough tasks
Overall, this box handling glove from XSHIELD is meant to satisfy possible wearers with the way it is constructed, its overall quality, and incredible performance.

What is a Pair of Work Gloves for Handling Cardboard Boxes


Based on its name, a pair of work gloves for handling cardboard boxes, or what we call as the box handler gloves, is what you need if you hold a job in the package and box handling and warehousing industry. Note that as a warehouse worker, your job entails the need for a pair of gloves designed to offer light to heavy-duty protection for the hands.

The best package handling gloves are essential in giving package handling and delivery professionals with comfortable and breathable hand protection from abrasions and cuts. Most of these work gloves are also available not only in a protective design but also in a style that lets them provide touch-screen capabilities and reliable grip.

You can also use these items as protective gloves for moving furniture and material handling. It is available in a wide selection or range – from nylon or palm-coated string knits to leather fitters or mechanic styles that require a high level of hand protection and safety.

How Does It Work

The most reliable box handling and movers gloves can be expected to work by promoting ease in case you need to handle boxes and packages, whether these small-sized or medium-sized ones. You will even find these work gloves useful if you wish to handle packages of various sizes as well as plastic and cardboard.

Some of these gloves provide really great ventilation and grip so you will not have a hard time dealing with parcels or packages. The grip and ventilation are among the key factors present in the gloves to allow you to utilize the least force as possible in case you need to hold and manage the packages of your clients.

What is even better about these gloves is that you can expect them to perform their intended function without sacrificing the comfort felt by your hands. This is the primary reason why reliable ventilation and grip are two of the things that should be present when shopping for a good and reliable pair of box handling gloves.

Types of Box Handling Gloves


When it comes to choosing the right type of box and material handling gloves, one thing that you have to remember is the temperature in your present work environment. Note that there is a specific style of glove for a specific environment. You need the most suitable one for your work environment to make doing your job hassle-free.

Choosing the right pair can also help ensure that you can work with certain equipment and tools with ease. For instance, you can use the gloves in securing your hands while you are operating things, like a tape gun, forklift, or large conveyor controls.

It is even possible to find protective gloves for this job that allow you to still use touchscreen devices. So without further ado, here are the different types of box handling and warehouse picking gloves that you can choose from:

Latex rubber – Natural or latex rubber is one of the most commonly used materials for package or box handling gloves. This material is a great choice because it carries several benefits, including its incredible resistance to tears, cuts, and abrasion and its incredible grip.

It also boasts of its ability to resist temperatures from 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Latex rubber is also a material known for its ability to resist all liquids mixed with water. Gloves known for being heavier-duty in nature can also resist the most common furniture strippers. This is possible without compromising tactile sensitivity and grip.

You can also find coated versions of latex rubber gloves. These boast of their crinkle finishes that make them perfect in case you need to handle materials with sharp edges, such as sheet metal, glass, concrete, stones, and lumber. Another advantage of latex is that it is known for being affordable.

The problem with latex, though, is its poor flame-resistance. You can’t also expect it to work in warehouses and other work environments that require good resistance to petroleum solvents, grease, and oil.

Nitrile – You can also pick nitrile if you wish to get a hold of a pair of rugged wear box handling gloves. One thing you have to know about nitrile is that it refers to a synthetic rubber material capable of providing good resistance to various hazardous chemicals and solvents.

It can also resist snags, abrasion, cuts, and punctures. It can keep your hands protected from other harsh products, like oils, acids, pesticides, herbicides, greases, and alcohols. What is good about nitrile-based work gloves is that they are known for their better resistance to cuts and abrasion when compared to PVC and neoprene gloves.

You can expect this material to work well in environments that have temperatures that are around 25 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Another advantage of nitrile is that it has great abrasion-resistance and flexibility, making it suitable for other applications aside from box and material handling.

These include automotive use, cleaning and maintenance, garden and farm protection, and industrial painting. One issue, though, is that its price is known to be higher in comparison to the latex rubber material.

Neoprene – You can also choose neoprene gloves if you wish to buy a pair of protective gloves for a box or package handling job. What is good about neoprene material is that it offers protection to your hands from various chemicals. It also works as the best coating against strong and harsh acids and alkalis.

