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Do Crocs Run Big or Small? – The Crocs Sizing Guide

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

do crocs run big or small

Do Crocs run big or small?

By design, most of the brand’s clogs are roomy even though their length is true to size. Still, some models are longer and wider than others, such as the Bistro, Bistro Pro, Neria Pro II, or Specialist II.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of all the clogs and how they fit to see whether going for Crocs size up or down is necessary.

(US Size)

(US Size)
(EU Size)
(EU Size)
(US Size)
(EU Size)
Heel to toe
C11 28-29 6 ⅞”
C12 29-30 7 ⅛”
C13 30-31 7 ½”
2 4 N/A N/A 7 ⅝″
3 5 34.5 34-35 8”
4 6 35.5 36-37 8 ⅜”
5 7 36.5 37-38 8 ⅝″
6 8 38 38-39 9”
7 9 39-40 39-40 9 ⅜”
8 10 41-42 41-42 9 ⅝″
9 11 42-43 42-43 10

Detailed Review of How Each Clog Fits


Since most clogs made by Crocs fit true to size in terms of length, the shoe’s width will be the focus of the review. Nevertheless, we still flagged the models that are longer than the measurement stated on the brand’s size charts.

All Terrain Roomy but true to size
Baya Roomy but true to size
Bistro Runs big
Bistro Pro Runs big
Classic Roomy but true to size
Crocband Roomy but true to size
Crush True to size
Echo Runs big
Hiker Roomy but true to size
Lite Ride True to size
Neria Pro II Runs big
Offroad True to size
On-the-Clock Roomy but true to size
Specialist II Runs big
Yukon Vista Roomy but true to size

1. All-Terrain


While the All-Terrain clogs are designed with a roomy fit, their back straps are adjustable. This allows the wearer to tighten the fitting on the back and prevent the shoes from jiggling when walking.

2. Baya


Classic and Baya clogs feature the same roomy fit. The only difference is that the latter has vein-like patterns on the uppers and the side vents spell the word “Crocs”.

Length-wise, the Baya is true to size. While its width is slightly bigger than most other Crocs product lines, there’s no need to up or downsize the Baya.

3. Bistro & Bistro Pro


Both the Bistro and Bistro Pro are unisex, catering to professionals in the healthcare, food, and hospitality industries.

That said, these models run big in terms of length and width. However, the Pro features adjustable heel straps that allow you to loosen or tighten the fit.

4. Classic


As Crocs’ first product, the Classic clogs did not just define the brand’s style—they also became known for their roomy fit. As we said earlier, if you own one of these, you can use them as a good baseline for comparison when ordering other Crocs clogs, as they are true to size.

5. Crocband


Unlike the Classic and Baya, the Crocband clogs are not as roomy. If you have wide feet, these may feel a bit snug, but the length remains true to size.

6. Crush

Don’t let the Crush’s chunky looks fool you. They don’t run bigger than the Classic. Except for the elevated soles, they fit the same as most Crocs clogs so you don’t need to order a different size.

7. Echo


Based on consumer reviews on Reddit and e-Commerce sites, the Echo clogs run big, so it’d be wise to order a size down. However, since there is no option for Crocs half sizes, some say wearing one size smaller can feel a tad too snug.

8. Hiker


Similar to the Classic, the Hiker clogs are roomy but you can readjust the tightness using the back and instep straps. This way, you can trek in them securely.

9. LiteRide


Considering their silhouette, the LiteRide clogs are visibly slimmer than the other models featured here. Nevertheless, you don’t need to go a size up or down, since they are designed with a relaxed fit.

10. Neria Pro II


The Neria Pro II may look like a pair of flats but this model is shelved under the clog section. Since many of the brand’s shoes are unisex, shoppers often ask, “Do women’s Crocs run big or small?”

In short, the Neria Pro II runs big, so I’d suggest ordering one size down, regardless of whether you’re buying the shoes for males or females.

11. Offroad


Even though they offer ample wiggle room for your toes, the Offroad clogs are equipped with adjustable heel straps. Still, many users find them big, so you may want to opt for one size down if you want a snug fit.

