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The Best Eyewear Retainers for 2023

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

The best eyewear retainer is the thing that you need if you have a difficult time securing your eyeglasses to your head. Note that if this happens then the specific activity that you are currently doing will be greatly affected.

For instance, if you are at work and your eyewear keeps on falling then you may have a difficult time concentrating, thereby affecting your overall performance. The best sunglass strap or retainer also helps those who are wearing eyeglasses for their recreational activities and sports.

best eyewear retainer

Mountain bikers, for instance, will find this item beneficial as it keeps them safe while they are negotiating rough and tough terrains. With the retainer around, they no longer have to fear nor worry about their pricey protective eyeglass being crushed beneath their tires.

It even gives you the chance to invest in the best sunglass retainer for fishing, especially if you are an angler who needs to cast your rod. It also helps joggers who need to run marathons and yachters who need to set their sail.

This retainer can give them the kind of security that they are hoping to enjoy when wearing sunglasses or any eyewear. If you are planning to find out which eyewear retainers are worthy of your time and money then you may want to check out the following eyewear and sunglass retainer reviews.

With the information here, you will get an idea about which one can give you ultimate satisfaction.

best eyeglass retainer

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Chums Eyewear Retainer

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ONME Eyewear Retainer

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Peeper Keepers Retainer

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10 Top-rated Eyewear Retainer Reviews

1. Chums Original Cotton Eyewear Retainer

The first product that I am going to introduce to you is the Chums Original Cotton Eyewear Retainer. I highly recommend it because it is one versatile Chums eyewear retainer guaranteed to supply a hundred percent satisfaction to different kinds of prospective users.

The versatility of this product is instantly visible with how perfect it is to use on all kinds of applications and places, including snow, air, land, and water. I also noticed how it fits the majority of standard frames for eyeglasses, too. With that, I am quite sure that it is designed in a way that showcases two important factors – comfort and quality.

One trait I like about this Chums Original Eyewear Retainer is that it is easy to adjust. Constructed out of 100 percent cotton, I am pretty sure that it can make users feel truly comfortable. It is adjustable in the sense that you can adjust it based on how you want to fit you.

With that, it can definitely help you get a superior fit. It also comes at a design, which allows it to hold the frames of your eyeglasses firmly and securely. Wearing it and removing it anytime is also quick and easy. In addition, it is one of the cheapest and most functional Chums eyewear retainers you can find today.

It prevents your glasses from slipping. Another thing I genuinely love from this retainer is that loosening its strap is easy. You can loosen it so hanging the glasses from your neck each time you remove them would be easy.

However, some users complained that it does not suit really big frames that well.
What We Like
  • Highly versatile as it is useful in numerous applications and places
  • Guarantees a superior fit with its adjustable nature
  • Holds your frames firmly and securely
  • Quick and easy to put on and remove
  • Fits a lot of standard frames
What We Don’t Like
  • Not that compatible with really huge frames
With its quality, comfort, and durability combined, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this eyewear retainer in delivering what it promises to its prospective users.

2. ONME Adjustable Eyewear Retainer

I also highly suggest the use of ONME Adjustable Eyewear Retainer. I discovered that it is another versatile piece, which you will surely find useful in a number of activities. I find its design versatile and universal in the sense that it is compatible with hiking, snow skiing, rock climbing, biking, and fishing, among many outdoor activities.

What I am so glad about in this retainer is that its ends are constructed in a way that they grip tightly to frames that are small and medium in sizes. With that, you can fully enjoy your chosen activity while attaining peace of mind since you are a hundred percent sure that your eyeglasses stay strapped securely into your head.

I am also fond of the fact that you can choose to hang your sunglasses conveniently on the topmost part of your head or on your chest. It boasts of its adjustable toggle, too, which is beneficial as it prevents the straps from falling off that easily. It also promotes comfort when worn by users regardless of the shapes and sizes of their head.