Another advantage of neoprene is that it boasts of incredible tactile strength. It also works similarly to natural latex when it comes to flexibility but expect it to have a higher level of chemical-resistance and impermeability when dealing with moisture, vapor, and gases.

Another remarkable quality of neoprene is that it delivers an excellent performance in work environments that have temperatures of around 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from package and material handling, other applications where you can use neoprene work gloves are metal fabrication, petrochemical use, galvanizing, and plating.

Why Do You Need to Wear Box Handling Gloves

Wearing box handling gloves is really a must if you are part of the package and material handling industry. It is mainly because this protective gear aims to do what it specifically needs to do, and that is to protect and preserve your hands and prevent them from getting harmed while you are doing your job.

Remember that when you are handling materials and packages, your hands are among the most used parts of your body. Your hands are also exposed to multiple hazards linked to handling bulk packages. By wearing the right work gloves, your hands will receive proper protection.

Among the safety hazards that you should protect your hands from when your job involves bulk package and bulk handling are the following:

Moisture-absorbent cardboard – One problem linked to your job is that it requires you to handle cardboards that might absorb and remove the moisture from your hands. That said, expect to deal with a huge number of boxes to cause cracks and dryness in your skin.

Exposure to dirt from boxes – Your job also exposes you to boxes that are filled with not only dirt but other unwanted stuff. The boxes might be filled with dirt, leaked chemicals, mouse feces, snot, someone’s blood, or any other harmful substance that might put your hands at risk.

Stiff edges – Some cardboards and boxes have stiff and sharp edges that might cause cuts in your hands if you do not exercise care and caution when doing your job.

Protrusions in the package – Some packages may have small and minor protrusions in them that might put your hands in danger. Being a package handler might even cause you to handle packages with metal parts, such as small screws, embedded into them. This might cause punctures on your skin if you accidentally hold onto them.

By wearing high-quality box handling gloves, you can protect your hands from the mentioned safety hazards. Apart from giving your hands the protection they need from the mentioned hazards, proper work gloves can also contribute to giving you utmost convenience when you are doing your job.

For instance, you can use the gloves to have an incredible grip in case you need to handle smooth box surfaces. Another reason to wear gloves is that they can maintain the cleanliness of your hands. In addition, they can help preserve the softness and moisture in your hands even if you are dealing with a tough and laborious job.

Buying Guide


Finding the most suitable box handling gloves that you can use for your job depending on your work environment is not that hard. With the help of this short buying guide section, you will be able to learn some crucial points that you should consider during the glove selection process.

The following should be among the points you have to keep in mind during your search of the most dependable pair of work gloves:

The kind of surfaces you are holding or gripping – Determine the specific items you will be handling in your job and your specific environment. For instance, ask yourself whether you will be handling cardboard packages only or plenty of wooden cards and other abrasive items.

You have to figure out the specific materials you will be holding and gripping as the answer to this has a say on what gloves perfectly suit you. In case you need a mixture of materials, causing you to be unable to guess the specific items you will be dealing with then it would be best to look for stronger gloves.

While some might say that stronger gloves are somewhat overkill for certain boxes and packages, you will still find them useful in case you need to handle wood cartons and you need a pair of gloves that can withstand their somewhat tough surfaces.

Need to operate devices – Another thing to determine is whether or not your job requires you to operate computer devices on a frequent basis. If you need to operate such devices then thick and padded gloves might not be suitable for you because these might cause you to be unable to use handheld computers and devices, such as scanners.

In this case, thin work gloves that are still durable and of great quality might be your best options. The gloves should also have incredible sensitivity and dexterity as this can help in pressing small buttons.

Touchscreen ability is also a must in case your job requires you to handle touchscreen devices most of the time. Your gloves should be protective while still having the ability to accommodate the mentioned capabilities.

The number of packages to handle – You also need to ask yourself about the specific number of packages that you will need to handle every shift. During the selection process, consider what your usual shift looks and feels like.

Estimate how many boxes and packages you will most likely handle as this contributes a lot in determining whether you will need a pair of lighter or heavier protective gloves. Aside from that, identify whether there are other tasks and operations you need to accomplish aside from handling boxes.

