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The Best Bifocal Safety Glasses for 2023

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Your eyes are considered to be the most sensitive and fragile body organ. That said, you should do everything you can to avoid putting them at risk of getting injured. In that case, the best bifocal safety glasses can help. If you are in the market for great bifocal reading safety glasses then you should avoid making poor choices.

Fortunately, it is now easy to shop for these items because numerous choices are now accessible at your disposable – with each one offering the best of all sides of the world. You can choose highly dependable bifocal glasses, especially if you want to enjoy fortified protection and in-focus clear vision.

best bifocal safety glasses

One reason behind the need for these glasses is that they can help you read wherever you are without switching into another pair of reading eyewear. This makes it beneficial in harmful work environments wherein workers are too busy completing their work duties.

The act of doing your job will be made much easier with bifocals. Here, I introduce to you 11 of the hottest brands and models of bifocal safety sunglasses that you can now find easily accessible in the market.

bifocal reading safety glasses

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Dewalt DPG59-120C

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

3M Nuvo Reader

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Radians C2-115

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10 Top-rated Bifocal Safety Glasses Reviews 2023

1. Dewalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer Rx Bifocal Safety Glasses

If you are in search of Dewalt bifocal safety glasses, then you might want to consider investing in the brand’s DPG59-120C Reinforcer Safety Glasses. It is true bifocal eyewear as it works both as reading glasses and protective glasses.

The fact that it comes built in with the magnification diopter molded into its lens based on polycarbonate material is a big advantage as this instantly showcases its bifocal nature. It also promotes a more secure grip as you can position it ergonomically. This is possible with the handgrip pattern used by this product on its temple.

I like the level of protection delivered by this eyewear, too. It can protect me from UV and impact. Furthermore, it makes use of a lens, which is free of any distortion. I think this is helpful in preventing eye fatigue when using it. I am also truly satisfied with its overall design. It is mainly because it is durable and strong.

Even with its strength and durability, Dewalt did not forget to prioritize the comfort of its users. I discovered that it is comfortable enough that I can wear it the whole day without any pain and discomfort on the sides of my nose, ears, and head. It is also easy to use that it does not cause you to experience eye strain or fatigue.

The polycarbonate material used in creating its lens is also a plus as it means that it can prevent scratches. Moreover, it is available in various lens colors, so picking one that you like is possible.

However, some complained about the tightness of its protective sleeve.
What We Like
  • Comfortable enough that it does not cause eye strain and fatigue
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes in a wide range of lens colors
  • Combines a reading glasses and protective eyewear in one
  • Assures users of a more secure grip, thanks to its ergonomic position
What We Don’t Like
  • The protective sleeve is too tight for some users.
The price also seems to be higher than the other bifocal safety glasses, though, but it is worth it especially once you notice the quality of its features.

2. 3M Nuvo Reader Protective Eyewear

If you are interested in 3M bifocal safety glasses then the brand’s Nuvo Reader Protective Eyewear might be the most suitable fit for you. It is a wise choice if just like me, you also like the retro style and vibe that it brings out. I am impressed with the magnifying diopters that it used.

These work by combining reading enhancement with eye protection. Aside from working as effective prescription bifocal safety glasses, I am also very glad about the extra protection it offers. I can attribute it to the built-in side shields and brow bar. It also has a great combination of sturdiness and style.

I am also satisfied with the additional comfort brought on by this protective eyewear from 3M. I think it is because it uses a more contoured frame as well as side shields. The fact that it is made to be bifocal safety eyewear also means that it is ideal for workers who experience challenges when dealing with detailed work or small prints.

It boasts of its outstanding and versatile eye protection. The protection is versatile as it is ideal for use in a number of tasks and activities – some of which are chiseling, chipping masonry, machining, drilling, riveting, sawing, sanding, and grinding. It is also useful in a wide range of industries, including general manufacturing and construction.

It is lightweight plus it offers additional comfort with the help of its soft nose bridge. One more advantage is that it absorbs 99% of UV rays – thanks to its polycarbonate lens.

The downside, though, is that its fit is not as binding as the others.
What We Like
  • Contoured frame, offering comfort to wearers
  • Versatile, making it applicable in various tasks and industries
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Absorbs UV rays
  • Offers outstanding eye protection
What We Don’t Like
  • Less than binding fit compared to the others
The overall quality of this 3M bifocal protective eyewear is outstanding, making it a truly reasonable investment.