The durability of this eyewear retainer is also unquestionable. It has enough sturdiness that it does not fray nor stink. It is not also prone to accumulating dirt that quickly and soaking up any sweat. With that, I am sure that you will enjoy how this specific eyewear retainer makes you feel clean.

Constructed from pure cotton, it also eliminates your worries about it breaking down into pieces just because of too much pressure. Furthermore, it is fashionable and long-lasting.

However, it does not seem to fit extra-large frames, which is one of its flaws.
What We Like
  • Can resist dirt and sweat
  • Ideal for use on a number of activities
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Fashionable
  • Prevents the straps from falling off easily, thanks to its adjustable toggle
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for extra-large frames
This choice for the most dependable eyewear retainer is a valuable investment, especially if you consider how durable, comfortable, and versatile it is.

3. Peeper Keepers Eyeglass Retainer

I am also pleased to introduce this eyeglass retainer offered by Peeper Keepers. It is an excellent choice especially if you are someone who is already exhausted of the challenges you often encounter when you misplace your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses. With this product, I am sure that your glasses will always stick with you.

One thing that attracted my attention is its braided cord constructed from polyester. This material offers the right blend of comfort and strength, so rest assured that it will not disappoint you in those areas. The material is soft enough in the sense that it will not cause any skin irritation.

It also has a higher chance of lasting for a long time, knowing that it is constructed using high-quality materials that are sourced locally. I am also very pleased to announce that this is one of the most attractive and stylish eyeglass retainers I have seen in the market. In fact, it is available in numerous attractive and vibrant colors.

That said, you always have the opportunity to choose the specific one that fits your personality and style. I also discovered that it has the lowest chance of breaking. It is because of its patented grip that is known for its strength. It is uniquely designed while having universal ends that do not slip that easily.

Another strength of this retainer is that it tends to fit perfectly to your reading glasses. You can expect it to fit well regardless of its position. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to put on.

However, the rubber part seems to be prone to getting cracks after using it for quite a while.
What We Like
  • Offers the right combination of comfort and strength
  • Soft and comfortable material used, thereby preventing skin irritations
  • Available in several attractive and vibrant colors
  • Patented grip used, making it strong
  • Unique design, which prevents it from slipping
What We Don’t Like
  • Comes with a rubber portion that is prone to get cracked
Despite that flaw, Peeper Keepers Eyeglass Retainer still meets most of the requirements of the majority of users, which is the reason why it continues to earn positive feedback and a high user satisfaction rating.

4. Croakies Elastic Eyeglass and Sunglass Retainer

Since I have an active lifestyle, the constant moving and sweating make my glasses slide off my face. I was always worried that I might accidentally break them, but thankfully, these eyeglass straps fixed the issue!

What I love about these sunglass keepers is that they are super comfy. Even though they may look like ordinary strap, they have ample cushion. As such, they do not rub my skin raw whenever I tilt or nod. Let me also add that wearing them for long hours does not hurt. Not to mention, the neoprene material does not absorb my sweat.

After using these for running, I find that they can securely hold my glasses in place because their width is pretty thick. I’m glad that this specific model comes in a pack of two since I wanted to use the other one as sunglass strings. In this way, I don’t have to remove the strap from my prescription and put them onto my shades.

If your glasses have slender stems, then you can easily insert them. However, it cannot fit thick and curved arms into the glasses holder strap. The other issue that I have is that the straps can only expand but they cannot be tightened to fit smaller head sizes. Unless you are absolutely sure that these retainers fit you well, I suggest you try them in person first.
What We Like
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Feels cushy when worn for long hours
  • Apt for those with an active lifestyle
  • Does not rub the skin raw
  • Can hold the glasses in place
What We Don’t Like
  • Hard to insert thick and curved stems
  • Cannot be tightened
The verdict? These eyewear retainers can expand to accommodate adult-sized head shapes. With neoprene straps, having them on for long hours will not be uncomfortable!