Does your package handling job require you to do other tasks, like driving a truck or forklift? Are you also in charge of opening or taping boxes? Consider all the tasks assigned to you and you will surely get the chance to pick the most suitable pair of gloves.

Work environment – Another important consideration is your present work environment as well as the temperature. Find out whether the cold or hot weather tends to get into your work environment or facility.

In case you are involved in an outdoor job and you are living in a place with summer and winter seasons then it would be necessary to invest in a couple of gloves designed for various seasons. Aside from that, you have to take into consideration the discomfort often linked to wearing work gloves during extremely hot weather.

In such a case, you might want to invest in light and inexpensive gloves as these are known for their incredible ventilation. The only problem with them is because they are inexpensive, there is a possibility that they will be unable to last that long.

Padding – You also have to ask yourself if padding is what you need for your work gloves. Note that there are people who might experience pain and numbness in case they need to handle hard and heavy objects. In this case, you need to wear thick work gloves that also feature some padding, so your hands will be relieved from stress points.

Apart from the points already mentioned, it is also advisable to check other things that are usually neglected by some package handlers. For instance, you have to look for thin and form-fitting gloves so you can reach to your pockets effortlessly without having to take off your gloves.

Also, find out whether washing the gloves in case they begin to smell prior to them wearing out is something that you are eager to do regularly. If you do not want to do that and feel like it would be much better for you to just throw it away in case it starts to stink then you might find it beneficial to invest in cheaper and lighter gloves.

Care and Maintenance

The best and the longest-lasting work gloves for box handling can only be expected to deliver what they promise if you properly take good care of them. Your gloves can help keep your hands fully protected and warm. Fortunately, it is easy to take extra care of them and preserve their value and excellent condition for a long time.

One great thing that you can do is to avoid using harsh cleaning products as it might cause damages and discoloration to the gloves. Mild cleaners designed for the specific material used in creating the glove are more preferable. The best way to clean and care for the gloves is to wipe them using a dry cleaning rag each week.

You may also find a damp rag useful in case there are sticky residues. The gloves should then be flipped from the inside out as a means of cleaning their interiors. Use the damp rag in wiping the gloves down and let it air dry prior to turning them back up again.

If your gloves are constructed from leather then you can spray some leather cleaner and conditioner into the rag then rub it gently into the material. What is good about the use of both products is that they can remove all residues while ensuring that the moisture needed by your gloves is retained.

Once done, store them in the right place. The best storage area for your glove is in a drawer. You may also put it in the same enclosed area if you are not using it. This will prevent possible damage as well as minimize the risk of accumulating dirt and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any differences between package handling gloves for summer and winter (hot and cold conditions)?

Yes, there are. Keep in mind that the temperature in your work environment contributes a lot in determining the most suitable package handling gloves that will work for you. If you are working in a hot or warm work environment then be aware that your glove requirements will be different from when you are working during the winter.

In hot or warm workplaces, take note that you need a pair of gloves that will let you work effectively with various equipment and tools. For instance, it should be able to help you in operating a forklift, huge conveyor controls, and tape gun, among many others.

In this case, it would be best for you to choose smooth nitrile palm work gloves, especially if you also need to use your touchscreen devices frequently. Also, take note that one key point to remember in case you need to work in warm workplaces is to maintain the right balance between the dryness and coolness of your hands.

You may also need to invest in gloves that offer moderate or great ventilation. As mentioned earlier, the smooth nitrile work gloves will work for you because aside from being flexible and lightweight, they also have adequate grip when used on dry surfaces.

They also have little but comfortable padding and great ventilation and abrasion-resistance. All these things make them really great choices for warm or hot environments.

You can also choose textured latex work gloves because of its incredible abrasion-resistance, good dexterity and flexibility, and great ventilation and grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

In case you are working during the cold, winter season or when your work environment has a temperature, which is below freezing point, you also need the ideal box handling or package handling gloves for you.

There should be an adequate balance between keeping your hands warm to prevent your fingers from freezing and ensuring that they are still not too hot to the point that your hands start to sweat excessively, causing your gloves to get wet. To increase your chances of getting such balance, you need well-insulated gloves.

