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How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes & Make Them Last Longer

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how to wash hey dude shoes

Hey Dude’s fans know that Wally and Wendy are not humans—they are, in fact, the names of the brand’s original slip-on canvas shoes for men and women respectively.

Touted as lightweight, breathable, and comfy, they can be worn with or without socks. Either way, your feet and shoes won’t stink if you keep them clean and dry. Here, we put together different tutorials on how to wash Hey Dude shoes and other tips to ensure they are in good condition.

Step-by-step to Wash Hey Dude Shoes


1. Factors to consider before washing each type


1. Be sure that you have the right size and that you have no plans of sending the shoes back to the manufacturer for a replacement.

In case you didn’t see the fine print, Hey Dude stipulates that machine-washing your shoes will render them ineligible for warranty or returns.

2. Check the material and color as this helps you determine the correct cleaning method and products to use.

Wool, leather, and suede cannot be machine-washed.

2. Pre-washing instructions


  1. Before you toss the shoes into the washing machine or bucket of water, take out the insoles and shoelaces.
  2. Next, wipe away superficial dirt using a cloth. Avoid using a brush as it may scuff the uppers.
  3. To learn how to properly dry your Hey Dude shoes, skip to the “Drying Hey Dude Shoes” section.

Regardless of the washing method you choose, the drying techniques remain the same.

3. Machine washing instructions for colored canvas shoes

Step 1: Place the shoes in washing machine


Note: Your insoles and laces should be hand-washed only.

That’s because Hey Dude insoles can deform when put in the washer. You can push the laces in the washer if you have a laundry mesh bag, but we prefer to clean them separately.

Step 2:  Pour detergent and start washing


Pour 15 milliliters of liquid detergent into the machine and run cold water only so that the fabric uppers will retain their shape. Choose the slowest spin as well as the gentlest cycle to prevent creasing.

Note: Never use powdered detergents as they are way too harsh for the shoes.

4. Washing white and grey canvas shoes


If you want to clean grey Hey Dudes, start at Step 3. To wash your white shoes, be sure to follow all the instructions below.

Step 1: Apply Dawn Powerwash or a similar product on the shoes before putting them in the washer. Leave the product to work on the fabric for one hour.

Step 2: Rinse away the Dawn Powerwash and use the softest cleaning brush or rag that you have to delicately clean the fabric.

Step 3: Fill half of your sink with warm water, and pour in ½ cup of detergent formulated for white clothes (e.g. White Brite or Oxiclean). For grey sneakers, any liquid detergent will do.

Submerge your shoes with the upper facing down for 2 hours.

Step 4: Remove the shoes from the bucket of water and transfer them to the washer.

For both grey and white Hey Dudes, run the machine using cold water without detergent.

5. Hand-washing canvas shoes

To clean Hey Dude shoes by hand, prepare your cleaning supplies:

  • 2 buckets (one for soapy water and another for rinse water)
  • 2 rags

Step 1: Fill the bucket or basin with water and add a few drops of liquid detergent, just enough to make the water bubbly.


Step 2: Saturate your rag with soapy water and use it to wet the shoes. Concentrate on scrubbing the dirtier part, but don’t use too much force.

You can soak the rag again to reload it with the solution to clean both shoes.


Step 3: Get another bucket and fill it with lukewarm water. Dip your clean rag in it and dab it on the shoes to rinse away the soapy solution.


Different Types of Hey Dude Shoes

1. Hey Dude Paul and Scott (Suede)


Since Hey Dude suede shoes are not machine washable, you should clean them using the following method.

You will need:

  • Distilled vinegar or specialized suede cleanser
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Suede brush

Step 1: With the suede brush, gently wipe off the excess dirt. To retain the smooth texture of the shoes, follow the direction of the grain when brushing.

Step 2: Put a drop of suede cleaner or distilled vinegar on the microfiber cloth and go over the entire shoe with it. Just be careful not to drench the uppers with the cleaning product.

Step 3: Let it air dry.

2. Hey Dude Wally Leather


When it comes to cleaning leather Wally shoes, you need to treat them like any other leather pairs.

Start by gathering these supplies:

  • Mild dish soap
  • Leather conditioner and polisher
  • Shoe brush
  • Two microfiber rags
  • Bucket or basin

Step 1: Make a water and dish soap solution and use your microfiber cloth to rub the shoes with it. Avoid drenching the shoes in water; keep them slightly wet only.

Step 2: Apply an all-in-one leather conditioner and polisher using a shoe brush or cloth.

If you have different products for conditioning and polishing, apply the conditioner first then leave it to sit for 20 minutes.

After that, remove the remnants of the conditioner and then shine your leather with the polisher.

3. Hey Dude Wendy Funk Wool


Rub the shoes with a cloth gently to remove dirt, then go over the surface with a specialized wool cleaner to clear stubborn stains.

Finish by wiping the shoes to remove all soap residues before air-drying them.

Drying Hey Dude Shoes


Using heat to dry Hey Dudes fast is an absolute no-no, regardless of what they are made of.

Just like your canvas or wool pants, your Hey Dude shoes can shrink in the dryer. Meanwhile, your leather and suede can easily develop cracks when heated.

The least damaging drying methods may take more time, but they can keep the colors vibrant and the shoe materials in good condition for a long time.

The best way to dry your Hey Dude shoes is to leave them in a shaded area with good ventilation if you have time. But if you want to speed things up a bit, here are some solutions:

Strategy 1: Electric fan

Switch your fan on at its highest speed and place your shoes in front of it. Note that while this is faster than air-drying, it will take about four hours.

Strategy 2: Newspaper

If you have some old newspaper, pick the less colorful pages, crumple them into small balls, and place them inside the shoes. Be sure that the entire shoe is stuffed.

Next, get two to three sheets of newspaper, use them to wrap your newspaper-stuffed shoes, and tie them with a rubber band.

If you notice that the sheets and balls of newspaper get soaked, feel free to change them as needed. This method should take about seven hours to dry the shoes.

​​Tips for Maintaining Hey Dude Shoes


When you’re not using Hey Dude shoes, make sure to store them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Spray the shoes with a waterproof protector before going outdoors, and clean them every two weeks if you wear the pair a lot.

Tips to Deodorize Hey Dude Shoes


Strategy 1: Baking soda

After each use, spread a spoonful of baking soda in your shoes to get rid of the odor.

A heads-up: Baking soda can potentially dry out your well-moisturized leather. Use this technique for fabric shoes only.

Strategy 2: Coffee ground

Before you go to bed, scoop two tablespoons of coffee grounds and place them inside your shoes. Leave the powder there overnight and remove it in the morning.



Tips to wash shoe insoles

  1. In a basin, mix warm water and a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture onto and clean Hey Dude insoles gently.
  3. Rinse away the soapy solution and air-dry your insoles.

How often should I wash my Hey Dude shoes?

  • Canvas: Wash once a week when worn daily. Otherwise, wash them when they start to look dirty.
  • Suede: Wash them at least once a month. Depending on how often you wear your suedes, you may have to wash them less often.
  • Leather: Deep-clean leather once a month but take the time to remove dirt and polish at least every 2 weeks.


The whole Hey Dude brand is anchored on convenient on-and-off slip-on shoes. Even their cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with or without washing machine.

While the brand’s website provided a “How to wash Hey Dude shoes” tutorial using a washer, it is worth noting that the shoe company released collections that you can’t machine-wash. Moreover, apartment dwellers may not have the space for a washing machine.

For that reason, we included guides that provide the best practices in hand-washing and drying canvas, wool, suede, and leather shoes.

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