5. Attmu Sports Eyewear Retainer Strap

The Attmu Sports Eyewear Retainer Strap is also one remarkable choice for those who want to use a high-quality eyewear retainer. I find it impressive because it suits the majority of prescription and standard or regular glasses. I specifically like its ability to deal with a number of things, too, including daily use, outdoor activities, and sports.

It is a fashionable piece, which did not forget the importance of comfort. It prioritized the comfort of users by ensuring that it makes use of a soft and comfy polyester braided cord. I am specifically fond of its adjustable toggle, too, because it prevents the straps from falling off.

The kind of comfort it offers also extends to all head shapes and sizes. It is long enough, so rest assured that you will not have problems securing it around your neck. You will also find it useful in hanging your sunglasses comfortably on your chest or allowing these to rest securely over your head.

I am also pleased to announce that this sunglass retainer features a lightweight polyester thin frame, which makes it easy to use. In addition, it has rubber grips that make it even easier to use on a daily basis and for your outdoor activities and chosen sports. The grips are very secure, too.

What is even better about this strap is that its thickness is something that you can trim down with ease based on your preferences.

One drawback, though, is that it tends to emit a foul chemical smell at first. Rest assured that this smell will disappear after a few uses.
What We Like
  • Suits a wide range of standard and prescription glasses
  • Fashionable while still prioritizing user comfort
  • Comes with an adjustable comfort
  • Just the right length to secure the glasses around your neck
  • Lightweight and easy to use
What We Don’t Like
  • Foul chemical smell at first uses
I noticed that this eyewear retainer works as expected and exceeds some of the users’ expectations, which is why I can safely assume that it is indeed a satisfying product to invest in.

6. Holdie Eyeglass Retainer Chain

Another satisfying product in this specific industry is the Holdie Eyeglass Retainer Chain. I find it impressive as it can perform several functions – one of which is to give users with a high-quality and great-looking cord that matches or fits most of their outfit. You can also use this chain to prevent your glasses from constantly being misplaced.

It protects your costly glasses from being damaged when knocked away from your face, too. The fact that it boasts of a PU leather style is also a great thing as it makes the chain really attractive. It looks classy, too. I can also say that this chain is long-lasting as it underwent a hundred times of testing to make it less prone to breaking.

Another thing I discovered about this product is that it is completely comfortable. In fact, once worn around my neck, I can totally forget about it, proving how comfortable it is. The material used in the chain is soft enough, thereby preventing your skin from chafing nor getting irritated.

I am also happy that this chain is made to be flexible. It is flexible because it is specifically designed in a way that it can fit the majority of arms for eyeglasses. It can also secure your glasses with just one push. I am also satisfied with its lightness and thinness that promote further ease in using it.

In addition, it has aesthetically pleasing colors, so rest assured that your sense of style will not be drastically affected by this retainer. One more thing I am fond of regarding this eyeglass retainer is that you can easily make adjustments to its height, allowing you to adjust it based on your preference and preventing it from slipping.

However, some are still unsatisfied with its overall length, which is one of its common complaints.
What We Like
  • Attractively and elegantly designed
  • Makes your glasses less prone to getting damaged
  • Soft material used for the chain
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to use and lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Some users are unsatisfied with its length
Overall, it is a high-quality, well-made eyewear retainer that can truly provide you with your money’s worth.

7. Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap

I can also say that the Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap did a pretty good job in impressing the majority of its users. Among the many things I genuinely love about this sunglass strap include their unique and distinctive designs. The fact that the strap is uniquely designed gives you the chance to pick at least one style that suits you.

Your choice can be compatible not only with your unique personality but also a certain occasion and your lifestyle. It is also flexible and versatile in the sense that it gets you covered through a wide range of activities and tasks. These include boarding, hunting, surfing, and fishing, among many other activities.

I am so pleased with the soft and comfy neoprene material used in the strap, too. This material compliments with the colors and patterns integrated into the strap, making everything completely matching. Aside from being soft and comfortable, the neoprene material is also a big advantage because it is stain-resistant and waterproof.