The problem with these insulated gloves is that these might cause some issues when you are working with small controls and computers. The best solution, in this case, is to invest in spare gloves that you can use in case the one you are wearing gets wet. You can also invest in the freezer gloves, such as the textured latex work gloves.

What is good about the textured latex type is that it has a good grip and flexibility and dexterity. While it does not have special insulation, you can still expect its thick yarn to provide you the warmth you need in cold temperatures.

You can also go for textured latex gloves that feature acrylic shells. It is a great choice because of its grip, light layer insulation, and good flexibility and dexterity.

What are the best gloves for working in a warehouse? 

After reading various industrial safety blogs and forums like Reddit, I learned that choosing gloves for package handlers is not a simple task. Besides the buying guide, I’ve recommended gloves for handling boxes and suggested specific usage in the review.

If you’re still confused about your choices, let me share some guide questions to help you pick the best gloves for delivery drivers, for working with cardboard, or for specific tasks at work. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of surfaces or packaging do you normally handle? Do you handle wood crates, cardboard boxes, or plastic envelopes?
  • Is checking your computer, tablet, or other touchscreen devices part of your daily routine?
  • How many packages do you have to carry every shift and how much do they weigh?
  • Is wrapping or opening boxes part of your job description? Do you have to operate forklifts or drive shipping vehicles?
  • Does the weather or indoor temperature affect your job?
  • Do you have time to wash dirty gloves routinely?
  • Do you use your pockets to store items and need to reach for them often?

Your answers to these questions should point you in the right direction!

What are gripping gloves for?

Gripping gloves or gripper work gloves are known for their excellent grip and dexterity. With them, your hands can stay protected against abrasion, cuts, or punctures when carrying boxes and other items.

At the same time, they will ensure that the fabric or glove material prevent the items from slipping through your hands and hurting your feet.

Gripper gloves are commonly used in the automotive, assembly, logistics, utility, electronics, construction, component handling, logistics, machine operation, general warehouse work, utility, and many more.

Just like other work gloves, some gripping gloves have insulation to keep workers’ hands warm in cold environments.

What are box handling gloves made of?

Box handling gloves are typically made of the specific materials mainly chosen to manufacture or construct them. One of the most commonly added components to a box handling glove is the nitrile palm coating, which is actually what the majority of workers prefer as it provides substantial protection to a number of safety hazards.

This coating is known for its great tear-resistance and puncture-resistance. One major difference between the latex material and nitrile is that in terms of chemical resistance, nitrile also handles oil well, making it ideal in case you are involved in handling small and oily components and in metal stamping.

Another possible component of the glove is flat nitrile, which is known as an effective general-purpose palm coating perfect in the warehousing or construction industries. There are still other materials that make up the box handling glove and turn it into a dependable protective gear for your hands.

How long do box handling gloves last?

The longevity of box handling gloves is actually dependent on the kind of work you are presently doing as well as the kind of protective gloves you have chosen. The length of time it will last also depends on how long or often you do a particular task. You can also make it last longer than expected if you take good care of it.

In most cases, using the gloves on a daily basis in a harsh and tough work environment might cause it to wear out too soon. This is the main reason why you should spend time assessing this protective equipment prior to each shift.

Check it for signs of wear and tear as this can guarantee you that it will still work in protecting you from various hazards, like cuts, chemical burns, and punctures. If you think that your gloves are too worn out then you might need to replace them immediately.

How to choose the right size?

Picking the most accurate size of box handling glove is extremely important to prevent wearing one that is too loose or too tight. Note that inaccurate fit and size might cause the gloves to impair its grip. It might also lead to folds that might cause discomfort when you are at work.

Ensure that you wear the right size of box handling glove to avoid compromising your safety. What you have to do to get the right size is to use a tape measure in measuring your hand in inches. Measure your dominant hand. You can also pick the size based on the numbers and letters indicated by the manufacturer (ex. small, medium, and large).



The best box handling gloves are among the wisest investments that any worker in this industry can make. That said, you really have to exercise caution in selecting which one contributes a lot to your success and performance.

Choosing the right work gloves can definitely contribute not only to your safety at work but also in getting your job done correctly in the somewhat tough and challenging material and package handling industry.

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