3. Radians C2-115 Bi-Focal Reading Safety Glasses

Despite their inexpensive pricing, the features and overall quality of these safety glasses with bifocal lenses meet my needs at work. Note that while this particular model features a clear +1.5, it is also available with other diopters and gray tinted lenses.

Speaking of lenses, I like that they do not distort. Even though these do not provide end-to-end coverage, the shape of the lens extends to the side. Plus, there are no thick frames on the side or bottom part of the lenses that obscure my peripheral vision.

Because these glasses meet the ANSI rating for impact resistance, I am assured that my eyes are safeguarded against debris. Moreover, the arms and frame seem highly durable. When I walk and sweat, these safety glasses do not slide down from my face.

Although some find the fitting a tad too snug, I don’t feel any heaviness or tightness after wearing them for long hours. However, the lower part of the lenses is smaller than what I’m used to. So, I tilt my head a lot when I switch my focus. Still, I know some people prefer this design.
What We Like
  • Available in different diopters and gray tint
  • Provides clearer vision with no distortion
  • Complies with ANSI rating for impact resistance
  • The frame and arms are durable
  • Decent quality at a low-cost price
What We Don’t Like
  • The fit may feel tight for some people
  • The bifocal part is small
If you’re low on budget but in dire need of bifocal safety glasses, you can never go wrong with this one! Besides offering protection and clearer vision, you can count on these glasses to stay in place.

4. Calabria 91348 Bifocal Safety Glasses

Another bestseller in the bifocal protective eyewear industry is the Calabria 91348. One major strength of this protective eyewear is its lightness. It is so light that it comfortably and conveniently sits on your face. You can also easily move around, forgetting that you are actually wearing one because it is light.

I am so glad that this bifocal safety glasses offers plenty of options in terms of colors and magnification. This lets you choose the specific strength that is most suitable for your eyes, allowing you to see better. It provides the most protection from the UV rays. In fact, you will be satisfied with its hundred percent protection from UVA and UVB.

Another amazing benefit of this protective eyewear is that it is shatterproof. I discovered that this shatterproof quality is brought on by its strong and sturdy lens constructed from a polycarbonate material. This material is also popular for resisting scratches.

I am also pleased with the nylon material used in its frame as this is not only lightweight but also strong. One more impressive fact about this bifocal safety glasses is that it lets you choose from its different lens colors, giving you the opportunity of picking one that allows you to see better in a certain lighting condition.

For instance, you can pick its black lens if you want to see clearly while being exposed to bright sunlight. You can also use it during the early morning by taking advantage of its yellow lens as this color is enough to let you see clearly in case the sun does not reach its full brightness yet.

I also find this protective eyewear truly protective when used in various workplaces, especially construction.

One potential disadvantage, though, is that its nose pads are prone to coming off.
What We Like
  • Lightweight, promoting ease of use and movement
  • Available in different strengths and colors
  • Suitable in various lighting conditions
  • Protective at work
  • Scratch-resistant and shatterproof polycarbonate lens
What We Don’t Like
  • Easy to come off nose pads
This will not be a big issue, though, especially once you notice how effective this bifocal safety eyewear is in doing its intended function.

5. V.W.E. High-performance Sports Bifocal Safety Glasses

I am also very happy to include the V.W.E. High-performance Sports Bifocal Safety Glasses in this article. I realized how great of a choice this is in the protective eyewear industry after I discovered that it was certified by ANSI and underwent intensive testing just to meet its safety standards.

The frames and lenses integrated into this eyewear passed the ANSI’s standards for basic protection and high-impact protection. It also has a wide protection coverage, especially once you realize how effective it is in protecting you from chemicals and non-ionizing radiation.

I also discovered that this bifocal safety glasses is made to be genuinely durable. It is durable enough that it can handle corrosion and flammables. Since this is bifocal eyewear, you can expect it to supply you with a 2-in-1 solution – that is serving as a reading and a safety glasses in one.

It has a sporty and high-performance look, too. The lens is free of any distortion, so rest assured that using it will not cause your eyes to deal with fatigue. A more secure and comfortable grip can also be expected from the ergonomically designed and positioned temple with a handgrip pattern.

Expect more comfort from the adjustable nose piece built into this safety glasses, too.

The only complaint I have is the occasional fogging I experienced especially when using it in really extreme temperatures.
What We Like
  • Certified by the ANSI
  • Offers protection from basic hazards and high impacts
  • Completely durable and strong
  • Boasts of a lens that is free of distortion
  • Comes with an adjustable nose piece
What We Don’t Like
  • Fogs occasionally
With the exception of that problem, I can say that its features make this bifocal safety eyewear a terrific choice among the many products introduced to potential users.