Since it is soft, it also lessens the risk of it irritating the parts surrounding your ear as well as your temple. I can also confirm how durable and strong this sunglass strap is. It is strong and durable, allowing it to withstand a number of environments, including forests, deserts, lakes, mountains, and oceans.

It can also handle various temperatures and extreme conditions, including high heat, wind, snow, and hail. One more noticeable strength of this strap is that it is built in a way that it will last. It does not fall apart nor fade that easily and quickly even when used on a daily basis.

It has a secure fit, preventing your sunglasses or eyewear from falling down or slipping from your face. It is also one great option for the best floating sunglass strap considering the fact that it is constructed out of the floating and lightweight neoprene.

However, one issue encountered by some is that it is slightly difficult to put on glasses at first.
What We Like
  • Unique yet attractive designs
  • Useful in numerous activities, including outdoors and recreational ones
  • Soft and comfortable neoprene used for its construction
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Can withstand various temperatures and extreme conditions
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit difficult to put on initially
Once this initial struggle is resolved, you can start fully enjoying all the good and positive things promised by the Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap.

8. Chums 5mm Universal Fit Eyewear Retainer

If you are planning to invest your money in a good Chums floating sunglasses strap or retainer then make it a point to include the Chums 5-mm Universal Fit Eyewear Retainer in your list of choices. What is so remarkable about this retainer is that it is constructed using the brand’s patented molded tips.

I discovered that these molded tips are among the major strengths of this product as they can fit and suit almost all sizes of frames for the eyewear. This means that regardless of what size your frame is, you can take advantage of this retainer in preventing it from slipping or falling down.

I like the distinctive style and strength of this Chums eyewear retainer, too. I think I can attribute it to its durable nylon rope construction. The adjustable sliding bead of this eyewear retainer is also worthwhile to highlight as this promotes a truly good, comfortable, and secure fit.

The fact that it is adjustable means that you can adjust it so you can customize the fit based on what can maximize your comfort and convenience the most. It boasts of a great fit and quality, making it one ideal choice for those who are aiming to invest in a retainer that can really hold their eyewear well.

It is a well-made product available at a reasonable price, plus it is known for being unobtrusive and lightweight.

However, this retainer is slightly stiff at first so you might need to get used to it for a few days before you can completely enjoy all the great things that it can do for you.
What We Like
  • Features patented molded tips that suit all frames
  • Prevents your eyewear’s frame from slipping or falling down
  • Unique style while maintaining its strength
  • Features an adjustable bead for a more secure and customizable fit
  • Great and secure fit guaranteed
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit stiff when used at first
With the quality and durability shown by this eyewear retainer, I can prove how good of a product it is, which is why it is one of those that I recommend to prospective users.

9. Relentless Tactical Sunglass Straps

If you are looking for something that can protect and secure your valuable investment in the form of sunglasses or any other costly eyewear then I highly suggest using the Relentless Tactical Sunglass Strap. I am so impressed with this strap as it gained popularity due to its unquestionable strength and durability.

It is strong and durable enough that it can tackle all kinds of conditions. It is built to be tough, giving it the chance to withstand all extreme situations and environments. In terms of protecting your eyewear, you can expect this sunglass strap to perform a great job. It can protect it by preventing it from falling from your head.

That said, there is a lower risk for it to develop scratches or get misplaced or lost. Since it is constructed using sturdy and functional materials, like the anodized aluminum and the woven stainless steel, I am quite sure that it can handle daily wear and tear.

You will also find it useful in a number of situations, like at work and when camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting. The straps are coated, which is a big advantage as this element protects it from various things. For instance, the fact that it is coated means that it will not absorb sweat as well as odors and dirt after using it for long.

It also prevents the sun from fading it. It does not fray that easily, too. I am also very happy that even if it uses heavy-duty materials for its overall construction, the resulting design is still lightweight. With that, it is easier to use as you will barely notice that you are actually using it.

