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How to Stop Safety Glasses from Fogging Up? – 4 Ways

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If you want to experience having enough comfort and clear visibility when wearing your safety glasses at work then you have to gain as much information as possible about how to stop safety glasses from fogging up. Note that this knowledge is crucial if you want to comply with the rules and requirements associated with the use of safety glasses.

Keep in mind that among the most common injuries that happen in the workplace, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries, are those affecting the eyes. The problem with eye injuries is that they are often triggered by not wearing the right protecting eyewear.

how to stop safety glasses from fogging up

That said, it is safe to say that wearing safety eyewear is truly important in preventing eye injuries. However, one common barrier related to vision that demotivates someone from wearing the safety or protective eyewear is fogging. It is because when the glasses fog up, these tend to impair or affect vision.

Most workers resolve this issue by taking their PPE off, increasing their risk of an eye injury. There are actually several factors that cause your glasses to fog up – one of which is ambient heat, which is the actual temperature surrounding the environment. Another possible factor is humidity.

The higher the amount of moisture in the air is, the higher the chance for the fog to develop in the lens. High humidity also triggers fogging issues during humid and hot days. Another factor that might contribute to fogging is tight eyewear, which often impedes proper air flow.

Lastly, overexertion of the workers can also trigger fogged up lenses. It is because working too hard might cause your body to sweat and heat up, adding moisture and heat that contributes to fogging.

Now that you know the most common reasons why your safety glasses fog up, it is time to learn about the possible solutions to it. Here are just some solutions that can help prevent fogged glasses:

4 Easy and Simple Ways to Stop Safety Glasses from Fogging Up

#1 – Invest in an anti-fog treatment

One thing that you can do to ensure that your safety glasses do not fog up is to invest in or buy an anti-fog product or treatment. A lot of companies now manufacture products that are primarily designed in a way that they can prevent the lens of your glasses from fogging up.

You can purchase them either in gel or spray form. To use, just apply the product directly to the lens. This is helpful in preventing the development of fog. What it does is form a barrier, protecting the lens from moisture and changes in temperature.


Some of these anti-fog products are meant to be used by spraying the two sides of the lens then allowing them to dry. Use a dry and soft cloth in wiping them clean afterward. You can also find products that require longer drying periods. Others, on the other hand, require you to rinse off the gel or spray before wiping.

To ensure that you are using the product correctly, it should meet OSHA safety standards requirements, do not forget to spend time examining the directions before using. Aside from the gel or spray, it is also possible for you to use anti-fog wipes. These refer to pre-treated napkins that are easy and convenient to use. And man

All you need to do to use the wipes is to wipe them down into the two sides of the lens. One thing that you have to remember about these wipes is that you can only use them once. This means that you have to dispose of the ones that you have already used right away.

#2 – Put on shaving cream


Shaving cream is also another effective solution if you want to know how to stop safety glasses from fogging. The shaving cream is meant to be used by applying it directly to the lens. Doing such allows it to produce a protective barrier designed to prevent fog from building up.

To use, get some shaving cream then put it on the sides of the lens by rubbing it in. Allow the shaving cream to dry prior to getting rid of the residue gently with the help of a dry and soft cloth.

#3 – Find out if there are minor adjustments that you can make

These adjustments could be on how you position your safety glasses. For instance, you might want to pull the glasses a bit further away from your face. It is because the eyewear tends to trap moisture and heat, especially if you set or position it very near your eyes or face.

If this happens, this might increase the buildup of fog. The best thing that you can do is to move the eyewear slightly down your nose. This minor adjustment might be enough to stimulate proper air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of fog.


Another thing that you can do is to determine if the clothes you are wearing do not interfere nor obstruct air flow. Note that certain clothing items, such as high-collared coats and scarves, tend to trap moisture, causing moisture.

Another thing to remember is that wearing several layers of clothing might raise perspiration and body temperature, leading to fogged glasses. However, if you need to wear these kinds of clothes then what you should do is to unzip your coat. You might also allow your scarf to hang open.

Both these adjustments promote proper air flow. Another alternative is to tuck your clothes beneath your chin. This will prevent your breath from flowing upwards. Your breath will flow outward, instead. If you need to exercise, do not forget to use a sweatband. This should be enough to minimize perspiration by absorbing your sweat.

#4 – Buy anti-fogging glasses

Probably the best thing that you can do to ensure that your safety glasses do not build up fog is to invest in an anti-fogging one. This should be eyewear with lenses that have an anti-fog coating or protection. You need this if you are working in humid and hot areas.

It is mainly because these areas cause workers to stop their work frequently so they can wipe away the fog from their safety glasses. The styles of the frame that are primarily designed to improve airflow as well as those that tend to sit away from your face are also beneficial if you want to minimize the negative effects of accumulated fog.


There are actually several solutions on how to stop safety glasses from fogging up, and you just have to figure out which one is the most convenient method for you. Make sure that you consider fog as one of the safety hazards at work. Be aware of the main causes of fogging as well as the solutions on preventing them.

In addition, it helps to be knowledgeable about the injuries that your eyes might get when you do not wear proper eye protection. By considering fog as a safety hazard, you will be more motivated to take action and learn ways to prevent it from accumulating in your safety glasses.

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