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What to Do if You Poop Your Pants at Work? Be Calm, Here’s What to Do!

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what to do if you poop your pants at work

At work, you might find yourself in unlucky situations, such as being unable to make it to the toilet and end up in probably one of the most embarrassing situations— pooping your pants.

While it may be a stinky and uncomfortable thing to discuss, it is important to know what to do if you poop your pants at work and save yourself from further embarrassment and potential hazards. So keep on reading and learn how to deal with such an unpleasant circumstance.

Why Did I Poop My Pants? Why “Shit Happens”

Have you ever pooped your pants? Well, crapping your pants is an experience that many people may relate to, and it can be humiliating.

To some people, it may be another “I wanted to fart but accidentally pooped myself” situation, but for others, this may entail serious conditions.

A poop accident at work (or at any place) may be because the person suffers fecal incontinence. It is a medical condition that causes a person to be unable to control bowel movements. Because of this, their stool or feces involuntarily leaks out, and in some cases, without them noticing.

This is often common in patients diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and it is diagnosed when any of the following symptoms are present:


  1. Stool leakage during flatulence
  2. Stool leakage after rendering physical activities
  3. Strong urge to poop and not reaching the restroom on time
  4. Appearance of poop or mess in pants and underwear after defecating
  5. Total loss of bowel regulation

In adults, this condition is caused by several factors, such as:


  1. Diarrhea
  2. Constipation
  3. Damage in your anus’ nerves and muscles
  4. Rectum’s loss of stretch
  5. Neurological diseases
  6. Rectal prolapse
  7. Hemorrhoids

These conditions damage the muscles and nerves of the body’s anus, making it unable to hold in the poop well.

Although, pooped pants at work may not always be caused by a medical condition. You may experience it if your body experiences change, such as when you alter the way you eat and exercise or when you are battling with infection.

No matter what the cause, it is definitely a situation that no one ever wants to be in. But don’t worry, here’s what to do if you shit your pants at work.

What Should I Do if I Pooped My Pants at Work?

Step #1: Be calm


Finding out that there’s poop in your pants might make you panic immediately. But just like in most cases, panicking won’t do you any good. Keeping calm will let you find out what happens next after the crap.

Step #2: Clean up


This is the most important thing to do after pooping yourself. After all, you wouldn’t want to be walking around all stinky and with crap still in your pants. Go to the nearest restroom and clean the mess in pants and in your body.

Step #3: Make some decision


After cleaning yourself up, it’s time to do some damage control or manage the aftermath of the incident. Depending on the severity and the underlying cause of the “situation,” you may want to decide to go home.

It is recommended that you go home after the incident, and it’s not only to save yourself from further embarrassment. The fact that you could not control your poop may indicate that you are not in a “normal” situation and could use some time off work.

Step #4: Seek medical treatment if the problem persists


If you continue to poop your pants, there’s a chance you have fecal incontinence. In this case, it’s best that you reach out to your doctor for medical advice and proper treatment plans.

In some cases, improving your diet, along with taking some medicine, will help you solve the problem. However, when the issue is more severe, you’ll have to rely on nerve stimulation devices or even surgery.

How to Clean Up After You Poop Your Pants (Right After the Incident)

Now that you know the possible reasons and steps to take when this accident happens, it’s time to ask, “How do I clean up after I shit my pants at work?”

Before going to the restroom, gather the following items that will surely help you to clean up.

  1. Tissue or wet wipes
  2. A plastic bag
  3. A coat or jacket

Step #1: Take off the Soiled Garments


  • Once you reach the bathroom, the first thing that you need to do is to remove your soiled underwear and pants.
  • In most cases, people who shit their pants immediately throw out their underwear. However, you may also check how bad the mess is. If the amount of poop is “cleanable” then you can keep it.

In this case, you can simply wipe the poop off your undergarments and place it inside a plastic bag and wash it at home.

  • If your undergarment is beyond saving, wrap it in a plastic bag and throw it into the trash.

Step #2: The Cleaning Process


  • Wipe off any poop that is on your skin. Wet wipes or damp tissue paper will do the job.
  • If the bathroom you’re in has a bidet or a shower, wash yourself with soap and water after wiping off. This removes any smell and also disinfects your body from any bacteria or virus coming from your poop.
  • Next, dry off.

Step #3: Cover Up


  • Now, if you happen to have a stain of white pants poop or any light-colored pants, you can tie a jacket around your waist to cover it.
  • You may skip this step if your pants are stain-free.

Tips to Avoid This Emergency Situation

  1. Consult a doctor if you accidentally pooped on your pants due to a medical condition.
  2. Don’t ignore any signs that indicate your body needs to go to the restroom.
  3. Stay away from foods that trigger digestive discomfort or other symptoms of fecal incontinence.
  4. Do not push when you fart. Instead, relax and let it come out naturally.
  5. Fully empty your bowels, and do not rush your “business”.
  6. If you feel like you are about to poop your pants, stand up and clench your muscles to hold in your poop.

Holding your poop isn’t something that should be done always, but it is something that can be done, especially if you can’t go to a restroom.

Gearing Up for the Emergency

  1. Prepare a “hygiene kit,” including wet wipes, soap, and extra underwear.
  2. Bring extra pants or clothes at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to poop yourself when farting?

If you may ask, why I accidentally pooped myself when farting? To poop yourself when passing gas is called sharting (a combination of the words shit and fart).

Although this may be experienced by many, sharting is a condition that is considered normal. It is something that you may experience if you do not know how to poop well.

However, if you are sharting quite too often, then it may be something serious.


What to do if you poop your pants at work can be a challenging question to answer.

Although pooping one’s pants is an experience that can happen to any, it is still an embarrassing or shameful experience to most, if not all, people. Therefore, it is important to approach this accident with sensitivity, compassion, and understanding.

As the infamous quote says, “shit happens”. What matters is how you handle the situation with dignity and how you bounce back from it.

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