However, the strap is initially stiff but with repeated using, the discomfort will fade, replaced by the actual convenience that you can only experience from this product.
What We Like
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with a tough built, withstanding different weather conditions and environments
  • Prevents your glasses from falling down by securing it
  • Can deal with daily wear and tear
  • Does not absorb sweat, foul odors, and dirt that fast
What We Don’t Like
  • Stiff during the first few uses
Backed up by its lifetime warranty, I am also quite sure that this brand also trusts how effective its product is, performance and quality wise.

10. Leyaron Universal Eyewear Retainer

I am also impressed with the Leyaron Universal Eyewear Retainer. One impressive quality of this retainer is its versatility. It, therefore, works well regardless of the brand and type of eyewear you plan to use it to. This means that whether you are looking for an eyewear retainer for Oakley or high-quality sunglass retainers for Ray Bans, this Leyaron product will not disappoint you.

With the help of this item, securing your eyewear around your neck will not become a problem. In fact, you can use it to hang your eyewear comfortably around your neck, chest, or on the upper part of your head. I specifically love the adjustable toggle used on the retainer, too.

It is because I noticed that it is a big help in preventing the straps from falling off easily. It can help it stay in place. One more positive quality of this retainer is that it is comfortable enough that it can withstand all shapes and sizes of heads. It is a long-lasting and fashionable product, which you can use in numerous ways, too.

You will be able to use it for quite a number of activities, especially outdoor ones, like rock climbing, hiking, fishing, snow skiing, and biking. I am also fond of its ability to prevent dirt, fray, stink, or sweat from building up. It can resist all those things, keeping the retainer as fresh-looking and nice-looking as possible.

It also makes use of the very convenient polyester braided cord, so rest assured that you will not complain of any discomfort once you start wearing it. Furthermore, its length is adjustable. It has a couple of pairs of interchangeable ends that you can use in taking advantage of a length adjustable technology.

With this feature, it would be easy for you to customize the length and adjust it to suit your taste and requirement. I am also happy and satisfied with its ability to fit almost all brands and kinds of eyeglasses.

However, some find it shorter than what they prefer.
What We Like
  • Secures your eyewear in the right places
  • Comfortable when used along with your eyewear
  • Long-lasting and fashionable
  • Can prevent the buildup of dirt, stink, and sweat
  • Allows you to perform several activities without worrying about your glasses
What We Don’t Like
  • Some find the strap a bit shorter than what they like.
Overall, it has a top-notch performance when it comes to delivering what it promises, proving that it is indeed a valuable investment.

Pilotfish No Tail Eyewear Retainer (Outdated)

The Pilotfish No Tail Eyewear Retainer should also form part of this review because of the numerous positive things that it can do for its users. One thing that left an excellent impression on me regarding this product is its ability to provide a more customized or personalized fit.

It is primarily because it is an adjustable eyewear retainer. In other words, it is possible for you to do a loose or tight adjustment to it, so rest assured that it aims to help you make the fit more personalized. I find its versatility on-point.

It has adequate versatility considering the fact that you can use it for a number of activities, like watersports, skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, or daily wear. I also found out that it is suitable for both men and women who love outdoor activities. I also noticed that it is very comfortable to wear and hang around the neck together with your eyewear.

The fact that it keeps your glasses securely fitted also means that there is a lower chance for it to get misplaced. In addition, it prevents the lenses of your glasses from getting scratched since the retainer can lower the risk of them hitting the pavement. I am also confident when wearing this retainer because of its attractive imprinted name and logo.

I also noticed that its grips on my glasses are genuinely secure. This prevents my eyewear from slipping nor sliding. It also boasts of a coated stainless steel capable, which comes built-in with silicone ends that are waterproof.

This further improves the product’s strength. However, some complained that this eyewear retainer is a bit stiff to adjust during the first few uses. It will get better with regular use, though.
What We Like
  • Guarantees a customized and personalized fit – thanks to its adjustable nature
  • Versatile and easy to use in a number of activities
  • Comfortable to wear, especially when you hang it on your neck
  • Secure fit guaranteed, making it non-slip
  • Waterproof silicone ends incorporated into the design
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit stiff to adjust but only initially
Overall, this is a satisfying eyewear retainer, which is offered at a truly reasonable price while having the ability to function as intended.

