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How to Keep Your Fingers Warm in Gloves? (10 Essential Tips)

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how to keep your fingers warm in gloves

Do your fingers feel numb even when you wear thick winter gloves? Are you looking for the best way to warm your fingertips while working? This article brings out ten essential tips for this freezing winter.

As the temperatures drop, everyone should be prepared to ride out the cold. Don’t pay for expensive gloves yet, try our guide on how to keep your fingers warm in gloves!

10 Tips to Keep Your Fingers Warm in Gloves

1. Are you wearing the right materials?

When it comes to gloves for cold fingertips, materials matter. The most insulated glove materials are wool, fleece, acrylic, and nylon. They are water-resistant, soft, comfortable, and moisture-wicking.

You should avoid cotton. It lacks insulation and absorbs moisture. When your fingers are wet, they feel colder.

2. Wear glove liners underneath your winter gloves


Glove liners are excellent for keeping hands warm in winters. They trap your body’s heat between the fibers, thus raising your hands’ temperature by several degrees. When the temperatures dip too low, a little extra insulation can go a long way.

Since liners are thin and flexible, you can wear them while typing or staying indoors. Just put your winter gloves on top when you need to go outdoors.

If you opt for this solution, make sure your winter gloves have enough room to accommodate the liners.

3. Insert chemical hand warmers inside your gloves


Do you need a little boost of heat once in a while? Use chemical fingertip warmers. They can heat up without any external power or heat source. What can be more convenient?

You will come across two types:

  • Disposable chemical hand warmers: These come in small plastic bags. All you need to do is open the bag and shake the pads inside, which will heat up instantly. Single-use hand warmers last for up to five hours.
  • Reusable chemical hand warmers: They are gel contained in a flexible plastic case. When you press and hold the metal clicker inside the gel, a chemical reaction will occur and warm up the pad.

4. Warm up your body and fingers

Sitting or standing still for too long can cause your body temperature to drop. Sometimes, a little movement will immediately alleviate the numbness. Here are what you can do:

  • Put your hands under your armpits
  • Put your hands in warm water and dry them completely afterward
  • Hold a cup of hot coffee or tea
  • Do several jumping jacks to get your blood flowing
  • Windmills your arms in circles 10 to 15 times

Also, cold hands are signs of a cold body. You should add one more layer of insulated clothes, especially when you sit for a long period, such as while gaming.

5. Pay attention to your grip


If your fingers suddenly feel numb, pay attention to how you are holding objects. Squeezing something for too long can impair your blood circulation.

Next time you go on a hike, don’t hold your pole too tight. When you work in the garden, don’t squeeze the tools too hard.

6. Upgrade your winter gloves

When the methods above do not bring you satisfying results, you may need to level up your gloves. A change in thickness, materials, or wind-proof property can make a huge difference.

Note that mittens are warmer than fingered winter gloves. You can also opt for gauntlet or finger warmers’ gloves.

7. Make sure your gloves fit


If you suffer from cold fingers, examine how your gloves fit. Loose gloves will leave your fingers vulnerable to the chilling weather. Ideally, your fingers fit snugly inside the gloves. There shouldn’t be wrinkles on the ring and little fingers.

8. Keep an extra pair in your bag

When the temperatures drop, your body prioritizes keeping the vital organs warm. It draws blood from the extremities towards your core, leaving your fingers and feet suffering from the cold.

When you go trekking in the cold weather, bring extra gloves. Outdoor activities cause your hands to sweat, which in turn makes them colder. So, switch gloves if you need to.

9. Use USB-heated winter gloves

If regular winter gloves can’t provide the warmth you need, consider USB-heated gloves. They are the best warming gloves for cold hands.

These gloves come with built-in batteries and wire. You need to connect them to a standard USB port to heat them up. Though they are not as convenient, they can warm up to 104 degrees F.

Extreme weather calls for extreme clothing. So, don’t fret about giving these gloves a try. Most regular gloves won’t cut the temperatures for you when the temperatures dip.

10. Stay hydrated

Our last piece of advice is to stay hydrated. Hydration leads to better blood circulation. So, make sure you drink enough water, especially when doing outdoor winter sports.

In addition, you should eat plenty of carbohydrates and fats. Fuel your body to have enough energy to keep you warm throughout the day.


Don’t underestimate the effect extreme weather can cause on your hands and body. Exposure to the cold poses many health risks, such as heart diseases, long COVID, xerosis, and asthma. So, take measures to keep your fingers warm in cold weather.

If you find our tips helpful, we believe your friends and family will benefit from them, too. Don’t hesitate to share. Before you leave, let us know which tips on how to keep your fingers warm in gloves speak to you most in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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