6. Elvex RX-350C Bifocal Protective Glasses

In my opinion, the Elvex RX-350C 1.5 Diopter Bifocal Protective Glasses is also another safety glasses that any worker needing protection should try. One major plus of this product is the fact that it is lightweight without losing its durability and strength. It boasts of its strong semi-frame style, allowing it to deal with really tough conditions.

I am pleased to announce that this bifocal protective eyewear is designed in such a way that it offers protection to the eyes, especially when being exposed to a hazardous work environment. I find it suitable for industrial workplaces, which is a good thing as it lessens eye injuries when worn in those areas.

I find it splash-resistant, too. The sturdy polycarbonate material used for its lens is guaranteed to be lightweight and easy to use. The frame boasts of sophisticated design, too, making it one of the most stylish protective eyewear you can find in the market today. It is also constructed to be comfortable, giving you utmost comfort the entire day.

I am also greatly satisfied with the visual focus that it offers, which is brought on by its five choices for diopters. Another benefit is that you can easily grip and secure it with the aid of its rubberized temples.

It also provides incredible facial coverage, giving you the complete protection you need.

However, it has one drawback – that is its tendency to pinch one or both sides of the head.
What We Like
  • Comes in a strong semi-frame style
  • Prevents the eyes from getting injured in the workplace
  • Lightweight and splash-resistant
  • Comfortable in the sense that you can wear it all day long
  • Gives incredible visual focus
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to pinching one or both sides of your head
Even with that problem, no one can deny that this is an unbeatable product if safety, protective, and comfort are what the prospective users want to prioritize in.

7. SSP Eyewear Bifocal/Reader Safety Glasses

I am also happy to introduce the SSP Eyewear Bifocal/Reader Safety Glasses to those who are serious about finding the best bifocal safety glasses for them. I find this eyewear effective in protecting users from most forms of eye injuries caused by being unprotected in the workplace.

What I find so favorable about this safety glasses from SSP is that it has three of the qualities most workers want – fashion or style, comfort, and protection. With that, I am sure that everyone wants to wear it. I am impressed with the shatterproof and sturdy polycarbonate used in creating the glasses.

It also has an anti-scratch coating, so you do not have to worry about it getting scratched fast. It underwent an extensive test to ensure that it passes and gains the approval of the ANSI as far as its rigorous safety standards are concerned.

Another thing that the manufacturers of this product are so proud of is the fact that its lenses are made to be not only optically correct but also decentered. This can free users of headaches when wearing the eyewear. This also offers an assurance that you will enjoy a much better vision while getting rid of curved lens refraction.

It boasts of flexible temples, thereby lessening the risk of pinching on your head while being comfortable enough for use 24 hours a day. Aside from protecting you from eye injuries while you are in the job site, you can also take advantage of it when doing your preferred sports, like biking, rafting, shooting, ATVs, and skiing.

However, one downside is that it is still prone to fogging, especially when exposed to extreme heat and temperatures.
What We Like
  • Protects users of almost all forms of eye injuries
  • Fashionable or stylish
  • Offers a better vision, thanks to its optically correct and decentered lenses
  • Ideal for workers and sports lovers
  • Shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and sturdy
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to fogging
Despite that, this protective eyewear from SSP will always offer satisfaction to its customers, especially in terms of protection and comfort.

8. 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses

Another fantastic protective bifocal eyewear that you should include in your extensive list of choices is the 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses. One noticeable fact about this eyewear is that it works well for those who need a reading glasses most often, particularly for close work, while also wanting to receive protection during their work hours.

Even if its tiny bifocal magnifying lens is positioned almost out of your line of sight, you will still find it easy to use, especially when reading instructions. What I like about this bifocal safety glasses is that it features adjustable temples. This means that I can adjust these parts for length.

I can also easily tilt it to fit the shape of my head. It is not prone to scratches, which shows how long-lasting this product is. The lens offers a clear view, too. Most of the parts of this protective eyewear are adjustable, too. For instance, it boasts of an adjustable lens angle and nose bridge.

With that, you can make adjustments on its fit based on how much comfort you would like to achieve. This stylish pair of safety glasses is also the thing that you need if you want as much protection as possible. It is because it is built while adhering to strict and rigid safety standards.

It can, therefore, supply the ultimate protection that most workers need the entire day.

However, some complained about the somewhat big and bulky lens size.
What We Like
  • Easy to use reading and safety glasses
  • Features adjustable temples for comfort
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Offers a clear view
  • Offers as much protection as possible when used at work
What We Don’t Like
  • The lens is a bit bulkier and bigger than the others
The size does not affect the overall performance and comfort of this protective eyewear, though, so some say that this not a really big problem.

