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How to Clean Deerskin Leather Gloves Without Discoloring Them

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how to clean deerskin leather gloves

When it comes to making gloves for outdoor activities, deerskin is preferred over other luxurious materials like Peccary or Carpincho. It is due to the material’s natural color, dexterity, flexibility, and durability. A good pair of deerskin gloves can feel like a second skin, offering comfort and freedom of movement to your fingers.

However, deerskin’s softness makes it vulnerable when exposed to weathering and water. The material requires extra attention to stay ravishing. Don’t worry; we have you covered. It doesn’t take expensive products to care for deerskin leather. All you need is a proper procedure.

Firstly, remove the oils, greases, and stains using appropriate products. Then, blot up the soap, wait for the gloves to completely dry, and clean the interior if needed. Finally, apply a deerskin leather conditioner and make it a habit to properly clean the gloves every three months.

For a step-by-step guide on how to clean deerskin leather gloves and cleaning hacks using baby powder and cornstarch, dive in!

What You Will Need


Mild detergent

Though any mild detergent can be used to clean deerskin leather, saddle soap is the best bet. It contains mild soap, softener, and beeswax. These ingredients help clean, condition, and prevent the leather from cracking. If you choose mild soap, remember to avoid anti-bacteria or highly fragranced ones.

Baby powder or cornstarch

The main issues that cause dirty deerskin gloves are oils and greases. Rubbing these greasy spots with soap will only push them further into the leather. Instead, use baby powder or cornstarch. They are household products that can gently absorb oil without drying the leather.

Please be noted that not all deerskin gloves can be treated with a DIY stain removal. Read the gloves’ label carefully before proceeding. Avoid this step if it doesn’t comply with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Soft cloth and brush

You need a few pieces of cloth and one soft bristle brush to remove the stains and greases. We recommend microfiber cloths or applicator pads.

Leather conditioner

Last but not least, a leather conditioner is vital to maintain the deerskin’s top shape.

Steps to Clean Deerskin Leather Gloves


Many brands make their deerskin leather gloves machine-washable. If your gloves don’t have grime or stains and they come with the machine-washable tag, you can put them in the washing machine. Place the gloves in a garment bag, use a mild detergent, and choose a gentle cycle for a quick clean.

Nonetheless, we suggest handwashing the gloves with the following steps to get rid of all bacterias, especially work gloves.

Step 1: Remove the oils and greases

If you’re dealing with heavy-duty work gloves, first, wet the soft brush and use it to lightly scrub off the dirt. Do not scrub too hard or you will damage the deerskin leather. Then, put a decent amount of baby powder or cornstarch onto the oily and greasy spots. Let the spots sit for a few hours before wiping the powder off with a clean cloth.

Step 2: Remove the stains

Make a mixture of mild soap and water. Dampen an applicator pad or cloth with the mixture and dab it onto the stains. Don’t let the cloth get too wet. You don’t want deerskin leather to get excessively wet.

Step 3: Blot up the soap

Afterward, use a dry clean cloth to blot up the soap on the leather’s surface. Reapply the mixture if the stains are not removed completely. Don’t get impatient and soak them in water. It can cause your gloves to be soggy and stretched.

Step 4: Dry the gloves

Don’t just leave the gloves mushy and hang them up. Rather, put them in between two towels and gently squeeze out any excess. Don’t wring or wrist the gloves. Finally, hang them vertically to dry in a cool, ventilated place. Let them dry naturally. Never apply external heat sources to leather.

Step 5: Clean the interior if necessary

If you wish to clean the interior, go ahead and turn the gloves inside out. Then, dab the surface with the same mixture, blot up the soap, squeeze out the moisture, and let them air dry.

Step 6: Apply leather conditioner

Unlike other leather, deerskin rarely undergoes dyeing procedures. The material is well-known for its beautiful natural color. You never want to ruin that by using the wrong products. Some conditioners can darken or discolor the leather. You need to test it before applying. Put a small amount of the conditioner on a white cloth and patch-test.

Let it sit for a while and check for discoloration or other negative effects. If there are none, you are good to go. Follow the product instructions and apply the leather conditioner to the outside of the gloves.

Step 7: Make it a habit

With proper cleaning and maintaining techniques, you might be surprised at how durable deerskin gloves are. Make it a habit to thoroughly clean and apply conditioner to your leather gloves at least every three months. Do not wait until they become so dirty or your skin feels irritating.

In addition, here are some helpful tips to extend the gloves’ lifespan:

  • If you spot scratches and scuffs on the gloves, it’s best to treat them immediately. A product that contains emulsified lanolin as its main ingredient can be used to handle such damages. Apply a decent amount of lanolin to a soft cloth and dab it onto the damaged areas. Doing so will prevent the scratches from spreading.
  • If your deerskin gloves accidentally get soaked in water, quickly absorb all moisture with a towel. After that, let them air dry and apply a leather conditioner. The conditioner will help the deerskin restore any moisture and softness lost.


The unique qualities make deerskin leather a superior material. So, make sure you are giving them the attention they need. Plus, you can easily clean your deerskin leather gloves with just a few household products.

If you find this tutorial on how to clean deerskin leather gloves useful, please help us share it with others. Don’t hesitate to let us know should you have further questions. Thank you for reading!

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