What is an Eyewear Retainer


The best eyewear retainer can be defined as a strap or holder, which is attached to your eyeglasses’ frame. This is attached to the frame with the aim of ensuring that your glasses remain wrapped around your neck. This means that even if the glasses are knocked, they still stay securely in place.

The main goal of having these retainers around is to hold your eyeglasses in place. Remember that because of extended wear, your eyeglasses are at risk of slipping down your nose. This might cause you to spend more time than expected to push up your falling eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Some even push up their glasses for a minimum of once every 2-3 minutes. This can add up to several times daily, which makes it safe to say that it can hamper your productivity.

If you are in a hazardous work environment then this problem might also put you in danger because you can’t concentrate. The good news is that it is now easy to solve this issue with the help of the best eyeglass retainer.

How Does It Work

A good eyewear retainer works by keeping your eyewear or eyeglasses secured with you all the time. It helps ensure that your eyewear will be there with you anytime you need it. It keeps the glasses secure on your eyes, preventing you from having to find them several times every day.

This specific function makes investing in a good eyewear retainer worth your money and time. It provides the ultimate solution in protecting your eyes. Coming in the form of strings, cords, or straps, attaching them to your sunglasses or eyeglasses, keeping them secured around your neck or head is indeed a good thing.

It works by providing substantial protection. It keeps your valuable investment in the form of glasses from getting damaged just by letting them lie down somewhere. Note that doing so might cause them to be at risk of getting knocked onto the floor or get scratched.

There are also instances when storing them just anywhere might cause them to get stolen, lost, or stepped on. You can prevent those issues from happening by locking your eyeglasses in place with your chosen eyewear retainer.

Types of Eyewear Retainers


The importance of owning an eyewear retainer is one of the major reasons why you can now see it is available in various styles, designs, colors, and materials. Some safety programs actually require users to invest in a breakaway style or a catch & release design of retainer.

Find out if your eyeglasses are built in such a way that they can handle the mentioned style of the retainer. The good news is that most of these retainers come with an adjustable fit, allowing you to get a really great fit. You can also access some styles that offer eyewear retainers in different colors.

The following types of eyewear retainer might also form part of your best choices:

Chains – Some eyewear retainers in the market today come in the form of chains. These chains actually became popular a few decades ago because these work as effective preventive measures from eyeglass slipping. You can use these if you want to connect with your glasses all the time.

The usual mechanism used in this retainer is the use of chains that are then attached to the temples with the help of loops at the chain’s end. This is where they will fit over the tips of your temple.

Cords – Some retainers also appear in the form of cords. These cords are often made using cloth, which many prefer because it is more comfortable than the metal chains. What is even better than the eyewear cords is that they are available at a much lower cost than chains.

You can often see the cords being attached to your temples with the help of loops constructed from cloth or plastic. These materials are found at the cords’ ends, fitting over the tips of your temple.

Straps – It is now also easy to access eyewear straps that many consider as another type of eyewear retainer. Many even consider this option as an anti-slipping device, making it an excellent choice if you are one of those who have problems with their eyewear slipping from their face and nose frequently.

What is good about the straps is that they are easier to access than cords and chains that are usually available in pharmacies and optometrists. You can actually buy eyewear straps from sporting goods stores, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Another advantage of these straps is that they are more comfortable to use in the workplace as well as when doing leisurely activities, like golfing, badminton, and canoeing. Manufacturing the straps is also low-cost as the whole process only requires the use of derivatives from a rubber material, such as neoprene.

With that in mind, you also have a higher chance of getting it at an affordable price. Contrary to the loop attachment designed used by cords and chains, the straps come with both ends that were furnished using a drinking straw. These are like enclosures that slipped to your frames.

Aside from the types already mentioned, eyewear retainers are also accessible in various designs, colors, and materials. You can also make adjustments to them to ensure that you get the right fit.