9. grinderPunch Bifocal Safety Glasses

Another interesting and fascinating protective eyewear in the market today is the grinderPunch Bifocal Safety Glasses. It is constructed to be bifocal, so expect it to have the ability to give you a 2-in-1 product – a protective eyeglasses and a reading glasses made into one.

What I like about this bifocal eyewear is that it uses the ever-amazing polycarbonate material for its lens. Aside from being strong and durable, the polycarbonate material when used in the lens makes it very resistant to impact. The clear lens is also remarkable because it is known for providing an incredibly clear and distortion-free view.

Another plus I noticed in this protective eyewear is its highly protective nature. It does not only protect you from impact but also ensures that you will not be harmed by chemicals and harmful objects in your workplace. It even gives as much as one hundred percent protection from the sun’s rays.

It boasts of wraparound design, which also comes with a nose piece and rubber end grips. With these parts around, I am pretty sure that its grip is secure and fits users well. It is a comfortable pair of eyewear, so you will never have problems wearing it 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, it does not interfere with the clarity of your vision. It also seems to prevent fog.

Some users find its bifocals a bit too low, though.
What We Like
  • Works as a 2-in-1 product because it is both a safety and a reading glasses
  • Does not distort nor interfere with your vision
  • Gives basic protection and keeps you secured from an impact
  • Strong and durable, thanks to its polycarbonate material
  • Boasts of a secure grip and fit
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit low bifocals
Overall, it does its intended function for the majority of users, which makes it deserving to earn a spot in this review.

10. Pyramex Safety Intruder Reader Bifocal Glasses

Lastly, I am in awe of the Pyramex Safety Intruder Reader Bifocal Glasses. I discovered that it is primarily built for general purposes, particularly for indoor applications needing basic and full protection from impact. What I am so happy about in this protective eyewear is that it also keeps users secure against excessive glare.

It also gives as much as 99 percent protection from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays – both of which are harmful to your eyes. I like the strategic placement of its lens insert, too. It has a rugged and sturdy design. Expect it to have really strong hinges and flexible and comfortable plastic material.

I am also happy to say that it does not come with any additional pieces that are at risk of breaking off. One more strength of this product is that cleaning it is easy. You do not also need to complain about comfort because Pyramex made it a point to put this on top of their priorities when making the eyewear.

It fits great. Furthermore, I am so pleased that I can see clearly when wearing this eyeglasses while still having peace of mind, knowing that it is designed to offer the ultimate solution for protection.

One issue, though, is that its plastic parts are prone to get scratched after just a few uses.
What We Like
  • Works well for general purposes and indoor applications
  • Can protect you from excessive glare
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable in the sense that you can wear it without hassle the whole day
  • Strategically placed lens insert
What We Don’t Like
  • Prone to scratches
Considering its affordable price, it is safe to say that what you will be getting from Pyramex is a feature-filled bifocal safety glasses that performs its intended function decently.

SSP Eyewear Top Focal Tactical Protective Eyewear Kit (Outdated)

This protective eyewear kit is also designed for you if you want to receive a lot of protection in just a single product. One thing I noticed in this kit is that it is made for pistol instructors and shooters, which is why it seems to prioritize in-focus view, particularly the front site.

The users are not only limited to them, though, as electricians, mechanics, and overhead workers can also greatly benefit from using this item. I am so impressed with how its anti-fog coating is applied. I discovered that it is a double-sided fog-resistant coating bonded permanently to the eyewear’s lens.

With that, it is capable of lasting up to 65 percent longer compared to the others. Another strength of the coating is that it is constructed from an anti-scratch hard material, making it permanently sturdy. I would also like to praise the polycarbonate lens used in this protective eyewear.

It is because aside from being strong and shatterproof, it is also optically accurate and designed to get rid of almost all kinds of distortion. Another positive thing that you can expect from this protective eyewear is that it provides sharp and clear peripheral vision. This means that it can give you a clear view with zero blind spots.

In terms of protection, it covers the basics plus gives you more by securing you against the UVA and UVB rays as well as high-velocity impacts.

However, it does not feature adjustable earpieces that would have played a major role in making the eyewear completely comfortable.
What We Like
  • Works for different kinds of users, including electricians and mechanics
  • Fog-resistant and anti-scratch
  • Durable and shatterproof
  • Guarantees an incredibly sharp and clear peripheral vision
  • Keeps you secured from all forms of harm affecting the eyes in the workplace
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks adjustable earpieces
Still, this safety eyewear is full of features and remarkable benefits that make it worth investing your money in.

