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How to Fix Your Broken Glasses Bridge: 3 Simple Ways

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

how to fix broken glasses bridge

Having myopia or other eye-related illnesses means your life becomes more difficult without your beloved glasses. Yet, one day, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and accidentally your glasses broke in half.

What can you do in this situation? Driving to the closest optical store without seeing anything on the way? It doesn’t seem like a good idea. Well, this article is coming to save your day!

In this case, we suggest 3 ways of how to fix broken glasses bridge:

  • Super Glue: glue the two broken parts of your glasses together and wait until completely dry to use. This method can also be applied to other damaged parts of your glasses, like the arms.
  • Heat and a Pin: Unite by putting two needles into the bridge, pushing the two parts towards each other. This method, however, isn’t advisory for children to follow by themselves.
  • Sewing Your Glasses: Drill two holes on each side of the broken bridge and pass the thread many times through the holes to secure the bridge. Finish with some extra glue to enhance the durability.

Clean Your Glasses!


First of all, cleaning your glasses is a vital step that you should not skip for the best result. You will need sandpaper, a soft cloth, and some rubbing alcohol.

  • Nicely clean the surface of the two parts of your glasses bridge using rubbing alcohol. By doing this, you are gently removing any dust or impurities that may prevent the broken parts from sticking together.
  • Use sandpaper to flatten out the surface that you are going to put glue on.
  • Finally, use a soft cloth to clean the bridge to make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Once your glasses have been cleaned, choose one of the three aforementioned methods, read the instructions below, and let’s begin to repair your glasses.

3 Simple Ways to Fix Broken Glasses Bridge

1. Super Glue – Your Good Old Friend


This might be the easiest and most fashionable way to repair your glasses with some simple steps. You will need super glue for this method, and some recommended super glue brands are Loctite, Krazy Glue, etc.

Make sure that your glasses are cleaned in advance; you might refer to the instructions above.

  • Apply the glue on both sides of the broken parts of your glasses bridge and fit them together. Hold the parts steadily for a minute until the glue sets.
  • Place it somewhere and let the glue dry completely. Be patient. Otherwise, you will ruin the whole process. Once done, your pair of glasses is good as new.

2. Heat and A Pin – A Wonderful Combination

A second method you can use to fix plastic glasses broken in half is to use two needles to put your glasses together. Besides two thin needles, you will need some water, a small pot to boil water, and a pair of gloves.

Note that this way is only applicable for broken plastic glasses bridge frames. If your glasses frame is metal or wood, check out the next method below.

  • You can choose whether to clean your glasses or not in this case.
  • Boil some water in a small pot using a high flame.
  • Heat up the frame by holding the broken parts over the hot steam. Hold it close enough to the heat to soften but not melt the frame. Be careful in this step! Wear an extra pair of gloves to not burn yourself.

(Don’t use an open flame as it will melt the frame and make it irreparable.)

  • Once the frame is soft, take it off the heat quickly, and push a needle through each side of the bridge.
  • Push the edges towards one another and smooth the plastic over the needles while the plastic is still soft.
  • Once the bridge has had the desired shape, let it cool down till the plastic frame is hardened. Now you can temporarily use your gadget until you need a fresh new one.

3. The Unexpected Sewing Technique

If all aforementioned methods don’t work for you, sewing your broken metal glasses bridge, or frames made of any other materials, might be the last resort.

What you will need: a drill, nylon string or durable thread with color that matches your glasses, a thin needle, two rubber bands, a wooden stick, super glue (as suggested in the first method), a marker, and some cotton swabs or a piece of paper.

  • Place your clean glasses on a flat surface.
  • Line up the two halves of your glasses together carefully. Put the wooden stick on the top of the two sides of the frame, and secure it using two rubber bands. Make sure that there are no gaps or breaks and the rubber bands are keeping things properly in place.
  • Pour a small amount of glue into the joint between the two halves to fill in the gaps. Nicely clean the excess glue using the cotton swabs, and leave enough time for the glue to dry completely before continuing.
  • Use a small drill bit to perforate the frame. Mark two holes, one on each part of the broken bridge parallel, and start to drill.
  • Use a thin needle to sew the broken pieces together, and thread the needle with a nylon string or durable thread. The nylon string or thread should be long enough to secure the two parts in place.
  • Pass the needle and string through the two holes continuously until you can’t fill them anymore. Trim the excess part of the thread. Then put some more glue into the two holes and soak the string with glue.
  • Again, wipe off any excess glue for a cleaner finish and let the glue dry before using your glasses.
  • This is an extra step to strengthen the broken pieces. When the glue has all dried, wrap the broken parts using the excess thread in the previous step from front to back as many times as possible.
  • Then, put some glue on the wrapped part, wipe off the excess, and give it some time to dry completely.



Above are my 3 most effective ways to temporarily fix a broken glasses nose bridge, and I’m sure that temporary fixed glasses are not janky at all. Hopefully, the next time you find your glasses that broke in half, you will know what to do.

I hope you have enjoyed this how to fix broken glasses bridge article. Let me know how your experience was in the comment section. If you find this article helpful, please share it with other people so they can have this wonderful experience as well.

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