Benefits of Wearing an Eyewear Retainer

Several benefits are in store for you if you decide to invest in and use the best sunglass holders. Among the positive things that this eyewear retainer can do are the following:

Versatile – The eyewear retainer is highly versatile and flexible in the sense that a lot of people can benefit from it. Aside from workers who work in hazardous environments, it can also be a big help for sports enthusiasts who are required to wear and use sunglasses to prevent the sun from distorting their vision and protect their eyes from its harsh rays.

With the retainer around, these possible users no longer have to think and worry about how they can secure the eyewear into their heads. If you are a mountain biker then the versatility of the retainer also gives you the chance to take advantage of it. You can use the retainer in dealing with challenging terrains.

That is possible without causing you to worry about your safety eyewear being crushed below the tires of your vehicle. It also meets the demands of athletes, particularly runners, joggers, as well as yachters and anglers and others who are interested in fishing. All of them can benefit from the security offered by the straps.

Stylish – Another known benefit of the eyewear retainer is that it allows those who love style and fashion to meet their fancy. This is the main reason why apart from being used by workers or athletes, there are also those who wear retainer just for convenience and as a fashion statement.

In other words, even if they are not doing any physically demanding activities and tasks, they still wear retainer because it is stylish. It is also a convenient choice for them as it lets their glasses readily available without causing them to worry about these items getting lost.

In terms of fashion, it is easy to find people who match their neoprene retainers with bright colors with their clothes’ logo, thereby producing a better and put-together appearance.

Prevents the glasses from slipping – This is the primary reason why a lot of eyewear users decide to invest in an eyewear retainer. It is a big help in preventing yourself from getting bothered by the glasses slipping your nose from time to time, affecting your performance in the workplace or your athletic performance.

There are actually several reasons why the eyeglasses slip. One of these reasons is an improper fit. If your glasses are improperly fitted then there is a risk for your eyeglasses to slip in the majority of situations. That said, it is a must to have it fit based on the actual shape of your head as well as your right and left ear placements.

If yours has a poor fit then you can always seek the aid of an eyewear retainer to secure your glasses in place. Deformed eyeglasses are also among the major reasons why the eyewear slips. Sometimes, the daily wear and tear can trigger deformed glasses but you can also use the retainer in preventing them from slipping.

Other issues that might cause your eyeglasses to slip include the lack of nose pads, perspiration, oily skin type or complexion, heavy prescriptions, and asymmetrical distance from ear to nose. Regardless of the specific reason why your glasses tend to slip, you can always have it corrected with the help of a high-quality eyewear retainer.

Eyewear Retainer Buying Guide


Finding the right eyewear retainer that is compatible with your requirements and preferences is actually easy if you are fully aware of what you need to assess and look for. Here are just some key points that should influence your decision:

Style and material – The style and material of an eyewear retainer should be two of the points you have to examine carefully before buying. Your chosen product should be stylish enough – one that meets your fashion sense while still making you feel comfortable when wearing it.

It should be constructed from a comfortable and durable material, too. In most cases, this retainer is built using neoprene. Try buying one based on this material as this makes it more functional and easier to use. If possible, look for one with adjustable and customizable features so you can make adjustments to it based on your comfort level.

Lifestyle – Keep in mind that you will most likely wear your eyeglasses on a regular basis. With that, you also need a retainer, which matches the pair of glasses you have as well as your personality and lifestyle. Think of the eyewear and the retainer combination as one way of expressing yourself.

Find matching colors. You can also go for those that have eye-catching and quirky details. If you are an active participant in physical activities and sports then a pair constructed from sturdy materials should be on top of your choices.

Your facial shape – This should also contribute to your final buying decision. Keep in mind that your face’s shape can influence the style of frame that works best for you. It can also help determine the perfect matching retainer for it. Also, remember that the shape of your face also has a say on whether or not your glasses will slip.