What are Bifocal Safety Glasses


Also called safety reading glasses, bifocal safety glasses refer to protective eyewear with built-in safety lenses. The lenses feature bifocals or magnifiers that are directly molded into them. These are your perfect buddy in case you are in need of a reading eyeglasses, which also offers protection from impact.

If you invest in a pair of bifocal safety glasses, there will be no need for you to swap between non-protective reading eyewear and safety glasses so you can see or read fine details. This makes the whole process hassle-free while preventing you from getting exposed to a safety hazard.

Bifocal safety eyewear is actually available in a few strengths or diopters. These range from +1.00 to +3.00, which will be dependent on your chosen model and brand. Different tints for the lens are also currently available. It is even possible to obtain anti-fog and polarized bifocal lenses.

Another thing that you should know about this eyewear is that it features shatterproof lenses made of polycarbonate. Most of them also receive the certification from ANSI while also supplying at least 90% UVA and UVB protection.

One more fact about safety glasses with bifocals is that they supply the focal length and magnification change needed for close work. It is also possible for it to provide wraparound protection for the eyes.

Also, most of them do not feature magnification on the lens’ upper portion but you can see integral magnifiers at the lower part. With such design, focusing on near or distant objects without removing your eyewear is possible.

How Does It Work

Bifocal safety glasses work by protecting your eyes and ensuring that you will not have a difficult time switching from your reading to your safety glasses. Remember that your eyes are among your best assets. They play a major role in your daily life.

However, if your eyes are constantly in danger because you are in a hazardous work environment then you should try protecting them with safety glasses. It is an excellent investment, especially if you work around harmful liquids or acids or if your job entails exposure to particles that might shoot up into or penetrate your eyes.

If you also wear prescription glasses then you may want to invest in bifocal safety eyewear. It works by using two kinds of lenses connected in just one lens. In most cases, the upper half of the glass’ lens is used in seeing distant or far objects, particularly when you are walking or driving.

The bottom part of the lens, on the other hand, is a small part used in seeing close objects, like a newspaper or book. With the built-in side-by-side lenses, shifting between your two prescriptions so you can continue living your daily life in comfort is possible.

If you have more serious concerns regarding your vision, then you might want to invest in a trifocal prescription safety glasses. It has a lens, which uses near, intermediate, and distance vision correction.

Types of Bifocal Safety Glasses


Several kinds of bifocal safety glasses now emerge in the market. If you are still wondering which one you should choose then acquainting yourself with the following types can help:

Stick-on bifocals – These refer to soft semi-circles that you can use by pressing them into your eyewear. With that, it is possible for you to turn all pairs of goggles, safety glasses, or sunglasses into bifocal safety eyewear. In most cases, the application involves the use of water.

It is also possible for you to customize these bifocals by trimming their curved portions. Once dry, you can expect the stick-on bifocals to stay bonded firmly even when used during wet conditions. You also have the chance to remove and install them again into your eyewear if you want to.

It is the perfect type for you if you do not want to spend money on expensive prescription sunglasses. It is also the key to preventing the need to purchase new safety glasses in case your eyes seem to change at midlife all of a sudden.

Fashionable/stylish bifocal vision – This should be your choice if you do not want to compromise either fashion or safety. With this type, you do not have to change your safety glasses on a constant basis nor compromise the quality of vision. It is possible for you to attain the style you want and your preferred functionality in one.

Dual bifocal safety glasses – Apart from the traditional bifocals, you can also go for the dual bifocal safety eyewear, which many prefer because of its superiority. It is superior to the standard bifocal safety eyewear when it comes to correcting your eyesight. However, take note that it only corrects vision within a close range.

It is because its lenses are constructed from a single and positive power found at the bottom part. The upper portion is usually non-prescription. Because of that, users only receive visual aids each time they are planning to see close materials or objects.

A lot of users can also benefit from this protective eyewear, particularly those exposed to power tools constantly because of their job.

Aside from the mentioned types, it is also possible for you to make your choice based on the multiple strengths or diopters of the safety or protective eyewear. Your choices actually range from +1.00 to +3.00, and this is usually based on your chosen model and brand.

You can also differentiate these glasses based on the tints used on their lens. This means that there are various tinted bifocal safety glasses to choose from nowadays. In addition, you have the chance to pick anti-fog and polarized bifocal lenses.

Benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses

Investing in a good pair of bifocal safety glasses carries with it plenty of benefits and positive effects. The following are just a few of the many benefits that you can expect to enjoy by wearing bifocal glasses:

Offers a 2-in-1 solution for users – The primary benefit of using bifocal safety eyewear is that it provides a 2-in-1 solution for prospective users. This means that it can offer two major functions – that is protecting your eyes and acting as a visionary aid in case you want to see far and close objects.

You can get both benefits in just one pair of safety eyewear. The protection that you will get from it is also usually top-notch. In fact, it also provides as much protection against UVA/UVB rays.

Available in various styles and forms – What is good about the bifocal safety glasses currently introduced in the market is that they are available in various forms and styles. You can choose from the numerous styles and types of frames.

Your choices include the plain safety glasses and sunglasses as well as the ones tinted with various colors. Some manufacturers and suppliers of these glasses even offer choices for prescription sports, prescription bifocal, and clip-on bifocal sunglasses. As for the lens’ tints, your choices often include amber, blue, and green.

Guarantees significant cost savings – In comparison to prescription safety eyewear, the savings that you can enjoy from investing in bifocal safety glasses are higher. It is mainly because you will be getting a 2-in-2 product.

It also eliminates your need to swap eyewear all the time. In addition, wearing over-prescription safety glasses is unnecessary. Replacing your eyewear in case it gets broken or lost is also easy if it is of the bifocal type.

Bifocal safety glasses also have the added benefits of exceeding and meeting the standards set by ANSI in terms of safety. This is also one of the most versatile types of safety glasses in the market today. It is because you can also wear its tinted versions as casual sunglasses.

Bifocal Safety Glasses Buying Guide


Do you need some help choosing one out of the many bifocal safety glasses introduced to you by various suppliers and brands? Then let this section guide you all throughout the process.

I gathered some of the most crucial factors that should influence a buyer’s decision to increase his/her chances of getting the most appropriate bifocal safety eyewear for his needs. Here they are:

Bifocals’ strength – One key point to consider is the actual strength of your chosen bifocal. You have to make your choice after you gain a full and complete understanding of the strength of magnification that you specifically need. In this case, take note that the correctional strength’s unit is measured based on diopters.

The increments in this measurement are usually around .25. For example, your choices for the strength include +1.0, +1.5, +3.0, and so on and so forth. In most cases, the strongest unit measured in diopters that a user needs is around +3.0. If you want to know the strength you need, you can undergo some tests online.

If you are personally buying from an eyeglass store or local department store, then trying various strengths to figure out which one fits you can help. The good news is that a prescription is unnecessary when planning to purchase bifocal lenses. This means that you can find reading glasses over-the-counter.

Frame’s style and material – It is advisable to consider the style and material used in the frame because it plays a major role in the glasses’ overall functionality. Naturally, the glasses are designed in such a way that they can provide full coverage to your eyes.

It is also possible for them to offer various levels of protection from harsh and harmful objects and particles in your workplace. Make sure that your chosen style and material for the frame are compatible with the work environment that you are in. As for the styles of the frame, your choices include the semi-rimless and the full-framed types.

In terms of material, some commonly used ones are nylon and plastic. Both are known for having a durable, lightweight, and impact-resistant design. If you want more protection, then go for frames with thicker structure and style. In most cases, your best option, in such a case, is that with wraparound arms and breathable nose bridge.

It should also feature soft rubber tips found at both ends of the arm. These can help ensure that they fit comfortably and snugly on your head.

Lens material – It is also highly likely for you to pick a good pair of bifocal safety glasses if you spend a lot of time checking out the material used in the lenses and how each one can benefit you. Note that the lenses for bifocal safety glasses are constructed using a wide range of materials.

Among these materials are plastic, Trivex, glass, and polycarbonate. Be aware of the pros and cons of each material so you can weigh which one can truly benefit you the most. You can choose glass, which is a low-cost choice but take note that it is prone to get scratched faster than the other materials.

Another inexpensive option is plastic. It is a common and inexpensive material just like glass. The only difference is that it does not shatter. The problem with plastic is that it also gets scratched easily. If possible, choose a lens made out of polycarbonate material. One benefit of this material is that it is lightweight.

It tends to weigh less compared to plastic. In addition, it does not shatter that easily and has the ability to block or prevent UV radiation. It is soft and not prone to scratches. The many benefits offered by polycarbonate lenses are among the major reasons why many say that this material offers real value for the money that they spend.

Protection – Do not forget to assess the level of protection offered by bifocal protective eyewear, too. The good news is that most of the safety glasses in this category conform to the safety standards specified by ANSI.