12. On-the-Clock


According to the product description, On-the-Clock clogs are constructed with a relaxed fit. Unlike the others, these may feel snug and secure to wear. This design is intentional because they are enclosed from front to back.

13. Specialist II


Most users find the Specialist II clogs running bigger than the other models. Some even say that they are more spacious than the Bistro and Bistro Pro. At any rate, you’ll have to get a size smaller than your usual.

14. Yukon Vista


Judging by their wide uppers and toe caps, the Yukon Vista men’s clogs are roomy but their length reflects the exact measurement on the brand’s size guide. Therefore, you don’t need to order one size down.

Crocs Size Chart


1. Adult (Men and Women)

Heel to toe in inches 7 ⅝″ 8” 8 ⅜” 8 ⅝″ 9” 9 ⅜” 9 ⅝″ 10 10 ⅜” 10 ⅝″ 11
Heel to toe in centimeters 20cm 21cm 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm 28cm 29cm 30cm
Men’s US size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Women’s US size 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

2. Under 1 y/o

Heel to toe in inches 3 ¼” 3 ⅞” 4 ⅛”
Heel to toe in centimeters 9 cm 9.8 cm 10.7 cm
Children US size C1 C2 C3

3. 1-2 y/o

Heel to toe in inches 4 ½” 4 ⅞” 5 ⅛”
Heel to toe in centimeters 11.5 cm 12.3 cm 13.2 cm
Children US size C4 C5 C6

4. 2-5 y/o

Heel to toe in inches 5 ½” 5 ⅞” 6 ⅛” 6 ½“
Heel to toe in centimeters 14 cm 14.9 cm 15.7 cm 16.6 cm
Children US size C7 C8 C9 C10

5. Over 5 y/o

Heel to toe in inches 6 ⅞” 7 ⅛” 7 ½” 7 ⅞” 8 ⅛” 8 ½” 8 ⅞” 9 ⅛” 9 ½”
Heel to toe in centimeters 17.4 cm 18.3 cm 19.1 cm 20 cm 20.8 cm 21.7 cm 22.5 cm 23.3 cm 24.2 cm
Children US size C11 C12 C13 J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6

Crocs Fit


1. Roomy fit

The Classic clog is the perfect example of how the Crocs’ roomy fit should feel like. This is consistent with the Crocs sizing reviews—as many users use the Classic clog as a baseline to determine their clog sizes.

You know that the size suits you when the sides of your feet and your toes barely hit the uppers. Indeed, these are spacious but they will not fall off your feet thanks to pivoting back straps.

2. Relaxed fit

As with any Crocs footwear, your toes will not come into contact with the front side of the uppers with relaxed-fitting shoes. But depending on whether you have wide or narrow feet, the sides may touch the shoe material.

Another feature that sets relaxed-fitting shoes apart is that some may come with adjustable straps or laces.

3. Standard fit

If you prefer something snugger, the standard-fitting shoes may just be for you. Though spacious around the toe area, the design of the footwear hugs the arch, sides, and top part of your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should you size up or down in Crocs?

Crocs clogs are just never small, so you’ll never have to order a size up. In other words, you either have to get your actual size or go one size down.

Do Crocs run true to size?

Yes, most Croc product lines are true to size. But since most of their clogs have wider toe areas, they may feel like they run bigger than the shoes from competing brands.

Should we buy Crocs a size smaller?

It depends on your preferences. Earlier, we established that “Crocs’ true-to-size” means that the length conforms to the size charts.

While most of the clogs we listed above fit this description, the Bistro, Bistro Pro, On the Clock, and Specialist II are somewhat bigger. In this case, going for one size smaller makes more sense since these Crocs run large.


If you haven’t worn a pair of clogs before, you may wonder, “Do crocs run big or small? Should you buy crocs a size bigger? Do Crocs run small?”

Hence, we’ve put together all the brand’s clogs and listed their sizes in this guide. The vast majority of their collection has a roomy fit, which is why most users order a size down if they prefer snugger footwear.

Perhaps the only time you need to go one size up is when you’re buying Crocs for toddlers and children since their feet grow with each passing year.

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