If that is the case then you should look for a retainer, which is compatible with the shape of your face so you can truly secure your eyeglasses in place. It is also advisable to work with an optometrist so you can look for a pair of eyeglasses that perfectly blend with your unique facial features.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top eyewear retainer brands?

Considering the importance of eyewear retainers, it is no longer surprising several brands promising potential buyers of high-quality products in this specific category. One famous brand is Chums, which offers eyewear retainers of different colors and styles. The brand’s lineup is actually suitable for users of all ages.

What is good about the retainers of Chums is that they are well-made. They are also known for being more suitable for safety glasses with wider arms. Croakies is also another brand of eyewear retainer, which offers straps that fit decently for the majority of glasses.

Most of the brand’s retainers are also larger, making them more effective in securing various kinds of eyeglasses in their proper places. Other top and popular eyewear retainer brands are Onme, Yansuf, Leyaron, and Peeper.

How do I tell if my stems will fit my eyewear retainer?

Unfortunately, knowing whether the retainer or eyeglasses neck strap will fit your stems is not a straightforward process.

The easiest way to determine if the retainers fit your frame is to try the product in person. But if you have no time to visit the store, make sure to read reviews online. In most cases, users openly talk about their experiences, providing more insight that you will not find in the product description.

If the product description provides details about the size of the strap, you can use the ruler to measure the tallest portion of your temple or frame’s end in millimeters. Then, compare this to the manufacturer’s size chart.

What’s the right size for an eyewear retainer?

It depends on the style and function of your retainer.

For those who prefer retainers that fit the head snugly, I highly recommend measuring the portion of your head that is behind the stem of your glasses. Ensure that the sleeve will extend one and a half inches on each stem. As such, you can opt for adjustable models that provide some wiggle room.

If you want to wear a holder for glasses around neck, you can choose a product that is about 15 to 20 inches long. Anything below these numbers will be too close to your neck. Meanwhile, anything longer than 20 inches will hit the chest of most people. When in doubt, go for the longer ones. You can always shorten them by inserting the stems farther up.

Are eyewear retainers easy to put on and remove from the glasses?

Yes, most eyewear retainers are easy to put on and remove from your glasses. Just make sure that you pick a design, which is not too complicated that putting it on or taking it off will become an issue. If possible, choose an adjustable type, too, so you can adjust it in such a way that you will not have difficulty wearing it and securing your glasses with it.

How to make an eyewear retainer?

Aside from getting the eyewear retainer from a reliable and trusted brand, it is also easy to have access to one by making your own. Yes, it is possible to make a DIY eyewear retainer. The whole process is actually simple. In fact, it is even possible to make an adjustable one on your own.

To create one, get an old fly line and cut a short or tiny piece of it. The fly line should be around three feet long. After that, cut this in half. Alternatively, you can use a tiny parachute cord, a heavy backing or a shoelace. However, if you want a more stylish result then it would be best to choose the fly line.

The next step involves nail knotting one piece of the fly line to every earpiece of your sunglasses. Make sure that the nail knot is tight enough that you can hold it. However, make sure that it does not cause the fly line from breaking. Also, take note that the total number of wraps that you can make is a matter of personal choice.

Find out which one offers the most comfort when you are already wearing and securing your sunglasses. Measure your desired distance when hanging your glasses around your neck.

Tie a couple of pieces of the fly line with the help of around three to four turn blood knots. The last step involves trimming any excess ends and smoothing all sharp edges.

Where to buy eyewear retainer?

Shopping for an eyewear retainer is not that difficult as there are several places where you can buy this product from. You can now actually buy one from your optical store or optometrist. It is also possible to get it from sporting stores.

In addition, various brands have their own sites that allow you to purchase online. This is more convenient if you no longer want to shop personally. Just make sure that you figure out how to get the proper fit when shopping from online sellers.


The best eyewear retainer is definitely what you should invest in if you do not want to deal with the hassle of having eyeglasses that do not seem to fit you securely. Fortunately, you seem to have limitless high-quality and affordable choices nowadays. This increases your chance of finding one that truly suits your fancy.

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