By meeting its standards, you are guaranteed that the eyewear offers adequate coverage in terms of protecting your eyes and face in the majority of situations. Find out whether the bifocal eyewear you are planning to buy meets such standards. It should also protect you from liquid splashes, impact, and non-ionizing radiation.

Apart from the basic protection, you also have to choose bifocal protective eyewear, which gives as much protection as possible from high-velocity impacts and UV and infrared lights and radiation. No matter what industry you are in, your chosen safety glasses should give you the kind of protection that you are hoping to receive.

Comfort – Of course, your comfort should also influence your buying decision. Note that you will most likely wear it for several hours each day at work, so you have to find the most comfortable pair – one that will not stop you from doing your best in the workplace.

One sign that you are getting a comfortable pair of bifocal safety glasses is if it feels good. It should not cause any form of discomfort in the sense that you would want to remove it, exposing you to harsh elements that might injure you. Your comfort will also be guaranteed by ensuring that the glasses fit your nose, head, and face properly.

Your nose bridge is a common part where people experience discomfort. There are instances when this is too narrow, causing the eyewear to sit high up on the nose, leading to pain and pressure. There are also those who have a wide nose bridge, causing the eyewear to fall down.

To prevent the issues mentioned, it would be best to choose bifocal safety eyewear with an adjustable and padded nose bridge. In addition, you also have to check whether the tips are rubberized. The rubberized tips are essential in ensuring that these will grip both sides of your head without pressuring your temples too much.

This is also helpful in letting the glasses stay secure in their place without causing your head to feel like something is pinching it. If possible, go for brands and models with replaceable and adjustable tips. This promotes ease in finding the most comfortable feel.

Extra features and capabilities – It is also advisable to choose bifocal safety glasses with additional features and capabilities that make it even more functional. It could be having more than enough thickness so you can attach tiny lights to its sides. Also, check whether you can easily attach its arms into a retainer.

Another excellent capability includes having removable and replaceable parts. For the majority of uses, you can go for full-rimmed frames made of nylon or plastic. Polycarbonate lenses might also work great.

However, there are certain work situations and environments needing additional features, such as double bifocals or small flashlights. Take your requirements into consideration so you can make an appropriate choice.

Price – Check the prices of different products and compare what you can get from them. As much as possible, stay away from bifocal safety glasses offered at really cheap and low prices. It would be best to buy it directly from the manufacturer as this might let you earn discounts, especially for wholesale prices.

Also, find out if your chosen supplier offers discounts for bulk purchases, and any other good deals, like fair return policy and free shipping. The price should also have a say on the quality of the product.

Look for a supplier with great handling and shipping policies, reputation, customer, expertise, and product quality. All these can give you an excellent buying experience while increasing your chances of getting a high-quality product at a low price.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your bifocal safety glasses is the key to keeping it as long-lasting as possible. It can actually prolong its life without losing its functionality and quality. Caring for it involves understanding the basics of cleaning it regularly. Here’s how:

Wash your hands thoroughly then dry them – Ensure that your hands are clean and free of grime, dirt, lotion, or anything that might be transmitted to the lens. It is also advisable to use a dishwashing liquid or lotion-free soap and a lint-free and clean towel to keep your hands clean and dry.

Rinse it under lukewarm tap water – The stream of water should be gentle. This step is helpful in getting rid of debris and dust from the safety glasses that might scratch the lens during the cleaning process. Do not use hot water because this can cause damage to the lens coatings.

Prepare a dishwashing liquid, which is free of lotion – Apply a tiny drop of it into each lens. Take note that a lot of dishwashing liquids have a high concentration, which makes it essential to use only just a small drop or amount of it.

One or two drops of it applied into the lenses using your fingertips would work. Make sure to use only those brands that do not have any hand moisturizers or lotions in their ingredients.

Rub the two sides of the lens – Do this gently. You should also rub the other parts of the glasses’ frame gently for several seconds. Clean each part. These include the temples’ ends that you can find behind your ears as well as the nose pads.

Clean that specific part where the frame and the edge of each lens meet. It is because this is also the part where there is a buildup of skin oils, dust, and debris.

Rinse the two sides of the lens – Do this thoroughly. The frame should be rinsed, too. This is important in getting rid of every trace of soap in there, thereby preventing your lens from getting smeared once you start drying it.

Dry the frame and lenses – Shake the eyewear gently first to remove the majority of the water from its lenses. Examine each lens carefully. This is to ensure that it is clean. Use a lint-free and clean towel to dry the lens completely. Make sure that the towel is not washed using a fabric conditioner.

