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Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made? (3 Locations)

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

where are hey dude shoes made

In 2008, Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute founded Hey Dude, selling only one style of slip-on shoes called “Wally.” The slip-on shoes became an instant hit as consumers found them fashionable, lightweight, and comfortable.

Since then, the brand has added boots and sneakers to its offerings. So, where are Hey Dude shoes made? Are they of good quality? Read on to know.

Where Are Hey Dudes Manufactured?


Although the brand originated in Italy, the Hey Dude headquarters are now in Los Angeles, California. It is only logical since more than 90% of its revenue comes from the US market.

Prior to the acquisition, Hey Dude relied heavily on manufacturing facilities in China, as noted in its 2021 annual report. After Crocs, Inc. bought the company in 2022, it set up production locations in Indonesia and Vietnam with a plan to make its comfy shoes available across the globe by 2023.

The reason is twofold: manual labor in these countries is relatively cheap, and Hey Dude materials are abundant where their factories are set up.

1. Manufacturing in China


You might ask: “Why China?” and it is a very legitimate question: it is very important to know why it, not other countries, was chosen to manufacture shoes for this iconic brand.

China is the powerhouse in the footwear manufacturing industry. In 2017, it produced roughly 57.5% of the shoes that make it to retail stores around the world. While several international brands have moved their production to other countries, it barely made a dent as it still holds 54.1% of the shoe production.

Hey Dude chose Chinese manufacturers for the same reasons as the other shoe brands: cost saving. For instance, American laborers are paid $16 per hour, including benefits. By contrast, workers in China earn roughly $3 hourly, yet there is little to no difference in skill.

Besides that, Chinese factories are more efficient, as they produce and ship large volumes of footwear cheaper and faster. It is also far more convenient to set up the factory within the country, where they have easy access to repair and maintenance services.

2. Manufacturing in Vietnam and Indonesia


Vietnam is one of the Asian nations poised to compete against China’s massive apparel manufacturing hubs. Crocs is known to have a good portion of its shoes made in this country.

When the acquisition was completed, it allocated some of the production to Vietnam. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused issues in the manufacturing process, resulting in delays. Because of that, Hey Dude tapped into the Indonesian factories to keep up with the demand.

Fun fact: Indonesia is among the top five biggest shoe-manufacturing industries in the world. An estimated 660 million pairs of shoes are made in its factories annually for both local and foreign footwear brands.

Why Are Hey Dude Shoes Made in China and Indonesia?

As mentioned before, Crocs’ acquisition of Hey Dude has led to adding new production facilities outside of China. Recognizing that Hey Dude shoes have a high demand, it has set up manufacturing facilities in Indonesia.

Hey Dude’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Policies


In recent years, there has been increased consumer interest in the issue of sweatshops. That’s why people are now researching to know which country or factory is responsible for making their stuff.

Hey Dude shares its manufacturing and supply chain policies on its website, titled “California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure.” Each individual who makes Hey Dude shoes and those who oversee the other aspects of the business must follow the rules outlined there.

Here’s a quick rundown of what it entails:

  1. Hey Dude ensures its supply chain complies with international human rights and labor standards. It is committed to eradicating “Coerced Labor,” a collective term for unlawful practices such as forced labor, slavery, child labor, and trafficking.
  2. The shoe brand requires all factories and Tier 2 suppliers to sign a Statement of Compliance, promising that their operations will adhere to local laws in hiring, wages, and working conditions.
  3. Hey Dude conducts internal audits twice a year, as well as external audits once a year, to ensure that every company under its supply chain complies with the local and international laws. Failure to comply can result in the cancellation of orders.
  4. It also sets up a whistleblower hotline called “Ethics Line” for both employees and third-party companies to report violations of company policies and unlawful practices.
  5. Hey Dude employees undergo training during their first 30 days of employment to ensure that they are aware of the company’s code of ethics and other policies related to their jobs. Additional training is provided yearly.


In this article, we answered the question, “Where are Hey Dude shoes made?” and learned that the company has manufacturing facilities in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

It’s no secret that many businesses in these countries resort to exploitative practices to keep the pricing attractive for consumers while maximizing profits. As Hey Dude has positioned itself as an affordable brand, many question whether it profited ethically.

Rest assured, Hey Dude has measures in place to ensure that no employee within the headquarters or supply chain experiences abusive working conditions.

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