A wise choice is a cotton towel used in cleaning fine glassware. The towel should be completely clean, too. There should not be any debris or dirt trapped inside the towel’s fibers as this might cause scratches to appear in the lens. The presence of lotion, skin oil, and cooking oil might smear the lens, too.

Examine each lens again – If there are still smudges and streaks, use a microfiber cloth in getting rid of them. Make sure it is clean.

By doing the mentioned steps, maintaining the quality, functionality, and good condition of your bifocal safety glasses will be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good bifocal safety glasses brands?

If you wish to invest in the top brands of bifocal safety glasses then you need to conduct extensive research about those that have high user satisfaction ratings. In this case, your choices of reputable brands actually involve Pyramex, 3M, and Elvex. You may also want to check out legitimate and trustworthy brands, like Uvex and Crossfire.

Are progressive lenses better than bifocals?

Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses have a seamless transition to accommodate several fields of vision. They are designed to address the “image jump” issue that bifocal lenses wearers normally have when they look down to walk.

While there are progressive lenses within the affordable range, there are progressive lens types that are expensive. Short corridor and premium progressive lenses are over $100 more expensive than the standard progressives. Hence, many people opt for bifocals.

Generally speaking, bifocals are more affordable. Unfortunately, both bifocal and progressive lenses take time to get used to.

Regardless of what you choose, you may experience headaches, blurry vision, or nausea. Rest assured, these symptoms only last a couple of weeks.

Can the lens be replaced?

Yes, some brands offer lens replacements with hassle-free schemes. After all, it is not uncommon for people to change in eye grade or preference in tints.

By way of example, if you are currently under the age of 40 with 1.25 bifocal safety glasses, ten years later, you still have the same glasses and the frames are intact but realize that you need about +2.5 to +2.75.

You may also want to replace the lenses if you realize that bifocal transition safety glasses are more appropriate for your job.

Rather than replacing the entire safety glasses, you can get the manufacturer to replace only the lenses. But keep in mind that not all brands offer this service.

Be sure to check if the manufacturer offers lens replacement services for the bifocal safety goggles or glasses that you want to buy.

Why shouldn’t I wear safety glasses over my bifocals?

Wearing two spectacles for long periods at work may hurt your ears. For this reason, workers prefer donning only one specialized eye protection.

If you are a shooter, you can opt for bifocal shooting glasses. Running with both your safety and prescription glasses is not comfy. If you are always going in and out of your air-conditioned car throughout the day, choosing anti-fog safety glasses will make more sense.

However, there are instances where putting on safety glasses over your bifocals is more convenient. For example, when you only need to visit a project site for a short period or do a DIY project for an hour or two.

How much does it cost?

Bifocal safety glasses are often priced based on the brand, model, manufacturer, and their actual quality, make, and style. If you do not have health insurance, you might spend around $10 to $50 for a basic safety glasses or basic protective eyewear featuring bifocals.

If you wish to buy designer frames with anti-fog, interchangeable, and polarized lenses then the price might reach around $150 or higher. If you have the budget, you can also go for safety glasses with more features, like light-adjusting ones.

These are those that feature lenses that tend to darken when there is a bright light. You can also go for those that offer protection against laser radiation. Those with such features might cost around $40 to $250.

How to keep glasses from fogging up?

The best way to prevent your safety glasses from fogging up is to buy the anti-fog type in the first place. You can now purchase anti-fog safety glasses with lenses specifically coated with the fog-resistant feature. The good news is that these anti-fog coatings are now available in almost all lens styles and tints, including polarized and bifocals.

You can also solve the problem with fog with the help of one bar of soap. Wipe this soap over each lens. Allow it to sit for a while. Buff. After that, you will notice that it takes a while for the glasses to collect fog.

Another solution is a shaving cream. Just wipe a small amount of this cream over the lens. Let it sit and buff. It will have the same effect as the soap.

Where to buy?

Shopping for a pair of bifocal safety glasses is now easier with the numerous suppliers that you can now find both online and offline. If you want to experience a hassle-free buying then go for trusted online marketplaces, like Amazon.

You might also want to check out Walmart and Lowes. In addition, you can visit the official websites of certain brands and find out if they allow customers to purchase online and deliver the products to them.


Finding the best bifocal safety glasses should be on top of your priorities, especially if you want to have peace of mind from the protection offered by safety glasses while also enjoying the magnification provided by bifocal reading glasses. Just ensure that you get one from a legitimate and trusted seller so your investment will not be put to waste.

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